The Outsiders (1983) Script

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Seize upon that moment long ago

One breath away and there you will be So young and carefree Again you will see That place in time So gold Still away into that way back when

You thought that all would last for ever But like the weather Nothing can ever and be in time Stay gold But can it be when we can see So vividly a memory And "yes" you say So must the day too fade away And leave a ray of sun So gold Life is but a twinkling of an eye

Yet filled with sorrow and compassion Though not imagined all things that happen Will age too old Though gold Gold, though gold

When I stepped out... into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind.

Paul Newman and a ride home.

"This is Ames, mister."

Hey, look! Greaser!

Wash all that grease out of your hair, Greaser!

Take a shower!

Don't you cramp my style I'm a real wild child Come on, baby, shake all night long...

I'm gonna keep on movin', baby Don't you cramp my style I'm a real wild child


Well, I'm gonna pick you up in my 88 Get ready, sugar, but don't be late We're gonna move it all night long Until a whole lot of shakin' gonna be done I'm a wild one Oh, yeah, I'm a wild one I'm gonna keep on shakin' I'm gonna keep on movin', baby Don't you cramp my style I'm a real wild child...

Hey, Greaser! Yeah! We're gonna give him a haircut! Get him, guys!

Get him down!

Don't you cramp my style I'm a real wild child...

Stick it! Stick it in! Go on! Do it!

Maybe over here. Or maybe how about there?

Shut him up!

Let's get out of here! Come on! Let's go!

Hey! Get off!

Them over there!

Son of a bitch!

We'll get you later, Greaser!

Greaser! Greaser!

Watch out!

They didn't hurt you too bad, did they?

No. Hey, Pony.

Did they pull a blade on you? Yeah.

Hey, they ain't gonna hurt you no more. Come on.

Walking by yourself! You don't ever think!

All's I did was walk home from the movies.

Movies and books. Movies and books!

You know, I-I wish that you could concentrate on something else just once in a while.

Why don't you concentrate on girls and cars? It works for me!

Look, if you had to go by yourself, you should have carried a blade.

Oh, yeah, that would have been a great excuse for the Socs to cut his neck a little more there!

If I want my kid brother to tell me what to do with my other kid brother, I'll ask you, all right, kid brother!

Geez, Soda. Why's he always gotta be like that?

He's just got more worries than he used to.

How's it, kid? I'm fine.

What are you doing out of the cooler, Dal?

Yeah? And what are you doing walking by your lonesome on the street, huh?

It's none of your business, Marty. It is my business! Look at my nose!

It's huge!

Smartass. He is a smartass kid.

Hey, Dally. How you doing? I'm doing all right, man.

Thought you were in for about 90 days, Dal.

Yeah, I got out early, man. Good behaviour, you know.

Hey, Johnny, man. How you doing, bro?

Things would go a lot better, if the Socs stayed on the southside of town, man.

Don't worry. We're gonna have it out with them sooner or later.

We sure as hell are. They keep coming over to our side of town.

Damn right.

Those the same guys that got you?

No. They were other guys.

Now that I'm out, I'm gonna make it my business to get the guy who did that to your face.

What about me becoming your personal body guard, huh, Ponyboy?

I don't think it's too hot of an idea.

How about you and Sylvia coming over to game with us tomorrow night?

I wanna go. Oh, we're taking Evie and Sandy.

Which means no kids allowed. Big deal!

Nah, nah, nah. I'm gonna go hunt some action.

If little kids are allowed. We'll go with you, won't we, Pony?

I don't know, Dal. I can't get in no trouble with the cops.

Darry says the court will split us up for sure if I do.

Who's looking for police trouble, man?

I wanna see a movie like the good old days, right, Johnny?

All right. Six o'clock.

I was planning on putting down a couple of six packs of Bud, but if I don't get too drunk, I'll join y'all.

Check this out, buddy!

You guys wanna give me a push-start?

Not really, but we will.

All right! Let's go!

See you guys later!

I see you got your Christopher back, Dal.

Little broad was two-timing me again when I was in jail, man.

It's cool. I'll see you guys later.

All right. See you later, Dal.

Hey, Ponyboy, you got homework.

You going home, Johnny Cade?

I don't know.

See you around. All right.

Turn off these lights and get to bed.

I got work in the morning.

We leave them alone.

I don't know.

Who can figure it?

Are you cold, Pony? A little.

Hey, listen, kiddo.

Darry yells at you like that.

He don't mean nothing.

It's just that he got hit with a lot of responsibilities after Mum and Dad died he ain't used to.

He loves you a lot.


Soda? Hm?

How come you dropped out of school? Cos I'm dumb.

The only things I was passing was automechanics and gym.

You're not dumb. Yeah, I am.

Hey, you shut up, and I'll tell you something, though.

You gotta promise me that you're not gonna tell Darry.

All right.

I think I'm gonna marry Sandy.

I'll probably wait till you're out of school, though, so I can help Darry with the bills and stuff.


Soda, are you in love with Sandy? Mm-hm.

What's it like?

What's the time?

It's real nice.

At just about midnight She makes me feel so good She makes me feel all right...

Hey, what's going on, Dal? What's up?

We're early. What do you wanna do?

Nothing legal, man. Let's get out.

G-L-O-R-l-A, Gloria I'm gonna shout loud it all night Gloria I'm gonna shout it every day Gloria Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

How you doing, Joe?

Gloria G-L-O-R-l-A, Gloria I'm gonna shout it loud all night Gloria I'm gonna shout it every day Gloria Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Hey, Soda, here come the hobos.

Hey, Sodapop, I ain't got no cash.

Anyone want to buy a windshield wiper?

Come on, Dally! Give them the money.

So, what's the movie about?

Dallas! Huh?

I don't know, Johnny. One of those beach movies.

You know, they put out a whole bunch of 'em.

At just about midnight She makes me feel so good...

Hey, did I say you guys could play on my grass, huh?

No. Well, what are you doing here?

Give me those cards, will you?

When she comes to my house...

You guys ever played 52 pick-up?


Hey, don't get, don't get wise.

I don't like little kids. I don't like 'em. I just...

G-L-O-R-l-A, Gloria...

Get out of here, or I'll kill you!

I'm gonna shout loud it all night Gloria...


Get out of here, you little brats!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah The sky's getting dark. Let's go. Let's go, man.

Do you think Fanny might have been right?

Why are you always worried? Any reason she should be?

No reason at all. For you either.

Hey, Stella! Come here!

What do you think you're doing? Cherry, just relax!

I mean, just try. You're supposed to be my girlfriend.

Don't ever pull anything like that again!

Are you serious? Don't do this to me, Cherry!

I'm not going back there.

I don't understand! I mean... They wanna make things complicated.

Hey, Wayne, bring me a Coke! I don't have enough money!

Baby, you wanna see what's hanging? I'm gonna hang you, Two-Bit!

Are you sure you wanna do this?

I came here to see a movie, and I'm gonna see a movie!

I'm freezing, man!

Why didn't you bring a coat, stupid?

I forgot.

Some cute redhead, huh?

Are you a real redhead, huh?

Come on, Dal.

Are you real?

How can I find out if this is your, your, your real red hair?

If this is the same red hair that you have on your, your...

These eyebrows here. Is it..?

Cut it out, Dal.

Get your feet off my chair, and shut your trap!

Who's gonna make me, huh? I'm gonna get a Coke.

Who? Your boyfriend? Leave her alone, Dal.

That's the Greaser who just got out of some jail or something.

Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, honey.

Leave us alone, or I'll call the cops.

Oh, my, my! You got me scared to death!

What am I, what am I gonna do now, Pony, huh?

This girl’s making me shake!

Why don't you leave us alone? Be nice and leave us alone!

I'm never nice.

Can I interest you in a Coca-Cola or a 7UP?

Get lost, hood!

Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't...

I didn't know...

I didn't know you had this problem with... yelling in my face.

OK. All right. I'll go. I know when I'm not wanted.

God! Your filthy Greaser!

Are you gonna start on us now, too?


You don't look the type, anyway. What's your name?

Ponyboy Curtis.

That's an original name.

Yeah, my dad, he was an original person.

I got a brother named Sodapop. It says so on his birth certificate.

My name's Sherry, but my friends call me Cherry cos of my hair.

I know. We go to the same school. You're a cheerleader.


You don't look old enough to be going to high school.

What's a nice boy like you doing hanging around with that trash?

Dally's my buddy. I'm a Greaser, too.

We're all friends. I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Your brother, Sodapop, he works at the gasoline station, right? At DX.

Yeah, that's him.

Yeah, Soda's the cute one!

I should have known you were brothers!

Hey, how come we don't see your brother at school any more?

Has he been working full time since your parents died?

He's a dropout. Oh, that's too bad.

Here. I thought this might cool you off.

Maybe that will cool you off, Greaser!

When you learn to talk and act decent, I might cool off, too!

Fiery, huh? Just the way I like 'em!

Get off of me! Come on.

Look, leave her alone, Dal.

What did you say?

Come on. You heard me. Leave her alone.

What did you say, you little shit? What did you say?

Come on. You wise ass.

Hey, wise guy, cool it, will you?

Sit down, punk!

Now you blew it.

Thank you. He had me scared to death.

You sure didn't show it. Nobody talks to Dal like that.

From what I saw, you do.

Why don't y'all come sit here with us so you can protect us?

What do you think, man? Come on. Might as well.

How old are y'all?

14. 16.

I thought you were both 14!

How come y'all ain't scared of us like you was of Dally?

Oh, you two are too sweet-looking to scare anyone.

Besides, I know about Dallas Winston.

You two don't look mean.

Yeah, right. We're young and innocent.

No. You're just not dirty.

Come on, Dal's OK. I mean, he's tough and all.

But he's a cool old guy, if you get to know him.

He'd leave you alone if he knew who you were.

Well, I'm glad he doesn't know us. I kind of admire him.

Oi, Greaser! You're dead!

What's he doing? Get out of my hair!

Hey, what have you done?

Here, kid, have a beer. It'll settle your nerves.

Well, now, who we got here? Your great-grandmothers, huh?

What are you two young ladies hanging out with these Greasers?

Dal was bothering them.

He was, huh? Yeah.

Where is old Dal now anyway?

Yeah, where is old Dally?

He left, Tim.

Hey, I know he slashed my tyres!

Look, Tim, he left. He's not here. Really.

You guys seen Dally? No, no.

Yeah, well, I'll be looking for him.

Dally got a blade? I don't think so.

Good deal. Tim will fight fair as long as he don't.

You guys don't believe in playing rough, do you?

Well, a fair fight ain't rough. Yeah, boy. Real simple!

Yeah! If he gets killed or something, you just bury him. No sweat!

You dig, OK, baby. You want a chew? Come on, Two-Bit.

Help yourself. Put hair on your chest!

Ponyboy, come with me and get some Cokes and popcorn.


Y'all want some? I do.

Yeah, me, too. Get Johnny some, too. I'm buying.

Here you go.

Your friend, the one with the sideburns, is he OK?

Yeah, he ain't dangerous, if that's what you mean.

Hey, what are you doing? Hey, man!

He sure scared Johnny.

Johnny's a nervous wreck anyway.

He got beat up a few months ago by some Soc.

Is that how he got his scar?

Yeah, the guy was wearing a few rings.

Not all of us are like that. Sure.

That's like saying all you Greasers are like Dallas Winston.

Leave him, will you? What you gonna do about it?

Let's take it outside. That's what I'll do.

All right, you two. Why don't you both take it outside?

Well, he's jumped a few people.

Anyway, you think the Socs have it made.

The rich kids. The southside Soc.

Well, I'll tell you something, Ponyboy, and it might come as a surprise, but things are rough all over.

Come on. Let's get out of here.

Or Two-Bit will think we eloped to Mexico!

So, you're from the southside, huh? Yes.

It must be a nice neighbourhood. It is. I like it.

Do you? Mm-hm.

Yeah, I'm... I'm from the other side of town.

Tell me about your oldest brother. You never seem to talk about him.

What's to tell?

He's big and roofs houses.

No, really. I mean, what's he like?

I feel like I know Soda for as much as you talk about him.

Tell me about Darry. Is he wild and reckless like Soda?

Or dreamy like you?

He ain't like Soda, and he sure ain't like me!

He can't stand me!

I bet he wishes he could stick me in some boys' home. Soda won't let him.

What are you talking about? Come on. You all get along fine.

No, we don't! You shut your trap, cos you ain't wanted at home either!

You shut your mouth, kid!

I'm sorry. I got a little mad.

Don't worry about it.

We couldn't get along without you. Marcia!

Look who's coming! What are we gonna do?

Just act normal. Just keep calm. Who are these clowns?

Cherry, what's going on?

What are you doing?

Just because we got a little drunk...

You call reeling and passing out on the streets "a little"?

Bob, I've told you before, I'm never going out with you when you're drinking!

That's no reason to go walking the streets with these bums!

Who are you calling bums, pal? You!

Randy! We got two more in the back seat.

Pity the back seat! If you're looking for a fight...

I am looking for a fight! Let's go! Come on! Right not!

Come on!

All right! We'll go with you! Just wait a minute!

We ain't scared of these bastards! I hate fights! I hate 'em!

Come here, Ponyboy.

I'm sorry.

Look, I couldn't use this. I could never cut no one.

Cherry! Come on!

We'd better go with 'em.

If I see you in school and I don't say hi, don't take it personal, OK?

Yeah, I know.

Really. You're a nice boy and everything.

It's OK.

I hope I never see Dallas Winston again.

If I do, I'll probably fall in love with him.

Come on, baby. Don't touch me!

Blue moon You saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart...

Just watch it, greaseball. Says who?

Without a love of my own...

Boy, those are two of the best-looking girls I've ever seen.


What was that? Marcia's number.

Probably a phoney one, too.

I must have been out of my mind to ask for it.

Girl like that would never go out with me, anyway.

Where are y'all going?

Home. Whoa!

Here! I got me a new hat!

You're crazy!

I don't why I handed you that busted bottle. You never would have used it.

I might have. Where you headed?

I don't know. Maybe I'll go play snooker or get drunk.

I'll see you later! OK!

I hate when my folks are fighting. Let's go to the lot.

Blue moon You saw me standing alone...

It was because we're Greasers, Pone.

Might have hurt her reputation or something, that's all.

Don't worry about it.

Yeah, I guess so.

Man, that was a tough car, huh?

Mustangs, they're tough.

Big-time Socs, all right.

It's always the same.

Blue moon

You saw me standing alone...

I can't take much more of this, Ponyboy!

I'll... I'll kill myself or something! I don't know!

Don't talk like that, Johnny. Come on. You can't kill yourself.

I've gotta do something.

Oh, God. It seems...

It seems like there's gotta be someplace without Greasers and Socs.

There must be someplace...

with just plain ordinary people.


It's like that out in the country.

Away from all the big towns.

Out in the country.

If today was not an endless highway

If tonight was not an endless trail...


Pony, wake up!

Come on!

God! What time is it?

I don't know. I went to sleep, too.

You better get home, all right?

I'm gonna stay all night out here. Who'll care anyway?

All right. If you get cold, come on to my house.

Yeah, all right.

What is Darry gonna say?

Yeah, it's Darry.

Yeah. Bye.

Where the hell have you been? Do you know what time it is?

It's two o'clock in the morning, kiddo.

Where have you been? I feel asleep in the lot.

You what?! I was talking to Johnny.

And I fell asleep in the lot. I didn't mean to.

And I can't even call the cops because you two would be thrown in boys' home so fast, it would make your head spin!

Come on, Pony. Let's go to bed now. Look, I said I didn't mean to!

"I didn't mean to!" "I forgot." That's all I ever hear from you.

Come on, Darry... Tired of you sticking up for him!

Don't you yell at him!

Ponyboy! I didn't mean to!

Come on, Johnny! Move out of the way!

Take it easy, Pony. It will be all right. You just have to cool it, man.

Got a cigarette, Johnny? I'm scared to death.

Well, don't be, man. You're scaring me.

What happened? Darry hit me!

I swear we used to get along fine until Mum and Dad died.

Now he can't stand me!

I think I like it better when the old man's hitting me.

At least he knows I'm there.

Let's walk to the park and back.

Maybe I'll cool off enough to go home.

Yeah, all right. Ain't you about to freeze to death?

You're ain't a' woofin'.


Pony, got a light?

Found this butt, man.

Yeah, here you go, Johnny.

Look what's coming.

This is our territory.

I bet they're looking for us.

Wanna split? Stay cool.

Well, well, well. What do you guys know?

They're drunk.

It's that guy with the rings, man.

Aren't these the Greasers who tried to pick up our women?

You guys are out of your territory. You better watch it.

No, pal. You better watch it.

You guys know what Greasers are?

White trash with long greasy hair.

You know what a Soc is? What?

White trash with Mustangs and madras.

Get 'em!


Stay down, pal!

Chuck him!

Grab his arms! Right down!

Did somebody get a drink for this Greaser, huh?

Come on! Have a drink, pal!

I... I... I killed him.

I killed that boy.

I killed him.

Johnny, I think I'm gonna be sick!

Go ahead, man. I ain't... I ain't gonna look at you.

Ain't gonna look at you.

Pony, are you all right?

You really did kill 'em, huh, Johnny?


I had to.

They, they were drowning you, and they might have killed you!

They were gonna beat me up!

What happened to the other guys? Huh?

They... they all ran. They all ran off.

When I stabbed him, they all ran.

What do you boys want?

Dally. W-w-w-we gotta see Dally. He's busy.

Just tell him it's Ponyboy and Johnny, man! He'll come!

Come on!

What do you guys want?

Johnny killed the Socs. What?

All right. Good for you. Let's go.

We figured you could get us out, if anyone could, Dal.

I... I'm sorry I got you away from this party and all, but I just don't know what to do, man.

I was just trying to get some sleep.

I got into a fight with Shepard tonight.

Let's see what we can do about this mess. Get in.

Ponyboy, are you wet? Yeah, I'm OK.

Hey, hey! Pony, come on, man.

You'll die of pneumonia before the cops ever get to you!

Come on.

Hey, stupid, take the sweatshirt off, will you, man?

You'll freeze to death.

Man, I wish I had a weed now.

Here. Don't point the thing at me, will you?

It's loaded. Come on.

Here you go. That's 50 bucks.

Look, I'm not gonna tell your brother and get my head kicked in, man.

Then don't tell him!

Here. It's Buck's. It's big on you, but it's dry. Come here.

Get the 3.15 train to Windrixville. It's a freight.

There's an abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain.

There's a pump in the back, so you don't have to worry about water.

Get a week's supply of food, as soon as you get there, before the story gets out.

And then don't so much as stick your noses out the door. Am I clear?


I'll be up there as soon as I think everything's cool.

Hey, relax, buddy. Come on, man. It'll work out.

All right.

Man, I thought New York was the only place I'd end up in a murder wrap.

Jesus Christ!

OK, you take care, kid. Good luck.

Train arrive

16 coaches long...

Let's check the other car. Yeah.

Train arrive

16 coaches long Well, that long black train Got my baby and gone

Train, train Coming round the bend...

Train, train Coming round the bend

Well, it took my baby But it never will again

Train, train Coming down, down the line

Train, train...

Wait up, man! Wait up!

Well? Well, what?

Well, go and ask 'em. Ask 'em where we are.

The story won't be in the paper yet.

Why don't you go ask 'em?

My ankles hurt, and I don't wanna walk on 'em.

What am I gonna say?

Just act like a farm boy taking a walk. They'll never know.

Do I look like a farm boy to you?

Just ask 'em...

Ask 'em where... Jay Mountain is. Don't worry about it.

They're gonna know who I am as soon as they look at me.

They're not gonna know! Come on!

Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to Jay Mountain?

Huh? How could I get to Jay Mountain?

Follow this road up to that hill. That's it.

Thank you. Taking a walk?

Y-y-yeah. We're playing Army. I was supposed to report to headquarters.

Boys will be boys!

Check it out, man.

The church.

Well, there's a leak in this old building Yeah, there's a leak in this old building Well, there's a leak in this old building We're gonna move to a better home We got no pane in this old window We got no pane in this old window

We got no pane in this old window We're gonna move to a better home Well, there's a hole in the roof where the rain pours in A hole in the floor where it drops right out again Well, there's a leak in this old building Well, there's a leak in this old building Well, there's a leak in this old building We're gonna move to a better Move to a better Home What was that? Just an owl.



You all right?

Man, this floor sure is hard.

I can't see my reflection in the water...

School day! Rise and shine!

I can't speak the sounds that show no pain...

Come on, kiddo! Wake up! Wake up!

I can't hear the echo of my footsteps...

It's time to get up!


Hey, Johnny! Fancy... Fancy meeting you here!

You're acting more like Two-Bit every day, huh?

Who's acting? What did you get?

Let's go inside, man. Dally told us to stay inside.

Right, I got a loaf of bread, and a week's supply of baloney here.

Peanut butter.

"Gone With The Wind"?

How did you know I always wanted "Gone With The Wind"

I remember you saying something about it once.

Me and you went to see that movie, remember?

I thought maybe you could read it out loud. Help kill time.

Thanks a lot, Johnny.

Cigarettes. A deck of cards.


You ain't thinking... We're gonna cut our hair, Ponyboy.

You're gonna bleach yours.

We can't fit descriptions in the newspaper.

No, sir. You ain't gonna touch my hair.

You have to anyway, if we got caught.

The first thing the judge does is make you get a haircut.

I don't see why. I don't either.

It's just the way they're trying to break us.

I'm gonna cut mine off, too, and wash all the grease out.

No, you ain't touching my hair. Ponyboy, it's gonna grow back, man.

It's not that it won't.

Go ahead.

Sorry, man.

Gotta confess My hair is a mess...

Damn knife.

Don't pull so hard. Quit gabbing!

Sorry, man.

Can I see now? No. You gotta bleach it first.

Well, then bleach it. Quit cutting.

Hey, Pony, this'll do it.


Jesus! This really makes me look tough!

All right, go ahead. Get your jollies.

My pleasure! Yeah, I know it is.

Lend me your comb, it's time to go home...


Gotta confess My hair is a mess Hurts, don't it? Yeah, yeah.

Come on, man! I didn't cut that much off of you!

It was your bright idea, smarty.

I'm still tired.

Look, I'm sorry I cut your hair off, Ponyboy.

Well, it ain't that.

It's just...

I don't know. I'm all mixed up!

Yeah, I know.

Things have been happening so fast, huh?

Man, you know that one-horse store this morning?

Two-Bit, he could have walked out with half of that thing.

Old Two-Bit, huh?

Remember how he was wisecracking last night?

Just last night we was walking Cherry and Marcia home from the movies.

Just last night we was laying up in the lot looking at the stars.

Stop it, man! Will you shut up about last night?

Johnny! I killed a kid last night.

He couldn't have been more than 17, maybe 18 years old, and I killed him!

How would you like to live with that, huh?

I didn't mean to.

They was drowning you, and I didn't know what to do.

There sure is a lot of blood inside of people.

What are we gonna do?

Oh, man! It's all my fault, bringing a 13-year-old kid along!

You ought to go home, Ponyboy!

You can't get into any trouble. You didn't go kill him!

No! I'm 14 and I've been 14 for a month!

And I'm in this just as much as you are!

I'll stop crying in a minute. I can't help it.

I didn't mean it like that, Ponyboy.

Hey, don't cry.

Don't cry, man.

It'll be all right.

It'll be fine.

Let's just... Let's go by the fire, all right?

Johnny, are you awake? Yeah.

There's a monster outside.


We're gonna be OK, Ponyboy.

Yes, I'm gonna walk on that milky white way...

"Lying in the pit of the sun, shoulder to shoulder, head to feet, "were hundreds of wounded men lying in the tracks, the sidewalks, "stretched out in endless rows, under the car shed.

"Some lay stiff and still, but many withered in the hot sun.

"Everywhere swarms of flies hovered over the men

"crawling and buzzing in their faces."

Man, that's gross!

"Everywhere was blood, dirty bandages, groans, "screamed curses of pain.

"But for four years, she had seen others

"who had refused to recognise defeat.

"Men who rode gaily into sure disaster, "because they were gallant."

Pretty cool, huh?


The cool old guys remind me of Dally.

Dally? Shoot, he ain't got no more manners than I do.

Soda's more like them southern boys.

Yeah, the manners bit.

Charm, too, I guess, but...

Dallas... Dallas so really scares me.

Come on. Read on.

Watch your smoke, Johnny.

One morning, I woke up earlier than usual.

The church was colder than ever.

Golly. That was sure pretty, huh?


It's like the mist is what's pretty, you know.

All gold and silver.


Too bad it can't stay like that all the time.

"Nothing Gold Can Stay".


"Nature's first green is gold

"Her hardest hue to hold

"Her early leaf's a flower

"But only so an hour

"Then leaf subsides to leaf

"So Eden sank to grief

"So dawn goes down today

"Nothing gold can stay."

Where did you learn that? That's what I meant.

Robert Frost wrote it.

I remembered it, cos I never quite knew what he meant by it.


You know, I never noticed colours, clouds and stuff until you kept reminding me about them.

It's kind of like they were never there before.


I don't think I could ever tell Steve or Two-Bit or even Darry about the clouds and sunset.

Just you and Sodapop.

Maybe Cherry Valance.

I guess we're different, huh?

Shoot, kid. Maybe they are.

Maybe you're right.

Hey, blondie!

Hey, Dal. Wake up.

How you been? Hey, Johnny, rise and shine, man!

How's Soda doing? Hey, Dallas! How are you?

Is he upset? Are the fuzz after us?

Wait. One thing at a time. Are you guys hungry? I'm starving, man.

You're starving? Try baloney for four days!

You got a cancer stick, Johnny? Yeah.

I got a special delivery for... a Ponyboy Curtis.

For you, man. Who's this from?

The president of the United States of America.

Yeah, right! I'm serious, man.

From your brother, Sodapop.

How did he know I was here?

I told him where you were, but he didn't believe me.

He really wanted me to give that to you, man.

I guess you got into some trouble, huh?

Darry's awfully sorry he hit you. You know he didn't mean it.

Dallas got hauled into the station, and scared us something awful.

And I wish you'd come back and turn yourselves in.

We miss you.

Say hi to Johnny for us. Sodapop Curtis.

Dal, what's going on with the cops? Did you hear anything?

How come you got hauled in?

Those boys down at the station know me by now.

While I was there, they beat it out of me that you guys were...

Get this one. That you guys were headed for Texas, man.

They think you guys are in Texas.

Texas, man! God!

Look at this guy with his hair, man. I can't believe that.

Blondie, man.

I know I look lousy, but don't rub it in.

You guys wanna get something to eat?

Hey, you better believe it! Let's get out of here.

Where did you get this car? Huh?

It's Buck's. Dal, don't!

Watch it! I got it.

What are you doing? Don't, Dal! Watch it!

I hope you guys are in the mood for barbecue, man.

Jerk! Trying to kill us?

Can we have three barbecue sandwiches, three Cokes and a...?

You guys really are hungry, huh?

That kid you killed had plenty of friends.

It's all over town - Soc against Grease.

Look, I started carrying a heater. Dal, you kill people with heaters.

Don't worry. It ain't loaded.

Hey, mister, do you have 15 cents?

Nah, I don't have any money, man.

Are you sure? Could you go away? We're busy here.

Do you have a dime? Could you go away?

Do you have a dime? Go away! Get out of here!

That was a close call.

Tim Shepard's gang and our outfit are gonna have it out with the Socs in a vacant lot tomorrow night.

Hey, I didn't tell you we got a spy.

A spy? Who?

Remember that good-looking broad I tried to pick up the night you wasted that kid?

What's her name? Uh, Cherry something... The redhead?

Cherry Valance! Cherry, the Soc. Yeah.

Yeah, we were hanging out down at a vacant lot, and she pulls up in a little old Stinger, right?

I thought that took a lot of nerve. Yeah.

She said that she'd testify that the Socs were drunk, and they were the ones looking for the fight.

And you guys just fought back strictly on self-defence.

So, it's cool.

Man, that little broad sure does hate me.

I offered to take her for a Coke, and she told me to go to hell.

I don't know.


So you think she might like me a little bit?

Huh? I think she's kinda cute.

No? Right.

What do they do for kicks around here? Play checkers?

This place is out of it.

I've never been to the country before.

We're gonna turn ourselves in.

What? What?

I got a good chance of being let off easy.

It was self-defence. You just said. Pony and Cherry could testify.

We won't say you helped us.

I'll give you back that gun. You won't get into any trouble, Dal.

Are you sure this is what you want? Yeah.

It ain't fair for Darry and Soda to worry about Ponyboy all the time.

I guess my folks aren't worrying. Hey, man, the boys are worried!

Two-Bit wanted to go to Texas to hunt for you!

Dallas, I asked if my parents asked about me.

No, they didn't! So what?

Do you think my old man gives a hang if I'm dead in a car wreck or drunk or in jail or something?

He doesn't care! But that doesn't bother me none!

Come on. You're not going anywhere.

I get you this hideout. I get you a hangout, man, a hideout.

And look at this. You wanna split. This is just terrific.

Johnny, you don't know what a few months in jail can do to you.

You get mean in jail.

I just don't want to see it happen to you like it happened to me.

What's going on? I wonder how that started?

Jesus Christ!

Pony, where are you going?

Get over here, man!

Gerry, some children are missing! No, they're not, Theresa.

I'm sure of it. Some have been gone for half an hour!

Get a hold of yourself!

Come back! Come back! Don't go in there! You'll get hurt.

Come here, man! Get over here!

You're gonna get him?


Go back before you get hurt.


What was that?

Is that guy coming? No.

How come? Too scared? No. He's too fat.

Come on, man! In here!

Hey, Dal! Take this kid, man! Take him!

Are you OK?

Pony, give them to Dallas!

Get 'em and get out!

Johnny! Come on, Johnny! Move!

Johnny! Come on! Are you crazy?

You're burning! Come on, Johnny!

No! Johnny!

Jesus Christ! Stupid kid!

I'm coming, Johnny!

Johnny, Dallas... They're all right.

They're behind us. They're in another ambulance.

Anyway, you guys are the bravest kids I've seen in a long time.

What, are you guys professional heroes or something?

We're Greasers.

Are... are you kidding me? No, I ain't kidding you.

Take me to town. You'll find out pretty fast.

You know, you shouldn't be smoking, son.

Why not?

Cos you're a young man, that's why. It's a bad habit to get into.

You're smoking.

I'm older than you. I've been smoking for a long time, too.

Pull another stunt like that again, I'm gonna kill you.


Oh, look at your tough hair.


Darry, I'm sorry!

I thought we lost you, like we did Mum and Dad.

You sure look fine!

Let's go, little brother. We're home.

Whoa! Getting pretty big to be carried.

Hi, Tim.

Hi, kid.

Can I get you some breakfast or something?


Thanks for letting me use your couch.

Sure. Any time.

Anybody home? Yeah, in here. Don't slam the door.

Ponyboy, hey!

What you doing? Look what you did! Whoa!

You made me ruin my eggs, drop my spoon.

Look at the blond-headed monkey!

I wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't seen it in the paper.

Tell me, Ponyboy, what's it like being a hero, huh?

A what?

A hero, man. You know, like a, like a big-shotie.

Beer for breakfast, Two-Bit?

What I like is the "turn hero" bit.

They're charging Johnny with manslaughter?

What do they mean, "if he recovers"?

Them kids, they'd have burned to death, if it hadn't been for you.

Dallas will be mad when he hears they didn't mention his police record.

It's all about us.

Darry, me and Soda.

Not a thing about putting me and Soda in a boys' home?

No way!

No, they ain't putting me in a boys' home!

Oh, hell, Ponyboy, they don't do that to heroes.

Where is Soda and Super-Dope, anyhow?

Whoa! Morning! Shut the door!

The what?

All brawn and no brains.

Darry, have you seen my DX shirt?

You gotta wear pants, too, buddy. I think there's a law about that.

How about my jeans? I ironed 'em. They're in my closet.

Darry... Hurry up! You're gonna be late.

Darry, did you... did you hear about that juvenile court thing?

Yeah, the cops told me last night.

Hey, after we stomp the Socs real good, me and Steve are gonna throw a party and everyone's gonna get ripped!

Where you gonna get the dough? I'll think of something.

Hey, Two-Bit, Mickey's on TV.

Pony? Pony?

You know, I hate to leave you here by yourself.

Maybe I ought to take the day off.

I'll be OK. I've stayed by myself plenty of times.

Besides, we can't afford it.

Yeah, but I really ought to stay. Don't worry. I'll baby-sit him.

Hey, why don't you get a job? Ever think of getting a job, Two-Bit?

Hey, Soda, come on! We gotta get to work!

I gotta quit smoking, or I won't make track next year.

Hey, y'all, do up the dishes.

I'm gonna cut off your hair. Lay off!

Yeah, Two-Bit, lay off. He ain't looking so good.

Lazy bum!


You smoke more than a pack today, and I'll skin you. You understand?


If you carry more than one bundle of roofing at a time today, me and Soda here will skin you, understand?

Hey, say hi to Johnny. All right.

See you later, Pony. OK.

We gotta clean up the house.

The cops and reporters are gonna come by.

And besides it's time for the people from the state to check on us.

Shoot, this house ain't messy. You ought to see my house.

I have, and if you had the sense of a billy goat, you'd clean your house up, instead of bumming around ours.

Shoot, kid! If I ever did that, my mum would die of shock.

You know what it takes, you got it, baby...

I would drive, but the brakes went out on my car.

Almost killed me and Kathy the other night.

You ought to meet her brother. Now, there's a hood.

Boy, he's so greasy, he glides when he walks.

He goes to the barber shop for an oil change, not a haircut!

About my troubles, troubles, troubles

When it rains, it really pours...

Stay close. What do they want?

I don't know. How many guys were in the car?

There were five. Come on. Let's hurry up inside.

Let's see what they want.

Why do you want to see what they want?

Just stay here.

No jabs before the rumble. You know the rules, ape face.

We know. I wanna talk to you.

Go ahead. I'll keep my eye on him. Come on.

Speaking of the rumble, pal...

I read about you in the paper. How come?

I don't know. I felt like playing the superhero.

I wouldn't have. You wouldn't have what?

I would have let those kids burn to death.

You might not have. You might have done the same thing.

I don't know.

I just don't know anything any more, I guess.

I never would have believed a Greaser could pull something like that.

A Greaser didn't have nothing to do with it.

Check out their pants!

Do you wanna talk inside?

Are you boys waiting for a flood?

I hear they stamp your face into gorilla cookies.

You're funny! Oh, yeah?

I couldn't tell this to anyone else.

My friends, they'd think I was off my rocker.

That friend of yours, the one that got burned, he might die.


And tonight, people will get hurt at the rumble. Maybe killed, right?

You can't win. You know that, don't you?

It doesn't matter if you whip us, you'll still be where you were before - at the bottom.

We'll still be the lucky ones at the top with all the breaks.

It doesn't matter.

The Greasers will still be Greasers, and the Socs will still be Socs.

It doesn't matter.

Anyway, thanks, Greaser.

Hey, I didn't mean that. I meant, thanks, kid.

It's been nice talking to you, Randy. My name's Ponyboy.

You're real funny, Two-Bit! Come on, Let's go.

Now get the hell out of here. See you at the rumble.

We're gonna kick some ass tonight.

So what did Mr. Super Soc have to say?

He ain't a Soc.

Just a guy that wanted to talk, that's all.

Take care. See you later. Take it easy.

Take it easy!

Well, I wanna see this doctor!

Nurse, Nurse, it's all right. You can go in, boys.

He's been asking for you. It can't hurt.

The doctor said you can go in. There's the room.

Hey, Johnny. Hey, y'all.

How are they treating you, kid?

Loo, got your picture in the paper here for... being a hero.

Look at that.

Yeah, that's tough enough, huh?

Guess you can look at it later.

Do you want anything?

A book, man.

Can y'all get me another one?

I think he wants a copy of "Gone With The Wind", so I can read it to him.

Would you mind going downstairs and getting one?

They got a gift shop downstairs. I'll go get it.


I guess Dal's gonna be OK.

Me and Darry, we're getting along real good now.

Johnny, are you OK?

Oh, yeah. It just hurts sometimes.

Usually, it don't, cos I can't feel anything below the middle of my back.

Pretty bad off, ain't I, Ponyboy?

No. You're gonna be all right, kid.

You gotta be.

Couldn't get along without you.

I won't be able to walk again. Huh?

Not even on crutches. Doc says I busted my back.

You're gonna be fine.

I know you are.

You wanna know something, Ponyboy?

I used to talk about killing myself all the time.

Man, I don't wanna die now.

It ain't long enough. 16 years ain't gonna be long enough.

Hell, I wouldn't have minded so much, if there wasn't so much stuff I ain't done yet.

So many, so many damn things I ain't seen or nothing.

That time we were up in Windrixville...

Was the only time I've ever been away from our neighbourhood.

Knock it off.

If you get too juiced up, the doc won't let us see you no more.

Johnny, your mother's here to see you.

I don't wanna see her.

It's your mother. She's here to see you.

I said I don't wanna see her.

She probably just wants to tell me how much trouble I'm causing.

Why don't you tell her to leave me al...

What's the matter? You can't see him now.

Pony, is he OK? I don't know.

He's all right.

Make sure he gets this, all right? OK.

I've got a right to see him! He's my son!

He'd rather see these no-good punks than his own mother! You scum!

No wonder he hates your guts!

You don't even care about him, you damn drunk!

You go straight to hell! You go right to hell!

You just... Come on!

What's happened to your gown? I threw it away.

Get out! Just get out! You make my stomach sick!

How are you doing? How are you doing, man?

Swiped you a gift, man.

It's good to see you guys, man. This place gives me the creeps.

I want out.

Tim Shepard dropped by.

Saw my picture in the paper and couldn't believe it didn't have "wanted dead or alive" written underneath it.

He started rubbing it in about the rumble, man.

I hate missing it.

You got a cigarette, Pone?


How is he? How's Johnny doing, man?

Look, Dal, I don't know about stuff like this, but... but he didn't look too good.

He passed out cold before we left.

You still got that knife on you?

What? The knife.

Give me it, will you?

Thank you.

You know, we gotta win that fight tonight.

We gotta get EVEN with those Socs!

Let's do it for Johnny, man. We'll do it for Johnny!

Are you OK, Pony?

Well, you feel kinda hot.

I'm OK.

Be a pal and don't tell Darry, OK, Two-Bit?

I'll take a bunch of aspirins when I get home.

All right.

Darry will kill me if he finds out you're sick, and you fight anyway.

Keep your trap shut, he won't find nothing out.

You know the only thing that keeps Darry from being a Soc is us?

Yeah, I know.

Come on, man.

Tonight... I don't like it one bit.

Something awful is gonna happen.

We're gonna stomp ass on those Socs tonight.

Everything's gonna be all right. Yeah.

Tough little kids, huh? Yeah. Future Greasers.



Hey, Two-Bit!

What's up with the big times?

No weapons.

They play your way. It's a fair deal.

Are you sure about that?

Well, Randy told me. He knows for sure.

Good deal. Thanks, Cherry.

Ponyboy, wait a minute.

Come here. I wanna talk to you.

How's Johnny doing?

Not so good. Would you come up and see him?

No, I couldn't. Why not?

I couldn't.

He killed Bob!

Maybe Bob asked for it.

I know he did.

But you didn't know his other side. He could be real sweet.

He wasn't just any boy.

Bob had something that made him different.

Made people follow him. Maybe better than the crowd. You know what I mean?

That's OK. I don't want you to go see him.

We don't need your damn charity!


I wasn't trying to give you charity!

I only wanted to help.

I liked you from the start.

The way we talked.

Wouldn't you try to help me if you thought you could?

Can you see the sunset from the southside very good?

Yeah, real good.

You can see it from the northside, too.

Thanks, Ponyboy. You dig OK.

See you around.

Soda, when did you start shaving? When I was 15.

When did, when did Darry? When he was 13.

Why? Figuring on growing a beard for the rumble?

Oh, you're funny!

Maybe I'll send you into the Reader's Digest.

They pay a lot of money for funny things.

Let's go, then. Forget it.

Come on. Come on, Soda. You like fights, huh, Soda?

Yeah, I like fights, man. You like fights, huh?

How come? It's a contest.

It's like a drag race, or a dance or something.

We're gonna beat them Socs' heads in, ain't we?

When I get into a fight, I wanna stomp! I like it, too.

Why do you like fights, Darry?

He likes to show off his muscles!

Hey, I'm gonna show 'em off on you, if you get any mouthier!

Hey, Pony...

I don't know if you ought to be in this rumble.

How come? I've always come through before, ain't I?

Yeah, but, you know, you was in shape before, and...

You know, you ain't looking so good. You're tensed up all the time.

Let him fight, man. Everyone's tensed up before a rumble.

It's skin against skin. He ain't gonna get hurt, is he?

Come on. I'll grab hold of little one.

We will need every man we can get, but... I don't know.

If it was with knives or chains, it'd be different.

I'll be OK.

All right, but you be careful, OK? I will be.

How come you never worry about him so much?

Man, that's one kid brother I ain't gotta worry about.

This kid can use his head. At least for one thing, to grow hair on!

Get out!

All right! Yeah! Go, go, go!

Come on, come on, come on! What do you think?

Come on! Come on!

You and Ponyboy, if the fuzz show, beat it out of there.

We'll get jailed, but you two will get the boys' home.

Know what I'm saying?

Ain't nobody gonna call the fuzz in this neighbourhood!


All the same, you two beat it out of there. Do you hear me?

Yeah, bro.

How are you doing, Tim?

Pretty good.

You and the quiet kid were the ones who killed the Soc, right?

Yeah. Good going, kid.

Curly always said you were a good kid.

Curly's in the reformatory for the next six months.

The odds are as even as we can get. You stay close to me, kid.

Hello, Darrel. Long time no see.

Hello, Paul.

What's up?

They used to buddy around together, play football.

I'll take you.

You know, a rumble ain't a rumble without me!



What are you guys doing?

Let's get out of here!

Ponyboy, are you OK?

Are you OK? Come on.


W-w-wait. Act sick. I'll pretend like I'm taking you to the hospital.

You've got to have a good reason for driving like that.

Uh, the kid fell off his motorcycle. I'm taking him to the hospital.

How bad is he? I don't know, man.

Do I look like a doctor? He looks pretty bad to me.

Follow me. All right.



I was crazy. You know that, kid?

I was crazy about wanting Johnny to stay out of trouble, man.

If he was smart like me, he wouldn't have been in this mess.

If he was smart like me, he wouldn't have ran in that church!

You better wise up, Pony, man. You just better wise up, man.

You get tough like me, and you don't get hurt!

Watch out for yourself, and nothing can touch you, man!


Hey, Johnny.

We beat the Socs, man.

We chased them right out of our neighbourhood.

Go on. It's useless.

Huh? Fighting ain't no good.

You know, they're still writing editorials about you in the papers, about you being a hero.

We're all proud of you, buddy. It's gonna be all right.




Stay gold, Ponyboy.

Stay gold.

Johnny, come on.

S-so, this is what you get, huh?

This is what you get for helping people?

You punk!

Come on, Johnny! Don't die!

Come on.

Come on, Johnny. Don't die on me now.



Hey, you, you're not allowed here.

I'm allowed anywhere I want.

You're out of your mind.

Why do you bother helping people? It doesn't do any good!

Well, it makes me look kinda... kinda tough.

What do you think, Soda? Do you think it makes me look tough?

I think it makes you look different.

That guy had sharp teeth.

What do you mean by "different"?

You got a hole in your mouth.

Hey, where you been?

Hey, Pony, what..? What's wrong?

Johnny's dead.

I told him about beating the Socs.

I don't know... He just died. Told me to "stay gold."

Hey, Pony.

Dally's gone.

He couldn't take it. He's gonna blow.

Do you wanna buy one of those, son?

You tear those up, you have to pay for 'em. Don't do that.

You know, you gotta pay for that magazine.

Oh, God. Don't shoot.

Give me the money. Give me the money!

I'm so sick of you punks.

Take it and get out of here!

Yeah? Hello, Darrel?

No, it's Steve. Dally?

Steve, I want to talk to Darry. Yeah, sure.

Hello? All right, Darry, listen.


I robbed a store. The cops are looking for me.

Can you meet me in the park? Sure, Dal. Are you all right?

Yeah. Johnny's dead. We know.


Meet me in the park, will you? Hang on. We'll be right there.

That was Dally. The cops are after him. We gotta hide him.

You're never gonna get me alive! Drop it!

It's not loaded! Don't! Stop!

It's not loaded!

No! No!

He's just a kid!

No! Pony?

You stupid idiot!

You stupid freak!

Johnny and Dallas both...

Soda? Yeah?

Is somebody sick? Yeah, somebody's sick.


He tried to drown me.

I could have made it simpler for the fight not to have happened in the first place.

Sure. Your name is Sherry? But your nickname is Cherry?


You know, to teach 'em a lesson.

Yes, there was an argument because my boyfriend showed up, and... well, he was upset that we were with the other boys.

They chased us and caught us.

It was Bob and I.

They threw me in the fountain and tried to drown me.

Just to go looking for 'em. Gonna beat up Johnny Cade.

You know, teach 'em a lesson.

I could have made it simpler for the fight not to have happened in the first place.

I could have made it simpler for the fight not to have happened in the first place.

Defendant not guilty.

At this time, I will place him in the custody of his older brother, Darrel.

This court is adjourned.

Hey, Ponyboy?

Oh, hi, Mr. Simms.

I gotta talk to you about your grade.

Yeah, I know I'm doing lousy.

Frankly, you're flunking.

But, I'll tell you what, taking into consideration the circumstances, you come up with a good semester theme, I'll pass you with a C.

Should it be some kind of research paper?

Personal experience will do it.

Great! My first trip to the zoo!

With your brains and grades, man, you could get a scholarship.

And we could put you through college. Isn't that right, Soda?

You live in a vacuum, Pony, and you're gonna have to cut it out.

There's no stop living, cos you lose somebody.

I thought you knew that.

You don't like the way I'm running things, you can get out, all right?

You'd like me to just get out! But it's not that easy, is it, Soda?

Goddamn, you guys! Leave me out of it!

What's wrong with you?

Run on! I'll be right behind you.


Goddamn it, Ponyboy.

You should have gone out for football instead of track.

Where you think you're going? I don't know, man!

Just, like, sometimes I have to get out.

It's like I'm a middleman in a tug-of-war between you guys.

I don't know. I can't take sides.


Darry could have put you in a boys' home.

Worked his way through college.

I'm telling you true, Pony.

You don't wanna be like me, anyway.

Cos I'm happy working in a gas station.

You'd never be happy doing something like that.


You guys stop yelling at him for every little thing that he does, man.

He feels things different than you.

It's bad enough having to listen to you.

But when you start trying to get me to take sides...

We're all we got left now.

If we don't have each other... you end up like Dallas.

And I don't mean dead either. I mean, how he was before.

So, please.

Don't fight any more.


Sure. Sure, little buddy. We ain't gonna fight no more.



Now, don't you start bawling, too, Pony.

One bawling baby in this family is enough.

I ain't crying.

Let's go home. I'm cold.

Ponyboy, I asked the nurse to give you this book, so you could finish it.

It was worth saving those kids. Their lives are worth more than mine.

They have more to live for.

Tell Dally I think it's worth it.

I'm gonna miss you guys.

I've been thinking about it, and that poem, that guy that wrote it.

He meant you're gold when you're a kid. Like green.

When you're a kid everything's new.


Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony. That's gold.

Keep it that way. It's a good way to be.

I want you to ask Dally to look at one.

I don't think he's ever seen a sunset.

There's still lots of good in the world.

Tell Dally. I don't think he knows.

Your buddy, Johnny.

When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind.

Paul Newman and a ride home.

Seize upon that moment long ago

One breath away and there you will be So young and carefree Again you will see That place in time So gold Still away into that way back when

You thought that all would last for ever But like the weather Nothing can ever and be in time Stay gold But can it be when we can see So vividly a memory And "yes" you say So must the day too fade away And leave a ray of sun So gold

Life is but a twinkling of an eye

Yet filled with sorrow and compassion Though not imagined All things that happen Will age too old Though gold Gold, gold, though gold