The Perfect Stalker (2016) Script

So where did you find that hack?

I did my research and Dr. Highland is very well respected.

Grace, if you're not gonna get any help for these mood swings or whatever this is, then, I just don't think I can go on with things.

I need to do what's best for me, so that I can keep my sanity.

So you wanna leave me, Harvey?

Hahaha! Haha!

A disorder?

Well, that would explain the highs and lows in your mood.

And it's treatable. It will make your life easier to manage.

I manage my life just fine, thank you.

You know how you can overreact sometimes.

Right? And when that happens, you can't control yourself.

Two weeks ago, her friends were visiting from New York. That snobby bitch!

You said he just liked it and bought it on a whim without knowing anything about it or the artist.

So I just thought you might want a little background.

So I'm just the uneducated, plain folk?

I mean, I think the fact that I picked out the picture says I have pretty damn good taste.

It is a lovely piece. I don't need your condescension.

Grace, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you... You sit there thinking that you are better than us and smarter than us - Grace, stop!

She's our guest. This is just like you not to be on my side.

Look what you made me do! You've ruined everything!

She didn't mean that.

I'm so sorry. Grace, you are not alone.

Alright, over 400000 people suffer from HPD.

I'm sure we can find a way to make your life much better if you're willing to accept treatment.

I'm gonna go to the bathroom, and I will see you outside.

I can't believe you! To think that we're in a place that you need to take me to a shrink!

What are you doing?

We're still talking here, Harvey!

I just need a few minutes, OK?

It is just like you to avoid this.

I'm not avoiding anything; I just need a few minutes.

I'm gonna fix the lights that you keep complaining about, and that will give you time to just calm down.

Are you sure about this HPD diagnosis?

Well, look what happened today: erratic behaviour, unwillingness to accept criticism, low tolerance of frustration.

And then look at what happened at the party. Rash decisions, overly dramatic and emotional and need to be the centre of attention.

Yes, it's HPD.

I will try and get her back in for another appointment.

And if it's not with me, it needs to be with someone.

These are only gonna get worse.

More symptoms, more extreme behaviour.

She could start to act out sexually, becoming obsessed with a relationship that she believes to be intimate when it's not, using somatic illness or a trauma to garner attention.

In short, your wife needs help.

Now, you can keep your sanity.

Welcome! Thanks!

I'm Erin. Grace. Grace Fisher.

I live just over there in that red, brick house. Cute!

Umm, I've heard this neighbourhood is amazing.

I did a bunch of research. Yeah, the best neighbourhood.

Where did you move in from? Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Yeah, I saw this place online. It's completely furnished, but the owner doesn't have the best taste, so...

Thank God it's a fresh start. I'm looking forward to buying some new furniture. Fresh start?

Yes. It's very exciting.

Yeah. It was time for me, experience different things, meet new people. Well, I can help with that.

We're having a gathering at our place Saturday afternoon.

You should stop by. Really?

Yeah. There will be a ton of neighbours there, and you can give them a proper hello.

I would love that. It'd be my first big-city party.

Well, I'll see you there. Yes! Thank you!

Bye! Bye!

This is good? Yes.

Got it! Here.

Crap! These are the absolute worst.

Here. No, no, you don't have to do that. No, I got more than enough.

Hahaha! Thank you.

Don't mention it. I'm Grace.

Robert Harris. Nice to meet you.

Get the groceries home safely.

I will now thanks to you. OK.

Grace? Yes.

Tina. Hi.

Pleasure to meet you. Nice to meet you!

H.R. asked me to help you get set up. Great!

We'll be working next to each other.

And since it's your first day, I hope you'll let me take you to lunch? That sounds lovely.

So, do you have any plans this weekend? I know you just moved here, so if you want a P.I.C. to see any of the sights, let me know.

Thank you. That's very sweet. But actually, I met one of my neighbours.

She's awesome! And she invited me to this block party.

And I have a mountain of unpacked boxes.

Yeah. And if that's not enough, for my first weekend, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get to meet up with an old friend for coffee.

A man?


We reconnected when I found out he lived here.

He's a professor at Horton.

And an author. Have you heard of Robert Harris?

No. That's OK.

Um, not everybody has.

His books tend to be more academic.

Is he single?

Well, I don't know.

Umm, it's been years.

I'm hoping to find out.

I love it. You'll have to tell me everything on Monday.

I won't leave out a single dirty detail.

Hey, you made it! Yeah!

That dress is amazing! Do you like it?

I love it. It's beautiful. You don't think it's too much?

No, not at all. You'll be the hit of the party. Come on in.

Wow! I want to introduce you to my boyfriend, Robert. Robert!

This is Grace. She's our new neighbour.

Hey. She's in Bruce's old place.

Right on. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you! Ha!

And she brought us this. My!

Yeah. That's a... that's a 2007 Bordeaux.

You know it? I've heard of it, yeah, but I've never had it. Thank you. Of course.

No, I work at a law firm in downtown.

So you're lawyer? No. A transcriber.

Cool! Erin!

I'll be right back! Can you hide that, put it somewhere safe? Yeah, I can do that.

The market.

The market where I met you and your groceries.

Outside the market. I was hoping you didn't remember that.

That was quite embarrassing. Nonsense.

Let me get you a drink. What are you having? Wine.

Red? White? Red.

OK. Wayne. Wayne, I want you to meet the new kid on the block. This is Grace.

H-hi. Hi!

Wayne here is our number one resource in neighbourhood protection. You a cop?

No. I've never had that distinction.

Just a bored, old insurance investigator with too much time on his hands.

Well, I already feel safer.

Now, we live in a reasonably quiet neighbourhood and, I don't mean to alarm you here, but, just the other day, I found this guy stalking around a vacant lot over on Quail Road. Looks like he was trying to squat.

So you be careful?

Be aware of your surroundings.

Always. Wayne, I get worried when you start confronting these guys. I mean, I hope you're not putting yourself in risk when you're dealing with 'em.

Baah. - : Well, if you ever need any help, let me know.

Well, I appreciate it, Robert. Alright.

Robert! Excuse me.

So... are you married?

No. Single and in the big city.

My gosh!

I am such a klutz! Your dress!


OK, come on. Come on. OK.

I know Erin has something for just this type of situation.

You know, it's been driving me crazy since I met you, that I knew you from somewhere, and then I heard that you're an author. I am. Where the hell is that?

You're the Robert Harris.

The 60s: The Pop Culture Revolution? I've read your book.

Come on! Really? You like it? Yes! Yes! I adored it.

I'd love to talk about it, but I want to make sure I haven't ruined your dress. No, you didn't. It's fine!

Erin will know where the stain remover is. Give me a second.

I'm just relieved it came out.

Me too. Thank you guys so much for letting me in your beautiful home.

I had the best time. Glad to hear.

Haha! Well, we should do lunch.

Definitely. I'm on the road starting Tuesday, but when I'm back, we'll set something up.

Perfect! OK. Right. Hey, it's a pleasure to meet you. Pleasure to meet you too. Bye, guys!

See you. Get home safe.

Liked her. I know.

So, tell me. Did you meet your friend for the coffee date?

It wasn't a date. Not at first.

O.M.G.! Tell me.

A lady never sleeps and tells.

Shut up! You didn't? I didn't.

But was the magic still there?

It was just like old times, like that teenage love of the past.

But there are some grown-up hurdles.

He's not married, is he?

No, no, no. Trust me, never get involved with a married man.

He's just getting out of a heavy relationship and doesn't want to rush into anything.

And neither should you. You need to be careful.

Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.

"Stalked over 6 months."

Just the other day, I found this guy stalking around a vacant lot over on Quail Road.

Well, if you ever need any help, let me know.



Help! Help!


Grace? What's wrong?

There's someone in the house! What?!

Who? I don't know! He ran out the back!

Are you hurt? Did he hurt you? No!


OK. Come on, let's get in the house. We'll call the cops.

Now tell me, why do you think you have a stalker?

Have you seen him before?

No. I, just...

The last couple days, I just haven't felt alone.

Did you get a good look to be able to give a description?


Tall and slim built.

Any facial hair? Hair color?

I-I-I couldn't tell.

I mean, he slipped away too fast.

We have a neighbour; he's a retired insurance investigator named Wayne McNeely.

Wayne. I know Wayne. OK, then I think maybe you should talk to him. He might be able to help you find this guy.

He was telling us about how he ran someone off last week. I'll check in with him.

It's all clear, ma'am. We have your statement, and we can walk you back over if you like.

Wait, that's it? That's all for now. There's not really much to go on.

No forced entry, no broken windows, no evidence of any kind that there was someone there.

Just a shadow.

It was more than just a shadow.

Any tips or suggestions of what she can do to stay safe until you find this guy?

For now, Ms. Fisher, change your locks, get an alarm system, maybe buy a dog; but most importantly, be vigilant about being alone in the street. OK.

Now if you're ready, we can take you back over.

That's OK, guys. I'll make sure she gets home safe.

Thanks. Thanks for your help. Thank you.

So does Erin travel a lot for work?

Yeah, yeah. She's in charge of the Northeast corridor, so...

What is her job exactly? She's a rep for Mensoto.

It's a biotech manufacturer.

Yeah, you probably have never heard of it.


So that must make your relationship hard, the travelling.

I mean, it's... It doesn't help, but I mean, it is what it is. You, you love somebody, you do whatever it takes to be with that person, right?

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So, is it the bright lights, big city that drew you to us?

You know, I just needed a change after my husband passed away.

God, Grace, I... I had no idea.

Yeah, we were high-school sweethearts.


I can understand why you'd want some change.

I... Do you mind if I ask how he passed?

Brain tumour. Wow.

It was a long, tough battle, but, in the end, he was at peace.

They make good drinks.

Yes, they do. I think I had too many.

Thank you for tonight. It was my pleasure.

I have one last request though. OK, shoot.

Would you mind checking the rooms in my house?

Yeah, sure.



It's right here.

I mean, everything looks fine.

Thank you. Yeah. Don't mention it.

Have a good night.

You too. Ha!

Robert! Grace!

You're mine, Robert.

That's unbelievable!

I always chalked it up to Wayne being overly paranoid, but a stalker?! Yeah.

Wow! Is she doing OK?

Well... she seems OK, but who knows, right?

So, hey, I know you just got in, but we have Wayne's for dinner tonight.

That's right.

Here you go.

Thanks. Speaking of dinner, tell me about last night.

It's that serious? No. Amanda's leaving the company.

Where's she going? Some start-up wooed her away.

That's tough. She was always a big ally for you.

She still is, even on her way out.

And she's involved in hiring her replacement and she's convinced corporate to consider me for the position. Replacing Amanda at corporate?

That's big! Wow!

There will be a vetting process, and it'd mean major changes.

Like moving to Baltimore? Like moving to Baltimore. - OK.

Well, I mean...

I could write anywhere.

I could teach.

Just have to figure out my tenure.

I know... I know it's a lot for you to have to give up to make this happen.

But I wouldn't be travelling near as much and it's a substantial pay increase.

Just always thought this is gonna be our forever home.

I know. I did too.

We don't have to make a decision today, but Amanda's giving them a month, and they'd like to have someone in place before she leaves.

We'll figure this out.

Yes, we will.

OK. I think that's it!

Thank you. It's nothing.

For dinner tonight, there's a little bit of prep.

Will you be home around 4?

I should be home. But if I'm not back from my errands, there's a spare key under the flower pot by the backdoor. Perfect.

Thank you so much, Wayne. Hey, no problem.


Bye. Bye.

Hey, hello there! Hi!

Come on in! Thanks for having us over!

Hahaha! Smells so great!

Good to see you. That's for you.

Yeah, what are you cooking up, Wayne?

Well, I hope you don't mind; I solicited some help putting dinner together. Hi, you two!

Hi! Happy to see you!

Hi. They were wondering what's on the menu. So it's chicken cacciatore.

I've never done it before, so I'm just praying to the kitchen gods that it's not a complete and utter disaster.

No, it'll be fantastic. Here, you take that in, and you go on in. I'll take your coats.

Alright. Thanks.

So yeah, I spent the day with Grace getting her set up like Fort Knox.

I don't know what I would have done without him. I'm gonna go grab dessert.

Yeah. Yum-yum.

So, Erin, what's new with you? How's the job?

Well, you know how fond I am of being subtle.

It's... it's gonna be hard for me to see you go.

What's this?

Well, it appears Erin here has a job opportunity in Baltimore.

No! I mean, that's wonderful for you, but I'm gonna miss you.

I mean, we were just getting to know each other.

Thank you. That's sweet.

And I'm sure long-distance relationships aren't difficult these days with, you know, technology being able to connect to you. Well, I mean, it's not... it's not set in stone yet. But I mean, if it does happen, then we'll be moving together.

And it's the... it's the most plausible option, right?


It's already getting crazy. I mean, I'm back on the road for a few days.

Dammit, Grace, keep it together.

Keep it together.

He'll stay; she'll leave. He'll stay.


I appreciate you guys walking me home.

God, it's the least we could do after that wonderful meal.

I'm glad you guys liked it. Yeah.

Well, we want to make sure you got home safe.

Thank you. Have a good night.

Good night!

You got your keys? Yep.

OK. Good night.

Have a seat.

Well, that was a fun night. Yes, it was.

That's not fair.

This is not right.

For him, for her, or for us.





Help! HELP ME!

Help! HELP!

Help me! Help me! Help me!


Woman: Yep, this is him.

Wait, what, what? Sorry?

Wait a sec. What's this about?


Is she there now?

Hey. Hey. How are you?

Are you out?

Someone attacked her, Erin. Attacked what?

Grace. Outside the Gastro. They think it may have been My God! Is she OK?

I don't know. I'm just getting here.

If they release her tonight, you might want to offer to stay at our place in the guestroom.

It's a good idea. It's late, are you OK?

Yeah, I'm good.

Everything's fine. You deal with that; we'll talk later. Love you!

I love you.

Dr. Langley to the ER. Dr. Langley.

Can I help you? I'm looking for my friend Grace. She was admitted earlier.

Robert? Grace?

My God! Are you OK? Are you OK? What...?

I just... What happened?

It happened so fast. I mean, he just grabbed me from behind and his mouth was whispering to my ear, and he was upset because I was talking with another man.

And then he just... he wouldn't let me go, and he... he said he was gonna do things to me.

And then I somehow broke free.

God, you got away.

Did you tell the police all about it?

Yeah, they just left. And what did they say?

That they would do their best to find him.

Code Blue 15-0-1.

All doctors on the first floor, please be warned...

Erin suggested you stay with us tonight.

So why don't we get you out of here.


What is it? Nothing.

No, tell me. I just...

I don't know, I don't want you guys to leave.

You and Erin, you just... you've made me feel like I'm not alone.

Grace, you're not alone.

You're not alone.

Wayne is just a couple of doors down from you, and he's - : Wayne.

I do have Wayne.

But Wayne is not you.

We'll tell the other neighbours about your situation.

So you are leaving?

Yeah, I-I think so.


So, you know, just let me know what you need if you need anything.


Yeah, some old t-shirts if you wanna get changed.

And here's a towel if you want to get washed up.

My God.

You're OK.

Good night. Good night.

You're not going anywhere, Robert.

How are you doing?

I'm OK. Better. God!

I'm just relieved it wasn't any worse.

Any news on finding this guy?

No. No.

They'll find him. They have to.

I know they will. Thanks.

Robert made the most amazing French toast.

You know what, actually, let me serve you some.

No, sit! Yes, yes. It's the least I could do. You two, sit.

Thank you.

So, what happened?

Well, they're still making a decision, but it's pretty much mine to lose. I have to go to the Wincott office this afternoon and start a new project though. That's quick.

I know. It's gonna be a long night. And I think it's gonna be an even longer month. Burning the midnight oil, pulling in 16-hour days.

Sounds fun, right?

It will be worth it.

We're in it together, and I'm there for you.

There's so much to do, so much to do.


Grace? You can't have him!

It didn't have to come to this.

It's for the best.

If I may, what is the occasion?

Just a small gathering of friends and family.

For anything special?

My engagement party.

I don't know. I don't think it'll help.

Robert, even if it's not much, you should try eating something. Thanks.

Look, man, we're going. It will be good for you.

It's just so much to do.

It's only a couple of days.

What's this? Where are you going?

Tomorrow, I'm taking Robert to my family's cabin for a few days.

Any news on the investigation?

No. Ahem! No, they haven't told me anything.

Calm down, Grace.

It's just a few days.

He'll be back. Just... keep it together.

He needs to wash away.

Let him wash away.

Where's Robert? He went to close his eyes for a bit.

He went to sleep?! Maybe at this point, yeah.

I mean, it's, it's been a long day.

For everybody.

I know.

I just, ummm... I wanted to say good night.

Yeah, I'll let him know.

Hello? Hey. I didn't get a chance to tell you this in person, but I just want to say thank you.

And, I couldn't have gone through it without you, so

You're welcome.

If you need anything else, just let me know.

You've done enough already.

I just thought, you're gonna be away during trash day; I could take your bins to the curb.

You don't have to, but if you do, there's a key in the back under one of those fake rocks.

I'll take care of it. Bye.

Excuse me.

What are you leaving there? Just some food.

Who sent you?

No one made... I did it on my own.

I work with Grace.

She's been missing work on and off for the last week or two.

It's the flu, I think, and I know how tough that can be, especially when you're new to the city. But she's not answering, so I guess she started to feel better and she got out.

Sorry to prod. It's just we've had some trouble in the neighbourhood as of late.

No offence taken.

Have a nice day. You too.


Thanks, Bruce.

And, good luck with those tests.

Yeah. I'll see you soon.

Will you please pick up?

Good. Good, good, good.

Hey. Hey there.

Well, I'm happy to see you made it back safe.

Yeah. Yeah. Alright, this is for you. It's no Bordeaux; it's just from the area that Nathan and I were.

Hoho! That's nice of you. You shouldn't have.

Tt's the least I could do for everything you've done for me.

How are you? You OK?

What is it?

Let me show you something.

What the hell is this, Grace? Are these from him?


Have you told the detectives?

I just sent over a release, but they can't do anything until it goes through.

When did he leave these?

Last night. Late.

Can you, can you play 'em? I wanna hear 'em.

Will you please pick up?

I just wanna hear your voice.

That night at the pub was nothing if you continue to ignore me.

All of these?

They get worse? Yeah.

How long does this have to go on?

I'm not accepting this. We're not accepting this! What are they gonna have us do?

Just wait around while this guy terrorizes you?!

And the cops do nothing?! Robert, calm down.

I think I have an idea how we can find this guy.

There you go.

I know exactly where this is.

Let's go.

OK, this is the place.

I never asked you; how was the cabin?



Nothing to do but just sit up there and think about Erin and how some... savage took her away from me.

You know, you could always take time off work.

No, it's good to be back.

Got work. Got the book. Got this book-signing thing tomorrow.

I thought about cancelling.

Well, if you want to, then you should.


If I cancel, then it'd just be that much easier to say no or cancel the next thing.

I'm gonna go and check him out. Be careful.

Were you working here last night?

What of it?

Did you let anyone use that phone?

No, man, that would cost me my job.

Right. Sure. Sure wouldn't know.

Is that your name?


What's this about?

Well... you see that phone was used to threaten my friend.

And if you didn't let anyone else use it, then that means it was you.

I... I didn't use that phone.

We got the messages. My next stop is the police station.

So once we tie those calls to her attacker...

Whoa-whoa! She was attacked? That's right.

Yo, I didn't know about any of that, man.

I-I thought I was just... You thought what?

Yo, I was trying to make some quick extra cash.


Somebody paid me to leave those messages, gave me a number to call and what to say.

Who?! Who paid you?! Don't know, man. Hooked it up on anonilyst. No name. And you didn't think what you were doing was wrong?

People are weird. They get off on strange stuff. It was 50 bucks for 30 messages, man. That was it!

"50 bucks"?

So what did he say?

He claimed somebody paid him to make the calls.

What do we do now?

Take what we got and pass it along to the police.

That's it?

It means a lot to have you there.

I just wanted to tell you that.

Well, you've been there for me too.

I was wondering if I could go to your book signing tomorrow.

it will be pretty boring.

Well, I've never been to a book signing before, so I think it would be pretty exciting if the first one I went to, I knew the author.

Yeah. It would be nice to see a familiar face.


I'll walk you.

I'm thinking all this started at her work.

Did you get her to put an employer down on her rental agreement?

I did. I got a copy of it, somewhere.


Since she was coming in from out of State, I wanted proof of employment.

And I spoke to a woman at the law firm that hired her too. But I'm not sure I needed all that for her though.

She paid three months in advance.

Must have had quite the insurance payout when her husband died.

Here we go.

Well, she never told me she had a stalker.

Maybe that's why she kept calling in sick, why she quit!

She quit? When was that?

The day after I dropped off the food.

When I talked to you.

What's she like around the office?

A little flashy.

A little too eager to show off what she had, you know?

I can see that.

I wish I could tell you more, but every time we talked, it was just chitchat. But have you talked to her boyfriend yet?

He might be able to tell you something.


No, I didn't know she had one. Who is he?

Some professor-writer over at Horton.

You need to tell me everything she said about this boyfriend.

Hey! Hey.

Thanks for coming. Of course.

Umm, let me just...

OK. One second. I can take-

Want me to take that? I got it. Right.

Hahaha! It's a nice crowd. Yeah. Yeah, I mean it's not Beatlemania, but not bad for pop-culture historical-text fans, I guess.

But they'll show.

How about when this is over we grab a bite?

Yeah, that sounds good.

OK. I think I better get started.


Hi. Hi.


There you are. Thanks a lot. Enjoy.

Enjoy it. Thank you, Dr. Harris.

I wish you didn't feel it necessary to lie to me, Grace. I tried to be your friend!

I wanted to make you feel welcome, and I could have been there for you as you dealt with that stalker your neighbour Wayne was telling me about.

But no, you lied to me about everything, including that boyfriend.

Have a nice life, Grace.


Thank you, Dr. Harris.

How you do? Fine, thanks.

Here you are. Thanks a lot.

I loved the book. OK.

Yes. Have a great day.



Hi there. Thanks for buying it.

Thank you.

Sorry. Um, I'm not feeling very well. I'm gonna actually head home. OK. Well, get well.

Thanks. Rain check on dinner? Yeah.

Hi. To Angela. Sorry.

Wayne? Wayne!

No! No! No!

Wayne! Wayne!

Everything is gonna be... fine.

Hey, you got this.

15-0-7. - Hey.

It's a home monitor security. So what do we got?

For now, it appears the old man took a header down the stairs.

He'd been drinking.

Found an empty scotch box in his room.

That's it?

That's it.

He has 150 yards around the house for no reason.

Hey, how you doing? Can I talk to you for a minute?

Just him, ma'am.

So what were you doing here anyway?

I...I was just out, um, for a run, and I...

I, stopped to catch my breath.

And I checked my phone and saw that he had called earlier.

...You know, ever since Grace's been dealing with what she's going through, we've been talking pretty regularly.

Grace? Yeah. It's Grace.

Another neighbour who's been dealing with a stalker thing.

She's filed with the police. Who's handling her case?

Detectives Gregory and Johnson. Listen, you left your info with the responding officer over there, so if I need you for anything... Yeah, I just...

Alright. You can go.


Let's head out the door handles and cabinet knobs to prints; make sure our man here didn't have any unwanted visitors.

Yeah, OK.

He was such a wonderful man.

He didn't deserve what happened to him.

I just can't believe any of this.

Did the detective say anything to you when you were talking to him?

He just wanted to know what I was doing there, you know, and how I...

I found him.

I just thought that you pointed to me at one point.


I was telling him about your situation.

To Wayne.

To Wayne.

You know I'm gonna go freshen up real quick because I know this is just a mess. I'll be right back.

I'm sorry.

I must have fallen asleep last night.

It's OK. That's OK.

I gotta go. Big day. Thank you, Robert.

I'm happy we weren't alone last night.

Me too.

Wait. Would you mind if I made you dinner tonight?

Sounds nice.

Reminds me those papers are due next class.

I suggest you get started.

Detective, what can I do for you?

Just some follow-up.

Listen, doing our door-to-doors, we learned that your neighbours heard what could have been a gunshot or firecrackers or a car backfiring. Did you hear anything?


No, but I... I mean, I had my headphones in

'til I got to the house.

Wayne wasn't shot, was he?

No, no, no, no, he wasn't. I mean, we found a bullet hole in his wall and a .45-calibre bullet, except he had a Colt revolver registered in his name.

Now because of that, we tested his hands. Guess what.

We found gunpowder residue. He fired it?

Looks like it, yeah. So, it wasn't an accident?

I mean, someone... someone killed him?

Well, we won't know that until the autopsy results and the analysis of the fall.

We also couldn't find any cell phone, you know. And in my experience, the only guns and phones that leave the scene of a crime are the ones being carried out, so somebody was in that house.

Listen. I'd like to learn more about Grace's stalker.

So would I. But I already told you everything I know. Have you talked to the detectives working the case?

Yes, I did, but they didn't find any physical evidence, just a lot of incident reports. There's more than reports. I mean, the girl was attacked.

I understand. I understand. Here's what I'm thinking though: maybe Wayne finally found or saw something that made him a liability.

Now, from what we gathered, he started looking into her past, right? When she was married, when she was Gracie Winston.


How much do you know about her?

I know she was married, widowed. Lost her husband to brain cancer.

Cancer?! Yes.

But he died from a broken neck when he fell off a ladder.

No, it was, it was a brain tumour.

Wow. Well, either you're wrong or the Mount Vernon PD and the insurance company that lists the cause of death is. Did she tell you it was cancer? Yes.

So she lied. I-I, I guess.

I'm sure she had her reasons why. If you have any questions, why don't you just ask her? I plan to.

Listen, when was the last time you communicated with Wayne anyway? A few days ago.

Not yesterday? No, I told you, I missed his call.

But what about a text?

I don't think so. His phone record showed a text to you around the time of the call.

No. See? Nothing.

OK. Well, once we locate his phone, then we will probably clear that up.

One other item, sorry. You make anything of this?

Well, we think it's from a blouse.

We found it upstairs at Wayne's place.

It's probably just one of these weird things.

Have a good day.

Hey, dude.

Hey, man.

You OK? Wayne's dead.

That old man from the block? Yeah.

Wow. That blows, man. What happened?

Not sure.

Look, if there was a text message erased from a phone, is there any way to retrieve it? Yeah. It depends on a number of factors: model of phone, carrier...

Could you check it out?

Yeah, sure. We'll mirror the info to my computer;

I'll see what I can find. Great.

Hi. Haha!

Come in.

This way.

You look stressed.

Here, I'll bring you a glass of wine.

No thank you. I-I don't want to drink tonight.


Well, sit down, relax. Make yourself at home.



I know this might sound silly, but I would love it if you signed my book.

I thought it'd be cheesy to ask you the other day at the bookstore.

OK. Now, you officially have me worried.


My mind just keeps going back to that first night we went out after the break-in.

The drinks at Gastro?

I remember it.

That was the night that we really got to know each other.

Yeah. That was, wasn't it?

Yes. Yeah.

Yeah, you were so open with me.

You told me about your husband...

and how he died of lung cancer.

Brain tumour. Brain tumour.

Right. Sorry. No, that's OK. We've both been through a lot in the last month.

That was the night when all this...

weirdness started happening, and before, this was such a nice, quiet neighbourhood.

But it still is.

OK, let's eat dinner.

You know I'm not really all that hungry.

Even if it's not much, you really should try to eat something.

Even if it's not much, you should try eating something.

Even if it's not much, you should try eating something.


Can you pass the wine? Right.

Something wrong, Robert?

Not feeling well.

excuse me.


Just give me a minute.

"Found this It was deleted off your phone.

'911. Call as soon as you can. It's about Grace.'"

Did you get a good look to be able to give a description?

I couldn't tell. He slipped away too fast.

No forced entry, no broken windows, no evidence of any kind that there was someone there.

People are weird. They get off on strange stuff.

It was 50 bucks for 30 messages, man. That was it.

Did the detective say anything to you? I just thought that you pointed to me at one point. The only guns and phones that leave the scene of a crime are the ones being carried out, so somebody was in that house.

I don't want you guys to leave.

You're not alone. Wayne is just a couple of doors down from you. Wayne.

I do have Wayne, but Wayne is not you.

Maybe Wayne finally found or saw something that made him a liability.

Now from what we gathered, he started looking into her past.

When she was married, when she was Gracie Winston.

It was a long, tough battle, but in the end, he was at peace.: Did she tell you it was cancer?

Yes. So she lied.

Are you feeling any better?

Just... confused.

About everything. A lot of questions.

That's understandable.

I've grown to really care about you, Grace.

I feel the same.

It's been there ever since...

Was that the night we met? Outside of the market.

Outside that market.

Yeah, fate put us there in that moment.

It did.

I'm so happy you came into my life.

I've never met anyone quite like you.

I've never known anyone like you either.

But if these feelings are real, are true, if we are to be soulmates, then we can't have any lies between us.

I haven't...

You haven't been truthful with me.

I found the message from Wayne you deleted from my phone.

I don't want you to hate me. I can never.

To love is to forgive. And to forgive is to love.

And you have done so much to bring us together, haven't you? Yes.

I can tell. And I'm so appreciative that I want to show you how appreciative I am.

I don't want this time to go to waste.

What do you mean? If there's anything anyone could use to keep us apart, then we have to take care of it, now, together.

I don't want to be apart. I want to be with you.

You want to be with me? Of course.

Of course.

At Erin's memorial...

you were wearing this black blouse, and there... these tiny, little buttons that shined.

And you, you played with them.

I... I was so nervous that day.

It was such a horrible day.

I mean, you suffered so tremendously.

I wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly for you.

The police found one of those buttons at Wayne's house.

So, if you haven't already, then you need to get rid of that blouse.

It's... it's buried in the garbage.

We should burn it.

And we need to get rid of Wayne's gun too.

I mean, the police haven't found it in his house.

of the evidence with you, it'd make me complicit in his murder and it would it would bound us together.


I didn't...

I didn't want to store it anywhere.

I mean, what if a kid found it?

Hurt himself or someone else? Sure.

Of course. Of course.

Well, we need to get rid of it.

Where is it?

It's over there, in that vent.

Wayne was always sticking his nose into everyone's else business.

I knew it would be his undoing eventually.


He didn't want us to be together.


No one did.

No one can keep us apart now.

I just need that gun. I can't...

I can't seem to reach it.

Are you sure that's the right...?

Every time that I've been in trouble, you've been there for me.

That's love, Robert. Pointing a gun at me isn't love. Threatening my life isn't love.

I've done so much to show you how much I love you, and you don't even care!

I mean, she didn't love you;

I had to deliver you from her!

Erin? Yes, Erin, Robert.

You're sick, Grace.

You're just like my husband.

You know, he lost faith in me too.

You know, it should be so simple: you just have to love me.

I loved Erin.

She was my life.

Just put the gun down. She didn't love you, Robert!

She was stealing your life away from you.

You didn't want to move.

She was forcing you to sacrifice everything while she sacrificed nothing!

I chose her.

OK? I chose her. I chose a life with her. I have done everything so that we could finally be together.

You lied about everything, Grace.

It was all for us! OK.

It was all for us. Put the gun down.

I want you to love me, Robert. Haha!

I just... wanna hear you say it.

Just once.

Robert, I want to hear you say it.

Just once, just say it.

I love you.

No! You need help, Grace.

I just need you, Robert! I just need you!

I'm gonna give you what you need!

Love me!

Robert, love me! Stop! Stop fighting!

Don't! OK, easy, easy!

Easy. As long as we're together, everything will be alright. Grace, I need you to put that knife down.

I'll always be there for you. I'll always come for you.

You're lying.

What are you doing? Don't.

Don't. Don't.

He loves me.

He's gonna come.

I know he's gonna come, he's gonna come.

Any minute.

Any minute.

Any minute.

Any minute.

He loves me.