The Piano Teacher (2001) Script

Good evening, child.

Evening, Mama.

Home already? I'm so happy.

Not so fast.

Please. Leave me be. I'm tired.

I can quite believe it.

Your last pupil left 3 hours ago.

Might I know where you've been all this time?


No, you don't. Not until you tell me!

I went for a walk. Do you mind?

I spent 8 hours in my cage. I was tired and needed some air.

For three hours? Absolutely!


Just as I thought.

Where's the bankbook?

10,000 Schillings!

Tell me, have you lost your mind?

Where's my grey Autumn suit?

No idea.

Give that back.


I remember that talk show.

The guy advocated fines for dog owners whose dogs crap in the street.


The creep was defending the idea that women are inferior to men.


If you'd let me get a word in...

Who rattled your cage!

Should cut your hands off.

Beating your own mother!

That frock was far too gaudy anyway.

At your age, you should know what suits you.

Can't you stop, you cow?

Wasn't ruining that enough for you?

I wish... What?

You daren't say it?

Don't bother. I know what you wish.

I could have had a heart attack from the agitation.

If that's what you want, go ahead!

Stop it, Mama, you don't know what you're saying.

There's a real hole here.

Here, too.


But why do you do these things?

Why do you do these things?

I'm sorry. Truly sorry.

Let me look.

Never mind that.

That's how it is. We're a hot-blooded family.

Come on, stop crying.

I'll make some coffee.

We'll have a cup together. Okay?

Nothing in life comes free.

You'll just have to give more private lessons.

Your vanity must not stop us buying our apartment.

You can't contradict me there.

I paid this month's instalment long ago, don't worry.

In any case, the dress only cost 6,500.

I'll pay the remainder back in tomorrow.

I don't understand why someone of your standing slaps make-up on and fritters money away on frocks that will soon be out of fashion.

I'd be wearing that dress for years. The cut was so classical.

It was ageless.

If memory serves me right, you used to have a dress just like it. Remember?

You must be dreaming.

It was a designer label. The finishing was remarkable.

It would have lasted forever.

Do you still need the light?

Did they really annoy you today?

No more than usual.

Did you have the Schober girl? Isn't Friday her day?


She's not untalented.

She has a surprising affinity for Schubert.

Schubert's your department, don't forget.

That's not for you to say.

You're hardly a judge of what is my department musically.

If you want your pupils to have a career instead of you...

No one must surpass you, my girl.

Don't be dizzy...

Don't worry, Mama.


A little less pedal wouldn't go amiss.

It's not enough just to take your foot off.

A note may not be as long as it is written and may not be marked as long as it should be held. from the novel by ELFRIEDE JELINEK

"Dogs are barking,

"Rattling their chains.

"People are sleeping

"In their beds."

Do you have no ear for what coldness is?

Or maybe you're just sloppy?

And let go.

The music is not purely descriptive.

And it's not drenched in indifference and sentimentality.

And let go.

You see?

"Dogs are barking, "Rattling their chains.

"People are sleeping

"In their beds."

A wrong note in Beethoven is better than bad interpretation.

You play only phrases.

Ignore the structure and you'll ruin the sonata.

Back to the top of the page.

I guessed you were for the recital.

Allow me to introduce...

Professor, please, do come in.

Hello, Auntie.

And your mother. Good evening.

You've met my nephew?

I was about to introduce myself. My name's Walter Klemmer.

At the risk of seeming prosaic, after sampling spiritual nourishment of such quality, I've organised, for the interval, a buffet to sustain the artists and, I hope, for your pleasure, too.

Through here.

My husband's very particular...

Excuse me, Auntie.

Sorry to interrupt but I can't wait.

I hope it's not too forward of me to kiss the hand that plays such Bach.

You can stop now.

Where do you get such unfashionable enthusiasm?

I'm delighted the tradition of recitals lives on.

It was practically extinct.

The masters die, then their music.

People today only ever listen to pop or rock.

You're right. Families like this are no more.

Generations of laryngologists toiled over Beethoven's last quartets.

Now, at best, academics stamp their feet in time to the trumpety-trumps of Bruckner.

Disdaining Bruckner is immature, Mr... Klemmer?

Tell me, what enables you to talk about music so precociously?

Your Aunt said you studied...

Low voltage, professor. Low voltage.

It was made between 1620 and 1630 by Marcel Pichler.

From Hallein. A rare piece.

It is played like a cello.

Its common name is leg viol or quinton.

Recently, I found a painting that exactly shows this instrument.

Not this type of instrument. I mean, specifically this instrument.

The painting depicts a concert of viole da gamba at the court of Duke Augustus von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel.

Can I fetch you something? Not at all. Why?

It's fascinating.

Look at them.

Do they give a fig about the benefits of illness?

Have you read Adorno on Schumann's Fantasia in C Major?

He talks of his twilight.

It's not Schumann bereft of reason, but just before.

A fraction before.

He knows he's losing his mind.

It torments him but he clings on, one last time.

It's being aware of what it means to lose oneself before being completely abandoned.

I'd say you are a good teacher.

Thank you.

You talk about things as if they were yours. It's rare.

And I think you know it.

Schubert and Schumann are my favourites, that's all.

Since my father died completely mad in Steinhof asylum, I can talk easily about the twilight of the mind, can't I?

If you'd really prefer not to eat, perhaps you'd care for a drink of something?

Go ahead.

I had to sing for my supper.

Dr. Blonsky with his instrument fetish is such a bore.

Honestly, Klemmer, or whatever he's called, seems a bit of a leech?

Walter studies at the Engineering School.

But his musicality keeps up with technology, as you will understand when you listen to him play.

Over to you, Walter.

My uncle exaggerates shamelessly.

After the professor's performance, I feel doubly amateur.

I had intended to play for you Schönberg's Opus 33b, so that my wrong notes might go unnoticed.

Not very funny, I know.

But a discussion of Schubert and Schumann's madness left me deeply impressed.

I have decided to drop Schönberg for my favourite piece by Schubert: the Scherzo from the Sonata in A Major.

"Dreaming of what they don't have, replenished of good and bad.

"And next morning, all flown away."

And here, the mood switches to irony.

D... D... D...

"So what? So what?

"They've had their pleasure."

That's the obstinacy of the complacent middle-class.

"And they hope that what they left behind

"Might be waiting for them on the pillows."

Excuse me, Professor.

Can I have a word?

Go ahead.

Anna says you may not let her play in the jubilee concert.

I said a soloist needs more than talent.

She doesn't practice enough?

Only she can tell.

She works 8 hours a day.

It's the end result that counts, not the hours.

For her, only music counts. Look at her.

Schubert isn't a walk in the park.

I didn't say you wouldn't play.

We'll see how you gel with the singer.

Excuse me, I have a rehearsal. Goodbye.

The Professor is right.

Without total commitment, you won't get anywhere.

Wipe your nose. What do you look like?

Your mother wants you to call her.

I've only just arrived.

I don't know. At least 3 hours.

In that case, I'll take a taxi.

I'm not a baby.

I have to go now.

Can we play the trill the same? I'll start on the upper note.

"Bark me away, you waking dogs, "Don't let me rest in the sleeping hours!

"I've reached the end of dreams.

"What will I do amongst the sleepers?

"I've reached the end of dreams.

"What will I do amongst the sleepers?"

Sorry to disturb you.

What is it?

Professor Kohut?

What do you want?

At the Conservatory, no one interrupts lessons.

I apologise. I am very sorry but I wanted to come to you rather than ask just anybody.

About what?

The entrance exam. I want to join your master class.

That's very flattering, young man.

I hope your interruption is not to arouse interest your talents don't merit.

Application forms are available in the secretary's office.

First floor, door 11.

Please excuse us, we have work to do.


Go on.

"How hath the tempest riven

"The grey robe of the sky!

"The clouds embattled fly

"In wild disorder driven."

Mr. Walter Klemmer? That's correct.


Your programme is particularly difficult.

Where do you wish to begin?

Wherever you prefer.

Professor, it's your class that Mr. Klemmer wishes to join: which piece would you like to hear first?

I don't mind. The first on the list.

Go ahead.


Stunningly brilliant.

No, seriously, I think it wasn't too bad.

He just put "private lessons".

That's even more remarkable.

I don't know how seriously he takes his engineering but for someone whose priority is not the piano, bravo.

It's amazing.

I quite agree. He truly is very talented.

Ladies? Gentlemen?

I vote for. Yes, me too.

No doubt about it.

What do you say?

Your opinion counts most. He's applying to join your class.

After such euphoria, it's hard to voice reservations.

I can't say I totally share your enthusiasm.

Clearly he doesn't lack talent but I wonder, and I ask you, what does he expect from us?

For a professional career, he's too old.

By accepting him, we'll reject a more motivated student.

And, frankly, I find his histrionics suspicious or even unpleasant.

I don't see what you mean.

In the Andantino, there were no histrionics, as you put it.

Everyone knows our views on Schubert diverge.

Please, let's not waste time. 20 people are waiting.

I feel unable to nurture the artistic temperament or virtuosity of Mr. Klemmer.

Dinner's ready!

Coming, Mama!

Sit down, I'll bring the sauce.

Can I switch off the TV?

If it bothers you.

Don't you like that?

I'm tired.

You look it.

Are the auditions so exhausting?

Boring, rather.

That's tiring, too.

What's wrong with you?

What do you mean? Look.

Is that why you're in a bad mood?

You might be more careful.

It's not very appetising.

"Mare on heat seeks ardent, successful stallion, "for jumping and dressage.

"Must be 8 inches."

Hello, Mr. Naprawnik.

Who's she?

My piano teacher.

Don't pick out the inner voices so much.

Do you know where the melody is?

It sounds as clear as a muddy windscreen.

Probably due to the images lodged in your mind.

You have one approach for Bach, Beethoven and the others.

What made you want to study music?

Your meagre talent? I assure you it's not worth it.

Take a job playing in a strip joint and stop wasting my time.


I'm sorry. What for?

For earlier... At the newsagents.


Why are you sorry?

What for?

It doesn't work like that.

Sorry isn't enough, if I don't know why.

Are you sorry because you're a pig?

Or because your friends are pigs?

Or because all women are bitches for making you a pig?

Or just because you got caught?

The lesson is ended.

I propose your mother comes to see me.

Maybe she can shed some light on this.


What are you sorry for?

I'm listening.

The silence is deafening.

See you next time, along with your mother.

Now, please remove yourself.

I'll need my break to recover.


This time I'm expected.

The break's not over yet.

And the lesson hasn't begun.

Can I take out my scores while I'm waiting?

You know I voted against you?

I don't believe you're serious about music but rather about the kudos it brings.

You know that's untrue.

And even if it were true, would it be such a shameful motive?


What have you brought?

You should forget Schubert.

Schönberg is all... I fought to win your attention.

Give me a chance.

I know you're not as indifferent as you pretend.

I neglected my studies for you.

It's the truth!

You may think it's ridiculous, but since the recital at the Blonskys, I've had you stuck in my mind like a nut on a bolt.

I apologise for being so technical.

I never intended to apply here.

Stop lying, it won't wash.

I'm not lying.

For next time, find a copy of Opus 19.

Let's talk first.

I can't see the point.

Don't just stand there. Sit down and begin.

Is this your last lesson?


Pretend you have a migraine or something.

It's lovely out.

Either you play or my migraine will end this lesson.

It's bound to finish late.

Today's our first Mendelssohn rehearsal.

So, don't call up every 5 minutes. It's embarrassing.

Viora of the Philharmonic's coming. He'll think I'm a little girl.

Is that clear?

If it ends late, take a taxi.

I adore lying in the name of love. I'm so happy for you.

If she calls after 10, don't answer. Is that okay?

It will be a pleasure.

Good evening, this is Mrs. Kohut.

May I speak to my daughter?

What's wrong?

What the...?


Stay there!

Stay there, cunt!

Are you crazy or something?

Your father died this afternoon.

Above all, keep calm.

It's so inconsiderate of you!

Think of the consequences!

Kind of you to honour us with your presence.

Might we know what kept you?

Stop blubbing! What happened?

I have diarrhoea.

Are you scared or what?

A pianist needs solid nerves.

How can I perform after... Don't overdo it.

We should be going up.

Don't be so pathetic.

They won't bite. It's a rehearsal.

Did I overestimate you?

"Dogs are barking

"Rattling their chains.

"People are sleeping

"In their beds.

"Dreaming of what they don't have, "Replenished of good and bad."

"Why do I avoid the roads

"Where other travellers go,

"Seek out hidden paths

"Through snowbound rock outcrops?

"Seek out hidden paths

"Through snowbound rock outcrops?

"And yet, I've done nothing

"To make me flee my fellow men.

"What is this foolish desire

"Driving me into the wilderness?"

You think me devoid of sensitivity and indeed I can be superficial.

You see, I admit it.

But telling me to forget Schubert was atrociously unfair.

It's quite the contrary.

There are days, like after our first lesson, when...

The sight of blood makes me ill. Go to her.

Be her brave protector.

What happened? Let me.

Call a doctor.

Don't stare, there's nothing to see. Go back to the hall.

Come on.



Stop it!

If you don't stop immediately, I'll leave.

Look at me, not your penis.

Be quiet.

Don't move or I'll leave.

I love you.

No one has...

If you won't be quiet, you'll end up all alone here.

Why do you hurt me?

I can't hold back.

I said, silence!

Keep going. Come here.

That's it. It's coming.

Keep going. Don't stop!

I'll write down what you can do to me.

All my desires on paper for you to peruse at will.

You don't like that?

You can't leave me like this.

Come on.

I've no desire to touch that now.

Keep going, please.

Out of the question!

Hands off.

Or we never see each other again.

It's totally sick what you're doing here.

And it hurts!

I sympathise.

Stop it.

Don't be stupid. You're spoiling it.

I won't touch you again.

I want you to stay like that, that's all.

Facing me!

Don't put it away.

It's not me who's stupid.

It's you.

You should know what you can and can't do to a man.

You bitch! Shut up!

The playing field has to be level.

If you think...


I won't move, I promise.

I won't say a word.

You will receive my instructions.

By letter.

Or face to face. Or maybe over the phone.

Now, you can put it away.

Facing me.

How about a little smile?

Go on.

Don't be so serious, pretty lady.

Next time, we'll do much better. I promise.

Practice will make you perfect.

At least 2 months, with no guarantee of complete recovery.

That's terrible.

And she really was quite good. She has the nerve.

She played amazingly yesterday despite nearly not making it.

Pull yourself together. You're no use to Anna if you break down like that.

For the moment, we must wait.

She mustn't neglect her left hand.

That's always her weak point.

Also, she'll be scarred for life.

Just imagine. A pianist with a disfigured hand.

She's hardly attractive. Her only attribute was her talent.

That's why we sacrificed everything.

She sacrificed everything.


You said "we". It's Anna who sacrificed everything.

Yes, naturally.

Who would do such a thing?

The police say it must have been another student acting out of jealousy.

Can you imagine it?

Being so evil?

She's always been a loner. She hardly has any friends.

They'll find the man who did it.

He deserves his hands chopping off.

My next lesson is waiting. I'll have to ask you to leave.

Tell Anna she's welcome to drop in when she's better.

Remind her about her left hand.

I'll tell her. Thank you very much.

She'll come by. She admires you so much.

Chin up, Mrs. Schober.

Who will replace Anna for the concert?

No one.

No student could at such short notice.

I've been asked to stand in for the singer's sake.

That's very good. Anna will be pleased.


Back to the beginning.

You gladly ignore the dynamics. What does it say?

Piano. Exactly. And then?


And then?


And diminuendo and mezzo-forte, forte, fortissimo, sforzatissimo.

Schubert's dynamics range from scream to whisper not loud to soft.

Anarchy hardly seems your forte. Why not stick to Clementi?

Schubert was quite ugly. Did you know?

With your looks, nothing can ever hurt you.

Why destroy what could bring us together?

Mannerism is no... Why can't I look at you?

Because if I do, I won't resist the temptation to kiss you on the neck.

May I kiss you on the neck?

Can I get you a glass of water?


When can I see you?

Let's call each other.

Let's go away this weekend. Just you and I.

I can't, I'm going out with my mother.


Forget your mother. Think of us.

We must make up for lost time.

Do you mean me? I must make up for lost time?

Darling! Stop always thinking of others, your mother, your scruples...

You talk of anarchy but sacrifice love to be with Mama.

Let yourself go. Allow yourself feelings for once.

Don't be such a leech.

You cough because you're uptight.

I have no feelings. Get that into your head.

If ever I do, they won't defeat my intelligence.

I love you. Don't be so cowardly.

Is what you've written just as cowardly?

Don't touch it!

Not now.

I want you to read it alone.

Now, get stuck in to Schubert.

That's all you may do in this room.


Brahms would say: "Con intimissimo sentimento."

Are you mad? What are you doing?

I followed you.

I said we'd speak on the phone.

You can't drive me crazy like that and then run off.

Drive you crazy?

Let's go somewhere where we can talk in private.

Did you read the letter?

I don't want any letters. I want us to talk!

I advise you to leave now.

Never hound the woman you claim to love.

You should know that, even at your age.

If you value my affection, go.

I'll call you tomorrow to fix a date. Okay?

Take your hat off. What?

Good evening.

I have matters to discuss with Mr. Klemmer.

What's that supposed to mean?

We won't bother you. We'll talk in my room.

Come on.

Excuse me.

If you try to come in, you'll be sorry.

There's no food in. I didn't expect visitors.

Don't put yourself out, I've already eaten.

First, read the letter.

You've still got it?

So, read it now, please.

Do you want to finish me off?

I said I don't want to read any letters.

I'm here, you're here.

We're made of flesh and blood.

Don't be so scared.

I'm not. I want all you want. But read it first.

Is that why we barricaded the door?



I don't know how much longer I want to play this game.


Sit down there, please.

"On the contrary, if I beg, tighten my bonds, please.

"Adjust the belt by at least 2 or 3 holes.

"The tighter the better.

"Then, gag me with some stockings I will have ready.

"Stuff them in so hard that I'm incapable...

"of making any sound.

"Next, take off the blindfold, please, "and sit down on my face

"and punch me in the stomach

"to force me to thrust my tongue in your behind."

Is this supposed to be serious?

You're making fun of me, aren't you?

You want a slap?

"For that is my dearest wish.

"Hands and feet tied behind my back

"and locked up next door to my mother

"but out of her reach behind my bedroom door, "till the next morning.

"Don't worry about my mother, she's my problem.

"Take all the door keys with you from the apartment.

"Don't leave a single one here."

What will all this open up for me?

Maybe you'd open your cultured mouth and comment on this shit.

"If you catch me disobeying any of your orders, "hit me, please, "even with the back of your hand on my face.

"Ask me why I don't cry out to mother

"or why I don't fight back.

"Above all, say things like that, "so that I realise just how powerless I am."

What's going on in there?

Open up! Move that chest.

Don't you want to let her in?

Do you want me to hit you in front of her?

Calm down! Be quiet and watch the TV!

Open up or you'll be sorry.

Stop making a fuss!


Do you have no sense of decency?

Invading people's homes like this.

The sheer nerve of it!

Are you angry with me?

I hope you're not.

It's not very well written, I know.

I'm a pianist, not a poet.

After all, love is built on banal things.

Think it over. You have my phone number.

Like I said, I want everything you want.

I have all we need.

But it can wait till tomorrow.

Aren't you talking to me?

Do I disgust you?

That's not necessary.

The urge to be beaten has been in me for years.

I waited for you, you know?

It's not a joke, all I wrote. You know that.

From now on, you give the orders.

From now on, you choose what I am to wear.

What colour do you prefer? You never said.

You're not talking to me? You're angry?

Say something then.

You're sick.

You need treatment.

If you want to hit me, hit me.

I don't want to soil my hands.

No one would touch your sort, even with gloves on.

I swear I loved you.

You don't even know what it is.

Right now, you repulse me.

Fuck it.

...came to North America with the Spanish.

Left to roam free, they became the famous Mustang.

Today's cowboys' most loyal companion is the quarter horse.

Very fast over short distances and with good stamina...

You really are quite shameless.

What have you done with him?

Is he still in your room?

It wouldn't surprise me.

Nothing surprises me any more.

But you can do what you want.

At your age.

Good Lord.

All those sacrifices for this.

That's what you get in reward.

You carry on like that.

You can set up a bordello here.

Who cares what the neighbours think!

As always, you do as you like!

I love you.

Stop that! Have you gone insane?

Don't be so filthy, you're out of your mind!

Shut up. I love you.

I love you, too.

But stop this now.

You're mad!

You're mad.

You're completely mad.

Go to sleep now.

You're going to need all your energy.

Even if you're just standing in, you must be well prepared.

You never know who might be in the audience.

I saw the hairs on your sex.

Can I have a word?

Someone to see you.

Is that your little sister?

Don't run away, he's coming.

What do you want? Speak to you.

I'm listening.

Not here, I can't.

Over there.

How did you manage to find me?

Just there.

Go on in.

Forgive me for the letter.

I'm an idiot. I shouldn't have done that to you out of the blue.

Like you said, we should have talked first.

Forgive me.

What are you doing?

Stop it. Get up now.

Come on.

Come on top of me.

You want me, don't you? You're mad.

Come on. I love you.

I'll never write anything you don't want.

You tell me what you want, okay?

Someone might come in. You're being ridiculous.

Get up.

Hang on, let me do it.

Let me do it, I said.

I can't, not here.

Stop it. I can't.

It doesn't matter. I can't do it here.

I know you want to protect us, but I don't care if people catch us. I don't care.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Come on.

You have to help me.

I don't believe it. I'm sorry.

Don't look.

Don't look.

I must really disgust you.

No woman ever puked it back. Sorry.

I don't know what happened.

I'm clean.

I'm all clean.

Like a baby.

Inside as well as outside.

For you and thanks to you, darling.

Do you like me calling you darling?

It's absolutely marvellous.

You must be patient.

I'll give you all the names, we'll play all the games you want.

You know you really stink?

Sorry, you stink so much, no one will ever come close to you.

You'd better leave town until you don't stink so bad.

Rinse your mouth more often, not just when my cock makes you puke.

Who is it?

Open up.

Open up now! What do you want?

I said, open the door!

Quiet! You'll wake the whole building.

I'm opening it.

Don't do that again, okay?

What do you mean? Shut up, you sad cow!

Just then, I was under your window and I was jerking off. That's what you want, huh?

You want to... Is that it?

You're a witch, a pervert!

You want to give everyone your illness, don't you?

Not me! I did apologise.

Fuck your stupid apologies!

Wasn't last night enough for you?

Will you make this a habit? Screaming the house down.

Go back to bed!

Walter, please.

Get out! Be off with you! Now!

Not as you imagined?

We'll see about this.

The police will put a stop to this.

This is nothing to do with you.

Forget your mother.

We have time. We have all night.

Let's pick up where we left off.

Is this really what you had imagined?

What then?

You'll be sorry.

Just because we're women doesn't mean you'll get away with it.

Let me go.

This is unbelievable!

At least this one has a key.

Open up!

How about one for your daughter's room?

That's that dealt with.

"As for my mother, pay no attention to her." Yes?

Am I quoting you exactly?

"Give me lots of slaps, darling.

"Hit me hard..." No.

"Hit me around the face and hit me hard."

At your service, dear lady.

Is that what you want?

Stop, please.

What then?

Not that. Stop, I beg you.

What are you doing?

Shut it or I kill her! Murderer!


Where's the water? In the kitchen.

Don't think you'll get me going... by flashing your pathetic body.

You know, I do realise that all this isn't very nice of me.

But if you're honest, you'll admit you're partly responsible.

I mean, it's true...

Yes or no?


Am I right?

Yes, Walter.

Are you okay? I'm okay.

You can't get a guy going, then take refuge on the ice.

Not my face! Not my hands!


Aren't you ashamed?

I'm begging you to stop.

Don't touch my daughter.

Leave my daughter alone.

I'm begging you.

Why do you do that?

I calm down and you try to cross me.

Be a little cooperative, fuck it.

I'd be happy to learn to play.

But not if we only ever play by your rules.

You can't delve around inside people, then reject them.

Be nice to me, please.

You can't let me go just like that.

Stop, please.

You have to give a bit.

You can't leave me all alone now.

Love me, please.

Are you trying to tell me I should go?

I'd appreciate it if you tell no one.

Anyhow, it's for your own good.

You can't humiliate a man that way and...

It's not possible.

Will you be alright?

Do you need anything?


You know, love isn't everything.

See you, then.

Has he gone?

Say something. Has he gone?

Open the door.

What's wrong?

Talk to me, for God's sake.

Oh my God, child!

What a state you're in!

What did the bastard do to you?

Hurry, we'll miss the tram.

I'm just having a glass of water.

Don't be so nervous.

It's only to replace someone.

I'm so looking forward to your Schubert.

I think I should go and take my seat. It begins in 8 minutes.

I'll come up with you.

Good evening, I'm delighted to see you here.

What about our convalescent? She doesn't lack courage.

She insisted on coming tonight. To hear you play.

How are you feeling?

Sorry, let me introduce myself.

I'm Mrs. Schober. My daughter, Anna.

This is my mother.

Lovely to meet you. You must be very proud of your daughter.

Why? It's a school concert.

She's standing in for a pupil.

That pupil is my daughter.

Where are you sitting?

Not far from us.

It's late. We'd better go. Can we go up together?

Are you coming, Anna?

See you later. I'll go up with Mrs. Schober. Break a leg.

Enjoy the concert.

Goodbye, it was a pleasure to see you.

There, now...

What a nice surprise!

George! Look who's here.

Professor Kohut. My respects.

Hurry up, Gerda. Give me your coat.

I'll keep it with me.

Men! Always rushing you. You know how it is.

Have an excellent evening.

Come on!

See you later, I hope.

My respects, Professor. I can't wait to hear you play.