The Power of Few (2013) Script

Ssh, ssh.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I'll take care of it, okay? I'm gonna take care of it. Ssh.

You're live with Larry King in our special report... and continuing coverage on Vatican City... where details remain unclear, but officials have confirmed the theft... of one of the Catholic Church's most coveted possessions.

Early speculation is that the Shroud of Turin... the burial cloth of the profit Jesus, has been taken from its safe keeping.

Most experts are already pointing to Giovanna Nocera... the notorious European spy outed at the turn of the century.

Others are calling it a smoke screen set up by the church itself.

Cory, you heard the baby crying, didn't you?

Maybe because you're starving him. Where's his Yorbetal?

My what?

The baby's Yorbetal, his medicine. Where is it?

Oh, we're out.

What do you feed my baby brother, huh? This?

And where's his Yorbetal?

I told you, we're out.

You're taking pills again?

Put it back.

Like you know about having kids. Those are my pills.

Stop worrying about your pills.

He's in there and he's shitting like a goose.

We gotta get him his Yorbetal, Ma.

You know what you need to get? A job.

Who needs a job?

Niggah, go clean that shit up, man.

Get the big steel, man!

Marti, please don't make me worry about you, okay?

No cowboy shit, just stick to procedure.

There it is. 764.

Potential mark spotted entering the house, 764 Harper.


Okay, switch to mobile.

Mom kicked me to the curb.

Said not to come back without the baby's medicine.

Make yourself useful and hand Granddad that bottle there.

A bottle of that baby medicine runs about 20 bucks.

Any ideas?

All right, Grandpa.

Where you think you're going?

To The Space Bar.

Come back later in the week, I'll have some cash for you then.

I don't understand why you have to do this right now at this time.

But you know the theater only puts on three shows a year.

This is the last one and they've offered me the part.

How do I say no?

Do you get paid?

Yes... half rate.

Half rate?

Well, I mean, the rest is deferred.

It's based on ticket sales.

And the role?

It's perfect.

It's the musical Planting Seeds In Cement.

You remember, okay...

It's Little Shop of Horrors meets Sling Blade.

It's the role of the botanist who discovers that the poisonous plants have voices.

It's huge.

The poisonous plants, they sing?

It's kind of silly, honey.

How'd you end up on the curb?

It started with that fateful call.

That call you missed.

The call I got, changed my life.

Was Tuesday night like any other when that phone rang.

I knew I could trust the voice right away, for no other reason except... knew one of my most personal secrets, something I've never shared with anyone.

What did someone say that could convince you?

She knew.

I got my hair cut every 3,000 miles.

Every time I got my cars oil changed, every 3,000 miles, I'd get my hair cut.

Oh, no, I know that look.

Why does every character you play die?

Of course, it is, any time a character dies on stage it's big.

I don't write the plays.

All right, I got it. I got it.

Why can't you try a role that, you know, has some growth?

That actually learn something, that has happy ever after.

Why is someone who's dying or killing themselves?

How does he go? Let me guess, death by poisonous plant?

Well, I mean, not exactly.

Oh, really?

The third act.

All right, it's a step up.

Yeah, it is. I think it's the role that's gonna launch me.

Now that I'm having a child, I am not going out there and watching you die.

I'm not. Okay, it's not...

It is not me, it's my character.


It's a skill and I'm good at it.

You good at dying?

You know, babe, you're sick.

Okay, right here, it's not right.

I'm just saying.

What is that?

What's what?

That thing that's attached to your left hand?

It's nothing.

Okay, is that all?

Ah, no.

Ah, a bottle of Yorbetal, Infant Yorbetal. Make it two.


Anything else?

No, that's it.

That's $44.17, let me get you a bag.

I've got it.


I really need that medicine.

Sh... Shane...


Don't know when Don't know when But I know we'll meet again Some sunny day

Have you ever bit the inside of your cheek?

Delivery service?

Yup, that's me. You schedule a delivery?

Yes, you have room on this?

Of course, I do.

The package is very delicate.

Well, worry not, my friend. I guarantee it's safe arrival.

Oh, ah, cash only.

How much?

Cross town...

Rush delivery.

How rushed?

There is only one rush.

Well, consider it done, but that kind of rush is gonna put you at the top of the list.

And will probably run you, I say $25.

Rush delivery. Okay?

You got it.

Oh, shit.

They're gonna fucking kill me!


Check this.

Would you tap that?

Come on.

You know you're gonna have too pay me for this?


It's my business. I don't do this kind of thing for free.

Fine, whatever, just go, go, go, go.

First lose the hat.

Wait, wait, wait! Not this way!

Why? Shit!

Get off. What?

Trust me, quick. Thanks for nothing.

Wait, wait, wait! Come back!

Uh, kiss me.

Uh, you can stop now.

Do I have to?

Well, your friends are gone and I think they would appreciate it.

I'm Alexa.

You saved my ass. I was dust.

Well, I guess we will never know now, will we?

Uh, I'm Dom. Can you get me out of here?

Or something?

Or something sounds good.

Come on, get on.

Hang on, yeah?

That guy was acting so strange, like he knew you or something.

Drop the hat.

He said something about how he used to watch you.

Brown, I'll tell you, you gotta start listening to what people don't say.

It's the best way to stay focused.

How about right up there?


For the drink... and the something.

I do have some time.

I'll have soda.

What can I get you?

Ah, two cokes. Two cokes.

Yeah, that's it. Cortez!

If all you want is two lousy cokes, hit the vending machine over at the Y.

Okay, easy.

Just the two cokes, okay?

Look at this guy. Don't let him fool you.

Every day he comes in here and eats a plate of a cavatelli with three meatballs.

This is a two-meatball establishment.

Patrons order and get two meatballs.

And if you are gonna bring this sweet lady in here and just order two cokes... then you can kiss the third meatball goodbye.

What's with that one?

Don't pay no attention to her.

Come on.

Alexa, Sal. Sal, Alexa.

Nice to meet you. Likewise.

Come on.

Hey, those jokers out there hanging your sign... you gotta keep an eye on them.

I know it.

That's a cool jacket.


Where do you get a jacket like that?

You make it.

Get out of here. Really?


I like the view from up here.

Why are they after you?

Aw, stupid reasons.

They must have thought I was dealing or something.

Were you? No, no.

Then I'm glad I helped.

Yeah, but you didn't know that at the time.

You could have been helping the wrong guy.

Well, who's to judge, I mean... doing what I do, I could be helping the wrong guy every single day.

I got a target on my back, though.

I never should have climbed on with you.

Don't worry about it. I'm a multi-tasker.

I just like to see how much I can handle at once.

And you seem to fit. Watch.

I can listen to my music while calling a friend on the phone.


While balancing on the ledge of a three-story building.

And... dancing.

Oh, hi, Gwenny. No, I'm still in town.

I got held up.

Bye, Gwenny.

It's what you do.

Or what you do to me.

Time changes every second and so do we.

Evolution right before your very eyes.

You live life.

I like that.

I've gotta need that.

Where are you going?

This was nice, but I have to finish my day.

No, I mean on the phone you told Gwen that you didn't leave town yet?

Oh, that.

Very perceptive.

I've been saying that for weeks now.

What keeps you?

Every day a reason to stay... finds me.

Which way you headed?


How'd you know?

This adventure you're heading on, all great adventures go west.

Open road, chasing sunsets.

Well, I don't know about that, cowboy.

But just to get out there... and find that thing.

What if... that reason wanted to come with you?

Let me finish this first.

Wait here, I'll be back here in an hour.

Hey, you.

I thought you were gonna wait for me?

I was.

I will.

All that talk about things changing every second.

I got a feeling you weren't coming back.


This is crazy, I mean...

I don't even know you and...

This can't work.

Let's figure out why not. Come on, get on.

Come on!


Nope, first the delivery.

Go, go, go!

Have you ever bit the inside of your cheek?

Not just bit, but accidently chomped down on it really hard?

Get down on the floor What?

Please repeat.

Who, me? I didn't say anything.

Got it.

3000 Harper block. Yeah, I know, I know.

What is this? Why are we stopping here?

Open Com enabled.

Son of a...

GEAC, is Mark established.


Is ball in play?

Cannot confirm.

Another ghost.

Don't be disappointed.

As long as the day ends clean, ghosts never disappoint me.

Okay, I'll be the disappointed one.


Listen, Marti, if there's a mark to bring in, we do it.

Bitching that the mark may not exist is a little twisted.

Unless intel can't locate it. Yeah, sure.

I want to bring one down to send a message straight to the top.

All within the law. The law! You got it?

Whose law?

They're not out there playing by our rules.

If we don't play it by our rules, we're the same as them.

Okay, ease off the nobility juice.

I gotta be honest, your angle is way off on this.

Way off!

Write it up, Cub Scout.

And don't forget to cash your check when innocent kids die.

Come again? What's that?

You want to talk about noble ground?

You would sell your nobility for a week's wage at any given moment.

Mark located.

Info received. Apprehend mark.

Await further instruction.

Marti, please don't make me worry about you, okay?

No cowboy shit, just stick to procedure.

There it is, 764.

Potential mark spotted entering the house, 764 Harper.


Okay, switch to mobile.

Do you agree that the church should take some responsibility here?

Larry, it's implausible to think that someone... could infiltrate the Vatican security.

But we're not just talking about someone here.

Giovanna's network is known to reach well beyond Europe.

Network, Larry? I thought this was a spy we were talking about.

Sounds like you're ready to call her a terrorist.

You said that, not me.

Heading out? On your knees!

Yes, sir. Hands behind your head.

Up, come on! Come on, we're going in the house.

Let's go!

Stay put! Okay, okay.

Come on, come on.

Get up. We're taking the mark in the nest.

I'm innocent.

Innocent men don't run.

Innocent men sometimes must run.

Oh, look! That's a lot of cash.

A lot of cash for an innocent man in a neighborhood like this.

I earned it, hard work.

I know my rights. Where is your warrant?

Huh? Hmm?

Feel that? That is nothing compared to... Marti!

How it's gonna feel when I strap this straight to your tongue.

Mark two within perimeter.

Exact location unknown.

Copy. Copy.

No materials located on mark one.

Is search complete?


Marti, back room, come on!

We don't have time for this. We need to call in The Bag.

Listen, get the fuck over here! Listen, listen!

Take it easy! Take it easy.

You are way out of line. You jumped him out of the gate.

We don't have time.

Until this goes Code Zero, we got nothing but time.

I am not calling The Bag.

I've never called The Bag, I'm not starting today.

I am not gonna be the one responsible when these aliens set a bomb off on my soil!

Who said anything about a fucking bomb?

This isn't even a Code Zero, it's standard procedure.

Wake up! Look around!

This thing could be a Code Zero in a matter of minutes... and if we're not prepared, I'm calling in The Bag.

Hey, listen to me! Listen to me!

This is not a fucking Code Zero, all right?

Our job is to clear the nest and extract whatever information we can from the mark.

Just go and clear the fucking nest!

Have a seat.

Look, I'm not gonna touch you. She's not gonna touch you again, okay?

You may just be innocent, contrary to what's already happened.

We have information that links you to a chain that may be transporting illegal materials.

I don't do this.

Okay, listen to my words and we'll find out exactly what you know.

Razor, fire, cloud.




You fucking pig.

You have no soul.

Is that so?

What else?

Your life will die.

Yes, eventually.

Your way of life.

Everything you stand for.

Your work, your belief... is about to crumble and die.

How's it going to happen?

Look around.

It's happening.

There's not much happening here.

It will.

When will this happen?

It already has.

I was just cleaning up now.

What are you cleaning?

Your blood.

We are cleaning your blood from our world.

What are you using to clean?


A bo... A bomb?

A what?

You've put a bomb into play in our soil?

So unbelievable.

I've got one shot at this.

What could possibly possess you to interrupt?

He said bomb!

I will not confirm that!

He said it!

He didn't say bomb! I will not confirm it!

Now is there anything in the back?

No, and quit acting so goddamn patient.

First sweep, nest is clean.

Mark offered hints, nothing solid.

Copy. Hold your position.

Second mark is on the board and locked.

The Bag is onsite.

You didn't.

I did.

Long time, no see, Clyde.

So, you're the sand turd that won't give these fine people the information they want?

Should we do it in here?

There's a room in the back.

What, you don't want to see the action?


Yeah, right?

Bring me in with no more time for any fun.

Yeah, that's it.

Yeah, I get it. The last to get here, the reason the party's over.

I'm the reason the party's over.

Sad life.

Let's go!

You and me.

Help me!

Won't be long, it had to be done. It's the only way.

The situation was under control.

When she confirms it's a bomb, you can drop your little Boy Scout...

If she confirms!

Jesus Christ, you're like a fucking Girl Scout on her first period!

Relax, stop stealing my lines.

You don't get it.


You just don't get it.

Agent, do not go there.

Hey! It's not your job to interfere with her work.

Not even curious?

That's neither here nor there.

Holster that peace maker.

Come and have a glance.

I will do no such thing and neither will you.

Is that right?

Your friend here.

He passed off a brown box to a messenger service.

Paid cash. Sent it across town.

The box was delivered to him earlier today.

He has no idea what's in the box nor where it's going.

He's one cog in a network that's moving it.

Far as he knows, it's already on to another.

The second mark.

Which way to the toilet? Call it in.

The toilet? In there.

Minimal information obtained from the mark.

He used an unknown messenger service, delivered it to an unknown location.

Probably the second mark.

Location of second mark confirmed.

Transmitting coordinates now.

Requesting information for first mark.

GEAC Remove from premises. Pursue second mark.

Until we meet again.

You called her in, you deal with it.

Do you understand what low-key means? Huh?

Get it? Nothing, nothing's...

Just get him in here. Come on, quickly, quickly.

Get up!

Go! Get!

Getting shit all over the back seat!

Go, let's go!

You, get down! Let's go!


You fucking clown!

Oh, shit! It's her!

Cut the bullshit! Okay? Just please calm down.

Or what?

Fuck you, or what!

You have routinely put us in harm's way every time!

I'm done with it! You're done with it?


You had your chance back at the ranch.

We've got one in the net and the catfish on the hook!

Time to drop the handbook, Boy Scout!

Goddamn it, I wish you would just leave your fucking cape... in the goddamn trunk, you stubborn bitch!

Oh, yeah! Feel it?

I'm these bitches.

Down! I'm talking to you!

I am truly fucking sick of this shit.


I don't know why I even put up with this shit! Focus!

You know they were rational adults that listen!

I get with you, my life, all of a sudden... becomes a goddamn horror show!

Are you looking for Giovanna?

Experts are saying the rate of espionage of this nature... may include some people not aware...

What time is it?

It's now the top of the hour and you're tuned in to the evening news.

I'm hungry. Keep digging.

I'm digging! What time did you say it was?

It's 2:00 o'clock, Tom. Now back to you.

And yes, Tom, according to the polls, one again, it's 2:00 and you're hungry.

My name is Brown.

Don't you find it a bit strange.

Whenever I tell you the time, your reaction is, "I'm hungry. I'm hungry."

Cut the shit, I'm Hungarian.

We here at the station feel it's the public's right to be informed... of this clock determines hunger conspiracy.

Cut the shit.

Reporting from the street...

I see the well-behaved clock watching civilians.

The true machinery of the city.

It brings back sad memories. Now back to Tom.

We haven't eaten since the butt crack of dawn.

Quit talking like some idiot.

Call it what you want, I call it old fashioned, gut wrenching hunger.

And what's all this about memories?

Back in the day, the salad days.

Before that fateful call...

That's all you missed?

I don't think a man can get through life without getting the call.

I never got any call.

Consider yourself lucky.

It's not just getting the call, it's answering the call that's important.

Ow, damn it!

We're sending you now to Brown on the inside with more.

Please, reason with them.

There ain't nothing to eat in there.

I'm feeling faint.

Holy... don't get carried away.

We're gonna get back in the game, Brown.

Back in the game, come on, get out of there.

I could eat the ass of a low flying duck.

How much money you got on you?

Um, five bucks.

Five bucks? Feel like getting a hot chocolate?

Yeah, sure.

Hm, I feel like a coffee, you're buying.

I think I actually left that five at home.

Tom, back in the game.

Help us on the way? Help.

Hey, you two can't be out here loitering and harassing these good people.

Don't be calling me no loiterer.

I pick up and throw away any trash I see.

According to local authorities... the homeless survey was reported as harassment.

Survey? Yeah, a survey.

Exactly what sort of a survey are the two of you conducting?

That story and more will be coming up after this short break.

Do you need some change?

Would you like to borrow some money?

Thank you. God bless.

Hey, what sort of horse pucky is that?

Now listen, guys, I'm not gonna tell you again, but you...

You're gonna have...

I'll be damned.

You, uh... you were...

What's his name?

The best way to deal with ignorance is to recognize it.

I used to watch you every night.

So, and, was I good?

You were fantastic. Thanks.

How in great goodness does it come to this?

Wasn't just one thing.

He missed his call.

Told you I did not miss my call.

It had something to do with the science of cloning.

The science of cloning?

Yep, they're gonna clone the big guy.

I know how you feel, I've been there, but now I'm back in the game.

Sweet lordy.

What's wrong with that cop?

Why was he acting so strange, like he knew you or something?

Sometimes people mistake me for someone else.

They'll be happy to know that I'm back in the game.

Ah, he said something about he used to watch you.

Brown, I'll tell you, you gotta start listening to what people don't say.

It's the best way to stay focused.

All I can focus on is my hunger.

Ooh, yeah.

That is style.

Help is on the way.

Aren't you...

That's right. It's me.

We are now sending you live to the street where Tom has more.

We apologize for our audio difficulty... but the way things seem out here today...

I believe we'll get a reminder.

Reminder that I'm starving?

Into the microphone, Tom.

I will not talk into your fake microphone until you address me by my name.

On the reminder, I'm referring to a Mr. Brown.

Can be as simple as a sneeze.

Just that something to remind people that they're still alive.

Listen, I don't know what you're talking about or why you talk the way you do.

What I do know is that guy, that cop, and a couple others... looked at you like they know you from some place.

And then you throw out the science of cloning?

Who are you, dude?

I'm not keen to why people look at me like they do.

But I do know this.

You are one observant little fellow who stopped to do a little thinking.

My advice for that, don't forget to start up again.

Well... what are we gonna do with this?

Ooh, where did you get that?

While you so cleverly had that big, dumb cop distracted...

I took advantage of my position and kindly removed it from his holster.

You dog, you dirty dog.

Well? What are we gonna do with it?

Wake up, Brown. Wake up.

In the words of the great Howard Jones...

"Ours is the age which is proud of machines that think... and suspicious of men who would try to."

So, for Christ's sakes, man...

Let's make them suspicious.

Hm? Hm?

Hey, yo, hey, yo!

Hey, yo, hey, yo, what?

Little man, step up.

Do you trust these clowns?

Not by the looks of them. Me, neither.

Yo, where'd you get that lid, man?

Oh, this hat, they were having a sale at Macy's.

Not the answer I was looking for, little man.

Chill out, homie, I just picked it out of that trash can over there.


That can right there?

Good enough.

Let's roll.

Did you see the paper today on the Vatican?

How am I gonna explain that to my kid?

Hey, Bob, did you shower today?

Of course.

Did you use soap?

I used a lavender body splash from McGurkin's.

Yeah, well you smell like aquarium rocks.

Hand me some wire, not the speaker wire.

One full slice is all I need and I'm good two days.

What do you say we put that gun to good use?

Witnesses claim the two entered the pizza joint... where the little one pulled out the gun and held everyone up.

While his counterpart grabbed two pizzas... one plain, one pepperoni.

But then we'd be out of the game.

And I hate pepperoni.

That's why I got you the plain, man.

We're live outside of First Union Bank... where two vagrants are holding ten people... hostage with a hand gun.

30 squad cars and ten helicopters... await their hopeless getaway.

Even worse.

How about we sell it to a gang?

Gangs don't need guns.

They're gangs because they already have guns.

I've got it.

Well, that's fantastic!

No, of course, I'm in.

Yeah, she's my wife.

But it's my art and I don't have to check in with her about my acting career.

I look forward to it, yeah.

I'll see you then.


Your dog can come in, but you have to wait outside.

Good one, Shane! How's business?

Oh, it's okay.

It's like the weather, day to day.

Just checking up on our local proprietor, seeing how things are, that's all.

Yeah, just seeing how things are.

You two are acting kind of different today.

Where's Mala?

Oh, she's in the back. Why?

Oh, as a member of the same community as you... my business associate here and I, we're just a little worried... what with all the problems out on the street.

Just want to make sure you were feeling safe, secure.

Out of harm's way. Yes.

I'm good, yeah.

And if so, what are you two gonna do about it?

Just want to make sure, you know... you had yourself some protection.

Protection? Yeah.

Would steel put you at ease?

Let's just say we're back in the game.

What do you think?

I don't know.

Ten clams, it's yours.

Ten, huh?

It's a bargain.

This store smells nice. How about those Steelers?


What the hell are you three talking about?

Cranberries. Yeah.

Shit, the cheese.

I seem to have misplaced my firearm.


I know that sounds strange.

But I had it earlier and now it's gone.

Friend, it sounds like you need to be more astute.

If I see anything, I'll be sure to report it to you.

Thank you.

I guess that's all I can ask.

Go back in an hour to collect?

Ten bucks?

Well, as long as he doesn't give it back to that numbskull.

Five each.

Nicely done, Doke, if that's your name.

You can try and move around it with your fuzzy logic.

But I've seen it there and I've seen it out here.


Plus, I've noticed you talking kind of funny... like you're talking to someone that isn't there.

Somebody I can't see.

Haven't you ever watched television?


Listen, if you'll answer, I'll explain.

I've looked at television through the glass when it sits on display.

Well, not long ago, I was the anchorman for the local news.


I was the host of the show.

I reported the news or tried to.

It was my face on the tube.

Delivering the stories of the day.

Yes, John Simchak, Channel 7. You?

At 6:00 and 11:00.

I wouldn't say that, but I was definitely in the game.

And that's why some people stop and stare.

They still notice this old face.

How'd you end up on the curb?

It started with that fateful call.

That call you missed?

Call I got, changed my life.

It was Tuesday night like any other when that phone rang.

I know I could trust the voice right away.

For no other reason, except knew one of my most personal secrets.

Something I never shared with anyone.

What did someone say that could convince you?

She knew...

I got my hair cut... every 3,000 miles.

What does that mean?

Every time I got my car's oil changed, every 3,000 miles...

I'd get my hair cut.

Doke, that's fucking weird.

What's really weird is I'd never used the same garage or the same barber.

Regardless, she let me know she knew this and more about me.

It was enough to get my ear.

It was explained to me then.

An underground movement had been in motion... and was about ready to reach the mainstream.

I guess I had been profiled, I was told.

I was chosen, the one to deliver the news to the world.

Hell, I already had the attention of quite a few people.

A team composed of the top scientific and theological minds.

Obviously well educated and extremely well financed.

Whose first plan was to clone the prophet Jesus.

Now, I've heard of cloning sheep.

Maybe even humans, but Jesus.

I was completely sucked in.

I guess they're gonna take DNA from the blood off the Shroud of Turin.

That's the cloth they wrapped around his body when they buried him.

It raises all kinds of questions.

He's supposed to come again.

Why not through cloning? Who knows?

Maybe he's already here.

Remember, this was years ago.

On the day of the scheduled meeting, I tried...

Believe me, I followed the instructions.

I tried to be there... on time.

But everything that could possibly get in my way, did.

It's funny how nothing gets in your way when you're not in a hurry... and that's no excuse.

A few minutes.

Guys go a few minutes late.

Who knows what I missed?

Maybe all the information and proof I'd need.

Maybe the even the shroud itself, everything.

And I would need to bring to the world... one of the most significant stories of all time.

The greatest reproduction...

The cloning of Jesus.

But the plot didn't end there.

They have plans to bring them all back.

Muhammad. Sedata.


Smash the line between science and religion... so those people can figure out the sciences of religion.

Evolution, no? Yeah.

The Jews, the Christians, the Muslims.

The Hindus, the Buddhists.

Taoists. All slaves... to time.

People waiting, biding their time.

Yearning for a real experience, a true moment.

Free of this song, sad routine we're all locked into.

Now something's on its way.

To straighten out this damn mess.

But I missed my chance, then couldn't get there.

It's pretty much the beginning of the end for me.

But for that... I'm a better human.

A wiser man.

Wow. You?

You were on television?

And now... I'm here with you.

Call the police!

Everything's gonna explode.

Holy schmoly!

We're back in the game.

Problem here, it looks like they've got it all under control.

Reporting for Channel 7 News.

I'm John Simchak, now back to the studio.

Some sunny day

Have you ever bit the inside of your cheek?

Oh, you wish to God it didn't happen.

Get the big steel, man!

The big steel?

Man, home slice is walking down the wrong motherfucking block on the wrong day.

Back up?

Man, you know the dumb-ass wop supposed to be testifying against Reggie.

And getting innocent to the pimp.

Shamu, get off my ass, man. Whoa, whoa.

He's not in this shit.

It ain't worth it! He'll be cleared.

If you two care to see him again, don't do this.

It's your fucking brother, Reggie, what's he gonna do?

Eddie, shut your mouth! Or what?

I'll cut your balls off while you sleep.


Get in.

Can't stay broke Gotta get respect Trippin' off stacks Like an architect You gettin' tired of the city But the city never rests

There's the dead man right there.

This is for Reggie, motherfucker!


Cocksucker! Turn it around, man! Turn it around!

Go, go, go!

I see this fool, he ain't getting nowhere.

Fuck! Yeah! Yeah!


Damn it! Man, fuck!

Fool, check this.

Would you tap that?

What do you think?

Cocksucker. Gun jammed up on me, man.

Man, that fool ain't getting too far on foot, fool.

Yeah, all right. Keep your head on, we gone find him.

Yeah, okay, okay.

He's got to be the luckiest, dumbest pig alive.

I'm mean goddamn, man! Shit!

Don't worry about it, man.

I told you, man, he ain't getting nowhere.

Shit, shit, shit! Man, be cool, man.

What are them guns for? Hey! Hey!

What's your ass doing back there?

Don't shoot my ass!

Get your ass out from back there!

Shamu, who the hell is this big, little sister, huh?

When did you pick her up?

Man, I didn't pick up nobody.

Fue, what the hell are you doing back there?

Needed a ride? They got taxis for that shit.

My feet are sore.

And them swollen-ass feet almost got you capped.

Now get your ass out this car.

Shamu, what are you doing with those guns?

You're not gonna shoot me, are you?

Shit, I will.

Nobody gonna shot you, Fue.

You promise? Yeah, man.

Hey, Shamu, we got to lose this shit, man.

All right, man, look.

Okay, look, Fue... what you're gonna do is you're gonna get out right here.

Go home and tell nobody about this, okay?

About what?

Bitch, get your fat ass out the car!

I just need a ride... down to the corner.

Shamu, we can't be cartin' this pork-ass all around town.

All right, man, look.

We gonna ride down to the corner... and you gonna get out and go home and say nothing about this.


Say nothing about what?

All right.

Steady knocking Motherfuckers out That's what it's all about When I come to they'll probably Figure shit out All on their own And I'm to break out Thought they was in the zone And they've ground Yes, sir They say the sound of the stars Run a ring around the planets From Venus to Mars Who you looking for?

Damn, Fue.

Who are you looking for?

A white devil, little punk-ass snitch wearing a red lid, all right?


I always leave one alive When I take out a tribe So they can walk on With details of my size Fire in his eyes Like the one on that munchkin?

Yeah, just like the one on that munchkin.

Hey, yo, hey, yo!

Hey, yo, hey, yo, what?

Little man, step up.

That's the hat. Do you trust these clowns?

I don't know, brother, ask him. Me, neither.

Yo, where'd you get that lid?

You mean my hat?

They were having a sale at Macy's.

Not the answer I was looking for, little man.

Chill out, homie.

I just picked it out of that trash can over there.

That can right there.

Good enough. Let's roll.

Damn, you ate all those?

I love candy bars.

You know what, man?

Drop her fat ass off right here.

No, wait, give me a few more minutes.

Ain't nothing good gonna come from a few more minutes.

So, who's Reggie?

I heard you shout, "This is for Reggie."

Fue, how long have you lived in the hood, huh?

You don't know who Reggie is?

Reggie's about to get a life sentence.

Man, why the fuck we spilling this?

What'd he do?


All right, he didn't do nothing!

And that cracker is planning to ID him in court.

If he did nothing, why is he in court?

Oprah, chill with the interrogation.

You don't need to know Reggie's side of the story.

You just need to learn that in this world... your people stand up for they own.

Was he guilty?

So, he was, and this guy you're chasing, he's a witness?

He saw Reggie do it and now Reggie is facing time.

Yeah, snitching son of a bitch is walking around Reggie's neighborhood... with a shit-eating grin on his face.

Well, how is this guy supposed to know where Reggie lives?

Dumb fucker better know where he live if he's gonna help put him behind bars.

You ever bit the inside of your cheek?

Have I ever bit the inside of my cheek?

Not just bit, but accidently chomped down on it really hard.

What the hell are you talking about?

Have you?

Yeah, that pain's the worst.

Do you know that feeling, right after you do it?

That slow motion, wishful feeling that it didn't just happen?

You know what I'm talking about.

Then comes the real shit, the life swelling, eye-watering pain.

And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

There's no going back and reliving that moment... or maybe just changing things a wee bit.

Damn right.

And the pain grows and it spreads and you squirm around.

Oh, you wish to God it didn't happen, but it did.

And now, you have to live with it.

But what really sucks is that this never happens on the last bite of your meal.

So, now the meal is ruined because your mouth is pulsing.

And then sudden jolts of reality runs through your mind.

This life will never allow you to go back and remove the pain.

It's all there. We all gotta learn from it.

We all gotta learn to move on with it.

Yo, this shit is whack.

Why push the head at the speed of pain?

All of us, you, me, you.

That guy you're after.

No one alive can avoid it.

Now, look, I know you're pissed about Reggie.

But don't deal with pain by inflicting more.

Please, brothers, cause no more pain?

Yo, this is all insightful and shit... but sometimes things just have to be finished.

Well, thanks for setting me straight, but now I got myself a stomach ache.

From eating all that garbage.

Well, I ain't gonna go shoot the guy who sold them to me.

And do you know why?

Oh, here the fuck she go again.

'Cause I stole them candy bars.

Stole them, and now I'm paying for it.

They call that karma.

What the fuck you know about karma?

Not much, but I'm learning.

It'd be real easy to take him out, man.

You hear me? In Reggie's pain?

Please, brothers, cause no more pain?


I got him.

What you want to do?

That's him.

That's him, next light.


Don't do it, man.

You know, just scare him a little bit.

Make sure he know we know.

Don't know where Don't know when But I know we'll meet again Some sunny day

We'll meet again Don't know when Don't know where Honey, I can't... Are you able to pay for this?

Apprehend second mark.

She is elusive and dangerous. Proceed with caution.

Code Zero in effect.

Don't know where Don't know when

You're saying that she worked at the terminal for most of the day?

Yeah, she was here from...

Second mark is not present.

There's now speculation that the relic may be here in America.

Experts are saying that rate of espionage of this nature... may include some people not aware they're even involved.

What I think is that we're just getting started.

Armageddon, it's upon us.

Now that we've cloned the sheep, how about the shepherd?

I'm sure the powers that be...

Are you looking for Giovanna?

Oh, yeah, is that you?

It is.

Oh, well, then, this is for you.

Thank you, dear. Right on time.

Yeah, no worries.

It's not a bomb.

I have the package.

You drive.

Is this your bike?

This is my bike. Why?


You should have this.

Thank you.

They say you have everything But they don't see Behind closed doors You smile And put on a show for them But inside you're scared You're crying And it's lonely at the top No one cares for you They only see right through And it's lonely at the top You can't cuddle up with fame I hide when you're lost And it's lonely at the top Don't wear down You can't buy your way out Of the shades of gold It'll crack your soul When the crowd is here But you know who knows Lonely at the top You can't cuddle up with fame I hide when you're lost And it's lonely at the top