The Peacemaker (1997) Script

Mr. Minister...?

Someone paged me. But no one's there.

I paged you.


It couldn't wait until tomorrow at Parliament?


Have our S.T.A.R.T. friends given us permission to do our jobs yet?

Yes, sir. And we didn't even have to ask.

Something wrong, Sergeant?

I didn't Join the Russian Army to dismantle it for the Americans, sir.

None of us did...the world changes.

We must change with it.

Everything is ready?

Everything is ready, General.

Good luck.

Thank you, sir.

What are they doing?

8 minutes, 40 seconds.

8 minutes, 40 seconds. No time to relax, boys.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God. Oh, my God!

Calm down.

We're going to die.

We're 1 5 km away. Under a mountain.

I want my money.

I want my money. Be strong. You're an officer.

Be strong. You're an officer.

I'm so afraid...

I'm so afraid... No, no. It's time to be strong.

No, no. It's time to be strong.

I don't think I am.


Take him away.

What happened?

I don't know, Dr. Kelly. Please come with me, ma'am.

I've got estimates on cloud size coming through.

All right. What have we got?

NORAD's got R-4 going over sector 9877.

It's been localized. Sixty degrees longitude, 50 lat.

What about NPIC?

Ground blast 40 minutes ago in the Ural Mountains. Two trains collided.

One was carrying warheads to Trabinsk. Nice hair. Very au naturel.

Nuclear forces are going from DEFCON four to DEFCON three.

Secure fax is coming in right now. Reports coming in now.

NMCC is concerned the Russians are gonna use this incident to avail troops into Chechnya... That's not our problem.

Estimates from Livermore? Five to 700 kilotons.

Mark Appleton's looking for you. He's upstairs.

All current data on my desk? Yes.

I'm gonna need a minute.

Radiation pattern projections in? Yeah, but those aren't confirmed.

Well, get them confirmed. Russia. What a fucking mess.

God, I miss the Cold War.

Get Essler down here now. I need a translator.

Essler's gone. He quit to run JPL three weeks ago.

Right. Who'd we appoint? My memo's sitting on your desk.

Jesus Christ, who the hell's in charge down there?

Mark? Excuse me. Hi. Sorry.

Forget Chernobyl. This is huge.

Dr. Julia Kelly, Acting Chair, Nuclear Smuggling Group.

You know Terry Hamilton, National Security Advisor.

Yes, sir. We met at last year's Christmas party.

I'm briefing the president in 35 minutes.

I need to explain to him how, with our own START team there, a goddamned accident like this could happen.

It wasn't an accident, sir.

I'm sorry?

We believe that train was carrying SS-18s.

SS-1 8s pencil out at One Point Safe. What's she saying?

Sir, it means if you fire a bullet directly into the warhead, there's less than a one-in-a-million chance of the bomb going off.

The warhead has to be ignited by its own nuclear trigger.

Would you hold this, please? Here we have the satellite imagery.

This is the two trains approaching. Here's the collision itself.

Check out the field of regard.

These two shots are at the same height because they occurred at the same time.

Look at the blast. It's two degrees higher...

...after the satellites passed over. Elapsed time between shots?

Between the wreck and the detonation, four and a half minutes.

Somebody set that nuclear weapon off. This was a terrorist act.

Full NSC briefing at 9am.

The Russians' accident story will stand for now.

No background leaks to the press. Nobody shows up on Nightline.

Doctor...? Kelly.

Dr. Kelly, I'm putting your group on point until I find a replacement.

Yes, sir.

Get me the latest satellite overviews and keep the updates coming.

OK... State, we're gonna need talking points for the president.

We're also gonna need to know anybody that might want to detonate a nuke on Russian soil.

General, I'm gonna need a military liaison with intel background and Russian contacts. You got it.

And General? Make sure he's willing to take orders from a woman.

Now, Colonel Devoe, let's deal with the events of May 1 8th.

You were arrested in a bar brawl in a Moscow disco called...

..."Night Crawler?" Yes, ma'am, that's correct.

You were in the company of a prostitute and a Russian Army colonel named...

...Dimitri Vertikoff? Yes, ma'am, that is also correct.

Dimitri and I went into this bar to try and buy some nerve gas off this ex-KGB guy that we had heard was selling black market surplus munitions to Iraq.

The fight started because, well, we'd run up a bit of a bar tab and we were...

I believe the exact amount was $5200?

We had dinner and I bought a couple of... rounds.

Colonel Vertikoff identified the KGB guy and we were able to stop the nerve gas from getting to Iraq.

So how do you repay a man like that? A sports utility vehicle?

That's exactly right. Dimitri has a teenage daughter.

She likes to go four-wheeling.

I know this Ford guy in Maryland who cut me a great deal on these Explorers.

I like the Bronco a little bit better myself, but...

Colonel, let me get this straight.

You spent taxpayers' money to buy and ship a Ford Explorer 8,000 miles to the teenage daughter of a Russian colonel?

Yes, ma'am.

Think of it as exporting goodwill.

We never discussed detonating a bomb.

If they'd discovered missing warheads, they would have found us in hours.

Now it'll be days before they even reach the crash site.

I hate these new ones. They don't seem real.

He looks bug-eyed, deformed.

They'll have the roads blocked.

Your Russian is awful. Speak English.

It was stupid. Understand?

Your friends made this deal, but this is my operation.

Don't make me start thinking of why I don't need you.

They will never let us through! Of course they will.

Section 21A, Nuclear Disaster Protocol.

One: Secure area. Two: Control debris. Three: Evacuate casualties.

It was stupid.

But they would have the technical know-how and should not be ruled out.

Now, moving on, we come to Shamil Basayev, a scientist.

He claims responsibility for having placed a canister of radioactive cesium in a park in Moscow last June.

But his underworld ties suggest he could be part of a much bigger operation.

Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, Chechen leader since the Russians assassinated Dudayev.

He has threatened to attack Federation nuclear power plants.

There are other possibles on our terrorist list, as outlined in section four of your packet.

Our reaction to the crisis is as follows:

We have initiated an intelligence directive with the Nuclear Smuggling Group acting as hub.

DIA and NRO, heads up. You'll continue responsibility for primary sat imagery... Excuse me, ma'am?

I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt. Yes?

These terrorists, have they asked for anything yet? A list of demands?

Russians out of Chechnya, that sort of thing?

No, but it's not unusual for days, even weeks to go by before a claim of responsibility is made.

Yeah... Air Mob Command is standing by...

Excuse me again. Ma'am, I'm sorry.

That's a satellite shot of the two trains just before they collided.

Dr. Kelly, perhaps you should discuss Special Op possibilities?


General Garnett has Special Operations Command at full alert. Excuse me?

Excuse me. I'm sorry to keep interrupting.

You see these blobs right here at one meter resolution here and here?

Those are people jumping off the passenger train before it crashes.

Now take a look at that train. That's the one with the nuke.

Nobody's jumping off that. Why not?

They were already dead.

How many warheads were on the train?

The Russians haven't confirmed yet.

So we have no idea of potential yield.

Are you suggesting this was a robbery? I'm suggesting that whoever did this had access to Russian satellite positioning intel.

That leaves out your Chechen rebels.

I would like to point out that 1 500 people were killed last night.

You don't do that unless you're trying to make a very profound statement.

Do you know how much a functioning nuke is worth on the open market?

200 million dollars, cash. 200 million dollars makes for a very profound statement. Now, I'm sorry, ma'am, the detonation was a smoke screen. This was a hijacking.

And whoever stole these things got off the bus a long way back.

Well, we will certainly be considering your theory. Thank you very much.

It's just an opinion.

Whoever has current data on the blast, I need it on my desk, ASAP.

You got it!

Ken, try to get Russian Missile Command on the phone, please.

First reports in say the explosion was seen 500 miles... All right, anything from DIA yet?

We should have Russian intel within a half hour.

Great. Sue, I need the START observers' report.

Not just the summaries. Not just the abstracts. The whole thing.

I'm all over it. And where is my military liaison?

Has anybody seen...? Right here.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Devoe, reporting as ordered, ma'am.

My enthusiasm sometimes gets the best of me.

I hope I didn't offend you in there. No, of course not.

Coffee? Sure. I'd love some.

It's over there. Russian Missile Command's on line six.

And I would like to reiterate our commitment to helping you come up with some answers.

Yes. No, I understand, General. I... brought you some coffee.

That's right. Well, we need to know exactly who was on that train.

No, I am the man in charge. I report directly to the president.

What do you want me to say?

I don't see what that has to do with anything.

Yes, well... I see.

No, I understand. I think I have... I mean, I know I have a couple of...

Well, if you would be able to get back to me with the names of the men...

I'm gonna... ...who were on the train and the number of warheads, that would be great.

...go to my office.

And how long do you think that will take?


I'll be expecting your call.

Thank you.

To repeat, CNN has confirmed the detonation of a nuclear device. Push that through as fast as we can.

Radioactive cloud moving slowly toward South Central Mongolia.

We've got confirmation. There were ten warheads on that train.

Departure orders... 40 men on board.

This is meaningless. It's in Russian.

It's meaningless because they haven't listed anyone's rank.

Where'd you learn to speak Russian?


The blue-blooded backbone of our country.

My father's a mailman. Well, you'd never know.

Ilin, Kodoroff, Kulik, Levindovsky...

Kodoroff? Alexsander Kodoroff? Yeah. You know him?

Yeah, I know him. Goddamn it!

I don't know about the rest of these guys, but General Alexsander Kodoroff doesn't ride around on a nuclear transport train. Get me NMCC intel.

It's like Ivana Trump on a subway. Can you go get the files?

I'd have that enhanced off the Urals. Yes, sir.

Sergeant. Sir.

Kodoroff's under investigation for corruption. Gonna be indicted.

Gave a speech nine days ago in St. Petersburg.

Mostly nationalistic bluster, bemoaning the loss of empire, the necessary unity of the Slavic peoples.

Family history, phone records, bank statements, urinalysis from a Moscow traffic stop last month, .367.

I'm amazed he could turn the key. That's definitely a few cocktails.

Saw his dentist on Tuesday, had dinner with some very attractive people on Friday.

We haven't been able to ID them yet.

Jesus, Costello, you're slipping. I'm getting old, sir.

I'm getting old. You're not old.

General Garnett's old.

If you don't mind me asking, sir, is Kodoroff involved?

We don't know. He was on the train.

You see, that's funny. Why is that?

Because the General's got this Finnish mistress, right?

She lives in Helsinki. Right. Laina.

Guy calls her every day, like clockwork.

Never misses. So?

Well, the thing is, if this Kodoroff guy was on that train, and he's so dead, who's bouncing calls to Laina in Helsinki off some satellite over southern Russia?

That's a secure phone, I need it.

Sir, I gotta go. Excuse me, General.

Sir, if a top-ranking Russian general is involved, any intel we get from Moscow is either compromised...

...or a flat-out lie. You're right.

Dimitri, Tom Devoe. What do you want?

What's the matter? You busy?

I'm with two women. Call me back some other time.

How you guys holding up?

I think the only virtue is people are forgetting Chechnya.

Yeah. Listen, D, I've got the troop manifest from that train.

Alek Kodoroff got vaporized out there, did he?

Yeah. What a shame. Yeah.

So how is it he's calling Laina from a bird over southern Russia?

How's he doing that, D?

Hey, D, you still there?

You must be wrong about that, Tom. Our figures indicate the fallout should have dissipated by then.

Let me fax you what we've got. Your number?

Hold on. Fax number, please? Give me the fax.

Hang on, I'll give you the number.

All right: 001-703-51 168.

Six, eight... I'm going to hang up now. Bye.

That scared him.

Is this the fax? Yes, sir.

Information on the nuclear weapon incident in Russia's Ural Mountains is still sketchy at this hour, but we do have a few new facts about the magnitude of the disaster. seismographs around the world detected the blast.

And we have reports that the explosion was seen as far away as Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.

Initial projections indicate the nuclear fallout will affect all of Russia and northern Europe. still no word on casualties...

Now there's word that President Clinton will issue a statement on...

"Vienna, 2pm, Bacherplatz." Why Vienna?

Kordech. Maybe.

Kordech is a front for the Russian Mafia in Vienna.

And it's a trucking company.

Whether it was an accident or an act of terrorism remains a question.

I need NORAD's sector 9877 intel from the Urals, updated fallout patterns and troop movements from NATO HUMINT.

Honey roasted. Think anybody'd mind if I stole a couple of bags?

My old man would get a kick out of the Executive Seal.

Go ahead. Knock yourself out. And would you call Langley?

We're still waiting on the psych profile on Kodoroff.

He's an asshole. Save you a trip. Thanks.

I'll settle for the official version. OK, officially, he's an asshole.

He'll do anything for money.

Which is the good news. It makes him fairly predictable.

Really? I'd say he's been anything but predictable.

He took an order for an expensive, hard-to-find product and he intends to make good on delivery. Supply and demand.

Your area of expertise, right, Colonel? At least that's the word on the Hill.

You've been checking up on me. I like to know who I'm working with.

I'd like to know something.

You moved from Lawrence Livermore to the White House.

So, first you build the bombs to blow up the entire world, and now you want to save it.

Make up your mind. Which is it gonna be?

Well, I believe this week we're saving it.

So, it's really that simple? It is, to me, that simple.

And when you've been the boss for more than two weeks, you'll know that.

Three weeks. You've done some checking yourself.

Well, I like to know who I'm working with.

Doctor, you can run your charts and your theories all you want.

In the field, this is how it works:

The good guys, that's us, we chase the bad guys.

And they don't wear black hats. They are, however, all alike.

They demand power and respect and they are willing to pay top dollar to get it.

And that is our highly motivated buyer.

What about other motivations? Not important to me.

Whether it's important to you or not, there are people out there who don't care about money and don't give a damn about respect.

People who believe the killing of innocent men and women is justified.

For them, it is about rage, frustration, hatred.

They feel pain and they're determined to share it with the world.

OK, that does me no good. Let's deal with the facts at hand.

Twenty-three hours ago, General Alexsander Kodoroff stole ten nuclear warheads. He's just a delivery boy.

I'm not afraid of the man who wants ten nuclear weapons, Colonel.

I'm terrified of the man who only wants one.

No, no, no... listen, listen Music should flow like a language, child-



Sadness, you understand?

Changing a single note can turn joy to sorrow. Your turn.



Hello... - Dusan?

Hello... - Dusan? Who's this?

Hello... - Dusan? Who's this? - It's me, Vlado.

Is everything okay?

Is everything okay? Yes, we're on schedule.

Brother, listen to me...

I'm scared.

Look who's the secret agent! Nice hat. You don't stand out at all.

Dress shoes with khakis?

Look at you. Leave me alone.

What are they doing to you? Let me tell you, whatever happens, deny it. OK, I'll try that.

Now these are CDs, they are for Tasha. You will not like them.

How is she? Sixteen.

And in love with a 20-year-old motocross racer. I am worried sick.

She said to say hello. Send her my love.

Is Kodoroff involved with Kordech? Is that why we're in Vienna?

This is Dr. Julia Kelly. Colonel Dimitri Vertikoff.

Dr. Kelly heads the Nuclear Smuggling Group.

With the White House. With the White House.

A beautiful woman with a Ph.D.

You're way out of your league.

You have no idea, Colonel.

That's good. That's good, yes.

I think we can do business, Dr. Kelly. Let's take a walk.

OK, let's take a walk.

...they sit here and drink. Well, we might as well join them.

...were monitoring Kordech for years. But it's been a Mafia, ex-KGB operation.

Until recently. You have to see it in the context of my country.

Alek Kodoroff comes from a generation of officers who grew up in a crumbling system. Those pictures in your head about Russia...

...bread lines, shitty little apartments, ancient cars...

Kodoroff and his friends made sure that it never applied to them.

But now, even that system is crumbling.

This was Kodoroff's way out, his big score.

So you brought us here because you can't investigate Kordech yourself.

No, I can't investigate without alerting Kodoroff.

Half the men used to be in my unit.

Mr. Dietrich Shummaker schedules all Russian shipping for Kordech.

You have an appointment at four. Good.

Let's go see a man about a truck. Cheers.

It's gasoline.

Do you have them? Yes. We have to begin immediately.

No, you just have to remember the plan. I'm Anthony Haden.

I'm Patty Carson. All right.

We go in, we get the information and get out.

Call me Tony. Here we go.

Hi. Hi.

I'm Anthony Haden, this is my associate Patty Carson and I think...

...Herr shummaker is expecting us. Right. Please follow me.

Please make yourselves comfortable.

Thank you.

Trucking business must be pretty good.

Wonder what chateau in the Loire Valley these came from.

Mr. Haden, welcome.

Thank you very much for seeing us. This is my associate, Ms. Carson.

Nice place you have here.

My personal taste runs to the Italians.

But the German late baroque was heavily influenced by the Italians.

Several of our paintings are Italian. That's a Tiepolo.

Oh, yeah. I'm a big LeRoy Neiman fan myself.

Are you familiar with his work?

No, I'm afraid not. Please, come in.

Sure. Into my office.

Oh, now this is nice. Thank you. Have a seat.

How can we help you?

Well, I wanted some information about trucking in Russia.

I might not be the right man. If you need to rent equipment...

You're the head of transportation, right?

The head? No, I just do the scheduling.

Right. You're the guy who gets things done.

Smart. Put a German on it.

Yes, well... As I said, how can I help you?

What we want to know is, if I wanted to rent a vehicle to steal and transport nuclear weapons from somewhere, let's say, inside the Urals, would you be the guy to talk to?

Would you be that guy?

No, I'm afraid not. I believe our meeting is over.

All right. Well, thank you... Do you like Ford Explorers?

We have to go. Range Rovers? Land Cruisers...

We really have to go. No, Patty, we have to stay.

May I ask you to leave...? No!

You should have taken the money, Hans!

Now get up and get behind that desk. You broke my nose.

Not a word. Get the duct tape out of my briefcase.

I'm not gonna shoot you unless I have to.

And if I have to, I'm gonna feel real bad about it. Now sit down.

Give me the duct tape. Here.

I need the password. What's the password?

Hang on. Password.

No. All right. Hang on.

All right, Hans, we'll do it your way.

How's the backhand? Password.

Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff.

Hasselhoff... How do you spell Hasselhoff?

Way to go, Hans. Very brave.

I'm in.

I need the trucking invoices for the last seven days.

All right.

This is your plan? Yep.

This is your big plan? This is my plan.

Let's go. Hurry up.

Let's go. Come on. Almost. Just logging off.

Stay on. Who cares? Leave it running. Got it!

All right, hang on tight.

And... Thank you very much, Herr Shummaker.

Go. Come on! Come on!

Go. Go. Hurry up.

You get it? Got it. You all right?

No. No, I'm not all right. Brilliant idea, just smash his face in.

That is how things get done here. A couple of bribes and it would've never happened at all. Am I right?

Check the seats. They go all the way back.

Oh, yeah. An embassy car? Cool.

Of course. CD player, bulletproof glass. It has everything.

Oh, shit.

We may have a problem. This is going to cost us.

What do you have? Give me. That's enough.

Yeah? I'll be back.

Hold this.

So you think he set us up? Who?

Your friend. No.

How can you be so sure? Because he's my friend.

He needs more money. Come here.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Get down!

Out! Out!

Get up front! Get up front! Up front?

They're behind us. How many?

Two. Three!

All right. Reach into that briefcase. Pull out an extra magazine.

Where is it? In the briefcase. Reach in.

Goddamn it!

Seat belt.


Come on. What's wrong with you?

Come on. What's wrong with you?!

What are you doing?



Come on. The invoices!

Come on! We need the invoices!

Come on, goddamn it! No!

Go, go, go!

Dimitri has a...

...a daughter, Tasha.

Sixteen. She lives in Rybinsk.

I remember when she was three.

She's... She's beautiful.

It doesn't make sense.

You don't...

...kill a Dimitri Vertikoff. There are certain rules.

Killing him isn't useful.

Is it ever?

I never watched anybody die before.

Welcome. You've got mail.

I emailed Shummaker's files to my AOL account before I logged off.

Did it work?


We're looking for a vehicle hired in the Urals on about June 29th, right?

No, the truck's too small. Yeah, yeah...

St. Petersburg. Wrong direction. Point of origin: Chelyabinsk.

Registration number: 7056BM.

Destination: Imisli 44-E.

Azerbaijan, it's just south of Russia.

It's 5 miles from fucking Iran.

Kodoroff crosses that border and those nukes are gone.

We got a payment number. Looks like a bank routing code.

There's no names of any clients here. 44-E. Does that mean anything to you?

What? Shummaker put a private memo on the invoice. It can't be copied and it wouldn't show up...

This is Devoe. We have a target vehicle, it's a cargo truck. Registration...

...7056 Bravo Mike. Traveling south from Chelyabinsk... Imisli in Azerbaijan. 44-E...

Now, I'm requesting a high priority tasker.

Any birds, any birds find this truck. We got nukes heading for Iran.

What the hell is 44-E?


Zarko Preljevik has died.

He never regained consciousness after being shot outside his church.

His death is a tragic loss - to his family, to his country, to our hopes for peace.

We know you've avoided politics, Dusan, but you are the alternate.

Your people need you.

I am a Serb.

I'm a Croat.

I'm a Muslim.

You will look at what I have done and say:

"Of course. Why not? They are all animals.

They have slaughtered each other for centuries."

But the truth is, I am not a monster.

I'm a human man.

I'm just like you...

...whether you like it or not.

Got your problems recruitin'... Let's go, hut! Move now, hut!

Hey, Rich. How you doing? Good, good.

We haven't seen you since the Great Scud Hunt.

That's right. Captain Santiago, sir.

Hello, Captain.

This is Lieutenant Beach.

We'll be running the operation from the ground, sir.

Gentlemen, tell me you found him. Damn close, sir.

Giving him an average speed of 65 clicks, if their destination of Imisli is correct and if they're taking a direct route, we've got them somewhere about here, in Dagestan.

Still in Russia, below Makhachkala on the Caspian Sea.

We've snuck a peek at everything within a 200 square mile area.

We haven't turned up your truck, but we think they're stuck here, in Kumuh.

There's a hell of a traffic jam down there, sir.

The trucks are too close together. We can't get an angle on the plates.

What's going on down there?

Renewed fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Roads are clogged with refugees fleeing north.

Ken? Ken, get me a copy of Kodoroff's intel phone records.

What are you thinking? I need an outside line here.

Someone get me an outside line, please.

Filthy fucking refugees.

Azerbaijani, Georgian, Kazakhstani.

Don't curse them.

I don't care what bitch gave birth to them... Muslim, Serb.

I don't hate them for who they are. I hate them because they are poor.

Hey, Alek. How's the ride down there? Who is this?

Doesn't traffic drive you nuts when you're in a hurry?

Who the fuck is this?! It's Tom Devoe. How the hell you been?

I gotta know. You still humping that Finnish stewardess with the bad skin?

Tom, are you still trading stolen cars on the black market?

Hey, Alek... you watched CNN during Desert Storm.

Remember all those television shots from the nose cone of the GBU missiles slamming into those trucks?

Remember that picture?

How it kept getting closer and bigger on the screen?

You just about see the faces of those drivers and then...

...zap, the picture went dead. We didn't get to see what happened next.

Well, guess what, Alek?

You will, you son of a bitch.

Shit. Get out of the way.

I guess that upset him. Can you get an angle?

In a minute. He rear-ends some guy, that can't detonate that nuke, can it?

As long as no one opens the primary, they're safe.

Come on.

Come on, sweetie, come on.

It's coming.

7056 Bravo Mike. That's it. How long do we have him on satellite?

One hour, 46 minutes.

Contact Russian command. Give them the location of the truck.

Ken? Boom.

Wait, we have to go now. We have surveillance for one hour.

It doesn't matter what the State Department says. Yes, sir, absolutely.

No, I understand, sir. Fine. Thank you.

Yes. Yes, sir. Will do. Thank you, sir.

All right.

OK, go. You go. No, you go first.

I was talking to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

He says State Department's dragging their feet.

I was just talking to the president.

Says it's a Russian problem. They have to manage it.

No, we have the advantage now. We have to take it.

The Russians say they are handling this.

The Russians couldn't find snow in the middle of fucking winter.

It's this simple. When that satellite is out of range, those nukes are gone.

It's only jet fuel.

Get up into NATO airspace. Good for you.

Let's go. Rich, let's giddyup. Colonel, Colonel! Wait.

Wait, Colonel! With Russia insisting they're handling this, you will not take action without authorization.

What do you think I am? Some gung ho, stupid son-of-a-bitch?

No, I don't think you're stupid.

I think you're a talented soldier with sloppy impulse control.

And I don't want you provoking an international incident because of a personal agenda. My personal agenda is my business.

Now you are not in Washington anymore. You are in the real world.

And in the real world, there are nuclear arms heading for Iran.

So whether you agree with me or not, get me authorized!

We must go, Dusan.

Cobra Three, this is Tango Six, what have we got?

Russian command has been notified of the target vehicle's location.

Proceed to position and await further instructions.

Ken, does NRO have anything else yet? They got us on standby.

Take this down. How much time are we looking at?

We can track them for another 45 minutes.

Let's alert IFOR at the Bazta checkpoint.

They'll have to pass through there.

Put that away.

Step out of the truck please.

I'm sorry, General... we've been ordered to check all vehicles.

We're just carrying medical supplies. Let us through.

I'm sorry sir, but I have orders.

Look at your code book, Sergeant.

Today's authorization code is... X16...7KTR...8.

Yes... but I still have to search the truck.

What is your name and unit?

Name and unit, you hear me?

I'm sorry, General. Go ahead, General.

Thank you, Sergeant.


I'm sorry, sir. You'll have to get out of the truck.

Get out of the truck immediately!

Of course.

There's been a tragic setback in the ongoing effort to secure lasting peace in the former Yugoslavia. so far, no one has taken responsibility for the killing of the Bosnian-serb Finance Minister, Zarko Preljevik, who was assassinated in a sarajevo church yard.

Word of Prelijevik's violent death has sent shock waves through the international community.

The well-liked moderate was considered a crucial player in the upcoming peace talks, scheduled to begin this week in New York.

Reporting live from Sarajevo, this is Jean Rogers for CNN.


The 44th parallel runs through...


Where's that bank routing number off the Kordech invoice?

Dr. Kelly, get over here. Check it against banks in Sarajevo.

Doctor? What's going on?

The Russian roadblock... They're all dead, ma'am. I think they're all dead.

Cobra Three, they got'em?

Negative, Tango Six. How much longer do we have them on satellite?

Less than ten minutes.

Alert the Russians of the truck's current position.

Tell them they have men down out there.

Stand by to track...

We've now reached the Federation airspace, Cobra Three.

We're running out of time. Suggest we go.

Negative, Six. Do not proceed without authorization.

The Russians have troops in the area? Negative.

Cobra Three, we're gonna lose them on satellite. We have to go.

Get me a secure phone linked to NMCC.

Negative, Six. Do not proceed without authorization.

You will not proceed.

When we lose the satellite, do we have any other eyes in the area? sir, we have the target vehicle approaching the Iranian border.

Requesting permission to enter Russian Federation airspace and take it out.

Dr. Kelly, in your estimation, is this our only remaining course of action?

Based on available intel, the Russians having no forces in place, our analysis of the satellite SIGINT and...

I'm not asking for analysis. I'm asking for a decision.

Must advise we go, sir.

Dr. Kelly, if there are nuclear weapons on that truck and the Russians can't interdict...

...are you willing to risk a war to stop it?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir, I am. six, this is Cobra Three. We have a go. I repeat: We have a go.

Avoid foreign casualties, secure the target vehicle, detain anyone found inside. Copy, Cobra.

Six to Task Force. We're cleared as briefed. Let's rock and roll!

This is Red Dog Pack to Three. Execute! Execute!

Why aren't they finished back there?

Unidentified aircraft, you have entered Russian Federation airspace.

Identify yourself immediately.


Russian control tower, this is Air Force 53762.

A flight of three Us Air Force helicopters in pursuit of stolen nuclear weapons. Request a weapons hold status.

Three American Air Force helicopters.

Low altitude, approximately 1 75 kilometers per hour.

Requesting weapons hold status.

Intrusion, section 1 87.

Activate tracking and firing sequence.

All batteries...on my command.

You must return to Turkish airspace, US Air Force.

Your intrusion is not authorized. You have crossed International Line.

Battery one tracking.

They've locked onto us.

Battery two tracking.

A second battery's locked on to us.

Get Southern command on the line.

Tell them we have unauthorized entry - by three U.S. attack helicopters.

This is Air Force 53762.

We are in pursuit of stolen nuclear weapons on their way to Iran.

Repeat, put your weapons on hold.

Batteries tracking and ready to fire.

Reverse course immediately or we will begin to fire.

This is Red Dog Three. We're lit up like a Christmas tree!

This is Air Force 53762.

Those weapons could be going to Chechnya or Georgia.

We repeat, put your weapons on hold!

They haven't answered yet, sir!

We'll lose track in 8 seconds!

Take them out.

Here they come!

Number one is down.

Cobra, we have a downed aircraft two miles east of checkpoint four.

Number Three, acknowledge. This is Red Dog Three.

Do you see the aircraft? Do you see any survivors?

Negative. The whole fucking forest is up in flames.

Number Three, duck behind the hill! Behind the hill.

How many men on that chopper?


Cobra Three, we're out of range. Target is two miles out.

Here it is.

What's he doing?

Will it work?

It can be activated by a single man, and will render a nuclear yield of one to two kilotons.

Why is he doing that now?

Because that was the deal. One warhead for us, to do with as we wish.

After I get my money. Helicopters!

All right! Gentlemen, whatever you do, do not shoot any civilians. Do you understand?

Take out the road!

Rig me a heavy lift line!

Those fuckers you can shoot!

Let's get him out! Pull up!

Where are they going, Alek?

Where are they going? Fuck you!

Get it down! Let's go! Lower it! Heavy line! Let's go!

Grab it and get out!

Drop the cable! Drop it! Bring it down!

More! More!

Come on! Get on! Hook on!

More! Lower it! We gotta lower it!

Goddamn it!


We're clear, we're clear!

All right, open them up! Let's go! Let's go!

You all right, sir? Yeah! Open them up!

Let's go! Open them up! Let's go!

Give me the radio. Cobra Three, are you there?

Six, what happened?

One assault aircraft is gone. Nine men are dead.

Kodoroff is dead. And we have recovered...

Something's going on. ...eight nuclear warheads... their containers.

That's not enough warheads. What?

That's not enough warheads. That's not enough damn warheads.

For once, you could say something nice.

It was an SS-1 8. Ten warheads. One detonated, eight with you.

That leaves one unaccounted for!

Colonel Devoe! There's somebody alive down here.

Hold on a minute. Take this.

Motherfuck! Goddamn it!

We got a live one, Colonel.

Do you speak English? Yes. I... I went to Harvard.

Go, Crimson!

Help me up, please. Where's the other warhead?

Please bring me up. Listen to me very carefully.

You are gonna die unless you tell me where the other warhead is.

I don't know. He took it. He's gone. Who?

I don't know his name. He's with the ones who arranged this.

Kodoroff? No, Kodoroff just handled the money.

It was the other one.

He made me dismantle the primary, make it mobile.

How? It's in his backpack.

Help me up, please?

I'm going back to the rig!

Help me up! Just hang on. We'll bring you up.


Kelly, a guy got away with a bomb.

Copy, Devoe. All right. Come on back.

We got it! The bank account on the Kordech invoice is registered to an address in Grbavica, Serbian suburb of Sarajevo.

Good. Get this information to IFOR. Tell them to proceed with caution.


Where are you going?

You made it.

I told you I would.

Is it heavy?

We must go.

Check it out! Are you all right?

I've been better. How about you? I've been better.

We traced the money back to a man named Vlado Mirich.

IFOR found a tape in his apartment. They're uplinking it to us now.

They say it has some sort of terrorist message on it.

Colonel, the guy you caught is Dr. Amir Taraki, Pakistani.

Ph.D. in astrophysics. Educated at Harvard.

That's right, we educated half the world's terrorists.

You need to tell me exactly what he said.

He removed the primary from the warhead and put it in a backpack.

The primary is packed with plutonium.

Detonated, it could still take out ten city blocks.

IFOR tape is transmitting right now! Kill maybe 1 00,000 people in a densely populated area like Sarajevo or Tuzla.

You will look at what I have done and say:

"Of course. Why not? They are all animals.

They have slaughtered each other for centuries."

But the truth is...

...I'm not a monster.

I'm a human man.

I'm just like you, whether you like it or not.

For years, we have tried to live together, until a war was waged on us.

On all of us.

A war waged by our own leaders.

And who supplied the serb cluster bombs, the Croatian tanks, the Muslim artillery shells...

...that killed our sons and daughters?

It was the governments of the West who drew the boundaries of our country. sometimes in ink, sometimes in blood.

The blood of our people.

And now you dispatch your "peacekeepers" to write our destiny again.

We can never accept this peace that leaves us with nothing but pain.

Pain the "peacemakers" must be made to feel.

Their wives, their children, their houses and churches. so now you know. Now you must understand.

Leave us to find our own destiny.

May God have mercy on us all.

IFOR can shut down Bosnia. He's never gonna get to Sarajevo...

Wait, wait. He's not going there.

We weren't meant to find this until after he had detonated the bomb.

Now... "Pain the peacemakers must be made to feel."

The peacemakers aren't in Bosnia. They're in Europe and the US.

They're signing a treaty this week? Tomorrow at the UN.

What is the address of the UN? By the river, east side.

44th Street. 44-E...

He's going to New York.

What do you got, Ken?

The only way that we can close down the airport is with the Federal Nuclear Emergency Response Plan.

It has to come from her. All right. I'll give it to her.

I wanted to know...

...who they were.

All right...

Secure line to NMCC.

This is Dr. Julia Kelly.

I am issuing a Presidential Directive for a Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan.

We have a possible weapon of mass destruction coming into the United States by unknown terrorist or terrorists.

Check in the rear. Yes, sir!

Commencing diplomatic evacuation, perimeter is secured.

Repeat, perimeter is secured.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please? I'm with the UN.

We've been informed of a serious threat to the treaty signing.

So we have to get you off this plane to insure your safety.

Now, if you would all please stand up now.

Come on, please stand up. Thank you.

We'll have you move to the exits in the rear and front of the aircraft in an orderly fashion.

We're getting 'em out.

Glad you could make it. Coffee? No, thank you, sir.

I popped a couple of stay-awakes on the plane.

Dr. Kelly? I'm fine.

How many stay-awakes did she take?

This is Mark Carey, Energy.

Over here, Special Agent in Charge, David Branigan, FBI.

Welcome to New York.

We're running NYPD and Agency response out of here, in coordination with DOE.

Evacuation plans? FEMA and National Guard on alert.

What about NEST? Energy has containment teams on alert in Battery Park, awaiting instructions.

We're running casualty scenarios.

Initial blast would throw 60 rads of prompt radiation out three miles.

That's most of Lower Manhattan and Queens, Two-point-five to three million people. Fifty percent survival rate.

We'll need to monitor and localize wind patterns and we need radiation detectors on the ground and in the air.

Intel report from IFOR. Let me see that.

All right, Vlado Mirich, Bosnian-Serb, radical. Been missing for a week.

Father fought with Tito. No wife or children.

Has a half-brother, a classical pianist in Sarajevo.

Served as a cultural liaison.

Mirich's been arrested three times for smuggling and black marketeering. It's gotta be him.

No, no, something doesn't fit. What?

The man in the tape he's no black marketeer. And not a nationalist.

Remember what he said? He said, "I'm a Serb, a Croat and a Muslim."

He is holding everybody responsible.

I checking all incoming passenger manifests.

I have a V. Mirich on Swissair flight 1204, from Zurich to Kennedy.

Arriving when? Touched down seven minutes ago.

Call JFK. Get to security. Send them a picture.

We're up to Kennedy airport. Got it!

Excuse me. Excuse me!

All right, cover all the exits. Nobody gets out of here. Nobody gets out!

Devoe? Who's Devoe? Swissair flight 1204, non-residents.

Twenty. Station 20. This way.

He's not here. He's not here.

We got a possible identification at desk seven. Far corner.

Excuse me.

Vlado Mirich?


Who the hell is this?

Unloading the charter bus is cancelled. a requirement in designated areas. A shuttle will be provided.

All right.

Passport's fake. Claims he bought it on the street in Sarajevo.

We've been able to detained eight men who tried to enter today using passports issued by countries of the former Yugoslavia.

None matches your description. Eight? That's it?

Where the hell is he? Even with the treaty signing?

That doesn't include the delegations. The what?

They don't go through customs. Give me that!

Oh, shit. Must've been a couple hundred of them.

...Julius Caesar. What is Brutus?

Right. Half-brothers, $800.

Answer. The other Daily Double.

I need one now...

No, ma'am, let me explain.

We are talking about a possible terrorist situation.

We need to detain the entire delegation.

These are diplomats, here as guests of the US State Department. I can't...

Then I need their names and room numbers.

We're looking for a Vlado Mirich. What floor they're on, too.

This man isn't named Vlado Mirich. This is Dusan Gavrich.

He's an alternate for the Bosnian-Serb delegation.

Their minister was assassinated last week.

Mr. Gavrich is attending in his place.

The brother.

Go, go!

Diplomatic papers. They never even searched it.

Still warm.




Help me!

Help my child!

Please help me!

East 44th Street.

DOE, you have anything yet? Choppers are up.

Couple of plus-2 spikes, but nothing approaching target levels.

The backpack's gonna be leaking radiation, so they should be able to locate him within a three to four block area.

Set up road blocks here. Gonna close off Second Avenue and funnel him down 43rd to the UN. Deploy snipers between First and Second and take him out. Command Center.

General, we're closing down... Ken?

...the east side of Second Avenue from 55th to 42nd and the north side of 42nd from sixth to the river.

We're gonna be positioned at the UN.

Instruct all field agents, all snipers, subject cannot be aware of the hunt.

Move it.

Something big at UN today.

Traffic bad all morning.

Chopper, Hunter One, anything?

That's a negative.

HQ, Kelly, we're gonna work our way south down into the funnel.

Suggest stopping anyone with a backpack north of 55th.

How soon will you get to the UN? What are you talking about, "It's a State issue?" This is a national emergency.

Get over here! Spread'em!

Put your hands on your head! Don't move!

Who are the fascists now?

Come on!

All right!

Let's go!

Go, go, go!

Come on! Let's move it.

Go! Yeah, come on, move.


Get out of here. Let's go.

What the hell is this? We have instructions to secure...

It looks like Desert fucking Storm out there!

If he sees us, we're all dead. Get them out!

Colonel! Yeah?

...but clear it!

Where's the containment trucks?

It's gridlock out there! Where are they?

Colonel, we picked up a diffused radiation source somewhere between Third and Second, and 54th and 46th.

Can you be more precise DOE? Not at this altitude.

All right, I'm on my way. Listen, you keep an open channel!

When we locate him, you move out with the NEST team.

HRT Command, put me in direct with your closest shooter.

Hunter One, copy. Leader, this is One.

Expect he's coming your way, One. Roger that. Do we have a green light?


Can't get through here. Around the barriers, folks.

Good, that's good.

Do not walk that way. OK.

Turn around. Thank you!

Move to the left, please. Roundabout.

I think he's somewhere between First and second, probably below 46th.

All positions, do you see target? No, sir. Not me.

Come on.

Come to Papa.

This is Four. Target acquired. 300 meters.

Not clean. Too many friendlies. Four, this is Leader. Take the shot.

There's a child, a family.

Acknowledged. Take the shot.

Shoot him. Come on.

Four, this is Leader. I repeat, take the shot!

Take the shot!

Shoot him! Take the shot!

Oh, God. Goddamn it, somebody shoot him!

This is One. I have target acquired! 400 yards, inbound.

No shot. Should open at 43rd.


I need to get the hell through here.

You and the rest of New York, pal. Take it easy.

Just get out of here.

Dispatch, this is 1 501 . I need backup on 43rd Street as soon as you can get it.

Leader, this is Hunter One, waiting for target to clear.

You with the backpack... get your hands up.

Get your hands up.

I am a diplomat with the United Nations.

I must be allowed to pass.

Leader, I may have lost him. He stopped.

What? He may have stopped. I'm not sure.

He went behind some trees. He's gotta be there!

Reacquire! Move if you have to.

What do you got in the backpack?

Cuffs. You got it.

Did you engage? Negative, sir.

Someone's shooting, corner of 43rd and Second.

Is he down?

Is he down? Is he down? Negative. Negative!

They're southbound, toward 42nd.

Stay in contact with the containment trucks and have them ready to move on my command.

Come here. Where are you from?

Philadelphia. Give me the keys.

Hey! Out of the way!

DOE, you have him? He's eastbound on 42nd.

Get out of the way! Get out of the way!


Come on!

Move it.

East of Second, off 41st! He's in there! He went down there!

There! You stay behind me!

Drop your weapon and show me your fuckin' hands!

We got him. Alley off 41st.

You all right? Yeah.

The signal just quit. You're right there. He's gotta be indoors!


Move! Move! Move! Move!

Anybody have him? Negative. Nothing to the south end. same to the north. DOE, what do you got? still picking up a diffused energy source, somewhere in the area. We're circling back now.

He knows he'll never make it to the UN.

He doesn't have to. He's got a nuclear weapon.

All he has to do is sit behind a dumpster and take out half of Manhattan, including the UN. He doesn't want to die behind a dumpster. He wants his death to mean something.

Keep circling.

Wait, guys, fan out. We've established a new perimeter.

Gotta be within 200 yards. I shot him. Look for blood, door to door.

No sign, Colonel. He probably ducked into a building.

Keep looking.

We'll continue circling a six block area.



Go, go!

Hurry along. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Father, take these children out of here, now! Move it!

Come on. Come on. Give me your hand.

Give me your hand. Let's go.

Go. Go, go, go, go.

You cannot stop this. Never.


OK, just...

...just stay still. Stay there.

Stay still. It's OK.

You don't want to die like this.

Tell me about the bomb.

Is it on a trigger? Is it on a timer?

Is it activated? Come on. Talk to me.

We can decide on a way out of this.


Who decided for my wife?

My child, murdered.

For what?

For breathing?

For smiling?

And now, I am left.

Who decides for me?

Mr. Gavrich, what is it you want?

I want it to be... it was.

Sir, it's not our war.

It is now.


Son of a bitch.

Where the hell is NEST? Get NEST in here!

It's on a timer.

All right, listen, the bomb's on a timer, all right?

Ken, Ken.

Where the hell are they? I don't know. I'm on it.

Ken, tell me NEST is here. Affirmative. We've cleared 43rd.

They'll be there in four minutes.

They're not gonna make it.

They're not gonna make it. OK. You're gonna have to do this.

Do you understand? Take a look. Tell me what you see.

Take a look at this and tell me what you see.

An SS-1 8 primary with a plutonium core. A bomb inside a bomb.

It has a capacitor relay detonator. Double pull, double throw.

The only way of knowing is to open it up.


Let's move it into the chapel. Get it off him!

Get it off him! What? Hang on!

We got a trip wire. We gotta move the man with the bomb, all at once!

Here we go. Ready? Go! Let's go! Let's go! Careful!


Why in here? It'll help contain the radiation.

All right. You need to get out of the church. Please.

Try to evacuate as many people from this area as you can.

OK, I need something for the screws.

Here. Anything! Quick!

Go! Go! All right.

Devoe, get out of here. OK, I'll be in the truck.


The plutonium core is surrounded by explosive panels.

Give me the knife. I need the knife back.

If we can separate one of the panels...

...we may be able to blow up the outer bomb without...

...the core going to nuclear yield.

You gonna blow this up? You'll blow up the bomb?

You know what you're doing, right? You've done something like this before?

Defuse stolen nuclear primaries jury-rigged by Pakistanis?



I need your gun. Give me the gun! I need the gun!


Easy, easy, easy!

All right...

Fourteen. Thirteen.

I know. Oh, God. Twelve.

Eleven. Let's go! Ten. Nine.

Eight. Come on! Seven! Come on! Six! Five!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Julia, Julia...

Come here. Are you OK?

Hey, are you OK? Hey! Come here. Come here!

Come here...

You OK? I think so.

All right.

You're OK.

Yeah, all right.

Hey, listen, you're OK. All right? No.

You're OK! Need you to go with these men.

Julia. All right, go, go, go!


Julia! I'm bleeding.

Hey, Julia!


So... They give you any new medals?

Yes, they did.

Well, you worked very hard for them. Thank you.

So we've got kind of a tradition over at military ops.

Whenever combatants come back from the field in one piece, we buy each other a beer.

You made that up. Yes, I did.

Well... I got ten more to go.

I'll wait.