The Phantom of the Opera (1989) Script


I need to get to the Bennet Music Library, at 65th and 3rd.


Meg? Over here!

Thank God.

This had better be good.

It's good. Come on, Meg.

What did you find? I wanna know.

Christine, remember when you said that you wished we had something really unusual for the addition?

Something really fresh? Yeah.

This is very fresh, Meg.

Christine, please. Trust me, this is a major find.

Don Juan Triumphant.

By... Erik... Destler.

Right. Why does that name sound familiar?

I don't know. It shouldn't.

I had to go through a dozen books before I could find a footnote.

It's really weird. I know I've heard his name before.

It must be another guy.

Here. Look Right there.

"Destler, Erik."

"Known primarily for his unfinished Opera

"Don Juan Triumphant.

Destler's musical reputation is overshadowed by his infamy."

Keep on reading.

"He was said to be obsessed with a young Opera singer...

... who disappeared without a trace the night of Destler's death.

"Authorities believe, though were never able to prove

"that the composer was a psychopathic killer

"responsible for the brutal murders of at least a dozen London residents."

Isn't that weird?

I mean, composer by day, serial killer by night.

But it's so gentle. It's like a lullaby.

I told you. Christine, we'll blow them away with this.

We can have it done by tomorrow.

I wanna hear more.

That's it. That's all I could find. It was squished between two books.

Where? Over there.

We gotta get out of here. It's almost midnight.

Well, go grab your things and I'll be right behind you.


Don Juan Triumphant. By Erik Destler.


♪ Your eyes see but my shadow

♪ My heart is overflowing

Ready to go?

Are you ok?

What is it?

It's nothing.

Thank you. Next.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Christine Day.

I'm second year at Juilliard, and I've done a couple of things mostly classical.

I studied with-- That's fine.

What are you gonna sing for us today?

I'm gonna do a piece from Don Juan Triumphant.

By Erik Destler.

Hold the noise, please!

♪ Your eyes see but my shadow

♪ My heart is overflowing

♪ There so much you could hope to know

♪ Your comfort is knowing

♪ Tenderly

♪ You could see

♪ My soul...


Christine. Come back to me

Come back.

What happened?

Christine! Christine, wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Did you see what happened?

Thank God.


Of course. It's me.

Don't speak. Let's take you to your room.

Sorry Miss. Don't know what happened. It just fell.

I'm sorry.

Come, come, what has happened to discipline in this company?

Can we get on with it, please?

Positions, everyone! Let's start again, without Cybil!

Act 3, scene 1-- Marguerite in the garden.

I don't know what happened but I feel fine.

You better try to get some rest.

I can't sleep I'm not tired...

You had a scare.

So strange... but I feel exhilarated I'm on fire.

No bloody wonder.

An American singing with the London Opera, understudy to the Diva The way Carlotta's screaming her head off out there she might lose her voice by tonight.

You may have to do her part.

Small chance of that. Well, we can dream, can't we?

Sleep-- for me.

All right? All right.


I tell ya, there's an evil here.

That was no accident of mine.

Ghosts again.

Laugh while you can. I've seen him... moving on the catwalk.

He's got eyes like fire.

A death mask for a face.

Oh, come on.

Want to know what I think?

I think you were getting an eyeful of Christine.

You had your hand down your trousers when you should've been minding the ropes.

Go to hell.

Come on. There's work to do.

Leave him alone. We're better off without him.



Yes... let's have that drink.


Your bumbling was the work of a ghost.

Nah, Nah. It was... it was an accident.

But you blamed me.

It won't happen again.

No... it won't.

You're suspended.

You were in fine voice today, Christine.

It's you, isn't it?

Who else, Christine, but your teacher, your angel.

There was an accident.

Something happened.

It's of no importance.

What matters is the music.

Finish the song for me.

But you never show yourself to me.

I will... soon. Now sing!

No. the lead. Carlotta's part.

That's the role you want, isn't it?

You're the only one who can sing Marguerite as it was meant to be sung.



With passion, desire.

Your voice and your heart must be one.

Now sing... like an angel.

You are ready, Christine.

Tonight, the world will hear you sing.


Tonight, the world will love you.

Do you mind?

Excuse me, sir.

Oh, Mr. Barton. Miss Carlotta's expecting you.

Thank you.


Mr. Barton. Please come in.

I don't usually see anyone before a performance.

I'm flattered.


Perhaps they'll brighten up this rat's nest you call a dressing room.

This is the best room in the house. Then the house is lacking... my back.

I have your contract... I think you'll find everything to your satisfaction.

A larger room would be better. I barely have enough room for my things.

Yes, well, we can discuss the finer points later in good faith.

That is for the good and faithful.

That young lady, Christine --

I want her back in the chorus.

She was lucky enough to play Cybil to you, she's just an understudy.

I want her out!

Don't test me, Carlotta. I could drown you too easily.

Better submerged in bathwater than mediocrity, don't you agree?

All you have to do is sign!

I'll sing.

You think about what I said.

You bitch.

Tell wardrobe to take this in. It's tailored for a sow.

And hurry. I need it for the third act.

Yes, ma'am.

Help me!

I find it little wonder that the opera was in the red when we purchased it.

How's that?

For a start, there's a monthly debit of 300. No receipt, no invoice, nothing.

That's a stipend to the opera ghost -- the phantom.

The what?

Phantom's theater tradition, old boy. Box five's held for him every night It's silly, but you know how these artistic people are.

I know how bankers are. Richard, box five is on the grand tier -- four seats.

Who actually sits there?

No one. It's the phantom's box.

I'm told it wards off the evil eye or some such thing.

For 300 a month and a private box, I'll risk a gypsy curse.

On opening night.



Good evening, Mr. Harrison. Good evening.

Your reviews today were a revelation.

As always. Madam, you're too kind.

It's a fine crowd, my dear. This will be a night to remember.

Richard, the curtain's about to go up.

I'm afraid there's been an accident.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

I regret to tell you that due to a sudden illness, our Diva, La Carlotta, will not be appearing this evening.

In her absence, the part of Marguerite will be played by Miss Christine Day.

Thank you.

Come on, dear.

My god. This is going to close us faster than a house fire.

Have you heard Christine sing?

I knew Carlotta was going to do this to me.

Barton, she's wonderful.

We'll be tried for fraud. I'm going to have a word with our Diva.

There's nothing you can do about it now.

I can cure her or kill her.

Shh! quiet, please.

Listen, I'll go have a word with her.

Perhaps a fresh face will succeed where, obviously, charm has failed, hmm?

Remember, we are partners, after all.

Thank you. Out of the way, please. Out of the way.

Step back, please.

What's happening?!

In the closet.

His name's Joseph. He's a scene shifter.

Don't leave him like this Get him down.


Who found him? Right away, sir.

Miss Carlotta, the Diva.

She's feeling ill. I sent her home to await a doctor.

I can have her -- No. Send her home, too.

Inspector. Do it!

We don't need her.

I've seen this work before.

She says it's the phantom's work.

This was no phantom, Davies! Ghosts do not skin their victims.

This is the work of an artist.

An artist who works in the flesh.

You play very well.

Thank you.

What is it?

It's mine.

But you want it to belong to the world.

Yes. I want the world to love me for my music.

What would you give for your music to live forever, like Beethoven, Mozart -- the immortals?

Anything. I... I'd give everything.

Would you wed your soul... with the devil?


The world will love you for your music, but...

... that's all it will love you for.

There must be a thousand doors in this Opera house.

I want them all opened -- every one -- and every room searched.

But lock this one down.

I don't want anyone in here.

Yes, sir.

Who are you?

Sir, I am half owner of this house. Who the hell are you?

Inspector Hawking, Scotland Yard.

We'd better talk.

Evening, governor. What's your desire tonight?

Desire? What do you know of desire?

Is that right?

No. I like it in the dark.

The night is... far too short as it is.

You can take your time.


My name is Maddie.

Tonight... your name... is Christine.

There she is! Bravo!

She'll never sell tickets.

It is my night.

This is what I've always dreamed of.

Tonight, I didn't sing with my voice. I don't know.

It just came out. It was a feeling... a passion.

But it had to come from somewhere.

Is it such a secret that you can't share it with me?

My father... sends an angel who teaches me.

Who is this angel? Introduce us.

I've never seen him... really.

But I feel him, and I hear him.

He instructs me.

What happened tonight -- I don't want to lose it.

I don't want this feeling ever to go away.

I won't let it.

I had a different sort of evening planned, you know.

What did you want to do?

Ask you to marry me.

Richard... I can't. Not now.

I know.

I might have been able to persuade you, but after this evening know I may have lost you.

You could never lose me.

You owe me this favor.

But your Miss Day will be devastated.

Perhaps she will grow as an artist.

I'm sure she will.

Years and tears -- that's what it needs. Years and tears.

We must provide the public with what they want, and they want Carlotta.

Then with my help, they shall have her.

Sarah, more ale!

How was the show, sir?

An inspiration.

Why don't you introduce us to your dark friend?

He's a gentleman who enjoys his privacy, Especially when he's composing.

A gentleman... because he pays in gold?

Perhaps he wagers in gold as well.

Not with the likes of you, you bastard.

Can you hear it?


Full pockets.


Go... away?

I'm busy.

I've seen you before.

We've never actually met proper...

Have we?


I never forget a face.

Still hungry for an introduction?

Just open your purse.

And what will you trade? steel... for gold.

Hardly seems fair.

Get in there!

Get in there!

This what you wanted?

Now... I propose a different bargain...

And you shall die a rich man.

You're a thing from hell.

And you, sir... are hellbound!

Rotten morning.

I've got to show this to Christine.

What's it say? Haven't read it yet.

Did you get it? Let me read it.

I'll read it. You sit down before you fall down.

Too much wine for you, missy.


Meg, come on!

Last night, the London opera house and company opened the season with their performance of "Faust."

The gala was as festive as anyone It's my first. Let me read it.

I don't know. Meg!

"unfortunately, the performance did not fulfill all expectations

"the most obvious reason was the conspicuous absence of La Carlotta, the company's Diva."

I don't understand.

You shouldn't read that. I mean, what does he know?

"Young Christine Day could not sing the role of Marguerite.

"though her voice is not completely unpleasant, "lack of discipline and training show.

"This humble reviewer wonders...

"... whether Miss Day has even the substance

"to fulfill the secondary role of Cybil, as billed Oh, Christine. It's only one opinion.

The stupid bastard probably wasn't even there.

He was there!

God. It was only in my head.

They loved you. You heard them applaud.

They would have been embarrassed not to, Meg!

Will you be having your massage today?

No, thank you. Just a bath and steam.

More steam?

By all means.

Could it be that I saw you at the opera last night?

It's quite possible. I am the opera critic of the Gazette.


I found your account of Miss Day's performance somewhat... troubling.

Could it be that we saw different shows?

Aah, Miss Day.

I was sorry for her -- embarrassed, really.

The role was beyond her.


... you weren't afforded a seat befitting your status and your knowledge of the arts.

The acoustics are somewhat inconsistent.

Should you reconsider your evaluation, I could provide you with a private box.

Sir, you flatter me, but in all truthfulness, I think I'd rather die than subject myself to that shrieking child for another evening.

As you wish.

Christine, wait. Where are you going at this hour?

I need to be alone.




I felt you last night.

I know that you were there.

I don't know if I can sing again.

What do I do now?



Your father has sent me.

I am your angel.

All of your lessons have led to this moment.

We will make music that the world will love forever.

Take the last step to me...

to your destiny...

... to immortality.

Here you are, you vermin.

The old statue catch you?

We'll put you in our bag, we will.

Please... where are you taking me?


There is nothing to harm you here.

Up there... they see the actors, the costumes, the scenery.

They don't know the soul of the opera.

In your dressing room, I could only teach you the words, the notes.

But here... here, I can, I can teach you the meaning.

What's the matter?

Is this your name?

Erik Destler?

That... man is...

... is long dead.

But you wrote this. it is incomplete.

Play it. No. not, not that.

Perhaps some Mozart.

No. Play your music.


There is nothing you could ask... that I could refuse.

Christine... you... are my inspiration to finish it.

♪ Your eyes see but my shadow

♪ My heart is overflowing

♪ There's so much you could hope to know

♪ Your comfort is knowing

♪ Tenderly

♪ You could see

♪ My soul


How did you know the words to my music?


I-I sang them before.

I don't remember where.

It's impossible! No one's heard that music.

Please... play the rest.

I have told you... it is incomplete.

Christine... you you are the angel.

You are my voice.

Together... together we'll have London at our feet

Christine... come to me...

And I will give you everything.

You love the music.

I am the music.

Our souls are one.

No! No...

Now! You are married to the music.

You cannot serve two masters.

Do not see another.

I promise.

Tonight... you will be my bride.

Christine Day's life is in danger.

And yours isn't?

A lot of people are dead, Mr. Dutton, and the murderer is in your house.

Inspector, will you please keep your voice down?

How's your stomach?

Dear God.

They're all missing their... Skin.

That's Joseph from your opera house. Look at it.

I fail to see the connection. What's the point?

Motive... that's the point.

Christine Day sang because your Diva found a body in her closet.

Harrison died because he criticized her performance.

Someone is doing murder in Christine Day's name. and I understand the two of you were very close.

What are you saying, Inspector?

Oh, I know it isn't you.

so... you know who it is, then?

Do you believe in God, Mr. Dutton?

Yes. Good.

Because it's going to take a leap of faith for you to understand what I'm about to tell you.

The phantom is real.

It has a name...

Erik Destler.

But that's just a story.

I know the legend as well as you.

He sold his soul to the devil so the world would love him for his talent, but the devil had a price.

He mutilated Destler's face so terribly that no one could stand to love him ever again for himself.

And it's said the only way to kill the phantom is to destroy his music.

I don't believe in phantoms or legends, Mr. Dutton, but I do believe in facts, and the fact is this man, this creature, is still alive.

Still alive, and living under your opera.

Do you want to tell me where you've been?


You look like you've been through hell.

I have. He gave you a ring!

Who? Richard, of course.

I expected at least a diamond.

Richard didn't give me the ring.


I've been your friend for a long time. Am I missing something?

I guess you know about Harrison.

What's there to know? He hated me, Meg.

You haven't heard?

Someone's killed the bastard. It's all anyone's taking about.

Oh, my God. I can't stay here.

It's Richard.

Vinegar! Buy your precious Vinegar

He's in danger.


but you have to make an appearance at the ball tonight.

Richard can't be seen with me.

He's coming. Here. Give this to him.

Don't tell him I'm here. I beg of you.

Sir, can't you read? This is a proper house for ladies.

I must speak with Miss Day.

Meg. I must see her.

She's not here. She's not?

She asked me to give you this.

So you have seen her? Yes.

Yes, this morning. She's fine.

No, she's not, Meg.

She's in a great deal of danger.


My dear lady Robly. It's a shame to hide your beauty.

Scandalous party?

Perhaps you and lord Robly can help us make it so.

Has Christine arrived, then? Christine?


How would I know, in this crowd?

There are prospects here by the dozen. Go and have some fun.

Sr. Dutton. Sr. Barton.

Perhaps kicking your ass, then, would brighten my spirits.

Delightful. Quite.

Mr. Barton, you wicked man

I do believe you're the goddess Aphrodite.

Oh, thank you so much.

My dear Carlotta.

You have given me away, sir.

I must have a dance.

Perhaps later.

I was never rich in patience when faced with such beauty.

Please excuse us.

No alcohol, Davies.

And keep your eyes off the women.

Don't worry. If he's here, we'll get him.

Christine. Richard.

He might see us. Who?

Christine, this angel of yours -- he's the phantom No, he's everywhere. He's in the walls. I'm afraid that he can hear us.

Don't be afraid.

He'll find me.

I love you, Richard.

I'll go find us a coach.

By tomorrow morning, this will all be behind us.

You're very forward tonight.

My will is weak and my resolve strong where you're concerned.

It's a magic night. Anything can happen.

Perhaps we may consummate a personal union with our, uh, professional one

Who is this man?

I must know.

You must not.

Who could that be?

Sir! We will have another.


You are a wonderful dancer.

Do I know you?

By my works.

I can't stand it. I have to see your face.

And what will you trade?

Everything has its price.

What will I think when I see you?

You'll just... die.

Original costume.

The thing you're looking for has already come and gone, right under your nose.

Show me where he lives.

Where he had the girl, you mean.

It's unholy.

I heard them singing together.

He pays me well to keep his secrets, and to keep the rats out.

I'll pay you more.

Show me!

Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served.

If you please, we have the canard l'orange.

Croissant citron with white wine sauce. head of wild boar stuffed with pâté of truffle.

The soup tonight is...


No, please!

Damn it! He's got her.

Come on.


He's gone down.

Go on.

Faithfulness is not a quality I admire in you, Christine.

Desire is only a demon, Christine.

How does getting what you desire ever --

No, please. Let me go.

You will never leave here again.


You can never leave.

He lives here?

Not here. Below the prison -- below the sewer, deep down.


Now are you ready to believe me?

I will believe when I find Christine.

This is police business. You don't have to go.

Stop me!

You wait a damn minute.

I'll show you the way.

But if I don't clear the rats out, none of us will make it very far.

Just stay to the right.

And keep going down.

Down, down.

We'll catch you.

Help me!

Please! Somebody help me!

You are an unholy thing.

I heard you singing with the girl.

Better your hearing had failed you.

You won't kill me.

I lead the rats away, drown them.

Without me, you'll have them crawling all over you.

Then lead them... to eternity!

What was that?

Where? That's the question.

Damn it. There must be 100 miles of tunnels down here.

Davies. Morris.

You go this way. Keep to your right. Mark your path.

We should meet up. If we don't, follow your marks back here Now move!

Take care.

We'll go this way.

Keep an eye out. Yes, sir.


Not there.

here I am.



He's stalking us.

Then let's not be easy prey.

Are you going to kill me now?

Everyone dies.

I only choose the time and place for a few.

When do you choose... for me?

This is either a wedding march or a funeral mass.

You decide which.

This way. It's coming from down here.

It's an entrance.

Come here.

Watch your skin.

I told you. you will never leave here!

Only love... and music... are forever.

Come... with me.

Come back!!

Oh, my god! Chris!

Chris, are you okay?

You could have killed somebody!

I'm sorry. Chris, come on.

Chris? You're going to be okay.

What happened?

Is she all right?

Excuse me. Let me through, please!

She all right?

Who are you?

A very relieved admirer.

I thought we lost the star of our show there for a minute.

This is Mr. Foster, Miss Day, our producer and Major Backer.

Well, I guess that makes me an authority on how you'll be spending your time for a while.

I don't understand.

Excuse me.

Christine... the part is yours.

Unless, of course, uh... you've changed your mind.

Don't say another word, Chris. I-I represent Miss Day And before we go any further, I-I would like to have something in writing.

You will have it in writing. Don't you worry.

Come on over here. We'll have a coffee.

Are you sure you're okay?

I'm a little shaky.

You, uh... you look like you could use a drink.

They'll be haggling terms in there for hours.

I toast you, Christine. you'll have all New York at your feet.

Thank you.

Now then, I would like you to join me at a small dinner with the other backers of the show, all right?

Give me a few minutes to change, And I promise you an evening on the town you will not forget.

Maybe I should freshen up.

No, no, no, no. you're perfect. I must put on a tie, though. Five minutes.

Make yourself at home.


Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Come on, come on.

Stop. stop.



How do you like it?

I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean --

I knew we'd find each other.

Love... music...

They're forever.

You're him...

Aren't you?

Had you expected someone else?

You've always been my inspiration, Christine.

You... made it all possible, Christine.


Now... it's just a matter of what you choose.

Love... or music.

I have waited a very long time for you to come back to me, my dear.

We had a bargain, remember?



Not forever!


It's over.