The Patrol (2013) Script

How would you describe the morale of a squad?

I'm sorry. I am asking the wrong question.


At the beginning of an operation morale was high ...

Yes. Had good morals as a unit, had good ties as a team, but

said ...

When did you notice something was wrong?

Wrong with what?

We must be calm. We make the effort, but the same happens.

Then I return to my question, how does that affect your man?

Soldiers complain. It's what they do.

To be honest, our team sucks.

Yeah yeah. Complain.

I mean, it's normal.






DAY 9.

Hey, boss.

Huge party out there.

Very funny, Smudge.

All right, people.

Así será hoy.

The weather on our side.

In releasing soon, so we will be back mañana.

Thank you. Stink.

Needless to say it.

We will establish a PC here. (Checkpoint)

Looking towards the village, and with open eyes. OK?


Very clever.

You are going to stink for a while more.

Rests friend.

You'll be up all night.

Hey, Ginge.

And what happened to the pool and jacuzzi?

Would you like a massage?

Let Ginge. Only the dream alive.

Only the dream alive.


I told you you could not do it.

That scrap of shit.

Would you can lend a hand?

No. I'm smoking. So do what you can.


You got it? - Yes.

We're going to throw it anyway.

It's just a fucking gun.

Better not ask questions like that, if you'll ask me.


You are pure do or die.

Do and die. You have no choice. See?

You'll need fat for that.


What the fuck are you playing?

I thought you played the first turn.

Did not he?

When you say, I have prepared my shot.

Not for long.

It's not my fault.

You said it was a bad boy.

Did I say something, Stab?

Hand me that bag and you can stay with my supplies.

Do not listen Stab.

It is Welsh. I grew up raised by animals fucking.

In the most beautiful girls in the world loves animals.

Your still a good for nothing Londoner.

You ask a Welshman a fungus becomes full of cow poop.

Cut it now.

Sumdge, Stagler says you go first.

You open the PO and check vehicles every hour.

Y Sumdge...

No eres Rambo. Consíguete a tripod.


Not one of us!

Damn! We have contact!

Come on, Sergeant. Do not miss the party.



There are military moving forward.

Follow my trace.

They're on the air!

Is anyone else organizing their air.

The Americans, Sergeant?

Do exercises in those hills.

Silicon One Zero, change.

Zero copied out.

It is a Special Forces operation.

He said he knew it was not necessary, al verlos would give us advanced warning.

Kill the capture.

Son of a bitch!

What did you say?

Nothing, boss.

He said it would be good for the next ... warn us that we would receive the visit of OE Les we would have invited a cup of tea.

Everyone to bed.

Tomorrow we will begin a long journey.

You heard the man. A bed, ladies.

Someone will pay for this.

What do you mean?

It is good that the SAS Scout den, but they'll go in the morning.

I do not understand.

Bitch, Stab! Afghans are going to be pissed ... the problems of the SAS And they will find someone who hanging.

How do you know they were from the SAS? They might be Americans.

In sum I think, sergeant. Ellos believe that we are all Russians.

I care ...

Thanks, man.

Keep working.

Well, folks. Come over here.

Is it heavy?



There was a change of plans.

We're going to stay a while longer.

They had a contact this morning to 3 clicks and it seems Terry is mounting a counterattack.

So, let's keep the line and we will call in air support.

See if we can control the situation. OK?



And me thinking that cold shower.

I can walk but I can always smelly bath.

However, you will always be Welsh.

They should do like 50 º C heat.

And why stop now?

Because I'm the hot shit.

We stopped us.

Do not shoot unless you tell them.

What is this type of contradefensa.

Three patrol days online.

That sucks offensive.

Good. I'm going with the union.

Bird coming!

Let me Fuck.

Lieutenant waste much time on the phone ...

No I see a while. - Yes. That's why it is hiding.

That will be all. Right, boss?

Hopefully if.


What do you do with us, Ginge?

Can not go with your major?

You lose sleep. Iraq.

They said if I did not get a PVR ...

Naaa ...

Best for the army anyway.

You would like a dress and caparían anytime.

Just say, Ginge. Great gay.

You're only gay if you push back.

El pobre Ginge,...

Been a long time for men.


This is a great piece of shit.

Soldier Smith. Please, could you stop complaining team?

Yes, sir.

It's just a shame that the SAS do not do well.

And my name is Smudge, sir.

In fact I would like you calling me by my real name.

Of course not.

Soy Smith, y no Smudge.

Taff es galés.

The sergeant is Sol Campbell.

Thus we see.

Y Ginge...

Ginge has the worst name in the history of mankind.

And you ... you are also Smith.

And if there are two with the same name is entangled patrol.

So you call yourself a stupid bastard.


Wanted to read all be clear, sergeant.

Lest you be confused officers calling for our real names. Right?

Hold this, Stab.

See that bike?

And ... how you handled the situation?

I did what I had to do.

I could not keep it to myself and you.

Alli Llevábamos of weeks.

And I could not get supplies.

If you are the leader you have to be the head of the line.

You presided line? - Yes I did..

I let him know the men who was upset.

What we were in a shitty situation.

They can not do just that. - Why not?

Because if they do, everything falls apart.

Hello, Lieutenant.

All set in front.

Oye, Johnny.

Tell me if you found it supplies.


Can you make that out?

I have a fear of snipers.


I heard it was the day of prayer.

They seem to take a while.

I tell you something, Lieutenant.

If you're going to be here a while could plant lettuce.

Y so will eat vegetables.

Leave it!

I understand why you do not complain.

You get to lose some weight.


The galeces not have that pint of skeletons.

Yes. S because they are beasts.

I hope that in me bizarre.

That I never will.

So take care with the 7 bridges.





Fuck you, Staff! When I cry ammunition ...

You have to bring me ammo bitch!

Do not waste ammunition.

We're in a fucking war here.

¡Maldito idiot!


What a piece of shit! Come on!

Man down!

Aguanta, friend ...

Stay with me, mate!

Are you okay? Yeah?

Quédate conmigo ... ¡Vamos!


Stay with me!

¡Let's go!

Mike 1-1, 1-0 this is Mike. We have a low rate.


Come on, Mike, 1-1. This is Mike 1-0. We have a low. Rates.

You're doing fine. Stay with us.

Stay with me!





¡... Let's go!

Follow us! You hear me!

Are you ready, Stab?

She ran this shit! Go, go, go ...!



We have to move!

¡Taff, come on!

We need to move this.

What the fuck happened!

What happened? - The American group never showed.

So we're screwed as well and you?

Muévanlo smooth.

Beware the shoulder!

Ten minutes.

Manténganlo alto.

Crossing the line WAS dangerous.

Come on, guys. Gently.

We must return to the center as soon as possible.

Vamos. Tu y yo.

Hang on ... what if?

Pressed. Pressed.

Okay, Taff. You'll make it.

Nine minutes.

Ginge y Smudge. Tomen las armas, por favor.

I think it is going to fulfill his dreams of fisher ...


And what do you want? A boat?

The helicopter will arrive in 6 minutes.

It will land in 30 seconds.



They did a good job today.

A good job.

We need to reorganize.


You come with me and 1-0.


You're going to 1-1 with Sgt.

Any questions?

Both are very bad ammunition.

¿No kidding?

What the center says?


The Russians left them many RPG.

For that you got the tracer bullets.

Any other questions?


Nothing more, Captain.

We take away the ammunition people we came to save.

Johnny, contact the barracks.

Dile if you give us the ammunition, it going to be looking for.


Why does the radio not work?

How best guides a man?

With a map and Nokia.

What we said butts.

That no good for a shit. - Fuck you, Stab.

¿No te enseñaron anything before venir here?

It's over.


Because SAS threw them on the grill, and did not work.

Then it's a decent thing to use American weapons.

But, why we upgraded weapons and bad radios?

Because nobody thought we were going to get into a war.

In fact, a gun LA.12 is well developed.

Fuck me, Lieutenant.

Want to be next to Tony Blair?

It is a good weapon.

Well, Lieutenant! If it's so good, Answer me, what other army in the world uses?

Russians, Iraqi ... Everyone uses the AK-47.

Y or Yankees la M-16.

Nadie an un SAE.

Jamaican forces ...

The defensive force of Jamaica.

Let them give me! That explains it!

The next time I come a dickhead with a machete, I hit on the head with the SAE.

What I missed?

I have ammunition.

We'll have more tomorrow.

Do not worry about your gun, because you'll already be with the machine gun that fits you.

As an officer, you have to deal with the decisions of the commander,

not have to agree, because we are not stupid.

Do you think they believe in this?

What do you believe?

Later, do not know.

You say your son will send 18 to Afghanistan because it is better to send it to the damn moon.

Any news from Taff?

Have you heard of Taff?

Sorry, Bill.

No news is good news.

Do we say if they were bad news, boss?

Could you give me those pornos?

What? I found them.

Want to browse, Stab?

As you wish.

You've seen few persons shells with what you wear in vivo.


Do not like that?

Oye, Stab.

No you discouraged.

You did what you could.

Thanks, Ginge.

Extract pudding mix.

Amazing what I ate.

Would was some chocolate?



¿The dividimos?

Anybody want their damn underwear?

Let Sun.

In no le importing.

Anyway, survives him.

It will not need a fucking diet.


DAY 13.

What time is it?

The Taliban surrendered?

They are getting supplies.

Wait a little.


Maybe not the end yet.

Supplies ...

This is good news. Right?

What are they?

If we are supplying means that we stay here.

Standing, ladies.

Did you enjoy the rest, Smudge? - Yes, sergeant. Pretty.

Pity you can not get me a coffee.

In your fucking dreams.

You are there, Sergeant. It's there.

And somehow, it's more enjoyable.

Better not, Smudge.

Are you ready mate? - Yes. Anytime.

With this goal tied.

¡Let's go!

Would you repeat that?

I bet that shot to the delivery area.

You are more dude.

If you do, damned would track the ball.

Y would offer us a damn exchange.

So my money goes into the pockets of the Taliban.

How did you get the boat?

I bought it in a bloody exchange.

Pay attention!

¡Ustedes of!

Stay tuned!

What happened to your head?

No worry.

I hope it is ours.

The crest ...

I do not know ... we are sending many bullshit.

Someone is trying to tell us something.

Do you think they do with some intention?

Good. It's not as complicated as ordering a gin and tonic.

And, as usual, should review the delivery points.

No, if they do it on purpose.

To confuse the enemy.

Does taking responsibility?

Of course you could.

That's not what I mean.

What I mean is that affected me.

Like how it affected others.

You used them, Captain.

Do you think that reflects how you feel about your men?

No. For nothing.

We are a single unit, I feel the same.

It is very embarrassing to be the leader, and do it, if that makes it more familiar.

That's what being an officer.

It is very lonely.

Hola, Bill. - Hola, Johnny.

Where is the sun?

Following a trail of identity in the village, with the lieutenant.

We need to talk.

Taff failed.

They were going to have surgery, but died on the operating table.

Bill. We should not tell others.

Tonterias, Johnny.

Really. I think desmoralizaremos.

No. This will give them something to talk about.

When they are quiet is when I worry more.

Not the team, right? Tactics.

Look, Johnny. Let me give you some good advice.

Never hesitate when you are with men.

They see you falter once and we'll all be in trouble.

But if they find out what the fray of Staff, will be worse.

Gather the men. I will give them the news.


With a huge regret.

The reports that Lance Evans cabo fallecío.

I wanted to say, to everyone.

Thanks for the huge effort to try to save him.

But the place could not resist.

And it's very admirable effort made, To bring him here alive.

I need not remind you of the importance of our role here.

Without us, without our assistance, There is no way that the Afghan National Army hold the town.

Act like professional soldiers.

Until the last moment.

He would want us to continue.

So let's do that.

For him.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Here is Terry and that's us.

And this is the valley where we are.

Now, we got here.

Tuvimos to turn al ERV here.

Good ...

Any questions?

Does anyone know what the fuck is an ERV?


Yes, sargento.

If I read Atonement, is a way of Volvo.

Move the last chips.


They NX Sending.

Soldier, ...

What the fuck are you saying?

What great.

It's okay.





The lieutenant will need your help today. OK?


You will be safe here.

Safe. Do you understand?


All right. we leave now, but you can help us.

Helping the lieutenant who is short of men.


Can I count on you?

Good man.

Hey, jefe.

If I crawl leave me behind.

What do you mean?

Come on, would you join?

You're the boss.

It should help.

Keeping busy.

Does not sound very fair.

We all receive the medal, but it's another to give you that.

Do not insinuate that I am a coward, Smudge.

I did not say that, do you?

It sure did not.

Today I go into the line of fire.

Johnny, you're the radio.

Here we can learn anything if you kill.

Johnny, detente.

I insist.

No. Piensa en tu hija.

Judith thinks every day.

Very well. So ...

You keep on track. Johnny goes up.

No. Thank you, boss.

I will mark the course.

Sure we ended up at the home of the Taliban.


Watch out!

Step away from the vehicle!

Fuck! Where the fuck out!

Care, boss!

Aim on tracer!


Free Fire!

All in!

¡Come on ...!

Was obviously el ERV They had no choice.


Hi, Zero. This is Silicon Uno Zero.

Reporting two tanks in the area.

Denying disable one. We will mark our position ... humo with green. Exchange.

All right. It's over.

1-0 Does not returned?

The Taliban did shit.

Orders came.

They want to talk to you.

The Americans are going to testify tomorrow and we with them.

They want us to increase the activity in the field.

Apparent that we have left.

What about the air support?

Did they endeavor now or not now?

Everyone responds to its own nature.

When you're faced with losing someone, to the mere possibility, terrify you.

A reality.

I know.

I have an idea.

Let us make a hole here, we try? OK?


Just say, 28 rounds of

¡Smudge! ¡Baja arma tu puta!

But that ridge is going on here?

The Smudge just condorear soldier, sir.

I was cleaning my gun and shot herself.

For Christ's sake, soldier Smudge!


We will address this when we get all camp.

We are all under pressure.

But that's the basic situations.

Hey, Your always shoot your team?

Just wondering, because this is terrible unusual.

What's going on, Smudge? - What happens to me?

'What we are going to shit all!

Less to you than just driving.

And that does well to any dude.

No huevées with that. - I'm serious.

What if I refuse, soldier? - Look ...

I have seen all the action you want to see.

And now I want to go home, and bore my children with these experiences.

In addition to rolling.

Oye, Ginge.

You'll have to kill idiots to take your dust.

Okay, guys. Everyone is ready.

Va to be a great day.

Follow the numbers and stay together. Yeah?



Good luck.

Cover your right, lieutenant.

In IRTE knew you wanted.


Home sweet home.

Good hunting, boys. They should give thanks for that.

It is only a matter of time.


With all due respect.

Are we going to leave tomorrow?

No reason for that, Sergeant.

What if we lose another engine?

And when we are in the dark?

The best thing about Willie is the air conditioning.

Because it has no roof.

It's just because ...

Now, cut that!

Cut it with just complain about everything!

We're here and we have work to do.

And we have to focus on that.

Weapons may be crap, but I do not.

Really? Really?

Because I ruined mine.

Taff And they gave him to use the weapon descompuse.

He got in the side and dodged the shield.

There you have it.

Fuck you, Lieutenant.

You need to stop imitating ... to ... al puto "Señor Spock".

You lose weight, bitch.

With all due respect. You have no idea what to shit talk.

So, Fuck you, sir!

Soldier, Smudge! Will be discharged for insubordination!

Come on! We are together. I did not mean it.

¡Si quice!

It seems, Sgt. In this unit.

If there was anything more discipline, Cape Evans still be alive.

The Smith soldier bitch deserves a reward.

¡No you maldita baja!

Why do I run so much?

Sergeant Campbell. Soldier Smith. Get out of here. Now!

You were serious about the MC?

Do not take it personally ...

So ... We cut this?

But fuck you're talking about, Smudge?

Do not you see? We're going on this shit!

What is the difference?

We uphold a country ahuevonado culiado.

So what? Just kill us any day.

No one will know who the fuck we were.

I'm in it since I was 15, If I can not be a soldier, then what I can be?

I hate to tell you, but it was you jubilaras.

Let Sun.

We have nothing to huevear here.


I have new rules for patrol.

Talks strategy or weapons are over.

They can go to complain to the ministry of defense.

We are the British army.

We have a job to do.

Are we clear on that?

I want to hear!

¡Si, jefe!

If, ... jefe.

Is there anything else you want to add?



DAY 15.

Hello, Zero. This is Silicon One Zero. Rates.

Received, Zero. This is Silicon One Zero reporting. Rates.

Roger. Thank you, Zero. Out.

It is a girl.

Congratulations, sir.

Congratulations, boss.

I knew you were the Chancleteros ...

Well done!

I really did not do much.

I'll give you a private training so you know.

You'll see.

The lieutenant has news, boss.

It is a girl. Judith is well.

Pasaste you, friend. Congratulations.

All right! Above all!

Head, ...

I think we should end the day.

What else do we have to prove?

It is not that they have to try.

Soldier Smith. Return to camp. I'll talk to the sergeant about this.


Do not take it to heart.

But I think Smudge is right now.

It is not our war.

I hate to say ...

But I'm with the army chief.

I can not believe goats.

We paste to do!

I'm in charge.

This will take them all to a court martial. Do you understand?

Now, let's get out of here today.

If only I and Lieutenant.

This is cowardice!

They are making the ass to the brambles.

Now métanse the vehicle.

I think in the Listen, sir.

Johnny does not want his daughter to grow up without knowing that her father loved.

Because if you did ... That shit came to die here?

You're right, Bill. It is not our war.

Bitch you was that good.

You have your moments, Smudge.

Call an air strike.

While you are a B-2.

Better a B-52. That makes this whole place burning.

Nonsense, friend.

You'll want to see the children alive.

My witch goes descuerar me.

Sorry, pal.

Think you will have to worry about Terry.


You do not know my wife.

We return to camp and none of this is mentioned.

Who is going to believe that?

I do not know.

I did the best I could.

Sometimes I felt ... unsupported, abandoned.

And I really do not get what I wanted.

So, questioned the orders? - That's right. The I questioned.

And war.

I'm serious.

Andabamos What the fuck you doing?

Enrredados spent 2 weeks with the Taliban.

And when we left, walked straight to the inside.