The Pledge (2001) Script

She said it.

She said it.

She did.

With some precipitation in the central valley.

Reno area, a little milder. Looking like a low 37 degrees and a high at 42.

The low-pressure system continues into the sierras.

We've got some snow flurries at times down at about 5000 feet.

And we are going to see some hazy sunshine in the morning.

Yo, Mick.

Yeah, okay.

Thank you.

Good morning. Jerry.

There you are. Morning.

Plug that fridge back in. I thought it was going with you.

I put everything in boxes. Everything except your pictures.

Every time I pack pictures, something gets broken and I get blamed.

So you can do that yourself.

Don't forget lunch with the lieutenant.

1:30! It's at...

It's at 1:30. At the luau.

It's at 1:30 at the I uau thank you, Jean.

I'm out here if you need me.

Driver of the yellow car, Reno police. No more parking on the street today.

Move it

Come on, Stan, you're late.


J for he's a jolly good fellow j j for he's a jolly good fellow j j for he's a jolly good fellow j j which nobody can deny j

congratulations, Jerry.

I saw you parking on the street. You saw that?

Hey, Larry. You outlasted me.

Hey, thanks for coming.

Good to see you. Thanks. Congratulations.

Isn't that smart?

Thank you. Thank you.

Knowing you like we do, Jerry we thought it was about time you went got and that marlin you been dreaming about for all these years.

So the whole department, officers, staff...

Volunteers, everybody, we all pooled our nickels together...

And got you this ticket.

It's supposed to be the best marlin fishing in all of Baja.

So go catch a big one for us, jer.


Well appreciation all around.

What can I say? You shouldn't have.

But you did...

And it hits me deep.

Thank you.

I'm going back to the station. Get Becker county on the phone.

You guys should go on. 1t'll be dark when we get there.

Thanks what's up?

Juvenile homicide. Becker county.

Possible sexual assault. Little girl.

Why isn't the local handling it?

Our hard-core crime unit assists that jurisdiction now.

Jerry, for chrissake, you're retiring.

Well I still got six more hours.

As far as I'm concerned, you're gone. It's krolack's case.

He's in charge, his call. Llt's fine with me.

If you want to leave your own party. My coat's upstairs.

Good evening. Elena Ryan, just outside of Reno.

Behind, you have the crime scene...

Where the body of a young girl has just been found.

And we have emergency vehicles coming in and out of here.

We have state troopers, we have Reno police.

Bruising and lacerations evident on the interior of both thighs.

Bruising and possible wrist fractures due to restraints.

Neck slashed did you get her age in there?

She was a second-grader. I guess about 7 1/2, 8.

Coupled with initial signs of lividity all indications are the victims body was not moved from place of death.

We checked the entire perimeter.

Even with the snow, this path's the only way in or out.

So what the fuck are you standing on it? Oh, I'm sorry.

And other weather-related contamination whose fucking pen is this?

Oh, Jesus, that's... It's mine pardon me any sign of a weapon?

No, but, I mean, a knife like that, you could Chuck it pretty far.

Assuming it was a knife. How long before you can wrap this up?

Couple more minutes.

I'll let the coroner know he can pick her up.

The buttons.

Have the lab guys check for prints on the buttons...

Oh both the coat and the dress goddamn it.

Strom, secure all the buttons for lab work before you move her out.

Guys, get the buttons. Let's go, big guy.

What about the little girl's parents?

Duane and Margaret Larsen.

They got a Turkey farm about 10 miles from here.

Good people. Go ahead and pick her up now!

Have you interviewed them? No.

We haven't told them yet.

None of us knew what to say!

Jesus Christ.

Nobody told the little girl's parents.

Is this the little boy right here? Yeah

evening, son.

Chilly out here, isn't it?

Why don't you take him to your station. I'll talk to him there.

Right. Anything on the suspect or his truck?

Hang on.

Highway patrol got anything?

Todd said he put it out there.

It's out statewide, and I got highway patrol on it.


Now, who's gonna tell the parents?

Does anybody here know them?

I got one of my deputies, but he'd rather not.

He'd rather not

Most wednesdays, Ginny stays in town...

For music lessons with my mother.

But when she's behind on her homework she comes straight home.

So her grandmother would've assumed that she came home?

We always let Ginny...


fxcuse me.

Pastor holcomb's on his way over. Thank you.

Would you mind not smoking in the house, please?


It isn't possible.

There can't be such a devil there are such devils.

I want to see my daughter.

I don't think that's a good idea, Mr. Larsen.

I know what I'm saying might sound cruel but...

I think it's better if you don't go to your Ginny now.

Why would it be better for me not to see my daughter?

Why would that be better?!

Because we hardly dared to look ourselves.

You can go to your Ginny tomorrow evening.

Then there won't be anything that's...

What? She'll look like she fell asleep.

Believe me

Who did this?

We intend to find out, Mrs. Larsen.

Do you promise me that you will?

Yes yes, Mrs. Larsen, I promise.

By your soul's salvation?

Do you swear...

By your soul's salvation on this cross made by the hands of our daughter?


yes, on my soul's salvation.

You've sworn by your salvation.

We will pray.


Detective black?

Looks like they got him.

Highway patrol picked up a match on the truck with an Indian driver.

I gave you a new headband, Toby. I know you lost yours.

Toby, I can't see your eyes, buddy.

You'll like this I et's see it

Toby, you've already served time for one charge of juvenile rape now.

Statutory. The girl was 16 years old.

Toby, would you tell him that rape is rape?

You got three years of juvenile, you got some burglary...

You got some theft, grand theft.

Multiple counts of marijuana possession. Then that first rape.

Section four. Man's got a mental handicap, Stan.

No Well, number one, that might not take the violence out of you.

Number two, I'm gonna get a confession.

And number three, I'm gonna do it in record time.

How you doing, chief?

Scared of this thing? Let's get it out of the way then.

Who you talking to, chief?

You got those little voices in your head?

You a policeman? Yeah, I'm a policeman.

I want to be a policeman too. You do, huh?

Policeman drive me here very fast. Drive me fast.

I'm just a trapper. We don't need this.

I trap beaver today.

Fifteen pounds or 25...

Or 35, something like that. Maybe 80.

You mean beaver or you mean "beaver"?

Beaver. Beaver? Pretty, young pussy?

I don't know you joking me. You don't know if I'm joking?

I don't know. No?

I'm not joking you. So you catch beaver, huh?

Yeah, I...

Yeah, I catch beaver. You catch beaver? Little girl?

You catch little girl today, huh? You rape little girl?

Is that what you did?

I rape, I rape.

You raped her, huh?

Yeah he could be talking about the other rape, the one on his record.

We got positive l.D. From the kid.

This is a small town. Just let him do his job.

Tell me about the girl.

You rape a little girl today?

It's okay.

You can tell me.

You killed her didn't you, Toby?

It's all right. It's okay, bud. Huh?

Something simply came over you today, didn't it?


All at once you became like an animal?

You attacked and you raped her.

You raped that little girl.


Then, Toby, you know, without wanting to...

But sometimes you can't stop yourself, you know?

And you murdered her, didn't you?


That hurts right there, doesn't it?



You like that, huh?

You like that? Huh?

Maybe you just wanted her to be quiet.

You just wanted her to stop screaming at you.

Something was stronger than you, Toby.

Then, when you came to yourself...

You were horrified.

Then you saw that little girl...

And you ran.

I ran. I ran, I ran. Yeah, you ran.

Yeah. I ran. It's all right.

It's all right, Toby.

I ran. You ran.

Yeah. It's all right.

You want to cry?


Come here. Come here.

It's all right. Come on.

You've gotta stand up for what you did, okay?

You gofta stand up.

He don't know what Stan's talking about. Stand up and confess. Okay?

It's all right.

I killed her.

You killed her?

I killed her. You killed her?


say it. Ikilled a little qirl.

Say it. I killed a little girl.

You killed that little girl?

You killed that little girl? Yeah, yeah.

Say it. Just put your hand up to heaven and say it.

What did you say? Say it!

Say it, Toby!

Yeah, you killed her, didn't you, Toby?

Yeah, it's okay. Ikill, 1...

Toby, Toby, it's okay. I got you. I got you.

I got you.

He practically blew him.

Coroner just called.

They found chocolate in the girl's stomach.

We got wrappers in the cab of the Indian's truck.


There you go.

Come on, Toby. Goddamn it!

Come on, walk like a policeman, Toby. You're a policeman now.

Okay to use this phone?

Yeah, go ahead. Christ!

You fish the lakes up here, I'm told? Yeah anglers haven't been doing much.

The spear houses have hit pretty heavy. It could be the show cover.

Could be that.

What about the...?

He's got my gun! He's got my gun!

Tell me when, Jerry. Drop it!

He's got Hamilton! Let go!

Freeze! Put it down, Toby!

Nol don't shoot me! Please don't! Don't shoot me!

Toby, put it down! I kill the girl!

Goddamn it. No!

Oh, god. Is everyone okay?

Get a roll call! Fitz!

I'm on it Fitz! Hamilton! Michael!

Are you hit?

I don't think so. Oh, Jesus.

All right. Oh, Mike, you all right?

Oh, my god.

Jesus Christ. You all right?

Get an ambulance. Do it. Right.

I thought he was gonna kill me. You're all right! You're okay.

What's that, the bullet?

His tooth.

Gate 42. They'll be boarding in about half an hour is that concourse e? Yes, it is, sir.

Thank you very much. You're welcome.

Next in line, please.

Hi, how are you folks today?

Thank you. Going to cabo San Lucas today.

Wadenah had been previously convicted of similar crimes and was on parole.

Regarding the suicide of the suspect while in custody state's attorney Paul Ross has organized a committee to look into the tactics of the Becker county sheriff's office.

You okay?

Yes, thank you.

Sheriff's investigators worked in concert with Reno homicide detectives for several hours piecing together the trail that led to the brisk apprehension of wadenah.

Authorities here, while understandably disturbed by the brief hostage-taking of one of their deputies are taking some comfort...

In the swift justice of this very dramatic evening...

Yet, while an investigation is underway, the consensus seems clear.

Wadenah confessed after being identified by the young snowmobiler.

His suicide brought a brutal end...

Final boarding call, northwest flight 1607 to cabo San Lucas.

Customer, Oliver!

Morning. Morning.

Nice day today. Can we help you with anything in particular?

Well, actually, there is.

I'm looking for a person. Annalise, or Anna-Lisa Hansen.

Yes. She would live above the electric store that would be a small unit. It's two doors down to your left.

And if I were you, I'd go around the corner and take the stairs up.

You shouldn't have any trouble finding her.

If you don't, come back.

Thank you. I appreciate your help.

You're welcome

So, what is it that you need to know?

Well, I'm trying to fill in the gaps.

Fit all the pieces together, Mrs. Hansen.

If you could remember anything from when you were interviewed...

Anything in particular that might...

It was Wednesday and she never came.

They said that she never got on the bus...

Never even made it to the school I assumed that she'd gone home.

What was she like?

What were your wednesdays with Ginny what were they like?

Oh, she would come in with her little knapsack and...

Plop it on the floor.

Give me a kiss on my cheek.

Big kiss, always my left cheek.

And then, it was time for work.

The moment she would sit at the piano...

We were all business and I would give her...

Her lesson just the same as all my other pupils.

And it was no "grandmother" this or "grandma" that.

But the moment we were done she was my Ginny again.

How could god be so greedy?

Ma'am, ll...

And after the lesson?


We would have cookies, if I'd baked them.

Sometimes I would send her down to the land of Christmas.

The store downstairs, for candy or ice cream.

She would eat her sweets and I would read to her.

She loved andersen.


Do you know what he wrote in his story "the angel"?



"Whenever a good child dies...

An angel of god...

Comes down from heaven and takes the child in his arms.

And spreads out his great white wings.

And flies with her over all the places...

That she loved during her life.

And then, the child carries...

A large handful of flowers...

Up to god."


What's your name?

Becky. Becky Fiske.

And you were Ginny's best friend?

We sat together.

She died.

Yeah I know

her grandmother told me that Ginny liked to tell stories.


What kind of stories?

Ginny knew a giant.



He was as big as a mountain and gave her porcupines.

She called him "the wizard."

Ginny made a picture of him.

Ginny drew a picture of a giant?

Can I see it?

It's on the wall in the hallway.

We put Ginny's picture...

I gotta go.

Jean, hold my calls.

You were supposed to be fishing in Mexico.

I know, Stan.

I went to the airport.

I heard the boarding announcement.

I just didn't feel right.

Something went off. I need more time on this

you want me to reopen a case because you got a hunch?

No offense, but you're retired. You don't work here anymore.


I know, Stan.

I know. But could you run it through the system for me anyway?

You know, just a standard query.

Similar crimes, profile, victims.

Could you?

Say, for...

The last 10, 12 years.

Could you, Stan?


This is eight years ago when this happened.

I'm on the job only six months when this very big deal goes down.

Talk about baptism by fire.

And to top off everything else...

It was in the summer season.

"Politics of tourism" and all that nonsense.

So we all feel the pressure to make the bogeyman of it all disappear.

The brass were pretty clear in the presumption...

That it was one of those festival-goers...

Which seemed like, you know, a pretty good bet.

And a good way to diffuse the kind of panic that you get...

When they feel that there's a bogeyman amongst them.

So we all figured...

And I do feel accurately, that's why we never did catch him.

The odds were on a perpetrator...

Who'd cleared the county before the body was ever found.


I ook at the slit in that neck.

I don't know, but for me...

It's like being in a movie.

This stuff just doesn't bother me like it does some people. You?

I uanne rotze a little 10-year-old girl.

Real little. I mean, real small for her age.

You know what, though?

As horrible as that kind of thing is...

I got an adrenaline rush being part of it.

I don't know if that's bad, but, hey, don't hurt me.

That's just the way it hit me.

Nothing like it ever happened before here.

By the way, nothing like it ever happened since.

I think that says a lot.

You mind if I keep this one? I couldn't let you do that.

We always like to be of help...

But, strictly technically, the case is still open.

Well, then, how about the report?

I'll make you a copy. How's that?

Sure would appreciate it.

But keep it between us.

I'm not sure what the policy is on this kind of thing. Okay?

My lips are sealed.


A young horse is like a woman. Can't predict what they'll do.

They're crazy.

Excuse me. Sir?


I wonder if you could tell me where a man named James olstad might be?

Olstad's not a patient here.

Well, I believe he's the custodian, sir.

In the building, mopping? He's not a patient.

Mopping in the building? Not a patient.

James olstad?

I'm Jerry black. I'm a police detective.

I'd just like to talk to you about your daughter.

What daughter?

You did have a daughter that went missing three years ago, didn't you?

Did you come here to tell me that something happened to her?

No, sir. It was...

Did you find her dead or something?

No. No, sir.

We're still trying to find her.

Anything you might tell me about her?

Could you describe her?

She must be...

She must be different now.

She was so pretty.

I miss her so much!

We just used to, like, hold each other.

I was supposed to take care of her.

She was my little girl, you know?

I just...

I had my little girl.

Where is my baby?

The break is monash county. Eight years ago, we got a homicide.

Same m.O.

Exact same victim profile description as the Ginny Larsen case.

I interviewed a local officer for the particulars.

Little blonde girl, 10 years old, sexual assault, throat slit.

The photos show that she was wearing a red dress.

Detectives out at morehead covered this case. The case is still open.

At the time of the murders Toby wadenah was in stillwater penitentiary...

Doing time on his own rape conviction.

He couldn't have done it. He shot himself.

What more... You told him what he did.

Let's calm down, see what Jerry's got. You got something?

And there's more more.

Here. See here?

This is the Larsen murder. This is the monash county girl. And here:

Here, you see this pattern?

Three years ago, I got a girl gone missing, Cathy olstad.

Same exact description, a little blonde girl, 9 years old...

Last seen wearing a red dress.



Don't you see”?

I see a description that fits a number of juvenile murders.

And a victim profile that matches every other in the state...

Give or take the red dress.

Why didn't you mention her blue eyes while you're at it? Come on!

I mean, whatever made you think...

That the Larsen girl wasn't murdered by wadenah?

This did this convinced me.

Ginny's drawing of the porcupine giant.

I have reason to believe, based on my conversations and interviews...

That Ginny Larsen made this drawing just days before she was murdered.

I have reason to believe she met with this man..

Seen here as a giant, all dressed in black, on a regular basis.

This is not an Indian. This is not an Indian type.

And you see this car here? This big, black car?

This is not a truck this is not a maroon truck like wadenah drove.

This is a big, black station wagon.

And these right here, according to an interview I had...

With a girl named Beck... Betsy Fiske...

These are porcupines. Okay. Whoa! Hold it.

Porcupines and giants and...

You got to get ahold of yourself, Jerry.

The case is closed

I made a promise.

I made a promise to find...

Ginny Larsen's murderer.

I intend to keep it.

Listen, Jerry.

You gotta start getting on with your life, you know?

I mean, sometimes when you go through big changes...

And retirement's one of them it can cause a lot of added stress sometimes it's a good idea just to...

Talk to someone. You know, someone...


I made a promise, Eric.

You're old enough to remember when that meant something.

Get a life.

Jerry, got your fresh towels here!

Most don't need them every day.

Please don't get them so dirty they're not to be white again.

Here's your nice little sunroom. You can smoke in here.

This is the living room area. No partying, please, no.

Kitchen, of course. All the amenities of home.

Bedroom. We just got a new mattress, so it should be really comfy.

And oh, yeah, trash goes in the covered dumpster.

Fish guts you gotta wrap and place in the pail next to the cleaning station.

Rules and regulations of sugar bush up here. Yep.

And no nude sunbathing.

I'll leave these here and get Rose to make up your bed.

If there's anything else you need, just let me know. Okey-dokey?

Good morning.

I'll have a pack of lights.

That the owner?

My daddy.

What can I do for you?

I was just having a look around.

How long you had this place?

Thirty years.

Ever think about selling it?

No Well, what would it take to get you to think about selling?

It's not for sale

I'll tell you what.

I'll give you my number over where I'm staying...

At Thompson's sugar bush resort.

I don't mean to be pushy but...

If you'd think about it...

I'll wait to hear from you over at Thompson's, if it's all right.

Been a pleasure. Thanks for coming in.

Nice place.

You didn't tell me you were a cop!

Ex-cop. Once a cop...

I'm retired what I wanted to tell you was that Floyd cage called.

The fellow with the gas station. He says he wants to talk to you.

I see they're biting.

You bet. Sure does look like it.

You can use the phone up in the front cabin here.

Thank you.

Floyd, Jerry signed all the papers. You're ready to go.

I sure appreciate it. You've done a good job.

Good luck.

When we get a number down in Arizona, we'll give you a call.

I'm going to Arizona!

Call if you forget something...

Or want to know where something is, or whatever good luck to you. Thank you.

I hope you'll be happy here...

Cause you're never gonna be able to sell it for what you paid.

Thank you, I'll do my best.

Is this working or what?

I just have to get a key. I'll be right with you, thank you.

I'll be right with you. Thank you.

What can I get you?

Just a beer, thanks.

You the cop who bought the gas station?

I'm retired from the police department.

And you bought Floyd's station?

I did that's a strange thing to do. You must be an angler.

How'd you guess? Nothing else to do around here.


Sorry about that.

These things only work half the time.

Sign right there for me, if you would.

That's for you.

Thank you and...

Here's your receipt. Thank you, sir. Have a good day.

All right, 10 regular.

Nice wagon. Sticks out around here, doesn't it?

Never thought about it.

Just know to get them black, don't show dirt as much.

Ten it is. Thanks for stopping by.

Whenever a good child dies...

An angel of god comes down from heaven.

And takes the dead child in his arms.

And spreads out his great white wings...

And flies with her...

Over all the places that she loved in her life.

And what do you feel is represented here?

Well, the porcupine giant: Ginny told her friends...

That she'd meet with a giant in the forest...

And that he gave her little porcupines.

What do you mean? You see these...

What do you mean by "porcupines"?

I don't know exactly...

Those are the words of a 7-year-old girl.

Ginny's friends. Friend, sorry.

And this is in the imagination of a 7-year-old girl. Correct?

You could be right. But...

On the other hand, the car is very well depicted...

And the giant is... Giants are imaginary.


A tall, heavyset man could appear...

To be a giant to a little girl.

And the Indian man, was he a tall man?

Not a giant. But tall, yes.

Why did you bring this to me, Mr. Black?


Why did you bring this to me, Mr. Black?

I need to know who I'm looking for.

I'm like a layman looking at an X-ray.

I don't know how to read it. I need help interpreting it.

This drawing can tell you nothing about...

The murderer. All that drawing can do is tell you about the child who drew it.

Without more information, I don't think I can be of any value to you.

Humor me, doc.

Consider this a working hypothesis and assume for the moment that this is a drawing of the murderer.


your giant certainly looks tall, massive...

Very imposing.

If this depicts the relationship between the giant and the girl...

Then these things you call "porcupines" would appear to be gifts that the little girl is accepting.

That's implying a trust.

Was the girl in monash county killed the same way?

Exactly the same.

Do the victims resemble one another?

Yes, a lot.

And what did you say the time intervals were between the murders?

The monash county case was eight years ago.

The little girl missing, three.

And Ginny was just... Just last winter.

So the intervals are getting shorter.

If that's the case, then yes, you could...

Remember, this is a hypothetical case.

But yes, you could expect another incident within a matter of months.

Maybe a year, if the opportunity arose.

But this could just be a product...

Of a 7-year-old child's imagination.


You came to me for help.

Yes. Do you mind if I ask you some questions?


You recently retired, right?


have you always been a chainsmoker?

Impossible. There can't be such a devil.

You always been a chainsmoker? Yes, there are such devils.

Recent recent

do you swear... Are you still sexually active?

By your soul's salvation...

Are you still sexually active?

Are you still sexually active?

Yes, by my soul's salvation... Does that embarrass you?

Experienced any...

Have you experienced any sudden fevers, perspiration?

No. Get ahold of yourself, Jerry!

Or voices. Do you hear voices?

I kill the girl. I kill the girl. No, goddamn it! No!

Lucky west's prescription is that with the predatory fish...

Your best bet's live bait.

Here you see kwan Lee, who's gone from worms...

To the little fishies.

Where are those pancakes?

Don't forget your orange juice, baby. Can I get a touchup, please?

Thanks, doll. I could use a little fresh-up too.

Boy. Nice picture.

Thank you.

Aren't you gonna finish your orange juice?


Hi, officer. It's okay, honey, he's a friend.

Pack up, 'cause the bus is coming. Any coffee?

Yes, please.

What name would a pretty little girl like you have?


That's a nice name.

Okay, love bug, this is it. Come on, let's go.

Bye. Can I have a hug?

Have a good day.

Beautiful little girl. Thank you.

How old is she?

She'll be 8 next month. First day of school's always a biggie.

Oh, I forgot your coffee. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

There you go. Thank you.

Want some breakfast? Yeah I'd like bacon and eggs and...

How do you like your eggs? Over easy. And rye toast.

Okay. I got a question for you.

Fire away.

Where would an old bachelor like me find some used furniture?

Nothing too fancy, you know. A couch, dinette set...

Something between not-too-expensive and poverty-stricken range.

My range.

There's a flea market up you go right up this road, old pass road. Go north about 20, 25 miles up here...

And you're gonna hit a t-junction.

And once you get past the t-junction, it's gonna fork into two roads, two dirt roads. There's no sign... Do you like shopping?

Mommy, can I have a balloon? Yeah what color? Here, here, I got it, I got it.


Orange. There you go. Well, you got pink.

That's okay. Pink? I like pink too.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I'm looking for formica here.

It wipes easy. That won't be a problem.

What about this one right here? I think this gives a room a very warm feeling.

Now, this one's oak veneer. Veneer, huh?

Yeah I can take $5 off the top. What would that bring the total to?

Where's Chrissy?

Chrissy? “Where is she?

She was just right here. Chrissy!

I'll come back Chrissy!




She's on the swing.

Bye. Chrissy!

Don't leave me like that. Mommy, that girl gave this to me.

Isn't it cute?

What is it? It's a boot cleaner in the shape of a porcupine.

It's made by one of our local craft artists.

She makes doormats too. Here, you want to come see?

Fifteen apiece for the little fellas, 25 for the big.

The mats are ten bucks even

you don't run this whole place yourself, do you?

Are you a religious man, Mr. Black?

Baptized. But I'm not churchgoing.

You got a wife?

Two-time loser. What about you, ma'am?

My son, Gary, is the true gift of the I ord he dotes on me hand and foot, he does.

Hardest working boy you ever saw.

Works construction all summer runs a snowplow for the county in the winter.

And ministers at our church

what about him? Does he have a family, kids?

No wife, no kids. No little ones.

I pray, every day...

He'll find a woman good enough for him.

The lord hasn't come through yet.

God bless.


I'm closed!

Yeah, all right, all right.


I ori?

Woman, what has happened to you? Come in.


My ex... I was just so scared. He was gonna kill me!

It's all right.

And you being a cop! Where's Chrissy?

She's in the car! No, no, I got it.

She's okay, he didn't touch her. He didn't touch her, he didn't...

With a restraining order, he's still gonna beat me up.

They put him in jail and he can't pay child support payments.

That's why he's beating me up to begin with.


Just hold still.

All right, this might...

All right, that's okay now.

Hold still for a minute because this one might sting a little, okay?

Just hold still.

Right here, that's it.

Alright, hold still. That's it, that's it.

All right, all right, okay.


the eye looks okay.

Not sure you might want to think about getting a stitch on that lip.

I'm gonna miss that half-tooth of yours.

I'll drink out of this side for a while.

Listen, uh...

I ori

all things considered...

I think it might be best if you and your girl...

Stayed out here with me for a while.

It's not why I came. Hear me out.

No strings attached, no obligations.

But I've seen these things go from bad to worse.

I've got more rooms out here than I know what to do with.

I wouldn't ask anything of you.

Except maybe help out around the station every once in a while, when you're feeling better.

Well, just... just think about it.

Just think about it.

Mine's up here at the top...

Mommy, this house is so big!

You got a whole new one, right? Yeah...

Is it real?

It's not real. It's called a cap. Oh.

J; You are my sunshine, j j my only sunshine. You make me happy j j when skies are gray... j in front! It appears that they're playing very cautiously.

Is that because it's such a big game? The last time these two teams...

Pass to Murphy, in the net! Backhand deflected by Jackson.

Another backhand...

Nice snowman you got going there.

Does he have a name”?

Should I guess?

If I guess, will you tell me your name?

He looks cold. Want to put my hat on him?


Has your mommy talked to you about the word?

Do you know what I mean by that?

Merry Christmas, Chrissy. Merry Christmas.

There she is!


How was it? Good.


"She knew the mole would never permit her to leave his side.

She wept as she felt the warmth upon her face...

And made ready to go back...

Then suddenly, above the hill, she heard a shower of notes a glorious morning song. She looked up...

And there was the swallow she told the bird how she disliked...

Having to marry the ugly mole and live deep down under the earth...

Where the sun never shone.

"The cold winter will soon be here, ' said the swallow.

'I'm going far away to the warm countries. Will you come with me?

You can sit on my back. Just tie yourself on with your sash...

And we'll fly from the ugly mole and his dingy house...

Far away, across the mountains...

To the warm countries where the sun shines more brightly than it does here.

And it's always summer, with its lovely flowers...

Dear little thumbelina '"

I ori?

Are you all right?

Here, hon.

Chrissy is gonna go nuts when she sees this. This is so neat, Jerry.

Yeah. She'll like it.

She'll love it.

You sure you want it here, so close to the road?

We got all that space back behind the house over there.

Well, we can see her right from the station...

Keep our eye on her, you know?

Out back...

There's all that space, you know.

I mean, she could just disappear.

No, you're right.

You think?

You're probably right.

I'll get that.

Yeah, she's gonna love it.

Mommy, I like this one.


Well, it's nice.

Jerry, what do you think of this?

Well, uh...

Real nice it's not really your taste, sugar.

It is her color.

You like it? I like ijt.

Let's see how this looks to you. You like... oh, no.

Come on, Tex.

You only have chocolate? Thank you.

I et's have three of them

did you see that?

Isn't he at your school? Yeah

"Thump, thump, thump."

"They heard the giant's footsteps.

As quick as a wink, the lad once again hid in the oven.

In came the giant for the second time and he bellowed, fe..."

"Fit "fo"

"fum.” ki smell the blood of an englishman.

Be he alive or be he dead I'll grind his bones...

Fo make my bread.”

Here you are, $1.50 is your change.

Here's your receipt.

Thanks for stopping by.


Look what Gary gave me!

It's glow-in-the-dark so Jesus can always be with me.

Can you push me on the swings?

Yeah. What did Mr. Jackson want, Chrissy?

He invited me to his church. You think mommy will let me go?

Well, honey, you know...

A lot of people believe a lot of different things.

Some people believe that the stories in the Bible are real and some think they're like fairy tales where the giants aren't really real.

Chrissy, I want you to promise me something.

When anybody tries to talk to you, any man...

Whether it's Mr. Jackson or not...

Especially if it's a big, tall man..

I want you to tell me, all right?

Promise me that you'll tell me honey?

I promise.

All right, honey.

Could you push me on the swings now?

Yeah. All right. Give me your tootsies.

Here we go.

J can't imagine anything we've missed j j can't imagine anything j j the two of us can'tdo... j lorli. Hi_

Oh, wow!

Hold the roast I et's eat these let me clean the sink for you. Where's Chrissy? I want her to see...

Oh, she's not here. The Jacksons came over to take her to church who? Put those in there.

You know, that bless the children... You let Jackson... oh, Jesus.


What? Jerry! No, I...

I told her I'd go to church with her. We were talking about the Bible yesterday.

I'm gonna try to find them.

For god's sakes, it's just church.

You're gonna give yourself a heart attack Jerry!

Come on!

Oh, god, no!

Welcome to the house of our lord.

May Jesus be with you.

May Jesus be with you.



Yes, hon. What is it?

I can't sleep. Could you read me a story?

Another story?


Well, all right.

But just a short one. Scoot over.

Let's see what we got here.

"The elves and the shoemaker."

We've got... I met the wizard today.


I had to promise not to tell my parents. So you can't...

Tell mommy or he'll be very angry at me and never come back again.

Well, Chrissy, I...

I don't believe you.

Wizards don't exist no, Jerry, you're wrong. And I can prove it.

You can, huh?

He gave me these.

They're yummy.

But you can't have them, Jerry.

He said he'd give me more tomorrow.



At the picnic grounds. Aren't they cute?

My itty-bitty, baby porcupines.

The wizard said they come from a land far, far away.

Jerry, can I go see the wizard tomorrow?

Well, he seems like such a nice wizard.

I don't see why not.

But let's keep this our secret.

Thank you, Jerry.

Strom, how is your position?

I'm in position across the river.

We have a clear view of the girl at the picnic ground.

You're out of position.

What? You should be over closer.

Jerry, we got a whole SWAT team out here doing you a big favor.

Just stay where you are.

Snipers, recheck your fields of fire.

J Jesus loves me yes I know j jd for the Bible tells me so j

Jerry? He's coming.

What's the matter with you?

I'm fine, Stan.

Want some tea”?

You're very thirsty today, aren't you?





Where did you hide them chocolates?

Oh, there's some porcupines.

I'm just gonna go down to the water for a minute.


Is this guy really coming?

Jerry's coming towards you now.

I got him. What the hell's he doing? Jesus Christ, I have no idea.

This may have been a mistake.

Hold him, I'll be right there.

He had big, big eggs and...

So he went up to the eggs, and it started shaking.

I don't know what's going on?

Jerry? Okay, guys. Hold your positions.


We're out of position.

Jerry, I got eight guys out here, hung up, doing you a big favor.

You don't know what you're fucking dealing with here.

You understand? You don't know what you're dealing with here.

This guy is real, and I know it.

There's no wizard, Jerry.

We got our man a year and a half ago. Toby wadenah.

You're making this real difficult for me.

What, Stan?

We're calling it quits.

We're out of here

it's over that's it okay, Stan.

You do what you gotta do.

I'll do what I gotta do.

Just when you leave, don't compromise this operation.

You understand me?

Come on.

He's staying, so do your best not to engage the girl.

Okay, guys. We are pulling out.

I want you to know I have to tell the mother.

You should've known Jerry 20 years ago.

He was a good cop.

He was a great cop.

Just, it's...

It's just sad.

He's become a drunk and a clown

Fucking clown.



Oh, my god, baby!

Oh, my god!

Mommy, no. No, let's go. No!

No, mommy.

Chrissy, stop it! Let's go.



Get in the car. I want my doll...

Damn it, go!

Get in the car, now.

I want my bike!

Get in the car!

You fucking bastard, Jerry.

How could you do it to Chrissy?

Why would you do it to her?

She's 8 years old, Jerry!

She's only 8 years old!

She could have been killed!



Fucking crazy.

Why were you pretending...

That you loved her and we were starting this life together?

Fucking bastard.

You're fucking crazy.

Oh, boy. This was a bad one.


Poor bastard

He's coming.

He's coming.

He's coming.

He's coming.

I know it.

I know it.

She said it.

She said it.