The Pack (2015) Script

Hey! Look alive!

Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.






Jesus Christ!


Come on, buddy.

You're a very good boy!

Get down!



I got ya. I got ya.

Heart rate's a little high, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Temperature seems fine. No sign of infection.

So, what's wrong with him?

Stress maybe. Although, it's the third one this week.

Why don't you pop him back in the kennel.

I'll finish up here and then we'll get dinner started.

Come on, boy.

Don't forget.


Hey, Mister, you want to wear the stethoscope, it comes with responsibility.

Yeah, I know.


In you go.

See you later, buddy.

Stupid cat.

Come on, boy.

Good afternoon. In breaking news...

An elderly couple was found dead in the barn on their property, in what appears to have been a vicious mauling by possibly a pack of wild dogs.

We'll give you further updates as they come to hand.

In other news, political leaders continue to...

That is hilarious.

Well, yeah, I've talked to them, like, ten times... they're just being so unreasonable.

It's Mom. Just being weird.

I don't know. Anyway... What are you guys doing tonight?

Yeah, it sounds like fun.

Well, hopefully I'll be there tonight.

Sophie Wilson!

That is hilarious...

Sophie, get down here right now, please.

I don't know, it's just my mom. In five, she'll go away.





What is your problem? I told you about long-distance calls.

If you can pay for them, you can make as many as you like.

That's not fair. I never said life was fair.

Well, maybe if we lived somewhere with mobile phone signal...

I could have a phone of my own, and I wouldn't need to use yours.

Well, maybe if you help out around here, we could work something out.

What you're doing to me? It's called solitary confinement.

I'm almost 18. Almost.

And I would've taken the job with the grocery store...

In which case, I would be able to pay for my own phone calls... but neither you or dad would have lent me the car to get there.

You know your father needs the truck. There's plenty for you to do around here.

I don't want to help out around here. I shouldn't even be living here anymore.

I know we talked about you moving.

You promised me that as soon as school had finished, I could move to the city.

Yes. But... Why, am I the only one still living... in freaking woop woop...

This is fucked. Hey, watch your mouth.

Your father and I are working real damn hard... to keep this roof over our heads and food on the table.

You know, as well as I do, that hasn't been easy for any of us.

Then, maybe Dad should've taken the offer on this stupid farm...

So we could've rejoined civilization. Yes, maybe he should have.



The man's back.


Anyone home?

Can you take your brother back to the house and wait for me inside, please?

Move it.


Adam, was there anything in the traps?

Adam, I need you back here now.

Yes, we snared something, but it escaped.

I think we've already been over this.

This is really not a good time.

Just a little milk?

We have to move?

I hope so.

My wife and I... But I do not wanna leave.

That's because you never gone further than the liquor store.

I'm only ten.

The last thing we need right now...

September, overdue payment...

Twenty weeks in arrears.


November, December, January...

Eventually, covered all that stuff.

Every single one of those payments was paid in full.

Overdue is still overdue.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson... my employer... is refusing to extend the noose you've left dangling over this property.

And given that we've tried to remove it... several times in the past, our only option now... is to cut the rope before it strangles us both.

I'm sorry, I don't follow. Foreclosure.


They can't, sweetheart. They can.

We can.

You see, your income source has waned drastically over the past six months.

To levels that might as well be nonexistent.

It's not in the better interest of our financial lenders to risk continuing the mortgage on your property.

You know, we got a situation here.

The last six months we've lost hundreds of prime livestock.

Every week we find more and more of them lying out there with their bloody throats ripped out.

These are exceptional circumstances...

There's gotta be compassionate ground, something you can work with.

We have dual incomes now, on the advice of your employer, I might add.

We just need a little more time.


How much do you charge for a general appointment at your...

"Pet Clinic and Animal Hotel"?

Well, it depends on the procedure.

It's quite expensive... An average figure.

100 dollars. 100 dollars?

Hmm. Now, let me see... your current overdue repayments... divided by 100 dollars equals...


Are you telling me that in a rural area such as this... you know of 194 sick animals that are gonna be coming to visit your little pet clinic every month?

I'm not here to insult your intelligence.

Then, why are you here?

I'm here to offer you both one last chance to wipe the slate clean.

Not in a pink fit.

What does that mean?

We rather this doesn't play out in front of the legal system.

Okay... How much?

Two... hundred...


It's even less than the last offer.

And what if we refuse?

Then, we'll see no option but to drag it through the courts.

It's a long and tedious process... but you and your family will be served an eviction notice.

And you'll be forced to vacate the property within the next 48 hours.

This land and all your assets on it will be sold at auction to the highest bidder.

The sale total, minus various fees and charges.

Let's just say, all you'll be left with is the noose.

And if we take it?

Your family can relocate and start afresh.

With a little money in the bank.

A sea change, maybe.

Oh, we're not selling.

This conversation's over.

We should take it. Sophie, stay out of this.

I live here too, which means I have the right to an opinion.

You don't understand... So what, if I wanna leave?

All you care about is yourself and this stupid farm.

That's enough.

We'll take it. I don't believe we've met.

I said, that's enough!

You're out of line.

We'll talk about this later.

Perhaps it's best, I give you time to think it over.

You stay off my property. Understood?


It's okay, mate.

Everything's going to be okay.

I'm doing what's right.

For who?

We could lose everything.

We're never gonna lose this place.

I don't want to leave. We're not going anywhere, mate.

It's okay.

Head inside.

That's it, mom.

Good night. Good night, darling.


She really takes after her father, doesn't she?

Good one. Sophie, power down!

Can they cut our power? No, nah.

Bloody fuse boxes are older than I am.

That's old!

Thank you.

You're gonna get it.

No, you get the generator.

Hey, Henry. Company...

We've got a blackout, mate.

You gotta go help your mom.

Okay, I'll be in soon.

We did actually pay the power bill, right?

Thank you.

Calm down, tough guy.

Ollie, don't go too far off.

I'm not chasing after you.

Check the basement fuse box.

I'm gonna get the genny started. Okay!

Come on, Mister.

Why don't you do it? Hate it down there.

There's nothing to be afraid of. Besides, I need you to hold the light for me.

Come on.

Did you hear something?


Ah, your face! That's brilliant.

That was not funny.

Here we go.

Henry, the flashlight.

All right...


All right.

Sweets, I can't see anything if you're waving that light around.

I hope there are no killer spiders in here.

Spiders are the least of our problems.

There it is.

There we are.


Let's get out of here.



Come, boy.

Come, boy.

Well, did you run back? Stay back.


Take him back to Sophie's room. Close all the windows.

What's happening? Who's out there?

Just do it now.

Okay. Go! Go!

Doesn't anyone knock around here anymore?

Stay here. What?

And look after your brother. Why?

Just do it.

What's going on?


And put some clothes back on.

Where are all the bullets?

Adam, what's going on? Just wait.

Police-Emergency... This is Carla Wilson.

What's going on? Who's out there?

I live at Wilson Station, 1-1-9-4 High Vail Road.

There's someone trying to break into our house.

Are they on the premises now? Yes.

Yes, can you send someone out to our house, please?

Tell me exactly what's happening.

Ma'am? We... we have two children.

Just tell 'em to hurry up and get the hell out here.

Ma'am? Is anyone hurt?

Adam, the kids.

Dad! Mom! Mom!

Block this window!

Dad, something's broke through from outside!

The other one.

Dad! Dad, what's going on?





What the hell?

It's deep.

Dad, your arm! I'm fine.

Move your fingers for me.

Well, I don't think anything's broken, but... look away.

The phone's busted. But you got onto someone, right, Mom?

We can only hope.


Dad? Where's Ollie?

What the hell was that?

It wasn't exactly someone's pet. It was strong.

Took me down like a sledge hammer.

Domestic breeds, even wolves... they're usually more afraid of us than we are of them.

I've never even heard of an animal to behave that way.

Clean tea towels in the pantry.

A wild strain, they're all interbreeding...

Is dad gonna get rabies?

No, son.

It'd be rare for an animal with rabies to try and force its way through a glass window.

Yeah, or the front door.


Toughen up.

How many of them are out there?

Predators usually hunt in packs.

How many?

I don't know.

I want everyone to stay inside... Listen.

It stopped.

That means they're gone, right?

I doubt it.

Spare cartridges? Where are they?

In the clinic.

I moved them there yesterday. I had to...

They kept going missing.

This will hold for now, but you need surgery.

Adam, we can't stay here.

BK, this is Bravo 2-5... responding to a report of a 3-0-1...

Wilson Station.

This is Bravo 2-5. Do you receive?





We could've stopped them. Come on.

We could've stopped them.

We could've stopped them!


It could've been us out there.

All of us.

What are we gonna do?

There's four of us. We can fight 'em off.

And there's tools in the shed. We just have to go there together.

No, it's too dangerous.

I'm gonna make a run for the truck.

No. I have to.

Right now. While they're distracted.

When I give the signal...

I want you and the kids to run as fast as you can out that door...

Don't stop until you're in the back of the truck.

Let's go.

Okay, I'm here. Wait till I give the signal.


When I open this door... run.





Nobody move.

We need to go and help him. We can't.

What if he's hurt?

Stay here until I open this door.

Mom, there's room.


It's gonna be okay.

I want Dad.

Me, too.

We just have to be really quiet, okay?

Good boy.

Be quiet.


Adam, say something.

Carla, can you hear me?

Carla, can you hear me?








Carla, you guys all right? I'm inside.

We're fine.

Sophie? Henry?

Yeah, we're here.

It's good to hear your voices.

Are you hurt? Pretty badly. But I got strapped up.

I should be fine.

How much blood have you lost?

Adam, you need to talk to me.

Not much...

A little.

Can you move?

Yeah, but I'm no good to you if one of those things come after us.

Can we still drive the truck?


...are gone.

We can't stay here. They're getting in.

Get to the shed.

We'll be safe on the roof.

Cops will be sending another patrol car soon.

Just get the kids over here.

Don't look back.

I'll be right behind you.

Go. Run.



Think! Think! Think!

Is it that way? No, go, go.

Henry, come on. They're coming.


We need to go. Okay?

We have to be really quiet.

Sophie, wait. What?



Come on.

Henry, we need to go right now.


Come on. Hey, come on.


Come on, you bastards.

Come on.

Come on.

Quick, close it!

Come on.

Come on.


Come on.

Come on, you bastards!


Come on.

Come on.