The Phantom (1996) Script

Encoded by Judas Enjoy!

It aII began a very Iong time ago when a merchant ship was set upon by pirates of the Sengh Brotherhood.

A smaII boy watched heIpIessIy as his father was kiIIed by the pirate Ieader, the evil Kabai Sengh.

He jumped overboard and was washed ashore on a mysterious jungle island called Bengalla.

It seemed Iike a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire, but the Touganda tribesmen meant the boy no harm.

They scooped him up and carried him to their village, and that night, in an ancient ceremony of fire and drums, the tribal shaman presented the boy with a ring of great significance.

Then and there, the boy understood that he was destined to avenge his father's death by fighting piracy, greed and cruelty in aII their forms.

And when he grew to be a man, he became The Phantom.

Damn worthless map.

You drive. l'll navigate.

The problem is the map's all wrong.

The map is good, Quill. Remember its source. lt can't be wrong.

Then why does it show a bridge back there? We never crossed no damn bridge.

What's he saying, Morgan?

He says, "Turn around."

-We better turn around. -Not a chance.

You know, maybe this little quitter needs a lesson in positive thinking.

Hey, Quill, now l get it. Turn the map around.

You got it upside down, you big moron.

You big moron.

lf the map's upside down, then there ought to be a bridge up ahead, and all l see is more jungle.

Oh, shit!

Hey, Quill, no sudden stops. What's the big idea?

Hey, hey, take a look at that.

-What do you think? -l don't know.

Looks like it'll hold, but then again...

Breen? Styles?

-l hate to bet my life on it, Quill. -Same here.


We'll go over on foot, all except one.

He'll stay back and drive the truck across.

Yeah, but which one?

l knew this bridge was safe.

Come on, kid.

Almost there.

The brake! Use the brake!

Okay, back in the truck.

Now it's on foot from here.

Okay, Zak, take a look. Which way?

What now? What's his problem now?

He says we can't go on. These woods are protected.

Yeah? Protected by who?

-By a ghost. -A what?

The Ghost Who Walks.

Yeah? l wouldn't worry about that.

He says he's not taking us beyond this point.

So shoot him.

No. We may need him.

To drive the truck back across the bridge. Tie him up and leave him here.

-Here. -We can find our own way.

This is it. We're there.

Everybody look around.

Well, you look like an important fella.

Hey, Quill! Up here.

Got it.

Mr. Drax is gonna be very happy.

Hey, so what's so important about that thing anyway? l don't know. l don't like to ask Drax too many questions.

His answers scare me.


-What the hell happened? -He's dead.

Damn thing came alive and choked him to death.

-That's not possible. -Tell Styles.

Come on, let's get the hell out of here.

Hey, what about all this other stuff? There's a lot of valuable junk in here.

Take it. Take it all. Nobody's gonna miss it.

Now what?

-Drums. -l know that!

-But what does it mean? -Nothing. lt don't mean nothing, but hurry up just the same.

Devil, somebody needs us.

This place is really giving me the creeps.

What the hell is that?

Shoot him!

-Oh, shit! -Run!


Watch him, Devil. He moves, eat him.

-What about Breen? -Tough luck. Forget him.

-Who was that guy? -Somebody l already killed.

-What? -You heard me. l killed him years ago.

Well, guess what? He's back.

At least he's behind us.

Did l get him?

Don't see him. You must've hit him.

So long, pal!

Keep the truck!

Ghost Who Walk. -What? Oh, yeah.

lt's okay now.

Hold on. lt'll be all right.

-Put them in the guardhouse. -Yeah. Come on.

Down you go, man.

-What've you got here, Corporal? Poachers? -Looters, Captain.

Captain, you got a problem.

You got a thing out there.

A big, strange-looking thing on a horse with a wolf.

Get him out of here. -Right this way. Hurry up.

That man's been chewing on the wrong kind ofjungle growth.

You know what he's talking about, Captain. We both do.

Not now, Weeks. l'm not in the mood.

The Ghost Who Walks. The Phantom. lt's nonsense.

According to legend, he's immortal. Been around for four centuries. lmagine it, Weeks. Four hundred years? lt just isn't possible.

-Did that sting? -Yes.

Good. That means it's working.

This is it. This is what l'm looking for.

The Skulls of Touganda.

One made of gold, one made of silver, one made ofjade.

Are they valuable?

More than that, Guran, they're dangerous.

Listen to this, "When placed together, "the three skulls harness an energy 1 ,000 times greater

"than any force or high explosive known to man." lt's all right here in the chronicles.

"A long time ago, the Touganda tribe possessed the skulls

"and knew the secret of keeping their force contained.

"Their village was attacked by the pirates of the Sengh Brotherhood.

"The tribe was destroyed, and the skulls were separated and lost."

For four centuries, there's been no trace of them.

Until today.

You know, l'm fine. l'm good as new, really.

Very well, Ghost Who Walks.

-Maybe later. -Yeah, maybe.

l used to come here myself, Kit, to consult the chronicles for guidance and wisdom.

Usually when l was troubled or confused or had just screwed up real bad. l'm guilty on all counts, Dad. l let that skull slip right through my fingers.

Don't be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes.

-This one gets worse. -How so? lt was the Sengh Brotherhood. l saw the spider-web tattoo.

You turned over one of the Skulls of Touganda to the Sengh Brotherhood?

They've tried and failed to get their hands on those skulls for the last 400 years!

They don't have all three.

We don't know how many they have.

Have you any idea what it means if the Brotherhood gets control over the skulls?

They'd be invincible.

Then stop them.

You're the only one who can.

-Excuse me, Ghost Who Walks. -Yes, Guran. l thought l heard...

Were you talking to somebody? lt was myself. l was talking to myself.

l beg your pardon. You can't park there.

Miss Palmer. l didn't realize. l'm very sorry.

Forget it, Falkmoore. l'd throw me out, too, if l didn't know better.

Welcome back, Miss Palmer.

-Here, let me help you with those things. -Thank you.

-Diana. -Mother.

You look absolutely stunning.

Your timing couldn't be worse.

-But how are you anyway, sweetheart? -Lilly, you look marvelous.

-l've contracted malaria, Mother. -That's nice.

-Diana. -Uncle Dave. l'm so sorry. l didn't realize you were having a party. lt's nothing. Just a Palmer Foundation dinner. l'm much happier to see you.

How was the Yukon?

Dave, it's cold. What more do you want to know?

Well, why don't you freshen up?

Actually, l'm gonna go get something to eat.

Jimmy Wells is here. He'd love to see you.

Hello, Xander.

Lilly, why is Xander Drax here?

He made a very large contribution to the foundation.

-Return it. -But he's a respected businessman.

No, Lilly.

-He's a thug. -Hi, Mr. Drax.

You know, l had the strangest urge a few weeks ago to charter a plane, track you down up there in the frozen north, charge into your tent or hut or log cabin or whatever, sweep you off your feet and bring you back here to New York.

Really, Jimmy? Why didn't you? l'm not sure, exactly, but after a few sets of tennis and a cold gin fizz, the urge just seemed to pass.

Gosh, you're pretty in those woodsy flannels.

You have to admit, Diana, there's magic there.

What's in the sandwich?


Mayor, Commissioner, enjoying yourselves?

As much as l can in this monkey suit.

Wonderful affair, Dave. You've outdone yourself.

-Thank you, Mayor. -Excuse me, gentlemen.

Here's the man l want to see.

You're not welcome here, Mr. Drax.

Well, the Police Commissioner's standing right here.

Why don't you have me arrested?

Be sure to sample the canapés on your way out.

For God sakes, Dave, that's not necessary.

That's all right, Mayor. l can speak for myself.

Dave, help me out here, will you?

Your reporters have been poking their noses into my personal affairs, and l just don't understand why.

-Do you? -Yes.

And you will when we publish our story.

Why go after me? l'm just a private citizen.

You own companies that regulate public utilities, you control the trade unions, you influence interest rates and stock prices, and you have personal and business involvements with the Zephro crime family. l'd say you were a very public figure, Mr. Drax.

You know, in all my life, l never heard such tall tales.

Have you been talking to my ex-wives?

You know what? How much does this newspaper cost?

-Two cents daily, five cents on Sunday. -No, no, no.

All of it. The building, the presses, the typewriters.

Maybe l'll just buy the whole damn thing.

Not everything in life is for sale.

Of course it is, Dave.

And l'll tell you something else. l usually get what l want.

Gentlemen, l have no ax to grind. l'm only interested in the truth, and l've learned from a highly placed source at the city library that Drax has been extensively researching esoteric volumes that are normally kept under constant lock and key.

He's interested in something connected with this symbol.

So, what's it mean?

He's on a quest for a supernatural power.

These are dangerous and turbulent times, gentlemen.

Dictators and tyrants are popping up all over the world.

Drax already has the desire to become one himself, and this will provide him with the means.

That's nonsense, Dave. l know it's hard to fathom, but Drax believes in it, and this man must be taken seriously. l've been able to trace the origin of that spider-web symbol to a place called the Bengalla Jungle.

This is a ticket for the Clipper.

You're not thinking of going there, are you?

My plans were to leave tomorrow and meet up with a man named Captain Philip Horton, but now, l don't know whether l can turn my back on Drax for that long. lt's probably just some wild-goose chase anyway.

That's right. The far-offjungle's no place for you. l agree. You need to stay here and take care of things.

There you go, Dave. Listen to your niece.

Let me go for you. l don't know, Diana. l want to go.

You were right, Mr. Drax.

They know far too much.

-Bye! -Bye!

Yes, ma'am. Welcome aboard.

-After you, sir. Right this way. -Thank you.

-Welcome aboard. -Thank you.

All right. Well, l'll be there.

-Hey! -Call them back.

-Yes, that's fine. -Thank you, sir. lt's Ray Zephro.

Yeah, our little tootsie is boarding the plane right now.

Just say the word. I'II have her dragged off by the hair.

Well, thanks just the same, Ray, but l have another way of dealing with this.

After all, l do have friends in that part of the world.

l've got to go. Dr. Fleming is here.

-The librarian. -Thank you, sir.

Dr. Fleming. Thanks so much for coming. l don't mind. lt's a nice day for a walk.

Yes, it certainly is. Please sit down.

So, how can l help you?

Well, you can reassure me that the research l've been doing at the city library is strictly confidential.

Of course it is.

Really? Are you sure?

Because Dave Palmer has been poking his nose into my business of late.

You have nothing to worry about, Mr. Drax. Your privacy is protected.

All requests for access to special collections come directly to me. l'm the only one who sees them.

Well, good. l feel a whole lot better now.

-Thanks so much for coming. -Not at all.

One more thing, if you don't mind. l'd like your professional opinion on something under this microscope.


Here, let me hold your glasses.

l don't see a thing.

Just turn the focus knob.

Well, l guess you won't be needing these anymore.

-Your coffee, ma'am. -Thank you.

Guran, l'm leaving now. l'm going with Zak. He said that...

What are you listening to, Junior G-Men? l wish it was. This is real. l repeat. This is Pan Am Orient Clipper...

...forced down...

The Pan Am Clipper's been forced down over the ocean.

-He'll do. -Come on.

We want Diana Palmer.

And we're prepared to kill all of you one by one until she steps forward.

No. No, please! l'm Diana Palmer.

So quickly. How disappointing.

Happy now? Get a good look.

-l'll stay on the radio, Captain. -All right.

Wake me if there's any news.

Can't you ever come in through the front door? lt's too obvious. l like the window.

Good to see you, Phantom. -Captain.

We've had some trouble tonight.

So l've heard. Any news?

Passengers have been picked up by a Portuguese fishing boat.

Everyone's safe except one young woman who was abducted off the Clipper.


She was on her way to see me, oddly enough.

Her name's Diana Palmer.

Diana Palmer? From New York?

Uncle owns the Tribune?

Yes, that's right. How did you know? l heard the name somewhere.

First those grave robbers and now this. l only hope we can get her back.

-l'll see what l can do. -Wait.

You better go out the way you came in. l have enough trouble trying to pretend you're not real as it is.

Thanks, Zak.

Ghost Who Walk, l remember they had airplane.

Who, the bad men?

Plane with boat for feet.

Boats for feet.

What, seaplanes? Seaplanes.

Come on.

Thanks for the help.

Let's see her face.

Sort of pretty in a spoiled, rich girl kind of way.

Who are you people? Are you crazy?

Do you realize how many laws you've broken?

Disruption of international air transportation, abduction, piracy, kidnapping.

Feisty, too.

Shut up. lf this kidnapping is about money, you're not gonna get one cent.

Not one red cent.

l got to report in now. Somebody has a big interest in you.

Maybe when l get back, you and l can spend some time alone.

lt's good work, Zak.

Now you go back to the rope people and stay away from bad guys.

-No kaIi-ba. -No kaIi-ba.

Nice boots.

-Expensive? -Not really.

Come on.

We can talk. lt's just us girls.

Mind if l take a look?

Quit that!

l was right.

Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Just my size, too.

What have we here?

All right, gentlemen! Nobody...

Ladies, kindly pardon my error.

Don't move!

A love letter.

What is this, a ship full of women?

-All my pilots are women. -lnteresting.

Excuse me.

-Who are you? -A good Samaritan. l bet you're better than good.

Looks like l'm gonna get the chance to find out.

There's an old jungle saying, "Never point a gun at someone, 'cause it just might go off."

Fast hands. l like that in a man.

Tie her up.

Or don't. lt's personal.

Let's go.

Not so fast. Why should l go with you?

Trust me, Diana.

-You know my name? -Sure. Yeah, you're Diana Palmer.

Your kidnapping's been reported to the authorities.

This is a rescue.

Thanks. You've done a good job. l can take it from here.

She's not changed a bit.

-What the hell's going on? -There's a man onboard in a purple suit.

No, it can't be!

Scramble the pilots. Find him. Stop him!

Don't let him get off this ship! Now go!

-Hey! -Check below!


-The engine room. -l'll take the port side.


-l think we should stick together. -Okay. l guess what l meant to say is l think we should stick together, but l should go first.

Fine. Go ahead. lt's your rescue.

Get a hold of him! Get him back!

Relax, pal!


Small world, huh?

Hey, how's that knife wound healing?

Now, where was it again?

Right about there?

Good boy, Devil!

-Your dog's a wolf. -l know.

Come on.


-Come on, get in. -You can fly a plane?

Of course you can. Why ask?

Let's go! They're getting away! We gotta stop them!

Come on, mount up! We're going after them! Come on!

Hurry up! Hurry up! Let's go! Come on, come on, come on!

Stay with us! Ride fast!

We're losing fuel. We've got to take her down.

-See the pontoon? -Yes.

-Climb onto it. -What?

Trust me. l must be crazy.

-Who's flying the plane? -l jammed the stick.

Now, we don't have much time. This clearing's not very long.

Get ready. Get ready?

-You can't! -We have to.

Okay. Jump!

-l can't believe we just did that. -Neither can l.

Swing around behind me!

What's the matter with you guys? Can't you hit anything?

Come on, step on it! Faster!

Catch them! Don't let them escape!

Go! Go!

We can't outrun them doubled up like this.

Don't worry. l got friends in these woods.

Get me down! -How did you do that?

My friends, the rope people.

-Are you okay? -l just feel a little dizzy.

Must be the humidity.

Wait here one second?

-Okay. -All right.

l... l want to give you something to remember me by.

Somehow l don't think that's going to be a problem.

Well, you won't find these in New York.

Black pearls.

They're beautiful.

They were a gift to one of my ancestors by a grateful Arabian prince.

-l want you to have them. -Thank you.

Oh, no. Not the old pearl ploy again.

That's what passes for humor in the jungle, Diana.

Captain Horton, Diana Palmer.

Thank God you're all right, Diana.

How did you manage to get her away?

Diana did all the work, actually.

Not only is he mysterious, he's modest, too.

Old jungle saying, "The Phantom is many men."

No smoking in the Skull Cave.

Sorry. l forgot. l received your uncle's wire, Diana.

What could be so important as to bring you all this way?

Can you identify this symbol?

You better have a look.

Well, somebody say something.

You're mixed up with the Sengh Brotherhood, Diana.

-The what? -Sengh Brotherhood, an ancient order of evil.

They started out as pirates.

Nowadays, there's no telling what they've become.

-Where did you get this? -New York.

My uncle's newspaper is investigating a man named Xander Drax.

He's crazy. He's power mad.

Captain, l want you to take her back.

Use every man at your disposal. Give her all the protection she needs.

-Of course. -Wait a minute! That's it?

You're just gonna send me away? l'm afraid so. l came here to do a job, and that's what l'm gonna do.

There's a lot more l need to know.


Wait a second.

Diana, nobody argues with The Phantom and wins.

Old jungle saying.

Oh, baby.

lt is beautiful. l used a little toothpaste on it. lt polished up so good.

Toothpaste? Really?

That's nice.

You know, l am in such a good mood right now, l almost hate to mention this.

The happy homecoming.

Kind of brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it?

What went wrong?

Something you didn't count on.

Really? And what was that?

The Phantom. l thought that was just a superstition.

No. He's real, and he won't die. l know. l killed him once, and he isn't dead.

That doesn't make sense.

Look, l brought this to prove it.

See this hole?

That's where l stuck him with a 1 2-inch blade.

You stabbed him in the back? l've underestimated you, Quill.

Right up to the hilt!

Well, that should've done the trick, all right.

The Phantom helped Diana to escape.

-l think he's in love with her. -Really?

This is getting more interesting by the minute. Why do you say that?

Because he could have had me, but he picked her.

That can only be love.

Or simply bad judgment.

-So what should we do about him? -Do?


This is New York City. l'm not concerned with some jungle folk hero half a world away.

Here, keep the change.


Not so fast, buddy boy. What is this?

This isn't real money.

Yeah, you're right. That's Bengalla currency.

Coin of the realm would be appreciated. l'm afraid it's all l've got. lt better not be.

All right, you know, here.

Where is it?

These are opals, and that's a star sapphire.

Here. Take all of them.

Don't worry. They're real.

And l'm sure they'll secure your services for the rest of the day, so wait here, okay?

-You're kidding, right? -l never kid.

God is dead, and darkness rules the Earth.

America's in financial ruin.

Europe and Asia are on the brink of self-annihilation.

Chaos reigns.

But like l've always said, there is opportunity in chaos.

And so, my brothers, l give you the Skull of Touganda.

This skull is one of three.

When all three skulls are united, they will produce a force more powerful than any army on Earth.

But you've only got the one.

Legend has it that if the skulls are separated, two of the skulls will point the way to the third.

-Like l said, you only got... -Raymond, Raymond, Ray, Ray? l know the location of the second skull, okay?

The symbol of the Sengh Brotherhood.

We shall succeed where they have failed.

The skulls will be ours and all of the power that comes with them.

Count me out.

This is wrong.

Skulls? Forces of darkness?

This isn't right. l was an altar boy, for the love of Pete, at Saint Timothy's.

And so was you, Charlie.

This isn't right. We wasn't raised this way.

Sit down, Ray.

Hey, the only power l believe in comes out of the barrel of a gun, not from some jungle souvenirs.

Come on, Charlie.

You're on your own, Ray.

-What? -You're on your own.

Fine. Suit yourself.

But l'm gone, Drax, and l'm taking my entire syndicate with me.

Okay, Ray, if that's how you feel about it.

The old bursitis is really flaring up again.

Charlie, you're the new boss of bosses. Think you can handle it? l been waiting all my life.

Good man.

The plans have been set for tonight to go in and get the item while the building is closed.

No, l can't wait that long.

This is too exciting. We go in now.

Now? ln the middle of the afternoon?

Yes, yes, and l would appreciate it if you would keep your policemen away until l'm done!

Hey, there, found you.

Page-one girl back from the big escapade in the jungle.

Jimmy, what are you doing here?

Listen, l was in town on business, and l thought...

-Business? -l was having some suits made.

-That's not business. -lt is for the guy making the suits.

Say, why do you have to be so difficult? l thought we could grab an early dinner and catch a show.

Can l take a rain check?


Add it to your collection.

Diana, l have a surprise for you.

Come into my office.


Hello, Diana. lt's been a while, hasn't it?

A few years at least.

Six to be exact. l read about what happened. Are you all right? l'm fine. lt started out bad, but it all turned out okay.

By the by, Jimmy Wells.

Hiya. Kit Walker.

So, tell me, Kit, where do you know our Diana from?

We were friends at college. l see.

So are you living here in New York?

No. l'm just passing through.

Catching up on old times with Uncle Dave here.

Yes, trading information about Xander Drax.

What do you know about Drax?

Drax has come into possession of a rare artifact connected to the Sengh Brotherhood. Tell her. lt's an ancient silver skull with precious stones where the eyes should be.

Yeah, l've seen something like that before.

You have?

Yes, but l don't think it was silver. l think it was green.


Jade, perhaps.

l mean, well, where did you see it?

Let me see. lt was my 1 2th birthday party.

Mom and Dad had rented a big room.

Now l remember. The Museum of World History.

Yes, sir, at your service.

-You're in a good mood. -You bet l am.

While you were inside, l had those stones appraised, and you can call me Al.

Kit Walker. l'm going with you.

-Diana, you... -Where to now, sir?

Museum of World History.

Well, you heard the lady.

l've got to say it, Diana, you look great. You've not changed a bit.

You just vanished, Kit. l... l guess l did.

Without a word, without a letter, -not even a phone call. -l know.

Why? l had to go home.

My father died rather suddenly. l'm sorry.

But l never heard from you again. l had to take over the family business.

Look, l know. lt's hard to explain, but l... l've thought a lot about you since then, Diana. l've thought about you, too, Kit. Then l stopped and l went on with my life.

They got it all wrong. lt's the wrong century. lt's the wrong hemisphere. lt's the wrong culture. This skull hasn't been lost. lt's just been misplaced.

What's your interest with Drax and these skulls? l represent their true owners. l want to see them returned. Drax wants them for himself.

We can't let Drax get his hands on this skull. l've got to get it out of here.

Wait, Uncle Dave knows an important member on the board of directors. lt may take a day or two, but l'm...

Or we could just break the glass.

l'll take that, thank you.

Museum security. Everything's under control.

Listen, folks, free cake and sandwiches are being served in the Hall of Nature.

Bring the little ones. Don't miss out.

Thank you. Bye-bye.

Who are you?

Just a fellow collector like yourself, Mr. Drax.

Drax, what's with the bag?

Something's happening.

This is it. lt's happening right here and now!

Unbelievable. lt's beautiful. lt's magnificent.

Show me the power! Show me the power!




l love this!


The skulls have spoken.

All right.

What's your name, and why do you want that skull so badly?

Kit Walker.

-And who is Kit Walker? -l am.

-And what about the skull? -Thought it'd go well with my drapes.

Cute. You're very cute, Mr. Walker.

Fortunately, l have a cure for that.

Stop it! Don't hurt him!

Why, Diana, are you sweet on Mr. Walker? l thought your true love was swinging on a jungle vine somewhere.

How did you... l mean, who told you that? l did.

Sala's got all the latest gossip on two continents.

Deny it.

He's in love with you, and you're nuts about him.

From the moment he came flying down that laundry chute, you were hooked.

Kismet in the jungle.

You're despicable, and you're just jealous.

Now l'm one up on you.


Quill, would you please show Mr. Walker up to the observation deck and make him talk?

l claim the body when you're done.


Once l check these coordinates against this navigational chart, we will know the location of the third skull.

Get up. Follow me.

Well, l'll be damned.


The Devil's Vortex.

We are going to the Devil's Vortex.

Are you sure? Check again. Maybe you made a mistake.

No, no, no. No mistake. lsn't that the place where all those ships keep disappearing?

Yes. lncredible, isn't it?

There must be an island there, an uncharted island.

Yeah, well, maybe my brother was right about all that stuff.

Nonsense. Come on, Charlie. This is the chance of a lifetime.

Where's your spirit of adventure?

Mr. Drax, l made all the arrangements.

-You're getting a full police escort. -Excellent.

-Have you heard the exciting news? -No.

We're going to the Devil's Vortex.

-Drax, The Phantom's in the building. -What?

-l saw him with my own eyes. -Alert your officers.

Tell them there's a madman on the loose.

He's armed and extremely dangerous. Shoot on sight.

Don't worry about a thing. l'll take care of it.

-What about the girl? -Bring her.

She's our Phantom insurance.

Get me security.

We're all ready here, sir.

Pardon me.

-Look out. Give him some room.

Excuse me.

What's going on there?

Follow that car.

Oh, God, take my money, but don't hurt me.

Al, take it easy. l'm a friend of Kit Walker's. l need your help. Now...

Hey! Hey, you!

Come back here!

Hey! Hey!

-What's back there? -The zoo.

Yeah, this is where he would've entered.

He sure as hell isn't around here. Let's keep looking.

Good girl.

Stop! Hold it right there!

Get in!

Forget him. He's not coming.

He's probably dead by now.

What is wrong with you?

Why are you so mean? Don't you care about anything?

Like what?

-You figure it out. -All right, all right.

Everybody just shut up. Step on it, Quill.

Drax is headed for the docks. l picked it up on my police band. Thought you'd want to know.

Thanks. Step on it, huh? lt's the bottom of the ninth and you're two skulls behind.

Dad, a man named Quill has a gun belt just like the one l wear.

-ls it yours? -Yeah.

He said he could show me the stronghold of the Sengh Brotherhood, and he took me to a place deep in the jungle.

-What happened? -He stabbed me in the back, literally.

So sue me. l'm a lousy judge of character.

Maybe l can get that gun belt back for you.

-lf you haven't lost them already. -Don't worry. l'll catch them. l have to.

There's a woman involved.

Well, saints be praised. lt's about time.

So, tell him to step on it.

Can you go any faster?

You talking to me now?

Yes. Can you pick it up?

Sure. Hold on to your hat, or whatever.

Looks like l got a plane to catch.


Hey, pal, give my best to Mr. Walker, huh?

l love New York.

We're getting close. We're almost there.

-What's that? -Where?

Eleven o'clock.

That's it.

There is an island.

Take her down.

We're so close now. l can feel it.

History is about to be made, and you're all a part of it.

Not an equal part, of course, but an important part, nonetheless.

Let's get them!

This one is mine. ln your dreams.

Take it easy.

My brothers, stay calm.

Brothers? Why do you call us brothers?

We, too, are members of the Sengh Brotherhood.

Nice going.

Come with us.

l think us girls should stick together. Okay?

Now, let me see.

When was the last time we had visitors here below the ocean's surface, deep in the bowels of this uncharted volcanic island?



You pathetic, doomed fools are the first.

Who are these people?

My name is Xander Drax.


X-A-N-D-E-R D-R-A-X. Xander Drax.

Begins and ends with the letter "X," from New York City.

And you, sir, as long as we're making polite introductions and chitchat, who might you be?

He is the great Kabai Sengh, leader of the Sengh Brotherhood.

Direct descendent of the evil Kabai Sengh, first leader of the Sengh Brotherhood.

You're a long way from New York City.

What brings you to this place?

These brought me here.

The Skulls of Touganda.

And what do you know of such matters? l know all about these skulls and the power they contain once all three are united.

The two l hold

and the one you have there.

Look, O Great One.

You know, l really wasn't in the market for a partner, but it seems to me that we have a mutually beneficial situation here.

Think of it this way.

You represent the old guard of grizzled scallywags and peg-leg Petes, while l stand for the new order of things, modern and up-to-date, just the man to carry our cause into the 20th century.


You have no bargaining power with me, Mr. New York City. l could kill you and feed your pretty pink ass to the sharks.

Besides, you don't have the fourth skull.

Fourth skull? What fourth skull? What are you talking about?

There is no fourth skull.

The fourth skull controls the power of the other three, and without it, you've wasted your time and your meaningless New York lives.

Wait a minute! Wait just a minute! lf anything happens to us, others will come looking.

They know where we are.

You'll have an entire army down your throats.

Now, do you really want that to happen?

No, no, no, no, no, that's bullshit.

Nobody knows where we are.

-What are you doing? -Shut up!

Spirit of adventure, my ass. lt's every man for himself.

Okay, Kabie, you get me out of here, or else you're really gonna sleep with the fishes.

Now what are you going to say about that?

What is that supposed to mean?

Just ancient pirate talk for, "Fire the cannon."

Great Kabai Sengh, l am Quill, a loyal follower and soldier.

Look. l once killed The Phantom.

Join the club.

Many of us have killed him over the years, but he keeps coming back.

Hey, l can see this Phantom thing really strikes a nerve. ln that case, you are going to love this.

She's his girlfriend.

Bring her here.

Think of the opportunities this presents, Kabai Sengh.

Ransom, bait, revenge.

Phantom has good taste.

Good, good. Personal pleasure. l overlooked that one.

So, what do you say, Kabai Sengh?

The girl for the skull, and l'm out of your hair.

You pirates need to get out more.

Kabai Sengh!


Let's get him!

Run away.

Ghost Who Walks, l'll cut you off at your knees.

lt's my fight.

You're not immortal.

l know your secrets, Phantom.


Take them to your grave, Kabai Sengh.

Sala! Cut the rope!

-Torpedoes. -This explains all those missing ships.

You and Sala can escape in here. l'll shoot you to the surface.

Those are live warheads. lf we hit anything, we're fish food.

You won't hit anything. l'll use the periscope to make sure the path is clear.

Come on.

What about you? How are you going to get out? l'll be right behind you.

At last. l already killed you.

No. You killed my father.

You've got something that belongs to me.


Drax! Over here!

What is it?

These skulls are more powerful than l ever imagined. l've harnessed the energy of the sun.

Who needs a fourth skull? l do, and l know where it is.

l've worn it all my life for protection. l never really understood what that meant until right now.

What a cheap jungle trick.


-End of the line. -We made it.

It aII began 400 years ago when a smaII boy saw his father savageIy murdered by pirates of the Sengh Brotherhood.

That same boy swore an oath of vengeance to fight piracy, greed and cruelty in all its forms, and he became the first Phantom. l'm his descendent, Diana, sworn to carry out his oath.

The mantle of The Phantom was passed down from father to son.

Twenty Phantoms came before me, but no one knew that.

They all thought it was the same Phantom. They all thought he was immortal.

That's why they called him the Ghost Who Walks.

Now, l'm not immortal, Diana. l was born right here in this cave and educated in America.

When my father was killed, l came back to take his place.

And one day, your own son will take your place.


The plane for Miss Palmer is waiting, Ghost Who Walks.

Thank you, Guran.

Does Guran know the truth?

Sure. He just likes to call me that.

Goodbye, Devil.

Take good care of your master.

l'd better go.

Hey, Kit. l like her.

Thanks, Dad.

Well, get going.

Before l go, take off your mask.

Let me see your face, Kit.

You know, l'm not really permitted to reveal all of my secrets, Diana.

You're not?

Actually, l am, but only to one person.

Who's that?

The woman l intend to marry.

What if she refuses you?

No one refuses The Phantom.


Leave it to my son to Iet the perfect woman sIip right through his fingers.

FortunateIy, Diana knew her own mind and vowed to herseIf that she wouId soon return to the BengaIIa JungIe.

Maybe then I can get some rest.