The Osterman Weekend (1983) Script

And you will be telling me you have to leave.

How do you know so much?

I don't know so much, but I do know you are going to go.

I won't be long.

In fact, I'm only going so that I can come back.

Why are you so cruel to yourself?

No, I have to go Albertstrasse To meet some liar from Romania.

Nasty piece of film, Stennings.

I wouldn't like to think of Fassett seeing it.

He didn't know we had a surveillance system in operation.

What exactly was the wife's category?

She was a staffing clerk in the polish embassy.

They ran her as a string on Fassett.

And why did they terminate her?

We're not certain, But it did clear up a potentially messy situation.

We were having trouble in that area, As I'm sure you'll recall.

And Fassett?

He never knew you made trade with the KGB sir.

He didn't know you sanctioned her killing.

He went wild trying to find her killers.

And in the process, he uncovered Omega, did he not?

He uncovered Joseph Cardone, stock manipulator with a low profile, heavy clients, tax shelter expert;

Richard Tremayne, prestigious plastic surgeon with more than his share of patients and a wife with a nose problem;

Bernie Osterman, midnight financier, TV writer/producer with three series on the air, Clean but very liberal.

All, surprisingly enough, connected with our old friend, Mr. KGB himself, Andre Mikalovich.

However, I think that Fassett's premise is dangerous Because it's based on the non-benevolent ambition of one man, John Tanner.

His whole plan depends on their mutual friendship.

As you know,Tanner's your number one critic.

My advice is to turn them over to my section.

However, I might be wrong.

Being wrong, Stennings, is not nearly as important as not admitting it, Not these days.

He's excellent.

There's no denying it.

But you don't like him.

He's too much of an individual, Takes too many shortcuts.

Well, maybe the time for shortcuts are upon us.

I think the way Fassett wants to handle Omega is a high visibility risk, With your political prospects, Well, it's an unacceptable element.

You think I'll get where I'm going without risk?

There are degrees of acceptability, sir.

Omega in itself is a----

Well, it's a highly sensitive matter.

If it were to become public, I think it could be disastrous.

What if it became public at exactly the right time?

I think Fassett seriously complicates any such timing, sir.

The man, well, he's----

He's something you're not and never will be.

He's a field operative.

I don't think nostalgia is the right instinct at this time, sir.

Bring in Mr. Fassett.

Mr. Fassett?

Mr. Fassett, I must tell you, I was impressed by your presentation, Most impressed.

Thank you, sir.

Sit down.

I'd be giving away no secrets, however, If I tell you that Mr. Stennings here has a less positive attitude.


Well, you've uncovered three agents in the Omega network.

Your data indicates they're very high level, Probably the highest below their KGB control, Our good friend Mr. Mikalovich.

I think they should be picked up and turned over to debriefing.

You can't pick them up without ringing a bell.

No, I think the best and the most efficient way of unraveling Omega is to turn one of these three.

Then, you get a very powerful reaction:


Even traitors feel betrayal.

And you propose to use John Tanner to effect this?

Well, I've studied him and they say that converts make the greatest zealots.

Well, it's certainly true with Tanner.

He's more American than Americans.

He's a bigot about truth, democracy, and justice.

If we can convince him that his friends are spies, And we can convince him, Then he will feel compelled, Compelled to aid us.

And with Tanner's help, Then we can break these three, Break them and Omega.

Let's take a look.

Mr. Tanner should be getting nicely warmed up by now.

Welcome back.

We're not talking about Agent Orange.

We're just talking to----

Ready, two----

General Keever.

----take two. Standby, camera three.


You have the responsibility for American germ warfare research.

Take three.

I'm very surprised that you would ask me questions on a subject which you must know is restricted.

In last Friday's "New York Times,"

You said the Japanese----

That was a statement by the joint chiefs of staff And represents their official position on the subject.

What about those secret experiments the Japanese were trying out----

Ready, three.

----on U.S. prisoners of war?

In a little closer on Keever.

Let's see the sweat on his nose.

That----I can only say what I've already said on that.

Camera one, Come tighter.

You said the Japanese developed germ and chemical warfare systems.

Well, you have to remember the political climate at the time.

The soviet menace was becoming more and more apparent.

You're just a figurehead?

Well, no. I mean----

You have the responsibility for American germ warfare research.

I've already said that is not a matter I can discuss here.

I don't----

I'm in the bedroom.

I have on that----you know that black gown you gave me?


What----what do you mean underneath?

Oh, underneath.

Let me see.

Excuse me, doctor.

Oh, baby.

This just arrived.

Can I open it?

No, thank you.

----how much I need you.


I got your picture back.

I think----I think that you should hurry up and come right home because I'm very sick and I need my doctor.

Aw, fuck!

What's the matter?

Hello? No--no--nothing.

I dropped the phone.

My poor little Dick.

Ginny, I'll see you soon.

Okay, and Darling, don't forget my medicine.

Whatever actions the Americans took at the end of the war, It was for the welfare of the world at large.

Why in the hell did they send such a fool?

He must have been the fool on duty.

Can you confirm there were American prisoners involved?

To the best of my knowledge, very few.

Ready, two.

Then, their wounds were infected----

Take two.

----with different kinds of bacteria, and----

Standby, camera three.

----intentionally left untreated.

One, give me a close shot.

Most of these boys were American.

Most of them died.

Well, as I say, Mr. Tanner, You had to have been there.

You've got a minute seven, John.

You're probably too young to remember.


Ready, one.

Are you proud of your country, sir?

Of course, I'm proud.

You're about to get your military ass kicked, General.

Still, you're not seeing a single thing, Mr. Osterman.

You're seeing possibility.

In that, you're an imperfect machine.

For these last two moments, we will engage conditions of maximum equality.

That was a lot better, wasn't it?

Very well, sir.

Oh, telephone's for you, Mr. Osterman.

There are many reasons for such actions.

What about the welfare of the American prisoners?

Well, the American government was not the one involved.


Are we still on the air?

We'll take a commercial break now----

Cue commercial.

----for germ-free soap.

Next up will be General Keever's service record.

We'll be right back.

Very good.

I'll be fascinated to see you work on him.


And I'll be interested to see your progress reports, Mr. Fassett.

You'll see my requisition list, first.

A moment, Mr. Fassett.

In considering your proposal, I have cross-read your files.

This matter of your wife----

Accidents happen, sir.

In this Omega business, there will be no place for such indulgences.

It's a mistake I'm not likely to make twice, sir.

Good. Good.

Oh, in this matter of Tanner, I'm sure that the evidence that we have will convince him intellectually, but I think we might need something more:

Your presence.


Hi, Frank.

What about the welfare of the American prisoners, sir?

That is not something I can comment on.

I think Dad's home.

Prisoners of war were deliberately wounded.

Yeah, it looks that way.

Then, their wounds were infected with different kinds of bacteria And intentionally left untreated.

Most of these boys were American.

Most of them died.

As I say, Mr. Tanner, you had to----

Hi, Dad.

Hi, Frank.

Hi-ya, Scout, Where have you been?

Went hunting with Mom, Camped out last night.

Get anything?

No, couldn't get a clean shot.

Yeah, they were down in this little ravine, Then they caught wind of us.

We needed your help.

Did you teach Mom to hunt?

We taught each other.

I'm gonna take a bath.

Mom says you're a big trophy hunter.

What does she mean?

Was she just bullshitting?

Come here, you.

Come here.

Sit down and watch TV.

There's a war being fought now, as we speak, All over this country, All over the world.

And yes, we do have troops there, and yes, They're dying.

What do you think of this guy?

He sucks.

Are you up for this weekend?

I guess so.

You used to think they were great.

Times change.

Not for the better. Huh?


Joe didn't used to worship money and hate women, And we used to think that Bernie Osterman could actually heal people by making them laugh.

And Dick was a doctor once upon a time.

Now, he's a pussy-whipped mechanic who repairs people.


I have Maxwell Danforth on the line for you.

Hang on.

John Tanner, Maxwell Danforth.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

I need a favor of you, Mr. Tanner.

I'd like to hear what it is.

Well, I wonder could we meet in person, Face-to-face, as it were.



Transportation is being arranged even as we speak.

Your trophy buck just broke cover.

This way, Mr. Tanner.

Fourth floor.

I have an appointment.

Mr. Danforth won't be here.

You'll be talking to me.

My name is Laurence Fassett. Please.

Maxwell Danforth wanted to see me.

You expecting house guests this weekend, Joe and Betty Cardone, Richard and Virginia Tremayne, Bernard Osterman?

The men were from your graduating class at Berkeley, And this is the seventh such reunion, Events known among you as "Ostermans,"

In honor of their original sponsor.

These people represent a grave threat to the security of the United States Of America.


It's my job to convince you of the truth of these allegations.

We could arrest all of the conspirators now, But it would be more helpful to the interest of the nation if we could have your assistance over the coming weekend.

What the hell are you talking about?

You could arrest who for what?

If after I've presented you with the initial evidence, you're not convinced, then of course, you may go, Keeping your mouth shut, of course.

All right, listen carefully.

First, I want to know when the weekend is scheduled.

May 17th, at the Tanners'.

You have no apprehension of Tanner?

He knows nothing about business, suspects nothing, Can have no possible danger to us.

Nonetheless, we think it would be better if he were targeted.

Now, that's absolutely unnecessary.

This is not an area in which you have a lot of choice.

This is our deal, Petrov, Nothing happens to Tanner.

Otherwise, we meet someplace else.

Your partners don't want to postpone this.

Just remember:

We're calling the shots.

They'll be there if you need them.

If I ever saw a setup for doctoring tape, this is it.

Be my guest.

Cut, cut.

The sound's not good because we had them on a directional.

Then, we got lucky with a concealed.

It would take me considerable time to be ready.

You know, I have patients, not clients like Cardone.

Bernie, he has no loose ends.

He just picks up and goes.

These are not my concerns.

I don't want to be in the country when it comes down.

I think you will find that when the time comes, you will be able to leave the country very quickly, indeed.

Who's the man?

Andre Mikalovich, KGB.

Russian passport, CIA report on Mikalovich, Russian technology Clearance file.

You know him?

Personally, if you can call tailing somebody for three months personal.

Now, this next bit with your friend, Bernie, is a real gem.

I've seen some of his shows.

He's very good, isn't he?

Sure, I think the system's in need of a radical change.

How radical is radical?

Hmm, extreme, violent, chaotic, apocalyptic, Somewhere in there I think, you know.

Are you willing to help create such conditions, or are you just a coffee house revolutionary?


No, I'm not a revolutionary.

What I am is a nihilistic anarchist who lives on residuals.

So money would help form your decision?

Oh, yes. It always has.

But what are you asking me?

For your talents and your time.

We would pay generously.

Numbered bank account.


Where else?

Very good.

I will bring you considerable details next time we meet.


And I promise you it is simple.

There is more, but it's of no consequence.

All right.

What's the bottom line?

This is the official secrets act.

If you want to go for the jackpot, Then you must sign it.

But I warn you that after the signature, Then there is no walking away.

You sign it, and your life isn't going to be the same.

I'm not your man.

I'm cloak.

You must be dagger.

Mr. Danforth, I won't betray my friends.

You don't have any friends, Tanner.

You're on intimate terms with three Russian agents.

I don't believe that.

Oh, yes you do.

That story you were pursuing on your last program About germ warfare----

What about it?

Why do you suppose it surfaced after being submerged for almost 40 years?

I had a reliable source.

To whom the soviets conveniently leaked the story.

They knew that you, or someone like you, would pick it up, make a fuss, and with luck, there'd be a congressional investigation and perhaps appropriations would be held up.

You see, the Russians don't suffer from the same restraints of our system when it comes to national security.

I know how you'd make the system work.

Tanner, you know nothing.

You're guessing, and your guesses are pathetically short of the mark.

Big brother Max knows everything.

Suppose I was to tell you that our enemies are capable of impairing rational thought, Of dismantling our willingness to defend ourself, Of disassociating whole societies from their value systems?

You mean they've got television, as well?

We have such substances.

It's only prudent to fear they do.

We believe that your friends are in the control of the Soviet network and that they have a list of agents whose task it is to release these substances on command.

Now, I'm asking you as an American to help us to protect ourselves against them.

You want something from me.

I want something from you.

I want you on my program.


And if this turns out to be more CIA self-abuse, I'll have it out of you on the air.

That's a promise.

I would expect that.

I think Mr. Fassett is waiting for you to sign a paper.

Comfort yourself with the thought that you never did have a choice.

It's usually the case.

What is it you want me to do?

Just behave normally.

You don't have to do anything.

We do it all.

In this world that you have entered, things are rarely as they seem.

To us, an enemy agent is potentially our agent, If we can turn him.

Why don't you just have them arrested?

We don't want to arrest your friends.

We want to turn them, One or all of them.

In this you can help us, Believe me.

You shouldn't be so dramatic.

It's only two days out of your life.

Um, did you bring me something?

In my inside pocket.

Thank you, love.

You're not going to do it right now, are you, Ginny?

Oh, just a little bit.

Now, I know she's old enough to be your mother.

Don't tell me about business.

All right?


I know you how you feel.

Believe me.


What's that, Omega?

Who's Omega, Mrs. Hazeltine's uncle or somebody?

Joe, what is that?

What's going on?

I don't know.

What are you doing about it?

You going to sit there?

Why don't you get off your dead ass and do something, Dammit.

What's the trouble?

Can I see your license, please?

Hey, I wasn't speeding, you know.

I've given that up, you know.

I've cut---I've cut way back on speeding.

I've cut---- cut it way down.

Oh, I thought that was you.

You write for TV, don't you?

Yeah, that's me.

Yeah, I'm on my way to catch a plane, all right?

Oh, don't worry.

You'll make it.

I like your stuff, Mr. Osterman, Only sometimes I think you tend to be a little strident, You know?


Are you giving me a ticket for strident writing, are you?

That means the death penalty for Beverly Hills parking violations is coming back, too.

Have a nice day.


Bernie, Hey Paisan.

Yeah, Doc.

Well, somebody's onto us, huh?

Well, who the hell wouldn't be onto us?

Look where we are.

Oh, no. Wait a second.

I control this place.

I mean those guards you saw?

They're mine.

Those gates are locked.

I mean, this is a natural place here.

This area is all right.

Gentlemen, whoever's fingering us has got a lot of pull.

Video hookups, phony cops, the mails.

He's got a whole network.

And they know about Omega.

And that's government, isn't it?

So if it's the government, why haven't they stuck us before this?

Why haven't they busted us?

How about your friend, the interviewer?

Don't be mad at me.

Come on.


John, there's a man here with a truckload of video stuff.

When did you order that?

I was really looking forward to it.

Why do we have to go away?

Oh, weeks ago.


State of the art stuff.

Are you ready?

I'm packed, if that's what you mean.

Believe me, Ali, If I could explain, I would.

Would you, or would you just think, She doesn't need to know?

Come on, it's only two days out of a lifetime.

That's a good boy, eh? What's your name, hey?

What's your name?

What's happening?

I'm taking my wife and son out.

That's not very smart.

The object of the exercise is to make everything seem as normal as possible.

I'm taking no chances.

We can protect them better here.

How are you going to explain the fact that they're gone?

Oh, I'll tell them we had a fight.

Won't be hard to make that sound real.

Sorry, John.

Just hang in.

You'll get through it.


Where are you putting all these cameras?


The whole house will be covered.

This is Frank.

Here's a boy.

Just one thing, John.

I don't want to come home to an empty house and find some kind of long, logical letter. You understand?

If you're bailing out on me, tell me now.

I'm not.

I'll get the tickets.

Mister, we're looking for a place to stay.

You know, we're looking for someplace With a bridal chamber suite, you know----

What are you doing?

That is my wife and son!

I'm going to count to three.

Get out!

Come on. Come on.

Come here. Hold me.

Hey, take a breath.

Come on, son. Come on.

That's it. Take it easy.



That's it. There's a boy.

Come on.

You all right?

Should've listened to you Luckily, we had it bugged.

But from now on, we'll do it my way, okay?

You're going to be all right, Mrs. Tanner.

I'm Fassett, FBI.

We'll have you back home before you know it.

Come on.

What the fuck happened?

He's dead.

So you're telling me that that man didn't really mean to kidnap Steve and me?

The FBI thinks he couldn't afford to be questioned.

The FBI, magical little elves that drop right out of the sky.

How come they happened to be there so quickly?

They were tailing him.

God, I thought you were dead.

No, I'm not dead yet.


Time for a face-to-face.

I can't lie to Ali.


Look, I'm sending over a tape of your friends at one of their board meetings.

The kidnapping shows they know something.

That's Mikalovich protecting his investment, KGB.

I'm certain that your friends knew nothing.

But the closer you stay to the house 'til this is over, the better.

No one's going to get in, I promise you, Except your guests.

Then what?

We've been working on them.

They're getting a little unglued.

But you're going to have to split one of them off, And you'll know which one you have the best chance of getting close to.

Now, once you've made that contact, then we're in business.

What if none of them break?

We'll think of something.

Are you enjoying this?

Let me show you something that I keep just in case I get to enjoying myself too much.

You got your wife back from those bastards, So you're way ahead of me.

And you will be telling me you have to leave.

Hello, Doctor.

Is your back all right?


All right.


Somebody's onto us.

Oh, I'll tell you,----

--Dick, who wouldn't be.

Come in.

They're here.

Well, come on. Shake a leg.

It's what you've been waiting for.



Hey, Champ, How are you?

Let's see that left again, Come on.

Oh, yes.

Come on, Keep it up.

A raccoon.

Hello, Christopher.

Look at you.

You're getting big.

Hello, Darling.

Maybe he just wants to be cut in.

I'll cut him in. In half.

This area is all right.

Gentlemen, Whoever's fingering us has got a lot of pull:

Video hookups, phony cops, the mails.


Oh, Betty.

And they know about Omega.

And that's government, isn't it?

So if it's the government, why haven't they stuck us before this?

Yeah, why haven't they busted us?

How about your friend, the interviewer?

Oh, John Tanner?

He has contacts.

He might have a motive.

He does.

No, no, what?

He's the king of the exposes, The self-righteous hypocrite.

His friends slip, collapse, They're gone.

I'll grant you were in a lot of trouble, But John Tanner's a friend of ours, right?

He's a friend of ours.

Well, so let's go to our friend John Tanner's house And set him up.

It's cocktail time.

Hi, Doctor.


Same rooms?

Yes, same rooms.

Okay, then we ought to cancel the weekend.

No, I don't think we ought to cancel the weekend.

John Tanner's a friend of ours, right?

He's a friend of ours.

Well, so let's go to our friend John Tanner's house and set him up.

Set him up.

How you doing, John?

How's your back?

How you doing?


Hey, Uncle Bernie, want to go for a ride?


Want to go for a ride?

Sure. Ride. Bike.


See, I talk like you.

I miss you, Chris.


Yes. Waterboy.

One of the great moments in literary history.

Ah, refreshments.

Oh, look how cute.


All right.

How sweet.

A treat for the folks.


I got a toast.

Here is to John Tanner kicking ass on TV.

Oh, great.


Good job, Tanner.

Here's to John Tanner kicking ass anywhere.

Every glass, Every glass, whoa.

All right, Let's hit it.

Here's to John Tanner's ass.

You never stop, do you?

Not bad, not bad.

Hey, what's the name of that guy that you grilled that day?

Keeler, Keever, What's his name?



General Keever.

Now, what I want to know is why these people----

A guy like that would sit still for that shit.

I wouldn't.

No way.



I really like your mustache.

It sort of makes me want to curl up in it.

I lick the ends of it.

Go to it, Ginny-inny.

She's serious.

Want some vitamins, Virginia?

What, pills? Oh, yeah.

That'd be good.

Here baby, Here baby.

You want a vitamin, Dick?

Ah, no thank you.

I need some balls.

I had mine this morning.

You certainly did, Darling.

This weekend could be fun.

All right.

There he is.

How dare he?


Boy, he could swim.


Wonderful stuff, you know.

Nice, Virginia.

Ah, yes. There we are.

Virginia, what is it that you're wearing there?

Can you believe it?

John, you look really happy there.

He looks sort of like Jesse James, you know.

Is that a tie or pantyhose?

No, that's his argyle swimsuit look.

Hubba hubba.

You weren't wearing your bathing suit.

It's like all the same, isn't it?

Oh, isn't she cute?

I need a drink.

You look great, look at you.

You weren't very drunk then, were you?

That day?

Need some help?


Oh, Jesus. Look, Honey.

She just loves doing that stuff, doesn't she?

John, time for a face-to-face.

Would anyone like more coffee?


Interesting piece of film.

Could you roll that back to the beginning?

I'm going to get a drink.

I mean, right where John was--

Exactly how much we took off.

I'm going to get a drink.

When you get a chance, we must talk.

I'll meet you in the pool house.

That was Omega.

He's onto us.


Come on, bloody thing.

First, we've got to find out a little bit more.

It's too early to start bribing friends, Or is it?

State of the art, dammit.


The forecast calls for continued good weather through the weekend, with our current Civic Center temperature at 68 degrees.

Ah, can I get you guys anything?


Look, I want to know who the----


What we'd like to know is: Who transferred the old movies onto videotape?

Oh, I had it done at the studio.

It saves a lot of trouble.

And that sign at the end, the Omega?

Lab guy. Why?

Is something up?

No, I thought they were nice.

I like my walnuts that way.

The air quality index is rated for fair throughout the----

I think I just have another little bulletin come in here.

Would you excuse me?

Oh, gee, it was great seeing those movies again.

----and steady, And relative humidity is 20 degrees, Falling to about----

See you in the morning?

----10 degrees by mid-afternoon----


----by morning.

The air quality index----

Yeah, let's---- let's take care of the ladies, huh?


Goodnight, John.


----with gusts up to 15 miles per hour leveling off to a gentle five to eight miles per hour Bye-bye-- --breeze tomorrow --where the baromotic pressure is 30.18 and steady.

The wind gusts of up to 15 miles per hour leveling off to a gentle five to eight mile per hour breeze tomorrow, And the barometric pressure is 30 point----

And in the central areas, It is possible that they will be just hanging in there.

So why didn't we put it to him?

Because I believed him.

He didn't know anything about Omega.

Yeah, I believed him too, I guess.

You did?




He's staring you right in the face.

You didn't believe that crap about the lab.

Look, it said Omega, O-m-e-g-a, Omega.

Yo U----

Won't be necessary.

We rely too much on sight, don't you think, Appearances being what they are?

What's wrong?

Oh, no, nothing.

Nothing at all.

You're doing very well.

Just keep it moving along.

Tomorrow night, shortly after dinner, I'll turn the TV on.

Just watch the reactions to the program.

I think you'll find that one of your friends might indicate a willingness to confide in you, okay?

Who is it?


Are you busy?


So what are you worried about?

I'm not worried.

Well, it's not the same old light-hearted Osterman of yesteryear, is it?


Yeah, well, we all got problems.

So who's your next victim on the show?

Maxwell Danforth.

Oh, yeah, a big one.

What'd you have to give up to get him?

You know, it's amazing to me how you invite these gentlemen on your show, and then you rip them up and spit them out, you know?

They keep coming back, asking for more, I don't know.

Why do you think people would do something like that?

It's a ball game.


No, maybe they thought they were right.

I think everybody thinks they're right, deep down.

Don't we all?

You know, there's a principle I like to live by, "the truth is a lie that hasn't been found out."

Maybe you ought to bear that in mind.

These are strange times, amigo.

Why only survive?


Let's you and me survive them together.

Checking in, sir.

Thank you.

That exciting, huh?

What's wrong?

A lot of bad shit going on.

Well, maybe I can just help you forget about all that bad shit that's going on.


First, the gum.


You need to ask?

Wanna shtup?

I bet I could get a little something out of Mr. Tanner.

I'll just coke him a little, stroke him a little.

It's all for good cause.

You know, I don't think that'll get it.

You're afraid of him, aren't you?

Well, listen, darling, He's only a man, And what works for one works for another.

You know something, Virginia?

I'm tired of you talking through your nose.

Talk to me, Bernie.

The truth is a lie that hasn't been found out.

Oh, I like that, Bernie.

Oh, John.

That's it, you're getting into the swing of it.

That a boy.

Feel better?


That was great.

Great, come on.

Come on, buddy.


That's it.

You'll kill him, now. Come on.

You'll kill him, man.

Throw it, Dick.

Get off my back, John.

Come on.

Throw it.

Dunk that sucker.

You know, Ali, your old man is really quite something.

I wish I could offer you a better swap.

Maybe I could give you Dick on a three to one basis.

What do you say?

Virginia, don't you ever get tired of playing the bitch in heat?

If you're going to play, let's play.

Hey, what are you talking----

Hey, don't hit me with the fucking ball----

Come on, Joe, it was a mistake.

Come on, Joe. Come on.

No. Throw it.


That's it.

Joe, come on.

You got money in the game, Joe?

Hey, come on, will you?

Allow me.

Time to get back in.


Joe, come on.

Come on.

We got one more, come on.

It's just a game, remember.

Come on, Joe.


Hey, come on, will you?

But it's my game and I'm playing it.

But it's my game and I'm playing it.

Come on, Just one more.

Come on.


Piss off.

Joe, what's wrong with you?

That's good.

Hey, Joe. Baby.

Ah, let him work it off.

I love watching him get into it.

I told you I'd break your neck!

Stop it.

Bernie, get between them.

I'll kill him.

I don't believe this.

Bernie, Dick, Somebody break them up.

Shall we sit here or talk?

No, let's talk.

Why don't you tell us who done it, John?

Who's done what?

Well, it seems like some of the bad memories from the past are catching up to us, Ali.

Who's catching up with us?

Stop playing games.

I think that Dick is just----

What is this Dick shit.

Let him speak for himself.

And I'm going to speak for myself.

And I'm telling you, I'm not going to put up with this anymore.

Try being more specific, Joe.

What are you talking about, "specific"?

You know what the hell I'm talking about.

Why don't you try to get along a little better?

I mean after all, you are friends, aren't you?

Why don't you just shut the fuck up?

Excuse me.

For Christ's sake, Virginia.

The investigator is trying to put these assholes through a few of his own hoops, right?

Switzerland, land of enchantment:

Beautiful lakes, towering mountains, delicious chocolate, And the financial world's favorite gimmick:

The numbered bank account.

International arms merchants, drug dealers, And United States citizens trying to evade Uncle Sam's taxes. All find a home in Zurich.

It is conservatively estimated that over

$12 billion in illegal accounts resides deep in the secret vaults of the 520 banks of this, the most money-oriented city in the world.

But laundering money for Americans is only one of the complex transactions conducted daily in this mountain paradise.

The son of a bitch is mind-fucking us.

If you men had a pair of balls between the bunch of you, you'd take this bastard outside and straighten----

Just one more word out of you, You coke-faced bitch--

Ali, just calm down.

---and I'll tear you apart.

That's it, that's it, That's it!

Go. Joe, come on, Let's just--

You okay?


Bravo, John Tanner.

It's getting tricky now, isn't it?

It's a mystery.

Have you written the ending yet, John?

Well, I'll tell you... Ali shows promise as a featherweight, But I think you stepped out of your weight class.

Good night, my friend.

You know something about them, don't you?

You're threatening them, manipulating them.

You're always so sure that you're right, sitting on your damn throne.

I know that something's wrong dammit.

And either you tell me what it is, you tell me what I'm mixed up in, or I'm leaving with Chris right now.

You can't leave me now.

I need you here.



The fridge.

What is it?

What is it?

What's wrong?

In the fridge.

What's wrong?

What is it?

Bastards. You sick bastards.

Joe, I'm going to kill you.


John, let go of him.

Leave him alone.

Why don't you tell us what happened, John?


Sick bastards.

I want to know who did this?

It's not real, John, It's a fake.

It's not a very funny joke.

That is sick.

Why are you doing this to us?

I want you out by tomorrow morning, please.

Oh, he's fine.

We'll find him. He's outside.

It's a ketchup bottle.

It's not even a good fake.

Maybe it'll be gone in the morning.

We better be gone in the morning.


It's okay, come on.

Listen to me.

Now you stay here and do as your mom tells you.

I'm going find him, okay?

Dad, I'm scared.

Come on.

You're going to be fine.

Lie down now.

John, what are you doing to us?

I'm going to go for help.

You make sure and lock the door, please.

Kelly, Tanner's coming out, Let him through.

Don't want him wandering around out there at night.

Well, what are we going to do?


I'm getting out of here.

If you got any brains, you'd do the same.


Fassett's waiting, Follow me.

You don't need the gun, Joe It's Ali.

Don't worry about it.

Maybe she knows something.

Chris, here, quickly.

Come on, quit screwing around, Ali, open the door.

Get away from my door, Joe Cardone.

Would you put that gun away.

Look I'm tired of getting stepped on.

She knows something and I'm going to find out what.

Would somebody please tell me what's going on?

Yeah, we're getting out of here now.

Come on, Joe. Come on.

Come on, Joe.


Get your bow.

All right, Fassett. That's me.

I'm finished. I've had it.

I want out.

And where might out be?

I'm fed up.

Do what you have to do.

Arrest them, I don't care Just get them out of my house.

We have a single male adult there, Osterman, Terminate on contact.

You son of a bitch.

We've got one dead, Hand-to- hand.

Grab what's necessary,that's all Come on, move it. Move it.

Why don't you get them?

There's no need, They're going nowhere.

All this activity And for nothing.


Yes, that was nice.

Wait a minute.


Camper. Come on.

He's got my motor home.

Keys in there?


I didn't leave my keys in it.

I did.

There's no need to worry, John.

Everything is under control.

They're just on a very long leash.

What about Bernie?

He can take care of himself.

Who's pulling your strings?

Now, you must go home now.

They're pinning Osterman down at the far end.

And straight home now.

Remember, out there you're a single male adult too, you know.

Kelly, Follow him out this area And eliminate him.

See where you're going?


You want me to finish this now or shall we talk?

You traitor!

I know you like 'em thick?

But I'm not going to let you die so ignorant, John.

Now what is this traitor bullshit?

We're just salting some money away for good times, That's all.

Now it ain't legal, but I sure as hell ain't traitorous.

I'm going to let you up,J ohn, Because I want you to talk to me.

But if you make a move for this bat, You'll be wearing it in your ass for a month.

Do you understand?


I'm awfully tired.

Where's my dog?

Not in there.

Who's in the van?

A CIA man called Fassett.

He says You and Dick and Joe are working for the Russians.

That's bullshit.

I saw a film on you talking to the KGB.

I saw you make a deal with a guy called Petrov.

You remember Petrov, The independent film producer.

----to help create such conditions, Or are you just a coffee house revolutionary.

No, I'm not a revolutionary.

What I am is a nihilist anarchist who lives on residuals.

So money would help form your decision?

Now don't you feel better now that you know that all your old friends are just tax evaders after all?

Or are you just a little disappointed?

You were setting us up.


We're in prime killing time.

All it took was to have my wife murdered while my employers watched on closed-circuit TV, It's just another episode in this whole snuff soap opera we're all in.

Switch it off, John.

You know better than that, Bernie, it's your business.

Both of you, addicting people so they can't switch off.

Smash the set.

Smash it.

Switch this one off.

What's the rush, Joe?

I got a lot of things to clear up.

You know what we need right now, A spaceship come right over those trees, invite us in.

Coke-faced bitch.

? Jesus loves me This I know ?

? For the bible---- ?

Betty, get out there.

Joe, Joe, get out.

Virginia, come here.

Do you see what I see?

Betty, get out!

They can't hear us.

Joe, get out.


Things could be worse, right?


I see, you want to send them a message.

Let's wait.

Betty, get out.

Dick, come here.

Come here.

What the hell have you got all over your face, Virginia?

Come here.

Come on.

Get out of the camper now.

I don't want to be in the country when it comes down.

I think you will find that when the time comes, you will be able to leave the country very quickly indeed.


This is our deal Petrov, Nothing happens to Tanner.

Your partners don't want to postpone this.

Just remember we're calling the shots.

What the hell is he trying to pull?

I don't know. We better get out of here.

? Jesus loves me This I know ?

? For the bible ?

We're all going to die.

? tells me so ?

Get out.

? Little ones to ?

Betty, get out.

? him belong ?

Move now. Come on.

Betty, come on.

Betty, come on, now!

? Jesus loves me this I know ?

? For the bible tells me so ?

? Little ones to him belong ?

? We are weak but he is strong ?

And then there were two.

You crazy murderous bastard. He's mad.

Try to think of them as fleas on a dog that gets hit by a stolen car driven by a drunk teenager whose girlfriend had just given him the clap.

It will help your perspective.

All agents move in to execute termination procedure.

Repeat execute termination procedure, all agents.

Have you got a gun?


Have you got a gun?


It'd be nice if we had a weapon.

I do.

The bows.

Oh, bows, That's keen.

In the bedroom, Go get them.

Kelly, do you read me? Kelly!

Oh, God, do as I say. Kelly, it's urgent!

Checking in, sir.


I didn't get the gun.



I know what to do.


The pool house.

They're making for the pool house.

Oh my God.

No, can't you wait.


I had bows in here.

Is this what you want?

I'm not even---- Oh, that's good, You're to shoot mice with that, right?

See you later, John. Bye.



There's someone out here with a bow.

They got agent Brick.

Damn, blue-eyed bitch.

Mrs. Tanner.

You just keep them in the pool.

Don't move.

Mikalovich, Can you read me?

There's gasoline behind the pool house.

Get it. Use it.

Keep them in the pool.

Repeat, keep them in the pool till further orders.

You're going to be all right, I'm Fassett, remember, FBI.


Mrs. Tanner.

I'm Fassett, Remember me?

I don't think we need the bow.


Going to take a little trip the three of us.

Come on. Come on.

I think we got him.

You okay, huh?

Don't walk away.

Um-hmm, right.

John, next time I'm going to wear my old clothes, babe.

Strident son of a bitch.


Worshiping graven images again, John.

Be of good cheer, Salvation is at hand.

Fassett says we'll be all right if you do what he wants.

John, to use your own words:

You want something from me, Well, I want something from you.

I want revenge for my wife.

Maxwell Danforth murdered her And I will have him exposed.

Now you have the power and the audience to do what we both want.

Oh, and John, I hardly think you're in a position to negotiate.

John, I don't want you to do anything wrong.

I love you.

I'll be in touch.

He found out Tanner's friends were funneling money out of the country.

Then he uncovered their bag man, Mikalovich, and he tamed him.

Then he fabricated a KGB dossier on him.

I told you he was a very skillful operative.

But why?

Why did he make us try to believe Omega existed?

Stennings, Stennings...

The existence of Omega has not been disproved, Don't you understand that.

Omega is as real as we need it to be.

We have enough evidence to convince any congressional committee of that.

One thing our enemies fear is that someone who knows them for what they are might come to power in this country, And they're right to be afraid.

Now you find Fassett before that damn show tonight.

I'm just kind of wondering how we got in this mess.

It's called being programmed.

Okay, get ready three.

We got 30 seconds here.

Cue Tanner.

Role tape.

Bring up the logos.


Take one.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to " Face to Face."

Tonight the title of our program is " Alpha to Omega "

The first to the last.

Take two.

First, we talk to Maxwell Danforth, Arguably the most powerful man in the nation, If by powerful you mean whoever has the greatest effect on your privacy, your personal well being, and your possible prospects of survival.

Take one.

Do you have ambitions to be president?

Cue Tanner for Christ sake.

Some people might consider that paranoid.

We're coming at you.

Here we come.

Mr. Danforth, you've gone on record as saying that counter-intelligence and public accountability make uneasy bedfellows, Would you explain it to me?

Okay, you're good one.

Coming to you, one.

It sounds rather ominous.

Ready five.

At this point I'd like to introduce My mystery guest.

And 20 seconds please.

Cue Danforth.

Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three...

Good evening, Welcome to " Face to Face."

The title of our program tonight is "Alpha to Omega:

The first to the last."

First, we talk to Maxwell Danforth, Arguably the most powerful man in the nation If by powerful you mean whoever has the greatest effect on your privacy, your personal well being, and your possible prospects of survival.

Mr. Danforth, tell us your policy please regarding the present soviet missile build-up.

This is the end of the 20th century in which we live, and no nation can expand further without coming into conflict with its neighbor.

We are being forced into playing a game in which there will have to be a winner, And the Soviets intend it will be them.

And you, sir, have a solution to all this?

Our people must be educated to the realities of this crisis.

We have always been ignorant of our destiny and yet our destiny is simple, Not easy mind you, but simple.

Our destiny is to survive.

Do you have ambitions to be president?

That's a very pointed question, Mr. Tanner, And my answer is no.

My ambition is to continue to serve my country with all of my talents and energies.

However, if it is my destiny to be called on by the American people to assume that exulted office, I should feel compelled to accept.

I have always sought out my country's enemies and foiled their designs against us.

As President of these United States, I would continue to do so.

At this point I'd like to introduce my mystery guest.

A man until recently employed by the CIA, A man who has worked closely with Maxwell Danforth on a covert operation that cost the lives of four innocent people, A man who represents the hidden side of Maxwell Danforth's power.

Ladies and gentlemen, Lawrence Fassett.

This is Stennings, Red alert, He's surfaced.

Mr. Fassett, what can you tell us about the director of the CIA?

I know Maxwell Danforth very well.

Uh, he killed my wife two years ago, Not with his bare hands, of course.

The Danforths of this world don't murder in that fashion.

Now calm down. Be quiet.

They make telephone calls, write memos, use jargon words like "terminate" and "eliminate."

This is priority get----

So that their mouths don't have to touch words like "murder" or "kill."

To you out there, my fellow Americans, The man you have just seen is a killer of innocent people, And with the connivance of John Tanner, He has been allowed to appear here and to make allegations against me, which he has no possible means of proving.

Take one.

This piece of film was taken by CIA surveillance cameras.

The woman is Mrs. Lawrence Fassett And the killers were KGB.

It is true.

It is true that I have killed innocent people, But then my guilt is not in question.

But the guilt of this man is, And it will continue to be so until he is... exposed.

A man that is prepared to use the power of his office and all its techniques in order to further his own personal ambition.

Any comments, Mr. Danforth?

Comment, yes, I have a comment.

You and this man Fassett are traitors, An archaic term but it fits.

When I realized what you had done by bringing this murderer onto your program I was shocked, but now I'm glad.

'Cause you have illustrated better than I ever could exactly how dangerous our enemies are.

And by their presence here, they bear witness to my assertion that not until we have a leadership in this country committed to rooting out this disease, Not until then can we have a healthy nation.

I say to you all, all of you watching Without a healthy America, we live in a hopeless world indeed.

Well, why don't you kill me then, Max?

Use your powers.

Show your audience how you're going to save them from what lies in each of them.

Kill me, Max, and pretend that you're killing their fear.

Be the new savior risen in the hour of need.

Don't think you won't be found, Fassett.

And don't think you won't be exterminated.

You have my word on that, you hear?

Do you hear me?

Take three.

Where's my wife?

All eyes. Pull back.

Widen out, two.

Oh, this is nice.

Okay get ready, one. Just get eyes, Get eyes on Tanner, one.

What you just saw in a way was a life-sized video game.

You saw a liar talk to a killer And you couldn't tell them apart.

Who cares?

It's only a television.

As you all know, television programs are just the fillers between attempts to steal your money.

So if you want to save some, switch off.

It's simple.

It's done with a hand and what is left of your free will.

This is the moment.

My bet is you can't do it. Go ahead and try.

Am I still on?