The Premonition (1976) Script

What do you think? I don't know yet.

It's so hard to tell.

Well, here, look at this one.

It's her eyes, Andrea. Look at those eyes.

The mouth, see that?

I saw her yesterday when I took the photograph.

This time I'm positive, I know it's her.

You sure her name is Janie?

Yeah, I'm sure. Here, here.

Janie Bennett, the age is right.

It all figures. It's got to be her.

Where does she live? Dover. About five miles from here.

I thought you'd forgotten about me, Jude.

I told you, I'd call you as soon as I found something, didn't I?

Jude, what if it's not her? What if it's like all the other times?

What if we come out with nothing? What then?

We'll wait.

And we keep on waiting until we find her.

Evidence of telepathy appears most readily when the unconscious mind is most receptive.

And it's most receptive in the dream state.

We can tell when the subject is dreaming through alpha brainwave activity.

Heart rate, breathing patterns, ah, R.E.M.

Ah, Bennett. Oh, Dean Fuller, how are you, sir?

Fine, how are you? Fine.

I'd like you to meet Dr Jeena Kingsly.

Dr Kingsly, this is Professor Bennett. How do you do?

Pleased to meet you. Dr Fuller has told me quite a bit about your astro-physics programme. Sounds fascinating.

Dr Kingsly just arrived from London last week.

She is to help us set up our new physics division.

What division is that? Para-physics.

These subjects have already woken and they're trying to sketch the dominant figure in their dreams.

Thank you, Margaret.

May I? Of course.

So what you're saying is that these dreams are inspired by some sort of telepathic communication.

I can see you're a sceptic, Dr Bennett. Sceptic?

I think you'll find our work very closely related.

Trying to understand the phenomena of the real world sometimes reveals more the nature of the mind than the nature of things. Wouldn't you agree?

Our concern at this point is the gathering of facts.

The theory part comes later.

Janie. Janie.

Hi, Mommy.

Who was that? I don't know, some lady.

What did she say to you?

Mommy, can we go to the fair again?

Daddy's home.

Hi, Daddy.

Hi, sweetheart. How's my favourite star tonight?

Fine. Do you love me, Daddy?

Of course, I love you, sweetheart.

Can I carry your briefcase? No, it's too heavy, sweetheart.

Then can I carry the bottle? Sure, take it in the kitchen, OK?

OK. Hey, don't run with the bottle, Janie.

Oh, I'm full of paint. How was your day today?

It was all right. What's the matter? Oh, that. What do you think?

Strange. Very funny.

Can you take me and Mommy to the carnival on Saturday?

Didn't you go with her yesterday? Yes, but I want to go again.

You were right.

We were lucky. I mean, it could have took years to find her.

It did take years. Five stinking years in that rotten pit.

It wasn't all that bad. We never would have met otherwise.

Hey, let's you and me celebrate, huh?

That's a great idea.

I've got some whiskey in the back. I'll go get it.

No, no, no, no, wine.

Wine. I bet the liquor store is still open.

I'll meet you up in my room, OK?


Coming. Coming.

Oh, hold your horses.

Oh, it's you.

That was quick.

I figure we can get a couple of hundred dollars for the trailer. It ain't much...

Leave it behind. There's no time to sell that thing.


There's a house in Clinton County I've been looking at.

I mean, it's nothing. Nothing fancy, but it's cheap, real cheap.

And, I know the owner, he's a nice sort of guy.

It'd be a good place to settle down. It'd be good for the kid. Good for Janie.

Settling down?

What are you talking about settling down for?

Sometimes I don't understand you, Jude.

Settling down for what? This comes first.

No, no, listen, listen, Andrea.

Andrea, this house...

We can hide out in it for a while until things blow over.

It's way out in the middle of nowhere.

There are no roads, no towns, nothing, just woods.

Nobody has lived there for years. They'll never find us.

Miles? Mm?

There was a strange woman watching Janie today.

Miles, in the school yard today, there was a woman I've never seen before looking at Janie.

Ah, well...

What was Janie doing?

It doesn't matter what Janie was doing.

Did this woman say anything to her?

I heard her call Janie's name.

What you're really saying is that consciousness is more primordial than matter. Are you ready to accept that?

You mean am I ready to view reality as an arbitrary consensus?



Then how do you account for telepathy or precognition or retrocognition?

I'm not so sure that I do.

That's because the fundamental principles upon which your science is based on are incomplete.

Would it help if I closed my eyes? You might find you'll see a lot better.

Tell me Dr Kingsly, will this new age of enlightenment pass me by?

Perhaps not. I'm leading a seminar in about 15 minutes.

Why don't you drop in? Wonderful. You won't mind?

Why should I mind? But you must promise me one thing, Dr Bennett.


Miles. What's that?

That you come with the open minded spirit of true and free scientific inquiry.

Leave behind my prejudices. And fears.

Fears. Promise?


Hi, Sheri.

Hi, Lenore. How'd it go this morning?

Well, my lawyer said it went all right, but you know Barry. I could never get...

Ah, do you mind if, if we didn't go to lunch today?

Anything the matter, Sheri? What do you mean?

You, you just seem down all of a sudden.

Oh, no, I'm just a little tired. Ah, Janie had bad dreams last night.

What were they about?

She said she didn't remember, but whatever they were, they terrified her.

And so the fundamental assumption of modern science is that we are separate entities and everything is external to us.

This approach, however, obscures our true nature.

Parapsychology becomes a rather philosophic and theological science at this point.

What is the cause of such an illusion?

It arises from the structure of our nervous system and the false way we are trained as children to perceive.

The clairvoyant reality is totally rejected by science and finds expression only in, art, music, religion.

Hi, Mommy.

Oh, hello, darling. Hi.

Hello. Oh, hello, Miles.

No, I'm all right. What's up?

Oh, oh, I see. No, no, that's OK.

No, really, it's all right.

Maybe I'll have Lenore come over tonight.


I love you, too.

It was all so strange.

I'm not even sure how I got to the school to pick Janie up.

Do you suppose it had anything to do with Janie's nightmare.

Maybe. I never thought of that.

You know, I once read about two miners who were trapped in a mine for two weeks and they began to share the same hallucinations.

You and Janie maybe... Come on, Lenore.

Who knows? Maybe. Mommy.


What are you doing up? I can't sleep.

Well, you have to try. When's Daddy coming home?

Daddy will be home soon. He's having dinner with another professor.

Now, I want you to go back upstairs. It's past your bedtime.


She is mine.

And, she'll always be mine.

It's all right, Mommy's here.

It's all right, baby.

Where the hell is the kid?


Yes, could you get me the police?

Is this an emergency? Get me the police.

Hey, this is my house. I live here.


Miles. Oh, it was so awful.

I, I don't know how she... What?

What happened? I don't know how...

Sheri, what happened? She...

Is Janie all right? Janie's in the bedroom.

What happened?

We got a call about an attempted kidnapping.

Kidnapping! Is my daughter all right?

She's upstairs asleep.

I trusted you.

You told me there'd be no problem.

What the... are we going to do with a goddamn doll?

No! No!

Hi, Lieutenant. Where is everybody?

Upstairs. Doctor got here about five minutes ago.

Father here yet?

He's standing right behind you, sir.

She's asleep.

Mr Bennett, Mark Denver, detective, county police.

Mind if I ask you a few questions?

No, not at all.

Now, where were you at the time of the break in?

I was having dinner with a colleague. I got here after the cops came.

Could you imagine why anyone would want to kidnap your daughter?


'...kidnapping attempt earlier this evening.

'Dover police are now searching the area

'for one or possibly more unidentified persons.

'One, a young woman wearing a red dress.

'She allegedly entered the home of Dover College Professor Miles Bennett

'on Crestview Drive and made her way into the bedroom of his daughter.

♪ Yellow, yellow daffodils

♪ You're dancing in the sun

♪ Oh, yellow, yellow daffodils

♪ You tell me spring has come ♪

You are such a pretty baby.

Yes, you are. Oh, yes, you are, aren't you?

Your mommy loves you. Yes, she does.

You're her favourite little girl in the whole world.

What are you doing? Leave us alone.

Goddamn it, let go.


Oh, my God, my baby!

My baby.

What did you do to my baby?

Your baby?

Your baby's back in the goddamn house with its mother.

What's it to you?

You're not her father.

You are nobody's father.

And, you're never going to be anyone's father.

You aren't even a goddamn man.

Quiet? Like a church.

Well, it didn't mean much to me at the time, but my wife said she saw some woman, a stranger, talking to Janie in the school yard.

Oh, when was that?

I think it was Monday.

You know, Sheri's very concerned.

She always has been about Janie.

She's lost... we've lost two children in childbirth.

I see.

That's all.

Except, except this thing.

This thing that happened last night.

Do you think that might be the same woman?

I don't know.

You see... we're not Janie's natural parents.

Sheri and I adopted Janie five years ago.

'Parapsychology lab.'

Yes, Dr Jeena Kingsly, please.

Oh, she is.

Well, can I leave a message? This is Professor Bennett.

That's right, that's right.

And I'll call her later. Thank you very much.

'Come here, Miles.'


Sheri, are you all right?

Honey, what are you doing out of bed?

Ah, I just got a little chill that's all.

Honey... just before in the bathroom while I was brushing my hair, the mirror began to...

What about the mirror?

It frosted up, Miles. Became foggy.

I think Janie's mother is putting a hex on us.

Sheri, between what happened last night and the pills that Dr Page gave you, I think you just...

Miles, how do you explain the mirror?

I can't. Not right now. But, there is...

There's a plausible explanation for everything, right?

Todd Fletcher? That's right.

Mark Denver, detective, county police.

That's a new one. Come on in.

Recuperating from something?

Ah, on the job injury. The spinal column. My legs are paralysed.

Attractive little place you have here. You live alone?

My girlfriend lives with me.

Not your ex-wife by any chance?

Ah, Andrea? No. I haven't heard from her since the divorce.

Five years ago. About that, yeah.

Ever talk to her?

Not even hello. Why? Is she in trouble?

Missing. Missing.

She's been missing since the day I met her.

She was released from the state mental hospital six months ago.

This was her last known address.

After I had my accident... she felt tied down, imprisoned.

I was willing to give her a divorce.

She refused at first, but...

Well, one day I came home from vocational training and she was gone. She, she left and took Janie.

The, only thing she left behind was this trunk.

What's in it? Music. Her music. Tons of it.

She never sent for it either.

I, I heard that, er, she'd started going out again.

She'd leave Janie at home for days at a time.

I wanted to take care of her, but, but I couldn't. Not like this.

Did you have her put away?

No, I, I didn't have to.

She was found one week later on a stage during a concert in New Orleans.

Stark naked and half out of her mind.

Mm. Well, Mr Fletcher, I get the picture.

Sorry to discommode you.

Ah, not at all, Mr Denver.

Hey. Mm?

You know, I, I did hear from her. Oh?

Just after she got out.

A letter. She needed money and naturally she came to me first.

Did you send it to her? Ah, are you kidding?

I couldn't afford the price of a postage stamp.

Did she tell you where to send it?

Some address in Roxbury.

You can keep it if you want. I'm surprised I didn't throw it out.

It's impossible, Jeena.

It's impossible only if you consider physical agents, Miles.

Then how do you account for it?

According to the present laws of physical science, I couldn't.

I would either have to deny it happened or I would ignore it.

She says it did happen.

Yes, and other equally inexplicable events may occur as well.

Between the kidnapping attempt and the vulnerability Sheri must feel, not being the natural mother of Janie.

What do you come up with? A mess, I tell you.


Miss Fletcher. Miss Fletcher!

Do you hear something? Sounds like voices.

Miss Fletcher are you there?

Has she had any visitors here lately?

One man and that's all.

Would you recognise him if you saw him again?

I would recognise him even if I was blindfolded.

What's the matter?

Something happened in Janie's room while you were gone.


The light. The daylight from the window went.

It went dark all around me.

But, the window stayed the same.

But, the rest of the room...

I wasn't going to tell you.

Let's have a look.

Miles. That's not all. I saw that, that woman again.

In Janie's room?

She was sitting on Janie's bed.

She was covered with blood. Miles, she looked like death.

Turn on the light.

Oh, I love the way you touch me.

Oh, I love touching you.

Oh, I can almost...

Oh, let it ring, honey.

Miles, please.


'Sheri, this is Andrea.'


'You know, Janie's mother.'

I'm Janie's mother.

'Janie's real mother.

'You've got my baby, Sheri.'

We don't have your baby, she's ours and you can't have her.

I won't let... I won't let you...

Sheri, give me the phone.

'There's nothing you can do. I'm coming for my baby.'

Hello. Hello...?

I hear nothing.


Miles. I heard nothing, Sheri.

Sheri, there's someone I want you to meet.

Someone who just might be able to...

I don't know exactly, but I...

I'm not interested in hearing what you or anybody else you know has to say about anything.

This person's working in a field which might just shed some light on what's going on around here.

What is he? A psychiatrist?

It's a she. She's a parapsychologist.

She just arrived this week and I talked to her about your visions.

She said they just might possibly be something.


Miles, of course, there's something.

Will you talk to her?

Please, Sheri. Will you please talk to her?

All right.

Mommy, is there a turtle heaven?

There's a heaven for each of us, Janie.

Even for Spot?

Even for Spot.

Hello? Oh, Miles, thank God.

I was waiting for your...

Right now?

As soon you Janie and you can get over here.

Hold on, I'll find out. Jeena, ah, how long will this take?

It, it's hard to say. Mm-hm, good.

All right, we'll meet at my office in the physics building.

Feel cold, sweetie?


Give me my coat, sweetie.

Oh, my God, no.

Mommy, what's that funny stuff on the window?

I don't know, sweetheart. Get down, Janie. Get down!

Mommy. Mommy.

Get down, Janie. Get down on the floor, honey. Get down on the floor.


Ah, where's Janie? Janie! Janie!

May I talk to her?

Be best to let her sleep for just a bit.

'Dr Adler, Dr Adler, 163.'

Is my daughter all right?


Janie, our daughter. She was in the car with Sheri.

Mrs Bennett was the only one brought into the hospital, sir.

What? Are you sure?

You can check with Dr Larabee.

I want to see Dr Larabee. Would you spell the last name?

For Christ sake. He's right over there, sir.

Dr Larabee. Yes?

My wife, Sheri Bennett, was brought into the hospital today.

That's Room C down the corridor.

I just came from there. The nurse told me she was the only one brought in.

That's right. My daughter was in the car with her.

Your daughter? There wasn't anyone else in the car.

Dr Larabee, she was there.

She was with my wife in the car.

She was there with my wife in the car.

Hello. Hello?

'You are such a pretty baby. Yes, you are, aren't you?

Who is this? 'Mommy loves you. Yes, she does.'

Just tell me who this is.

You're her favourite little girl in all the world.

Hello. Hello?

Sorry about that, Mrs Bennett.

We thought it best to let you sleep.

We unplugged your extension. I'll hook it back if you like.

Your husband's outside. Would you like to see him?

How are you feeling?

Janie's gone, isn't she?

She took her.

Police are searching the area. But, they're going to find her.

It was Andrea. She put a hex on the car.

The nurse said they'd probably let you come home tomorrow.

She planned for it to crash. She was waiting there to take Janie.

Sheri, please.

Andrea's kidnapped her. She's got her now.

Nobody's ever going to find her.

Andrea's got special powers.

Honey, why don't you get some sleep?

We'll never see Janie again.

Miles, turn the car around.

Why? What's the matter?

Please, we're going the wrong way.

Sheri, we'll be home in five minutes.

Please turn the car around.

Go to the right.

We must call a doctor.

I want no one to know about her. Do you understand?

But, the girl is not well. I'll take care of her.

She needs a doctor. Don't tell me what she needs!

Yeah, yeah, just a minute.

Yeah, what can I do for you?

Mark Denver, county police.

I'm looking for a young girl about six years old.

Missing since last night. Maybe you've seen her.

No, sorry. Take a good look.

You say she disappeared last night. That's right.

Try the guy over in the carousel. A lot of kids come through there.

I'll do that.

Honey, you know where we're going?

Here, turn off here.

We're almost here.

Almost where?

Drive onto that driveway.


She's here. I know she's here.

Who's here? I can feel it.

Janie? I don't know.

Let's get out of here. This place belongs to somebody.

We can't come in here and look in this lake like this. Come on.

There's death in this lake.

Oh, my God, no.

Mrs Bennett, they just recovered a body.

It's not your daughter.

Would you like to go home?

This leaves you little choice, Miles.

She knew exactly where she was going.

By the way, Professor, I'd like you to take a look at this.

Where'd you get this? At the boarding house in Roxbury where Andrea Fletcher used to stay.

Do you have any idea who took this picture?

No, no idea.

Ah, I figured as much. It's too bad.

Well, the coroner will want me to be signing the papers.

You'll be available this afternoon? Mm-hm.

Let's hope we have some news by then. A pleasure to meet you, ma'am.

She's calmed down now.

Maybe she'll sleep.

I wish to hell this thing would end, Jeena.


there's not much time.

We must now deal completely within the metaphysical system.

Sheri, whenever you're ready,

I would like you to lift the veil from the portrait.

Hello. Yes, he is. It's for you.

Dr Bennett. Ah, Jesus, I'm sorry.

I forgot all about it. I, I know. Look, I'll be right there. OK.

I'm er... Sorry I'm late.

Ah, our discussion today involves the black holes of the universe, the collapse of stars of such density that matter, anti-matter and light cannot escape it's gravity.

The idea that space has structure may sound strange since we usually think of space as a kind of nothingness...

Born of clouds of dust and gases, stars lead relatively uneventful lives, pouring out energy.

And then they die.

Allow the painting to caress you.

Two energies flow through you.

Don't use your will. Surrender it.

Oh, my God, no. No. No. No.

I got something for you. You hold this for me, OK?

I got something for you.

Ah, what a wonderful, beautiful thing I got for you.

Wait. Yes, yes, yes, do I have something for you.

Ah, oh, yes.

Dah-dah! Dah-dum. Dah-dah-dah-dah-dum.

She's alive. I saw her.

Tell me exactly what you saw.

'My feeling is that Janie is still alive.'

This music means something.

I know it does.

Mind if I use your phone, Professor?

Of course.

Inspector. Hm?

Are there any stables in this area?

A couple of dozen and some horse farms, too.

I think wherever we find Janie,

there will be horses.

Whatever you say.

Lieutenant, I found it. Here, let's check it. That's it!

'Operator. May I help you?'

'This is the operator, may I help you?'

'May I help you?'

That wasn't the Star Spangled Banner your wife was humming this afternoon.

It was this. The last music Andrea Fletcher wrote before she got locked up.

And, before she was killed.

The body in the lake. That's right.

And the coroner's report sets her death in no less than 48 hours before your daughter's disappearance.

With the Fletcher girl dead, we lose our prime suspect.

And without a ransom note, nor any other evidence that this is a kidnapping, and without any motivation, well, I just can't see myself bringing this to the FBI. Not at this point.

Ordinarily, Professor, I just step back and turn it over to missing persons.

But, I just can't let myself do that.

Something's not adding up.

There's too many weird things going on.

Like your wife bringing you to the lake.

And this music.

There's a hidden key to all of this buried underneath.

I want to be there when it's found.

We're losing her.

There's so little time.

I can feel Andrea's anger.

You must appease it then.

Appease a dead woman's anger?

The woman is dead, Inspector, but her anger still lives.

Unless we turn it into love, anger never dies.

All right, how do you propose we do that?

Andrea wanted two things. She's got one now.

Let's give her the other and see what happens.

Lieutenant, we are going to present a concert tonight.

I'm not sure I can remember how to play.

It doesn't matter. Do as best you can.

Well, folks, is that it? Can I send my men home?

I think we've just about had it. No, I need them.

She's going to try again in a few minutes.

Will you please let me know when you're all done here.

I'll be back in a little while. I'll be at your place in case you need me.

Are you serious, Jeena?

I don't think Sheri can handle any more of this.

I think that's up to Sheri to decide.

Mind if I join you? Not at all.

I take it the concert didn't work. Hm.

You knew it wouldn't, didn't you?

Yeah, but the good Dr Kingsly just won't back off.

Look, look at what I just found in today's mail.

Look at that. I can't believe she's gone.

Holy cats.

I've got to stop this. Let her play.

No, she's had enough.

Could you tell me where I could find the man who took this picture?

That there is Jude, the clown, you want to see, mister.

But, where is he?

Well, you won't find him here. He ran off about ten minutes ago.

'Why don't you take a ride over to 368 Seminary Avenue.'

The horses.

Oh, my God, the horses.

I got to get in the trailer. Lay off.

I want to get in.

Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is she? Where is she?!