The Plainsman (1936) Script

Gentlemen, the war is over at last.

The men are coming back.

The living are coming back.

We shall have hundreds of thousands of disbanded soldiers.

Idle men.

Men badly in need of work, Mr. President.

Gentlemen, we have the country to save first.

But these men have saved their country. Now the country must save them.

Their return home in such great numbers might paralyze industry... by furnishing suddenly a greater supply of labor than for which there could be a demand.

Mr. President. Mr. Colfax.

I have read an editorial in the Terra Haute Express... written by Mr. John Soule, in which he says, "Go west, young man."

Where there is room for all.

Gentlemen, our land stretches from an Eastern sea to a Western sea.

Surely, in that vast territory, there is a place for men to live and work and be happy.

Right, Mr. President. True, Mr. President.

I hope to attract our disbanded soldiers to the hidden wealth of our mountain ranges... and to the wealth that lies in the soil itself.

And to the grasslands of the Great Plains.

The fields of Illinois, the broken sod of Kansas, the long furrows of the West.

Yes, Mr. President, but if only the frontier could be made safe for the plow.

It must be made safe.

But during the war hostile Indians massacred our settlers there.

Mr. Lincoln? Yes, Mary?

We'll be late for the theater.

Gentlemen, I promised to take Mrs. Lincoln to Ford's Theater tonight.

We will continue this tomorrow... for the frontier must be made safe.

Good night, Mr. President. Good night.

Good night, Mr. President.

I have never seen him looking so well.

But the war is over, and we have on our hands order after order... canceled by the government.

Hundreds of thousands of rifles unsold.

Once we were the saviors of our country. Now we're outcasts.

Our money invested in an unsalable product.

But a good product, gentlemen.

A new repeating rifle would have made short work of the war... had it been introduced earlier.

But now the subject of guns is an unpopular topic... to those who needed them so badly a short while ago.

We'll have to look to Providence for a market.

Providence? Where?

I've been told that the Indians hunt with bow and arrow.

Still, they obtain furs, valuable buffalo hides, otter, fox and beaver.

With our new repeating rifle...

Dearie me. Why shouldn't we be frank?

I have every reason to believe the Indians will pay $100 for each rifle.

A hundred dollars? In furs. And a dollar a piece for every cartridge.

But we can't sell rifles to the Indians!

I think we can... to peaceable Indians.

But how... For hunting.

They furnish us with furs. We supply them with rifles. Really quite simple.

Won't they use those guns against white men?

We'll get the Indians to promise not to do so. I'm against this!

But why? It's bound to make trouble on the frontier.

President Lincoln says... We have a perfect right to do it.

Sheer nonsense.! The army would stop us.

They control trade with the Indians. They did, my friend.

But Indian affairs have been taken out of the hands of the army... and given to a civilian authority.

A civilian authority? Yep, in which we are to have a certain participation.

Do I make myself clear? Perfectly.

But who sells the rifles? Ask Mr. Lattimer to come in.

Perhaps not the most personable gentleman... but certainly the man for our needs.

Gentlemen, this is Mr.John Lattimer, How do you do?

Who will distribute our rifles through St. Louis... to Hays City and all the Great Plains.

Right, Mr. Lattimer? I said I'd do it.

Van Ellyn, if ever Mr. Lincoln finds out...

It's a legitimate business.

The Ford Theater.!

Open that window!

Lincoln shot at Ford's Theater.!

The president is dying.!

Hear that? Someone has shot the president.

They say he's dying.

Only yesterday afternoon I was talking to him at the Capitol.

Maybe it isn't true. We must learn the facts.

A terrible thing, Mr. Lattimer.

Yes, a national calamity.

You will leave at once for St. Louis.

Dearie me. Terrible thing.

Oh, there he is.

Excuse me, soldier! Bull's-eye!

I didn't see ya. That's all right, son.

Come here and let me see your gun.

You haven't got any notches on it.

What'd I kill?

Don't you see that great big buffalo laying there kickin'?

Yeah. He's a big one, ain't he?

Give me your knife, and we'll skin 'im.

You better not. You might find out he's been eating potatoes.

Gee, whillikens. I'll bet you could kill a buffalo with this knife.

You can't kill a buffalo with a knife.

Aw. I'll bet Buffalo Bill could.

You know what I saw him do once? What?

First give me back my Arkansas toothpick.

You give me back my gun.

I saw Buffalo Bill shoot at a whole herd of them once.

At first I thought he'd missed.

Then two of them started coughing and fell down dead.

He'd killed 'em both and raised a big cloud of dust a mile and a half the other side of them.

And that isn't all.

That little cloud of dust he raised grew into a whirlwind, turned itself into a cyclone and wiped out one-fourth of Texas... before they could stop it.

Jimminies! That's the kind of shootin' I aim to do.

That whistle's just a half a minute wrong.


Don't that beat all. Cute, isn't it?

Say, you're dressed like a scout there.

So's your sister.

That's not my sister. That's Calamity Jane.

Was she your best girl?

Son, one of these days you're gonna grow up, and you ought to know about women.

You see, the thing is this, women are, uh...

Well, they're, um...

Well, son...

I can tell you what an Indian will do to ya, but you never know what a woman will do.

Why? Well...

Let's go down and take a look at that fire engine.

If you don't like her, what do you carry her picture around for?

It's the only good picture of me I ever had taken.

I can't cut her off without cutting off my chin.

John Lattimer, 17. I see a good mark.

John Lattimer, 18. Wait. I see an easy mark.

Where? John Lattimer, 19.

Oh, yes. Hello, Virginia!

I'll be around shortly.

We hate to say good-bye. When you comin' back?

When you come and see me. I want you to take Hannibal. He sings.

Oh, Will, look.

I see a good fighting man who's been fool enough to get himself married.

Ow! What's the matter?

Oh, my hats!

Jiggers! Let's duck.

Here. Hold on, bub. Come back here.

Hey, who do you think you're...

Bill! You long-legged, fugacious old gallinipper!

What are you doin' here? Well, I, uh...

Here's somebody who wants an introduction to you.

Boy, you wouldn't know him in these tinhorn garments, but this is the best scout west of the Mississippi.

Shake hands with Buffalo Bill. Buffalo Bill!

Howdy, youngster. Son, this fellow taught me all I ever knew about scoutin'.


You mustered out yet, Bill? Yesterday.

Ya ain't losin' much time gettin' up the Big Muddy.

He seems to have met a friend.

Yes, a rather strange friend.

How long have you been out?

Oh, about three months.

I see she hasn't cut your hair... yet.

I don't know what you mean, Bill.

You know what happened to Samson when Delilah opened her barbershop.

Has she tamed you yet?

That ain't fair. She's different. You're different.

Bill, she's the finest little gal... I know, I know.

You gotta meet her. No, Bill. Women and me don't agree.

All that's going; get aboard! Come on! You'll like her.

All that's goin', get aboard!

Don't be nervous. He'll be here. Come, Will!

Hurry.! All right, Lou.

I want you to meet the best friend... We haven't time.

We must get on the boat.

All that's going; get aboard.!

Bye, Buffalo Bill! Bye!

Bye, Louisa.! Good-bye!

Honey, we're on our way. You're not frightened, are ya?

I'm not frightened of anything after these three wonderful months.

It's a big place we're going to... the West... isn't it?

Good-bye, Buffalo Bill! Huh?

What's the matter, boy? Good-bye, bub. That's yours.

Gee! Thanks, mister!

Don't forget what I told ya about women.

And here's your gun.

Good hunting!

I'm Jack McCall, Mr. Hickok.

Tickled to death to be traveling with you.

Pleased to meet you. Hey, your toothpick's on fire.

This ain't a toothpick. "Cigareetes," they call them back East.

Oh, I see. A new fad, huh? Hmm?

Barkeep, bring me an applejack, will ya? Yes, sir.

You want one? No.

I call ya.

I have ace, king, queen, jack and a ten. Sorry, mister.

Mr. Hickok. I'd like to speak to you.

Good evening, ma'am. I'm Louisa Cody.

Will's told me how long you've been friends... and how you fought for him once.

He says you don't trust women. Not as a rule, Mrs. Cody.

But in your case...

Mr. Hickok, I'm going to help Will.

Don't you believe I can? Well, I don't know, ma'am.

I'll open.

He killed his first Indian at 12. But he's not...

At 14, he was riding Pony Express.

He's one of the best natural scouts on the frontier.

Will's promised to give up scouting and killing Indians... and all that nonsense.

The West is in his blood. You can't change that.

But you've been away from it so long.

It is changing, and why shouldn't Will change with it?

We're going to start a little hotel.

Cody? Yes.

Someday you may be one of our neighbors with a wife of your own.

Excuse me, ma'am, but the hotel keeper seems to be in trouble... with his neighbors right now.

I'll bet you $20.

Hello, Bill. Don't play that hand.

Why not? Maybe you can trust one woman... authorities differ... but three?

Not on your life.

Your wife wants to talk to you. She's outside.

Well, if you don't mind, gentlemen.

It's all right.

How much money did you lose? About $48.

I'll sit in for you. Any objections, gentlemen?

No, no objections at all.

We've got new blood in the game.

Heinie. Yes, sir?

Take the gentlemen's order. Take the order all around.

Rye for me. Applejack, please.

Rye. No, thank you.



Heinie? Yes, sir.

Bring me something cool. Yes, sir.

Well, I'll bet you $50.

I'll see that and raise you 100.

On that watch?

Yes, it's a mighty fine watch.

Plays a tune whenever you press that little spring. See?

It ain't worth $150.

It is to me. I'll redeem that watch anytime for a thousand.

All right, I'll take your word on it, and I'll up ya 300.

And I'll call ya.

They're all blue, mister.

Watch yourself. What's the matter?

I'm calling the hand that's in your hat.

Take it off!

Take a look, Mr. Jayhawker. The name is Hickok.

Hickok? Not Wild Bill Hickok?

Mr. Hickok to you.

I'm calling this hand.

And I'm taking this pot.

Maybe I ought to shoot a couple of holes through your ears, so we'll know you.

Men like you ought to be marked.

Maybe he'll do it too. Wouldn't be no trick at all for Bill.

He's my friend. He can hit a dime at 30 paces.

Four times out of five. Five times out of five.

He killed the whole McDaniels gang.

And he got 'em alone too.

Does he kill like that?

Ain't a corpse maker like him, honey.

Cash these in, Mr. Banker. It's a pleasure, Mr. Hickok.

Maybe I ought to take Mr. Cody's losings too.

He's got a wife to support.

Whoa there!

Lizzie's two hours late. Hustle your passengers off.

I'll pick the best of them for you, Calamity.

My horses ain't used to waitin'.

Back up there, Joe!

Mark three!

Look out! Don't foul that hauser there!

Hey, there.! Leavenworth landing!

All for Leavenworth get off.

Hey! Aboard there! Purser! Watch the line.

My name's John Lattimer. You got a bunch of freight for me put aboard at St. Louis?

Yeah, lots of it consigned to Hays City.

I got my own wagons here! I want that stuff shouldered off first up!

Right away! Hey, Tim! Hustle that shipment for John Lattimer off.

Come on, boys! Get goin'!

Hi, Calamity. Hi, yourself.

Keepin' company tonight? Yeah, me and my six horses.

Seven's a lucky number. Count me in.

You sailors are all alike.

Hey, Bill! Help me pack this outfit ashore.

Jumping Jehoshaphat! What is this? Feathers?

Hats. "Hats"?

Lou, Bill will take you off to the stage. I got to go see about the trunks.

This going to be the hotel orchestra, ma'am?

Bill, we're not joking about that hotel.

I guess a hotel suits you after all. Start with a birdcage and expand, huh?

Lattimer, six.

Come on, boys.! Get along here.!

Lattimer, seven.

Lattimer, eight. Keep 'em on your backs there.

I'm sorry, boss. Powerful heavy to tote.

Shut your lip!

John Lattimer, nine.

Hey! Take this box! Yes, sir!

Get out, you! John Lattimer, ten.

Lattimer, 11, goin' to Hays City.

Don't that look like...

Farming tools. You operate out of Hays City?

Sure! What of it?

Didn't have any use for farming tools the last time I was there.

I freight whatever they send me, and I mind my own business.

John Lattimer, 15. That's a right good idea, a right, good way to keep out of trouble.

John Lattimer, 16. Bill!

You mangy old coyote! Ha!

John Lattimer, 18.

Bill, you're back.

Aw, you four-flushing mule. You ain't wipin' it off. You're rubbing it in.

Are you gonna stay in Leavenworth?

Are you? I could.

I'm going on to Hays City.

Why didn't you write me any letters, Bill?

I didn't know you could read.

I could read if you could write.

A woman who has a fellow at every stage station... and a beau in every cavalry troop west of the Missouri...

That woman doesn't need any letters from me.

Those fellers didn't mean nothin' to me.

They did to me.

Let's forget it. Maybe I did make a mistake.

You won't get a chance to make that mistake again. Bill!

You'll have to excuse me. I'm keeping a lady waiting.

I'm awfully sorry to have put you to so much trouble, Mr. Hickok.

That's all right. I don't know what could have happened to Will.

This is the Hays City stage, ma'am. I'll fetch Will and the rest of the outfit.

Thank you.

Is that chipmunk yours? Did ya bring her with ya?

What if I did? It's none of your business.

Ain't it, after you run out on me?

You slab-sided, bird-totin' rat!

You brung that honky-tonk mopsy... Shut up, Calamity.

Tip your hat when you speak to a lady.

I will, when I speak to a lady.

Aw, Bill.

Careful, Lou. That's a big step.

Look out for Hannibal. Will, isn't it exciting?

Have you got everything? I've got you and the parasol and Hannibal... and boxes and hats and...

Hi, Calamity!

Well, Bill Cody!

What are you doin' in them buzzard feathers?

Pretty fancy, huh?

Calamity, I want to introduce you. Lou, this is Calamity Jane.

Everybody knows her. Born and bred out yonder.

A dead shot, rides better than a man, drives stage.

Why, I've seen her flick the rattles off a rattle...

Say, is she your mopsy?

She's Mrs. Cody. Your wife!


I'm certainly glad to know ya, Mrs. Cody.

How do you do, Miss Calamity?

Canary's the name, ma'am. I beg your pardon. I didn't know.

Not at all, ma'am. Four passengers for Hays City, Calamity.

Get going. Suits me.

You'll find the backseat easy ridin', Mrs. Cody. Thank you.

Come on, Bill. Get in. That's no way to treat your passengers.

You ain't a passenger. You're freight.

My name's Jack McCall. I'm goin' to Hays City.

What are you smokin'? Chalk? Cigareete.

Well, get in anyway.

Another one for Hays City, ma'am.

That river clipper's sayin' good-bye to you, ma'am.

Now you're gonna have three long days of this prairie clipper.

But tomorrow's Sunday. Do we ride on Sunday?

There's no Sunday west of Junction City, no law west of Hays City and no God west of Carson City.

Hold tight, ma'am. I'm holding tight.

Still travelin' together, Mr. Hickok, huh?

What are you doin' up here?

I'm drivin'.

Get! Get up there!

Get up there!

You've been driving for three days.

You've changed horses 14 times.

Don't you ever change those beads you're wearing?

I ain't wearin' 'em 'cause you give 'em to me.

I'm wearin' 'em 'cause I like beads.

Oh, Will, are all the roads in Kansas like this?

No, honey! Some of 'em are pretty bad.

What's the matter?

Clem? Take these ribbons. Yeah?

Stranger, I wonder if you could... Breezy!

Why, it's Bill Hickok.

I thought you was off to the war. The war's over.

Yeah? Just beginning where I come from.

There's 2,000 or 3,000 Sioux Indians cayoodlin' around Fort Piney with war paint on.

Wild Bill Hickok to see General Custer.

I'll see him. Yes, sir.

How do you do, General? Oh, hello, Hickok.

I heard you were coming to town.

I know of your reputation as a killer, and I want to warn you... that we'll tolerate no lawlessness here at Hays City.

You better get that word through to the Indians, because they've just wiped out half the garrison at Fort Piney.

How do you know? I was about to report to you... before you became so interested in my accomplishments... that we've been pulling arrows out of Colonel Carrington's old scout.

Breezy? Yes.

Colonel Carrington told him if you didn't get ammunition to Fort Piney, they're done for.

Find Captain Reed! Yes, sir.

I'll get that ammunition to Fort Piney somehow.

But I can't spare more than one troop to take it.

Here at Hays City, I'm faced by Satanta's Kiowas.

The whole Sioux nation's up here.

And now Yellow Hand's on the loose with his Cheyenne.

I can't move from Hays City until I find out where that he-wolf is heading for.

He's an old friend of mine. We used to hunt buffalo together on the Cimarron.

He's hunting men now, and I've got to locate him.

Maybe I can find him for ya.

He ought to be just about... there.


Oh, Captain Reed. Yes, sir.

Hickok reports that half of Carrington's command at Fort Piney's been wiped out.

I'm sending 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

Have Captain Woods prepare to leave at once with a wagon train.

Mules are right handy animals, General. What?

They can get by the Indians much better than wagons can.

Yes, he's right. Use mules.

They'll have to get by about a thousand Cheyenne.

Why not send them east of the trail through Deep Valley?

Yes, and across the upper ford of the Republican, but who's going to guide them?

I haven't got a scout who knows that territory.

I beg your pardon, but Buffalo Bill Cody just got in town.

Cody? Yes, he knows the lay of that land.

And he's up to all Indian tricks.

He's got himself a squaw. You'll probably find him knitting or washing dishes.

What do you mean? He's married a ravishing little woman from points East.

I don't care if he married an Eskimo. Tell him to come here.

His mind's set on starting a hotel.

There's an Indian war starting.

Women lying on these plains with Indian arrows in them.

Get Cody here.

Suppose I go in his place? You're going after Yellow Hand.

Don't let him catch you. He doesn't treat his prisoners very well.

Tell Cody that ammunition train is leaving before sundown.

Yes, sir. And he'll be leaving with them.


Oh, Will, there's so much dirt blowing in.

It's got to blow some place, honey.

Tumbleweed, Lou. They won't bite ya.

Oh, dear!

There's no use fightin' the wind, Lou.

We have to bear with this land. Oh, I know, Will.

When are we going to move into town and take over the hotel?

I'm gonna see Jeb Masters tomorrow.

He wants to sell the Golden Rule House.

Here's your grub! Why, come in, Miss Canary.

Hiya, Bill.

What'd you bring? Well, I'll tell ya.

I got something to fry, and I got something to boil.

And a jug of whiskey! Oh!

He never misses, Mrs. Cody.

I'll take that. You've got a lot to do.

That stove smokes, and there's no mattress on the bed.

You haven't got the lamps filled yet. Look at this place.

This is a grand shebang. Oh, Calamity.

You could stable the queen of Sheba. How can you say that?

It's so dusty, and I haven't got my curtains hung yet.

We'll help ya. Hey, you long-legged two-spot, give your wife a hand.

And here's the bodkin. Hey!

Put it in that window. Say! Look it.

That would make a pretty dress, wouldn't it?

Calamity, do you ever wear dresses? I might if I had one.

You're going to look awfully nice in one of mine.

That curtain looks right pretty.

Bodkin Bill. Have you had any experience with a horse blanket?

Plenty. Lou says I've had too much.

That's too bad. There's a horse outside waitin' for ya now.

You tryin' to trade, Bill? Yes.

A hotel for the lives of 48 men... and 10,000 rounds of ammunition thrown in.

How do you do, Mr. Hickok?

You and the bird feel at home yet, ma'am?

Won't you sit down? Thank you.

Is Custer sending that ammunition to Fort Piney?

He's hoping they'll get through... if 48 cavalrymen can dodge about 1,000 Cheyenne.

Birds do not eat beans, Mr. Hickok.

You think those swatties can make it?

Depends which way Custer sends 'em.

Through Deep Valley. Through the upper ford of the Republican.

Yeah. They might get through that way.

They would get through if Bill Cody showed them how. There's no trail.

Better no trail if they're dodging Cheyenne.

Will's not going. He has nothing to do with the army now.

He's promised. That's just what I told Custer.

What did you tell him?

That you wouldn't go.

You know that's a lie.

Mr. Hickok, Will promised me.

You don't understand. I can't let him go.

There are things that have to be done, ma'am.

Lincoln set a goal that we have to work toward.

He said the frontier must be made safe.

Oh, but Lincoln's dead.

What right have the dead to tell the living what to do?

His words are alive. Bill Cody knows that as well as I do.

If he refuses to go, you'll think he's a coward, and you know he's not.

The choice is his, ma'am.

Will, I was afraid of this.

You can't leave me. You can't...

You've never seen the Indian tribes at war.

You've never seen men killed and mutilated and bodies of women burned... and babies dragged from their mother's arms and dashed against...

That's enough, Bill!

Why is it you aren't going, Mr. Hickok?

I have to pay a call on an old friend.

You're goin' after Yellow Hand. Bill, you're goin' out alone!

You cold Decker, ain't you got no sense?

Maybe I can get you another string of beads.

Ya ornery coot!

Good-bye, my darling. Oh, Will, please...

I've got to go, dear. I know every foot of the way.

I have to do my part. Here.

I'll look out for you, Mrs. Cody. He'll be back in a few days.

He'll be back with nary a scratch on him.

Will! Will! Come back!

Don't cry, honey.

I wanted to tell him something. What?

Maybe if he'd known, he wouldn't have gone.


Well, maybe it's just as well you didn't tell him.

What is this, Louisy? Cat?

It's sort of a Russian cat.


Look at that.

I don't know how I look, but I feel like the queen of Sheba.

You look lovely, Calamity.

I want you to keep that dress.

Ya do?

Say, that's the first time a woman ever gave me anything.

Why, I never even seen clothes like these.

Now, if I just had me a hat!

Here, try one of these.

Oh, say, ain't that a pretty one.

Well, how do you do, Miss Canary?


Hmph. Appears to me your face is kind of made out of rubber.

That old coyote's got a toad in his gullet.

Couldn't be an Indian, could it?

Honey, when you hear something yelling at night, it's just some varmint.

But when you don't hear nothin', it's an Injun.

Calamity, I want you to stay here with me.

I've never been alone before.

Now, stop worryin' about him, honey.

He's got a whole troop of cavalry ridin' herd on him.

But my Bill plays it alone, the big mule.

I bet if he could see me in this outfit, it'd be my weddin' dress.

I'd just as leave die with my boots on, but I ain't a-gonna to get married in 'em.

Can I have some shoes?

Louisy, don't look at the windows.

Don't let on anything's different. Listen to me.

Can you ride? Yes.

My horse is outside. Take that coffeepot back to the stove.

Then open that door and wait.

Make believe you're helping me with my glove.

I'm gonna entertain visitors. They're Injuns. Injuns!

Shut up. When you see them all in here, sneak to the horse.

Ride to town. Don't stop for nothin'.

Tell 'em there's Injuns here with war paint on.

Make me some fresh coffee, honey.

Come in, fellows.

Come on in. Don't be afraid.

I... I got something for ya.

Look. I got some presents for ya.

See? See the pretty feather?

Sure. Sure.

It's a hat. See?

Here. Here, put it on.

Come on. I'll show you.

Go look at the pretty feather, you painted buzzard.

Here. Here, look.


You don't like it, huh? Well, here. Take this.

I got something for all of ya. Presents for all of you.

We've been savin' 'em. Look.

Presents for my brothers, the Cheyenne, you red hyenas.

Here. Look. See?

Look. Here.

Come on in. Look. See? Here.

Come on. Don't be afraid.

Look. For papoose. See? Papoose.

Uh, want a piece of cake?

Soldier. "Soldier"?

Me no talk Cheyenne.

I'll never tell ya where they've gone, ya hairless coyote!

Hello there! Hey!

Bill.! You get outta here.!

Go back, Bill!

These are Yellow Hand's men.! You're crazy.!

Shoot your way out, Bill!

You'll get a tomahawk in your brains if you keep askin' for it.

Indians will sell anything. They might sell you.

Wild Bill Hickok, walkin' into the hands of a war party.

Custer sure picked himself a great scout.

Aw, Bill, not your watch.

What's he saying, Bill?

He wants my guns too. Don't give 'em to him.

Don't give up your guns!

What's he saying?

He says he's got to take us to Yellow Hand first.

He can't let us go unless Yellow Hand's willing.

Well, you done it, didn't ya?

Yes, I "done it," all right.

How do you do, Mr. Hickok?

You sure must remember me.

How do you like me in dresses?

Thought you were Mrs. Cody at first, in that dress.

Oh. Mrs. Cody give it to me.

Were you in Cody's cabin when they caught ya?

Yeah, celebrating on account of Bill Cody's kid.

Bill Cody hasn't got a kid. He's gonna have one.

He doesn't know it, does he?

He would if he stayed home where he belongs.

I'll tell him... maybe.

Say, Bill, you give up your watch... and your guns.

Couldn't have been on account of me, could it?

No. I wanted him to take me to Yellow Hand, so I can find out what he's up to.


What do you think they'll do to us?

We'll soon find out.

You Hickok. I know you.

Speak your own language, Yellow Hand. I'll understand you.

You, me, speak white man tongue.

I must know you know what I say.

Remember what I told you last time we met?

I said one of us will lift the other's scalp.

Which one?

It looks like it's up to you to say.

What started you on the warpath, Yellow Hand?

Where sun rise, white man's land.

Where sun set, Indian land.

White man come, take our land.

Kill buffalo, our food.

White man promise us food.

White man lie.

Now Cheyenne buy white man's thunder stick.

Soon war drums sound in all Indian land.

All tribes ride with Yellow Hand.

We drive white man, like buffalo, away, back to rising sun.

Yellow Hand has spoken.

And you may be right.

But you can't drive the white man away.

Yellow Hand know.

White man send bullet. Many, many bullet. Where?

Somebody's romancing Yellow Hand.

You tell where.

I don't know.

You tell where!

He's your friend, Bill.

Why don't you tell him they're heading east toward Leavenworth?

Yes, that's right. To Leavenworth.

Now I know soldier take bullet. They won't fit your guns.

Hickok, my friend, speak with straight tongue.

Hickok, white man friend, speak with forked tongue.

Now, you tell, which way soldier take bullet?

Bill, what's in that watch?

Bill! Bill, you got my picture. You kept it.

I couldn't get it out without scratching the case.

You've been actin' like you didn't care, and all the time...

Tie up that tongue of yours. Look at their faces.

Let her go. She doesn't know anything.

You too quick to say she not know.

Hickok will not tell, but Yellow Hand will know.

Now is hour of Great Bear rising.

When moon in sky here, Yellow Hand will know.

What's he talking about the moon for? What does he mean?

What are you thinking about?

I'm thinking about John Lattimer's farming tools... that came up on the boat. Oh, rifles.

Better rifles than we have. Seven shot repeaters, and each shot may mean the life of a white man.

But what do you think they're fixin' to do to us?

I think maybe you gave them an idea what to do.

Hear them drums?

That's taps for us, ain't it, Bill?

Won't be so hard, goin' out together.

It'll be harder than you know.

Calamity, there are only two of us.

Two lives against all those men on the ammunition train.

But I don't want to die! I don't want you to die!

Hang onto yourself. You'll have to help me.

Just like you did the first time I saw you, remember?

I was just a kid and no more sense than I got now, headin' down the grade with no brakes on.

I loved you then, Bill, just like I do now.

Looks like that moon's gettin' ready to show.

You never even gave me a picture, but you kept mine.

I know you care for me a little. Couldn't you say it just once?

Maybe they'll let us go after all.

Bill Hickok!

You ornery son of a mule!

You wouldn't give a bad dime to a sick kid, would ya?

You may be right, Calamity.

No, I ain't.

I know it. I ain't worth a bad dime.

Bill... Bill, every night I talk to ya.

Wantin' ya. I know you feel the same.

Won't you tell me?

What difference would that make now?

If only I could hear ya say it once.

It would give me somethin' to keep... like it was kind of holy, like I could keep it forever.


Yellow Hand find out now which way soldier go.


Yes, Calamity, I do. I...

I love you.

You wait.

Yellow Hand no want to kill Hickok... but must know which way soldier go with bullet.

When he know, you go free. Hickok go free.

Don't talk to him, Calamity!

Don't trust him! Bill.!


If you no tell which way soldier go with bullet, Hickok soon be dead.

Bill Cody's with that ammunition train!

Forty-eight men are there, Calamity!

Oh, Bill! I can't!

You tell? No.

Which way?

Oh, no! No! Don't! Don't let them do it!

Don't! Please! Don't!

Oh! Which way?

Don't forget Cody... And all those men!

Remember what I told you!

They're burning him! They're killing him!

Put out the fire! Put out the fire!


Put out the fire! Which way soldier go with bullet?

Deep Valley through the upper ford.

Squaw no lie. Yellow Hand no lie.

You free. Go.

I couldn't help it, Bill.

Won't you look at me?

I hope I'll never have to look at you again.

Look out, Bill! Look out!

Thing ain't right here, Captain Wood. See anything?

No, but I feel it. Things ain't right here.

We can halt over there while you take a look around.

They're caught, like rats in a trap.

They're all around us, on both sides of the river!

We'll hold this island! Throw your horses!

Get those ammunition packs off. Get them out of the line of fire!

I can't see nothin' to shoot at but smoke. Where are they?

They'll never get out now. I gotta go down there. You ain't goin' down there.

Get behind this tree and wait.

You've got to reach General Custer. I'll get there, somehow.

Head down Prairie Dog Creek.

Get a fresh mount tomorrow from the Pony Express at Simpson's.

And if Custer finds out you told Yellow Hand, he'll give you the firing squad.

He won't find out. I'm gonna tell him.

Tell him you brought a thousand Cheyenne against his 48 men!

Set up that barricade with those saddles! Those saddles on those barricades, and hurry!

Don't go too deep with that hole or you'll get that ammunition in water!

All right, sir. Burned through the legs.

It feels like it broke the bone. Your knife, Bill.

Give me that scabbard for the splint.

Watch 'em, men! They may rush us!

Never saw such rifle-fire from Indians!

They haven't let up for a minute.

There's either a million of 'em, or they're using those new repeating rifles.

Look out!

They're firin' powerful fast. It ain't like what we had at Gettysburg.

Were you at Gettysburg? I was on the other side in that. Then you must've been...

Stop talkin', you two! Get down there! Aim well and fire slowly.

Hold your fire, men! That's a white man!

Cover him, McGinnis! Cover him!

What would a white man be doin' out there?

Holy mackerel! He hasn't got a chance!

He's still ridin'. Drop some of them Injuns back of him!

That fellow must have nine lives! He'll need every one of 'em.

They got him!

No, they haven't!

Come on, Bill.! Run for it.!

Keep those long legs goin'!

Hi, Bill. Sufferin' cats! Wild Bill!

I'll tell the captain you're here.

Tell him I expect to be here for a long time.

Hi, Bill.

You guidin' for Yellow Hand? Where's your feathers?

Captain Wood, Wild Bill Hickok.

Touch 'em up in those trees. Range about 200 yards!

Hickok? Wild Bill Hickok?

Yes, sir. He just dropped in from Yellow Hand. Wha...

I thought Custer sent you to locate Yellow Hand. I located him, didn't I?

Him and a few Cheyenne. You sure did a good job.

I notice you're using his equipment.

You'll notice it's better than yours too.

Where did you get that mark on your wrist? Bracelet? Ha. Squaw bracelet.

Takin' Bill Hickok prisoner just don't sound right to me.

No? What about Bill Cody following his nose into a Cheyenne ambush?


Looky here.

These Injuns were waitin' for us. They knew we was comin' to this ford.

You didn't tell 'em, Bill?

Then who did tell 'em?

I said, who did tell 'em?

I've something more important than that to tell you.

You're gonna be a father.

Huh? A daddy.

Well, but, uh... How did you know?

Mrs. Cody told Calamity. Calamity told me.

Well, somebody mighta told me.

Well, uh... the news didn't leak out till after we left.

Oh, well then how... Where did you see Calamity?

Oh, uh... around.

Has she got rawhide marks on her wrist too?

What's your guess it'll be, a boy or a girl?

It's bound to be one or the other, isn't it? That's customary.

From what I've seen of you lately, my guess is a girl. Girls are all right.

If it's a boy, I suppose he'll be a bellboy in that hotel of yours.

If it's a girl, we'll keep her out of Yellow Hand's camp.

Oh! Hey, Bill.

Hey, soldier. Wait till I knock the tail feathers off of that turkey.

Help me over to the wagon with him.

They got Buffalo Bill, Captain.

Keep down or they'll get you.

Where's the doctor, Captain? They got him in the first volley.

Bandages are in the box there. Here's a fresh one.

Sort of parted your hair, Bill. Flesh wound.

Looks like that little stranger's gonna have a papa.

Never mind that. We got plenty of water in the river.

Hickok. Yes, sir?

It's gonna be a siege. Days of it.

After dark, I'll call for volunteers to try to get back to General Custer.

I've already sent word to Custer.

Who'd you send?

Who'd you send? Calamity Jane.

Calamity? Wha...

She oughta get through. She'd better get through.

There you are.

I oughta have you stood up and shot. Why don't you?

If I had the authority to do it, I'd like nothing better, but I haven't.

I can't make you pay for what you've done.

You won't have to.

Ten hut.!

Captain Wood. Lieutenant Burke. Sergeant Higgins.

Corporal Brannigan. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Bugler Corry. Here, but not for long.

Seven days you been calling that roll. Tomorrow there won't be anyone left to answer it.

Then I'll answer 'em all myself. Private Adams. Anderson.

Here, and I wish I wasn't. I wish I had two more like you.

Bingham. Six nights I've been listenin' to the wild talk of the wounded.

'Tis a sad lullaby. Bronson.

Yo. What's left of me. Cody.

Here. He's up in his hotel.

Coleman. Still here.

Three days now since the mule meat went bad. It's six, I tell ya!

Why tell the Indians? They know about it. Keep quiet, you baboons!

Seven. Do you think you're the only one hearin' Rankin in sick bay... talkin' half the time about that hole through his lung and the rest about his kid?

He's so scared he can't count. It's six nights.

This paper says they're expectin' trouble with the Indians.


No? Dalrymple?

Here, and hungry. Try chewin' saddle leather. That'll ease your stomach.

Aw. Daniels. Dowden. Yo.

Easton. Evans. Hickok. No hits.

They're savin' him for a hangin'. Houston.

Yo. Hadley. Hillman.

What are you makin' that for? Holliston.

Sure, and all the Indians won't be makin' no headstone for me.

Jenkins. Seven days you been doin' this. They don't answer anymore.

He's roll calling the dead! It's six days!

What difference does it make? "What difference does it make"?

Makes a difference to Gillon, Harry Ketcham and Bailey.

Ray Todd must think it makes a difference where he lies out there.

They might be alive! Alive! Easy, son. Easy.

They might be. You never can tell what'll happen.

I knew a fellow lived on the Kaw River by the bridge.

He used to feed a fish, a big catfish, by hand.

What's that got to do with it? Now wait a minute.

That catfish got to followin' that fellow out of water for his dinner.

Every day he'd follow him more. And one night when the man was walkin' home across the bridge, not noticin' the catfish was followin' him.

Now that fish had never seen a bridge before.

He fell off... and he drowned.

Ah, fish can't drown. That must've been a narrow bridge.

Holy thunder.! Look at them Injuns.!

Every man up this way! Hurry, men, hurry!

Get the wounded out to load the guns!

Don't shoot till I give the command.

Hand me up another rifle. Keep your heads down if you wanna keep them on.

Look like buffalo, don't they? A volley'll stop buffalo.

Volley fire. Ready! Not yet.

But, Bill! Hold your fire, men. Wait for the command.

They're riding us down! Don't wait.! Let 'em have it.!

Not yet!

Now! Fire!

Load faster.! Gimme that.! I'm doing the best I can.

Fire at the center! Split that charge! Fire!

Who was that? Keep your barrels red hot!

Fire at will, men!

This one's mine!

We've turned 'em! Now they're goin' down both sides!

Houston! Jack! Cover the left flank! Where are you going, you idiot?

Hey, Bill, come back here! Are you crazy?

Hey, Dave, help me cover him. Cover the right flank!

Load your guns, men! Load your guns! Remember, you're still in the army.

Gimme some water. I gotta have water.

What's the matter? Can't you hear me? Load your guns.!

What's the use? We can't stand another charge. We may have to.

No.! We can't. The dead can't fight anymore.

Why don't you call roll now? You're afraid? I'll call it for you. Private Dowden.!

You load your guns! Corporal Brannigan.

Load your guns.! Why don't you tell Brannigan to load his gun?

I'm telling you.! Get up.! I won't!

Save that fighting for the Indians!

You'll see. Hold onto yourself, fella.

There's nobody left. You'll see.

Why don't you tell your bugler to sound assembly?

Stop blubbering and reload your gun! He can't answer.

Look at him.! Look at him.!

Saints above. He's answering to his name.

Yes, it's the dead calling.

Stop it, men! Stop it. Listen.

It's Bugler Corry. He's sounding the charge!

Come on, men, it's a charge! No, you fools! No!

What are you waiting for? The dead want us.

McGinnis, hold 'em back. Fall in men!

It's the charge. Don't ya hear it? Yes, I hear it.

Come on, follow me! The boy's right.

It's horses. They're charging.

Get ready, men! We'll go down fightin'!

Come on.!

There they are, over there! You can see 'em!

Holy saints!

They know we're alive.

We're okay.

Well, Yellow Hand didn't get that ammunition he was hankerin' for.

He would have, if Calamity hadn't gotten through to Custer.

She did a good job, all right.

She must've told Yellow Hand. Let her alone.

She never was good. Why don't somebody do somethin' about it?

Only 18 come back out of 48.

The Cheyenne must've paid her plenty to tell 'em.

Paid this woman in money, but our soldiers paid in blood.

What are you gonna do? I'll show you what we're gonna do.

Talk's cheap, ya loudmouthed liar. Hey, you.

Let me out!

All right, you dirty mule-Skinner. If you want it... Ow!

If she was a man, we'd know what to do with her.

Go ahead, you crossbred rat! If you was a man, you wouldn't be here!

Run her out of town! Get some tar.!

Tar and feathers is too good for her. That's the way to talk!

Get a rail.! Here. Here's a rail. Gimme that hammer.

Why don't somebody get behind her and get that whip?

Why don't you? Get the feathers and tar.

There's a rail. What do you want with a rail, Jack?

Bill! We're gonna run her out of town.

Why? You know what she done? She told Indians...

Well, she's a woman, isn't she? Keep out of this, Bill Hickok.

And women talk a little too much sometimes.

This woman is gonna get what's coming to her. Let's ride her out of town.

And men talk a little too much sometimes too! Those men had wives.

I know what's on your minds! Yes, there were soldiers killed.

I was there. I saw them. Huh?

And they were killed with bullets... bullets from repeating rifles.

Who'd sell rifles to Indians?

Lincoln said this country's got to be made safe. Those are his words.

And I'm on my way to settle this matter with the man who sold those rifles.

It wouldn't please me to be the man Bill Hickok's goin' after. Me neither!

I knew there was monkey business goin' on. You're right.

And there's liable to be bullets flyin' around this way any minute, so I'd advise you to get inside, off the street.

Well... I was goin' home anyway.

I'll go with you, Jack. I got a long ways to go myself.

Lattimer's "crookeder" than a rattlesnake. You can't go after him alone. His men...

I started this alone and I'll finish it alone.

Why should I stake you to go diggin' for gold?

They found gold and plenty of it right there in the Black Hills.

That's Sioux country. That don't matter. There's gold there at the grass roots.

So, you're goin' on the dodge, desertin' after gold.

You know what Custer does to deserters.

I know what he'd like to do to you.

He just got back and he's boilin' mad about Cheyenne Indians and repeatin' rifles.

He can't do nothin'. Let him make his complaint to Washington and he'll find that out!

The army's gettin' riled... The army can't stop me!

There's bigger men than the army in this with me.

Mr. Lattimer. I'm busy, McCall.

I want to do you a big favor, Lattimer.

What's on your mind? Hickok's after you. Wild Bill.

He says you're the cause of all these Indian massacres. He's comin' in here now.

All right. You better get out.

You won't forget that I warned you? Get out.

Get in there, you three.

Maybe I'll have a job for you.

Hello, Hickok.

That's the name, ain't it?

Met you in Leavenworth.

Hear you been doin' a little scoutin' for Custer.

Did you see anything?

Yellow Hand's been farming with your farming tools.

You know what this is? Skunk.

Yes. I'm not armed, Mr. Hickok. I'm not armed.

I'll give you three minutes to fix that. I'll be waiting outside.

I'm just leaving town. You're not leaving town unless dead men can walk.

Come in here, you fellows.

Now. I'm gonna stake ya, all three of you.

I'm gonna stake you to 50 Double Eagles.

I've got a wagon train leaving for the Black Hills tonight.

I'm gonna get you away from Custer and safe out of town. That's great, Mr. Lattimer.

But first, there's that little job I want you boys to do for me.

You're crazy. Lattimer won't fight you fair. You ain't got the sense you was born with.

Ah, Bill, don't our love mean nothin' to ya?

Our love... if that's what you want to call it... all that died back on that island where everything else was dying.

No, Bill, no!

I'll go get Cody. Maybe he can talk some sense into you, ya big mule!

Get off the street.

You better take cover for a few minutes. You think you own this town.

I'm just walkin' through it.

And us fellas can get out of your way, can't we, just like we was dirt?

Suit yourself. All right, Mr. Long Hair.

You're too durn friendly with Injuns to suit me.

You shouldn't have said that, soldier.

What are you gonna do about it, ya gun-totin' windbag?

Oh, substituting for Lattimer.

I can't shoot at that uniform. If you want action, take it off.

Yeah, and get a slug while I'm doin' it. Take it off.

I'll give you that much time.

I never draw on a man who isn't ready.

Bill.! Bill.!

Come on, Bill, let's get out of here.

Sit here, Bill, out of sight. Close that door, Lou.

Easy, Bill.

That bullet went clean through, but it's bleedin' bad.

Get some water, Lou, quick. And some clean linen.

You brought this man to our house; a murderer.

Lou! When is this going to stop?

When will it ever stop? This killing and killing!

Why don't they kill him too? Then you can be next and then me and...

Lou, he's my friend.

I didn't mean to bother you, ma'am. I'll be going.

Can I take your horse, Bill? You can have everything I've got, Bill, but...

You sit right down again, Mr. Hickok.

You can't go bleeding like that, whatever you've done.

He's done plenty. Those men were soldiers.

He'll have every trooper of the Seventh after him now. Get some towels, Will.

I'll be as quick as I can, Mr. Hickok. Thank you, ma'am.

Here you are, Lou. There's hot water on the stove.

Hold this, Mr. Hickok.

I never was a murderer.

I never did fight unless put upon.

Thou shalt not kill.

No ghosts ever come bothering me.

It was always the other man or me... in a fair fight.

What right have you to judge who is to live or to die?

Put away your guns, Mr. Hickok.

I can't do that, ma'am, not till I find John Lattimer.

Hey, Jake, gimme some more light.

Ready, boys?

Yeah. Which way, Mr. Lattimer?

South, until we get out of town, then we head north.

Say, where are them three soldiers we're takin'?

They're staying in Hays City, but I'm goin'.

Get on your wagon.

It's dark enough now, Bill.

You oughta head up north. Hide out in the Black Hills.

That's bad Indian country, but it'll be safer for you than here.

I'm going into town first. You're crazy, Bill!

I'd be crazier if I didn't do what I think I ought to.

Bill, open up. It's me.

Did they hurt you much, Bill? I'm all right.

I couldn't come till it got dark. I was scared they'd be watchin' me.

I know you don't want to see me, but I gotta tell you somethin', Bill.

Custer's ordered you brought in dead or alive.

The troopers have combed every hidin' down by the river and they're headin' this way.

He's goin'to find Lattimer. Lattimer's gone. He pulled out with his wagons.

Where? Nobody knows.

I'll find him.

Of course you will. Someday you're bound to, only don't try to find his trail now.

Just try to save yourself from Custer's men. There's no tellin' what they'll do.

If Lattimer's pulled out with his wagons, those wagons are loaded.

And I know what I've got to do.

That's a trooper.

Hear his saber?

Get in there, Bill, quick.

You might set the table for three, Mrs. Cody.

Who's there?

Courier from General Custer.

General Custer's compliments. You're to report to him right away. How do you do, ma'am?

Howdy, soldier. Hi. What's up?

Custer's been ordered to move against Sitting Bull and the Sioux up in Big Horn country.

What does General Custer want Will for?

The General doesn't let me in on all his secrets. Come on, get a move on.

Go ahead. I'll be right behind you.

Grub's ready. Hustle them dishes. I'm cavin' in all over.

Light out, Bill. I've got a pack all fixed for you and I brought a horse.

Good-bye, ma'am, and thank you for everything.

Thanks for the coat, Bill Cody. I'll take good care of it.

Take care of what's inside of it, you old bushwhacker.

Will, what does General Custer want of you?

Bill. Bill, you ain't fit to ride far.

Why don't you lay up some place and take care of that arm?

That's what I'll do. I'll need this arm when I find Lattimer.

Ah, forget it. You ain't got a chance against Lattimer's men.

Hmm. I've got nothing to lose.

Nothin' but your life!

When you talk like that, I could bounce a rock off on your bean.

Why don't you try it next time you see me?

When'll that be, Bill? Where?

Oh, up around Deadwood some place.

You can never tell.

I gotta get out of here too after what I done.

Well, I guess this is good-bye, eh, Bill?

Where are you going? Oh, up around Deadwood some place, I guess.

I don't give a hoot where I go.

You're well-named. A child of calamity.

Always gettin' yourself into trouble.


Bill, I reckon maybe you don't hate me.

Do you?

Maybe you're just bein' nice to me because you think you won't ever see me again.

Sure. Sure, I'll see ya again.

This is a big country, and trails cross... sometimes.

Thought these Big Horn Mountains was full of Indians.

Well, I ain't seen any Indians yet, but I'll swear to Moses there's somethin' followin' us.


Want your coat back, Bill?

No. I want some grub.

Well, how do you like your eggs?

I like 'em very much. You got any?


I got some jerky and a little bacon and a little coffee.

You must've been mighty frugal over the last six weeks since you been gone.

I haven't any grub left.

Well, you're welcome to anything I got, Will.

I know that, Bill.

Build up a little fire and we'll have coffee.

Given up ridin' a horse?

Indians got it. Mine too.

I see you got holes in your boots.

That's from followin' a long-legged man.



What were you followin' me for?

Did you have something you wanted to tell me?

I reckon I did.

I thought you were off with Custer.

Custer sent me to bring you back.

Slice up some of that bacon, Bill.

Have a piece of jerky.

Thanks, Bill.

Well, I guess we got a few coffee beans left.

Enough for about two cups if we make it weak. How's Lou?

I ain't seen her, Bill, for weeks.

She went home to St. Louis the day after you left.

She wanted to be with her mother when...

And what have you decided to call it?

I guess Lou will decide that.

Yeah. She's a fine woman, Bill.

She fixed my arm, so I can pull a gun as quick with my left as I can with my right.

Well, that's fine, Bill.

It might come in handy for you. It will.

This is a hostile country.

If you get some water, we'll get this coffee goin' quick.

Can't understand why Custer sent you.

He says I'm the only man you wouldn't kill.

Seems to me Custer's takin' a whole lot for granted.

Well, there it is.

I have an order from the United States Army to bring you back.

So I gather. Dead or alive.

Which way do you aim to do it?


No, Bill.

It's too bad they had to send you. I'm sorry.

But they did, Bill.

Did you hear that?

What's that Indian doing with that Seventh Cavalry stuff?

That flag's shot to pieces.

Where'd you get that flag?

That's an officer's coat, and there's a bullet hole through it.

Do you understand him? He says Custer's dead!

Wiped out with his whole battalion.

He says Yellow Hand's comin' up from the south with his Cheyenne... to join Sitting Bull.

He says there'll be no more white man.

If the Cheyenne reach Sitting Bull, he's right.

Where's the nearest regiment? Merritt.

He's moving up to join Crook. You know his line of march?

He's coming up through Deadwood. Find him.

He says the white man friend is bringing rifles to Sitting Bull.

That's Lattimer.

To the new village in the canyon. That's Deadwood.

You go for Merritt and tell him to get between Sitting Bull and the Cheyenne.

Remember, Bill, you're my prisoner.

I'll see ya in Deadwood. We'll settle it there.

I seen it myself. One nugget?

Yes, sir.! Twenty-three ounces.

The biggest nugget I seen in Deadwood yet.

Dave, the biggest liar I've seen in Deadwood yet is you.

I ain't tryin' to sell you the claim.

I'm caught.

Now, Calamity, what did you wanna do that for?

Drinks ain't free, Dave.

If you was a man, Calamity... I ain't, so plunk down four bits.

You're a good barkeep, Calamity, but you're awful ornery.

Hello, Calamity. Sherry and egg.

Eggs are a dollar apiece. I said egg and sherry.

You'll get whiskey and egg.

Would you like to try runnin' me out of this town too, Jack?

No, Calamity. I don't bear you a bit of hard feeling anymore.

Well, that's just fine.

'Cause I bear you a-plenty.

Now, say, Calamity. You oughta be makin' up to me.

I'm gonna be a big man in this country.

You'll have to grow about a foot, won't ya?

When I get hold of a pile of money... which I aim to, and soon... you'll be treatin'me right.

So, you staked a claim?

Nah, not me.

Those fellas are lookin' for gold in the ground. I aim to find it on top.

If it ain't in the ground, where is it?

I ain't sayin'! I ain't sayin'.

All I'm sayin' is I'm gonna be a big man in this Black Hills country.

Yes, sirree, a big man, like Wild Bill Hickok.

Say, whatever become of Bill?

I couldn't tell ya.

For all I know, he may be dead.

The man that killed him must be ridin' high.

The man don't live that could kill him.

Though you done your best. You told Lattimer, Bill was looking for him in Hays City.

Hickok don't know that, does he? It ain't true.

There ain't a word of truth in it.

Lucky for you Bill ain't here.

You can throw this old outfit away or burn it.

I don't think they'll burn.

Hey. You like-a the haircut?

No, no haircut.

Have you seen any freighting or hauling around here?

No, no freighting. No hauling.

Everybody got a mine. Everybody dig and a-dig.

Nobody got-a time for Tony no more.

Nobody take a bath no more!

Hey, don't you ever put tobacco in that pipe?

Smells like an octopus.

Hello, Jack.

What's that army horse doin' here?

There ain't been any soldiers around here in weeks, Mr. Lattimer, but the Fifth Cavalry's comin' in.

We'll be gone before they get in.

My wagons oughta be here in a few minutes.

I need some barberin'. I ain't seen no Indian guide.

Give him time. Sitting Bull said he'd send him.

Take it easy.

Mr. Lattimer.

I'm gettin' kinda jumpy about those wagons.

I'll buy ya one. That's nice of you, Mr. Lattimer.

A drop of rye will set me up just fine.

You don't happen to have seen any wagons going through... loaded with farming tools?

Now what does anybody want-a with-a farming tools?

They got no time to farm.

Hey. Why don't you want to get the haircut?

Short hair makes the Indians mad, and they're mad enough already.

Thank-a you too much.

He's-a fine fellow.


Hello, Calamity. Ah, Bill.

Gee, you're back.

I been watchin' and askin' and nobody's seen ya.

Nobody's heard. I haven't been out in what you call society.

I had one caller, though. Bill Cody.

He found you, then.

Say, Bill, you didn't... No.

No, he's all right. I'm meetin' him here.

I'm sure glad of that.

Wasn't your fault, them three soldiers gettin' killed.

Say, Bill. You won't have to move on, will ya?

No, I got a hunch this is gonna be my last camp.

You're settlin' down? You're gonna stay here?

I got a feelin' I'm gonna stay here.

Bill, you need a drink.

I been thinkin'.

The West is gettin' to be a new kind of place.

Bill Cody's done the right thing. He's changed.

What room is there gonna be for a two-gun plainsman?

You're talkin' crazy. You're the best man in this country.

I don't know who thinks so. I think so, Bill.

If you think Cody done right settlin' down and all, maybe that's what you'd like to do.

I mean, have a home and things... and have somebody to cook your meals for ya and...

Doesn't sound so bad. Oh, Bill...

Calamity, now you gotta listen to me.

I didn't do nothin', Mr. Hickok.

I didn't do nothin'. What's he talkin' about?

He sneaked and told Lattimer you was lookin' for him back in Hays City.

She's lying, Mr. Hickok. She's lying.

McCall, a year ago I'd have shot you dead on sight.

But now...

Go buy yourself a drink.

You're the luckiest rat alive.

I'm beginnin' to think Mrs. Cody was right.

Who am I to decide whether a man's to live or die?

You feelin' all right, Bill?

No Injun guide yet, Jake.

No? Well, if you don't mind, then I'll go put down a drink.

All right.

Go ahead, boys. Wet your whistles.

Mr. Lattimer. Hickok is in town.

Hickok? Where? In the Bella Union.

Get the boys back, quick.

Hey, Jake! Mr. Lattimer wants you... Shut up, you fool!


Stay in here, Calamity. Oh, Bill.

This is the only thing I have worth keeping.

If you got a wrong hunch, don't go out there.

Don't forget to wind it.

You're a mule-headed man, Bill Hickok!

Get on your wagons, boys.

Just a minute.!

I wanna talk to you. Any objections, gentlemen?

Where you goin' with the wagons?

Goin' out of town. What you got 'em loaded with?

Buffalo hides. You can see, can't ya?

Your wagons are headed north, Lattimer.

You're not selling buffalo hides to Sitting Bull's Indians?

Take off the top hides. I wanna see what's under 'em.

Jake. Not Jake. You.

Oh. All right.

I don't know what you're lookin' fer, but if you want it, you're gonna get it.

Keep your hands off your guns, or there'll be more dead men than this town can afford to bury.

You gentlemen also sell farming tools?

Get on ahead of me, inside the Bella Union.

Wait a minute. Don't you belong to this outfit, Jack?

Huh? Oh, no, Mr. Hickok.

I just know Mr. Lattimer. You knew Mr. Lattimer, Jack.

Better get inside too. Oh, sure. Sure, Mr. Hickok.

Whatever you say.

Who was that fella he shot? Never saw him before.

He oughta know better than to pull a gun on Bill Hickok.

Cody and the Fifth Cavalry are on their way. Keep an eye out for 'em.

The rest of you, keep out! I'm not going to go in there.

Gentlemen, we're gonna stay right here for a while.

What'll it be? Name your poison.

Jack, how about tending bar?

We may be here for quite a long wait.

What are we waitin' for?

Jake, don't reach for anything but your glass.

That goes for the rest of you.

Keep your hands away from your guns unless you want... five cheap funerals in Deadwood instead of one.

We're waiting till General Merritt gets here with the Fifth Cavalry... and takes over Sitting Bull's rifles.

Any objection?

May be an hour, may be a day.

When I have to wait, I believe in entertainment.

Furthermore, I'm short of funds. Cards, bartender.

Find some fresh ones and some chips.

Proceed, gentlemen, over there.

You first, if it's all the same to you.

I'll take the one without arms.

Keep your hands on the table, all of you.

You bank.

I don't hear no shootin'. It's powerful quiet in there.

Wonder what they're doin'. Best way to find out is to...

You keep out of this! Let Bill Hickok play his own hand.

That's-a just what he's a-doin'. He's a-playin' cards.

Playin' cards? Tony must be crazy.

Let's go in and find out. No, no. I see him so plain.

He's a-sittin' down with his back-a this way.

His back?

Cut for deal. Looks like we're being played for suckers.

Your deal. Any sign of the cavalry yet, Calamity?

Not yet, Bill.

I hope my prisoner hasn't escaped.

General Merritt, if he's done the job he set out to do, do you think the government would be a little lenient with him?

Mr. Cody, in matters where its sympathies are concerned, the government has been known to bend a little.

You better not go in there. Bill, there's an Injun comin' in the door.

Hello, Charlie. Come in.

Charlie's a friendly Injun. Yes, I know Charlie.

How many? Gimme two.

Three to me.

Sit over here, Charlie, where I can keep an eye on you.

Charlie took a shot at me once.

I was too far away.

Too bad you wasn't closer.

He got my horse.

Charlie'd been the biggest man in the West if he'd have killed you, Hickok.

Injuns understand things like that.

Kill a big man and that makes you a big man.

Killin' you, Hickok, is an honor just waitin' for somebody.

You, Jake? Not me, Bill, not me.

I'm facing you. Only way to down a man like you is from the back.

Raise ya five.

Seein' that and up five.

Get your foot off my chair, Calamity. It's bad luck.

Don't go against your luck, Bill.

Your say, Jake.

The soldiers! That means a rope necktie for us!

Sit down! We'll play out this hand.

All right. This game ain't over yet.

It's almost over.

Calamity, find Cody and General Merritt. Bring 'em here.

Play your hand. I'm callin'ya, Hickok.!

Black aces and eights.

Your luck's changed. Three queens.

I'm afraid you lose, Hickok.

A man's bound to lose, sooner or later.

Bill? Bill!

Let's get outta here!

Those fellas just shot Bill Hickok!

Arrest those men!

Come on, you. Get up.

Where is he? Where's Bill?

There's your prisoner, General Merritt.

We won't forget what Bill Hickok has done, Cody.

We'll remember.

All of us will. All of us.

That's one kiss you won't wipe off.