The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) Script

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...but first here with the highlights of the latest news... 8 a.m. Eastern War Time... September 14th.

When the 5th Army advanced to the Gulf of Salerno in Italy...

...extremely heavy fighting continues.

The Germans are using tanks and elements of three divisions with Hermann Goering and the 15th and 16th Panzers.

At one or two points they have regained some of the ground taken from them in the last day or two, but the powerful Allied Forces receiving a steady stream of reinforcements and supplies, are advancing steadily to gain the foothills arcing around the coastal plain...

...that we made our landing.

We have firmly established ourselves in the coastal area, but as long as German artillery in place in the foothills...

Come on, James, get some sleep.

We MIGHT have missed something.

A thousand triple checks and we might have missed something?

James, tomorrow we make history!

See you in the morning.

...back yesterday, which gives a clear picture of the fighting.

Details of an American unit which advanced, knocking-out 12 enemy tanks...

...the projected backup is a German counterattack overrunning one of our observation posts with several war tanks.

Enemy fighters, approximately a hundred and twenty are...

I really have to talk to you about your friend.

Would you stop that!

What kind of girl do you think I am?

I figured you're the kind that understands that this might be my last dance.

That's a lot of malarkey and you know it.

All you're doing is taking a joy-ride around the harbor and getting out of the war for six months.

Isn't that a great excuse though?

We're not going back to the office and that's final.

Take care of junior for me. Okay.

That's more my speed!

How do you fell about an old, married man who's raring to go?


Hey, is it okay? No, it's not.

C'mon. Hey, Babe, you wanna cut a rug. Why not?

Motherhood suits ya. Is that a compliment?

Yes, it's supposed to. Jimmy's a lucky guy.

Well, you had your chance.

Yeah, I guess I did.

Want something to drink?

A Coke.

Give me a beer and a Coke.

Hey, there goes the Whiz Kid.

He doesn't look too happy, does he?

Maybe he knows somethin' we don't.

Thanks, Steve, that's just what I wanted to hear.

Hey, uh, how's it going with Doris? None of your business.

When are you going to California?

Tomorrow. Since you're gonna be quarantined for a month, there's no use in my staying.

Yeah.. hey, say hello to everybody for me, all right?

I will. Have you heard from your dad?

No. He's up at Sacramento. He's not gonna let the war get in the way of his racing.

Ladies and gentlemen, this'll be the last dance.

What? The last dance!

See ya, Babe.

Look after Jimmy for me, will ya? Yeah.

Come on, Honey, it's the last dance.

Pam! Davy, look, it's Pam!

Hi, Pam! I hear the baby!

Hi! Hi! I love you, Sweetie! I love you! I'll miss you.

I love you!

You worried about losing your job, Joe?

I'll believe it when I see him do it.

Well, we'll find out soon enough.

You fellas goin' on another joy-ride?

Hey, Smitty, I heard your old lady ran off with a Skimmer Puke.

I heard it was an Airedale. I heard it was both of 'em!

Well, we get to go out without Pam tonight, hotshot!

Yeah, we'll be in quarantine's time tonight. Forget quarantine!

I got it all worked out, buddy. Yeah?

Good morning, gentlemen. Good morning, Sir.

Is everything in order? Yes, Sir.

Have you checked the communications link to the shore?

Yes, Sir! Clear as a bell!

Now hear this: All visitors prepare to disembark, except for special sea detail. Prepare to get underway!

What the hell was that all about? I don't know.

Range 2000 yards, bearing 1-2-8.

No way they're gonna hide this turkey! Now you see it, now you don't.

All right, Men, let's concentrate!

Now here this: Secure the specialty and anchor detail, set the underway watch.

Experimental detail, prepare for the Rainbow One.

The smoking lamp is out throughout the ship.

Hey, Joe, you've met Dr. Longstreet and his assistant?

Welcome aboard, Sir.

Welcome aboard. Thank you.

The ships are on-station, Sir.

You can start the generators now, Captain.

Commence operations.

This is Sea Dog to Small Boy, activate Rainbow One.

This is Small Boy, roger, out.

- All sections, stand-by for countdown. Here we go!

Generators activated, Sir. Power to the main field.

I don't believe this!

The Eldridge is beginning to fade, Sir!

She's gone!

I didn't think it was possible.

She's radar invisible! - Congratulations, Doctor!

Looks like you've just taken the entire German fleet out of this war.

How is it? It's gettin' kinda spooky in here!

These are by δΘΣτΘP⌠ß⌠Θ which is Greek to me.

Captain Robertson, Sir, it's the cutter. They say that the Eldridge has vanished!

Of course she has, she's radar invisible!

No, Sir, she's REALLY vanished!

She's gone!

Get me the captain of the Eldridge on the radio right away!

It's impossible!

Small Boy this is Sea Dog, over.

Small Boy this is Sea Dog.

Shut that down!

Tell the others to kill the generators. TELL 'EM!!!

They've broken-off communications, Sir. Keep trying.

Attention all the search and rescue personnel, stand-by!

Repeat, all search and rescue personnel, stand-by!

What is going on here?

What is it? Shut the damn thing... shut it down!

Jimmy! Are you okay? I'm okay! Get outta here!

Let get the hell outta here!

C'mon! Get up!

What is this? What's goin' on?

I don't know, what do you see right now? The stars, the moon, it's night!

Did you see the ship? I mean did... you see the ship, the town?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's spinnin' around! What's goin' on here?

What about your hand? It looks okay now, there's nothing wrong with it.

What the hell is it? I don't know... what is that?

It's comin' back again, Davy!

Oh, my god.



Run! Run!

Let go, Jimmy! Let go!

We gotta get outta here! C'mon! Run!

You all right? Yeah, I'm okay.

It's the last one. Thanks.

You have any more brilliant ideas? Yeah.

We're still in Philadelphia. This is all part of the experiment.

They did something to our minds!

There's no desert in Philly. Maybe all this isn't real.

Maybe it's a hallucination, they could've hypnotized us.

Ya know, they do that to people, ya know?

You're tellin' me this is my imagination? And we're not freezin' our asses off out here?

And they didn't try to kill us last night?

They wouldn't do that! It's all part of the experiment.

You think the Navy knows what they're doing?

You saw the guys on the boat. This wasn't supposed to happen, Jimmy! This is a BIG mistake.

So what do we do, huh? Let's keep on goin'.

Isn't that water up ahead? No, this is a desert, and that's a mirage.

How much longer do you think this mirage is gonna last?

What is it? Some sorta beer.




Oh, it's so light! What the hell's it made of?

Well, hell if I know.

What is it? It's an old Chevy.

It's headin' right for us. C'mon!

What the hell was that?

Red Leader to Dry Wells Base, we don't see any town site.

Dry Wells Base to Red Leader, repeat!

It was there before the experiment, it's got to be there now! Keep looking!

How could the damn town just disappear? Continuing search, over.

That's Longstreet now, punch-up code 84 and run another check of the area.

We just finished our first run.

There's nothing, no anomalous electromagnetic fields.

No heat build-up, no radiation.

The whole damned town just disappeared, James!

Run a second check.

We are already doing it, but, I mean, how the hell could this thing have happened?

I don't want Washington involved... not yet.

I understand. We'll be through in an hour.

All right, I want a shot here and then I want a shot featuring that section down there.

And then I want a wide shot of the whole assembly.

What is it?

We don't know, Sir, but it wasn't here when we started, that's for DAMN sure.

The chopper went down over there by the security fence.

There's not a piece of it left that's bigger than a matchstick.

How about the security breach?

CQ's checking into it, but I can guarantee you it's a mistake.

Not even a jack rabbit could get through this perimeter.

Excuse me, Sir.

Clark here.

- We got somethin' for ya. Right! Griffin! Let's go!

Three-eighths, it's hard steel coil, haven't seen anything like it in at least 30 years!

If I was back in Missouri, I'd swear there was a tornado brewing-up there.

Hey, man, what's happening?

You comin' in, or what? Yeah.

You boys want some coffee?


We got a special on the ham and eggs.

Yeah, sounds good.

Yeah, me, too. How do you want the eggs?

Scrambled. Two specials, scrambled!

At least she speaks English.

You don't mind?

Wha... what... what's the name of this place? Scotty's Junction.

You won't find it on any map, I can tell ya' that!


You boys don't know what state you're in?

Yeah, there's a... there's a navy base around here?

Not that I know of. Just the base up at Dry Wells.

These are by δΘΣτΘP⌠ß⌠Θ which is Greek to me.

That's it!

Do you have a phone? Outside, by the pump.

Give me some of that money, see if I can get a hold of Base.


You gave the job to somebody else?

I... I did call! I called from Chicago, I called from Salt Lake! Didn't he get the message?

I don't think you understand! I quit my job to come work for you.

Of course I'm upset! I've been driving for two days!

No, I don't wanna come stay with you.

What for? There's nothing to talk about.

Look, there's someone waiting for the phone... goodbye.

Thank you.

Operator, yes, I want to call long distance, Philadelphia.

United States Naval Base.

Well, yeah, I gotta reverse the charges, this is Seaman First Class David Herdeg.

Want a Commander Robertson.

- How are your victuals, Sir. Hey, Ben!

You got any Sweet 'n' Low?

The Sweet 'n' Low.

Don't take any checks or credit cards. Thanks.

Hey! What in the hell do you think you're doing?

C'mon back here, boy!

We gotta get outta here, Davy. What's goin' on?

All right, hold it right there, boy!

Now, you're paying for both them machines before you leave my place.

I didn't do anything to your machines!

Mister, I don't know what you're talkin' about...

You shut up, or I'll blow your head off, too.

Pa, I already called the Sheriff. Now, you just get back inside.

All right, stay back! Everybody! Stay back!

Easy, Mister! C'mon, take it easy. - Get back!

Get in the car, Jimmy. I didn't do anything, Davy.

Just get in the car!

Stay back, just stay back, we'll get 'em later.

Where are the keys?

It's everything I own, could you take another car?

Just give me the damn keys!

What's the matter?!?

Where the hell's the clutch? It's automatic!

What is an "automatic"?

Get in, you're driving. Jesus Christ.

Hey, forget the bag!

I'm not leaving without my stuff. For God's sake, get in the car!

Go! Go! Come on! Go! Go!

Look, I'll cooperate, but just don't hurt me, okay?

We're not gonna hurt you, just keep on drivin'. Did you get through to the Base.

They never even heard of a Commander Robertson... that's what they said.

But that's a lie! Why would they do that?

Let me see that.

It doesn't feel too good, Davey. It happened again back there.

You know, you should be in the hospital. He should be in a hospital, you know that!

What's the date?

The date, it's the 17th. The year!

Are you kidding? It's 1984!

What's going on with you two? Are you on drugs or something?

1984. What about the War?

What war? The War!


World War II, Germany and Japan!

What about it?

Who won?

We won, what do you think?

Are you guys putting me on or somethin'?

How far to the next town? I don't know.

Hey, do you have any cigarettes?

No, I quit last month.

Roger, one-niner, you're advised to clear quadrant Delta...

Roger, this is one-niner, we copy, standing by for base communications.

Good morning, Sir.

Is Dr. Longstreet down there? Yes, he is.

I don't understand any significant difference between this experiment and any other anti-missile test we've run so far.


It wouldn't be enough to do it. Of course it would, it's the only variable.

The amount of energy it took to deflect the missiles into hyperspace was so great

- Look! it created a wrinkle in the continuum!

We shut the energy off, we turned the generators down, why didn't the town simply re-materialize?

Maybe there is another power source functioning.

Where? Inside the zone, in hyperspace itself.

What would be the possible source?

Did you get the meteorological report? Yes.

It's incredible, it's as if every storm front in the region were being sucked into this one tiny zone.

We have three separate reports of tornadoes, and that doesn't happen here.

Where's it centered now?

Major Clark wants to see you. - About 40 miles due east of here.

I'll be back.

What other the possible energy source?

I'm sorry to interrupt, but I thought you should know, there WAS a security break.

At least two men were in the area of the experiment when it took place, I put out a full alert.

So much for the jack rabbit theory.

We'll catch them, I can guarantee THAT. When you do, I'll want to see them.

Jimmy, look at this!

I don't like it, Davey, it's all wrong.

PLEASE, can we find a hospital? Just keep drivin'.

We can't, Davey. Then what do you wanna do?

Let's just try and get home. Where's home?


It's comin' back, Davey.

What the hell is wrong with you two? Look out!

All right, nobody move!

Jesus Christ, you gotta be kidding!

I need an E.K.G. and get Nielson down here, it looks like a possible...

All I know he's living somewhere in California.

But you don't know where? No.

She may be distended on her left proximal radius and ulna, be back in a few minutes.

Could you sit over here, please, and take your own coat off.

Ya know, there's nothing wrong with my arm, it's just a little bit sore.

Let's be on the safe side and check it out anyway, okay?

When we're finish here, we need you to come to the station and fill-out a statement.

What's gonna happen to them? Hold still, please.

Kidnapping with a dangerous weapon carries a minimum of 9 to 12 years.

12 years?

How are ya? Fine.

Did anything unusual happen to you or the others prior to the accident?

Like what?

Well, did you come in contact with any radiation or anything like that?

I... I don't know, I mean, the car just, like, just lit-up before we hit the barricade, - I don't really know what caused it. Turn your arm, please.

Why, what's wrong?

There's a man dying up there and for the life of me I don't know why.

Well, why don't you talk to his friend? He refuses to talk to anyone.

Don't move, please... thank you.

Would you like a cigarette?


Thank you. Sure.

What the hell are you dressed like that for?

Do you like it?


Good luck... sailor.

Now, what do you mean she won't press charges? That's what she said.

The old couple?

They don't want to drive into town, said they can't run their business and be at the court.

Jesus Christ! How do these people expect us to help them, when they won't help themselves?

No wonder the God damned country's going to hell.

Excuse me, Allison, this is the Sheriff Bates.

Hi. Hi.

I understand you don't want to press charges anymore? Can you tell me why?

I changed my mind. Just like that?

No particular reason, you just decided to let the guys get away with kidnapping you?

I just don't think they deserve to go to jail for 12 years, they have other problems.

We've all got problems, honey, but we don't solve 'em with guns.

Now, you SURE you won't change your mind?

I'm sure.

You're a lucky sonofabitch, you know that?

Good luck.

How you doin'? Fine.

We haven't actually met yet, I'm Allison Hayes.

David Herdeg.

How does that feel?

Dr. Cannon to Neuro 1, Dr. Cannon to Neuro 1 immediately.

Hey, Jimmy, how you doin'?


I was having this... dream.

Pam? Is that... is Pam with you? No.

The baby's coming... soon.

She wants it... to be a boy.

She said, "Make it a boy."

Don't leave me, Davey, I can't go through this again.

I'm sorry, you're going to have to leave right now, thank you.

Do we need the doctor? No, I think he's gonna be all right.

They can't help him if you DON'T tell them what happened.

- We were involved in an experiment. What kind of an experiment?

It's electronic... deflecting radar so a ship couldn't be detected at sea... I didn't understand all of it.

You were exposed to an electronic energy field of some sort?

I think so, but there was something else... something else happened.

We got caught-up in this freak thing... just the two of us.

I don't know what it was, but somehow we got moved in time.

What do you mean?

Time... this now, this time, it's not ours, we weren't here when it happened.

The experiment took place on a ship in a Philadelphia Harbor.

It was 1943... October.

Does this sound crazy, ya know, or is this sort of thing possible now?

What are your memories of 1943?

Are they clear to you?

You think I'm makin' this up?

I didn't say that, I just want you to describe something in 1943 for me.

I can describe everything! 1943 was yesterday for me!

I'm not doubting you, Mr. Herdeg.

Like hell you're not doubting me, you don't believe anything I'm sayin'.

David, he's just trying to help.

Hey! Look! I'm not lying! You think I'd make this up? What the hell would I make it up for?

Yes. Dr. Magnussen, you better come quickly.

What is it? It's the patient in B.

You'll have to excuse me a moment.

That's Jimmy, I know it's Jimmy!

Give him I.V. valium! I've already given him 10 milligrams!

Stand by C.P.R.

Excuse me, clear the way! - Come on, let's get that in here.

Clear for the backboard coming in.

Ambu bag coming in.

Try and restrain him so he doesn't hurt himself!

What the hell is going on here? Get some more insulin here.

Get back! Get back! Get back!

Get back.

Don't let anybody touch him!

Oh, my God.

David, what's wrong?

David? David, wait... let me go, I want to be with him.

Stay away from him, I don't know what it is, but...

That's the other one. Pick him up!


Where are you going?

What the heck! I got the other elevator.

Security, to 5th floor, stat.

Security, to 5th floor, stat.

Look, I'm gonna have to take you in. I didn't do anything.

Don't give me any trouble. I didn't do anything!

What are you doing?

Look out now! Stop that shit!

There he is!

Aw, shit!

Up the stairs!

Sorry, sorry.

Come on, God damn it, let's go!

What the hell are you doing, get outta here!

David! David get in!

- Stop him! God damn it, stop him! Who are they?

I don't know, just keep goin'.

What happened to Jimmy?

Does it have to do with the experiment? Is it... is it some kind of secret thing? Is that it?

For God's sake, David, I'm just trying to understand! I want to help you!

Do you know where Santa Paula, California is? No.

Is your family there, is that it?

They used to be.

I have to go to Los Angeles anyway... we'll find it.

Why are you doin' all this, Allison?

I don't know.

All that stuff I told the doctor back there, did you believe it, believe any of it?

I believe that you believe.

How's your reading? I think there's a malfunction.

I keep getting negative pressure and it keeps dropping, it's impossible.

No, it's pulling the air in, it's pulling everything in.

- How? We opened up a hole, Barney.

We opened it up and it stayed open.

My God, you can feel it, you can you feel the energy.

What is described as a freakish low pressure system continues to stall over Nevada, leaving thousands virtually cut off from the rest of the world.

With roads closed, power wires down... one hundred fifty miles an hour have downed major power lines leaving hundreds of families without power...

...personal computer from Digital with two separate microprocessors.

One for today's jobs, another for tomorrow.

The Rainbow from Digital Equipment Corporation, call 1-800-DIGITAL for the store nearest you.


- What do you want me to answer first? Both!

Both of 'em! Both of 'em!

Hold the line please... thank you.

It's unbelievable out there! Oh, I hid the car around back, we can rent a new one in the morning.

Oh, I see you found an old movie to watch?

Yeah, it's the only thing I seem to understand around here.

I got you some magazines and a change of clothes... I hope they fit.

Hey, ya know, I don't know how I'm gonna be able to pay you back for all this.

Don't worry about it now. You like Chinese food?

Yeah, sounds good. Enjoy.

Here, dig in.

Are you okay?

What if we get all the way out to Santa Paula, and... there's nobody left out there left alive that I know? My father isn't a young man.

Well, let's call, we'll find out.

He doesn't have a phone.

David, everyone has a phone... let's try.

Uh, yes, information please for Santa Paula, California, the number for...

John Herdeg. John Herdeg, that's H-E-R-D-E-G.

Right, right, right.

Is there any other place?

Try the Parker Ranch, they always had a phone.

Do you have the number for the Parker Ranch?

Thank you.

It's ringing.

But what... what am I gonna say to 'em?

Hello, who's this speaking, please?


What happened?

It was her! It was Jim's wife, Pamela.

Well, why... why did you hang up?

What am I gonna say to her?

Well, that's good, at least we know she's there.

What if they're there? What if they're waitin' for us? They know where I'm from, this could all be a trap!

Well... maybe we should tell the story to someone else and get them to come with us. Wait, the story you don't believe, right, that one?

David, I don't know what to believe, how do you know what to believe? Maybe... maybe they gave you some drugs, maybe none of this is real at all.

Yeah, maybe none of this is real. Hey! Maybe this isn't real, right?

Maybe this isn't real! I mean, maybe this isn't real, maybe none of this is real!

Maybe I'm not real! Maybe you're not real!

How about that?


All right, ya know, I don't think I can really help you anymore, I think you gotta go through this, ya know, by yourself, and...

I'm sure you're gonna be fine, but, ya know, I'm scared, too, so, I'll see ya later, okay?

Wait... please.

Look, I'm sorry, Allison.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

Please stay with me.

I need you.


I can't believe this, Germany and Japan are our friends, and Russia's the enemy now?

Aren't you getting tired, David? - Yeah.

Alarm set, six thirty a.m.

Well, don't stay up too late, okay? Okay.



But we just know that every time they do an experiment around here, the weather changes.

They're responsible for everything that's goin' on around here.

We tried to contact Dr. James Longstreet, who is in charge of experiments here at the Base, but unfortunately

- he's unavailable for comment. What was that name she just said?

What? Thanks for your report, Margaret, we'll be standing by for future developments. Nothing, never mind.

- And now moving to the national... Hollywood once, who refused to hire his director, in the picture they refused to hire the director before it turned out to be a failure.

The next time the director's name came up Allison!

- the producer said, no, he was What?

I know this guy! Is this another movie?

No, David, this is not a movie.

Twelve forty-six a.m., Twelve forty-six a.m., Twelve forty-six a.m.



It almost seems connected to something in this area.

It hasn't moved more than 50 miles from the original test site, since...

Where is it now?

Standby! B quadrant.

Moving this way again. Destabilizing.

Cameras moving into position now, Sir.

Launch ready.

Cameras mounted and ready, Sir.

Okay, let's see what the hell we got in there. This is control, commence operations.

Sequence activated.

Launch complete, fifteen hundred and twenty.

Twelve hundred.

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We're in.

Good God, there it is! - What is that?

It's the town.

- What the hell! - Is that a ship? What's a ship doing in there?

Play it back.

Major Clark from security there?

Let me know as soon as he is, please.

All right, here it comes again.

That job was just an excuse to get to L.A. It's where I want to go, anyway.

There are a lot of opportunities out there.

You know, I have two diplomas. One from an art school. I've won a couple of awards.

I'm very well thought of in Cincinnati!

I am!

You're very well thought of here, too.

I just know when I get to L.A. somethin's gonna work out.

It's gonna be fine.

What pisses me off is that jerk Michael.

I'm usually a good judge of character.

Does the music bother you? - No.

What about the rest of life?

Don't you want to get married?

Yeah, if I meet the right guy.

Kids? Don't you want to have kids?

You don't have to be married to do that!

Ah, I'm never gonna agree with that.

Do you want a Coke? Yeah.

How did you do that?

Hey, that's pretty neat.

Why did you join the Navy? - You know the old saying:

"A girl in every port."

Do you like to travel? Yeah.

Yeah, me too.

Do you mind? Go ahead.

That's me. Yeah.

- What is that? Oh, I think it's a Porsche.

Now that's REALLY me.

This is the one that disappeared.


Is that the other one?

Yes, this is the Herdeg.

That's him.

Thank you, Doctor.

I'd like to know more about what happened to Parker.

I appreciate your curiosity but this is not the time.

But he's... My driver will take you back now, Doctor.

And thank you.

Herdeg's file, they both lived in Santa Paula, California.

How did you know? Major, would you just bring him in, please.

The latest run.

The vortex is almost twice the size. It started pulling at surface matter.

James, if we don't stop this thing soon, the whole damned planet's in trouble.

What the hell are we gonna do?

That's the church Jimmy got married in.

That's the railroad station... looks good.

And here we come up to the big tree.

It must be over a hundred years old by now.

My name's carved in it somewhere.

Is that your father's place?

It's different.

Well, let's get some gas and check it out.

I'll be right with ya!

Now, what can I do for you folks? Can you fill it up, please?

Unleaded? Yeah.

Is that him? Yes.

Good looking man.

That's the car we bought out with us when we moved from New Jersey.

That's you. - That's right.

Hey, your car was almost full. Did you want me to check the oil?

No, that's okay.

Do you know what happened to the guy in these pictures?

What, John Herdeg? Yeah.

Well, he was a pretty famous guy, won a helluva a lot of big races in his time.

When was that? Oh, I don't know, late '40s, early '50s I guess.

He moved back East somewhere, that's where most of the racing circuits are... died a few years ago.

Your car was almost full... it's only 4 dollars.

I'm sorry.


Thanks. David!

Do you want me to drive? No, I'm fine.

I'm sorry, David.

But at least he made it.

He did what he said he was gonna do when nobody thought he could, not even me!

Good for you, Pop.

Good for you!

I shoulda called her again. It'll be okay.

What if she doesn't recognize me?

We'll just tell her.

Can you help you?

Mrs. Parker? Yes.

Pamela? Yes.

Don't you know me? Don't you recognize me?

It's me, it's David. It's Davey Herdeg.

No, it's not, it can't be. It's me, Pam.

Please help me.

Oh my God, David!

May we come in?

Ah... yes.

I'm Allison.

All of this time he was telling the truth.

All of this time and nobody would believe him, not even me.

Who was telling the truth? Jimmy.

Then he came back! Yes.

Well, what happened?

Well, nobody would listen to him. We all believed the Navy, and they said he had been affected by the experiment.

And the ship and the other guys?

Burned, some of them, some of them died.

What about me? What happened to me, Pamela?

You never came back, David.

You just never came back...

'til now.


He still likes to go out there and work.

I'll be right back.


He's not like he used to be. I know.


Jimmy, it's me, David.

I know you recognize me, Jimmy.

I just want to talk to you about what... about what happened.

Now, what's the matter, c'mon, stop this, I want to talk to you.

Now, c'mon, talk to me, stop the horse!

Stop this god damned horse and talk to me, damn it!

Leave me alone. Just tell me what happened!

Get him outta here! Just get him outta here!

Tell me what happened. Tell me what happened!

What's the matter? Jimmy?

Jimmy? What's happening? What's going on?

I better go now, I'm afraid he's going to get sick, please, please go.

Wait! You can't do this! You've got to help David!

He can't go through this again! Please, please leave him alone!

David, are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.

Why didn't you want to speak with him, Jimmy?

What for?

He just wanted you to tell him some things.

It's better he doesn't know.

Why don't you come sit down?

I can't go through all that again, Pamela.

I just can't.

I know you can't, Jimmy, I do understand.

He looks just the same, doesn't he?

Yes, he does.

I wish to God it was all over for him.

I'm goin' back.

It won't do any good, he's frightened, he's a sick man, she told me.

I don't care.

David, they thought he was crazy, they put him in a hospital, do you think he wants to go through that again?

All I want to do is talk to him.

You already know what happened, you didn't go back, David.

What happened to him is not gonna happen to you.

Oh shod!

Jesus Christ!

Slow him down!

Look out!

- David! Get down! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Keep going!

Get down! Get down!

Hang on!

Look out!

Hold on! - David, stop!

David, where are you going?

David, come on!

Damn it!

Please, David, let's get out of here!

Dry Wells.

David, we gotta get out of here... Dry Wells!

This is close to the place that me and Jimmy first came in in the desert.

Please, David, these are federal documents, let's go.

This is the guy! This is the guy who was in charge of the experiment we were in, Dr. James Longstreet!

All right, get in the car, this guy will know exactly what's goin' on.

David, they're gonna be looking for this car. We'll get there some other way.

Easy on his arm there! Easy! Easy!

We're just crossing the Nevada border.

What's goin' on, Allison?

C'mon, what's the matter?

Why can't you just let it go?

I mean... we could go away somewhere, together, just... just you and me.

Allison, I can't let it go, I gotta find out!

Is it worth dying for? It's not worth it.

It's not worth killing people for.

THEY were trying to kill US, remember?

Look, if you want to bail-out of this, ya know, I'll understand.

I don't know what the hell you're doing here anyway.

No, I don't want to leave you.

I'm just... I'm just frightened.

Oh, jeez, come here.

The canyon's is closed, hold it up right there!

I said turn around! Turn around!

Make arroyo, Jack, walk to arroyo, turn around.

Looks like a road block.

What is it, David? What? Tell me!

It's happening to me now. No.

All right, we gotta get out of here, I gotta find Longstreet now. Okay, okay.

The storm's front got everything tied-up. What's goin' on?

The road's blocked 'til the storm's over. I've got to be in Salt Lake tomorrow!

I guess you just gotta find another way to go. Damn!

What the hell.

Hey, that's my rig!

That's my god damned rig!


That's my god damned rig!

What the hell...

That's my damn rig!

They'll get 'em at the next roadblock. Damn!

Must be on your side. Yeah.

You better wait here. No, I'm coming with you.

Come in, the door's open.

Drop it over there by the fireplace.

Oh, I thought you were from the Base.

Dr. Longstreet here? No, can you help you?

This is the town! This is place in the desert I was telling you about.

This is close to where Jimmy and I first showed up.

I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to leave.

Where is Longstreet? This is a private residence!

We're not leavin' 'til we see him.

Be careful of that, it's loaded!

Where is he? He's on the base.

Take me to him. It's a secured area, they'll never let you in.

We'll see about that!

All right, get down. You're never gonna make it.

Shut up and get down!

Halt! Halt!

Attention all security personnel breach at gate!

All right, where is he? The control room.

Unauthorized vehicle approaching control area.

Get down! Let go! C'mon, let's go!

Get down!

Let's go! C'mon, get out!

Come on! Let's go! We're not gonna god damned make it!


You all right? C'mon, c'mon, move it! Let's go!

There'll be a guard.

Why don't you just let me talk to him. Shut up!

That's it, sailor. I'll blow his head off.

At this point, you'll have to chance that.

Put the gun down. - All right, Major.

Don't hurt him.

Let him through.

What the hell have you done, Longstreet?

Replay the probe.

Recognize 'em? Your ship and our town... trapped together?

How did it happen? We don't know exactly.

But somehow the electromagnetic fields created in two experiments, one in 1943 and the other now... cross-connected, they created a vortex, a hole in the space-time continuum, and you fell through it.

What the hell are you talking about?

In 1943, when the Eldridge came back, the hole closed behind it.

This time it stayed open... it's like... it's like a giant vacuum, sucking everything into it.

Now, we can't stop it, but I believe that you can.

How? Don't listen to him, David.

The source of energy explosion in the vortex is the generators on the Eldridge.

You have to go back and shut them down, David.

I'm not doin' anything for you. I'm afraid you've no alternative.

You see, in the very real sense, you've already done it.

You see, when I interviewed the survivors of the Eldridge, they told me that you were the one that shut down the generators.

But I didn't. Not yet.

But we know that eventually you will.

You're still multiply-connected, David. Your hand.

The molecules still drift. As long as that hole stays open, you'll continue to deteriorate, until you return to 1943, same as your friend, Parker.

He's lying, David, don't listen to anything he says.

I wish to God I were. Leave him alone, just leave him alone.

He's right, Allison.

I can feel it.

What am I to say to you, David, "I'm sorry."?

I've lived with this thing for 40 years, there's not a day I didn't feel it.

What of all this? A new experiment? You did it again!

Yes... yes.

The copper coils in the suit should protect from the electromagnetic forces.

What is he doing? It's oxygen.

Is any of this stuff really gonna help me?

Well, if it doesn't help, it won't matter, 'cause nothing's going to be left here anyway.

Can you give me a couple of minutes? That's about all you got.

I can't believe it's gonna end like this.

I can't believe it!

What's gonna happen?

I don't know, nobody knows.

Shoot! Maybe in 40 years I'll... come back and surprise you again.

All non-essential personnel are to evacuate the base before oh-seven-hundred hours.

David, we gotta go.

I gotta go!

How are my sound men? We're ready, communications are in.

Just hope it's all working.

I'm gonna put "communication ceases" when you entry the vortex.

We won't be able to help ya. Am I supposed to drive this?

No. I am.

Let's go, son.

So, what did you think of 1984? Television's great.

You didn't see enough of it. I didn't see enough of anything.

Quadrant 5 reading at ten point five degrees, do you read me? Yes, I do.

Vector 3, response is operational, give us your P.R.D., over.

P.R.D. eleven point four eight.

Are you ready for this? I've been there before.

Here we go! Control?

We're on the station and almost ready.

Remember what I told you about position, be sure you're directly in the center.

When I blow this thing, it's gonna pull you straight up into the air.

Are you ready? Let's go!

All right, good luck, sailor.

Davey, what happened? We're back on the ship.

But the hospital? It's all over, you're gonna be all right now.

- But I gotta go, buddy. You're gonna go back?

I don't know, I just can't stay here. Will I ever see you again?

One of these days... I promise you that.

Look, I gotta go now, take it easy, buddy.

Emergency medical team report to Hanger Bay 1 on the double! Report to Hanger Bay 1 for transfer.

Bravo's along side, there are... there's been fire, it's still burning at some points...

There are men moving about on the deck, they... they appear to be pretty badly burned.

My God, there's a man... buried... he's in the steel, he's buried in the deck.

I can't describe it!

He's alive! He's al...

He did it! He... God damn it, he did it!

He did it! Lord, Almighty, he did it!

The damn thing worked great!


My God, I don't believe it.

Ya know what? What?

I got it all figured out... the Navy owes me 40 years back pay.