The Price of Fear (1956) Script

This dog track has nothing to do with the story.

But without it, there wouldn't be any story because a racketeer's desire to get control of it set forces in motion that caused a man and a woman who had never met, who were not likely ever to meet, to converge on each other like express trains.

And with the same result.

The man is half-owner of the track.

Honest, altogether a decent guy.

His name is Dave Barrett.

Don't be frightened, Dave.

This isn't a stick-up.

Now, who let you in?

I let myself in.

Looks like I'll have to have the locks changed.

Don't waste your money, Dave.

You'll just have to get extra copies made for Frankie.

Where did Frankie edare get those keys?

And why? Where is easy.

From your ex-partner, Lou belden.

Why is obvious.

Ex-partner? Catching on.

Belden sold out to edare? Bingo.

I don't believe it. Believe it.

Where's Frankie edare right now?

He's at the intermezzo having dinner.

He's saving a place for you.

Let's go.

While Dave is on his way, a lovely businesswoman is coming happily out of the nightclub.

She has devoted her life to her work.

And the greatest success of her career is within her reach.

And tonight she is celebrating.

Jessica Warren.

Beautiful, successful, above reproach.

A woman used to making decisions, and right decisions.

She's happy.

Maybe a bit too happy.

Heading toward a fateful decision.

Hello, Dave. Sit down, have a steak.

No thanks. I'm not hungry.

Oh, come on, sit down.

Black Angus.

Raised them on my ranch.

The best steaks in town.

And when I operate a place, everything is the best.

You'll find that out, Dave.

Not if I can help it.

Well, Dave, we're business partners now.

Hm, if you say so. Mm-hmm.

I got a paper in here which proves it.

Signed by your former associate.

How'd you get Lou to sell out?

You think I pressured him?

I didn't need to pressure him. He offered me a deal.

You don't believe me, ask Lou.

What's your angle, Frankie?

There's nothing in my setup for an operator like you.

Not the way you run it.

That's the way I'm gonna run it.

I'm not cutting you in.

Don't beg for trouble, Dave.

There won't be any trouble, not if you pull out now.

Oh-oh, Dave, I got a better idea.

You pull out. I'll give you the same deal I gave belden.

You must be stupid, Frankie.

Racing commission hears that you're moving in, they'll close down the track in five minutes.

Belden's gonna front for me.

Now, who's gonna know my connection?


Okay, Dave.

Anything goes wrong, I'll know who to thank.

I couldn't help it, Dave. You couldn't help it?

Now, wait a minute. So help me, I...

Take it easy now.

Look. Four ribs they broke.

Okay. So now all you've got to worry about is me.

So help me, I ever lay eyes on you again, I'll kill ya!

All right, Dave, get outta here.

I don't go for this rough stuff.

Come on, Lou. I'll buy you a drink.

Rummy, come on back here.

No. No.

They're following us, all right.

Mister, I don't want to get in any trouble.

Okay, look...

Mcnab, here's 20 bucks.

Pull over and stop. You bet.



Give me the police.

Police department. Hello?

Hello? Police department.


This is Jessica Warren. 600 Chelsea drive.

I want to report a stolen car.

No, I've had enough, Frankie.

Oh, come on, Lou. It'll do you good.

No more. I can't take it. Come on.

One more. Good scotch.



Yeah, just a minute. Boss?

Yeah? Frankie?

We lost Barrett.

What do we do now, go back and wait for him at his apartment?

No, Dave's no sitting duck.

He's scared.

Yeah, he's got some angles to figure.

He's smart enough not to light any place till he's figured 'em.

Did you get the number of that cab?

I know the cabbie.

Uh, he's a guy named Johnny mcnab.

He hacks around the club a lot.


Uh, take off until tomorrow night.

Enjoy yourself.

Dave is gunning for you, Lou.

You think Dave is really sore enough...

Don't worry. I'm driving you home myself.

We'll go out the back way. My car is parked there.


What was that? What?

Wait here.

It's okay.

Nothin' but a cat.

S... somebody phone the police.

A friend of mine has just been shot.

Jessica Warren, I love you.

The first I heard of this was when I saw it spread all over the front page of the morning paper.

My name's Pete carroll. I'm a city detective.

Who gave this to the papers? I did. Why?

Well, you're lucky they didn't quote you, lieutenant.

You got another angle, Pete?

Yeah. Dave Barrett didn't do it.

You've been bettin' on the dogs lately?

Well, if you mean, is Dave a friend of mine, the answer is yes.

Then where is he?

Have you tried his home, Jim?

Stop kidding, Pete, he didn't go home all last night.

Nobody's laid an eye on him since he threatened to kill belden.

Who said he threatened belden? Frankie edare?

About 20 withesses.

All disinterested, all in full possession of their faculties.

Quote, "if I ever see you again, I'll kill you." Unquote.

Well, that doesn't prove anything.

This wasn't their first skirmish.

Belden had been dipping into the till.

Dave was pressuring him to pay up.

So he whacks him off to make sure he can't collect?

That make sense to you? Another thing.

You haven't placed him at the scene of the crime, you haven't got a murder weapon.

Yes? Bring bolasny in.

Yes, sir.

Who's bolasny?

Runs a hockshop down on 3rd street.

Sit over here, Mr. bolasny.

Mr. bolasny, this is sergeant carroll.

Tell him what you told me.

Uh, I don't want to make any trouble for Mr. Barrett, lieutenant.

Just because he bought a shotgun from me...

When? Yesterday evening.

I was just closing the shop when he came in.

How do you know it was Barrett?


Uh, sometimes I bet on the dogs races.

So I look in the sporting pages for the winners.

I saw Mr. Barrett's picture there many times.

Were the lights on when he came in?

Excuse me?

You were closing up the shop.

Didn't you turn off some of the lights?

L... 1... I don't understand.

Well, you could be mistaken.

It was dark in there.

Could you be sure that the man was Barrett?

Yes, I am sure.

Thank you, Mr. bolasny. You can go now.

Why a shotgun?

It did the job.

I think somebody was gunnin' for Frankie and they got the wrong guy.

Frankie thinks somebody was gunnin' for both of 'em.

And he thinks that somebody was Barrett.

You're gonna have to pick up Barrett.

You know that, don't you?

Yeah, I, I guess so.

Lieutenant Walsh.

Well, hold on. Stick around, Pete.

When was he picked up?

On what charge?

Take him to the interrogation room.

They've got Barrett in a cell downstairs.

Picked him up early this morning on suspicion of Grand Theft Auto.

Dave Barrett, a car thief?

Well, that's the wildest one yet.

Hey, Pete. Yeah, mort?

We've got the guy that did that hit and run last night.

It's the car thief they're holding downstairs.

What? Yeah.

Exhibit a, a fragment of glass from the scene of the accident.

Exhibit b, a fragment of glass from a light of the stolen car.

Ah, it's a perfect fit.

Also, bloodstains from the Fender of the stolen car match the victim's blood, the same type and a rare one.

Anything else? Yeah.

The victim's watch stopped at 12:31.

Good work, mort.

Say, would you get to work on that buckshot that they got out of belden?

Sure, Pete.

You got trouble, soldier.

What trouble?

She presses the charges, I plead guilty and get a suspended sentence.

Chances are she won't, though, after I...

You get some pretty girls in your bastille, Pete.

Look, I didn't steal that car.

Let's forget about the car for a minute.

Talk about Lou belden. Why?

Because I gotta find out who killed him. That's why.

Lou, killed? When?

About two hours after you threatened to kill him.

Frankie was with him.

Lou wasn't much good, but...

I say the wrong man got it.

Hey, wait a minute.

They don't think I did it, do they?

No. Not anymore.

That hit-and-run you did alibis you.


Look, sarge, stop talking like a detective and give it to me straight, will you?

All right.

You ran down that old man at approximately 12:30.

You couldn't possibly have driven from the scene of the accident in time to kill Lou belden.

But I didn't run down any...

Hey, wait a minute.

How good is the frame for the belden killing?

It's very good so far.

And if I know Frankie edare, it'll improve as time goes on.

Come on, Dave, let's go.

Ms. Warren, do you know this man?

No. Did you ever see him before?


Ms. ferranti, have you ever seen this man?


Now then, Ms. Warren, according to your statement, you left the domino restaurant at approximately midnight and drove straight to your office.

It might have been earlier. It was certainly no later.

Uh, twelve o'clock then, give or take ten minutes?

That's right.

How long did it take you to drive from your restaurant to your office?

Five or six minutes.

There was very little traffic at that time.

Do you ordinarily leave the keys in your car?


It was a bad habit of mine.

And you didn't notice that the car was missing until you telephoned the police?

That's correct.

Thank you, Ms. Warren. That's all.

Now then, Barrett.

We're holding you on suspicion of Grand Theft Auto, pending further investigation of the hit-and-run.

If the man dies, you'll be charged with manslaughter.

But I...

I don't understand.

You mean that this man or whoever stole my car...

He did it, all right.

How dreadful.

And you?

She's the victim's daughter, Ms. Warren.

Oh. I'm sorry.

I, I... I feel sort of responsible.

You see, if I hadn't left my keys in my car...

Dr. ferranti is still alive, Ms. Warren.

When he tells his story, it'll change a lot of things.

I know that merger's not gonna happen.

But the time to sell is just before it doesn't happen.

Do you agree? Good.

Then we'll hold on a little longer.

Excuse me. Yes, Mary?

There's a Mr. Barrett out here.

Who? A Mr. David Barrett.

He says it's important.

All right, I'll... I'll see him.

Uh, excuse me, Mr. Harrison, I'll have to call you back.

Don't be frightened, Ms. Warren. I didn't break out of jail.

They let me out on bail.

I'm not frightened. Merely puzzled.

Puzzled? What about?

I don't understand how a man like you would steal a car.

Oh, I'm just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill car thief.

Don't talk nonsense, not with me.

Well, I didn't really steal it.

I just borrowed it because I, because I needed it, but I didn't...

Didn't run down that man? No.

But I'm going to find out who did.


And what do you want of me?


You might explain why you told the police that your car was stolen in front of this building.

Because it was. Not by me.

I picked it up in a gas station on the other side of town.

But that's impossible.

That's right...

But it's true.

I don't know why, Mr. Barrett, but I'm inclined to believe you.

Well, thank you.

Let's keep that our secret for the time being.

But if you are innocent...

I want them to think I'm guilty for a while.

Hm. Now I am really puzzled.

I'm supposed to have been in the act of murdering a man named belden at the time ferranti was struck down.

Murder? I didn't do it.

The only way I can prove that I didn't is to let them think that I am the man who really ran ferranti down in your car.

Mr. Barrett, I hope you won't think me unsympathetic, but you must understand that my livelihood depends upon my clients' confidence in me.

It would be fatal if they should think that I had anything to do with a suspected murderer and a proven car thief.

After all, your problems are not of my making.

Do you understand?


"These then are the facts."

You willfully and feloniously quit the scene of the accident with wanton disregard for the life of the injured man in violation of the laws

"and statutes of this state."

Would you say that this is an accurate statement as to the facts in this case, Mr. Barrett?

As far as it goes, yes.

Anything you would care to add to it at this time?


Any specific objections?

Let's get this over with.

Uh, just a moment, captain. Yes, Mr. Mitchell?

The district attorney doesn't want Barrett charged at this time.

We have a full confession here, waiting to be signed.

All right, Barrett. You're free to go.

Hey, wait. What's your hurry, Mitchell?

You'll get a call from our office, Barrett.

I haven't time to talk to you just now.

Maybe you better take time.

It's all very simple.

We just don't want you to perjure yourself.

The da has pledged to protect the innocent as well as punish the guilty.

And, uh, you know as well as I do...

You didn't run down ferranti. What makes you so sure?

Because you were on the other side of town on your way to murder belden.

You really think you can prove that?

We've got 20 witness to testify that you threatened belden's life.

We got a witness who says you bought a shotgun.

Belden was murdered with a shotgun.

Have you found the shotgun?

We will.

What are you doing here? Naturally, I'm interested.

What are you going to do now?

Well, they're gonna have a rough time finding the fella that really did that hit-and-run.

Otherwise, there's a guy named Frankie edare who would have found him by now.

Frankie doesn't like my using it as an alibi any more than the da does.

And while they're looking for him, I've got to find a way to stay out of the electric chair.

Well, there's nothing you can do about it for the next hour or so, is there?

I thought you wanted to stay out of this whole business.

I did, but watching you just now, I, I had to believe in your innocence.

And I want to help.

And besides... Yes?

I'm hungry.

Good evening. Good evening.

May I come in? Of course.

Thank you.

I'll tell you how it is, Ms. Warren.

The district attorney is pressuring us to get Dave off on that hit-and-run charge.

But I thought you were David's friend.

I'm also a policeman.

And being a policeman comes first, even if it means having your friend convicted of murder?

Ferranti's watch stopped at the time of the accident.


You reported your car stolen at 12:45.

But I told you I didn't know what time it was.

I reported it to the police as soon as I missed it.

After the accident.

Why don't you come out and say what you're thinking?

All right.

Dave's not a car thief.

Edare was out to get him.

He stole your car to make a getaway.

He didn't even know about the hit-and-run until I told him.

Therefore, he must have picked up the car someplace else, after someone else had ditched it.

I suppose it's possible, but I still don't see...

Ms. Warren, what would you say the odds are on a car being stolen twice in one hour?

I've never computed them.

Hello, Jessica. I'm sorry I'm late.

Say, what's going on here?

Ms. Warren will tell you all about it, Dave.

Wait a minute, Pete. I wanna talk to you.

All right.

My colleagues down at headquarters have just torn your apartment to pieces in a last ditch effort to find that gun that killed belden.

They've got orders to search everything.

Whose brainstorm is this?

District attorney.

He figures all he needs to nail you for that killing is the shotgun.

Yeah”? How do you figure it?

That depends on where we find the gun.

Goodnight, Ms. Warren.

Goodnight, Dave. Pete.


What is it? I feel terrible.

You look beautiful.

Sergeant carroll thinks I ran down that poor man.

Did he say that? Not in so many words.

He suspects me.

Jessica, look at me.

Did you do it?

No. I didn't.

That's good enough for me.

And what about you?

I've got an out when I need it. I was in a taxi at the time.

And I know the driver's name. Well, then why haven't you...

He can also place me within shooting distance of belden.

That's why I'm saving him till I need him.

Are you sure he'll recognize you?

He'll recognize me, all right.

I tipped him $20, and his name's mcnab.

You don't seem very pleased.

Oh, I... I am, really, I am, but...

Don't you see that when you're clear, they'll come right back at me?

Jessica, listen to me.

If I ever thought I'd be standing here in my right mind with two sets of bloodhounds on my trail for two crimes I didn't commit...

I'm not minding very much when you look at me the way you are right now, why...


You've got nothing to be afraid of.

Stop worrying. Promise?


Trust me.

I can handle Pete.

The thing that bothers me is...

Do I know how to handle you?

Yes, ma'am, what can I do for you?

I'm looking for a driver named mcnab.


Everybody is looking for mcnab.

So mcnab turned his cab in last Friday and he never came back.

I tried to call him, but he moved out.

He left no forwarding address.

That's all I know.

Would everybody mean Mr. frank edare?

Frank edare? You mean, the big wheel?

Look, I would make it worth your while if you could find Mr. mcnab for me.

If I do, where can I reach you?

Uh, I'll telephone you.

Paddy gorin. I want to talk to Frankie edare.

Ms. Warren? Yes?

I'm Frankie edare.


You and I have a few things to talk over, Ms. Warren.

What on earth could you and I possibly have to talk of, Mr. edare?

Shall I go in to detail?

Not here.

Care to go for a drive?

Ah, you're quite a girl, Jessica.

Thank you. Oh, don't worry.

I wasn't about to make a pass.

That's very kind of you.

Oh, now, don't get me wrong. I'd like to.

But with me, business comes first.

You know, we've got an awful lot in common, Jessica.

Oh? Mm-hmm.

Such as a powerful itch to locate a character named mcnab.


Oh, don't be cute.

Ah, like I say, we both want mcnab.

You want him to clear your boyfriend of that hit-and-run.

On, it's okay with me. I like it that way.

But once he's clear of that, I've got all the evidence it takes to send him up for the belden murder.

He didn't kill belden and you know it.

He didn't pull that hit-and-run.


You say something? No.

I get it. An insurance policy...

I don't know what you're talking about.

Stupid me.

Well, I thought you were betting on the wrong horse.

And all the time you want Barrett sent over for that hit-and-run, don't you?

You want mcnab kept quiet, don't you?

Did I say that? Oh, you don't have to.

Ah, Jessica, you and I are gonna do business together yet.

Watch and see.

That depends on which of us finds mcnab first.

No matter who finds him first, he's mine.

If you want to stay pretty and stay in business, you better make a note of that.

You must have a lot of money in that greyhound track.

Oh, it's not the money.

I just don't like people that get in my way.

Mr. edare, if David were convicted for manslaughter, that would put him out of your way for a few years.

Wouldn't that be enough?

Well, that old man might just recover.

You ever thought of that?

He hasn't regained consciousness.

They don't expect him to last the night.


No, I... I prefer capital punishment.

It's so nice and permanent.

It's getting chilly.

Don't you think we ought to be going back?

Then let's change places, sweetheart.

I don't trust your driving.

Ms. Warren's apartment? That's right.

This is marked, "personal.” Oh.

Well, just put it there, please.

Thank you.


Some flowers just arrived for you, Ms. Warren.

How nice.

Shall I put them in water? Please.

Is Ms. Warren in? Yes, she is, Mr. Barrett.

I'll tell her you're here. Thank you.

It's all right, alba.

What a nice surprise.

Well, I thought you might like to go to the races on this lovely afternoon.

I'd love to, it'll take me a moment to get dressed.

Oh, your flowers just arrived.

What are they? Roses?

Your guess is as good as mine.

What does it mean, David?

Pete, I'm at Jessica Warren's apartment.

Someone just sent her a shotgun.

Hold it.

Jim? Yeah, Pete?

Anyone sent in a tip on the belden murder gun?

In Jessica Warren's apartment.

Probably some crackpot, but I'm sending over a couple of men, just in case.

Well, hold them. I'll handle it.

Hello, Dave? Yes, Pete?

I'll be right over.

Is this what it came in? Yes.

I'm afraid I'll have to take you downtown, Ms. Warren.

We'll have to make a full report on this.

Look, Pete. It's such an obvious plan.

What's to be gained by dragging her name through the headlines?

Maybe putting her out of business just to make something official that you already know.

I'm sorry, Dave, but I have to.

The book says you have to.

What do you say?

Ms. Warren, if you'll mail me a signed statement, I promise not to use it unless I absolutely have to.

Is that fair enough? It's more than fair.

Sergeant carroll. Thank you.

That's all right. Bye, Ms. Warren. See you, Dave.

Oh, say, Dave.

Call me at the office in the morning. I've got an idea.


Bye. Goodbye.

Thank you, David.

Good morning, pop. Why do you always come here?

Already I got enough trouble because of you.

Oh, what's eating you? What's eating me, you ask?

You stay here all day.

The police spy on me at night.

Followed everywhere.

We love you, popsie.

We don't want nothing should happen to you.

Hey, you got anything to read back there?

Here's a newspaper. Thanks.

This is a foreign newspaper.

You think I'm illiterate?

I'm sorry. Excuse me, please. That's okay, pop.

I got some magazines out in the car.

What can I do for you? Can I sell a gun here?

Maybe. I buy guns in good condition.

Where did you get this?

You sold it to me last Friday evening.

Who are you?

You knew me well enough to identify me to the police.

What do you want, Mr. Barrett?

Are you sure that's the gun you sold me?


Who really bought that shotgun, Mr. bolasny?

Now, look, I don't want to make troubles for anybody.

Who bought it? You did, Mr. Barrett.

You swear to that? I talked to the poli...

Tell me, bolasny. I'm the one you talked to at headquarters.

Look, I... I don't s... see too good...

Truth is that you can't see good enough to identify anybody.

Now isn't that true, bolasny? 1...

Look, I don't know who bought the shotgun.

One of Frankie edare's boys, wasn't it?

I don't know. Was it Vince Brady?

Now, look, I run a little business.

All the names are in my books. You can see for yourself.

I'm not interested in your books, bolasny.

Have a look... look in the back.

Maybe you'll find it there, in the back.

Look in the back. Look in the back.

Well, now what?

State just lost a murder suspect.

But you've got other problems, haven't you?

Yes, Mary?

A Mr. edare is on the phone.

All right, I'll talk to him.

Hello. Hello, Jessica.

I got a hot flash for you.

Your boyfriend has been cleared of that murder charge.

Are you sure? Sure, I'm sure.

Well, then you won't be sending me anymore presents.

Stop kidding around. We're partners now.

I've decided to play things your way.

My way? Sure.

I'm gonna send him over for that hit-and-run.

Have you found mcnab?

No, not yet.

But Barrett will be turning this town upside down looking for him now.

Now, here's what I want you to do.

Get Barrett out of town, see, and then...

Mr. edare? Mr. edare? Yes?

I thought we were going to play this my way.

Now you listen to me!

My way, Mr. edare.


Keep me posted, will you?


Yeah, Frankie?

I got a job for you.

Tail the Warren dame.

I got a hunch she might lead you to mcnab.

After I find him, how do you want him?


That's all. Just quiet.

Well, it's very kind of you, Mrs. weems.

It's all in a day's work, Mr. Barrett.

Thanks a lot.

Hello? Honey, I'm sorry.

I'm afraid we're gonna have to break our date this afternoon.

Oh, but I'm all ready, and I miss you.

Me, too, but something important has come up.

What is it?

I think I found mcnab.



Yes, but hold on a minute.

There's someone on the other phone.

Hello. Yes?


This is very important for you.

Please let me go with you. I can be of help.

I am a good salesman, you know?

You don't have to sell me.

The address is 203, north 7th.

Got it?

Yes. I'll be there in ten minutes.

Mrs. mcnab? Yes.

My name is Barrett. Is your husband at home?

Oh. Why, no, he isn't. He's out of the city at...

May we come in, please? A... are you from the police?

No, Mrs. mcnab.

Mr. Barrett has been accused of a terrible crime and your husband can help prove his innocence.

Oh, I... I see. Well, won't you come in?

Thank you.

Please sit down.

I was, uh, I was just about to make some coffee.

Would you like some? No, thank you.

I'd like a cup, please. Uh, all right.

Excuse me.

I guess we'll have to wait.

They say a watched pot never boils.

You'll have to excuse the condition of the apartment.

Since Johnny left, I seem to be too nervous to do much of anything.

Is your husband really out of the city, Mrs. mcnab?

I wish I knew, Mr. Barrett.

Tuesday he went to the unemployment place and he never came home, never telephoned, nothing.

Have you notified the police?

Oh, I couldn't do that. Why not?

Well, uh, h... he might have just gone off on a drunk and, and if I'd put the police on him and that's all it was, well, he'd never speak to me again.

I don't think your husband is just out on a drunk, Mrs. mcnab.

What have you heard? Is he in some kind of trouble?

You should know that. Well, what have you heard?

Mr. Barrett? What is it?

Did you hear about a man who was run over last Friday night?

Are you trying to get Johnny mixed up in that?

Is that why you're trying to find him?

Well, no wonder he didn't come home.

No, Mrs. mcnab. That's not why we're here.

Let me, David.

Why should I talk to you?

I don't even know who you are.

My name is Jessica Warren.

I'min the investment banking business.

You'll have to be trustworthy when you handle other people's money. Don't you think, Mrs. mcnab?

Oh, excuse me.

Imagine, a lady banker.

Handling all that money.

My, my.

Sure you won't have a cup, Mr. Barrett?

The talk of money seems to cheer you up a good bit, Mrs. mcnab.

You will have to accept my apologies.

I'm not really suspicious by nature.

It's just that I've been under such a strain this past week.

Mrs. mcnab, are you sure there's nothing you can do to help us find your husband?

Well, if I knew, I, I would have found him myself.

But if he were off on a drunk as you said, isn't there some bar that he might go to?

Well, um, there is one near here.

The nugget. But they haven't seen him.

Thank you, Mrs. mcnab.

I'm sure everything will work out for the best.

Thank you, Ms. Warren.

Good luck, Mr. Barrett.

They've gone.

How'd they track us down, I wonder.

I'm glad they did. Why?

How's a $1000 for a reason?

A thousand bucks?

When a woman shoves that in your pocket, she's got something to hide.


Well, I didn't know I had a guest.

My father is dead.


Oh, I'm terribly sorry. Sorry?

An old man who loved his life.

Such a gentle old man.

And you say you're sorry?

Look, I didn't do it.

And I could prove it.

I'm sure you can.

A big man like you with money and influence and important friends.

But who is going to worry about professor ferranti?

He had no influence, no friends, but a few students who loved him.

But I...

I won't forget.

And you'll be punished for what you've done.

I swear to it, if it takes me the rest of my life!

I shouldn't have come here.

Listen to me, please.

Sit down.

There's a murder.

Now, somebody might want you for a witness, but keep quiet.

A guy is charged with hit-and-run.

You know he didn't do it because he's sittin' in the back of your cab at the time.

But shush! Keep quiet.

Maybe he'll beat the rap, anyway.

And then...

And the next thing I hear, the, the hit-and-run victim is dead.

That makes it manslaughter for that poor, innocent slob who was sittin' in the back of your cab at the time.

I thought you said we should mind our own business.

I've got to live with my conscience, ruthie.

Well, live with it then, if you prefer it to me.

Don't talk like that, ruthie.


Don't you talk like that.


Okay, ruthie.

I think I'll take a walk. Where?

Maybe I'll stop in at the nugget for a drink.

No, Johnny. You've had enough. Now stay here.

I'll bring you a couple of containers of beer.

How's that? I gotta have a drink, ruthie!

All right, I'll go to the liquor store for you.

Come on now.

There's one down on 2nd street.

Now, you just sit down and... relax.

Listen to some music.

I'll take the bus.

I'll be back, dear, before you know it.

Mr. Barrett, if you are finished what you had to say to me, I will...



Who's this?

Will you speak up? I can't...

This is Johnny mcnab.

I got to talk to you, Mr. Barrett. I'm in my...


Going out or just slipping into something more comfortable?

You know, I don't think Dave is gonna be in much of a party mood tonight.

Somebody stuck a knife in his alibi.

You mean, mcnab?


That was Dave's last chance.

You're in the clear, baby.

Well, aren't you gonna thank me?

Aren't you taking rather a lot for granted?


I didn't ask for any favors.

I never do any favors, sweetheart.

People do favors for me.

Then you're wasting your time.

Wasting time is another thing I don't do.

You're on my team now, whether you like it or not.

Or would you rather explain to the cops why you were trying to track down mcnab before Dave could get to him?

What do you want from me?

No. Like I said, with me, business comes first.

And with me.

How about Dave Barrett?

Strictly business, Jessica?

Goodnight, Mr. edare. Just a minute, you.

Not so fast.

Okay, sweetheart.

That's all I wanted to know.

For a minute there, I thought you might be going soft.

But you're okay, Jessica.

Just stay as sweet as you are.

Sorry I'm late. I had a few things to do.

It's all right. I'm not dressed yet.

Come with me while I finish my makeup.

Let's have fun.

It may be my last chance for a while.

What's the matter, David?

Mcnab telephoned me this evening.


Yeah. Mcnab. But I thought he was...


Nothing. I, uh...

I was surprised, that's all.


How did you know mcnab was dead?

How did you know?

I found his body.

It was still warm when I found it.

Well, then, Frankie edare was behind it.

How do you figure that? He was here tonight.

Frankie? Yes.

I was going to tell you about it later.

So much has happened today. Yeah, so it would seem.

David, you don't think that I...

Well, what do you expect me to think?

You know about the mcnab killing before the body is cold.

And who comes running to you with exclusives? Frankie edare.

Well, shall I tell you why he came here tonight?

I think it would be a good idea.

Well, the first time I saw Frankie edare, he tried to force me to help him break your alibi for the belden murder.

Why didn't you tell me about it?

Why do people usually keep quiet about blackmail?

When was the next time?

I didn't give him a flat no.

I told him that I would think about it.

I managed to hold him off until you were cleared of the murder charge.

That was the last I saw of him until he came here tonight.

And tonight?

He told me that mcnab was dead and that you would go up for manslaughter.

And he said that if I mentioned anything about our conversations or if I tried to help you in any way, he would see to it that I went to prison instead of you.

Go on.

He told me that I'd, I'd done him out of one chance at you and that he wasn't going to stand still for it again.

And, and then he seemed to go crazy and he started pushing me around and calling me horrible names.

I'm sorry, Jessica. If I'd...

Stay here. I'll take care of it.

Mrs. mcnab. Where's Ms. Warren?

What is it you want? I'll tell her myself.

You killed my husband. You're mad.

You killed him just like you stabbed him with your own hand.

Mrs. mcnab, if anyone is to blame, I am.

Ms. Warren was just trying to help me.

Well, then tell me this, Mr. Barrett.

If she wanted to help you find Johnny, why did she bribe me to keep quiet?

Bribe? One thousand dollars.

Ten brand-new $100 bills.

I was frightened, David, frightened for you.

I thought if I gave her money, she might help us.

She's lying, and I can prove it. Here.

Here is the card she gave me when she handed me the money.

"Tell him nothing."

I meant...

I meant, tell him nothing about the money.

Don't you believe her.

Was there anything else? Yes.

You may be taken in, but the police won't be.

Sending you to prison, Ms. Warren, won't bring my husband back.

But Johnny was a good provider and you could fix it, so in some ways, I wouldn't hardly miss him.

Do you know the penalty for blackmail in this state, Mrs. mcnab?

David, please. She's overwrought.

I'm sorry, Mrs. mcnab. I'll do what I can to help.

But you must never, never embarrass me like this again.

Do you understand? Yes.

I think we understand each other very well.

Pardon my curiosity, but exactly what kind of help were you trying to buy me when you slipped her that $1000?

I don't know, really. I...

It was an impulsive gesture.

Anyway, what does it matter now? The man's dead.

Sure he is. So were ferranti and belden.

What do you mean by that?

I mean, the police are gonna ask questions.

I'm gonna have to know the answers.

I want the truth, Jessica.

All right, I...

I tried to keep you from finding mcnab because edare said that if I didn't, he'd take care of you the way he took care of belden.

So you decided to help Frankie send me to jail for my own good?

You've got to believe me, David.

But all I ever wanted was to help you, ever since that first day you came in to my office.

Why? Don't you know?

I don't know anything for sure anymore.

You know that I love you.

What can I do, David? Just tell me. I'll do anything.

I don't know.

I don't know what to do or think anymore.

You're tired, David.

Your hands are cold. Come and sit down.

You ran down ferranti.

I didn't. I didn't!

You ran him down, ditched your car and reported it stolen.

Or did you see me take it?

I saw you.

I was in the telephone booth reporting myself to the police.

What are we going to do, David?

Tell the police? No.

Yes, Jessica. Is there no other way?


How you must hate me.

That's not true.

I lied to you, betrayed your confidence.

And now I've fallen in love with you.

And it's too late.

If only you'd told me sooner.

I was afraid, David, afraid you'd hate me.

I don't hate you.

You mean that? Yes.

I know I don't deserve anything else...

But to be left with nothing, to feel that even my love for you has meant nothing.

Oh, David, I can't bear it.

Can you forget the other things just for this evening and stay with me until...

Oh, David.

I'm so afraid.

I'll stay, Jessica.

Just as if we were two people in love...

Who had met in the ordinary way and had no problems at all...

Just as if we were two people in love.




You're not going to turn me in, are you?


You're gonna turn yourself in.

David, no!

There's no other way, Jessica.

There is!

I understand.

You're quite a girl, Jessica.


Doesn't my love mean anything at all to you?

Nobody loves a patsy, Jessica, least of all, you.

Thanks, sweetheart, but no thanks.



I'm giving you until noon to call the police.

Oh, come in.

I couldn't sleep.

The house is so empty.

Yes, I know.

I am ashamed.

I know you didn't do it.

I want to help you.

Thanks a lot.

But I know who killed your father.


I can't tell you.

But I have the right to know.

That's true.

And you still won't tell me?

Not until tomorrow.

Well, I... I don't understand. Well, I...

Yes? David.

Have you told anyone yet?

No. Of course not.

Can you give me a little more time? Two days?

Even one might help.


I can't go through with it.

I'm leaving the country. Now, wait a minute.

Listen to me.


I've written a full confession for you.

My train leaves in half an hour.

The skylark limited.

Car 240.

Drawing room b.

I have to leave.

May I ask you one question?


Are you in love with Jessica Warren?

Hello? This is Nina ferranti.

Yes, Ms. ferranti?

Jessica Warren and David Barrett are running away together.


They are on the skylark limited.

It leaves at 3:48.

I can't make it.

But you've got to stop them.

Yeah, maybe I can beat the train to clayport.

Thanks, Ms. ferranti.

Who is it? Dave.


You can't do this, Jessica.

Why not?

Look, we can make it.

It's no good, baby.

But we love each other. It's still no good.

Well, I tried.

"At 12:30 A.M. on October 26th, I, Jessica Warren, struck and injured Emilio ferranti."

You won't need this. But...

You're going back with me.

We're getting off at clayport.

Okay, Dave.

You win. Good girl.

Can I have a drink?

Where's the club car? This way.

Trust me to know.




Hello, Dave.

Shall I tell him now, Jessica, or keep him guessing?

You know, I've been reading this to pass the time.

It says here there's a south-bound train that passes this one right after we leave clayport.

You're gonna meet that train, Dave.

Nice girl, Jessica.

I'm sorry, David.

I can't help it.

I made one mistake.

I had to blind you, David, in a panic.

And when I wanted to stop, it was too late because I'm weak...

Because I...

Try that door.

Yeah, it will be easy.

All right, close it.

You want the lady to catch a cold?

I think I'll go to my compartment.

I think you'd better stay right here.

We're slowing down. We must be coming in to clayport.

Hey, Mitch, open up.

All right, get over here and face the wall.

You heard me. Move.

All right, open it.

Go on, open it.

Hey, Mitch.

Where's Mitch? This is his trip off.

I'm his relief man. Oh.

Well, I never saw you before.

Yeah, I know. I'm new.

Looks as though you're gonna have nice company.


Gee, I sure love dogs.

Well, I guess that's it.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Don't you know that can be dangerous?

Yeah, I lose a lot of legs that way.

Carroll. Homicide. Homicide?

A man and a woman traveling together by the name of Barrett and Warren.

Or maybe Mr. and Mrs. b.

There's nobody on the list with that name.

Are they chair cars? All Pullman.

Taken all the tickets in? Not yet.

Get with it. We'll start at the back.

Oh, all right.

Ticket please. Sure.

See anything?

Yeah. There's a light about a mile down the road.

Looks like a signal tower.

We're almost there.

You want me to stop that?

Let him yap.

This is her stuff.

Where's the club car? It's closed for the night.

You're sure nobody got off at clayport?

Positive. What's up there?

That's the baggage car.

Conductor, I'm worried.

My dog's in the baggage car and he gets train sick.

I can hear him barking.

Not through those doors, madam.

I'm sure I heard him.

All right, madam, if it will make you feel any better.

Answer it.

Hello? Hello, Mitch.

This is Harry.

About that dog you've got in there.

Is he okay?

Maybe he's hungry. I'll slip him a biscuit.


The dog is okay, madam.

Thank you.

What's the matter?

There's something funny in there.

That wasn't Mitch's voice.

Let's get him over here.

All right, now!


Jessica, why?

You saved my life.

I must love you more than I thought.