The Plunderers (1960) Script

"This is the story of a town and its people."

"Of what happened to them in the space of 36 hours."

"The town was called Trail City."

"And it happened many years ago."

"It might have happened in your town."


Why did we come this way?

It don't look like much of a town.

Well, what will it be?



That will be one dollar even.

Mister, you got a Sheriff in this town?


It would be a good idea to get him in here.

What do you want with the Sheriff?

You boys are going to pay for this whiskey ain't you?


Run over at get McCauley.

It ain't worth me getting all involved for a bottle of whiskey.

I'll let the Sheriff handle those four.

Mike Baron wants you over at the saloon, Sheriff.

Four strangers just rode in.

Now they're sitting over in Mike's place like they owned it.

Four men, you say?

They ain't men, Sheriff. More like boys.

Why, they don't know enough to wash behind their ears.

Are they wearing guns?

Sure are. All four of them packing iron.

You say they are youngsters? Yep.


Drink up, Davy.

Sure, Jeb.

I ain't worried one bit.

I never said you was, Dave.


What's wrong, Mike?


I ain't running no charity place here.

Those four come marching in, drink my whiskey and now they don't want to pay.

It would be a good idea if you boys pay up for your drinks.

I sure wish we could, Sheriff.

They cleaned us out back in Dodge City.


Cleaned us out of six months' pay.

In less than a week.

Ain't that the limit.

Knowing they're stone broke they come in and order drinks without batting an eye.

Alright, Mike. Take it easy.


Well, look Tom, that's my whiskey they drank.

Alright, Mike. Alright.

Ain't no sense in getting all riled up.

Looks to me like these boys ain't hunting up trouble.

Just a bunch of young cowpokes heading south from Dodge.

Probably just finished work on a cattle drive up there.

Is that right, boys?


They are just weary, Mike.

And thirsty.

They are saddle tramps.

Calm down, boys.

Now we got to figure a way of settling this.

Settle it nice and peaceful like.

Like you said, Sheriff.

We ain't troublemakers.

Maybe we were wrong in drinking this man's whiskey if we couldn't pay for it.

But it's been done.

I guess it is only right to jail us for the night.

We figure on heading out first thing in the morning.

Unless this barkeep here ..

Unless he's got ideas of settling another way.


I see no use in ..

Building up something over a measly bottle of whiskey.

I'm mighty obliged for your consideration, mister.

Alright. Come on, boys.

Let's go.


Just. Just one, Mike?

I got the Sheriff for you .. didn't I?

Just one.

A bunch of wild kids.

Imagine that.

Coming in here flat broke.

Ordering whiskey.

There is no sense in me stirring up any big mess.

Besides, they will be riding out of here first ting in the morning.

The boy said.

No reason for them to hang around this town is there, Sam.

Is there?

Goodnight, Mike.

Hey ..

I said just one.

Mike. I haven't had it yet. This is it.

I got some hot coffee on the stove.

You mean you're going to feed us?

Hot grub maybe?

You boys just stretch out a while.

I'll see what I can rustle up.

Gracias, amigo.

Your clever little plan was .. perfect.

Yeah. Real smart, Jeb.

A nice warm place to bed down and maybe some hot grub to boot.

This is almost as pleasant as the beds in Dodge City.

Hey, amigo.

Too bad you were not this clever back there in Dodge City.

Maybe next time I will be.

Si, Jeb.

My clothes are beginning to stink.

I guess I smell worse.

But we're out of that lousy town of Dodge.

Six months' pay in just a week and then they run us out like a bunch of tramps.

The beds were clean.

And the Seņoritas most charming.

It was not too bad.

My young friend here.

He had no complaints about the Seņoritas.


Well, I ain't complaining.

Only, like mule says.

I didn't like being thrown out like a saddle tramp.

Yeah. But it took four of them to put me down.

Four of them.

I gave them a good run for their trouble.

All that pay in less than a week.

Is that right, Jeb?

Dodge gave us a rough deal, didn't it.

Thinking about it ain't going to help. Get some sleep.


That Sheriff seemed like a nice old gent, don't he.

I'll sure be glad when we ride out of this beat-up little town.

Hey Jeb, how come you're so quiet all of a sudden?

Just thinking.

Get some rest, Davy.

Morning, Sam.

We've been talking about them four kids McCauley locked up last night.

We hear Mike backed away from a fight.

I wish I'd been there.

Must have been a sight to see big Mike squirm a little.

Mike was right not to start any trouble.

I heard them boys wore guns.

Ain't that right, Sam? All four had guns.

That's right, Mrs Phelps.

I need some supplies, Jess.

Ellie is inside.

She'll wait on you until I finish sweeping out here.

Hello Sam.

Morning, Ellie.

Let's start with these canned goods. I need some coffee ..

It would be better if we started with a needle and some thread.

You have a button missing right there.

It takes a woman to notice little things like that.

It isn't missing.

A woman might notice it, but ..

Only a little girl would mention it.

If you would take the time for a better look Mr Christie ..

You would notice that I'm not a little girl.

Not anymore. I'll get your groceries.

You'll find your horses in the stable.

The big building at the back of the general store.

Much obliged, Sheriff.

From the little we've seen Sheriff, you got yourself a pretty beat-up town.

Water dries up.

And I guess the town dries up with it.

It must have been a nice town once.

Once, boy.

A long time ago.

My advice to you boys is to stay clear of trouble.

It might not go this easy for you in some other towns.

Mighty obliged, Sheriff.

I ain't never seen such beat-looking unfriendly people in one town.

I sure am glad they picked themselves a nice easy-going law-man.

Looks like everybody has moved on.

Except old folks, I mean.

It don't look like there is much reason for anybody to want to stay.


Come on, Jeb.

We got a lot of riding ahead.

I believe I could use a new shirt.

I need some wire, Jess. And some nails.

I'll need some nails, Jess.

If you just ..

You said "nails"?

Nails. Ten-penny.

I apologise for the way I look, Seņorita.


If you will be so kind to ..

To help me with some things I would be most grateful.

I am called Rondo.

And you, Seņorita?

Ellie .. Walters.

Ellie Walters.


Ellie, you finish with Sam. I'll take care of these boys.

A new shirt, seņor.

An expensive one, please.

You boys shouldn't order things.

Not unless you can pay for them.

That's right, mister.

I want a bag of salt, Ellie.


I am sorry, Sam. I didn't hear what you said.

Only little girls get flustered.

A bag of salt.

Let's see now.

Well that comes to 73 dollars and 40 cents.

Put it on the books.

But this comes to 73 dollars and 40 cents.

My friend said put it on the books.

I sure take it personal.

To hear someone say our credit ain't good.

Let's ride out and change into these new clothes.

What's wrong with the hotel?

I sure could use a bath.


They just walked in and took over 70 dollars' worth ..

I have to load my wagon, Jess.

Yes, sir. Two of them are right next to each other.

Let me help you fellows. Why, sure.


Sold two rooms to them, Ma.

Sold them all by myself.

You're the ones the Sheriff had to lock up, aren't you?


You mean you fellows really been in jail?

Hush, Billy.

What do you boys want in here?

Just want to wash up, ma'am.

And get out of these dirty clothes.

Look ma'am, it wasn't anything real serious.

Else the Sheriff wouldn't have let us out so fast, now would he?

The storekeeper, he was kind enough to let us have these clothes.

All we want is a place to freshen up a little.

You will find water and towels upstairs.

Come on, I'll show you.

Billy, you come right back down. I don't want you bothering them.

Who are they? Where did they come from? I don't know and I don't care.

All I know is they didn't pay me. What else did they take?

Well, four shirts, two vests.

The whole thing came to 73 dollars.

And that big one, he just stood there grinning at me.


I hear four of them came to your hotel.

They took 73 dollars' worth of merchandise from my store.

Look at this.

73 dollars' worth without paying a red cent.

Sam here, he saw them.

Why, I just gave them two rooms.

Did they pay you?

They didn't pay me a red cent.

This is what they took. It comes to 73 dollars.

Why didn't you stop them?

Stop them?

Why didn't you?

Well, they said you gave them the clothes. - No.

All they wanted was to clean up.

Jess, they are only youngsters.


Mike .. look at this.

Yes, I know. Maybe we'd better tell the Sheriff?

He had them locked up all night. A lot of good that did.

It's up to him to handle it, isn't it?

That's right. It's his job to make them pay up.

Pay up?

Those saddle-tramps haven't got a nickel between them.

Well then, let McCauley run them out of town.

Now wait a minute. Aren't we building this out of size?

They'll just clean up and ride out of town.


What if they don't?

Yeah .. I guess it is up to McCauley.

Come on, we'll talk to him.

Sam, you're coming with us, ain't you?

I got to get out to my place.

This concerns everybody.

Not me.

Come on.


Why did he run off like that?

I don't know, Ellie.

I had ..

Better go with the others.

We feel it's right you march up there .. Why pick on Tom? Making speeches ..

He's wearing the badge, ain't he?

Now we ain't asking for no more than is right.

Now those four have got to be handled.

And that badge you got pinned on your vest says it's your job.

Tom, they are only youngsters.

Look, Tom. There is no call for guns.

They didn't put up no argument last night.

Like Kate says.

They're just youngsters.

I won't use a gun.

Except to scare them a little maybe.


Must you be so noisy?

Look at Rondo. He's getting all done up for the pretty girl.

Look at the dude.

I see you, Rondo.

[ Door knocks ]

Who is it?

Sheriff McCauley.

Jeb .. why the gun?

The door's open. Come on in.

I thought you boys promised to scoot out of town.

Now look, let's be reasonable about all this.

Trail City is nothing but a small, peaceful town.

Ain't much here to keep four spirited youths like you hanging around.

Now I'm sure you are not looking for trouble.

And nobody here is either.

So, why don't you just get all your stuff together and ..

We'll forget all about it.

There's snot reason for us to run off, Sheriff.

We just want a little time to kinda rest up. That's all.

How much time?

Just a little time.

I sure would hate to leave all these fine comforts.

I said, how much time?

It's hard to say right now.

But we will be sure to let you know when we decide to move on.

Now you boys listen to me. No reason to get angry, Sheriff.

Hey Mule, he's getting all riled up over nothing.

Is that the truth?

Gee Sheriff, are you going to use that big nasty gun on us poor kids?

Now you're asking for a mess of trouble.

Listen to him, will you. We are asking for trouble.

Look, mister.

We sure had our fill of being pushed around back in Dodge City.

That was Dodge City.

Nobody is pushing you here.

Trail City or Dodge. Ain't no difference.

We ain't going to take pushing. That's for sure.

We sure appreciate the way we've been received in your stinking little town.

Don't you go trying to change that.

Come on, Mule. Finish dressing.

The Sheriff didn't come here to start trouble. Just wants to talk. That's all.

Ain't that right, Sheriff?

Hey, Rondo. Hurry up with that shaving.

My whiskers are beginning to itch.

Si, amigo.

I will finish as soon as the senior leaves.

Somebody has to stop them.

Yeah. But who, Kate?

Even the law means nothing to them.

McCauley is an old man.

But still he is the law.

But they have to be stopped, Jess.

Stopped before they go too far.

Before it will be too late to stop them.


Maybe they'll leave soon.

There is your answer, Kate.

The whole town is your answer.

There is nobody in Trail City to stop them.

Now, even they know it.


What about Sam Christy?

Yeah, Kate?

What about Sam Christy?


Well, don't turn away from me.

Please, Sam.

How long has it been?

How long since we've been together like this?


There was nothing left between us. I tried to make that clear.

Without a word, Sam.

Without ..

Even a hint that you wanted it over and done between us.

Was it that easy?


No, it wasn't easy.

It had to stop. It was no good for us. No good at all.

I don't believe that. I can't.

There was no giving between us, Kate.

Only taking.

Look. We ..

We each had a need.

To find a substitute.

Something that will replace what we had lost.

The war cost you your husband.

It destroyed my arm.

What we found was ..

A temporary escape with each other. That is not an answer. There has to be more.

I thought there was.

Well, we can try, Sam.

All we need is time.

Time for what?

So we'd learn to hate each other?

How was it the last time we were close?

And the time before that?

Avoiding each other's eyes because ..

Because we knew we had tried to hold on to something that didn't really exist.

Was it that way with you?

It wasn't for me.

I've got my work to do, Kate.

Alright, Sam.

We won't talk about it now.

I didn't come out here for myself.

I came to ask you to ride back with me, to talk to those four boys.

What happened with McCauley?

If a badge won't stop them it's too late for words.

It will take strong words from a strong man but it is not too late.

They've found out they can strike fear in the town.

The town will have to prove them wrong and run them out.

Run them out?

Why Sam, one of them is not much older than my Billy.

All we need is someone who to stand up to them.

Well I am not that someone.

Try .. Mike Baron.

Mike Baron?

We need reasoning, not anger.

No, Sam. It has to be you.

And it has to be now before they try the next step.

Kate, I live here on my land.

What happens in the town is none of my business.

I've had my fill of fighting.

If those ..

Cow-hands stay clear of me I'm not going to get involved with them.

Sam, you are afraid.

You are afraid, aren't you?

You think you can hide out here and not be touched by what happens.

And I thought I wasn't strong enough for you.

Oh no, Sam. No, it's not me, it's you.

You are the weak one. You are the coward.

You say the war destroyed your arm. Well, it destroyed a lot more.

I was a fool not to see it.

I will send Billy out to tell you when it is safe to ride back into town again.

Does your Ma serve any food in this hotel?

Sure. Only she ain't here right now.

Gee, are you fellows real gunfighters?

Fastest drawing bunch you ever saw, boy.

Davy here, he's faster than a streak of lightning.

Come on, let's go. Go on Davy, show him how fast you are.

And he is the slowest draw in our bunch.

Never mind us, Billy.

Ellie. I am asking you to please go inside.

Alright, Pa.

Been living in this town 23 years.

Never seen anything ..

Gracias, amigos.

First, we'll have a bottle of your good whiskey. None of your cheap slop.

Then four big juicy steaks.

I ain't serving no free handouts ..

To a bunch of louse-bitten saddle-tramps.

We ain't saddle-tramps.

Hold it, Davy.

Nobody orders me around in my own place.

And the rest of the town might knuckle down to you, but not me.

So the four of you, clear out of here.


We've been pushed around enough.

Stay where you are.

What just happened wasn't pretty to watch.

And it was his fault.

There ain't no reason for it to happen again.

Just so long as every man around here behaves himself.

Just leave us be and nobody will get hurt.

If you folks still got a doctor left in this town ..

You had better take him over there.

How would you gentlemen like your steaks?


How is Mr Baron?

He's been very badly beaten.

You rode out to see Sam, didn't you.

I want to see if Billy is alright. Kate, please.

Please Kate, I asked you about Sam.

He wants no part of this town or anyone in it.

Does that answer you?

Sam is afraid, Ellie.

Sam Christy is afraid.

Oh, you are a child, Ellie.

You remember Sam Christie as he used to be.

He is not the same man.

Maybe it was the war.

Something has destroyed him.

Nothing could destroy a man like him.

Kate, you of all people should know him better than that.

I have to see about Billy. Kate.

Maybe you still remember me ..

As I used to be.

Like you said.

Still a child.

Don't lose your chance with Sam.

I'll get back as soon as I see how Mike is doing.

Make sure the door is bolted. Pa.

Will you please stop worrying.

Did I frighten the Seņorita?

Of course not.

Why should I be frightened?

My sudden appearance, perhaps?

Do you always hide in the dark?

Only when there is an angry father close by.

I do not think Seņor Walters likes me.


You can hardly blame him.

The way you and your friends have been acting around town.

Especially after what you did to poor Mr Baron.

Not me, Seņorita.

I had nothing to do with ..

Poor Mr Baron.

You must believe this.

It was a personal matter between him and one of the others.

You could have tried to stop your friends.

When gringos do angry things.

A Mexican can only watch.

This I learned many years ago.

This I will always remember.

I did not come to talk about things that you and I cannot help.

I came only to see you.

Well, I ..

I have to go in.

Then I do frighten the Seņorita?

I am not frightened.

Then you would not scream if I kissed you?

I just might slap your face if you did.

A small price for something so pleasant.

You are like a little bird, Ellie.

A little bird that wants to fly .. Please don't ..

But is too afraid to try.

Don't you dare.

In my country.

We have the saying:

One who does not dare ..

Does not live.

Howdy, Captain Sam.

Come on in and join me and the boys.

We're having ourselves a party.

Where is Mike?

I would say he is kind of indisposed.

Taking a man's whiskey without paying for it.

Now ain't that kind of dishonest?

I asked you a question, mister.

Have a drink, Captain Sam.


He's only got one good arm.

That's all he needs to pick up that drink.

It wouldn't be a good idea.

To let these folks go around showing disrespect.

Don't any of you even take a deep breath.

Now put your hands on the table.


Fill the big one's glass.

Now you drink.

Mister, there is only one bullet in that rifle.

And it's aimed right at your big friend's belly.

Go on, drink.

All of you remember this.

Stay away from me.

The next time you get smart I'll forget you are a cripple.

Get out of here.

We've had our fun. Maybe it's time we headed home.

My feeling is that maybe this town ain't much.

But it sure beats what we got waiting for us back home.

I say we stay right here.

For how long, Jeb?

Until we get tired of hanging around.


That maybe just long enough to face serious trouble.

They may have other guns.

This was the first sign.

That's right, Rondo.

There may be more.

People. What if they make a stand.

We ain't gunfighters.

I ain't saying we make our stay a permanent one.

Why turn our backs and walk away from something good?

But the people.

What people, Davy?

These scared old men and women?

Take a look at their excuse for a law-man.

We can handle him just like we've been doing.

Just long enough to get rid of the stink of them cattle.

Long enough to get our fill of respectable living.

We got that much coming to us.

I got no arguments against that.

I'm willing to hang around a while.

It means taking over a whole town.

We already done that, Davy.

All we got to do is just hold on to it.

Maybe you boys won't have no trouble with the townsfolk.

But just don't overlook Captain Sam.

You mean that cripple?

Whoa now.

Don't let that bad arm of his fool you none.

Folks round here.

They still remember what he done in the war.

They can tell you all about Captain Sam Christy and his raiders.

They still talk about him.


Like he was something not human.

Maybe this town ain't got no fight left in it.


Just a small fire.

Is enough to stir him.

To set him off.

And Sam Christy.

He just liable to be man to light that fire.

Well, what are we worried about?

If the cripple acts up, I'll squash him down.

Alright. So we stay.

But first, to settle Davy's fears.

We'll round up all the guns in town.

Come on, let's start with the general store.

Davy, you look behind the counter.

Stay out of our way and you won't get hurt.




Sam. Ellie.

Is your father in there? No.

Hey, Rondo. Come on.

They're rounding up all the guns in town.

Jess, they just broke into your store.


She is alright I tell you.

I left her with Kate.

Sam. What's the matter with your mouth?

Oh, it's nothing.

Did you hear what I said, McCauley?

They'll go smashing into every house in town.

Sam, I am only one man.

When they come for your guns, better give them your badge too.

Sam, take it easy.

Take it easy, Doc? Do you see what's happening?

I know what's happening Sam, and so does Tom.

Then, why is he sitting there?

Who the hell are you to come in here ..

Opening your big mouth at us.

You think that little trickle of blood is some sort of a medal or something?

So you took a little slap across the mouth?

Look at me.

Look at me, Christy.

I tried to do something, I didn't go around spouting at the mouth. I tried.

Now this morning you said them four didn't concern you.

Now you come in here yelling your head off about them.

Alright, Christy.

What are you going to do about them?



It's all a one-armed can do I guess, except ..

Except may be a lot of yelling.

So I started yelling.

Sorry, Tom.


They got to be stopped, Doc.

Don't go out there wearing your gun.

Like Sam says.

If I take off my gun I'll have to take off my badge.

And I've been wearing one a long time.

Come on, lady.

Just do like we say.

Forget her, Mule.

Davy has got the old man's rifle.

Try that house over there. Come on.


Why did they stop?

I don't know unless ..

[ Gunshot! ]

Stay here.

Ellie, stay with Kate.

Tom tried to stop them but they laughed at him.

He went for his gun.

Trying to back up his words.

He wasn't fast enough.

Not like he used to be, Sam.

Which one killed him?

The one they call Jeb.

They all ran off as soon as Tom hit the ground.

Look, Jeb. Shut up.

Keep your damned mouth shut!

You've got nothing to say. It was me who gunned him down.

It's time we all had a drink, huh?

For us it would be wise if we take a look around.

Good idea. You and Davy go outside.

Wait a minute.

What if they gang up on me and Mule?

We have the guns.

And the people here are frightened.

There will be no trouble.

We will be close, my friend.

It is as you said.

This town, it belongs to us.

Now, even more.


Jeb. How does it feel to kill a man?

I don't feel nothing.

And stop staring at me!

What is going to happen now?

Rondo, we killed a man.

Jeb killed a man.

We only watched.

But we might have stopped him. Don't you understand, Rondo?

If we'd only tried we might have stopped him.

This we will never know.

But it has been done.

We cannot change that.

I have seen violence many times, amigo.

In many places.

It is easier when one learns to live with it.

I could see all along what was going to happen.

I watched it happen. I turned my back on it.

Well, I was wrong.

One smack across the face would have stopped them right at the beginning.

Maybe after this.

Maybe now they will leave.

They've killed a man Jess and they are still here.

They'll find it easier to kill a second time.

Sam is right. Maybe so.

What can we do? They have got all the guns.

I've got a gun at my place.

A gun?

One gun against them four?

Now hold on. Take it easy, Jess.


Even if we wanted to .. what could ..?

Where do we start?

I'm going to ride home and get that gun, Doc.

Round up all the men who are willing to make a stand.

Have them waiting at the livery stable.

I'll do what I can, Sam.

Be careful.

Is this what you came back for, Captain Sam?

Get off of my place.

Listen to him.

Big and tough.

I like them when they talk like that.


I said I'd forget about you being a cripple.

Look, Mule.

He won't cause any more trouble.

Get the horses.

I'll take his wagon.

If he wants to come back into town.

He'll have to crawl.

Ellie, look.

That's Sam's wagon.

I warned him.

I warned them all.

Pa, what about Sam?

What did they do to him? I'm going to break up that meeting.

Maybe they'll listen to me now.

You keep the front door bolted. I'll go out the back way.

Dr Fuller is talking to the men in town.

Some of them are in the stable like you planned.

They are listening to him.

How long do you think they'll listen when they hear what happened to their ..

Captain Sam?

Go back, Ellie.

Go back and tell Doc it is ..

It's just a waste of time.

You tried, Sam.

That's all any of us can do, is keep trying.

Maybe we ought to try .. praying.

Maybe we can ..

Pray those four out of our lives.

We are all frightened and confused.

It's up to you, Sam. You can help us.

Don't turn away from us.

From me.

What can I do?

If the people could just ..

Just see you riding back in to town. Suppose they did?

What could they expect of a useless half-a-man?

Don't say it. It's not true. Look at me, Ellie.

Don't be blind. Look at me!

I see a good face.

The face of a strong man.

Sam, what are we going to do?

What is going to happen to us?

I'm going back.

Don't be afraid, Ellie.

Not anymore.

I didn't figure to see him riding in.

Not after last night. I have seen men like him before.

That one should have been killed last night.

Ain't one killing enough?


Who can say what is enough?

Ellie will stay here with you, Kate.

I'll cut over to the stables through your back door.


Does this mean the town is worth fighting for?

We are not fighting for just a town, Kate.

Well, I'd better go pick up some things.

It sure is quiet out there.

The folk are just too scared to show their heads. That's all.

Hey, ugly.

How about rustling up some breakfast, huh?

We can't keep sitting here.

Where you thinking of going, Davy?

I don't know. I just feel cooped up sitting here.

I asked where you are going.

I said I don't know. Any place.

Maybe you are a little more than plain jumpy.

A little scared maybe?

I ain't scared of anything in this town.

And that goes for you too, Jeb.

Listen to me. No, you listen to me.

You drew against an old man.

You pulled a gun faster than a shaky old man.

You want to try against me, Jeb?

My hand don't shake.

You are excited, Davy.

Then tell him to stop pushing me.

I ain't taking that off any of you.

My young friend.

A little morning air to cool the temper.

What I said still goes, Jeb.

Any time you want.

No use arguing among yourselves. It is just foolishness.

What are we worrying about, eh boys?

We got this town, ain't we? Sure.

The town belongs to us now good and proper.

Isn't that right, Jeb old boy?

Don't you ever put your grimy hands off me you old drunk.

Drown your foolish troubles in that.

Do not be concerned, amigos.

I will not leave.

Why don't we ride out of here. Why keep hanging around?

No, amigo.

Maybe to ride away now would seem like running.

[ Spanish language ]

Davy .. would you be the first to mount your horse?

The four of us could ride out together.

But someone would have to be the first.

Si, the rest would be happy to follow.

But the first to go ..

This one will be called a coward, no?

You make it sound like we've got to prove something.


Rondo, I am going home. I can't stay here no more.

Come with me.

It is not time for me to go.

That's our only chance.

We've got to divide them. Get them alone. One by one.

Then let's start with their leader. The one they call Jeb.

The one we want first is the Mexican.

He is the most dangerous.

He is the only one smart enough to ..

Sam, one of them is headed this way.

Get back .. I'm warning you.

I'll shoot.

Get back or so help me I'll shoot.

Go ahead.

The ones you don't get will rip you to pieces.

Stay back.

I don't want to kill any of you.

Listen to me!

I don't want to kill any of you.

I don't want to kill anybody.

Please .. stay back.


Please. Don't make me kill anybody.

Look at him.

Sam was right.

He's just a little boy.

A snivelling little boy.

Ellie should have been back here by now.

Maybe Miss Ellie went over to the stables.

Sure. Maybe she is with Captain Sam and the other men.

I'll go see.

Billy. Billy, wait.

It's alright. I'll go out the back way.


Pa, is that you?

Get out.

You get out or I'll scream.

If you scream, Seņorita.

Then someone will rush in.

To help.

Perhaps your father or even the crippled one.

Whoever comes in Seņorita will get hurt.

Little bird.

Who is afraid to fly.

Pull the trigger.

And it will alert my friends.


Ellie, get his gun.

Start moving.

Hold it!

We've got two more to get before we settle with him.

Will you just wait a minute.

Billy. You had better get back to the hotel.

Hey, amigos.

There is much violence in all of us.

I remember your angry faces.

The Capitan.

When I was a little boy I remember the angry faces.

Beat those who would not give up their land.

I remember some of my people hanging from the trees on their own land.

I remember the blood on my father's face.

Then, I was only old enough to watch.

To see.

And to remember.


I am even old enough to hang.

No more talk of a hanging.

We can't let him get away with what he tried.

We'll settle him by a fair trial. Not like a pack of animals.

Jess is right, Sam. I said there will be no hanging.

We got every right to string him up. That's what I say!

Calm down. Calm down.

Calm down all of you.

We'll hear what Sam has to say.

Remember what we decided? We'd get them one at a time.

There is still two more to get before we settle with him.

[ Gunshot! ]



Get back in the saloon.


[ Gunshot! ]

Take cover.

Save your bullets, Mule.

Let's rush them.

Not yet, Mike.

[ Gunshot! ]

Come on. You got guns.

What are you waiting for?

You in there!

The big one.

You think you are man enough to take me again?

Take it easy, Mule. He's only trying to rile you.

You name it, cripple.

Help me off with this coat.

Don't be a fool, Sam. We can rush them.


No. We'll take them one at a time.

One at a time.

Rondo is dead!

I got his knife. You feel like taking it back?

Or does a knife scare you, little boy?

No man living can talk to me like that.

Don't be crazy, Mule.

You heard what he said. Rondo is dead.

Please. Please don't go out there.

You and me, we got to stick together.

Davy had you pegged right, Jeb.

You're yellow.

Come on out, cripple.

I'm coming out to get Rondo's knife.

Let him come out.

If he starts something .. No shooting, Mike.

No shooting.

Come on, cripple.

[ Gunshot! ]

[ Gunshot! ]


They are going to kill us.

That's what they are going to do.

They are going to kill us.

Out of here.

I can't stay here. I've got to get out of here.


Go home, boy.

Get your horse and go home.

Wait, Sam. No, Mike.

Let him go.

He won't ever forget what happened here today.

Or why it happened.

Could I bury them?

They were my friends.

We'll bury them.

This one is ..

William Thompson.

We called him Mule.

0ver there is ..

Jeb Lucas Tyler.

Back there in the stables.


What was his last name?

I don't know.

Just Rondo, I guess.

"No. The boy named Davy would not forget."

"Nor would we who stood watching as he rode away."

"None of us would ever forget what had happened and why."

"For none of us were without blame."

"But even as we shared the guilt."

"We shared also the knowledge of a new hope."

"A new understanding."

"We had taken note that day."

"That there are none who trespass against us."

"As we trespass against ourselves."