The Philly Kid (2012) Script

Philly Kid! Dillon McGwire!

Born in Baton Rouge, the way to Drexel ... the way to Baton Rouge!

The challenger, Chase Perkins! He holds it.

He will lose. he'll lose, Baton Rouge!

He Lost! he Lost!

What's that? David Alexander.

Who? you.

This guy was born in 1953.

What, man. They would sell booze to a baby.

This guy looks like a serial killer.

You look like a David Alexander.

Okay, fuck it. Come, I'll go with you, David.

Come on!


Hey, man. Got a light?


Yes, of course, here. You got a cigarette?

Hey, where you're going, man? Relax.

I'm going back inside. What else do you have?

I do not know what ... Has a wallet.

Anything else, Mr. Alexander?

That's all. Guys!

What the hell? Guys!

Get it, get it. Give me the damn wallet!

Let's go!

But that ...

In at here.

Shit, man.

Hey, man!

Wow, shit, man!

Call an ambulance! And say what?

Where did you get that thing? I do not know, it was here It was on the fucking ground, allright?

To the ground ! Freeze! Hold it!

It's not my gun ! It's not my gun !

Lower! No!



Hold it ! Stay on the ground !

Jake, get down! Jake!

We did nothing ! Shut up ! Stay on the ground !

Speak to them, Jake! We did nothing !

Face to the floor, now!

Turn around! Hands back.

I'll kill you.

You little shit.

You killed my partner.

He is dead. You hear me?

I'll kill you, you piece of shit.



I have to stop the bleeding.

It'll be okay.



Yes, thirty.

Yes, yes.

Ok, ok, ok, ok.

Never marry a woman Puerto Rican.

McGwire, right?

Yes, sir.

I'm Ryan Maygold. I'll be your parole officer.

What are you reading?



"Moby Dick." on a fish, right?

It says here at the time of your arrest your were living with your grandmother ...

Dorothy McGwire on Robinson Street.

Have you spoken to her?

She died. Four years ago.

And Connie McGwire?

She moved to California when I was 12.

Here is a list of places that the city compiled in 1988.

They were hiring at the time, then ...

Good luck with that.

The state of Louisiana enacted a period of parole ... lasting no less than a year, and no more than three. you are required to to meet with me once a month, submit to a drug testing ... live in a half way house. not being arrested ... don't blow shit up, no fly to Yemen.

I'll begin your paperwork ... and if no one sets fire to himself in the next three hours ... we should have you processed.

Welcome to the show.

Curfew at 22.30 unless you have ... a work permit.

No drugs, no booze, no girls.

Last guy left some food.

If the bed is too hard just call the room service ... they will send another.

Here you go, man. Good luck

Yes? Police open.

hands up.

Welcome back, kid.

What's up?

You look good, man.

Still smells like piss in here.

I brought you this.

I know you have nothing when you get out.

Thanks. Yes

Look ...

Sorry not to have come and visit.

I do not know, couldn't take myself back to those gates, you know?

Man, I can't believe it's you sitting in here.

How often did we dream about this while sitting in that cage, huh?

How's work? Nothing yet.

Yeah. It's quite bleak out here but I got it.

I talked to my Uncle Lenny ... he can take you. You know, he's looking for help.

-Yeah ? Yeah.

That'll help a lot. Thanks, man.

Come on. let's go.


I wanna see if you still got it

Hey, Don, started yet ?

Second round, man. Beautiful.

Let's welcome these two fighters. Come on, make some noise!

I want to remind you that we do this every Friday night ...

Here in Texas Club.

Bayou's fights !

What is this ? this's the minor leagues.

See what happens in these cages, and see what I'm talking about.

Ready for round two.

You ready?

You ready?


this is legit'?

Yes, they bring in 5000 dollars a week.

That's not counting the side action.

I have a system that breaks down each fighter's strengths and weaknesses. foolproof.

Thank you. I'll get you back.

Here. To the rise of the employ.

I know that guy. the black in the corner.

He a monster.

We were in high school together. He was a great wrestler.

He is.

He has a lot of respect around here.

Who was that? Who?

The big guy.

Ace Reed. He thinks he's Stringer Bell.

Who? Stringer Bell. From "The Wire."

He sells a lot of coke.

And the cops ? You've got to pay your taxes.

Hey, Rix, how do you feel ?

Always bet on Jim LA's horse.

He used to be a number one contender until he blew his leg.

Come on.

Hey, Larry! What's the deal?

Give me two out and one on Tim money

Come on! Come on!

Two hundred! This system right there! can't do, Jake. can't do.

You can't do what? I've not fucking greased up yet.

Ace's calling the chips, you have no more credit.

Oh, come on.

I should not even be paying you on this fight.

Sorry, Jake.

are you allright?

Yes Larry hasn't been the same since his wife left him ...

'cause he has a small pecker.

Truth hurts.

Your winner ...

Now with a record of 9 to 4 ...

Ray Smithies!

Justin, Justin!

Hey, tough break, man.

You know my boy, Dillon McGwire?

Sure. How you man doing, eh?

'm allright. you did well in there. just lost focus, man. just one second. you know how it is. just as wrestling. Except you get to punch the guy.

Well, it was a hell of a fight, man. -.

I warned you about the reverse, didn't I ? I thought ...

No, no, no. You don't think, you do.

You do what I say, then you win.

When you do what you think, you fuckin' lose.

Look what happened.

You had it in position, right? What did I say?

I said : "stay close, elbow !". didn't I ?

What did you do? You sat straight up and got reverse.

And threw away a lot of money here.

It cost me big.

Your cut.. Your cage fee's mine. You have a nice day.

Hey! We gonna work on that nose or what?

Come on, let's get out of here.

Good to see you, man.

Hang in there, Justin.

Wait, wait. Where are you going?


Oh, man. I know that was tough to watch, but ...

But, you know, Justin has a point.

You'd be a monster in that cage. didn't look much like wrestling to me...

You were All American, you were national champion. I mean ... we'd make a lot of scratch if you'd be fighting.

We? I saw scouts in there.

USMMA, Crush, UFC.

We could run for it. I could be your manager. I Could help you train.

It's not for me, man.

Ah, come on, man, it's just... it's wrestling mixed with a little bit of punching

You are the best wrestler in the world.

I gotta get going. it's cool, man. Stay and watch the fights.

Allright, see you in the morning?

I'll give you a lift to work.

Thanks, but I think ... Hey, hey, it's legit.

I'm just gonna take you down there.

Text me when you're ready.

Text ?

Forget it, Rip Van Winkle. A lot has changed since you've been inside.

Why just not be ready for 08h00 ?



Welcome back, kid.

Police! On the floor! What?

I said now!

You holding ha? ? No!

How are you doing, partner?

Remember me? I bet you do.

There it is.

Oh sorry ! That is Detective Spencer.

We thought we'd just come by and say welcome back.

Welcome, douche bag.

You know, I think it's great you and Jakey are still together after all these years.

You two are regular Bonnie and Clyde.

Tell me something ... those three extra years you had ... was it hard to be away from your boyfriend all that time?

I bet it was.

But that's what you get when you breaks a guy's neck.

I owe you

See you later.


This it it. are you serious ? A liquor store?

Hey, it's a job, get over it.

He knows that you are coming.

Tell him that you talked to me.

What, you're not coming in?

No, I got some business across town.

you're good, don't worry about it. Everything is set up.

Can I help you ?

Yes I'm Dillon. Jake's friend.


He said he might have a job.


I can come back later.

Can you lift 30 pound boxes? Yes What does it say on the box behind you?

Vodka? Allright.

I can give you two nights and two days, will that work?

Yes That would be great.

Good When shall I start?

You can move those boxes in the back next to the rhum.

Hey, Len.



it's been a long time. Yes Looks like you put your time to good use. you are a doctor now?

I am looking for my Uncle Lenny.

Hey. Hey.

How was class? It was good.

I just wanted to stop by and see if you had eaten anything today.

I'm not really hungry. Well, you have to eat.

Let's go at Ann Marie's.

I got to close up. All right, I can wait.

Hey Dillon, come here.

Here. That's for today.

Now, buy some black pants, a couple collar shirts.

When tomorrow comes, fill in a time card.

Payday's every Friday.

Thank you.

I can't believeyou let Dillon McGwire work here.

He did his time.

Did Jake make you do this?

Everybody's gotta eat. What's that supposed to mean?

It means I'm starving. Let's go.

Sorry to have come here. Stop.

The fight is tonight.

Is that the Delaudid?

Who is it? What?

Who do you owe now?

What ? I need to pay rent.


Ace. are you kidding me?

Relax, sis, I have it under control. you have it under control?

What the hell are you doing? That's the last time.

You are unbelievable.

I'll be home early, right? Do not worry.

I've got it.



My God.




You are well? Have you seen my uncle?

He went out. What's wrong?

They took Jake.


Ace. Ace Reed?

Jake owes him a lot of money.

I waited in the house because I thought that they might... but...

I can't go to the cops. Allright, Allright.

Right. How do I find Ace?

He has this place on Choctaw.

Can you take me there? you can't just walk in there ... Please.

Just take me there.

Okay, go home.

What are you gonna do?

It's gonna be okay.

Go home.

I'm here to see the Ace.

How much does he owe ?

Hey. How much?

How much?


Twenty thousand. Got it?

It doesn't look like he has that long...

There's only two ways he's rollin' outta here.

Dog food or my cash.

I'll pay it.

I'll pay the twenty thousand.

No. Interest.

It's thirty.


What are you two - like lovers or something? It's gotta be love.

I'm gonna need some time. No, partner. ain't no layout plan I need my cash, and need it now.

I will fight.

At the Texas Club. At the Texas ...

No, they don't pay like that down there.

What will you make? like a thousand a win?

Not if you bet on me.

Hey. He's the best.

He was All American.

Fuck ! You know what?

I'm gonna kill your ass right now. Then you don't get paid pay.

I'll win.

It's on me.

I know you.

Where do I know you from? We went to high school together.

Yes You the wrestler that has killed the guy.

You know what? Let's do it.

This should be fun.

Three fights. That's what you owe.

You win me three fights and we're good.

You lose... you, you ... and that trim you rolled up with ... gonna get dead.

Are we clear?

I said, are we clear? We're clear.

Cut him down.

Let me see him. Let me see him. Come on.

Oh my God. No, no, no.

Come on.

I'll have to clean it up.

Let me see.

The "Kid" est back.

it's not just wrestling. You have to keep your hands up.

You've got to keep your head in it.

Don't get pressed against the cage.

breathe in now, just breathe, just breathe.

You're good. you're good Okay,Listen to me. If you get on top, follow through. fist, elbow, fist, elbow. But hey ... don't make it about the punches, right?

Use wrestling. Find leverage, take him down.

Remember the knee bar that showed you?

Remember the neck crank?

Remember all that? Hey! you good ?

Come on, I'll fix you up ok?

Look at me. No worry about it. Focus.

You Philly the Kid, baby. You Philly the Kid, right?

Philly ... the Kid, Dillon McGwire!


Okay, rookie, only two rules.

One,someone taps out, you go to your corner, fight's over.

Second rule, don't die on me, bro.

I've got a lot more fights after this.

Whose that? Mine.


Listen to me, it's three three minute rounds.

If I call it,we're done.

If the bell rings, we're done. Understood?

Ok. Touch gloves.

In your corners, wait for my signal.

Hey, keep your hands up.

He will want to get on top, ok? Take get at him.

You ready?

You ready?


Keep your hands up, Dillon!

Come on!

Come on!

Hands up!

Come on!

And that's the end of round one.

We'll be back at the beginning of round two.

Open, open.

You good?

D, you good?

You ready?

You ready?




Hey! Hey, hey, hey. you allright ?

Look at me. Ok, let's get out.

Let's go, let's go. Come on.

The winner, Dillon McGwire!

you allright? you good ?

What you're fuckin' lookin' at?

Come on.

It's not the worst thing I've ever seen.

But I can't stitch it.

Keep it clean.

And if it swells too much, get it looked at.

Thanks. Thanks, Doc.

Was I right? Huh? was I right?

Tell me ...

Why'd you bite your tongue?

Football coaches down South ... teach your players to bite alngua before blocking punds.

The blood drives them crazy on adrenalin ... but also scares the shit out of the other team.

But I've got a pretty good feeling you knew that already.

Bring him by my place tomorrow.

What did I tell you?

One fight.

One fight and LA Jim wants to talk to you.

That's what I'm talking about, baby. That's what I'm talking about.

No laying, huh?

You're a mean son of a bitch.

I like it though.

I like that a lot.


Get him another fight.


Keep your head up straight.

Just two more and we're through. We clear ?

I said, are we clear ?

Wild man.

Take care of my horse, Jake.

See you soon.


Pope polish?

Trust me. This guy's the real deal.

Here. That's for your win last night.

Big time.

Hey, guys. Thanks for coming down.

No problem.

Why don't you and I take a walk ?

Murray has some papers for you to sign. Hey. saw you came from Drexel.

You are good.

Last night you were something ... different.

How long a strech did you do ? Ten years.

You know what I do ?

Train fighters. No.

I Train the best.

And the best all have that animal I saw in you last night.

But that's not enough.

See, right now you can get on the ground with anyone. you just can't get him there.

You've gotta learn how to stand up and fight.

Become a complete fighter.

'cos that's what separates the street rats from the best.

You gotta want it.

Or eventually ...

You won't walk out

Remember when everyone used to know his name?

"Dillon, you the man!"

You train with me and I'll get you back there.

What's in it for you ? Twenty percent.

You fight who I say when I say.

I don't think I'm in the fighter you are looking for.

Well, I don't know if you are either.

But after what I saw last night, and from what I know ...

I think you owe to yourself to find out.

When do we start ?

You've got a girl? No.

Go get one tonight.

'cause tomorrow, your legs are mine.

Girls are like kryptonite to legs.

7am tomorrow morning.

Make sure you eat something before.

What did he say?

Eat breakfast. What else?

And to get laid.

That's what I'm talking about!

Here. What's that?

You now belong LA Jim Inc. Management

Hey huh, how's the fishing?

Relax. it's just a job check.

A little like a prostate check, but without the lube.

I brought coffee.

What happened to your knuckles?

Loading boxes?

Yes. you've loaded boxes with your face, too?

So, do you need to talk to my boss or something?


Just checking a box here.

How are you doing? Here?

Here, there, everywhere. How's the world?

It's fine.

It's different.

Did four in Iraq.

Came home, felt like I'd been to Mars and back.

Give it time.

Find something that matters. Hold on tight.

Look what it did for me, right?


Back to work.

Next time? Yes

Watch out for them boxes.

Hi Sorry, sorry. I didn't want to surprise you. it's all right, i've got it. No, let me help you.

Gotta stop entering in the back like a criminal.

Shit, sorry.

Your uncle isn't here.

No, actually ...

I never got to say ...

Thank you.

I heard you won. Yes

I'm sorry that he did this to you. it's allright.

No it's not.

I'll just do it for him.

Hey, at least I wasn't asked to win a beauty pageant.

So, is it true what my brother told me?

You never lost? Yeah.

You must be pretty good.

You should come and watch.

I don't really like fighting.

Well, I gotta go. I have to catch the bus.

Good luck. Thank you.

How about Italian food? What ?

Do you like Italian food? Yes Because I'm about to close up here and there's this really great place up on Eliyson.

That place hasn't been up there for like, five years.

But there's this great place on Broad.

Hey, man, It's me. You're missing your party.

I know you're not working right now, because I know you're closed.

So, er, get your ass down here.

It is a celebration.

Look at this nut.

No work, no technique. The guy's an amateur.

What a hack.

They got this guy, Powell, fighting sticks so that they can build ...

A money horse. Hey! Turn that shit off!

It's the guy who stays on his feet who wins.

It's the guy can still punch while the other can't breathe.

Oh, I'm sorry,can I get you a lemonade or something?

Hit that fucking thing!

A hundred times! Let's go!

What do winners never do? Quit !

Hit it!


Aim for the head!


Get some rest.

That's good.

Now! this is it.


Ok, again!

Ace's gotta approve it.

Fuck Ace, ok?

I'm not playing on credit.

Take this.

That's two thousand dollars on my boy tomorrow.

You hold onto it. I win, you pay me what you owe me.

Ace doesn't need to know.

Leave it off the books.

Larry, you need these ears.

I know these fighters. I know what your odds should be. Come on.

You help me, I help you.

What's that? Oh My God.

What ?

O-M-G, that's what it means.

OMG, I just sent my first text.


You really want to give me an excuse?

What are you doing?

Hey, easy playboy. We didn't do anything !

While I'm here, I want to give congratulations on your big win. that's all.

I hear you're with LA Jim now. That's terrific.

Just want to make sure you don't get the big head.

You still a piece of shit.

Fuck it! Easy, killer.

Those fighters.

They fight for me down there.

Every breath you take in that ring ...

That's a gift from ... me.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Keep 'em gloves up !

No. I'm sorry.

Are you ok ? Are you hurt? I'm fine.

Yes, that's ok. Snap it. Snap it. nice.

Well, don't think, react. that's it.

Break. Break !

It's training.

He's ready.

Come on. Come on. that's it.

Yes, good.

Quick. The other hand.

Good, good.

The Philly Kid, Dillon McGwire!

For luck.

How's he looking ?

He's looking ready.

What does that mean?

It means you should get ready To pay up.

Bring the pain, man.

Hey, listen. listen.

This jock will come up all flashy.

Let him wear himself down.

When I say "now", I want you to hit it him so hard ...

... that his kids will be pissing blood.


Okay, three three minute rounds.

I call it, we're done. the bell rings, we're done.


Good. Touch gloves, go to your corner, wait for my signal. you ready? you ready?



Oh, no!

Hit, hit! He hit!

And your winner, Dillon McGwire!

That's what I'm talking about.

Nice job!

Hey, champ. Next time, work a little sweat, huh ?

Yeah !

Hell of a horse you've got here, Jim.

People are talking.

Is that right ?

Yes, they say the big boys are circling.

Ready to bring you back to the top.

You ready to do what it takes?


Dillon - Titov, in two weeks.

What if I say no?

He rules here, Jim.

Nobody puts a foot on line without paying their dues.

I did it. Well ..

You didn't, see where it got you.

It is the way he becomes a contender, you know that.

In two weeks, he goes down.

But in one month, he gets his shot.


You're looking for Ryan? Yes He's in the garage ... with The Beast.


What's wrong with it?

It's 20 years old, and I've got a shitty government salary.

Is it turning over? Yeah. it's probably the battery.

Can I see the Phillips wrench ?

I already tried the connection.

Okay, try it now.

Try it now?

I was a Marine, you know?

I'm trying now.

I wiped the sand from the intake valve ...

The distributor cap's loose. You're gonna have to replace it eventually.

There was a trade program in Angola.

You're a fascinating character, you know that?

Gotta go pick up my little girl.

Should I come back? Your work is done here, go in peace.

Come on, that's it.

Fall. Come on!



Come on!

Are you quitting ?

You're holding back on me?

You're holding back on yourself ? You coward!

Yes ! That's it ! this. That's what I wanna see.

You will not always be the best l, that we cannot escape.

But you're a fucking monster inside.

Let it out.

Come on!




He's looking for openings.

He's in there, The Philly Kid. Dillon McGwire!

Watch yourself on the mat.

Here he is. that's the champ right there!

Mr. McGwire, I'm such a huge fan of yours. I think you are amazing.

Thanks. What's going on ?

This Allison Kaufman Crush MMA circuit.

Miss Kaufman, this is "the" LA Jim.

He turns pretenders into contenders.

Jim, I'm such a huge fan of yours.

I saw you fight Gracie Back in Newport Beach.

What can I do for you? I represent Crush.

We've been watching Dillon for a while... And we think ... he's gonna be a huge star.

They want him to fight "Titan" Powell.

We think it would be such a cool fight.

In one month in Baton Rouge.

Dillon's first fight where he bites his tongue has more than ... a million hits on YouTube.

No. What ?

Of course we provide a 50000 dollar contract for the fight.

He fights Titov. Then the next step ... and then the next, until it is ready.

Until he's ready? The guy is destroying guys right now.

He is not ready.

He fights who I say, when I say.


Seventy thousand dollars?

I'm not gonna ask again. Good Go talk to him, please.

Just give me a minute. I'll sort this out and you'll be ...

... fighting Powell in a month.

I only have to fight one more time.

Yes, but D. .. I only owe one more fight.

And then what? you're going back to stacking boxes for Lenny? better than getting my face beated, yes.

Look, man, Ace and Jim are the only ones making money off your blood.

When are we going to make us some?

We have to turn the Philly Kid into a global scheme ...

The Philly Kid is dead!

He died in prison.

And "we"?

You mean you.

I took those fights to pay off your debt.

You understand that? you debt.

I fight once more time and that's where it ends.

One more fight.

Where did you get 8000 dollars? You the IRS?

Put it all on my boy to break Titov in half.

Where did it come from? Come on, man.

It's clean.


How's my horse feeling?

He is ready.

Good, good. We have a lot of roll on this run now, don't we?

Yes. oh Jakey, good luck out there, you hear? Yes

You're gonna murder this guy !

You're gonna kill him !

Hey! One minute!

And next up, a fans' favorite, it's gonna be good.

Let's give a Texas Club welcome to Dillon McGwire!



With a record of 7 in 2 ...

The Russian Monster , Andres Titov.


Remember the training, man.

Touch gloves. Here comes the first bell.



Fight! Go, Dillon!

Hands up! Hands up!

Move it, move it!

Stay calm, D! Stay calm!

Come on!

Come on!

That the end of round one.

Let's give it to these guys, Make some noise.

What is going on? I can't see anything.

Wash him out.

He's opening himself up every time with that hook.

Wait for it and then finish him.

My eyes are burning, I can't see a fucking thing.

Wash it.

Wait for the hook, you'll be fine.

What's the champions never do?

Quit. Go get him.


Come on, D!

What are you doing?

Stopping this fight, he's not well today.

No, no, no. don't stop, he's fine.

He will kill him.

Come on, D!

Your winner and still undefeated ...

Dillon McGwire!

God, I love that sweeper move.

I didn't see this coming.

How does it look Doc? Like he's been drugged.

What ?

Probably Rohypnol or some type of tranquilizer.

Come on, no way !...

I've been stitching fighters for 30 years, I know when someone's micked.

Russian immigrants, they are ... they're dirty and everybody knows it.

Probably had some shit in his gloves.

It would take a shotgun to bring my animal down, right, D?

Three to one! All he does is win!

He's got a big fight.

I already stitched his eye, but you're gonna have to keep him awake ... at least for the next eight hours because of the risk of concussion.

Keep him awake? I can do that. I am a champ of it.

How did I do?

You did what you do.

That's why I chose to train you.

You did good, kid.

Hey! You're falling asleep ?

You're awake?

You know what we should've done ?

We should've invited that dirty Russian.

Tina ! Come here !

Hello, guys. Give me a hug.

This is the champ' right here. This is the champ'.

Hey. We need to keep him up four hours.

Ok Keep him up, come on!

D, get up and dance with her! Come here, champ'.

Another drink.

Wow, man.

What do you think are you doing?

Gimme the keys. Are you even awake ?

Stop messling around and give me the keys.

You can't even open your eyes. Yes, get in the car, drunko.

Come here !

You're really becoming to be a pain in my ass !

Two hundred thousand dollars ! That's what I'm due !

What are you talking about?

Shut up!

You were supposed to lose that fight!

But L.A. Jim, he dropped the ball.

So I had to eliminate him. 'Cause he was unreliable.

I can't have unreliable.

So now, I'm here to appeal directly to the source.

You boys owe me two hundred thousand dollars.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait. I've got 10 thousand.

You think I don't know everything?

You've got 24. Which is mine.

Which means you still owe me 176 000.

I owe you shit!

Come here.

Open your mouth.

Open it.


So we're clear ...

You're taking the Titan to fight ...

... and you're gonna lose.

In the second.

Say it.

Say it!

Yes! Yes, I'm gonna lose!

good to hear.

I am owed.

You'll be fine.

She'll be allright.

I'm gonna need some more hot water ... and towels.

Take it easy, kid.

Come here.

Take her with you.

I'm gonna make this right.

You're a fucking monster.

Let him out.


If it wasn't for your brother ...

I would be dead.

Every week they came at me.

I became a monster.

Now that's that all I have left.

It's all that I can feel.

You're not a monster.

I can feel the good in you. Even if you can't.

And if I can' do this?

We can.

I check the county morgue, I find his name?


What was it? Jim Jacoby.

Also known as L.A. Jim .

And the cops ? Marks.

Ray Marks?

You know, he called me in the morning.

He said he was investigating a murder.

Committed by a drug dealer named Ace Reed.

He asked me to keep an eye on you, see if you seemed jumpy.

Maybe like you would be leaving town.

I'm telling you the truth.

And if he frames Ace, it will be with this gun.

I need your help.

Shell casing on a cop is not gonna be enough.

I'll give more.

Let's say this is all true.

Why don't you run?

You know how many assholes jump their parole every month?

Maybe you run, maybe I'm too tired to find you.

-I can't leave. Why not?

I can't leave her.

I can't leave her.

I'm 3 to 1 in Biloxi.

If you put 300 000 on me ... 300 grand ?

You did your run already.

Besides, my money's safe away in the bank.

Why do I need another shot on a horse...

... that probably can't even win? For the same reason I do.

To get out.

Marks, he's gonna pin L.A. Jim on you.

Is that right ?

So how are we gonna skin this cat ?

300 000 on me to win ... and I want two of your guys ... and you must stay away from the fight.

You must win the fight.

You'll need more than a shell casing.

Yes, but tell me in the I.A doesn't have a phonebook these guys.

Can not hide forever.

I want these photos on the web site tonight ...

And get them to Allan in L.A. for the local TV press conference.

32, 33 ...

34, 35, 36, 37 ...

He is still circling...

Right there, see how he puts his head down when he shoots ?

Watch this, watch this.

Boom! Right there.

Ladies and gentlemen, our judge has called a stop to the action ... in 2 minutes and 47 seconds in the very final round ... declaring its winner ...

Johnny Rattlehouse Toothless!

So, tell us about your new golden boy, Dillon McGwire.

This really fight of a lifetime for Dillon McGwire.

He was in need of a second chance and Crush decided to give it to him.

One minute!


Remember, stay low, try to work your way on the inside.

He will want some big shots. Watch him ... get ready to move. Right?

Whatever happens, make sure she gets out.

On the count of three!

Let's make some noise!

One, two, three!

What the champions never do?


He was a wrestling specialist... weighing one ninety ripple-y ... good muscle-y pounds ...

Wait, friends.

Wait for it.

I see you at the end of the second round.

Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause ...

Dillon McGwire!

And here comes Dillon McGwire, the All American that was once considered ... one of the best amateur wrestlers in the world.

This guy's a huge underdog tonight ... but he doesn't seem to recognize that.

Look at the glare in his eyes. This guy is totally dawdling.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, introducing his opponent ... seeking to maintain its title.

Weighing tonight one hundred... and 88 pounds ...

The Bayou Bomber ...

Titan Powell!

You know what, this guy scares the hell out of me every time I see him.

You talk with him outside the ring and he's the nicest guy possible.

But when he gets inside this cage, he's a complete monster.

Hey, do not worry about it, it's all show.

Despite the reputation of Titan ...

I think we will see a very evenly balanced fight tonight.

Neither of these guys is the kind to give an inch.

And both of the guys are coming in undefeated tonight.

But I just don't think Dillon McGwire has ever dealt ... with the type of power that Titan's gonna bring with his punches tonight.


Okay, gentlemen. three three minutes rounds.

Keep it clean. somebody taps, they're gone.

Disengage, and go to your corners.

When the bell rings, come out ready to fight.

Touch gloves.

First round.


Fighters ready!



Powell is going up for the guillotine early here.

Dillon McGwire may be in trouble.

Titan Powell is completely manhandling it.

Get off!

Let it go.

Spilt, spilt.



Get out, D!

Here, here, here.

Hey. Hey.

Here are two twenties.

You can take that to that guy over there? Thank you.

It's allright. he's good.


Hey! Keep your hands up, he's fast!

This is a beauty pageant for them.

Sure, if he goes to the floor again he's gonna want to throw in a guillotine.

Open him up. Make him fucking pay.

Get at him !



I'm gonna break you, fish.

Come !

A spectacular move !

Powell is seeking the guillotine again.

D, get out ! don't take this.

Powell is rocked!

A punch in the eye, maybe two, before it closes completely.

If the eye closes more, I stop this fight.

Why not stop earlier this round? Look at Powell, he can barely stand...



Dillon McGwire took Powell in a neck key.

This may be the end.

Good job, D!

great gig.

Thanks. Great fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just witnessed history.

The giant has fallen tonight ...



We have the suspect ...

Hey, man. Hey!

Come on, asshole.

You have the right to remain silent.

I know my rights.

Anything you say or do can be used against you and ...

McGwire I'll kill you! You hear me?!

Take all of Titan Powell's off the website.

I wanna bring McGwire front and center.

Get on the phone with New York, let them know we just had the fight of the century ... broadcast to millions of homes and that this train is leaving the station ... with or without them.

Dillon, that was amazing. I'm talking six figures.

What is going on ? Where is he ?

Who? Seriously, Jake ...

I need to put an interview on the website before Tokyo wakes up.

Yeah... I don't think he's gonna make it.

He just fought the fight of his life ...

We need to cash in.

We did.

Mr. Delano.

All debts paid.

Oh, Jakey.

I knew that'd work out.


I don't wanna know.

Mail for you, Ryan. Thanks.




I was trapped, caught me and hurt my heart Only losers I tried so choose Jesus knows I paid my dues But the sun's shining boos And the air I breathe is new, All my life I had the blues 'till the Lord done gimme you

Ticket, please.

I. ..

I'm with her.

Home, where I go I have a place to go Home, Where I go where the wild winds blow Home, where I follow love, take me home Take me home

Home, where I go I have a place to go Home, Where I go where the wild winds blow Home, where I follow love, take me home Take me home

I can see my peace of mind Almost apsa border And waited all this time to get to the heat of the Sun Now there's nothing to hide we understand ourselves But when the sun sets today love, you stand beside me Home, where I go I have a place to go Home, Where I go where the wild winds blow Home, where I follow love, take me home Take me home

The heat is already going j And just this dead town I can hear that sweet sound of a new world turning So now my heart beats fast Yes, overcame my past No more questions to ask Then finally'll go home Home, where I go I have a place to go Home, Where I go where the wild winds blow Home, where I follow love, take me home Take me home

Home, where I go I have a place to go Home, Where I go where the wild winds blow Home, where I follow love, take me home Love, take me home Home, where I follow love, take me home