The Panic in Needle Park (1971) Script

42nd street.

34th Street. Penn Station.


It hurt.

Did they treat you all right?

The place was dirty.

Well, sure, baby. It was a‒ It was a free scrape.

It was a favor. Can't expect Columbia Presbyterian.

No more favors.

Smoke a joint? I told you to smoke a joint.

He said it was illegal.

The chick is sick.

She's all right.

You gonna play with your brushes, or you gonna pay me?

How much? $50.

Come on! What are you talking about? You said you had it yesterday.

Well, yesterday was yesterday.

Today's today, right? Right.

I'm splitting.

Okay. Okay, $50. Okay. I know a guy. He owes me 100.

All right.

Is it any good?

I don't know. I don't use it.

What do you want me to tell you, Marco? It's from Tangiers? It's from Tangiers.

Okay, I'm gonna get my coat. Okay.

What's the matter? You all right?

What, are you cold?


Put this over you.

When I'm around, I'll pick it up sometime.

Okay, let's go. Okay.

I'll be back soon.

Marco! Who did that? She did.

Oh, yeah?

All right, how do you spell Reeves?


R-E-E-V-E-S. You a member of Blue Cross?

No, I'm not a member of the Blue Cross.

Member of any other medical plan? Jesus, I'm bleeding.

Look, I have to have this information for my records.

Three pads in 10 minutes.

Oh, can I help you?

Uh, no. I'm going over to 424. Yeah.

Oh, well, visiting hours happen to be over. Come back tomorrow, okay?

Aw, that's my sister. She's sick.

I just flew in from Jersey City. Well, tomorrow at 2:00.

2:00? Right. 2:00 to 5:00.



What are you doing here?

I come, uh, for my scarf.

Oh. Remember?


Um, how did you know I was here?

I know a guy down the hall in one of the rooms, and he told me.

Said there's this terrific-looking chick in room 424, so I thought I'd come and take a look.

You seen Marco?

Yeah, Marco.

He split.

He, uh‒ He had a gig somewhere.

Well, you know them artists. They're always splitting.

Hey, how'd you get in here?

I got my ways.

Um, what are you gonna do? Where you gonna go?

I'm gonna go home.


Where's home?

Fort Wayne.

Illinois. I did time there.

No, I-it's Indiana.

Indiana? Mm-hmm.

I did time there too, I think. Yeah. Indiana.

Did time all over.

Hey, uh, I lost your scarf.

Blew right off of my head. Terrible.

I tell you what. To make up for it, you can draw a picture of me.

I can? Sure.

You're a great artist. You!

I said visiting hours are over. That's right. You told me that.

Time to leave. I was just saying good-bye to my sister.

And there are no planes from Jersey City, either. Oh, there are.

There's a helicopter, lands on the Pan Am building.

Then a limousine takes you down. It's terrific.

You're a wonderful dancer. You know that?



Give my best to your old lady. Okay, I'll do it.

You're everywhere.

My scarf.

You know I been in KY twice? KY?

KY. Lexington. Oh.

Another thing. I've been in jail eight times.

Don't congratulate yourself on my time.

Oh! Ten times?

How's 12 times? I can't impress you.

I told my brother about you‒ my brother Hank. You did?

Yeah. He's gonna love you, man.

Only he better not love you too much 'cause I'll kick his ass.

You don't have to worry about money either. I got plenty of that.

Yeah? Yeah.

I got nothin', man.

Hey, we'll take a little trip. Want to take a trip? Mm-hmm.

Ever been to Philadelphia? No.

Neither have I.

What do you want to go to Philadelphia for? What?

You know, I never had an old lady around before. They tie you down.

You don't have to have one now. Don't say that.

I‒ He didn't like responsibility much.

Who? Marco.

You stuck on him or something? No.

Well, proves you ain't dumb.

Who's this? Me.

He the father of that kid?


Marco who.

I guess so.

That's some answer.

You really got a place?

Nah. Not a regular place. I got a lot of places.


Listen, you wanna do me a favor? Just keep walking. Go ahead.

Don't look back. I'll be right back. Just keep going.

Merry Christmas. What are you gonna do with it?

It's yours. Go ahead. I don't have a place for it. I don't even have a‒ Come on. Take it. How's it feel to steal something?

Twelve dollars.

This is UHF. You get everything on here.

You want Chicago, you get Chicago.

You get Turkey, I hear, on this thing.

Come on.

I'll give you $15, okay?

Esther, I'm a dope addict.

I heard that before. Give me something new.

I'm a sex-crazed dope fiend.

Come on. Here. I'll give you $20, huh? Twenty dollars!

I'm dying from the dope, Esther. And I'm dying from hunger.

Go already, will you, please?

Twenty-five dollars.

Twenty-three dollars.

Two dollars for the sandwiches.

How you feel? Mmm.

What was it like where you come from?

I mean, when you was a kid growing up.

It was all right.

I was born and went to school. Hmm. That's good.

I had a mother and a father and a little brother and a lawn.


I was always going to art classes, and my mother was always going to the doctor.

It was all right.

Why'd you leave, then?

Don't just go around leaving people for no reason.

I wouldn't.

Well, you shouldn't. It ain't right.

I won't.




How do you feel? Mmm.

You slept.

If you want to bad enough...

It's all right.

Don't worry about it.

It's too soon.

We can.

Go to sleep.


Oh. Good morning.

You're gonna kill yourself doing that.

I'm not hooked. I'm just chipping.

You know what the big thing at Marco's was?


Grass brownies.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

Where we going? Chico.

What's cooking? How you taking it, man?

Slow, baby, slow. Who's the chick?

Helen. Helen, this is Chico. Hi.

She feeding your arm? Aw, man.

Hey, Bobby. You got anything, man? No.

Sonny, this is Helen. Hotch has been around.

Oh, yeah? Piss on Hotch.

Why don't you eat your French fries?

Come on. You eat like a canary. That's probably why you're sick all the time.

See these things? Mm-hmm.

I've been living on these since I was 10.

That's why I look so good.

I suppose you eat health food.

I do not. Yeah?

How's a health food addict like Needle Park?

Here he is. Hey, Bobby, how are you? Good morning.

Mr. Sammy. This is Helen. Sammy.

How's your paranoia, eh? It's coming along.

Helen, how are you? ♪ Shabba-doo, shabba-doo, shabba-doo ♪ I'll just take one. I'm on a diet. Have a French fry.

I'm gonna go see this guy down at--

Terrific. Terrific.

Thanks. See you again. Hey, she's cute.

Give him my best, will ya?

I like it here. Yeah?

All your friends are here. You're here.

Some friends.

You know I've been beat by half the people out there? Half of them.

Hey, there's Hank. Hey! Hank!

Hey! Hank!

Dumb bastard's deaf. Wait a minute.

Oh! Where you going?

Watch this guy! He don't know where he's walking! Hey! Hank!


Why don't you go direct traffic?

Fucking Hotch. Who's Hotch?

He's a prick.

He's a narco.

This is my brother Hank. Hank, this is Helen.

She's an artist. Yeah?

What kind of artist? Bad paper?

Bad paper.

Where'd you meet her?

What is this, a party? Look who's here.

See Hotch? Yeah. You were right.

Say, uh, you still selling grass in the Village?

When I get a chance.

I bet the spades think you're a real bad man.

Hank's a burglar.

It's my business. It's what I do good.

Go ahead. Tell her how you never got caught. Ain't never got caught. Tell her.

Get out of here. Go ahead!

I'll tell her how you get caught. No. Not me.

Tell her. Go ahead, tell her.

Well, you see, uh, when I go into an apartment, I, uh, I jam the lock, stick some toothpicks in the keyhole and break them off.

That way, when people come back, I can hear them trying to get in, make it out the fire escape.

I copped a television yesterday. Yeah?

Yeah. What'd you get, 10 bucks?


Six hundred bucks last night alone.

Aw, terrific.

What's he going for there?

Little treat.

Why don't you get a decent meal?

Aw, Hank. Ten dollars.

I'm gonna keep this.

What a brother I got.



Miss Montez. Room 41.

Thank you.


Sonny said you were here. Yeah, I told him to tell you.

I was worried. I didn't know where you were. Oh, man. What a night.

What's that?

What's what? What we got here? Yeah.

Coffee, man. Yeah.

We saw them sitting outside a delicatessen. There's a cop.

Shit. Quick. Under here.


Poor cop, just sitting there all day, watching the germs go by.

Carrying coffee. Carrying coffee.

You want to go up? Two rings for up.

I don't know. I'm just nervous. What?

There he is. There he is.

Come on!

Did you get the stuff?

You're beautiful. Did you get the stuff?

Come on. Move your ass. Yeah.

Easy, man, easy. Instant. Hey!

This is Helen.

Listen, there's a Pic 'n' Pay grocery store on 74th Street. Get the number, all right?

Hey, man, I had to go up to 112th Street to score.

Some kid said he'd cop for me, but I didn't want to get beat. Nobody does, baby.

Nobody ever does. Hardly.

Bobby, get me some water, would you?

How much is it going for up there?

Seven bucks for a nickel bag, and it's shit. It certainly is.

Enjoy. Oh. Thanks.

Did you get the number?


You shouldn't have worried. I had to go uptown to score.

It's all right.

Is he okay?

He's just a little sick. Hey, Mickey, you all right?

He's all right. Mickey boosted a vet's office and shot himself full of worming medicine.

Hey, Mickey, how's the worms?

Here. Hold that for me.

Doing all right.

I took this guy for 48 cartons of cigarettes once.

I told him I'd leave him alone if he bought our stuff.

Hey, Penny, look what Daddy's got.

Yeah. Two cartons of instant.

No, man. I didn't boost any cat food from you.

What would I want with some kitty litter?

♪♪ All right, you want it or not, man?

All right. Okay, I'll be by then.

How do I know when? I'll get there when I get there.

All right, forget when.

You eaten yet? No.

Gonna hit the spot. Hey, Bobby, give me a soda, would you?


Here, Mr. Chico.

All right! Enjoy life.

Uh-huh. Try to. Light my fire.


Cookin'. Now I'm cookin'. Cook that some more.

Yeah. I got--

That's my girl in there.

It's a real panic, man.

It's worse than '68.

The dealers have all gone down to Florida and they're driving the prices up.

It's worse than '64 even.

I seen guys kicking their habit in the streets, puking in the alleyway.

It's an election year. That's why there's no shit.

What election? I don't know, man. Some election.

Next time you boost clothes, I want a size six. I don't like to wake up alone.

I don't want you to.

But it happens sometimes, you know.

Believe I'm gonna do it.

'Cause this panic's something else, man. It's-It's something else.

This guy was telling me that they burned...

10 tons of raw heroin in Turkey.

If I went away somewhere, would you come with me?

Where? I don't know.

Yeah, do it, baby. Do it. Yeah.


All right, getting‒ getting it in.

Yeah. We can go to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

No, I could get a job selling encyclopedias.

I want to make a good impression on your folks, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, the politicians are putting the heat on. Politicians.

And that's why we gotta pay $7.00 for a $3.00 bag.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Joe says it'll break tomorrow.

Tomorrow, man.

Well, if it don't float now, I tell you, man‒


You're not going anyplace without me.

Mmm. Okay?

You know what you are?

What am I?

You're my girl.


Hey. What?

You wanna be Miss Subways?

Oh, yes.

Yes? Yes.

I know a guy who could get you in. You don't have to ball him or anything.

Think I could get something at the hospital? Sure. You can get busted.

Can't get nothing nowhere.

Hey, there's Hotch.

Two weeks ago it was coming in like the morning milk.

I know someone who shot paregoric and shoe polish.

What? It's a high.

Hey, good night, Irene.

Hey, baby. What's happening?

Hey, baby. You holding anything? Shit.

They have more stuff in the house of detention than they do out here.

What kind of stuff? Smack, man.

All the butches be pushing. Looking pretty butch yourself.

Yeah, well, when you in the house, you play along.

Smack with a bombita. That's good.

Smack with anything is pretty good. Coke.

That's cool. What'd they get you for, Irene?


They sure did, Jim.

I walked up to this john on 72nd Street.

No problems with smack and coke, baby, none at all.

You ever try shooting glue?

You mean sniffing it. I mean shooting it.

John turns out to be a narco.

You know the best high of all is? What is it?

They busted me for robbery. Death.

Never mind that shit.

I said, "Man, I ain't no robber.

I'm a prostitute."

He told me it was on 75th Street and Broadway.

Wait over there. Wait over there.

Come on.

Sir. Hey, man. I need to use the phone.

It's out of order, man.


This really sucks!

I've been beat.

Come on, man. You beat me, huh? I'm sorry, man.

You took off on my bag? There wasn't enough to go around!

You bastard! Where's his money? Look at me straight!

The trash can on 71 st Street. There's some shit maybe.

I got it.

What are you doin'?

I can't.

I can't.

I c-- I can't. Hmm?


Not when I'm doing junk, man..

I can't.

All right?

When I'm straight, okay?


All right?



No, no, no. What do you mean, no? I want my key, man!

Not until you pay your rent.

You charge rent in this germ factory? You oughta pay me to stay here.

Can I get my things? Lady, you won't miss your things.

Whoa. Some clientele you got here. Regular resort for spade hookers.

They pay their rent. You're beautiful. You know that?

You're lovely.

Regular palace you got here, huh?



Chico got busted.

We can use his place. Paid up till the end of the week.

Okay. Okay.

I'm a germ. You should split.

You don't have to tell me when to go. I'll just leave.


I want you to do me a favor.

Go up to 119th Street for me.

I want you to score for me.

You could.

Yeah, I could, yeah.

You're not just asking me to score for you. You're asking something else.

What am I asking?

You're asking how much I'll do for you.

Yeah. So?

So... all right.



You looking for someone?

Freddy. Who?



Are you Freddy? Why?

He's got something for me. Oh, yeah? What?

Are you Freddy?


No. Wait, wait, wait. No.

No, no.

Hey, what's this? It's only $11.

That's all I've got. That's not enough.

But that's all I've got.

Maybe we can take it out in trade.

Goddamn garbage can!

Hey, what's up? What's the matter, man?

Put your hands against the wall. Get your feet out.

What's wrong with you cats? Bark my goddamn shin.

I'm clean, man. Find anything?

Yeah, found the whole store. That's not mine, man. That belong to somebody else.

Whose is this?

That's a lightweight bust. You cats don't want no lightweight bust. Turn around.

I've seen you around, Helen.

His name's Hotchner. Bobby knows him.

Bobby's got you scoring for him already, huh?

Come on. We'll give you a ride downtown.

I'm not going downtown. Come on. We'll give you a ride.

I don't know where Bobby is. Come on.

That's not mine, man. It belongs to somebody else.

Hey, Hotch.

Freddy says he doesn't want to give us Jocko. The dude is my friend, man!

You wanna get out, Freddy? Yeah, right here.

This is fine right here. Just pull over. I'll just-- Huh? Okay.

I'll just get out right here.

That'll be three years, Freddy.

What do you mean, three years, man?

Well, you're sittin' on a one-to-three.

We'll tell the judge how cooperative you've been, and, uh, that'll be good for three years.

Oh, man.

I'm up for welfare, man. That's gon' blow it for me.

So, set up Jocko.

You call him up, you make the buy. You know how the game is played.

Just have to cop from him once. You already done busted the dude once.

We don't mind busting people twice, Freddy.

Shit. Man, you cats must be out of your minds.

No, man, wait a minute. Wait a minute. The cat might not be home, man.

Wait a minute. You have a dime? I don't have a dime.

Bobby never told you about a panic, did he?

This time next month, he'll be ratting for a couple of bags.

Everybody rats.

One day you pick up a newspaper, you read a little story in there.

Maybe the feds pick up 220 pounds of shit at the docks.

Nobody reads about it.

But for the next six months, you got everybody kicking on the streets and ratting on each other.

That's one thing you gotta remember about a junkie‒ he'll always rat.


Come on, Bobby. Don't try to bullshit me.

Have pity, man. You got your habit back. He's only chipping.

I chip.

He uses.

Fifty bucks a day. Thirty.

That's two bills a week.

This is just the beginning of the panic.

Where's the money gonna come from, Bobby?


What are you gonna do?

Well, I'm not gonna do it with you.

Come on, man!

Give me a chance to get set, all right?

Hit the ball now!

Let's go! Let's go!


Where you throwing it? Here, let it bounce here.

You gotta bounce it here. Higher.

Wait for your pitch. Wait for your pitch.

Right? Oh, man!

Aw, man! What did I do, man?

Back off. You're lucky!

I was the Babe Ruth of West 81 st Street.

That's right. I hit that ball.

I hit the ball on the roof one time. I went up to get it, there was this crap game going on.

I won $79 before my next turn at bat.

Huh? I'm the greatest!

Hey, Helen, get it. Go ahead.

You got it.

When did that happen?

Banana cake.


Let's get married.

No? Why not?

Come on. Let's get married.


What are you gonna live on?

Whitey owes me 19 bucks.

Oh, there's a start!

If you're lucky, maybe you can cop two bags with that.

No, I'm quitting. Sure.

The responsibility.

You're not gonna quit.

You're gonna come in with me.

I got a nice little job lined up. No.

I-I'm gonna get a job.

That's good, but this is nice.

Something we can take with ease. I'm gonna get a job.

Sure. What are you gonna do? Portrait artist?


I'm sorry.

Darling, I wanted a jelly doughnut, not the chocolate.

You said two coffees and two chocolate‒ No. No, honey. You got it wrong.

I wanted a hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate. Hot.

Three black coffees. Three coffees.

Look at this.

What would you like? Cup of coffee and a sardine sandwich.

Cup of coffee and a sardine sandwich.

May I have the hot chocolate, please?

What? Hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate. Here you go.

You got that jelly doughnut? Just a minute.

You're not holding out on me, are you? Three tricks, that's all.

It's cold, baby.

Can we have a napkin, please? Get 'em yourself.

I can work at Pic 'n' Pay.

All the groceries I can steal.

I'm gonna work for Hank. I don't want you taking shit from nobody.

Come on, baby.

I just--

Hey, Bobby. Wedding present.


One's for her. A couple of toasters.

That's your problem. Bobby, tonight.

About tonight, once more. Tell me. What do we do?

Hank, again? Again.

I let you in. You let me in.

Right. You bring up the stuff. I bring up the stuff.

Right. I back in the truck, load it up, and off we go.

Off we go.

12:00. 12:00.

Have you seen Bobby? No, he ain't been‒ He wasn't here? Not tonight.

Irene, you seen Bobby?

Bobby? How the fuck should I know where Bobby is?

He was gonna meet Hank at midnight. It's only half past.

Jesus, he said he'd be here.

Bobby's gonna be late for his own wedding.

You sure he hasn't been here? You still on that?

I just heard Bobby's OD'd. He took a hot shot of junk. What do you mean?

Get him out of here!

He's dying. Get him on his feet.

Oh, he's not gonna die!

He's not dying here. You hear me? Get him out of here. That's all I care about.

Get some towels. I only got one towel!

Just do it! Come on.

Comes up here all the time. I don't need him!

Just keep him walking. Come on, man!

Come on. Jesus!

What did he take? Is he gonna be all right? Get him over here.

Come on, man. Come on. Come on.

Where's the towel? Come on.

Hold him up.

Here's your towel. Give me the towel.

He better not die, that's all. 'Cause I don't want no death in here.

He ain't dying in here, you hear me? Shut up!

Come on!

Will you shut that kid up? What am I supposed to do? It's the maid's night out.

Can you see? Come on. Huh? Huh? All right.

Would you do it someplace else? Shut up!

Hey! Come on.

Come on. Come on!

Come on. I got business here. Aw, shut up!

Don't tell me to shut up. It's my place, isn't it?

He's gotta puke. He's not puking on my floor.

We don't want to mess up your establishment. I don't want him smelling up this place!

I got business here!

Come on. Can't you just take him in the hall?

If he dies, Marcie, you can lay him out with the baby and the three of youse can turn the trick together.

I didn't ask him to visit! I really need this, don't I?

Listen, he can't stay here. Please. I got a trick coming.

He's sick. Sick my ass! It's a $40 pop.

I didn't ask him to get off in here.

Helen, could you take care of the kid just till I get rid of the john?

What's he gonna say when he sees a kid here? Yeah. Yeah.

Maybe he'll offer to adopt youse both.

Oh, please. He's a regular.

Oh, Jesus. Come on. Come on, come on.

Come on.

Come on. Give me a walk. Come on.

What a trip. What a trip. I got him. Bring the baby.


Not in the sink.

Oh, baby.

Can't you keep him quiet? Hey, Marcie, have fun.

You tell Hank... never again.

I swear to God.

Last night, tonight. What difference does it make? So I fucked up.

That's the story of your life‒ fucking up.

What do I got to do, carry you every place to make sure you get there?

Is that what a brother's for?

What do you think, it's some kind of "he's not heavy, he's my brother" crap?

Let me tell you something, man. You are heavy.

I was hustling a hot truck all last night waiting for you.

So we'll get another one tonight. So I get another one tonight.

All right. You just be there.


Bring the stuff up to here. I'll go around and get the truck.

Now, look, man. Don't fuck up.

Don't open the door until I knock, okay?



I'm clean!

You're gonna be clean when you get on the outside.

Yeah, baby. Nothin' to do with‒ They let you out, huh?

Man, when I get out, my first shot--

You're never getting out. Those cats out there are shooting castor oil.

The dealers have all split. You know Santo, the guy who runs the West Side?

Santo? Ever hear of Santo?

We don't know him here. What's his name again? San-what?

Santa Claus?

You listen to me! That's the truth.

Santo's looking for someone to take over the West Side, just till the heat's off.

Just till the heat's off. You gonna take it over, baby?

The next thing I know, there's a big shipment in... and Santo is in charge of it all, and they need somebody to come in with them.

So everybody is wondering... and talking about who it's gonna be.

So guess who it's gonna be.

Well, who?


Santo wants you?

Why not? Anybody.

And why not me? It's dangerous.

Santo's not gonna give you the stuff on credit.

You need money. So I'll get the money.

Yeah. No more penny ante shit with Hank, I'll tell you that.

Listen, I was thinking maybe, uh... when you get out, we could go to the country and live.

The country?

Sure. And eat nuts?

I don't know, man.

I'm letting Hank work for me.

Hank wanted to come today. Yeah, well, fuck him.

If it wasn't for him and his big-deal fucking caper, I'd be on the street now, married.

He got back and saw the cop. There was nothing he could do.

He could get me out of here. He's trying.

His lawyer's working on it.

Meanwhile, I'm playing with myself.

I-It's bad outside. Yeah?

There's nothing.

Narcs aren't even busting anyone, there's so little around.

I think about you all the time.


When you're clean, that's all you can think about.

I can't stop myself.

I think about that first time we made it together.

I can let it go for two hours just thinking about that one time.

I go to the chaplain. I tell him I've got dirty thoughts.

You go to the chaplain?

I know. It's a change. It breaks the routine.

You make me laugh.

You know what you make me?

Do you want to know what you really make me?

Listen, uh, I gotta go.

No, don't go. Don't go.

I'm gonna have all the stuff in Needle Park.

I never wanted anything but you.

I want you so bad.

Hey, Bobby.

Oh! Look who's here.

Did you have a nice stay? It was wonderful.

Only I missed you.

Were you expecting Helen?

That's none of your business.

She's shooting $80 a day.

Oh, yeah?

Where's she getting it?

Where do you think?


You whore!

You've been peddling your ass all over the West Side.

You don't understand, Bobby! Don't give me that shit!

You've been shooting it, and you've been selling it! Huh?

I was gonna marry you! I was gonna marry a whore!

You know that? I was gonna marry a whore! You're a whore!

Open the door!

Open the door, Helen, or I'll break it down.

Open the door!

Helen, open the door, or I'll break it down.


Son of a...

Look at this shit!


Come on, open the door.

I won't hit you, Helen.

Come on, open the door.

Helen, I won't hit you.



Don't hit me. No, I won't.

I can't stand anybody hitting me.

Why didn't you come to me, Helen?

I could have helped you.

You were gone.

You could have gone to Hank.

I did. I balled him.

Why did you tell me that?

Oh. I'd rather hook than ball Hank.

You shouldn't have told me that.

Why did you tell me that?


Okay, you once said that you wanted to go to the country, right?

Well, I don't know how, but maybe we could‒ we could go there.

No more games.

It was a game.

It was a game, all right.

Yeah, no games.

No games. No games.

So that's it, Helen. It's all set. I'm the supplier.

Helen, I'm the supplier, man.

We're gonna have stuff coming out of our ears.

Man, I tell ya, I just sat in that car, and I talked and I talked.

I said, don't blow this one, man.

Where you going? Baby, we don't have any money.

What are you talking about? We're gonna have thousands and thousands of dollars.

Not in time to get either one of us straight today.

I don't want you to do that.

Just until you score.

It doesn't mean anything.

I want to, uh, speak to him.


They move in, he gets the ball, passes it, moves around‒ Ooh! Here you go!

We win.

Is that all there is?

No, man, I got more. Don't worry.

Is Santo gonna give you another piece? Yeah.


I've got some stashed, Helen, just in case.

In case of what?

What's the matter with you, man? In case I get busted.

I'm gonna need this stuff to raise money for a lawyer.

I gotta tell you that?

Silence, Hank.

Would you like to ball him?


I think I'm gonna go.

I got business.


You! You boosted it!

Bobby, I didn't know where it was. I had a whole stash!

You could have told‒ I told you!

You could've told Chico or Hank you were playing the big businessman.

Santo won't give me another piece! I don't have any money!

Could we please talk about something else for a change?

I don't have any money!

You awake?

What are you crying for? Nothing.

Then cut it out. I don't like it.

You know, sometimes I think you don't want me to do anything.

You know that?

It hasn't made things any better, has it?

What do you mean, it hasn't?

You make all this money, but we still never have any. I got big, man.

You're doing it all for us, but we never see each other.

I mean... look at me.

Stop talking like my old lady, man.

Oh, God.

You by yourself?

You aren't gonna talk to me, huh?

You got it.

You're coming down, aren't you?

What's it like being a cop?

Well, we busted a guy the other day. Took about an hour to find the tracks.

He was shooting in his privates. You know what I mean?

Did that pretty much do it for you?

Hey, Helen.

Not now. Ten minutes.

I've got a trick.

We need the bread.

Why here, man? Ten minutes.

She puts me through these changes.

Go fuck yourself.

That's Samuels.


Yeah, Samuels.

How much money was involved, Mr. Samuels?

Seventy-five dollars. It was in my wallet.

She took it out when I was in the bathroom.

Why were you in the suspect's room? We went up to get a couple drinks.

There is no room service at the Martel.

Marty. Yeah?

What's the story?

The chick took him for 75 bucks, which we did find in her purse.

Let me have her.

She's been whoring all over the West Side.

I know, but I need her for something else.

She turns you on? It's a favor, Marty.

Okay. Then you handle the john. All right.

I was scared. Really scared.

You're a hooker. You get busted.

Anyway, I say that you're not busted till they put you in the tank.

What you got there was just paperwork.

What happened? Did they clean you out?

Hmm? Oh, no.

What are you doing, holding out on me?

You know how old I was the first time I got busted? Nine.

Stealing rubbers in a drugstore.

I told the cop they was for Hank.

You got a letter.

Who's it from?

My mother. Oh, yeah? Any bread?

What'd she write you, a book?

Oh, sh...

What's the matter?

Some friends of hers are coming. She wants me to see them.

So see them.

No, I don't-- No, see them.

No, I don't--

For bread.

Hey, what's happening? Hi.

You ready?



You look great, man. I do?


Would you get my coat?

Oh, where'd you get that ribbon?

You like it? Looks great. Terrific.

Listen, baby, don't push it, all right?

No. Let them come to you.

Okay. How do you feel?

Want me to go downstairs with you? Please.

All right, let's go.

A little bit longer, darling. Just shut up.

We're gonna be in Fort Lauderdale‒ Get out of here.

There's Bobby. Bobby!

Come here.

What's happening? If you're looking for Helen, she's using Marcie's.

Yeah, that's right.

She got all dressed up to go downtown. What's she doing at Marcie's place?

Oh, come off it.

She put on a hair ribbon to do that, right?

Don't he know?

Your first time?

No. Why, did it seem like it?


It was great.

Uh, listen, I, um‒ I gotta be out of here in eight minutes.

Oh. I have an appointment too.

Could you put this out? Sure.

Open this door, Helen!

Ten minutes. Let me in. Come on, for Christ's sake.

What now? You didn't go, right?

What's this?


That's my wife. I...

You've been having, uh, assignation with my wife?

Huh? I'm sorry.

I oughta kill you.

How'd you like it I balled your mother?

I-I'm sorry. You're sorry?

Listen, I didn't know. You didn't know?

Get out of here. Go ball your governess.

20, 40, 50, 60.

Come on, honey. Get away from here.

What are you grabbing?

It's been a long time.

Since what?

Since we laughed about anything.

Yeah, well‒ Well, Fun City, you know?

No more fighting.

I like this one. How much is he?

Fifty dollars. Fifty dollars?

It's little. It's not gonna eat that much.

Fifty dollars for that? Come on. Come on.

What is it, a male or female? What difference does it make?

Well, it was a male this morning. So was I.

Please? Oh, if you beg, of course.

There you are. Take care.

He's found a bone. Come on. Look at that dog.

Hey, Skip. No, this dog's not a Skip.

Come on, Rocky.

Sounds like a prizefighter.

Hey, are you a prizefighter, huh?

This what you want? Mmm.

No more hooking. We'll make out.

Coming down? Yeah.

Let's wait till we get Rocky home.

We'll wait. We'll wait.

How are you?

Everything's gonna be all right.

Yeah. A fresh start.

Maybe we ought to move.

Get an extra room for the dog.

Out of Needle Park.

That's where I live, Helen.

You know? We'll stay there.

Let's get off, man.

Wait. No.

I don't want you coming down when I'm up, all right?


The men's room. Come on.

Come on.

Come on, get him out.

No, Bobby. Get him out.

Come on. No, please.

Stay here. Stay with him.


Hey, where's Rocky? Where's the champ, huh?

What's the matter?

What happened, man?

What's the matter?

What happened?

You can stay here if you like.

I'm going to Mexico pretty soon.

You've been through some changes since I saw you.

And now you want to wipe all that out.

You could if you wanted to.

I gotta talk to you.


Where'd you go?


I figured that.

What, did you ball him?

You didn't?


I thought you'd never come back.

I couldn't stay.

That's my wake-up.

You stole my wake-up. Bobby, I needed it.

I take you back, and you steal my wake-up?

I was gonna score for you. You're supposed to love me.

I love you. I was gonna go out and score for you.

Give it to me!

I love you. If you love me, give it to me!

You fuck!

Jesus! Now neither of us has any!

What seems to be the trouble?

Well, I have a kidney stone.

I was gonna get an operation, but I didn't want to leave the kids alone.

Mm-hmm. What about your husband? Couldn't he help?

We're divorced. He's living in Pittsburgh.

He's got a new wife, and she doesn't like kids.

Don't you have a doctor of your own? He died.

His nurse told me, uh, that I needed a prescription for the medicine.

That's why I came here.

For a kidney stone? It hurts.

Mrs. Rogers, are you an addict?


Mrs. Rogers?


I need something.


I can't give you a prescription.


Now, don't hit me again. No.

Please? No. Thank you.

Did you have to trick him?

I've been tricking a doctor for three weeks just to get some.

He don't give me money, just pills.

Took four.

Gonna sell the rest.

Pushing pills.

Bobby's playing king of the mountain, and you're pushing pills to kids.

You ever been in a house of detention, Helen?

Heard about it? Seen it?

It's like a zoo.

Those diesels, when they see a cute chick like you, they're not gonna screw around.

They're gonna take your brains out, scramble 'em and have you for breakfast.

You having fun?

I think I'm going to do you a little favor, Helen.

I got a friend who works in the DA's office. Think I'm gonna have this fixed for you.


That didn't take long, did it? But that's only a pretrial.

You still got a hearing next month.

You sure do know the right people.

No, you do.

I want Santo.

I've never even seen him.

Can't help you. Then you're gonna have to give me Bobby.


How did you like it in there last night, Helen?

I won't.

You're sitting on a one-to-three.

That's a long time without any shit.

You give me Bobby, and you'll go free.

Bobby knows what the game is. He won't do more than six months.

He'll give me Santo.


I'll give you Sammy, Sonny, anyone‒ You rat up, you don't rat down.

I can't.

I want Santo.

There isn't any stuff around. Bobby's not gonna see Santo.

There's a new shipment all over Harlem.

It'll be downtown.

That's the game that you're playing, Helen. I didn't make the rules.

You son of a bitch!

Seen Bobby? No, he ain't around.

It's all over, baby.

No more panic.

What happened?

Your old man, he's got an acre of it.

Straight out of Philadelphia, man.

Oh, man, three pieces.

Baby, we're in, man, we're in.

No more pushing pills, right?

Do you love me?

Hmm? I love you.

I got people working for me now, Helen.

I just sit there and count the bread.

Say you love me.

You know, Santo said... he's gonna give me as much as I can sell.

Huh? You dream about these things.

You want to?

I... really want to.

All right, baby, all right.

It's okay. Here.

I haven't heard from you, Helen.

Leave me alone, Hotch.

You got a case coming up in two weeks.

I can't do it.

You better think about it.

Baby, baby.

You're taking too much. You know that?

We got plenty. You don't have to take it all at once.

What's the matter?


You worried about your old lady?

Is that it?

If you're worried about her, why don't you call her?

Maybe tomorrow.

I love you.

That's wonderful.

That's terrific.


You want to ball me?

It's not gonna be that easy, Helen.

I want Bobby.

Get out of here.

You've got a week.

What day is it?


You got a big appointment or something?

Helen, I gotta go out for a couple of hours.

Why don't you put some clothes on before Hank comes.

Don't go. I gotta go. I got business.

Please don't go.

Baby, what do you want me to do? Crawl in here and die with you?

For Christ's sake! The past three days, all you're doing is lying here!

You don't get up, you don't get dressed!

I want you to shape up!

Goddamn it, I want you to shape up and get some clothes on!

You want to give it to Hank, go outside and do it!

Hold it, pal.


Cuff him.

Cunt! You cunt, you!

I was going to marry you! All right, get in!