The Program (2015) Script

It's the hardest sporting event in the world.

One hundred and eighty riders, 20 stages, and only one gets to wear the Yellow Jersey.

This is the dream.

To be on the team. To compete with the best of the best in the world.

Now, when I'm out there physically, I'm not more gifted than anybody else.

It's just this... desire... this hunger.

My mom didn't raise a quitter and I would never quit.

And that's heart, man, that's not physical.

It's not legs.

It's not lungs. That's heart.

That's soul.

That's just guts.

That was a disaster on the line there.

The most incredible sporting event in the world at any time.

Oh! Now you just gotta want my autograph.

Maybe I do.

So, it's your first Tour. You're 21 years old.

You're the youngest rider in the race.

What are you hoping to accomplish? I wanna finish.

A stage win or two. That would be awesome.

A lot of the riders, they describe the Tour as a journey, an odyssey into pain and suffering and endurance, an almost religious experience.

Eventually you arrive at a point of enhanced self-awareness.

And I was wondering, do you think about that?

Well, I just love to ride my bike.

Aw, shoot.

Oh, no, really? Oh, yeah.

I was... We had a bet.

I was joking. I beat you fair and square.

Shave the beard. Absolutely not.

I had my interview with Armstrong today.

Interesting guy. I mean, not lacking in confidence.

But it was good. I liked him.

Is he a contender, you reckon? No.

Really good day racer, though. Really good. Strong legs.

He's built for a one-day event, not a three-week tour.

Hey, you're the American. Lance, right?

You're supposed to be good. You won all those races in America, right?

Big shot, yeah.

But you don't win here.


See that guy over there?

That guy. And probably that guy.

They've got more red cells in their blood, more oxygen.

You can't win.

Trois, deux, un!

Go, fucking go!

Go, go, go!

So what you wanna do?

I'm not doping.

Lance, it's a big step to take.

I know, but first, second, third place, same team, that's not normal.

The top three places for one team is a remarkable achievement in this race.

How would you characterise your contribution to the success of the team today? As a doctor, I believe I bring an expertise in physical conditioning.

Do your riders use Epo?

If a rider does use Epo, doesn't scandalise me.

One can buy Epo in Switzerland, for example, without a prescription.

But Epo is dangerous.

Epo is not dangerous. It's abuse that is.

Dr Ferrari? Si.

I'm Lance...

...Armstrong. I know who you are.

I wanna be like one of your guys.

I wanna be on the program they're on.


You know what I'm talking about. You just tell me what to do, I'll do it.

I'll work hard.

Come in.

Remove your shirt, please.

Your shirt, remove.

What? Your ratio is all wrong.

My ratio? Power to weight.

Lots of power, but too much of this.

What are you talking about? Your shape, Lance.

Is not best for the mountains.

You can be a good racer, but never a great one. I'm sorry. You know it.

Scusi. I got some work to do.

Come on, boys.

Un moment, s'il vous plaît.

What are you doing? It's under control.

We're just making everything look natural.

I'm just looking at the range of conditioners...

Why? You got great hair.

Really? Shut the fuck...

Bonjour. Bonjour.

Can I help you?

Hi. Can I have some...

...aspirin? Certainly.

Thanks. And a toothbrush. Just behind you.

Right. And can I have some, erm...


...diapers. Sure. Which size?



Epogen? Yes.

That's what this man wants. OK.

Bonsoir. Au revoir.

Merci. De rien.

Au revoir.

So, how much would you like? I don't really...

A lot.

♪ They're piling in the back seat

♪ They're generating steam heat

♪ Pulsating to the back beat

♪ The blitzkrieg bop

♪ Hey ho, let's go

♪ Shoot 'em in the back now

♪ What they want, I don't know

♪ They're all revved up and ready to go

♪ They're forming in a straight line Yes!

♪ They're going through a tight wind I told you. Didn't I tell you, though?

Who said that Armstrong had the potential to be a great one-day racer?

And you scoffed. Scoff no more.

Very, very, very surprised. And pleased.

Just so proud of the team and how things worked out today.

You know... aren't you supposed to get a second opinion?

You can if you wish, but... Yeah.

It's cancer, Lance.

Testicular cancer.

Stage three out of three.

Now that we've got a diagnosis, we can begin a treatment program.

We'll start with an orchiectomy which is removal of the affected testicle and then the insertion of a long-term intravenous catheter through which we can deliver four rounds of chemotherapy.

And you know those cerebral metastases that you have...

Well, you'll require surgery to have them removed.

OK, some nice deep breaths for me.

Keep holding it there.

Box shape paramedian flap should give us enough access for a transcallosal approach.

We'll need 0.5%...

This is a really punishing treatment.

As of now you have essentially no functioning white cells.

Your platelet count is about zero.

We're doing all we can with the transfusions and the antibiotics.

I don't know who's gonna blink first, the tumour... or you.

Mr Armstrong?

Would you like some help? There's been a mistake. I'm not...

Think you ought to go back to the ward.

I'm not supposed to be here.

Don't you want to go back? I'm a world champion.

Why don't we get a chair for you? I don't need a chair.

Sit in the chair now, Lance.




You look good, kid.

Still breathing. What happened to your hair?

I look like that guy from Star Trek.

So when you getting back on the bike, champ?

When you bring me a bike.

I wouldn't wanna break the rules. Excuse me.

I was reviewing your records.

Could I clarify a couple of issues in your history?

Hey, you sticking around?


In the past, you were on no regular medication?

No. You ever use any other drugs?

Any performance enhancing drugs?

What is this? What?

You heard it? Yes.

And you knew about that?

Yes. And what about you?


Are we racing? You got a lot of work to do, buddy.

I've done what you asked.

My shape's changed. Chemo diet really works.

What matters to you, Lance? Winning.

Anything else?

I love my mom. More than winning?

What's your VO2 max? 84.

What does that mean? It's my maximum oxygen consumption.

Literally, yes. But what it really means is that you were born to lose.

When your compatriot, Greg LeMond, won the Tour de France, his VO2 max was 93.

So in a straight race between you and a man like him, you will always lose because he delivers more fuel than you.

And when you climb a mountain on the wheels, you need fuel to generate power, to lift the weight.

OK, well, I'll do whatever it takes. Good.

The Professor and I, we had an interest in sports, in physiology.

How does an athlete improve?

The simplest question of all, but no one really knows the answer.

So, we use science to stop this business of athletes just training without logic.

We do tests. We analyse the results.

And then we do it all again.

Increase the cadence.

You see, this is not just running up a hill in the hope of getting fitter.

This is science, at last.

So, some athletes get better, some of them much better, but after a while I thought that we had exhausted the science, that there were no more great leaps to be made.

And then, I tell you, Lance... it was like a vision, a heavenly vision.

When God spoke to Paul. That is how it felt to me.

Lacrima Christi.

Kidneys produce a substance called Erythropoietin which stimulates production of red cells which, in turn, make maximum use of the available oxygen.

Excuse me.

Can I ask if any assessment has been made of the effect of this drug on healthy individuals?

Healthy individuals?

Athletes, for example.

No, I don't think it has. Not that I'm aware of.

Of course, if the drug were taken in an unregulated fashion without adequate monitoring, one can see a certain risk.

But under more controlled circumstances there could be an increase in VO2 max on 5 millilitres per kilogram per minute.

That should equate to a corresponding improvement in athletic performance.

Doctor... Yes.

I think it would be unethical.

Would it?

No longer were we confined to the limits of physiology.

Now we could alter physiology.

No longer confined to Earth... now we had learned to fly.

♪ Mr Pharmacist

♪ Can you help me out today

♪ In your usual lovely way?

♪ Dear Pharmacist, won't you please

♪ Give me some energy?

♪ Mr Pharmacist, Mr Pharmacist

Would you look at this?

The Festina team are embroiled in the biggest drug scandal ever to hit the Tour de France.

Their trainer was found with a suitcase full of steroids.

The team's director admits doping was supervised to avoid uncontrolled...

It is so unnecessary. This doesn't need to happen.

These people are amateurs.

The scandal has brought the Tour and French pride to its knees.

What a little girl.

Johan. Hey, Lance.

Thanks for coming.

Looking good.

Yeah, you as well. A little beefy, maybe.

Well, for the first time in my life, I can eat whatever I like, so fuck you.

You had a tough time, huh? But you're OK now, right?

Yeah, I'm good.

I'm ready to race, man. So what's the problem?

Let's play.


Everything was perfect.

New team. New sponsor. New agent.

Excuse me. Lance. Bill Stapleton.

Attorney? What I'm interested in is helping athletes get the highest possible return for work.

You're an agent? Yeah.

We go in hard. Say, "OK, boys, Olympics in two years."

"You wanna sponsor Lance, you make a commitment to pay him a million bucks if he wins gold."

You're not asking them for money, you're offering them the once-only, never-to-be-repeated opportunity to make a down payment in the most exciting brand in the universe of sport. You.

He had it all worked out. We had a plan for the future.

Then I got sick... Er...

Contract terminated. Sponsors dropped me.

It was, it was... It was insane.

So what are you going to do next?

I signed with the only team that would have me.

It's US Postal.

And it's a bullshit contract. There's no money.

It's a bunch of amateurs, and there's no strategy for improvement.

So I'd like it if you come on as team director.

Well, you certainly make it sound attractive.

Oh, believe me, you would be better off far, far, far away.

I'll tell you something.

After the disease, I never wanna be that close to losing again.

You wanna win the Tour?

Postal deal still on the table? Yeah.

I wanna talk to you. I know what you're gonna say.

I've persuaded US Postal to sign... I'm gonna start a charity.

A what?

I wanna do something that helps people in the same situation I was.

Now I don't know exactly how to do it but it has something to do with research, family and cancer.


That's good. That's great.

I think I can really make a difference.

Of course you can.

And the higher your profile, the better for your charity.

If you're speaking for athletes and cancer, that's potent.

That's life and death. Alright, let's raise the bar.

You could be in a Pepsi commercial.

What if I win? You mean... the Tour?

Can you really do that?

We're gonna do it like it's never been done before.

It's gonna be a collaborative effort with manufacturers, sponsors, technicians.

What about the racers? I want racers who... serve the team.

Lieutenants who will sit on the front.

Racers for the mountains and racers for the flats.

We apply science, optimise the diet, train at altitude, train for one race only.

We'll be a blue train.

Welcome to the 86th Tour de France.

After last year's controversial Tour, what can we expect this time around?

Hey, Walshy! Your carriage awaits.

I see he's matured.

What's the party line? Is this or is this not the Tour of Renewal?

I think so. The poison has been drawn. The patient is alive and well.

Your boy's back, David. Armstrong's risen from the dead.

You know, I think he might do alright. Might even take a time trial.

Got to admit, the bloke's got balls.

Wow. That is...

He's lost a lot of weight since he was put out of the sport by testicular cancer, a disease which he battled.

Go. Don't stand.

My goodness me, Lance Armstrong with that performance may have done enough.


So, as we look at the result the man on top is Lance Armstrong.

Today's gonna be one of the hardest days.

You'll be pushed to your limits.

But your job is to protect Lance.

And we can only do that if we work together as a team.

As far as the General Classification is concerned, no change.

Stage 9 of the Tour de France. 213 kilometres, 4,732 metres ofascent.

The road from Le Grand Bornand, up the Col du Telegraphe, down to Valloire, Montgenevre and Sestriere.

If a man is to win the Tour de France, it will be on this stage that he stamps himself upon the race.

OK, boys, 30K to go. 30K.

Alright, handsome. I'll tell you when.


Now, catch up, catch up with them.

Hold on.



Not yet.

I'll give you the signal.

And now, it's time to go.

Time to go, Lance. Now.

Now give me some more. Now, go, go...

Come on, set the pace, set the pace.

♪ Spread your love like a fever

♪ Don't you ever come down

A closing attack by Armstrong.

Holy shit.

He's obviously had a great day in his first day in the Alps here.

Look at the acceleration of this as he chases down those motorbikes.

Five and a half hours he's been pedalling today, marking everything, never distressed. He's a tough rider.

Like a boxer when you listen to him talking about the Tour de France.

"Nobody's gonna drop me in the mountains, I'm gonna fight."

He will fight all the way because that's his mentality.

He likes to put on a show and that's what he's doing.

He realises how important the climb is to Sestriere.

It is a physical and mental delivery here by Lance Armstrong to all of his rivals in the Tour de France.

He is just going faster and faster and faster, and he is gonna win this stage and he is gonna go minutes ahead of the field because of it, too.

So, he didn't suffer from the rest day, did he?

As Armstrong now has torn his rivals apart here in the Tour de France.

They will have to go home tonight and rethink their tactics tomorrow in the Alps.

If this man comes out like this tomorrow the Tour de France really will be over.

It'll be a while before we know if it is as the winner of the Tour de France.

There are few people in this race now who'll doubt that.

Lance Armstrong, winner today of the mountain stage of the Tour de France.

♪ Spread your love like a fever


He used his brakes a lot, didn't he?

On the final climb, on his way around the corners, he needed to use his brakes to slow himself down.

You know, on the way up the mountain.

You think that's natural? Why isn't it enough for you that today he was just simply the best of a great bunch?

Because, John, there is nothing in his record to support that.

He used to get beaten by climbers, easily, and today he destroyed them.

Prior to this Tour, his best finish on a mountain stage was 39th.

But now he's a man transformed into the finest climber I've ever seen.

He's recovered from cancer and turned into bloody Superman.

I don't think a man who's been through that kind of illness would then risk using potentially dangerous drugs.

The converse is equally persuasive, Charles.

Why are you so obsessed with this? Why are you not obsessed with this?

You're supposed to be a journalist. Settle down.

I don't say it for nothing.

You guys were here during that Festina madness.

You saw how many drugs were seized by the police.

And here we are, one year on in the Tour of Renewal, and the average racing speed has gone up.

Can you explain that to me?

Even if Armstrong was doping, he couldn't possibly hide it.

The Peloton would know. You think they don't know?

Come on. It's omerta. Nobody's gonna say anything.

Nobody wants to ruin the party. Just let the sponsors roll in.

Let the media tell their lies and to hell with the public.

And hey, if the winners are all cheats, fuck it.

They're too afraid.

The cyclists have too much on the line, so none of the riders are gonna speak.


Of course there is still doping.

That's why it's so fast, like it's all downhill.

How about Armstrong?

He and I, we are the same height, same weight.

His VO2 max is 83, mine is 85.

We should be like twins.

But he finished 28 minutes ahead of me today.

How's that?

There is a silence around cycling.

A silence from the administrators, from the press and from the riders.

It's kind of deafening, really.

But if we just keep on cheering loud enough maybe it will all go away and no one will ever hear the unwelcome question

"Is this real... or is it dope?".

Yeah, I'm gonna go talk to him.

What are you doing? What you're saying to journalists, it's... it's not good for cycling.

I'm saying what I think. There is still doping.

If that's why you're here, maybe you should just go home and get another job.

If I have things to say, I will say them.

Then fuck you.

Get to the back.

Keep your mouth shut.

That hurt.

Little bit higher.

Just a little bit higher.


No, just getting a mas... For what? Positive for what?


No, don't leave.


Tell the doctor I have a saddle sore and I need a script for Cortisone cream.

Pre-date it.

Yeah, everybody's happy.

UCI is an upstanding organisation.

And if they don't like it, tell them to kiss my saddle sore.

OK. Yeah, let me know.

Well, Emma, now you know enough to bring me down.

And Armstrong's still looking very comfortable, but so too is Tonkov.

Armstrong moving up very comfortably into second position there.

We're not gonna climb the mountain, we're gonna roll right through it.

You're gonna ride the best ride of your life and you're gonna suffer.

Well, this is the move now.

Armstrong has waited long enough, stripped of all his team-mates and he's trying to do a Sestriere in the Pyrenees.

Attack without mercy. Keep your head down, don't look back.

Cancer survivor, Armstrong, dominates.

The Tour de France has become the "Tour de Lance".

All eyes are on American Lance Armstrong.

The 27-year-old from Texas has a commanding lead...

Armstrong still leads. He's got the Yellow Jersey.

We are the unstoppable train.

This man, I think it's true to say, doesn't need EPO to go quick.

Emma, can you get rid of this for me?

This is a team that's had a great build up to the Tour de France.

They have never been associated with the word "dope".

They have always ridden well and clean.

And Lance Armstrong now has shown them all what they can do.

Today, boys, when you say, "I can't go any further" say to yourself "I'm flying".

I'm flying.

At speeds of80kph, Zülle is a nervous descender but Lance Armstrong clearly is not.

Emma, can you cover this up?

That's about as good as it's gonna get.


Lance Armstrong had a visit early this morning by what the riders call the vampires.

That's the Medical Control Unit of the International Cycling Union.

They all had their blood tested for the possible use of EPO.


Come on, squeeze it.

Epo is undetectable.

Good for us, but not the UCI.

They test the haematocrit instead.

How much of your blood is cells, how much is water.

More than 50 means Epo.

Squeeze it.

Come on, fucking dilute my blood.

Close to 50 but not over.


Hey, sorry to keep you. Wanna come in?

Yes, please.

With the cancer beaten, and Lance looking an almost certain winner, I'm not surprised Hollywood wants make a film of his life.

Thousands of Americans were cheering.

The guy's been through so much. He deserved this more than anybody.

This is his Tour de France. Tour de Lance.

Thousands of people came on bicycles and pedalled down Congress A venue to pay tribute to the most famous bicyclist in the world.

Well, he overcame cancer, and I've had cancer, so I can appreciate it.

Cancer... it's a brutal experience.

But you meet yourself along the way.

I approached my disease the same way that I'd approach a race.

There's an enemy to be defeated.

I recall one time in the hospital, the third cycle of chemo, very weak, making my way down an endless hallway and a nurse comes up to me with a wheelchair.

She said, "Mr Armstrong, would you care to sit down?"

And I said, "Thanks, but no thanks."

"I'm gonna walk."

And I did. I didn't give up because it's worth it.

Inside us is something more potent, more powerful than any drug on the planet.

It's in me, it's in you, it's in every newborn baby.

It's called... the will to survive.

See, we are all the authors of our own life story.

So go out there and write the best damn story you can and live it and be strong.


You're brave.

For what, making a speech?

No, I meant in hospital.


You know, there are some things that you can't...

I just tell them what they wanna hear.

You like pizza?


You like oysters? Yes.

You like Italian food? Yeah.

You like bicycles? Yes.

Lance Armstrong has risen to superstar status after winning the world's toughest cycling race for the second successive year.

Now the crowd is warming up. Listen for the cheers.

The USA flags are flying high as they have done for a third year now, for Lance Armstrong.

Any time you're here, you should feel at home.

The people of New York City love you, admire you.

You're a role model to all of us.

Sales of the LiveStrong wristband have raised over $50 million for cancer research.

That's a good one.

A guinut.

We really ought to go.


See you, guys.

Do you have time for one more?

Sorry. He's gotta get to another appointment.

A quick one. In there.

His name's Jack.

Well, we ha...

Hey, Jack.

Can I do anything for you?

Wanna take a picture together?

You want a T-shirt?

It's pretty bad, right?

We don't have to talk. We can just sit here.

I got all day.

Thank you so much.

To who?

Oh, just your name. Thanks.

I gave up.

I turned my face to the wall to die.

But you made me live, Lance Armstrong.

And that's who you are.

Ben Johnson. What about him?

The Olympic Games, Seoul, 1988. He tested positive for Stanozolol.

I remember.

Michelle Smith, Atlanta '96. Accused of tampering with a urine sample.

Every heroic athlete you cover is gonna crumble into dust.

And the next name you're gonna mention is Lance Armstrong.

You're a clever sausage. I knew it.

Everybody thinks I'm mad! Not everybody. But, yes.

And why is that? Let's take that question first.

Is it because Lance Armstrong, handsome young cancer survivor, the inspirer of millions, cannot possibly be a cheat because that would reveal the world to be a great pile of shit?

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

David, do you have any substantial information to back up your story?

Like they do in proper journalism.

Yes, I do have some substantial information. Michele Ferrari.

He is the godfather of blood doping.

The Italian cops have taken Ferrari because of some financial irregularities.

They seized his diary from '97. And Lance is in it?

No. David.

One of his team-mates is in it.

And two years later...

Lance takes a little trip to Ferrari.

He stays here at the Hotel Duchessa Isabella.

From there to the residence of Michele Ferrari is less than ten minutes walk.

"Armstrong visits Pope of dope." How did you find this out?

Friend of a friend.

David. So I sent Lance a very polite letter.

And lo and behold... he accepts my invitation.



Hi, Lance. Thanks for coming. So...

Let me just...

Dr Ferrari made a statement about EPO. Do you remember that?

No. Did you ever visit Michele Ferrari?

I did know him. How did you know him?

In cycling you go to races, there are lots of people. A small community.

Did you ever visit him?

Did I get tested by him, did I go there and get consulted on certain things?

Perhaps. So you did?

The tape recorder won't pick up your body language so can I get a yes or a no on that?


He's about to be tried for criminal conspiracy.

I think the judges and the prosecutors should pursue everybody, no matter who they are, because that's their job.

So, he's evasive.

What does it all add up to? Nothing.

You got nothing, David. No evidence I can actually publish.

Alex, we can't censor this. It's too important.

The fact is, the law may take a view that even asking a question about him doping is to make an allegation.

And I'm not sure we're able to support that.

If you shy away from this, you should get somebody else to do my job because as much as I like the Tour I have no interest in going up a mountain to watch chemists compete!

Feel free to come back when you've got some evidence, David.

So you must know that Tyler Hamilton has left the team and that we're looking for a replacement.

You're a terrific cyclist, Floyd, and Lance wants you on US Postal.

Your job is to protect him.


You're a good rider.

You could be one of the greats.

Unless you are willing to compete in every way, you're just gonna get left behind, which...

It would be a shame for a talent such as yourself.

This is the program.

Testosterone patches.

You wear one at night... every two out of three days.



Ten units per kilo intravenously. Out of your system in 12 hours.

Just don't get tested in the glow time.

Their tests for Epo have gotten much tougher.

Now we take the blood out when it's good, store it in the fridge, and put it back in when we need it.

It's red blood cells, Floyd, that's all we need.

The more oxygen, the more fast.

It's how we win, man. It's hard work.

One step ahead of the other guy.

Et voila.

Shit, man, you got the hang of it already.

After a year, all I can say is "margherita".

And margherita is Italian. No wonder I'm not getting anywhere.

He's late.

Hey, man, it's his team. He shows up when he wants to.

Say, Tony.

How many of these do you think I could drink before he gets here?

Is that a good idea?

Dad? You OK?


Son, riding a bike for pleasure is against the tenets of our faith.

Yeah, I know that, Dad.

Be careful, Floyd.

Oh, yeah.

Et voila.

Et voila.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Floyd. I don't mind the caffeine, but the cream, it's gonna make you fat.

Don't fuck with my investment.

Armstrong's men on the frontier.

This is the blue train, the blue guard of Lance Armstrong.

You need the team to keep yourself competitive.

Floyd Landis setting the pace at the front.

Basically in the Tour for one reason and that reason is to look after Armstrong.

Come on, Floyd, keep the pace, protect Lance.

Bring Lance to the finishing line. Come on.

Some really great riding today, Floyd.

Ah, no sweat, man.

I couldn't have gotten up that mountain without you.

That's what I'm there for.

Did great, didn't he?

He was fantastic.

Shall I? Yeah, ask him.

Well, Floyd... how would you feel about... another two years contract with US Postal?

Yes. Yes! You could have said that at the beginning.

I thought you were going to ditch me, man.

No way, Floyd, no way.


Yeah, it's... going pretty well.

That's wonderful, son. Is he winning? Yeah, he's in yellow.

Make sure you pray every day. OK, Dad, I will.

Alright, love to Mom.

I feel very disappointed and let down.

This is as awkward for us as it is for you.

But I've never tested positive.

We can explain. The EPO test is not simple.

There is a protein isoform, your level is 75% which is high, yes, but still it's...

No one's listening.

No one will say he's borderline. They'll say he's a cheat.

He is single-handedly transforming your shitty little Eurosport into a globally significant brand.

Please, no one appreciates Lance more than we do.

Right, in terms of what we do with this result, I think you should do whatever you think is best for the integrity of cycling.

I'll leave it to you.

The young revelation for me from the US Postal Service team on the front right now Floyd Landis.

And the winner, well, I guess we know that one, Lance Armstrong.

The first American to win the Tour de France five times.

As Armstrong celebrates his fifth Tour, it appears that his erstwhile, never-to-be-mentioned "non trainer", Dr Michele Ferrari, may finally be caught in the net of Italian justice.

Evidence has been collected and a case prepared.

If witnesses step forward, who knows what might be delivered.

Don't touch. It's slow.


That guy?

Who, Simeoni?


It was a mistake to testify against Ferrari.

I have the money and the power... to destroy you.

Go Floyd!

Wanna grab dinner tonight? Robin's in town.

Robin? Yeah, Williams.

Want a roll?

No, thanks.

What's up? I wouldn't have done that today.

Done what?



Simeoni's testifying against Ferrari.

That's as good as attacking us.

OK, but he's a racer.

He rides a bike, like us.


You and me, everyone here, we're all on the program. OK?

I know...

Yeah, I know that.

I'm not getting moralistic about it. I just wouldn't have done that.

I have never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Never. I've never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

I've never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.


What's that?

Thank you. No, thank you. I appreciate that. That's a...

That's an important question. Perhaps there was a problem in the past.

But now... they test for drugs all the time.

What we all have to do... is fall back in love with cycling.

I have never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Next question.

David Walsh, Sunday Times.

Mr Walsh, good to see you here.

Lance, do you feel a responsibility, personally, to promote a better image for cycling?

And if so, how do you reconcile that with your doctor/trainer being so associated with doping?

You're talking about Doctor Ferrari? I am.

Right. OK.

I'm confident in my relationship with Doctor Ferrari.

I believe he's an honest man.

I believe he's a fair man. I believe he's an innocent man.

You know, people are smart.

People will look at the facts and say, "OK, here's Lance Armstrong, here's a relationship."

Is that questionable? Perhaps.

Will they say, "Lance Armstrong tested positive"? No.

Because I have never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

"Has Lance Armstrong been tested?" Absolutely.

I am the most tested athlete on the face of the planet.

"Is there now a test for EPO?" Yes, there is.

"Will he pass every test because he does not take EPO?"

Yes, he will.

Next question, please.

How long to change this? About 20 minutes.

20 minutes, go for it.

OK, guys. The bar's open.

Hey, Lance, is it true they're making a movie about you?

Yeah. Pretty cool, right?

Do you know who's gonna play you?

It was supposed to be Matt Damon.

Matt Damon?!

He's pretty shit-hot at running across rooftops and stuff, but... he's not you.

He fell out. I think it's gonna be Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal?! Yeah.

Oh, dude, that is awesome. Did you see that movie, Donnie Darko?


At the beginning of that film, Jake Gyllenhaal is riding a bike.

So? Well, so he'd be perfect.

Why? To play me? Because he can ride a bike?

What else does he have to do? But can he take drugs?

Excuse me. Are we short of some bikes?

Excuse me. Where have all the bikes gone?

You sold the bikes. No.

You sold the bikes, Johan! Calm down.

There's no need to be angry. There's no need to be angry?

We didn't sell your bike. I don't see the problem.

I guess it's just a matter of time, right?

Jesus. Where do you think it all comes from?


Doctor Ferrari, the program.

It all needs to be paid for.

Do you think it all goes down as expenses? That what you think?

We keep it off the books.

You sold the bikes to pay for drugs?

So Lance... gets a limo.

Lance gets a suite.

Lance gets a private jet. Lance gets a helicopter.

Lance... and his fuckin' cancer shield so no one can say a fuckin' word about it.

And the rest of us, we work our asses off to get him over the line, to clear a fucking path for him, to take the win for him.

And now this.

We're a cycling team, selling our bikes, to pay for drugs.

I didn't... I didn't sign up for this.

Look, Floyd... if you think you'd be happier on another team...

your contract expires at the end of the season.

We both know you're good.

And one day you'll win.

And I can help you. So don't do this to me.

Alright, fuck you.


Hi, David. Frankie Andreu, used to ride on Lance's team.

He's got a wife called Betsy and I think you two should talk.

What are you talking about? Just call her.


Erm, Betsy Andreu?


Hi, my name is David Walsh.

You're the guy who writes about Lance?

Well, I write about other things, too.

But Lance, right? Yeah, Lance.


I was there.

You were where?

In the room.

In what room?

The hospital room. Come on. Speed up.

So, October '96, Lance is in the hospital.

I guess he's starting to get better, but he's still pretty ill.

Frankie and I drop in to visit. This doctor comes in.

Excuse me. Mr Armstrong, I was reviewing your records.

Could I clarify a couple of issues in your history?

We offered to leave, but...

Lance said that he wanted us to stay. Then this doctor asks him...

In the past, you were on no regular medication?


You ever use any other drugs? Any performance enhancing drugs?


Epo, growth hormone, cortisone... and other steroids.

Tell me that again.

Epo, testosterone, growth hormone, cortisone and other steroids.

He said that? She says he said that.

On the record? And she's not the only one.

Now I started to attract the dissidents.

Well, there's a culture of doping in US Postal.

I never asked to be involved, but at times it was impossible to avoid.

And then there was Stephen Swart.

I was a rider with Motorola in 1995 and...

I can tell you that Lance was the leader in trying to get us to dope.

You love peas, don't you? Peas are your favourite thing.


David Walsh? Yeah.

My name is Bob Hamman. You don't know me but I'd like to talk to you and I'll pay for your ticket.

I've been playing poker since '55, bridge since '63, insurance since '86.

All the same game.

At the core of what I do is making judgement of risk in situations where the odds are essentially complex.

Back in 2000, I get a visit from the owners of the US Postal cycling team.

You may wanna write this down.

As the owners of Tailwind, the company that finances the US Postal cycling team...

You're the victims of your own success.

I guess you could say that.

This Armstrong guy, he's a pretty good... cyclist, right?

He's the best.

And you paid him his bonus for winning the Tour de France?

That's right.

What if he keeps on winning?

Well, obviously, we'd be delighted if he keeps winning.

How much are you in for?

If he wins every Tour between now and 2004, we will owe him nearly...

10 million dollars.

So, the question is, how much would it cost for me to take on that risk?

2002, 2003, we paid out.

Then comes 2004... and he goes on winning.

Then we hear about this journalist making unwelcome enquiries and it turns out that perhaps all is not what it seemed.

You see, if he's cheating in the races, then he's cheating on us as well.

And if he didn't really win, they don't really owe him the money.

Exactly! Well done, Alex. You've finally caught up.

But let us not forget this.

Lance Armstrong has never tested positive.

Can you imagine how disastrous it would be if he did?

He wouldn't like it. Nobody would.

Lance is very respectful of the governing body.

So supportive, in fact, that sometimes he even gives them money.

And here it is. What is that?

This is what they bought with Lance's money.

It's a compact high-performance haematology analyser that provides precise and accurate results.

"Lance Armstrong Fights War On Drugs!" You gotta admit it's a great headline.

It's a great headline.

You realise what we're up against.

Lance Armstrong is a friend of George Bush, Bill Clinton, Sheryl Crow, David Letterman, Robin Williams and bloody Bono.

That many famous people can't be wrong, can they?

OK, write it. We'll put it in front of the lawyers, take it from there.

David Walsh! David fucking Walsh!

That fucking troll! Has he ever even been on a bike?

Has he ever climbed a mountain against 180 guys who are all doping?

Unfortunately, he's persistent.

Who's he talking to? Emma O'Reilly. You know what really upsets me?

It's the disloyalty. If she wants to dance, let's go.

All I have to say is that there were issues with other riders.

It's not gonna take a brain surgeon to figure out she's an alcoholic whore.

And if that doesn't shut her up, hit her with a lawsuit.

And then another one after that.

And then another one after that until she shuts her fucking whore mouth!

And Betsy? Don't even talk to me about Betsy!

I'd leave Frankie alone, if he had any self-respect.

Get him to put a muzzle on his crazy bitch wife.

The bigger problem, Lance, is the Bob Hamman situation.

They're threatening to withhold your win bonus, the entire million bucks, until they get a clarification.

I have never tested positive!

I spent three weeks in the saddle! I won the race! I am owed that money!

How fucking clear is that?!

I get it, Lance.

Sue David Walsh.

And his crummy little English newspaper.

Find out who he hangs out with, who he travels with.

Stonewall them. Block them. Zero access.

Call his publisher. Offer him my new book.

A new book?

Create a conflict of interest. David Walsh's book is not going to print.

Not in the States. Not in my backyard.

Because I'm Lance Armstrong and he is fucking no one.

I like this. I like somebody trying to go faster than me.

I like malignant cells trying to take over my body.

I like some fool trying to take me down. Because I go faster.

I don't die and I will not be brought down.

We know your wife is a source for Walsh.

Look, Betsy said, "No comment."

I got nothing to say.

Bringing down Lance isn't gonna help anyone's situation.

Maybe you should remind your wife of that.

Hey, Charles.

How is your little Irish friend?


You know, that little fucking troll. How is he?

Lance. Lance.

Have recent controversial allegations upset your preparation in any way?

Well, since the esteemed author of these allegations is here today, I'd like to say one thing about them.

Extraordinary allegations must be met with extraordinary proof.

But what do you think... I'm not finished yet.

Many, many journalists here today have called me at home.

They've read his work and they've said, "Lance, I don't get it."

"There's nothing in there."

Mr Walsh here, he seems more interested in distracting from my foundation's sole purpose which is to beat cancer.

He seems more interested in trying to sell books rather than the 20,000 people who die every day from this disease.

That's 7.6 million people annually.

Let's let the cyclists get back to cycling and let's all pay attention and refocus on finding a cure and saving lives.

Thank you.

David. Yeah.

What is it, John?

What just went on in there...

Look, the thing is, having you with us is making life difficult.

If you don't let me in the car, I can't report.

I'm sorry, David. You know how these things are.

We all drink from the same trough, and if one of us spits in the soup...

John... don't you find it odd that we're being asked to drink soup from a trough?

Look... What?!

I used to believe in this sport and Armstrong is killing it!

Members of the jury, you are here to consider a case for libel brought by Mr Armstrong against The Sunday Times newspaper.

This is not a judicial proceeding, this is a court of arbitration in relation to the claim by Tailwind against SCA for payments to Mr Armstrong.

Emma O'Reilly has identified that at one point in the Tour de France that you asked her to dispose of some syringes.

Are you familiar with her statement? I am familiar with that statement.

Is there any truth to that statement? Absolutely not.

In interview on Irish radio recently, Mr Walsh, you acknowledged that you had no "smoking gun".

I meant I had no single piece of evidence which of itself rendered all others unnecessary.

Do you recall while others were in the room that a doctor asked if you'd taken performance enhancing drugs?

Absolutely not.

So the hospital room incident affirmatively did not take place?

Correct. OK.

How could it have happened?

And you have never taken them in connection with your cycling career?

How could it if I've never taken performance enhancing drugs?

And that includes any substance that's ever been banned?

How many times do I have to say it?

OK. We're just trying to make things clear.

Nothing but an amalgam of uncorroborated hearsay and speculation.

Gossip from embittered former colleagues and employees.

The best tactic is not to slander, defame, and I'm not here to bite the hand that feeds.

My approach has always been to support clean racing... support clean sport.

Lacking the evidence to make direct allegations, The Sunday Times seeks instead to slander.

"The Sunday Times has confirmed to Mr Armstrong that it never intended to accuse him of being guilty of taking any performance enhancing drugs."

"In acknowledgement of the distress we have caused Mr Armstrong with these baseless accusations, we are making a payment of compensation to the value of £300,000."

In conclusion, we find that SCA Promotions is now liable to pay Armstrong $5 million plus interest, plus legal costs.

Congratulations. I appreciate your response, Bob.

You'll get your prize money. Only it's all on oath now.

This ain't like telling little white lies to journalists any more.

Without prejudice, I know your boy was cheating.

If he gets caught, I'll be back.

Without prejudice, this time next year Lance will be retired.

After that, nothing can touch him.

Lance Armstrong, again, has broken every one of his rivals one by one.

This man has written a very special piece of cycling history.

Lance Armstrong salutes his public for the last time in a Tour de France.

The only man to have stood in this position on seven occasions.

The last thing I'll say to the people who don't believe in cycling, the cynics, the sceptics. I'm sorry you can't dream big.

This is a great sporting event. You should stand up and believe.

You should believe in these athletes, in these people.

I'm gonna be a fan of the Tour for the rest of my life.

No secrets this is a hard sporting event.

Hard work wins it.

Viva Le Tour.

So is it fair to say that life in retirement is pretty sweet?

Well, I'm retired from professional cycling, but I'm not retired.

I'm doing the New York marathon.

I'm getting back into triathlons, and I'm still very busy with LiveStrong.

So there's still a lot of challenges for me... for anyone.

Do you miss cycling? Do I miss the pain? Absolutely not.

Not tempted to come back? Absolutely not.

I think one measure of a successful career is knowing when it's over.

And this race is run. I'm happy.

Just sip it. It's Alpha H2O water.

For impeccable taste that finishes smooth and strong... choose Scotch whisky.

You'll always finish number one.

This shit tastes like apple juice.

It not only tastes great, it's good for you.

Cut! Let's go again.


Yep. Yeah.

Everybody's out here today to see the victory of Floyd Landis making another little piece of American cycling history.

It's the third American to win in 21 years of the Tour de France.

Hold on.

Hold on.

Can I come in? Man, hold on.


Sorry, I wasn't expecting... anyone.



There is a problem.

Oh, yeah?

With your urine specimen.

It has tested positive for testosterone.

Man, that is so unfair.

The Tour de France winner, Floyd Landis, has been speaking about his positive drugs test.

Calm down, gentlemen. Calm down! Calm down!

Did you dope, Floyd? Please. Sir?

Floyd, have you ever taken performance enhancing drugs?

Floyd, have you ever taken performance enhancing drugs?

Er, I'm going to say no to that.

That's enough!

That's enough! Press conference is over!

That's enough!

Now once upon a time, after receiving some particularly bad news I took a ride on my bike up to a place known as Dead Man's Hole.

It's a mineral pool, cut into towering cliffs of limestone.

And it's so far out into the Texas hill country there's hardly any address.

And as I stood there, at the edge of the cliff, I could see... it's a long way down.

So why am I here, really?

I'm coming back.

No. What?

It's a bad idea. Why?

Because you're old, Lance.

It's stupid. It's vain.

You walked away as a winner. Don't fuck that up.

So you're saying you won't help me?

If you're crazy enough to do it, of course I will help you.

But remember, 16 years ago, you were young and fast. You were frightening.

And now you got kids out there who are young and fast.

Yeah, I'm still hungry.

And you think they're not? I'm still hungry.

You wanna give them a victory over a seven-time winning champion?

The only one, by the way.

We got away with it for a long time.

I may not be the oldest guy in the field, but I'm definitely not the youngest.

But I'm coming back. I'm coming back to compete.

Under the most comprehensive drug testing program ever.

I'm coming back to remind you all about the LiveStrong message.

I'm donating my entire salary to cancer research.

Now there's something I once said which is, "The pain is temporary."

"Quitting, that's forever."

And I guess I just don't know how to quit.

To stand here before you tonight is an experience that fills me with mixed emotion.

I stand before you an innocent man. I am not a cheat.

I have not done the things that they said I did and I have not taken the things that they said I took.

All I ask for is an honest enquiry and a fair hearing and I believe the truth will be established beyond doubt.

I promise you, with your support I will fight these terrible slurs upon our name and prove to the world they breed an honest boy in Farmersville, Pennsylvania.

How you doing?

Lance, this is Alberto Contador.


Hello, Lance.


So am I going to race again?


Am I going to race again?

I was on your team.

Yeah, you're right. You were on my team. I know that.

We were on a team together.

And I worked hard for the team, didn't I?

Yeah, you worked very hard, Floyd. I mean I... did everything I had to do, right? Everything. Everything.

We all did, Floyd, you know, and...

we won.

It was a good time.

Yeah, sure. Sure it was. It was a great time.

We were the best.

We were the blue train.

But where am I now?

Lance, where am I? Where am I supposed to go now?

After all that I did, after all I achieved, after all that I gave, is this just me now?

Is this what I deserve now?

What am I going to do, Lance?

That's what I ask myself. This or that?

This or that? This or that?

What is it going to be?

What do you want, Floyd? I wanna be in your team!

I wanna be in your team.


Well, that's difficult.

You got caught.

You tested positive.

I have to go, Floyd. I have people waiting for me.

Of course, you got people... you have people waiting for you.

Is there anything else?

No. Good luck, Lance.

The face of Lance Armstrong, who's come back to the Tour de France after a four-year retirement, can still climb like this.

Contador rode to his second Tour de France win Sunday.

American Lance Armstrong came in third.

Contador and Armstrong were team-mates.

This year's champion opened up about differences with the seven-time winner.

Contador said he and Armstrong are totally incompatible.


Come in.

Come on in. Take a seat.

My name is Floyd Landis. I'm a professional cyclist.

I know who you are.

As you may know, I've been accused of... certain things and I've been vigorously contesting those accusations.

My perspective has changed and I don't want to contest those accusations any more.

I want to confess.

You wanna confess?



In no less than 1,000 pages of evidence and testimony, including lab tests and sworn statements by Armstrong's team-mates, the 41-year-old icon is painted as both a user and a supplier for the team of performance enhancing drugs.

He's also described as the leader of what the USADA calls the most sophisticated and professionalised doping program in recent sports history.


I got a lifetime ban?


I'm gonna help you clean up cycling and I'm gonna compete again.

I mean, maybe I'll run in the Chicago marathon or I'll just race with my kids in Austin.

But unless you're coming to me with this promise, why am I here?

The most sophisticated doping program in the history of sport.


East Germany ring a bell?

You guys don't hold the keys to my redemption.

The only person who can do that...

Me. This guy right here.

And I can clean up the whole sport without your help because you're a bunch of amateurs.

I can't get up in the morning unless I have something to live for.

That's training, competition.

I'm not training because I enjoy it, I'm not training because I wanna stay fit.

It's my whole... my whole life.

It's what I do.

It's what I do.

That's all for now, Mr Armstrong. Thank you for your time.

Lance, it's Bill. It's about Nike.

They thought you ought to know before they go public.

They wanna stand by you, no question, but it's just, I mean, now's not so good, right?

So, what they're proposing is a kind of separation, Which I know sounds like they're ditching you, which in a sense they are.

Their statement will say that it is with great sadness and I think we can take something from that.

But, great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence.

The disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is said to be preparing to tell all.

He's chosen a confessional, Oprah Winfrey's television show.

And if the rumours are true, he'll confess for the first time.

Lance Armstrong may finally be coming clean about his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance?


Yes or no. Was one of those banned substances EPO?


Did you ever blood dope, or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance?


Did you ever use any other banned substances, like testosterone, cortisone or human growth hormone?


Yes or no. In all seven of your Tour de France victories did you ever take banned substances or blood dope?


It's an epic story.

This story was so perfect for so long.

You win the Tour de France seven times, you have a happy marriage, you have children.

I mean, it was just this mythic perfect story.


And it wasn't true.

♪ Everybody knows that the dice are loaded

♪ Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed

♪ Everybody knows the war is over

♪ Everybody knows the good guys lost

♪ Everybody knows the fight was fixed

♪ The poor stay poor, the rich get rich

♪ That's how it goes

♪ Everybody knows

♪ Everybody knows that the boat is leaking

♪ Everybody knows the captain lied

♪ Everybody got this broken feeling

♪ Like their father or their dog just died

♪ Everybody talking to their pockets

♪ Everybody wants a box of chocolates

♪ And a long stem rose

♪ Everybody knows

♪ Everybody knows

♪ Everybody knows

♪ That's how it goes

♪ Everybody knows