The Place (2017) Script

I did what you asked. And what exactly did you do ?

I clobbered a guy.

Who ? Who cares who, I did it!

Lower your voice.

More details, that was our deal.

There was a rally.

A brawl broke out so I stepped in.

There was this kid who was itching for a fight.

So I obliged. Did you hurt him ?

Quite a bit. Quite a bit isn't enough.

Or you would've gotten what you want.

Listen, I need to find that money.

Clobber a guy and you'll find it.

Mrs. Marcella. Morning ! How are you ?

Busy day. Good.

How are things going ? Well.

Find what you needed ? Yes.

It's amazing what you can find online.

And they deliver to your home, just like the corner store !


I think it'll be ready in a week.

Moving ahead quickly.

Tell me more. The small pieces are the hardest.

I'm no longer good with my hands, they shake.

And it's hard for me to concentrate.

What do you think about while working ?

I'm scared.

Yes, because I think about all the people who will die and this anguishes me.

You know... it'll happen in a split second for them.

But I think about their loved ones, those who are left behind...

They'll suffer for quite some time.

Do you still want to do this ?

Of course I do.

I want my husband to come home.

He will come home when it's all done, right?

If you do what I asked, he will.

Do you force everyone who comes here... to cause harm ?

No, not everyone.

Here you go, salad with tuna and tomatoes.


And a diet Coke. Thanks.

Pick someone ? Yes.

This is her name and address.

How old ?

She's six...

Why her ?

She's a little girl.

But why her ? I don't know.

She's young, she just started life, her parents are young and will get over it.

I saw her playing at the park. Enough, please.

The plan ? I followed them home.

The girl and her parents.

I don't know if I can do it. You don't have to.

If I don't, my son dies.

Tell me one thing...

What ?

How do I know that you're not the devil ?

You don't.

I've been a nun for 11 years.

I got the calling when I was just a kid.

I always wanted to take my vows. I felt God's presence.


What did you feel ?


A sense of comfort.


And I no longer feel it. I lost it.

Want to leave the order ? No.

I want to feel God again.

Can you help ?


What do I have to do ? Let's see...

Get pregnant.

I'm a nun !

If you want to feel God again you have to get pregnant.

I can't.

Technically, you can.

You're asking me to sleep with a man, that's absurd !

You just asked me to help you feel God again.

If I do it, I'll feel God again ?

Just like before.

I don't know how to pull off a robbery.

Newborns don't know how to walk... just do it.

Nonsense, give me something else, I won't steal.

Then don't. But I want to be prettier.

Then do what I said. Quit wasting my time.

Damn it.

Well, I have a friend who lives in a mansion in the suburbs.

Saturday we went dancing and she mentioned her grandma left her diamonds and jewels.

If I steal them and sell them, is that okay ?

Sure, so long as it's 100,000 and...

Five cents, got it.

What'll you do with that five cents ? Like I said, it's not for me.

You really think I'm capable of doing this ?

I think people are capable of more than they think.

If you say so...

You think being prettier will make you happier ?


And ifl get caught, I'll blame you.

No, you won't. I will.

I'm sure you won't.

Well ? Have you made a decision ?


I picked her.

Why her ? Well...

I have four posters in my garage, Amanda was the first.

I have coffee with her every morning, it seemed only fair to pick her.

Amanda it is. You want her to love you ?

Love ? No !

I wouldn't know how to handle that.

I want one night with her.

One night? It's doable.

You have to help a little girl.

Help a little girl... do what?

If you want a night with Amanda, become part of a little girl's life and protect her, like a guardian angel.

Protect her from what ?

Everything that's out there.

Any girl ? No.

This one.

For how long ? 2 weeks.


What happens if I don't do it?

Things would move forward. How so ?

Your husband's Alzheimer's could progress... or it could reverse.

Doctors say there's no reversing it.

They also say nobody survives a plane crash, but it has happened.

Couldn't I do something else ?

Instead of using this dreadful... thing I am making ?

No, you have to use the bomb.

Where will you put it?

In a new diner that opened in my neighborhood.

It's called Green Apple, it's vegan.

I think I'll place it there because on the weekends it's very crowded.

You'll do it on the weekend ? Yes.

That way I'll kill the number of people you requested.

I don't want the girl to suffer. You decide how to do it.

Something really quick... a bag on her head.

What do you think '2 What do you think?


If I kill the little girl and get caught, will my son survive anyway ?


And if I end up in jail ?

Be careful. I'm a good father.

I don't want my son or wife to hate me.

Is this what you wanted to know ? The details that matter to you ?

These are important things, Luigi.

Your thoughts.

This time I really did it, I clobbered a guy.

Tell me about it.

I was working the night shift at the precinct.

Two dealers were booked.

One was shouting, protesting...

I provoked him, he struck back, so I used my club.

In front of everyone ? No, just his friend.

My partner was out smoking.

Was it hard ?

You know it was, or you wouldn't have made me do it.

Think I'm sadistic ?

No, I'm thinking about getting back the robbery money.

I broke a few of his ribs, and tore his retina, he'll probably lose the eye.

I think that's enough. Indeed.

My money ? It's coming soon.

When ?


Huh ? Answer your phone.

Hello ?


It was the precinct, there's news on the robbery.

You'll get your money.

Or I'll hunt you down.

Don't worry, this is our goodbye.

Anything else ? Yes.

Another coffee.

You drank six today, that's a lot.

You counted ?

You sit here all day long. What do you do for work ? I'm curious.

Not much of a talker, I see.

Lemme guess.

If I guess will you tell me ?


Okay... you talk with lots of people, you take notes, I think you're some kind of shrink...

You want to create a friendly environment.

Like those alternative approaches I read about online.

Am I right?


To be honest, you seem anything but friendly.

I'm sorry you've gotten that impression.

"I'm sorry you've gotten that impression".

I can't figure you out, usually I'm really good at it but you're tricky.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Suit yourself.

This skill of mine is useless anyway, look where I am... this says it all.

You're unhappy ?

Some question...

It's not nice to ask that.

It's like asking someone's age, even worse !


Sorry, I'm really exhausted, I didn't mean to...

Found her.

I went to the address you gave me, and watched the girl from my car.

She was playing with her dad in their courtyard.

The girl, her dad, the dog.

It was like my windshield was a screen and I was watching a nice film.

You could've asked for a happy family too, with Amanda...

I'm not cut out for that.

What happiness do you want?

I never thought about it...

A family scares me, I prefer my ladies on the wall.

What scares you exactly ?

Having to take care of someone.

Does someone want to hurt the girl, is that why I'm doing this ?

Dunno, it's not my problem.

Whose is it ? Yours, and yours alone.

It's up to you if you'll accept or walk away.

You must rape a woman.

What ?

To get what you want, you must rape a woman.

I would never do such a thing.

Okay. What's that mean ?

Don't dash my hopes.

I didn't, there's still hope.

Accept or walk away, it's up to you.

Who are you ?

That doesn't matter. You have a kind voice.

Why ask me to do such a wicked thing ?

It makes no sense. Things don't always make sense.

Can't you give me another task ?


I will not rape a woman.

That's not who I am.

I found a couple.

They're not really friends, but I know them well.

They're neighbors, we've gone on double dates.

It should be easy to break them up.

Why '2 They're on the edge.

They're lifeless, bored, very polite with each other but the passion is clearly gone.

Got a plan ? Yes.

His name is Andrea, he works from home selling policies online.

I'll go there tomorrow saying I want a new insurance.

His wife's a teacher, she won't be home.

And then what?

I'll act interested, provoke him...

Then I'll send him some texts at night.

I'll invite him over and make sure his wife finds us.

Finds you ? Yes... in bed.

I don't plan on going all the way with him.

She just needs to walk in before we do it, right ?

What matters is one of the two leaves home.

I'm sure she'll kick him out.

This doesn't bother you ?

No, like I said, they're unhappy. I'm doing them a favor.

A favor ?

I have news.


I went out dancing again with the friend I want to steal from.

I'm hanging out with her often so it won't seem odd when I ask to sleep over.

Anyway, I met a guy at the club.

A guy ? He gave me a pill for free.

He's cute.

I gave him my number.

What does he have to do with it ?

Let me finish telling you !

We went out twice.

He's handsome... and he's sharp.

He deals LSD.

He's a small-time crook, he's having money problems.

So I wanted to ask you if he could help me.

You decide how to do it. Then I will ask him.

Think he'll do it? Yes, it's an easy job.

Since you don't need the money, I'll give it to him.

Coffee ?

No, thanks.

What ?

I like how you listen to people, it's impressive.

They really open up to you.

When they leave, they seem... transfixed.

Transfixed ?

That's an odd word.


It just came to me.

I'm working as a barman by the girl's building.

I've got a perfect view.

As a barman ? Part-time. I get paid peanuts.

What about your garage ? I have a plan...

I follow her to school in the morning, then go to the garage.

After school, I follow Matilde home and work at the bar till 8:00 PM.

So I can keep an eye on her. You're getting into it.

I'm not enjoying it, but at least I'll get Amanda.

Happy to have an objective ?

The outcome is what I want.

Will I need a weapon ?

A weapon ?

You said I have to protect her from a bad guy.

I never said that.

You never say anything, do you ? Sly fox...

You're free to back out.

Why are you here ?

He fled. Who ?

The guy I was after who stole the money.

Did you get the money ? Yes.

That's what you wanted. I wanted him too.

You asked for the money. I wanted the thief too.

You weren't clear. Where is he ?

Who knows. You fucking know !

No. You know!

Calm down.

Last night, my partner and I were on duty.

We got a tip-off.

We went to this sort of warehouse but he heard us coming, he left the money and fled.

Why are you lying ? I'm not lying.

Who's the thief?

Tell me who he is. I'm sick of your fucking games.

Tell me where he is. I told you I have no idea.

I almost killed someone for you.

Let's get things straight: you almost killed someone for you, not me.

Do you expect me to pull another stupid fucking stunt?

Another one of your shitty deals ?

Listen, fuck off. Write that down.

How's it going ?

Not well. Why ?

I went to some night clubs but only met drunk men who wanted to take me to bed.

You just have to get pregnant. Not like that.

If I'm going to do it, I want him to be someone I like.

That's not required.

For me it is.

It's too hard to find a man.

I understand. You understand ?

If you understood... if you really can make me feel God again, then just do it.

I can't. I beg you.

Just do what I asked.

You can't force me. I'm not.

I took vows.

Then keep them and continue living without God.

Or break them... get pregnant, put the baby up for adoption, find God again, and be a nun.

Nobody will ever know. I'll know.

And like you said... my Lord.

Do you have one ?

We all have one.

The bomb is ready.

Ready ? Yes.

I took it to Green Apple.

But you didn't detonate.

Who am I to kill so many people just to have my husband back ?

You can back out. I know.

But then I thought: Who am I not to do it?

Lots of people kill, in one way or another, to get what they want...


I'll go back there next weekend.

Someone is watching the girl.


I saw him following her. The barman who works by her house.

I see him at school, by her home, at the pool, everywhere.

Wherever she goes, he goes.

The barman ?

I know it seems crazy, but I'm sure of it.

Can I pick a new kid ?

No. Come on !

I'll pick a new kid and save my son !

Once you start you can't change.

What about him ? These are the rules.

Maybe he knows... did you tell anyone about me ?

No. Are you sure ?

Stop it.

I noticed something... whenever the girl lags behind or throws a tantrum, her parents yell and hit her.

Hit her ?

They slap her.

If they do this in public, they do worse at home.

That makes you feel better ?

It's crazy, I know.

I met her. Who ?

The calendar lady. You met her ?

Yes !

She drove into to my garage this morning with a flat tire.

The car door opens and out she comes...

It was her, Amanda !

I didn't say a word, I put her car on the auto lift, she saw her poster on the wall and said:

"That's an old picture, I'll give you a new one".

Good. She was so nice.

She didn't treat me like a mechanic.

This is proof. Because I'm doing my task well ?

Probably. You're not sure ?

I'm not in control.

Huh ? Things don't depend on me.

You're just a middle man ?

Who's on the other side, will you tell me ?

It's my son.

Your son ? The man I'm looking for is my son.

He left home 2 years ago, we're estranged.

He just does these things to provoke me.

He's the robber ?

He's not a criminal.

I need to find him before he fucks up and gets shot.

Want to make a new deal ?

If you want to find your son cover up a violent crime reported by a woman.

This sounds like bullshit.

A woman comes and reports a violent crime, you cover it up.

Get rid of it.

That's a serious crime. I've done my share.

New request, new deal.

Does it have to be a woman ?


Why do you ask such awful things ?

Because someone is always willing.

I was right.

About? Alex. The guy I told you about.

The sharp LSD dealer ? Yes.

I asked him to help me and he said yes.

Happy to have an accomplice ?

Of course.

I can't do it alone, her house is full of servants.

Plus, he's not an accomplice, you make it sound shady.

I told him about my plan. Know what he said ?


That it's a great plan and I'm smart.

You're happy because he said you're smart ?

No, not just for that.

I want to confide in you.

Go on.

No pen, it's personal.

We made love, it was amazing.

Amazing and desperate at the same time.

Why desperate ? He cried after.

He hugged me tight and cried. And I cried too.

I don't want him to ever leave me.

We can change your request.

Even your magic wouldn't save me, I always get dumped.

But if I become prettier, he won't leave me.

Gotta go, he's waiting for me.

Eskimos have seven ways of saying "white".

Did you know ?


And I only have one color.

Actually, black isn't even technically a color.

Want to make a deal?

If it's the only way to get my sight back, I'll try.

Think you won't manage ?

Even the simplest of things are hard for me.

And what you're asking me to do is awful and it requires precise preparations.

Have you chosen a woman ? No.

It obviously can't be someone I know but she has to trust me.

I can't just improvise, at least not until the end.

It'll be hard.

What are you thinking about? Your face.

What face are you making ?

Can I touch your face ?


I bet you're sad.

How was your day ?

Fine, thanks.

More coffee ? Gladly.

I knew it.


Why don't you go home ?

Nobody waiting for you ?

Do you ask all customers questions like these ?

You intrigue me.

What exactly intrigues you ?

You seem tired, exhausted.

Like you haven't slept in ages.

I haven't.

See ? I am good at figuring people out.

I went to Andrea's.

He helped me with the insurance, he was super nice.

I accepted a glass of wine, played coy.

He was flirting too, for sure.

And then ? I texted him at night.

He replied. He was cautious but interested, for sure.

Details ?

I wrote:

"Does an insurance for happiness exist ?" Smiley face.

Him: "Unfortunately not." Sad face.

Me: "And for love ?" Him: "Too risky."

"You want that kind of insurance ?" Me: "No00oo !"

"I like risking".

I sent a devil emoticon. After a while he sent me one too.

At that point, I asked if I could stop by again for more information on insurance.

This time my intentions were clear.

But when I tried to kiss him, he pulled away.

And you ? I tried to insist and make light of it.

I said everyone has a fling every now and then.

Bad move, he got all uptight.

He looked at me as if... he pitied me.

Did he say that ?

He said he hasn't looked at another woman for 20 years.

He's happy and wouldn't ruin his marriage for the world.

What a drag !

Are you angW 7 Yes, he offended me.

He didn't have to judge me.

All that shit he said about couples made me feel judged.

Isn't that what you want?

A husband crazy about his own wife ?

I met a man.

I thought you'd given up.

I won't give up on God.

Tell me more.

I was at mass, a guy was sitting alone in the back.

I noticed him because he was praying intensely.

I sat down next to him after mass.

I obviously didn't tell him I'm a nun.

I just said hi.

He said I have a nice voice, a clean voice.

We talked so much.

I felt totally at ease.

What'd you talk about?


Odd, right ?

Will you see him again ?

He asked if I wanted to meet him for coffee.

What did you say ? That I don't drink coffee.

It makes me jumpy.

He laughed and said: "How about some juice ?"

So he invited me to a place near his house tomorrow night.

What place ?

A vegan diner called Green Apple, know it ?

I've heard of it.

I think he's the right one.

How can you be sure?

Because I'm not ashamed with him.

Why not ?

He's blind.



Alex, the guy I told you about.

Martina said you make people's dreams come true.

Let's just say I offer people a chance.


Give it a try, ask something.

Is that okay ?

How do I know you're not a fake ? I'm telling you.


Prove it.

People normally come here out of their own will.

I'm here because I chose to come.

Because I wanted to.

Come on, prove it.

Tell me something simple you'd like right now.

The security codes to hack Amazon.

I said something simple. Fine.

Flowers for Martina.



Help ten ladies cross the street.

Huh ? Do it, it's easy.

Okay, let's do it.

I can't believe you pushed me to do such a ghastly thing.

I didn't push.

Of course, you didn't force me, but at time we're not really free to choose, because the mere idea of having a possibility can push us in the wrong direction.

There's something horrible in all of us and those who aren't forced to face it are very lucky.

I'm old, I almost managed to avoid it but my demon showed up at the very end.

Anyway, it'll happen tomorrow at that diner.

Get ready to give back my husband.

I was watching the girl while working at the bar when her dad came outside, grabbed her hand and took her toward their car.

I saw a guy watching them from a car.

Watching them ?

I'd seen him before, but I wasn't sure... but I had a bad feeling about him.

So I ditched everything and went out.

What sort of feeling ?

Well, a hunch.

This guy was in a very clean car, it even had a "Baby on Board" sticker.

But he was strange, restless, he parked poorly.

He seemed out of place... out of place.

Carry on. I kept walking toward the girl while he turned on his car, peeling away.

Toward the girl ? Yes.

So I started running like crazy and caught up with her...

I pushed her out of the street.

The Golf almost hit me, then he raced off.

Someone wants to kill her ? So it seems.

You knew ?

Tell me ! Yes, someone wants to kill her.

And when my task is over ?

What'll the girl do ? I only have a week left.

You'll get what you want. And Matilde ?

She'll carry on living.


She'll carry on being in danger!

We're all in danger out there.

I can't do it.

Why ? It's complicated.

Covering up a report is tricky, a violent crime report is impossible.

Is that the only problem ?

My son's gone, he might be in trouble.

Give me a hand. Why did he leave ?

At times I'd come home from work tired,

grouchy... intoxicated, we can say.

Every fuck-up I did spilled over onto my son.

I want to rectify that.

Or is it too late ?

It's not too late.

I think.



How was your day ?

Fine, thanks.

Got a second to talk ?

To talk ?

People usually come to me to ask for something.

Well, I just want to talk.

Is it that odd ?


People usually ask me for complicated things.

People, people, people...

I'm not like other people.

Well ?

Hello, my name is Angela.

Hi, Angela.

And your name ?

It's not important.

Usually men love talking about themselves.

I'm interested in others.

What do you see in others ?


Good or bad things ?

Things that are... unexpected.

And ?

I fucked up.

I was right about that man.

Who ?

The barman.

Tell me...

The police must be after me, someone must've seen my plates.

Calm down and tell me what happened.

I was watching her from inside my car.

My throat was dry, my tummy ached, I was about to leave but thought:

"lfl don't do it, every time I go home my son's room will be empty !"

And so I stepped on the gas and drove toward her.

And she looked at me.

The girl turned around and looked straight at me.

That guy just showed up and saved her, I almost hit her, then I raced off.

I left the car in a mall parking lot and walked home.

I told my wife the car had been stolen.

This is not the kind of father I want to be.

Why'd you go to church ? To think... and be alone.

She approached me, she was very kind and open.

And I started thinking that with a church-going girl it'd be easier to get her to trust me.

That's horrible, isn't it?

She's very thin which is crucial.

Why ? She can't defend herself.

How do you know she's thin ?

I touched her face, shoulders, she's tiny.

She let you touch her ?

She's shy, but I explained that's how I "see" people so she let me do it.

Last night we met up at a diner by my house.

Was she relaxed ?

I've been out with sighted girls before, I know the drill: they trust me.

Everyone trusts a blind guy.

A blind guy can't hurt you, damn it.

Next date ? Tomorrow at the same diner.

I just want to talk to her, I won't invite her over or she might say no.

How'll you rape her ?

I don't want to rape anyone.

Back out.

You can.

I did it, I did it.

I placed the bomb in the diner.

Mrs. Marcella. Now my husband will get well ?

The Alzheimer's is gone now ?

So he can come home to me, right?

You didn't set off the bomb. I did.

No. I did.

Or you wouldn't be here talking about Alzheimer's.

I'm sorry.

You can back out if you want.



I'll back out.

Take care.

How'd you do it?

I didn't do it, you did.

Sure, I helped some old ladies cross the street, how the fuck did you do it?

You carried out your task and got what you requested.

I don't believe it, you planned it.

Don't believe it.

I have work to do now...

Fine, I believe you.

And I have a request too. Can we make a deal?

What do you want? I want my dad to leave me alone.

Meaning ? His dad's an asshole.

A shithead who ruined my life and my mom's and I won't forgive him but he keeps hounding me !

He uses his cop tricks to track me.

I want him out of my life for good.

For good.

Are you sure ? Yes.

It's doable.

Help Martina.

Help Martina steal 100,000.05 euros and you'll both get what you want.

That's it ?

He slapped me. Why?

I went to his place again and was more aggressive this time.

And he slapped you ?

Ijumped on him.

I lost control, I was exhilarated, getting naked and kissing him.

And then he slapped me.

What did you do ? Slapped him back, I was livid.

Then I ran off.

Why were you livid ?

Because I wish my husband were like that.

Amanda came back to the garage and chatted with me for 5 minutes.

She gave me a new picture and said:

"Get rid of the others, I'm the jealous type".

Imagine that!

Jealous of me...

She wrote her phone number on the back of the picture.

Holy shit...

I guess you are the real deal.

You're reaching your goal, you have 3 days left.

Yes, but some guy wants to kill that kid.

I can'tjust abandon her.

Tell her parents, call the cops.

And say what?

They'd never believe me, you know that. No...

I have to handle it myself. I need to get a gun.

I'll protect her really, really well.

There's an issue.

The fucking gun.

Huh ?

My service gun was stolen.

Quit smirking or I'll punch you.

I should've put it in the safe but I left it on the nightstand like a dumbass.

Now I'm in deep shit.

You had something to do with this ?

Why do you say that ?

Because I'm used to asking myself questions.

I still don't know who the fuck you are.

Want some ?


Do you have a woman ?

All right...

Here's my reading:

You're married, separated for 3-4 years with no kids.

You got burned and haven't healed.

Since you won't talk, let's play a game.

A game I played as a kid: the silence game.

Know it?

Whoever laughs first loses.

You're getting serious. We stole it from his dad.

_ "We" ? I played lookout.

He snuck in the window. It was cool !

His dad will get in trouble. So what?!

We're on for tomorrow.

My friend will be away. Martina managed to copy the house keys.

It'll be a cinch.

We'll have the money tomorrow.

And I'll never see my dad again.

Right ?


And I'll become prettier.

She was kidnapped, someone kidnapped the girl.

What? Kidnapped ?

She just disappeared like that !

Do you have something to do with this ?

No. No?

I think you do. I don't.

You asked me to kill a little girl and while I'm trying, some guy protects her and now she disappears... Odd, isn't it ?

You're involved.

Would that make a difference '2 Yes.

How do you feel right now ?

Forget your fucked up games.

You're playing with my son's life, do not mess with me.

Someone's protecting that girl.

Why '2 A man came to me with a request, I opened the notebook and it said he had to protect that girl.

Why that girl ? That's what it said.

Really ?

That's what the notebook said ? Yes.

Let's see...

Let go.

Liar. Let go.

Why pit him against me ?

I didn't, he doesn't know about you.

You gave me a task that's impossible to carry out.

I don't assign impossible tasks.

They might be complicated... I'm calling the cops.

No, you won't.

No, I won't.

You're early. It worked.


I went to apologize to Andrea yesterday for the slap.

After 5 minutes of chitchat, I asked to use the bathroom.

Instead I snuck into their bedroom, put my panties under the bed and some hairs on the pillow.

I even sprayed some perfume...

That's all it took.

Meaning ?

While eating dinner with my husband, Andrea called, they talked for an hour.

He came back to the table, drained...

Andrea's wife threw him out because she thinks he's cheating.

What did you say ?

That it's true.

"How do you know ?", he asked.

I said:

"Because he cheated on her with me."

Why'd you say that ? It's not true.

I wanted to make him suffer.

Did you enjoy it ?

Yes, it was amazing.

Instead of getting mad he cried.

He said it was his fault for drifting away first, that he ruined everything, that he was devastated.

Then we made love like we hadn't in ages.

Good, you got what you wanted.

We can say goodbye now.

We meet every night in that diner.

Why there ?

He says that place smells good and so do I.

That's a good start.

Last night we were out till late, very late.

Or very early.

Did you...? No.

We just talked.

I don't want to rush.

Plus, he's old-fashioned, shy, polite...

I want him to make the first move.

Are you feeling God again ?


I have to get pregnant first. Yes.

That was our deal, right? Yes...

You just seem so happy.

Could I feel God again without...? Sure.

There are many solutions to the same problem.

I just offer one.

Do you believe in God ?

I believe in details.

I kidnapped the girl.

I saw.

Why ? To protect her.

You didn't have to.

You got what you wanted.

You completed your task, Amanda is yours.

I can't walk away, she's just a kid.

Do you realize what could happen ?

Everyone's looking for her.

I know, I've got it all organized.

How ? I won't tell you where she is.

Is she alone now ? Yes.

She's safely locked away.

Did she recognize you ?


I always wear a mask.

Smart, right ?

Why'd you do it?

I want to be a hero.

A hero.

So I can have everything without having to ask people like you.

I'm ready.

I'll invite her over.

And do what exactly ?

I have a plan: invite her over, push her into the bathroom, it's small so it'll work better.

Why didn't you do this before ?

I told you.

I was afraid she'd say no but now...

I'm sure she'll say yes.

How can you be sure ?

I think she likes me.

Women usually run from me.

After a while.

With a billion excuses...

But the reason is always the same.

Would you want a blind girlfriend if you could see again ?

You have no mercy.

Neither do you all.

What's wrong ?

My son tried to pull off a robbery.

How do you know ? I saw the CCTV footage.

Two of them with covered faces, but I know it's him.

He had my fucking gun.

They caught him ? No, he got away.

I have to help him. Complete your task.

There's no time !

He's a loose cannon and could end up dead.


Complete your task. You're fucking useless.

Useless to me.

My husband spoke to me.

He's better ?

No, it wasn't him, it was a dream.

He looked at me and said:

"Hold me, don't let me go.

Don't let me go."

He was sad, very sad.

I'm sorry.


I'll set off the bomb.

I really will.

I thought you backed out?

Well, I changed my mind. ls that allowed ?

Can I save my husband ?


Someone has to die in order for us to get what we want.

That's always been the case, right?

Yes, indeed.

I was just at the hospital.

And ? My son's doing better.

I read him a story and he didn't fall asleep till the end.

And when I picked him up he already seemed heavier.

Because I almost found the girl...

Details ?

I know the kidnapper.

Who is it ? The guy who saved her.

The barman.

What'd you do ? I followed him home.

When he went out, I snuck into his garage.

I rummaged through the trash, there was a receipt from a toy store.

The date on it was the same date the girl was kidnapped.

Is it him ? Could be.

It's him.

You sent him to protect her.

You lied.

You do assign impossible tasks !

For one of us, this task is impossible.

It wasn't supposed to be.

He was supposed to stop protecting her a week ago.

Since you caused this mess, tell me where she is.

I don't know. You lied, you should help me.

He's cautious and wouldn't tell me.

How'd it feel to walk into his home ?

I felt...


Strong ?

I struggled to reach a goal, I made a choice.

In my life, I've always done things without intention: accounting, bank job, family.

It was always the "right" thing to do.

But I never actually chose something with intention.

How does it feel to choose ?

Fucking amazing.

I did it.

I invited her over tomorrow night.

She agreed ?

Yes, and was happy.

She likes being with me.

Funny thing is, I like being with her too, when I'm not thinking about my task.

I want to fall in love again.

I don't want to be afraid a woman will tire of me or is just with me out of pity.

I want to see again... so I'll do it.

Tomorrow night.

What do you think of her ? It won't be her.

Meaning ?

She won't be the woman I love, it'll be the next one.

I no longer want him.

I don't understand. I no longer want my husband.

What do you mean ?

You wrecked a couple for him.

I know.

Why the change ?

Because I cheated.

His eyes are full of love now but they don't warm me.

And he'll go back to who he was... he'll get bored, cheat on me, people don't change.

If you think that, why'd you come to me ?

I realized it after.

I realized it thanks to Andrea, his eyes, his love for his wife.

He and my husband are cut from a different cloth, and it's too deep-rooted to play around with.

I no longer want him.

He's becoming violent.

Violent ?

He went nuts and hit me.

He thinks I'm cheating on him with the neighbor.

He says he can't live without me.

But this isn't living.

What a disaster...

Where's Martina ? She's wounded.

Nothing serious. What happened ?

A disaster !

The dog started barking, the servants called the guard and he caught us.

We tried to run but he shot and hit Martina in the arm.

Relax, they're not here for you.

How do you know ? I know.

Carry on, don't look.


Go on.

I want Martina to back out of her deal.

Talk to her. She won't listen to me.

She wants to be prettier, for me.

I told her it doesn't matter to me, that she's gorgeous, but she won't listen.

She's convinced I'll dump her.

She's planning another robbery.

Call off the deal.

It's not up to me. It fucking is.

Lower your voice.

Stop her, you can.

I can't.


Please, I don't want to lose her.

Is that what you really want? Yes.

Let's make a deal...

Another ?

The one about my dad ?

Annulled, one deal at a time.


Go see your dad.

What ?

Tell him you love him.

You are totally insane, I will never do anything like that.

Then don't.

Give me another task, I'll do anything.

It's this or nothing.


Fine, I'll d0 it.


Why are you so lonely ?

Why are you '2

I have my reasons.

I assume they're different than other people's reasons ?


Your turn.

I've been waiting for love forever.

You don't often tell people that.

I have no one to tell.

Since when ?

Yesterday my life was filled with rain then you smiled at me and eased the pain.

That's what the song says.

Can I turn it up?

Go ahead.

You look tired.

I didn't sleep.

How's the girl? She's still there.

I can't stay for long.

Problems ? Problems ?

It's a fucking disaster.

Yesterday I went by my house and the girl's predator was there.

He was outside of my garage.

I hid until he gave up and left.

So I followed him.

You did ? Yes.

Now I know where that bastard pedophile lives.

I will kill him.

Kill him '2 Of course.

Or he'll kill the girl.


Unless ?

Unless we make a new deal.

What do you want?

Save the girl.

No can do, I don't assign impossible tasks.

Impossible ?

If you're able to save her then he's not able to kill her.

What ?

So you assigned him to kill her ?

What sort of bastard are you ?

So tell me, whose side are you on ?

This side.

So I have no choice.

You have plenty of other choices.

Yes, but this is the choice I've made.

I will kill the guy you assigned to kill the girl.

I win, you lose.

Why didn't it happen ?

You're sure you did it?

Of course.

What exactly did you do ? What I had to !

I locked her in the bathroom, threw her on the ground and raped her.

She cried, screamed, begged me to stop but I didn't.

That's not what happened.

It is. You didn't rape her.

I'm telling you I did !

If you had, you'd be looking me in the eye.

Give me another chance.

This was your chance.


I want to see.

It's not up to me.

What happened ?

The man who kidnapped the girl tried to kill me.

When ? Last night.

He came into my home...

And what happened ?

I stabbed him.

We need to talk.

I'm busy. It's urgent.

Wait. I said it's urgent.

I said wait.

What do you mean you stabbed him '2 Tell me.

He had a knife.

He pounced on me and we scuffled.

Then I managed to pry the knife from his hands and...

I stabbed him in the stomach.

He passed out, my wife woke up, and we called 911.

But first I went through his pockets and found keys.

In his wallet there was a real estate agency's business card.

I called. And ?

I know where the girl is.

What'll you do now ?

What needs to be done.

Martina's gone mad.

She stole my gun to go rob a store.

She was supposed to back out. That was our deal.

You didn't complete your task.

Of course I did, and it was fucking hard!

Details. Details...

I met with my dad and told him I love him, a lot.

You can't just go there, say you love him, and leave.

No? No.

You have to feel it. No, that's not what you said.

It goes without saying.

How the fuck will I do that ?

I don't love him.

Find a way to love him.

Did your dad beat you every night after finishing off a bottle ?

Then you can't understand.

Of all the things he could've asked me, guess what he wanted ?

My father came to see you ?


No, I don't give a shit, I don't want to know.

Fulvio and I made love.

It was wonderful.

At first he was aloof, confused.

Like he couldn't control himself, he was agitated... he was flailing around.

I told him to relax.

Can you believe I'm the one who said that?

Took his hands, and said everything was fine.

That I was happy to be with him.

Were you really happy to do it?

With him, yes.

You asked to feel God again.


D0 you ?

Do you feel Him ? Yes.

I feel Him now too.

What's He saying ? That I'll have a baby soon.

Did you tell Fulvio ?


Why '2 It's odd... it's as if I need to do this alone.

So you won't tell him ?


All right, we're done.

Can I ask a question ?

Yes, but not the one you have in mind.

I can't answer that.


My son called me, we went out, it was his idea.

We went out for pizza.

He didn't speak much, actually...

Then out of nowhere he stood up and said "I love you".

Carry on.

He was lying, he wasn't being sincere.

He didn't even look at me. Why would he have lied ?

Because he wanted something.

He's the son of a liar.

What can I expect ?

Is he back ?

You got what you wanted.

No, he's not back. Anyway, I got what I deserved.

Remember that report I covered up ?

It was a young woman, she said her husband was hitting her out of jealousy.

She was scared.

He was convinced she was having an affair with a neighbor.

She was crying in fear.

She had a black eye and bruises on her arm.

Know what I did ? I opened the wrong drawer and let her life slip into the drawer with bike theft reports.

I'm a real shitbag.

She was found dead yesterday.

Her skull was fractured by multiple blows.

I was a shitty husband, and a shitty father.

The truth is...

I'm a shitty cop too.

There's nothing good about me.

I'm going to talk to my bosses and turn myself in.

You really want to do that ?

Yes, I do. I have to start over somehow.

And this time, I don't need you to do it.

I found the girl.

She was in a studio apartment that was dreadful, dirty... surrounded by dolls and bags of cookies.

She just stared at me, she didn't say a word, she just stared.

She'd hoped I was there to save her but I wasn't there to save her.

While I walked toward her with this rag to suffocate her,

I thought about my son.

And ?

I picked her up and took her away.

I called the police and told them I'd found her.

And your son ?

I went to see him right after, assuming I'd sit next to him and hold him while he dies.

But I found out his cancer disappeared.

Not remission, the cancer disappeared.



I'm happy for you, Luigi.

I didn't complete my task.

I never said he'd die if you didn't.

I almost killed a girl because you asked me to.

You did it for you.

Remember that.

You're a monster.

Let's just say I feed monsters.

Any more robberies ?

No, no more.

Are you backing out?

We're moving in together.


Then we're done here.


Be careful with your magic.

Let's go. Hold on.

I saw my dad yesterday.

He's in custody, you know.

I visited him in jail, he turned himself in.

He says a woman died because he didn't do his job.

I felt sorry for him. Sorry ?


For the first time in my life.

I've always felt hatred for him but yesterday he was pitiful.

He wasn't my dad but just a guy

who messed up everything.

I'm all he has now, right?

Probably. Yeah.

The wrongdoer's victim remains.

You know, I didn't say I loved him.

But I think he felt it.

That's why Martina changed her mind, right?

Could be.

I've decided.

I won't set off the bomb in that diner.

No? No.

I'll set if off... here, tonight.

See ?

Hear that ? Hear it ?

Tick tock, tick tock...

Like in films.

And this... sets off the bomb.

See ?

I just have to press this button.

Don't tell me you're worried about these people now.

I thought long and hard and decided that if I have to kill innocent people then at least I want to kill one guilty person.

Right ?

Then I thought...

when my husband comes home and is well again and is sitting across from me, h0w'll I look him in the face ?

What'll I say to him ?

He'll be himself again but me ?

I'll no longer be me.

I'll be like you.

And you... disgust me.

I'll take this.

Wouldn't want you to give it to someone else.

Hello. Sorry...

I haven't been sleeping well lately.

You're finally telling me something personal.

Tell me more.

Don't you have your own dream or desire ?

Tell me.

I want to quit what I do.

No more hearing about the ills of the world.

It's doable.

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