The Prophecy II (1998) Script

23.976 English.

Lord, blind my eyes to these visions... and deafen my ears to the screams.

For I have seen legions of God's army fall... and heard the dying cries of 10,000 angels.

Guide my hand, Lord, for what I see is the coming end of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Protect and keep these pages in Heaven's darkest hour.

And watch over us, Lord.

For Heaven's war has come to Earth.

Thomas Dagget.

It's five past the hour, and that means a quick look at today's weather.

This morning, San Fernando valley residents got a surprise... when they found frost on their windshields.

But things will be warming up this afternoon. The gusty winds will be dying down.

We'll have clear skies, good to moderate air quality.

Temperatures... seventies in the valleys, sixties at the beaches.

As far as traffic is concerned, the SIG alert we had this morning, reported northbound on the 405 at Sunset, is still backing things up.

We'll have to wait while authorities...

What time is it? I'm coming. I'm coming. Investigate that situation.

Southbound on the 405 has normal slowing. However, it has snagged up... quite a ways past... - Aah!

What do you got? - Hit by a pedestrian. Car accident. EP: 90 over 60.

Contusions to the head and neck. Clear this hallway!

People, get out of the way. Are you okay?

Yeah, I will be if... Jesus! I don't know what happened.

He was just there. How fast were you going?

Twenty, thirty. - All right, prep four. I'll be in in a minute.

You got it. Get the door!

Don't be afraid. What?

Don't be afraid.

We'll take it from here, Val. Thanks.

He's coming!

Gabriel's coming! He's coming!

He's coming for me!

What's going on? - I don't know, Father. He just started screaming.

I tried to open the door, but he locked it.


Thomas? Thomas?

Thomas? Step back!



He's coming for you.

It's time for you to go, Gabriel.

This is not my war, and Hell isn't big enough for both of us.


How are you feeling?

Look, I, um...



I don't know if you remember me.

I just wanted to apologize.

I could've killed you. Take a lot more than that to kill me.


talk to me.

The monkeys never did get that one right.

It's not willing servants of Heaven. It's winged.

So, you found me.

This place looks lived in.

What about these visions, Thomas?

What do you do?

You write them down on a-a scroll... and stone tablet.

I know you prophets enjoy doing that.

Or... maybe a picture?

A certain someone?

I know you've seen her, Thomas.


Who is she?

Ironic, isn't it?

An archangel needs a monkey to get a vision from God.

That's a small step from prophet to mortar.

Can you take it?

Dr. Parson said you'd sign these. Can we do it later?

Yeah, sure. Thanks.


One, two, three.


See that?



Do it again.

Do it again.

Be well, guys.


That was a pretty great exit.

I got waylaid.

Well, I hope you don't mind. I had this dry-cleaned.

I figured it was the least I could do.

You don't have to keep apologizing, Valerie.

Yeah, well, you don't have to keep forgiving me either.

It's in my upbringing.

Well, guilt's in mine, so...

How would you feel about seeing me again?

Most of the kids in the ward are terminal.

I mean, I used to spend a lot of time hoping and hoping.

And then I just stopped.

It makes you wonder what the point is.

And what do you think the point is, Valerie?

Right now?

Four hundred and seventy-two dollars a week, plus benefits.

Makes me sad. Hmm.

Wonder if it should make me sad too.

Maybe it should.

What, you just don't like talking about yourself?

Not much to tell. I think you're the more interesting one in this pair.

You think? Mm-hmm.

I don't know. That looks pretty interesting to me.

Just something I got when I was young.

Yeah? You were married?

Uh, yeah.

What happened?

Um... Well, we lived together for three years, and then we were married for three months.

And when he wasn't running up my Visa card, he was home watching that...

You know that real-life cop show?

He wasn't exactly the most employable soul on the planet.

Where is he now?

He left.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. I mean, it's probably for the best.

I was miserable. I just didn't know it.

He was a fool.

I thought you were just walking me home.

Would you rather I leave?

I'm not sure.

It's not a good time. Yeah.

I know.

You all right?

I'm fine.

Do you accept me?

What? What? Do you accept me?



Be well, Valerie. Valerie?


Is it done?

It's done.

It took you long enough.

Michael said not to force her.

Michael didn't say take your time.

Long time, Danyael.

Nice to see you again.

Good-bye, brother.


Take a deep breath, Danyael.

It's not too late to fix this.

Come back. Now.

As far as I'm concerned, nothing happened.

She was a momentary lapse of self-control, Danyael.

But I'll find her.

Don't walk away!


They don't listen these days.

You're no kid, Rafayel.

The monkey. Hmm?

Who is she? Where is she?

Why couldn't you have just stayed in the basement, Gabriel?

Why couldn't you stay out of it and mind your business?

This was my fight. You made it yours.

My enemy's friend is my enemy.

How many more worlds have to burn before you're satisfied, Gabriel?

Just the one.

This one.


I'm not greedy.


I'm wondering if you could help me. I have a friend... and she got herself in a bit of a situation.

And I was wondering if maybe she might've been in to see you?

We have a very broad-based clientele, sir.

If this was her, um...

Claim check. Exactly. Claim check.

If this was her claim check, could you find her name and where she lives... in that, uh, whatever it is?

Of course. Thank you.

This laundry's already been picked up.

So I can't give that information out.

Oh, she wouldn't mind. We're family. You just said you were friends.

Caught me. Very good.

Martin, don't ask me how I know. Shh.


Your head. It hurts here, or it hurts here?

Here. Mm-hmm.

And your belly... la panza... it hurts up here... or down here?

Kind of... here.

Well, I'm making you some eggs.

No, the cereal was just fine. Thanks.

But you love eggs. I'm making you eggs.

Nana, gross. No eggs.

No eggs, please. Every morning, you ask me for eggs.

Na... I am making some eggs.

Nana, I don't want eggs.

I don't wanna be skinny. That's not what this is about.

Pr... I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant. I have a cold. I have a cold.

Every time I skin my knee, you're telling me that I'm pregnant.

Jesus, that's why I wanted to become a nurse:

To prove to you that people don't get pregnant just because they've scraped their knee.


I'd like to know where your grandmother went to medical school.

There must be a mistake.

There's no mistake, Vally. You're pregnant.

That's not possible.

Kath, I've been with one man.

And that was just a couple days ago.

Um... You know, you're not just pregnant.

According to the test, you're in your second trimester.


It's done.

Oh, it's incredible. It is.

I can't think of a better night to do it, Julian.

If it's the only way I can have you, then I won't have it any other way.

I put that in the note.

That's just beautiful.

Are you ready?

I'm ready. I'm ready.


I'll see you in Heaven, baby.

Meet you there.


Show time.

Anybody home? Huh?

Hmph. That's too bad.

Intensive care. My favorite.

Izzy. Izzy.

Isabelle. Come back.

Come back.

I know you're in there. Come on back now.

Back it up. Back it up.


Nice hair.

Julian? He's gone. He's dead.

He's taking a dirt nap.

Julian. - Look, I need your help. I'm short-staffed at the moment.

Don't start.

Don't start. I hate that. Please.

He's the cold eye. He's spilled milk. Ju... Julian.

Julian. Come on. Come on, kiddo.


Come on, kiddo. We got work to do.

Julian. Julian!

Didn't I kill myself? Yes and no.

The answer to that is up to me.

Oh, my God.

How do you know he did it?

A witness saw your friend rip the guy's heart out with his bare hands.

Plus, he left this at the crime scene.

Somehow, he managed to check in and out without leaving his name.

But we traced him to you through that patient I.D. number.

So what can you tell us about the man?

Nothing. I... I barely knew him.

It's not surprising.

Does that ring a bell?

Well, he had a, um, like...

You Val? Yes.

You the nurse? Yes.

You done with her? Yeah. Take her.

Come here.

I don't know what to tell you. Yeah. Shut up.


No. Really listen. Both ears.

Nod to tell me both ears are listening. All right.

I've dealt with a thousand bodies in this office. Floaters, crispy critters, bunk bait; Bodies you wouldn't even know were bodies if it wasn't for a driver's license.

Yes, well, I don't see what that has to do... - Don't talk, Val.

Bodies chopped and minced and skinned and used as table decorations.

That's your job. You're talking again. Yeah. No. Listen.

Four years ago, a body came in here tattooed like those;

Crushed like those; Eyeless.

But hey, I'm a sport. I play along.

I tried to determine what had rolled into my office.

But the questions just got deeper. No sign of growth, no white cells, no optic nerves.

I realized what was there before me had never been born.

That's not possible. That's what I thought.

And then it was gone. Burned up in a flash one night. All the records...

Everything to indicate that it had been there disappeared.

Everybody that had anything to do with that body... has either died... or gone mad, including my friend Thomas. Who's he?

A detective. Became a monk.

He used to send me cheese wheels every Christmas. - Where can I find him?

You can't. He's dead.

Burnt to ash up at St. Gregory's Monastery.

What do you mean, burnt to ash?

You look like a nice person, Val.

Take my advice: Walk away.

Don't get involved whatever you do.

Get the lights.

Hey, Joe.

Thank you.

Miss Rosales, I really don't know what else I can tell you.

His death shocked everybody.

Thomas was a fine member of our order.

I understand he used to be a detective. Mm-hmm.

Well, did he ever talk to you about any odd cases that he had?

Anything dealing with cults or gangs or anything?

Miss Rosales, I really can't disclose anything more. - I know, Father.

Now, if you'll excuse me. It's just that... he was involved with something a while ago... and it's something that I may have stepped into as well.

It's, um, angelic script.

According to the old Hebrews, God marked all his angels with such a sign.

Or so Thomas told me. He was a bit of an expert on such matters.

How so?

All right. Uh, listen.

This is not something I would normally discuss, but, uh, since it seems so important to you.


Thomas was obsessed on the subject of angels.

So much so that he claimed to have had visions about them.

According to him, some angels became jealous that God was giving too much attention to mankind.

So they tried to wipe humans out... under the archangel Gabriel.

Please, have a seat. Thank you.

The problem was, to do that... they had to contend with other angels that were still loyal to God's will.

It caused a kind of civil war up there.

It tore Heaven apart.

Thomas believed... there was to be a final confrontation.

And if the good side wins, great.

And if not?

If not...

What does that mean?

Then ash from a burning Heaven... will cover the Earth.

Well, if this guy was so good at prophesizing, did he bother to say how it ends?

It gets metaphorical. It talks about the union of Heaven and Earth.

The coming of a Nephilim. A what?

A Nephilim. A child born... of an angel and a human woman.

It's talked about in Genesis six.

I, honestly, don't know what to make of it.

When humans began to multiply on the face of the Earth... and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw they were beautiful, and took wives for themselves.

All that they desired.

The Nephilim were on the Earth in those days.

When the sons of God went into the daughters of humans... and bore children to them, they were giants, men of great and terrible renown.

So, you're keeping me alive because you don't know DOS?

What was the number?

Three-three, six-six.

Wait. What's that? Something's happening.

Is that her? Bingo.



And folks, up next, a very special item to make a bright day even brighter.

This beautiful, soft white and lavender gown... - Nana?

Will compliment a new bride as she walks down the aisle... on that most special of days.

This fine quality linen, cotton and silk dress... will surely become a family heirloom... that will last for ages. Nana?

That's right, Jim. And notice the fine... satin applique around the neckline.

Isn't it beautiful? Karen, it's really... craftsman work throughout.

They don't make them like this anymore.





Nana? Nana's gone, you know.

Nana didn't have much time left, in any case.

In the end, it wasn't gonna be something you'd wanna witness.

Look at it this way.

You two can hook up later.

You have no idea the trouble you got there.


What's going on here is not personal. It's business.

It's what I do best.

Get out!

Monkey wannabe. Wanna dance?

You'll have to learn a modicum of respect.

Remember who did this to you.


This is good.

Step on it.


Back it up. Back it up!

Drive much?

Try not to hit the dog.

You didn't say anything about me killing anybody.

Do it... for Julian.

Or forever wish you'd had.

Just do it.

Atta girl.

I'd get the fuck out of here if I were you.

Valerie. Shh.




Who are you? I think you know.

You didn't answer me.

I'm sorry. That's the best I can do.

The best you can do. Well, guess what?

Your best is not good enough! I don't know... what they taught you in kindergarten, but your best does not cut it here, okay?

You seduce me! You knock me up! My grandma's dead!

And some freak comes to my house and he tries to kill...

I mean, who... who was that trying to kill me?


I must've missed the trumpet.

Valerie, please.

You don't understand. I understand fine.

You are psychotic.

You don't know how important you are.

Let me tell you a secret.

It was revealed to us that there would be a child.

A child born of my kind and yours.

The child that would unite my brothers again and bring an end to this war.

That child has been given to you.

Certifiable. You're certifiable.

You... You...

You're probably one of those guys who, like, goes around... door-to-door selling bibles, and you and your brothers... You have to believe me.

Probably all wear white and you probably have a Web site somewhere.

And you probably bake brownies on the weekend... and you sell them to raise money for your cause or your cult...

Don't be afraid.

Sir, did you notice any unusual activity in the neighborhood tonight?

I got a wrecked car in the alley back there. - No, sir.

So you didn't see anything, hear anything. Is that about right?

The fact is, officer, I wasn't paying much attention.

See, I was with my woman.

7-Charlie-63. Come in.

Dorfman, come in. Yeah, this is Dorfman.

63, report to Rosales residence.

May I ask, you fellas use that to what, talk to each other?

Yeah? What, are you high? It's a radio. Yeah.

It's a miracle. Shh.

Do you read me, 63? 63, come in.

Dorfman, where are you? Come in. 63.

Checking on the DMV report on the, uh...

Okay. Pop quiz. How do you make that work?

How do you use that?

Hmm? We have nothing showing yet.

Uh, Roger, dispatch.

Are we having a communication problem?

What? Take it easy.

Come here.

It's all right. Come here. Come here.

Don't be scared. Here.


I want to be with Julian.

Please. Why can't you just let me die?

Let's understand each other.

I sang the first hymn when stars were born.

Not that long ago, I announced to a young woman...

Mary... who it was she was expecting.

On the other hand, I've turned rivers into blood.

Kings into cripples.

Cities to salt.

So I don't think that I have to explain myself to you.

You have the child. You'd raise it.

Maybe on his first morning of school, you'd put him on a bus and he wouldn't come back.

Or maybe as a teen, he'd dive into a pond and he wouldn't come up.

And I was just supposed to accept that?

It's how you live here, isn't it?

Doesn't give you the right to use me.

It wasn't my decision. But it was your choice.

I never had a choice, Valerie.

Listen, I have to get you to Michael.

Michael? He can protect you.

He's gone somewhere with the others.

I don't know where, but we have to try to find him.

There's a book that a priest gave me.

It had... It had prophecies about your war.

It might help you.

Where is it?

It's in my car.

At my house.

Can I ask you something?


What are my chances?

Be honest.

I don't know.

But stay here. He won't kill you in a church.

Respond to Trinity Church, 2222 West in. Silent alarm tripped.

All available units. All available units.

Please respond. Wow. That's where I'd take her.

I love this thing.

Come on.

Come on. Come on. 2222 West in. Trinity Church.

Dispatch, this is 1 -Adam-19.

Responding to the call at Trinity Church.

Roger that, 1-Adam-19.

As soon as the coroner's through.

Can I get an I.D. on her? Yeah. It's Rosales.

Nina Rosales.

Sir, please go to the other side of the... - Shh.

It's okay. You wanna help me out here? Thanks.

Be careful.

I know you're here, Val.

I smell you. I see you. Yeah.

Why hide?

I'm doing you a favor.

What did Danyael tell you... about your rug rat?

1 -Adam-9. Units 20 and 30 are responding.


5-Lincoln-22. Report to Vermont and Sunset, code 9.

We've been through this before. My kind, your kind.

It's not a good mix.

The power of an angel.

The free will of a human.

The mothers love it at first... until the birth.

I've seen women rip themselves open trying to get these things out...

'cause they knew they were carrying bad kids, Val.

Nobody liked them, not even you-know-who.

It took a big flood.

I think we have to...

So, since you're here...

Confess. Say you're sorry.

Drop it! Drop the weapon!


Help me! Help me!

Drop it right there!


Hold it right there, sir!

Freeze! Right there!

He's got a weapon!

No, wait.




You can be straight with us. Come on. Just tell us who he is.

The angel of death.

I'll get some coffee.

Nice coat.

So what was he up to in the church?

Trying to kill the savior of humanity.

Just ask him.

What the... Shh!

Loose lips sink ships.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

What is that?

That's tomorrow's newspaper.

Huh? Come on. Bad monkey. Come on, come on.

I don't know... Hah?


You don't even know where they are. Yeah.

But, I know where they're going. Where?



I'll go get another car.

Here. Just take my hand.

This is it? This is Eden?

What man has made of it.

Just her. Michael wants to see her alone.

It's all right.

Don't be afraid.

It's your tradition too, isn't it?

Lighting candles for the dead?


What a dump!

Gemayel. Long time no see.

Would you get the big guy for me?

Don't eat that!

Trust me.

I've lit far too many in this war.

Is that one for me?

It could be... for all of us.

Danyael said you could protect me.

If that were the case, this war would have been over a long time ago.

Are you telling me that I've come all this way for nothing?

If that's what you want to believe, then yes.

I can't believe that.

Then don't.

Ah... ah.

You've done wonders with the place, I have to say. I hardly recognize it.

Talk to me! Why fight? I'm not here to argue.

We're family. You know what I want.

What you want has made you a walking tragedy, brother.

Even Lucifer wouldn't have you.

Surprising, since the two of you have so much in common.

What have I done? You speak to me that way... How do you compare me to him?

Everything I've done has been for us.

I don't want this. I don't want this!

I want it back the way it was, when... when He loved us best.

Then submit. To what? A talking monkey?

Obey, Gabriel. Or you'll be called to a stricter punishment than any of us ever known.

I don't think so.

And, uh, it seems to me, the numbers here speak differently.

One way or the other, this war ends tonight.

You think you can take her, Gabriel? Then come.

But your brothers stay behind.

No one will lift a hand against you. I promise.

Michael. Please, you can't let him have her.

Whether she lives or dies is her choice, not ours.

I'm not going to let her die like this.

Even if it means disobeying me?


This way.

Valerie! Danyael, Michael let him in.

This way.

Go ahead. What about you?

It's all come down to you. Just go.

Ah. The honeymooner.

The price of freedom. You know what to do.

Come on!

It's not that you slept with that monkey-skin suit that gets me.

It's that you liked it.

What are you, in love?

What do you know about love, Gabriel?

It's wrong to go against your family.

You chose them. I want it back the way it was. You want them?

I'd rather be one of them.


It's too bad.

Hmm. Oh! Thanks.

It's about time.

Nice move.

I'll say hello to Julian for you.

You have no idea what you're in for. Shh.

Val, we don't have to do this.

Fuck you.

Uuh! Now you're gonna get hurt.

Val, it's time to go.

If He wanted me to die, He would've let you kill me a long time ago.

This isn't about you.

This is about what you got there.

The power of an angel, the free will of a human being.

All I want is what's mine. Heaven. Have you been?

It's paradise.

One thing. I'll let you go easy. Say it.

You know He's not with you. Say it.

When was the last time that you and He spoke?

Not lately.

It's not that He doesn't talk to you, you know.

It's just that you don't listen.

How do you know?

I can hear Him.

What's He say?


There is your answer, brother.

So you'll become what you loathe the most.

Good-bye, Gabriel.

So, what happens now?

I can't see into the future, Valerie.

You're gonna take my child when it comes, aren't you?

He was the only one of you worth anything.

He was the only one who cared.

His child deserves better than you.

I'm keeping him.

I'm raising him.

And maybe one day, he'll get on the school bus, and he won't come back.

And maybe one day, he'll dive into a lake, and he won't come up.

I'll take my chances.

It's not yours to decide, Michael.

Mom, when's vacation?

Well, you have one month, and then you have the whole summer off.

Can we start now? No, you can't start now.

Oh, I never like leaving her. They'll be fine.

You just gotta have faith.

Oh, honey, just let me give this.

There you go. How are ya?

I'm fine. You stay warm now.

Thanks a lot. Take care.

Why you always so nice to that guy?

I think he's sweet. He says he used to be an angel.

Phone's gonna ring.

It's gonna be you-know-who.

Everything's gonna be made right.

Phone's gonna ring.