The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill (2013) Script


CRISELDA: Okay, I'm just testing this night vision thing.

So maybe you can go up to the loft.

CRAIG: I am. Why do you think I've got my torch?

CRISELDA: Okay, get the... Get the purple suitcase

'cause that will fit both our stuff.

CRAIG: I can't hear a word you're saying.

It's actually better without the light, you know.

Not for me.

-Well, I know. -Whoa!

Are you, uh, ready for the next three days?

Right now, the image is me.

But what happens when the image is something else?

-Shut up. -What?

You're five steps away from me.

And then your face looks a bit stripy.

But what's that next to you?

-Shut up! -(LAUGHING)

Maybe we don't even have to go to a church to find ghosts.

Anywhere could be haunted. This house could be haunted.

Yeah, don't freak me out in my own house.

I have heard of Clophill Church.

The way I know it actually is the old St. Mary's Church in Bedfordshire.

WILLIAM: It's about 500 years old.

It stands on top of a hill, well above the village.

And that used to be the parish church for the area.

MARK K.: But then, of course, in the Victorian period, with new architects, new buildings and also population increases, they built a new St. Mary's Church towards the town center of that area.

And sadly, the old St. Mary's became redundant.

WILLIAM: Eventually, it just became a mortuary chapel.

They actually stopped using it as a church as such.

But then, somebody stole all the lead off the roof.

When the lead was gone, that's when all the weird stuff started happening.

And, you know, people started using it for alleged devil worshipping, black magic, that kind of thing.

RUTH: It also had the reputation of being somewhere where, on Halloween, you used to get groups of people doing some kind of rites and things like that up there.

Sometimes you drive past on Halloween, you see fires up there.

KEVIN: Well, Clophill wasn't a cult landmark in the 1960s and '70s.

As well as all the satanic stuff, it also had many sightings of apparitions in and around the churchyard.

MARK K.: Until the 1960s it was a rather nondescript place.

Since then it has been a breeding ground, if you like, for paranormal activists and paranoid individuals.

Okay. Hi, everyone. So here we go.

It's Friday morning, and the sun is shining at the moment.

And we're now just getting set to get in the car, and basically go off to meet the guys.

Um, but we are kind of running slightly late so I'm gonna go and find my wife now.

We need to hurry, though, 'cause we're running slightly late.

Okay, well, I'm done. I'm just putting these out for them.

CRAIG: We still gotta get everything in the car.

-Hey, hon. -CRISELDA: Yeah.

CRAIG: Maybe we should take this cross with us.

CRISELDA: Which one?

CRAIG: This big one on the wall.

Maybe give us a bit of protection. What do you reckon?

CRISELDA: Any advice you wanna give me and Dad?

Good luck and bring your rosary.

-I do have. I already have it in my bag. -(LAUGHS) Yeah.

CRISELDA: You think we'll be successful?

-What do you think? -Yeah.

Yeah, it's gonna be really good, all right? You be safe.

There are gonna be ghosts, Mummy.

-CRISELDA: Well, that's... -Real ghosts.

CRISELDA: That's what we're trying to find out, really.

But there's gonna be real ghosts.

-What do you think? -Real ghosts.

You think they'll come out?

Would you be scared if you see a ghost?

You won't?

Because when I go to bed, I see friendly ghosts beside my bed.

Do you? Do you still see them up to now?

I thought that's only when you were little.

-Witches. -What?

-Witches? -But they're nice.

You never told me about witches.

-They're nice. -They're nice?

But they're ghosts.

Any advice that you'd give me?

Ghosts that have big eyes might be friendly.

All right. Are they normally friendly when they've got big eyes?

My witches are.

All right.

But if they don't have big eyes, would they be friendly?

I don't know.

CRISELDA: All set to go.

-Have you locked the backdoor? -Yep.

Well, I got involved with this project.

Um, obviously I knew...

I knew Kevin and Mike, uh...

Producers of the film, for a while now.

They also knew that I'd had a previous experience myself with a ghost.

Which was interesting with someone like me, because I have never previously been someone who's been that kind of, you know, person to believe in that kind of stuff.

I'm not religious. I...

I've never... Never have been.

Never been christened from birth so...

You know, then I had an undeniable experience, that when you have it, you just can't deny, and Kevin knew this.

So he asked me to come along and be involved, you know, with that obviously as an experience I've had in the past to maybe give some insight into things that we might see up at Clophill.

KEVIN: I first heard about Clophill Church about 20 years ago.

All I knew back then was that it was a ruined church on top of a hill, had a history of witchcraft and allegedly had faced the wrong way towards Satan.

There's the legend of Sophia's ghost, all kinds of things.

A guy I knew from the local university at Bedford, who I'd known for years, contacted me.

He sent me a video of an investigation that he carried out for Clophill Church.

Basically, a group of them had spend the night there and set up cameras in different areas of the churchyard and inside the church.

And the night went without incident.

But then, the next day they were searching through the tapes, they noticed certain things on the tapes they couldn't explain.

Well, they were pretty creeped out by this.

So knowing that I was a local filmmaker, they thought it might be something I'd be interested in.

So they contacted me, and that was kind of the catalyst for the project.


-KEVIN: Hey! Morning. -Hello. Morning, Kev.

-KEVIN: Hey, Mike. -Hey, Kevin, my man, how's it going?

-Good to see you. -Good.

MICHAEL: It's very hot and...

-KEVIN: Really hot in my house. -Every time we shoot...

Every time we shoot a film, this happens.

-It's been too long. -Yes, it has.

KEVIN: Hey, Cris, how you doing?

CRISELDA ON PHONE: I'm good, thank you. Craig's just driving.

KEVIN: Yeah, if you park in the hotel car park, we're gonna be downstairs in the bar, just checking Mark and Mike out now.

KEVIN: Very patriotic shot with you guys with the Union Jack.

My name is Mark Jeavons.

I'm 29 and I'm a filmmaker from Wolverhampton.

MICHAEL: Do you believe in the paranormal?

Um, I don't believe per se because I've never...

I've never experienced or seen ghosts.

But, I'm... I've got a very open mind about paranormal and such subjects, and I'm totally open to, uh...

I think with so much evidence over the years, and so many stories, that there's definitely something to it.

CRISELDA: Are you filming me?

-KEVIN: I'm filming you filming me, yes. -Yeah.

KEVIN: We've got lots of cameras this weekend.

CRISELDA: When they mentioned about the project and said it's about paranormal activity, and, uh, the role is going to be a presenting role, also bearing in mind that Craig and I have had, you know, experiences with the paranormal before...

MICHAEL: And there's the man himself. Pull over. There he is.

Looking very serious as well.

KEVIN: There's only gonna be a small crew for the film.

And given the subject matter, they had to be people that Mike and I trusted.

We've worked with Craig and Cris before, and knowing that they shared a paranormal experience, thought they're ideal candidates for the project.

Rob was very cynical about the whole subject, but Mark, Mike and myself were much more open-minded.

So it was a good mix of opinions.

CRAIG: It's an amazing location.

MARK J.: Yeah? CRAIG: It really is.

You know, seeing photos of it is one thing, but just being there...

It... It's just so rare to find something like that.

Um, it's so kind of isolated.

Whoo! I can really feel that sun on my skin.

Scorching hot.

KEVIN: Well, I hope it's gonna be feeling spirits as well as the sun this weekend. (LAUGHS)


Hopefully, the spirits like the heat.

CRISELDA: Yeah. CRAIG: Okay, let's take a wander.

The church itself, there's always been rumors.

The rumor is that the vicar, he put the rumor around that there was a ghost in the church.

Because he made this rumor, everybody went out with their black magic, the whole lot.

And from that day to this, it's always had that stigma that it's haunted, black magic.

All sorts of things.

ALEX: I remember Reverend Barker as being a very congenial, nice person, but did like a drink.

The vicar... He was a vicar, and he used to take these bones round to the pub so he could get his beer free.

No, it was true.

-CRISELDA: Was it true? -Yeah, yeah, it was true, yes.

CRISELDA: Okay. KEVIN: What bones were they?

Human bones.

What had been dug up in the black magic at the church.

CRISELDA: Do you actually know who did this black magic up there?

-No. No. -No?

Or where they come from?

No, I didn't know nothing at all about them.

I used to come in the night and they were gone, you know.

CRAIG: Do you walk up there at night?


No. There's nobody up there to haunt you at night anyways.

Dead people don't hurt nobody.

CRAIG: Yeah, the people in Clophill were interesting.

A lot of them have lived there for a very long time, so you get the impression that they surely must know, you know, a lot of the stuff that's gone on there.

We got the impression that they weren't too happy to talk about it, whether it's to get people away from Clophill, to, sort of, get rid of the interest in the area or if it's something else.

If I lived in Clophill, I'd like its reputation to just disappear.

But the fact it is haunted, it's almost impossible to investigate.

I found it almost impossible to go up there without loads of people turning up.



They'd all turned up there to scare themselves.

Now, I'm sure that the locals aren't particularly happy with that.

Very, very quiet site.

And literally out in the middle of nowhere.

There are no houses around.

There's a farm in the distance, and there's Clophill itself down the bottom of the valley.

We are talking probably about a kilometer from the nearest habitations.

A very quiet site.

But it has a reputation, a very bad reputation.

Basically, it was the site of a black mass, people worshiping Satan, or worshiping evil.

CRISELDA: When we first got to the site, during the daytime, we were setting up and just looking around the area, really.

CRAIG: It was very peaceful, beautiful, in fact, scenery, looking around.

But we walked into the church itself.

CRISELDA: You know, just looking at the walls.

Loads of writings on the walls.

And at the corner we just saw this little...

-It's a stick. -CRISELDA: No, it is a leg.

CRISELDA: That is gross.

CRISELDA: No, it's bigger. CRAIG: Oh, God!

CRISELDA: It's bigger.

There were, like, big teeth.

-And we were, like, "Wow! -(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS)

"That's gross. What is it?

"Is it human teeth or is it animal teeth?"

'Cause it was hard to tell.

CRISELDA: Shit! Underneath the rock.

-KEVIN: What's that? -It's a horn.

At the back of the grass, against the wall, was this horn.

CRAIG: Hearing the stories from the past of all the black magic that's gone on up there, you know, these items are often linked to things like that.

It was very bizarre and very kind of unsettling for the beginning of the shoot, you know.

Paranormal or not, there's things that go on up there that people aren't aware of.

Yeah, someone's had a little fire up here.

This is precisely the area, I think, where the ritual that was found in '63 was.

It was in the middle of the church

-in the nave, which is where we are. -CRISELDA: Oh, yeah.

WILLIAM: In March, 1963, one of the graves of one of the people who were buried there, near the doorway, was dug up. Jenny Humberstone.

She was the wife of an apothecary.

And her grave had been dug up and they'd found her bones in a circle inside the nave of the church, her skull impaled on a spike and cockerel feathers placed in the circle.

DUNCAN: Yeah, back in 1963, March, Calvin Smith, my friend, and I, we took a bike ride from Luton to Clophill, and made our way up to St. Mary's Church, where I'm standing now.

When I first saw the church, I thought, "What a lovely old ruin."

You know, it was such a peaceful place.

There was tranquility about it.

And it wasn't till we found the skull and the bones that things changed, where it was a peaceful start to the day ended up in turmoil.

ALEX: The Jenny Humberstone grave.

Yes, the bones were taken from that, laid out in ceremonial order for a black mass.

When Calvin and I looked through the archway, the skull was on an iron spike.

And the bones were scattered around in a circle around the spike.

There were black magic symbols or crosses on the wall.

There'd been a fire.

I'm sure there must have been watchdogs to watch out for anybody approaching the church.

I picked the skull up, and Calvin, he picked the bones up.

And we was walking around with them after the initial shock of finding them.

And a couple came along and they sort of told us off, and they went away and informed the vicar.

When we went back down the lane, there was the vicar and some policemen.

And we was brought back up here and explained what happened.

They tried to blame Calvin and I for desecrating the tomb, but it took five policemen and the vicar to put the tomb cover back on.

So two little boys couldn't have done that.

ALEX: Well, there are other stories about Reverend Barker having a lot of bad luck.

And one of them was his daughter, who was run over in Shefford.

I don't think his mental state was very good after that or the black magic that happened here.

I think possibly the drinking was a crutch because of what had happened.

This thing did worry him so much that he eventually gave up the church because of the black magic.

SUNNY: We were here roughly 2006, 2007.

Uh, we came here towards midnight.

-Nobody else was around. -Yeah.

We came around this corner over here, and that's really as far as we got, where we seen a white figure over some tombstones.

The figure was there. We kind of looked at each other.

And when we turned back, the figure was a lot closer.

CRISELDA: What did this figure look like?

SUNNY: It was roughly 5 foot tall.

If you can imagine it pitch-black right now, and you seen a figure 5 foot tall, you can see, like, a head shape and the shoulders and everything else is just kind of going down.

And it looks like, you know, it's just standing there.

And it just took, like, you know, eight to 10 steps forward

-in a matter of seconds. -You know, literally seconds, yeah.

Yeah. It just looked like, you know, it was gonna come towards us, at that point.

I'm a bit of a coward so I didn't even bother looking where these guys were. I just... Straight down.

I didn't really wanna come here today.

But I'm here now, but...

-This is not a very nice place in my opinion. -Mmm-hmm.

-This is exactly the spot... -Yeah. This is... This is the area...

-...where we were standing. -...where you saw, right?

SUNNY: 'Cause it was all dark, you could just notice something white.


It wasn't there when we first took that corner.


It was when we got to that arch.

Then we looked forward and thought, "Hang on.

-"There's something a little bit dodgy there." -Yeah.

And when we sort of looked at each other and looked back, this thing was a lot closer.

Thing is, when you tell people about these things, they don't tend to believe you, do they?

When you've seen something like this for yourself, you tend to take it a lot more seriously.

-Yeah. -Which is why I'm here today, I suppose.

These are the kind of things you are expecting to do later on tonight then, are they?

CRISELDA: Well, we don't know what to expect, so we want to do a little investigation, -and see what we find out, really. -Yeah, yeah.

You know, if it's true or not or... It'd be good maybe.

I definitely think you should concentrate your cameras on this area.

-Yeah, you would, you would. -In this area?

This... This area here.

-Is it okay if we just move over there? -Yeah.

'Cause I don't feel too comfortable standing here.

No, sure, sure, sure. I understand.

Sunny... Actually, that's a really interesting story that Sunny told us.

And he was so scared.

He genuinely did not wanna go around the back of that church to the corner where he said he saw that white figure.

MARK K.: Usually, when you have group hysteria, it takes one person to trigger it and the others to believe they also experienced it.

But when you have two people who simultaneously experienced a shocking apparition coming that close to them in the space of a split second, and then feeling the need to flee and scarper, that can't be a group hallucination because it's too immediate for that.

KEVIN: So, Craig, do you want to tell us what we're up to tonight?

Yeah. Well, we're just kind of doing an initial scout out, really.

Just to get a general vibe of who comes up here and, you know, what happens over the course of the night, really.

CRISELDA: Don't go too far.


MAN 1: I don't think it's... (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY)




MAN 2: Oi, there's a huge light down there!



-(WHISPERING) You heard that, right? -KEVIN: Yeah, I heard it.


What's down that way, Kev?

KEVIN: Goes all the way down to Chicksands Wood, I think.

(WHISPERS) Whoa, whoa, Kev.

There is someone down here.

KEVIN: Are you sure? I can't see anything.

CRAIG: Yeah. I'm sure there was someone there.

Let's just go back. It's getting late now anyway.

CRAIG: Yeah, okay.

CRAIG: So...

Try to introduce where we are.

We're, um, currently at the bed and breakfast.

It's called House Beautiful.

And as you can see, it's beautiful. (LAUGHS)



CRAIG: Who's down here?


Uh... And it's Mike.

-Heya. Trying to kill mosquitoes. -How you doing?

Yeah, we've just been trying to get daddy longlegs. (LAUGHS)

Yeah, I've caught... I think I got that one.

CRAIG: Right. Well, we're gonna see you in the morning.

-All right, Craig, good night. -Good night.

-See you in the morning. -See you later.

Okay. Yeah.

So, here we are, day two.

I've got my rosary here.

So, are you scared... Are you scared of just simply being alone in the dark, or are you scared of things actually being there?

Both, really. I mean, I hate sort of, being outdoors in the dark without a light.

Anything that would maybe touch your leg, or even if it's just the wind, because of what the area is known for, you know.

Obviously, maybe your imagination might start playing up as well.

And, you know, I've got quite a vivid imagination, to say the least. (LAUGHS)

KEVIN: I've got Chaucer.

-CRAIG: It is Sophie. -Sophia.

CRAIG: "In loving memory of Sophia, "the beloved wife of Bennet Stimson."

Stim... Yeah, Stimson.

Uh... "Who died June 28, 1915, aged 70."

KEVIN: Good start.

CRAIG: Well, I mean, we'll obviously have a look around later and see if there are any other Sophies or Sophias, -just in... I mean, we don't know for sure... -Yeah, it could be.

-...that that's the one, but... -Could be.

That's quite interesting that it's just under this tree on its own.

KEVIN: Ooh, well...

Right on the top, Sophia, right across the...

WILLIAM: There has allegedly been a ghost that has been seen there.

A couple were visiting the church.

And they took a picture through one of the windows in the side of the nave, and they saw a misty-looking figure, a white figure standing in the window.

This figure was actually standing about a meter off the ground.

The locals have nicknamed it Sophie.

Sophie's ghost.

With this site, the things we'll be doing tonight are completely different to anything else we've done at this site before because we never really had a chance to investigate it.

KEVIN: Yeah, the second night, Bill and his team from the Luton Paranormal Society joined us for the investigation.

They experienced something unusual the last time they were up there, but had been disturbed by a load of teenagers.

So this time, with our security team in place, it was a good opportunity to work together, maybe test out a few experiments and see what we could find.

STEPHANIE: All so off.

ROB: Something "Sophia." STEPHANIE: "Samuel Stimson.

"Died November the 5th."

Have you got any paper?

ROB: There's another Sophia, isn't there?

Yeah, that's right. You could do a rubbing, couldn't you?

STEPHANIE: Well, that's one word, whatever that is.

"Above." "Above." "Wife of above."

-"Sophia, the wife of above." -"The wife of above."

Arthur and Samuel Stimson were likely to be brothers

'cause they're both on two separate gravestones, -and died at roughly the same time. -MICHAEL: Mmm-hmm.

But they've both got wives called Sophia.

Oh! So there's two of them.

-Two Sophias. -Mmm-hmm.

-(SOFT SQUEALING) -Would it take too long for you to power down your camera

-and power it back up again? -Why?

'Cause I've got this squealing that's going off.

It's like a sort of high-pitched sort of...

-All right. -Getting higher and higher in pitch.

It's off now.

-There's someone with a chainsaw... -There's... Yes.

No, it's not that. Flick it back on again.

Okay, all right.

That's not bad.

MICHAEL: Surely, you can get closer than that, Rob.

Andy, Bill and Steph were over this area, behind the church, over this side.

And Dee and myself were just talking and I saw someone behind Bill and Steph.

ANDREW: We were taking the EMF readings, 'cause we had some high EMF activity going on.

And that's when Sarah saw us and thought there was somebody else over there.

STEPHANIE: We didn't know that.

And I sensed something over where Andy had been so...

And then that was backed up with the EMF readings.

Well, we were about here at the time.

Um, probably near those bushes, -in between the bushes and the graves, wasn't it? -ANDREW: Yeah.

STEPHANIE: It was just there.

CRAIG: And this all led to obviously thinking about whether this place is actually haunted or not.

And to looking at the places where people had sighted or felt things going on.

And it all seemed to be outside of the church.

It turned out to be by these gravestones, which, prior to us finding them, no one seemed to be aware that they were even there.

KEVIN: Day two. Hang on. It's day two.

We're driving up to Clophill at night.

MICHAEL: We'll see the place in a minute.

KEVIN: Nice shot here of Cris driving. MARK J.: Is this video diary?

KEVIN: Yeah, absolutely. CRISELDA: It's a really bumpy road, isn't it?

KEVIN: Just coming up to the church now.

Nice clear sky. The stars are out.


MICHAEL: Yeah, looks like it could be a full moon. It's very bright.

It's good that Gerry's sorted himself out.

I'm gonna have the police to tell him where to go, though.

MARK J.: What, literally? MICHAEL: Yeah.


My name is Gerry McGovern. I work as a CPO.

Client Protection Officer in the security world.

Also, I do security for celebrities.

I do private filming location work.

I've done various bits of security in the 25 years that I've been doing it.

Married to Dana. We've got three children, two girls and a boy.

Basically, it was this call from my cousin.

Richard rang me and told me that he'd spoke to Michael Bartlett.

And our first night was out in Clophill.

KEVIN: We had security in place. We had to.

Because you get so many kids going up there, it just makes it impossible to carry out an investigation.

So Gerry and his team are positioned at all the entrances to the churchyard.

So, basically, nobody could get in or out.

KEVIN: So you're setting up your stills cameras there?

ANDREW: They're homemade DIY equipment.

Your camera, your DVD recorder.

You've also got a sound recorder on there for EVP.

Investigation tools, that sort of thing.

WILLIAM: Where do you start and where do you end?

You can take as much as you like or as little as you like.

I've known people who just take themselves.

Because they say that the best detective for a ghost is yourself.

You can see it, you can hear it, you can feel it.

I tend to take every single bit of electronic equipment you can imagine.

Um, night vision cameras, digital still cameras, sound recorders, um, EMF meters

'cause there is a theory that if a ghost manifests, the local magnetic fields change and you can detect that change.

And, hopefully, might give an idea that a ghost might be appearing.

STEPHANIE: If there's EMF, that will light up. KEVIN: Okay.

Another thing that we should mention

-is that you should get a feel for where you are. -Mmm-hmm.

Because there's a lot of psychological factors at work.

When you come to a place that's got a lot of mythology attached to it, you know, you got a full moon... got, you know, blah, blah, blah. -KEVIN: Yeah.

If it were raining, know, and thunder storms were up. -Yeah, yeah.

We got a large infrared source.

So he's looking in towards the bit which is supposed to be where Sophie's ghost is.

So I suggest we try and keep away from that area.

No, Sarah and I were just...

All right, everyone was having a break, and we walked around the corner.

And we saw the security man and we stopped dead because we could hear somebody moving around, or something moving around in the...

In the undergrowth, and so we got closer, couldn't see anything.

Took him right the way out to the road, investigated around there. Absolutely nobody.

No animals, nothing.

And all three of us heard it for about...

He said it was going on for about five minutes before Sarah and I said anything.

It sounds like someone heavy. It doesn't sound like it's an animal.

It's too... Too noisy.

It sounds like someone putting their foot down onto the...

Onto the leaves or something.

You know that crackling noise?

-This is where I'm hearing it. -This exact grave?

GERRY: I didn't know it was that grave.

But this is where I'm hearing the noise, from these bushes and this tree.

This is where it sounds like someone's walking around.

Let's spend two or three minutes.

So, why not see what happens?

We might send a camera person over.

Um... When we do the...

When we do any activity there, stuff happens on the outside.

-CRAIG: Yeah. It's a good idea. -(SNAPPING)


WILLIAM: All right. Well, let's keep our ears out for that again if it happens.

-Thanks, Gerry. Cheers. -No, no problem.

If a couple of you stand over that side, and a couple stand over this side...

The reason being is what's been seen has been walking down this way, heading in that direction.

So if anything comes through there and you, say, pick something up, if you do, let us know.

Don't just keep your mouth shut.

So if you feel something... Say you suddenly feel a cold shiver or a raging headache or anything like that, just say.

Because then we may feel something and you might feel it down there later, as if something's gone through.


It just got colder.

-Freezing cold hands. -WOMAN: Sorry.

-Oh, you're awfully warm. -I am.

Is there anybody here who would like to communicate with us?

If there are any spirits present with us now, who's willing to communicate with us, then we ask you now to give us some sort of sign.

On the floor you'll see a green light.

That's affected by magnetic fields. Try to move that light.

There's two sound recorders on the floor.

Try to say something into those if you can.

WOMAN: There's a figure been seen walking down this path.

Was that you? Can you come and tell us, who you were?

Can you come and walk through this circle?


-Got a rustling noise. -I know.

WILLIAM: Down there.

WILLIAM: There was a click down there. STEPHANIE: It was down there.

It was right behind...

WILLIAM: Just had a cold shiver.

STEPHANIE: Yeah, just felt a breeze.

Straight down my back. I'll just have a quick check around the back.

STEPHANIE: Is that Bill? WOMAN: Is that Bill still behind?

STEPHANIE: There was definite movement then.

I think...

I think I hear Bill coming.

Do you know where Bill is?

KEVIN: Bill's down there. WOMAN: Yeah.

No way. I heard that.

WOMAN: Did you hear that? STEPHANIE: Did you hear that?

I did, yes.

STEPHANIE: Listen, listen.


ROB: That is creepy.

That was definitely footsteps.

STEPHANIE: Hello? ANDREW: Somebody going to have a look?

WOMAN 1: Yeah. WOMAN 2: Craig's gone to look.

KEVIN: There it is.



-Fuck! -MICHAEL: What?

KEVIN: Oh, my God. MICHAEL: What's up?

KEVIN: I just... I was walking in towards the other, um...

Sophia's grave, just to kind of point the camera...

MICHAEL: I don't know if that was a trick of my eyes or not. It may well have been.

-KEVIN: Did you see something? -I just saw something go (WHOOSES) past me, but I'm pretty sure it was a trick of the light.

KEVIN: I was just stepping in towards that stone.

I was kind of halfway in and...

I mean, it could have just been something in the tree above me, but something just cracked, as I stepped in as if... As if, you know, I was walking towards something I shouldn't.

What we're about to use now is a thing called the ghost box.

All the ghost box is, is a modified radio, and what it's been modified is so that when you press the scan button, normally the scan, it just goes through frequencies and locks on to a frequency and stops.

This actually continuously scans.

What you do is you ask it questions and every now and again you get an answer, which is just...

It's taking snippets from all the different channels and you just occasionally hear an answer which corresponds to the question you asked.

And it's remarkable how often that occurs.

In some respects, this works the same way as doing Ouija and things like that.

-It's a case of calling out and looking for a response. -MICHAEL: Yeah.


Is there anybody here you would like to give a message to?

If so, please tell us that person's name.



KEVIN: What did he say?

WOMAN: I thought it said, "Stimson."

Stimson. Stimson.

What was your first name?



KEVIN: Sophia.

I thought I heard use of the word.

MARK J.: Use of the word. WOMAN: Yeah, use of the word.

I heard Sophia. Yeah.

"Change place."

Yeah? Okay.

WILLIAM: Go on, do as it says. Change place.

Were you the dark shadow that Sarah saw in the northeast corner of the churchyard?

-Yes. -Yes.

Do you have anyone with you that wants to communicate with someone here?

If so, please say their name.


WILLIAM: Said, "him," to me.

Did you say Gerry?


-MICHAEL: Yeah. -Yeah, Gerry.

WILLIAM: Gerry is here with us now.

Do you have a message for Gerry?

If so, let us know what that message is.

-WILLIAM: "It's him." -Do you have a message for me?

That's me.

Did you just say Craig?

STEPHANIE: "Of course."

Did you want to talk to me?

Do you have a clear message for me?

CRAIG: Oh look, the EMF is going crazy.

Something white has just gone past the edge of the hill just over there.

It's quite large, going from left to right.

WILLIAM: It was right there. CRAIG: What do you see, Bill?

It was something... Can you see, it drops down and there's distinctly something white.

Almost... At that distance it would have been about football size, going across that way.

Oh, just seen a dark shadow go across that way now as well.

(STAMMERS) That was a bit creepy actually.

Traveled straight across my vision.

Quite large, long and thin.

I'd say probably about

1.6, 1.7 meters high and traveled about 4 meters.

It was leaning over, like an angle like that.

So if you saw it moving very fast.


GERRY: Everything's there, focused in that area there.

There's a lot of rustling, isn't there?

When we were up here earlier there was a bit of rustling.

No matter where you go, this is where it's happening.

This is where I'm hearing all the noise here.

It's this area.

Absolutely weird.


CRAIG: Argh!

What the fuck?

Jesus, what the fuck is that?

KEVIN: Some kind of bird?

That's bird heads.

What about Gerry? The security guy.

-Yeah. -CRISELDA: Good old Gerry.

He called me and Mark over and said, "I've been hearing

"like sort of panting and rustling."

He took me about five paces to the left and he pointed into the bushes and literally underneath his hand that he was pointing was the broken headstone.

And I'm thinking to myself, "Do you know?"

CRISELDA: Well, no one told him.

And he didn't know the name of the person anyway.

He said he heard a panting as well, didn't he, like a dog?

Yes, he said it was like a dog.

He said... He said he literally expected a dog to come out from the, uh...

You know, the pathway.

MICHAEL: Yeah, so what do you think?

Tomorrow night, we'll bring...

MARK J.: I think it'd be really interesting if it was just us there.

I think the more people that are there, the less likely it is that anything would happen.

The less people there are to observe a phenomena, the less people there are to conflict or doubt that something actually happened.

It's usually with less people where, kind of, legends and rumors and these sort of stories are established.

You should never hear of, you know, one particular sighting where a group of, you know, a dozen people or something saw, you know...

A group of a dozen people were in the same sort of place and they saw or they heard or experienced something together.

It's usually only, like, small groups, you know, one, two, sort of people.

I think, you know, they've thrown everything at it, haven't they?

-They've thrown all their tools at it tonight. -MARK J.: Yeah.

Just because we've got all these magic boxes and Ouija boards and all this kind of stuff, that we want to communicate with them, whatever they are, I'm not even saying they're dead, deceased people or whatever, but whatever they are, who said that those things are what...

What bring spirits to us?

Who said... Who said that? Who created them?

Who's to say that that's what they want to use if that's what they are?

So I don't believe that... That... That you can...

I do not personally believe that you can communicate with anything that way.

But I do believe that you can visually see things, 'cause people have and I... I do believe that.

CRISELDA: If this is the witness that we're interviewing today...

-Yep, the witnesses of the 1970 satanic services. -...I would need the board.

-Day three, by the way. -Final day.

Just arrived in the morning at the church.

Final day, hurrah!

Quite relieved actually.

Looking forward to a decent sleep tonight... Or not.

-Let's call it The Final Day. -Final day.

-Here are Kevin and Mike... -Final day.

...already here with someone.

KEVIN: This is Mick, everybody.

ROB: Hi, Mick. MICK: Good morning.

-Pleased to meet you. Rob. -And you.

CRAIG: Mick Peters, he arrived up there before we did, to be interviewed.

He's one of the witnesses of the black magic from the '70s.

-I mean, 35 years is a long time. -Yeah.

So I thought, "Well, I'll just wander up."

And I didn't come up this track way. I came across the footpath, just took some photos, walked in and there's a...

I think it's a small lizard, small snake-like creature in an "S" shape.

Well, the weird thing is, letter "S." Do you not make the connection?


MARK J.: Should we get that "S"?

CRISELDA: It looks like a snake.

MICK: The slow worm is a form of snake.

ROB: But what, that's like directly, like...

KEVIN: I mean, you know. ROB: ...symmetrical with the whole...

...directly in the middle.

MARK J.: I mean, let's not get carried away.


Who knows how it got there, but it's definitely interesting.


CRAIG: Again, it's actually pretty much where we found the horn and it was in the...

Under the tower, in the shape of an "S."

Our instant thought went straight to Sophie's ghost and the gravestones of Sophia.

Coincidence or not, it was, you know, very intriguing.

Did a bird drop the worm, but in the perfect shape of an "S"?

I came up here with my brother and some other friends in 1975 on Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, 'cause we were young, enthusiastic, we'd got an interest in the occult.

We'd heard about this church at Clophill, so we thought it was a natural place to come to.

As we got into the churchyard, we could see light coming from the church.

I don't remember hearing anything at that point.

The three of us carried on along there.

We could observe people through the broken, side of the church.

They were certainly people in there.

There was a sound of, we can only describe as chanting.

I wouldn't have said it was rhythmic Gregorian chant, but there was chanting, there was noise there.

And the church was lit by what appeared to be fat candles or something similar.

We then carried on to the end of the churchyard, crawling between the stones, and it was at that point we observed there was definitely two adult females who were in a state of undress.

We also then saw other people in there.

I thought they were dressed in purple, but they were attired in something similar to monks' habits.

Just while we were laying in the grass between the headstones, there was a loud bang.

I seem to recall it may have been a shotgun.

But at that point we decided someone's shooting at us to scare us off and we duly took to our heels and we ran back along here and back down the lane.

When we got to the end of the lane where it joins the tarmac road, there was a police van and some police cars there, and we were treated just as young people would be today, "Stop causing trouble. Go home."

And even though we were quite forceful with them, saying, "You got to go up there. There's something happening. There's a black mass," they almost rubbished the idea and told us to clear off.

And it was almost like they didn't believe us, or, as we thought afterwards, they knew something was going on.

They were either covering for it or maybe even the police themselves were scared of it.

I came back the next day, basically because I was still inquisitive about what had happened.

Parked the car in a different place, walked into the churchyard, observed numerous headstones had been damaged and pushed over, the church had got burnt-out candles.

It was generally in a state of disarray and there was bones on the floor which, I'm not a pathologist, but I recognized a vertebra, certainly.

On the far side of the wall, right hand side of the church wall, was two words.

I think they were written in blood. I can't be certain.

And it said, "Ne vide," which to me meant nothing.

I later found out, I was told, that it is Latin for no future.

So something had definitely taken place here, relative to the occult.

And I'm still open-minded on it.

I don't know whether there is such a thing as, you know, satanic masses, but certainly from what I've witnessed, I believe there is.

MICHAEL: Kevin was interviewing him, the rest of the team were kind of with him inside the church and I was up, on the top looking down.

And I noticed, while he was talking, I saw these three scratch marks down his arm.

'Cause a common paranormal thing is three long scratches...

MICK: Scratches, yeah.

It's kind of a demonic attack. It means the mocking of the trinity and tried to make sure that obviously we captured that on camera because that was pretty interesting and he had no idea how it could have happened.

MARK K.: Well, the guises and forms of demons, really, I suppose, depend on the context in which they manifest themselves.

We got to be careful not to get mixed up between ghosts and demons here.

Ghosts are the spirits of dead human beings, spirits that haven't got through to the other side.

But demons have never been human.

Demons are the spirits or souls that have fallen from grace and have never, ever lived in the form of a human body.

And they're dying, they're itching to get into our world.

CRAIG: We're in the middle of the woods, somewhere around the vicinity of the Clophill Church.

We have to try and find the church, but I don't know if you can hear on the microphone, but there's really loud drums banging, which is very bizarre.


So we're just heading towards it, but I...

ROB: Sounds like a train.

That's definitely drums now. It's getting louder.

I don't know if there's some kind of, um, ritual of some kind going on.


-Certainly don't want to be seen by them. -No.

-I can smell fumes. There's a fire. -Yeah.


Let's cut around here and then see if we can catch them from an angle that they can't see us.


In the background behind us, I don't know if you can hear the drums still, but we can hear them in the distance.

We're not going to disturb them because I... I don't know what they're up to.

But we'll carry on now up this path.

I think the church is somewhere in the, kind of, left hand side of where we're heading, but we'll try and make our way through.

I see gravestones.

ROB: Oh, man, this is spooky.

These gravestones over here, can you see them?

ROB: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Put your torch.

Oh, there we go.

-See that? -Yeah.

CRAIG: Oh, rabbit. Rabbit, see the rabbit?

ROB: Yeah, I got it. I got it. I got it.

CRAIG: I think that was a ghost rabbit.

The gravestones were over here so it's got to be...

Got to go on the left somewhere.

ROB: God.

Oh, wow.

All right, we're going to the back of the church.


Um... Yeah, I mean, basically... (CLEARS THROAT)

We were in Spain, me and Cris, in a villa.

It was an old villa. We were with our two kids.

It's probably been a couple of years ago now so she was probably...

The youngest was probably four, eldest about 10.

And the little one, you know, like kids do often, she'll come into our room, come down the side of the bed to me and then, you know, she might want a glass of water or you know, she's had a nightmare or something like that.

So this night, we're all in bed asleep, it's probably about 2:00 in the morning.

All of a sudden, Caitlyn basically comes in the room.

So she then starts to walk down the side of the bed towards me, right down the side until she gets right next to me.

And it's at that point that naturally, you know, as I do, I put my hand out to, sort of, hold her hand, grab on to her or whatever, and say, "What does she want?"

But as I put my hand out towards her, she stood literally as close as you are to me now, I put my hand out, it just goes straight through her.

She disappeared. It wasn't Caitlyn.

She just vanished right in front of my eyes, literally.

Um, and I just lie there, for probably a couple of minutes just thinking, "What the fuck happened there?"

And then I got up, walked out of the room, into where their room is, they're in a totally separate room, just to check.

I mean, it's stupid because she vanished in front of my eyes, but I just wanted to check that Caitlyn and Cassie were in bed.

And I opened their door and there they are, fast asleep, snoring, literally laid out, flat on the bed.

Um... So I don't know who it was, but it wasn't Caitlyn.

WILLIAM: People think of ghosts as being like billowous things you can see through, but that's not the case.

Most ghosts that people see are actually solid.

And if you saw a ghost in the street, you would think it was a person, not a ghost.

You can actually go up and touch it and you would think it was there.

It was only when it disappeared that you'd realize.

On the plane home, said to her, "Got something to tell you."

And then as I sort of was telling her, expecting her to be sort of freaked out by what I was saying.

She suddenly turned around...

-(EERIE SCREECHING) -She said... What the...


What the hell?

ROB: Whatever it is, it doesn't like your stories, Craig.

CRAIG: No. Clearly not.

Like I said, I thought she was going to sort of freak out from me telling her this ghost story, and she's being staying there for the last four nights.

But she turned around and went, "Oh, my God!"

I didn't want to say anything 'cause I just thought maybe it was just my imagination or something.

I was doing the laundry.

I was sorting out the clothes and then looked through the hallway like this.

I just saw something that went in the room...


-What's that? -CRAIG: What was that?

Plank went against the wall by the sounds of it.

CRAIG: Yeah. It's a rock.

Rock just hit that wall.

-KEVIN: How'd you know? -I heard it.

-I heard it. -CRISELDA: I did, I heard it.

It was behind me, like a snap.

CRAIG: Interesting. CRISELDA: It's from there.


There's no one else here.


Think something's telling us something.



No, there was definitely something...

Someone just threw the rock.

No, something definitely...

See if Gerry's seen anyone out there.

Rocks started to come in through the windows, quite close to us.

They started off hitting the wall with quite a loud bang.

And it kind of startled us and, you know, we carried on talking and then more came in and they ended up getting quite close, which made me uncomfortable, not just...

Not so much because of what it might be throwing them, which was a question also, but I didn't want to get hit by one.

So one of the guys just went out to have a look.

But no one was there.

CRAIG: So very, very odd things to begin the evening occurred there, and no explanation.

GERRY: I heard various noises.

Amongst all the noises, I also saw strange things going on.

Obviously, being curious and in security, I have to go a bit closer to have a look.

It doesn't sort of faze me.

I actually put off... I had the torch here.

I was just talking to Dana and I had the torch here.

And in that, where that bush is, to the white stone, I just saw a...

It was like a dark shadow.

It just went from there to there.

MICHAEL: This is exactly what the eyewitnesses saw as well, yeah.

GERRY: A cold... I just shivered.

I don't know, the whole body just, like, went into a tingle.

It went from there, from that bush to there, and then I lost it.

I quickly put the torch back up and it was gone.

Unbeknownst to me, I was informed by the film crew that two gentlemen were walking past that way.

They saw a shadow come across and move very quickly towards them, from the same location I was at.

DANA: I heard footsteps behind me, and it sort of sounded like there was someone running through the bushes, and then up towards where the gravestones were.

And we saw a dark shadow move across.

So I just stood here and I've come over feeling really overwhelmed.

Cold, shivering... I'm shaking...

Um, I just feel like I want to cry.

I just felt my body go really cold and all goosepimply.

And I just could not move, and then I just started to cry.

I felt really overwhelmed. It was really quite emotional.

Even now thinking about it is really emotional.

GERRY: We both sort of asked each other, "Is this really... You know, was it real? Did we actually see it?"

And we said yes. We both felt shivers go through our body as if we've never seen this before.

It's bizarre. It really is strange.

Really, really is strange.


MICHAEL: Dear God, please protect us.

Please make sure that if we open up a portal that no evil entities can follow us after we close it.

ROB: Let's do it.

MICHAEL: We'll see you shortly.

CRAIG: So they've started the Ouija board in there and we're now walking over here to see if anything happens.

MICHAEL: We've synchronized the cameras, so whatever's going on in there we can map to whatever's happening at that moment.

CRAIG: It actually seems like it's got a lot darker.

It has.

MICHAEL: Please give us a sign that you're here.

Any spirits here with us tonight?

Please let yourself be known.

Please communicate with us by moving the marker.

CRISELDA: If there is a spirit who would want to talk to us...

-...please give us a sign. -CRAIG: Whoa, whoa, whoa... My God!

That's all five lights.

I'm just picking this up to show that this is just...

This is not connected to anything.

CRAIG ON RADIO: Anyone there? Who's got the other radio?

Someone there on the other end of this? Anybody there?

MICHAEL: Here comes Gerry, and he's flying over.

-What's happened? -CRAIG: What's up, Gerry?

All right, listen, just over there, -from where we were standing, just this area here... -MICHAEL: Yeah.

A shadow that's just gone from there straight over to here.

CRAIG: Same as it did before? MICHAEL: How long ago?

GERRY: Just two seconds, it went from there across to here.

Dana spotted it. I spotted it and I wasn't sure and she confirmed and it just moved straight across there to here and I saw you.

MICHAEL: I mean, it was answering questions to her.

Like, every time she asked it a question, it would respond.

-It wasn't, like, randomly happening. -Exactly...

Exactly after my question.

I tried questions, Craig tried questions, nothing.

-CRAIG: How's Dana? -She's all right now, she's fine.

But it's just that we both saw that shadow, and it moved from there very fast over to here. We both saw it.

And that's why I came running over, in case you...

-You know, you got the senses of it. -CRISELDA: Yeah.

This thing's kicking off now, so we might as well get it while we can.

We're only here for a few more hours.

CRAIG: Yeah. KEVIN: Does Cris want to do the Ouija board?

Well, going by how freaked out she just was, I wouldn't have thought so.

CRISELDA: Yeah, well, we basically set up this little table outside where the activity was happening.

I suppose the Ouija board just...

Just with its history, it had a little element of, uh, I guess a little fear element of what's going to happen when we sort of get it out, but I...

I didn't really think too much about it because I'm not a religious person.

Never have been. I don't believe in any of that kind of stuff.

I come from a very religious family and a religious country.

Most of the people back home practice the Catholic faith.

My thoughts about Ouija boards is that nothing good can ever come from it, in fact, the opposite can only come from it.

I don't know any situation where one has been used, where the people that used it have walked away happy about it.

RUTH: Well, there's been stories about people being possessed by spirits, followed home by spirits.

I think we need to be clear what you're inviting in, first of all.

Uh, prayer is important, but also the nature of your questions.

We would very much like to communicate with you.

If you are here, could you please let us know somehow by moving the marker or even by any other means, touching us, in any way you can to let us know you're here, but just show us something.

CRISELDA: So, they did one round, nothing much happened and, uh, then Kevin said, you know, "Cris, do you want to have a go?"

I was a bit reluctant to join.

Um, didn't particularly want to do it.

So, you know, I reluctantly went and sat and I just thought, "Well, hopefully, you know, nothing will happen."

So far nothing's happened.

We used a different method, I think.

We used a ring.

KEVIN: This ring is, um, quite special to me.

It's my father's ring.

My father died 25 years ago. So it's his wedding ring.

So if you have interest to try this out...

CRISELDA: How are we gonna hold it?

CRAIG: How do you wanna work this?

Okay, if there's any spirits here with us tonight, please communicate with us by the board.

RUTH: I would have people with me who are quite experienced in working in ghost investigations.

I would have a clairvoyant there that I trust.

You need those people there who are experienced.

I wouldn't dream of doing it without them.

CRAIG: Shit, that's scary. (CHUCKLES)

CRISELDA: What the hell happened?

-That was weird. -CRISELDA: It just jumped.

-Did you feel that, it was like... -Yeah, that just...

-CRISELDA: It vibrated. It... -Yeah, it just kind of...

Just went and then, I don't know...

KEVIN: Please let us know that you are here.

MICHAEL: That's moving.

Well, it's on "S" definitely.

KEVIN: I don't know. CRAIG: Well, I'm barely touching it.

After a while, there was definitely some kind of movement there and again with Ouija boards it's hard to determine whether something's happening or whether you're just...

You know, someone's pushing it with their finger or too much weight on it or, you know, nothing necessarily going on on purpose, but, um, just moving it by accident maybe.

MICHAEL: Is it a "Q"? KEVIN: It is "Q."

CRISELDA: It moved on to different letters and...

Didn't really have any idea of what it was trying to spell out.

CRAIG: And we sort of jotted them down uh, just a random...

I think six, seven letters, something like that.

It didn't really make any sense at all.

I couldn't even really pronounce it.

CRISELDA: It started with an "S," I think. "Seqour" or something like that.

Didn't really mean anything.

But when we sort of got back and, uh, researched and sort of figured out anagrams of these particular letters, they actually made up a Latin word that meant "to follow."

Which, uh, upon discovering was not fun to hear.

I can't imagine, well, I guess one of us could have known some Latin words, but it seems...

It just doesn't seem...

Seem possible to me. Um...

It was very bizarre, very bizarre.

ROB: What we thought would be an interesting idea once we locked down the fact that there was a hot spot, would be if each of us spent 10 minutes alone.

KEVIN: The "10 minutes alone" was an experiment based around what Sunny and his friend had seen up at Clophill a few years before.

When we interviewed him, it was daylight and lots of people around, he said, "Well, typical, nothing's happened.

"I guarantee if I was on my own, something would happen."

So, we thought, "Well, why don't we try that?"

Each of us will spend 10 minutes on our own over by the line of graves and set the camera up and just see what happens.

The 10-minute experiment was...

My heart was pounding so, so strong because I really didn't want to be there on my own.

Still no activity to report so far.

This is the time when it's going to happen, 1:00.

-CRAIG: It's your turn, Rob. -See you in a bit.

-How you feeling? -MICHAEL: Good luck, Rob.

ROB: Feeling well, feeling good.


ROB: Evening. MARK J.: Evening.

-How's it going? -Nothing to report really.

No? Nothing to report?

-No signs. -No signs.

-Not a jiffy. -Not a jiffy.

How do?

Just here for my 10 minutes of fame.


I suppose I should take the hood off, really, so I can hear what's going on.

Lots of moonlight.

Ah, let's do the hair. Cheers, Mark.


Ah, so, what we got here?


Ah. Got a little bit of rustling over this way.

Is that Mr. Fox?

Okay, torch off.


(LOW) So, I can definitely hear footsteps now.


KEVIN: Definitely movement.

You see movement there, Mike?

CRAIG: Are you ready, Cris? CRISELDA: (SOFTLY) Oh, God.

CRAIG: Here we go. CRISELDA: Really?

CRAIG: Go for it.

MICHAEL: I see a torch. Is that Cris on her way?

CRAIG: Yep. She's just approaching the, uh, church now.


I've just been advised to be quiet a bit,

so that I can hear any noises.



Okay, there are some noises behind me, right by the path.

Did you say you heard noises? What sort of noises?

CRISELDA: In the bushes.

-MICHAEL: Yeah, that's exactly what I heard. -Hmm.

There is a lot of movement there.


How long? How much longer do I have to be here?

Okay, there's definitely something there. I don't know what it is.

But it's just behind there.

Oh, thank God.

(SIGHS LOUDLY) So, I'm going to go now. Hurrah!

My 10 minutes is over. I'm so glad.

KEVIN: Make sure you give Craig the walkie-talkie.

Yep, he's here now. I'm leaving him the walkie-talkie.

And I'm so glad I'm done, because this noise ain't stopping, mate.

-It's just right there. -CRAIG: What kind of noise?

Well, just now, it's like walking on the gravel, I swear.


-Have you had your torch on the whole time? -Yeah, what'd you think?

Can you feel my heart?

Good luck.

-Bye. -Bye.

-Well, here she comes. -She's actually running.

-Oh, wow. -She's running.

If you can see me from here, this is, uh...

Roughly where the sightings have been seen. Just here.


(LAUGHING) The biggest scare of the night was that, Mike. Cheers.



There is definitely something.


Can you hear that?

CRAIG: There are definitely noises. Uh...

It seems to have stopped now, but, um...

For a while it was like something was rushing through the trees.

Is there anybody here that would like to talk to me?

We're not here to harm you at all.

We're just here literally to try and say hello, and, um, see if there's anything we can do to even possibly help you.

Is that you?

Are you here with me?

There's something in the trees down below.

It's a really dark path, but there's something.


Actually, it seems like the security.

They may have heard it, too, 'cause I can see their torches shining in exactly the same direction that I'm pointing, straight down this pathway.

Okay, Kev, how are you doing up there? Are you ready?

KEVIN: Yeah, I'm in position and the camera is rolling.


I'm over here by the graves, it's all pretty quiet at the moment.

-Okay, keep us posted if anything happens. -Ten minutes start now.

Ten minutes start now.


-(FAINT FOOTSTEPS) -What's that?

KEVIN: Definitely heard something, in the...

Behind the grave, below the tree.


-All right. -(INDISTINCT)

KEVIN: Behind the graves.

CRAIG: He's hearing sounds behind the grave.

When you say, "strange," what do you mean?

Like, breathing, uh, movement, what kind of thing?

Definite movement.

If it's quiet, then hopefully the mics can pick stuff up.

CRAIG: Five minutes, exactly.

Half the time.

KEVIN: I'm gonna go check it out.

-Mark? -MARK J.: Mmm-hmm?

How's Rob doing? Is he all right?

Um, he said he wasn't feeling very well.

-He just needed a breather. -Oh, okay.

CRISELDA: I think he said he'll rest in the car for a bit.

Okay, that's fine.

Okay, Kev, how's the hunt going?

-How long are we in? -He is eight minutes now.

All right, Kev, you're eight minutes, so, in a minute's time we're going to probably come look for you anyway.

How you doing?

-I think we should go. -We got to give him his full 10 minutes.

Unfortunately that's the agreement we had when we did this thing.

-CRAIG: Just a bit worrying that he's not answering. -Yeah, I know.

Yeah, let's go on there.

CRAIG: Is it 10 minutes? MICHAEL: Yeah, close enough.

By the time we get over there, it will be 10 minutes.

Is there someone with a torch over there?

Kev? No, he's not there.


Okay, so he's probably...

-Kev. -Kev.

What's happened here, man?

I thought I just heard him walking.

I, uh, will check for these...

-Has he got a torch? -Is the camera still rolling on Kevs?

-Yeah, it's still rolling. -It's still rolling.

CRISELDA: Kev got a torch.

He would have heard us, though.

He's probably not that far away.

That's all right. You guys, just hang on a sec.

Well, me and Mark will just go around the path.

CRAIG: All right. We'll wait here.

Mark, can I use your light?

That is weird.

Well, did he...

Did he not maybe go down that way?

Yeah, but then he would have radioed us and the radio would have...


CRAIG: Can you hear that, in there?


I think I heard a voice around this way.

Is that you?

Hang on, that's the... That's the radio.

-MARK J.: Where? Where? -Kev?


There's a light over there. There's the walkie-talkie.

Where the hell is he now? I saw movement in there.

-Yeah, you all right? -Yeah.

He couldn't go far from here.

-Keep it down. -Okay. Sorry.

(WHISPERING) When I was over there, there was...

There was definite footsteps coming from behind the graves.

Literally over there.

There was a shape, a dark shape.

It moved right across, left to right.


CRAIG: I can't even hear Mike or Mark now.

-Where they hell has everyone gone? -I really don't know...

-CRAIG: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! -Psst.

They've just gone round the corner to look for Kev, but...

CRAIG: I don't even have the radio now, so, I...


What the hell is that?

-CRAIG: Fucking shit! -(SCREAMING)

CRISELDA: Get out of there, Craig!

-Gerry, get over here! -What's happening?


We need to go... Gerry!

Give us a hand.

-GERRY: You all right? -Yeah.

I don't know what the fucking hell, something's in there.

-It's down there in the bushes. -Kev!


They saw something that froze them to the spot.


-You all right? -Yeah, no. Something...

Something was in there.

CRAIG: I don't know what it was, some kind of face or something.

She freaked out, she ran and now she's... Now she can't move.

-(CRISELDA SOBBING) -Did you just push this on her ankle or something?

Yeah... I don't know if she's fallen or...

She's shivering. I don't know.

(SOBBING) I can't move it.

But we need to go... Something... Seriously, go and have a look down there.

CRISELDA: I can't feel anything!

MICHAEL: Gerry, help me out.

-Gerry, did you see anything? -I didn't.

I shone the torch there, but there was nothing.

CRAIG: Are you okay? CRISELDA: (SOBS) I can't walk.

You can't walk? Literally, you can't walk?

-I can't move my legs. -Let's get her out of here...

Let's get back over to church. Come on, guys.

Hello, Rob. Can you hear me, Rob?

-(GRUNTING) -Oh, man...

I swear to God, I don't know what the hell that was, but there was something behind the gravestones, in the tree.

-Did anyone go back around there? -Yeah, there was...

I didn't see anything at all. You didn't, did you, Gerry?

I did. I shone the torch around, I couldn't see anything.

You know, if one of you guys was, like, around there trying to trick us or something, I would have known. That wasn't normal.

I swear to God, that wasn't normal.

Come on. Let's just get out, let's just go.

-Let's just go home. -(SOBBING)


Over this way.

Guys, just do me a favor. Just head back to the car.

Just make sure Cris is all right.

Me and Kev will just head this way, see what we could find, yeah. We'll be back in a minute.


Right here.

Just mind your head.

KEVIN: You think this is the best idea?

Kev, seriously, there was something there.

If you play that tape back, you'll see it.

Gerry's on round.



Which way?

KEVIN: I don't know. Just keep going.

Turn the torch off.


CRAIG: Do you see that?

KEVIN: Yeah, I see it.


CRAIG: What are they doing?



-KEVIN: We should go. -(TWIGS SNAPPING)

CRAIG: Shit! Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck! Do you think they followed us?

KEVIN: (PANTING) I don't know, man.




Did you hear that?


Oh, fuck. Shit!

Fuck! Oh!


-Come on! Fuck! -Go!



Give me your hand! Come on!



KEVIN: The police were all over the area by this point, and we told them what happened, what we just witnessed.

They went back down there to have a look and scout the whole area.

When they came back up, they said there was no sign of anything down there.

They hadn't seen anybody at all.

CRAIG: When we arrived home that evening, the...

The night wasn't over.

-Here she is. -(HUFFS) I'm exhausted, I'm really tired.

CRAIG: Cris was recovering from what had happened.

She got feeling back and started to feel a little normal again.

CRISELDA: This was, like, 4:00 in the morning.

And apart from the tiredness, I was quite distressed.

We just really wanted to go to bed and not think about anything until...

Until the next day, really.

CRAIG: We have to be quiet, though, because everyone's going to be asleep.

CRISELDA: Maybe we should take our shoes off.

CRAIG: Yes, we should take our shoes off and go.

-(THUDDING) -CRAIG: Shit! Shit!

-I can't see a bloody thing. It's pitch black. -(SHUSHING)

CRISELDA: We have to be really quiet.

But if we use the night vision, at least that will show us where we're going.

What I was thinking. Genius.

CRAIG: Where the hell is the switch? Oh, here we go. Hang on.

My God! Shit!


CRAIG: And there, right in front of us was our six-year-old daughter, standing with her head down, hair over her face.

It was quite frightening at the time.

It was, um...

Obviously, it's our own daughter, but, um, it just was a shock to see her standing in the living room at that time in the morning, in the pitch blackness.

CRAIG: Turn the lights on. Turn the lights on.

CRISELDA: For goodness sake, what the hell?

CRAIG: And right in front of her, on the floor was our huge wooden cross that's usually hung above the stairs.

How it got there, I have no idea and why...

Why she was standing in the living room in the darkness at 4:00 in the morning, I could never really explain.

She wasn't aware of anything. She wouldn't wake up.

Cris was panicking about things because of what we'd just experienced.

Uh, so I just had to calm her down and tell her it was all fine.

I picked Caitlyn up, I took her upstairs.

Um, put her in bed.

Oh, night-night, tiny girl.

Peaceful, carried on sleeping.

We'd obviously had experiences with Caitlyn in the past as a young girl, talking about being able to communicate, but we thought it had finished because she was now getting to the age where most people sort of say that if the children do experience things, they start to lose it.

But then she came to us, uh, the morning after the event, I think, really, it was, and said that someone new was talking to her.

Someone she hadn't seen before.

And that they weren't very nice.

And that they wanted to cause harm, and that they were pretending to be her friend.

She's not really one to make things up like that.

And she's talked about this friend since, on numerous occasions.

And it's made Cris...

Really petrified about being on their own in that house, really.

It is a concern, and it's obviously bothering me.

Maybe it's just your imagination.

But it's the same thing like when I was in Spain.

I'd say, "Oh, maybe that was nothing."

Or maybe there is something.

CRAIG: All the events that happened up at Clophill point, quite clearly, to the idea that something followed us home.

CRISELDA: As much as possible, we obviously do not want to frighten the children.

If it carries on, you know, we might have to do something about it.

CRAIG: I don't know who's up there.

I don't know if anyone's up there.

I guess you just have to go up and make your own mind up.