The Proposition (2005) Script

Far, far away Where saints in glory stand Bright, bright as day Oh, how they sweetly sing Worthy is our Saviour King Loud let His praises ring Praise, praise for aye

Come to that happy land Come, come away Why will you doubting stand?

Why still delay?

Oh, we shall happy be When from sin and sorrow free Lord, we shall live with Thee Blest, blest for aye

Bright, in that happy land Beams every eye Kept by a Father's hand Love cannot die Oh, then to glory run Be a crown and kingdom won And, bright, above the sun We reign for aye.

Where's my gun? Fuckin' hell.

Fuck. Fuckin' bastards. Fuckin'...

Come on, you fuck...

Mikey, get down. Christ!


I'm hit, Charlie. I'm hit.

You'll be alright, Mikey. Hold strong.

You'll never take me alive, you bastards.

Do I need to introduce myself?

I know who you are.


I know who you are.

My brother's taken a bullet, Stanley, and is in need of medical attention.

Well, allow me to address the subject of your brother, Mr Burns.

Christmas, as you're probably aware, is fast approaching.

And Christmas this year will hold a unique significance for young Micky here.


Because on Christmas Day, I have made plans that he be taken from the jail in Banyon and hanged by the neck until he is dead.


You're a copper, Stanley, not a judge and jury.

Well, clearly, Mr Burns, I am what I wish to be.

So what is it that you want?

I want Arthur Burns.

I no longer ride with my brother.

Now, I will allow you a moment to think about it.

What's happening, Charlie?

It's alright, Mikey.

It's alright.


What fresh hell is this?

I have kept company with bad men all my life.

I was 22 years in Her Majesty's land forces.

I've dealt with your type many times.

Touch my brother again and I'll kill you.

Make no mistakes, Mr Burns.

It will be done. I will civilise this place.

What the fuck are you talking about, Stanley?

Listen to me now, Charlie.

Don't speak.

Hush, Mikey. You'll be fine.


I wish to present you with a proposition.

I know where Arthur Burns is.

It is a godforsaken place.

The blacks won't go there, nor the trackers.

Not even my own men.

I suppose, in time, the bounty hunters will get him.

But I have other plans.

I aim to bring him down.

I aim to show that he is a man like any other.

I aim to hurt him.

When you're ready, sir.

And what will most hurt him?

Well, I've thought long and hard about that.

And I have realised, Mr Burns, that I must become a little more inventive in my methods.

Now, don't speak, Mr Burns. Listen to me now.

Don't say a word.

Now, suppose I told you there was a way to save your little brother Mikey from the noose.

Suppose I gave you a horse... and a gun.

Suppose, Mr Burns, I was to give both you and your young brother, Mikey, here, a pardon.

Suppose I said that I could give you the chance to expunge the guilt... beneath which you so clearly labour.

Suppose I gave you till Christmas.

Now, suppose you tell me what it is I want from you.

You want me to kill my brother.

I want you to kill your brother.

Arthur Burns is a monster.

An abomination.

La, la, la.

You were right to part company with him and to take Mikey with you.

What happened at the Hopkins place was unforgivable.

La, la, la.

I have never seen such a sickening sight.

Did you know that that poor woman, Eliza Hopkins, had a child in her belly?

Your business with your brother is unfinished.

You have nine days, Mr Burns.

Bring the horses round.

Coming now. Come on. Get that on now.

It's the fucking Burns boy.

Come on. Let's hit 'em.

Got 'em.

I fucking got him!


Who have you got?

Troopers... dismount!

The man I have brought in... is Mike Burns... of the Burns gang.

That's one down and two to go, gentlemen.

You've got to get the other ones now.

I will... civilise this land.

Make yourself at home, Mikey.

Good evening to you, Mrs Stanley.

Good evening, Mr Broussard.

He's not so fuckin' dangerous now, is he?


Good evening, gentlemen.

Evening, Mrs Stanley.

You should... really not come here.

Cannot a lady visit her husband in his place of work?

You men... you wait outside.

We spoke about why you shouldn't come here.

This is not appropriate...

Morris, you've been gone for three days.

It's lonely up there at the house.

It's so quiet without you.

Are you coming home now?

Well, I have things to attend to.

I'll have Officer Dunn escort you home.

I'll be back soon.

You look terrible, Morris.


Yes, I do.


Who is that?

But he's no more than a boy.

He's man enough, ma'am. He's man enough, indeed.


Escort Mrs Stanley home and wait there till I return.

How long will you be, dear?


Never speak to my wife about such things again.

Do you understand? My apologies, Captain.

What happened today on the flats, that's between you and me.

Of course, sir.

Because there would be consequences were it to become common knowledge.


Eliza Hopkins was a good Christian woman, and she was my friend.

I pray to God that her death was mercifully swift.

It was, wasn't it?

Martha, can we speak of other things?

Come here, Captain Stanley.

My poor husband.

The world you live in in there.

Don't be gloomy, dear.

This burden you carry... you might let me carry it too.

I believe in you.

Stay down. Stay in bed.

What in God's name...?

Christ, sir...

I've shot my bloody toes off.

There's nothing to see here, Martha. Go back to bed.

Officer Dunn has shot his t...

Martha, go back inside.

"When?" said the moon to the stars in the sky

"Soon," said the wind that followed him home

"Who?" said the cloud that started to cry

"Me," said the rider, as dry as a bone

"How?" said the sun that melted the ground

"Why?" said the river that refused to run

"Where?" said the thunder without a sound

"Here," said the rider, and took up his gun.

Bloody flies.

Kill one and a dozen more turn up to his funeral.

Oh, Danny Boy The flies, the flies are crawl...

Oh, a thousand pardons, my dear man.

It appears that I am a little scuppered.

Oh, no need for that, sir. No need for that.

We are white men, you and I.

Permit me to introduce myself.

My name is Jellon Lamb.

Citizen of the world, you might say.

An adventurer.

And, if I may be so bold, a man of no little education.

And you, sir?

By what name am I honoured to address thee?

Of course, a... mere detail.

Mere detail.

Forgive me, sir, but I've been stuck here with no-one but this sorry sack of Hibernian pig shit for conversation.

Poor, poor Dan O'Reilly.

Sit, sir. Drink with me.

One more crack about the Irish, Mr Lamb, and I'll shoot you.

Am I clear?

Oh, as the waters of Ennis, sir.

Let us drink, then, to the Irish.

No finer race of men have ever... peeled a potato.

Do you pray, Mr Lamb? Good Lord, son.

No, I do not.

I was, in days gone by, a believer.

But, alas, I came to this beleaguered land and the God in me just... evaporated.

Let us change our toast, sir.

To the God who has forgotten us.

But first... cardinal rule.

Never raise a glass with a man whose name you do not know.

My name is Charles Murphy.

Charles, eh?

Perhaps you've read

'On The Origin Of The Species By Means Of Natural Selection' by Charles Darwin.

Oh, don't be thrown by the title.

He had some most fascinating things to say.

Chilling things.

Mr Darwin spent time studying Aboriginals.

He claims we are, at bottom, one and the same.

He infers, Mr Murphy, that we share a common ancestry with monkeys.


Mr Murphy, Russia, China, the Congo.

Oh, I have travelled among unknown people in lands beyond the seas.

But nothing... nothing could have prepared me for this godforsaken hole.

You see... Mr Murphy...

I am something of a fortune hunter.

And what fortune do you hunt out here, Mr Lamb?

That would be my question to you, Mr Murphy.

Unhand me, Murphy, or I'll slit your fucking throat.

We are white men, sir.

Not beasts.

He sits up there in those melancholy hills.

Some say he sleeps in caves like a beast.

Slumbers deep like the kraken.

The blacks say that he's a spirit.

The troopers will never catch him.

Common force is meaningless, Mr Murphy, as he squats up there on his impregnable perch.

So I wait, Mr Murphy.

I wait...

Aye, you wait.

You wait here, bounty hunter.

Hang him, sir. Hang him high, sir.

Hail the conquering hero.

What a vile specimen of humanity.

What a little piece of filth.

Not really the one that we're looking for, though, is it, Captain?

In the end, justice will be done.


Save your little wisdoms for the mob, Stanley.

Has he told you where his brothers are?

With due respects, Mr Fletcher, perhaps it would be wise to allow police work to be done by policemen.

What a little piece of filth.

Still, better than nothing, I suppose.

Good evening, Captain. Good evening.

"When?" Said the moon to the stars in the sky.

"Soon," said the wind that followed him home.

"Who?" said the cloud that started to cry.

"Him," said the rider, dry as a bone.

Me roses are looking lovely.

I got green thumbs, I 'ave.

I was just thinking about England.

Do you not miss it, Martha?

There's much to miss.

There and here.

Let's get rid of that headache.

Now... Captain Stanley, eat your breakfast before the flies do.

Made by me own fair 'ands, them eggs.

Me eggs have never tasted so fine, ma'am.

You're a good man, Morris.

And you're a good woman, Martha.

Do we have company?

Yes, I'm afraid we do.


Excuse me, ma'am. Excuse me, sir.

Martha, would you excuse us?

It's fine, Morris. No, Martha, please.

This is police business.

How dare you come to my house in that state?

Sir. What exactly do you want?

We just got back from the Arooka Ranges, sir.

We rounded up six rebel blacks, sir. Sean killed one.

Thought you'd want to know about it straightaway.



No, leave the door open. It's rank in here.

Yes, sir.

Are you sure you've put enough iron on these men, Sergeant?

They have been adequately secured, sir.

Jacko, get over here. Yes, Captain, sir.

Ask them how long they've been hiding up in the ranges.

He says they very tired.

Well, you'll have a nice long rest if you don't open your fuckin' mouths and start yapping, you black bastards.


Wait outside.

Wait outside the door.

I'll call you if and when I need you.

Ask them again how long they've been hiding up in the ranges.

Captain, sir, he said they don't hide in the ranges, they live in the ranges.

Then ask him how long they have lived in the ranges.

Them always been living in the ranges, Captain, sir.

Ask him if they've seen a white man up there.

Yes, Captain, sir. I'll ask them.

They seen white man. White man catches them.

Jesus Christ.

I don't mean the police.

This... this man.

This man. A man with this man.

A white man.

This man. This man.

Ask him.

Fella in the picture... he live in a cave.

Dog man.

Big fella.

He said dog man never sleep. He sit there all day.

Sit down in a cave. Way up.

He live with small fella... and black fella.

Cannot catch him. Cannot kill him.

He's dog.

What, he eats dog?

No, Captain, sir. He is dog.

He changed to dog.

He grows hair.

He grow teeth. Sharp.

And he grows a tail, this way.


And he stand with two leg, like this.

And he goes...



"When?" Said the moon to the stars in the sky.

"Soon," said the wind that followed him home.

"Who?" said the cloud that started to cry.

"Me," said the rider, dry as a bone.

"How?" said the sun that melted the ground.

"Why?" said the river that refused to run.

"Where?" said the thunder without a sound.

"Here," said the rider, and took up his gun.

The captain is weak, a weak man.

Oh, so you reckon he's weak, Lawrence?

Fuck off, Cox.

Come out here to sort out the niggers.

Fuck me, he's done nothing.

These black bastards, they're running all over us.

They chose the wrong man for the job.

This isn't London. It's not England.

This is fuckin' Australia.

Did I say I wanted to fuck the captain's wife?

Will you go back to sleep, Paul? For gawd's sake.

I would like to fuck his wife.

If I was married to that bucket of pig's tripe you call a fuckin' wife, I'd want to fuck her too.

"I want to fuck his wife."

I want to fuck his wife.

I could fuck her so... Yeah, alright.

We all want to fuck Mrs Stanley.

She certainly isn't getting anything from the good captain, is she?

You know why?

Because he's weak.

He's got other things on his mind.

Because he really fucked up this time.

He got the boy, yeah.

He let the other one go.

Fix him right up.

Got him good...

Got him good medicine. Fix him no time good.

Gonna need sleep. Gonna need rest.

Don't cry, Daddy. Blood all gone. Good and clean.

Gonna need sleep. Gonna need rest.

Good afternoon, Mr Broussard.

Remember to save a turkey for me.

Of course, Mrs Stanley.

Is everything alright?

Go home, you stupid cow.

I'm sorry. What did you say?

Mrs Stanley... perhaps you'd better ask your husband.

Shut up, dog.

Holy mother of mercy.

Look who's raised himself from the dead.

Him much better now. Him much better because I fixed him.

He don't look better to me.

You know, Samuel, the thing I relished the most while I was away was not having to see your fuckin' face all the time.

If it weren't for me and my crack shooting, you'd be fuckin' dingo dinner.

30 yards away, I was.

Blew that black bastard's head right off.

It was beautiful.

Show a bit of respect or I might just have to shoot you... with my new Winchester.

Fuck! That hurt!

Charlie. Go easy there.

It's alright, Charlie.

Do you want to know why I've come back?

I know why you've come back, Charlie.

Look at that.

Be humble of heart, Charlie. This is the end of things.

You're my brother, Charlie.

You belong with me.

We are a family.

All of us.

Yeah, I was just getting reacquainted.


Oh, be kind. A little tolerance, Charlie.

Samuel's a boy.

He's a vicious little cretin.

Where's Mikey, Charlie?

Mikey stayed behind in Clarence.

You left Mikey alone? He met a girl.

Mikey met a girl? Aye.

Mikey met a girl.

What's her name, Charlie? Molly.


Molly O'Boyle.

Molly O'Boyle.

A red-headed colleen, no doubt.

Aye. Red.

Like the sunset.

Like the sunset.

What does she do, this... Molly O'Boyle?

I'm feeling a bit tired right now, Arthur.

Is she a farmer's daughter? Can she cook a good lamb stew?

Would you stop it?

Mikey's not the same stuff as us.

We'll be flung to the depths, you and I.

He worships you, you know.

There was a time we both did.

Mikey deserves better.

You were right to leave - take him with you.

I need to rest.

Mary O'Boyle.

Molly, Arthur. Molly.

Molly. Molly. Right. Molly.

Mikey, Mikey.

On the fifth day of Christmas My true love gave to me Five cats a-flogging Four nooses swinging Three crows a-pecking Two dogs a-pissing And little Mikey Hanging from a pear tree.

Only five more days to go, Mikey.



When Sergeant Lawrence said... that the boy that you are holding at the lock-up was man enough... what did he mean by that?

Sergeant Lawrence is an ignorant thug with the moral fortitude of a snake.

Just disregard... What did he mean?

What did the boy do?

He's a member of the Burns gang.

There are certain things a woman should not be privy...

I know that. I asked you a question.

I asked you not to visit me at work.

Tell me what he did to Eliza. Enough.

She was my friend! Enough!

That's enough.

Headache, Captain Stanley?

So, what can I do for you, Mr Fletcher?

Word has it that your men captured half a dozen rebel blacks two days ago, and that one was shot in the process.

Do you have a problem with that?

Yes, Captain, I do.

Word came this morning from Eight Mile Creek that Dan O'Reilly's place was attacked.

Are you sure it was blacks?

Dan O'Reilly had so many spears in him that he resembled your good old garden variety English hedgehog.

It's simple, Captain.

It's called the law of reciprocity.

Kill one of them and they're going to kill one of ours.

Do the job I brought you here to do, hmm?

If you have to kill one, make sure you bloody well kill them all.

Well, I'll send some troopers out today.

Well, is our business here finished?

I'm going to have Mike Burns flogged.

What? 100 lashes.


Thank you.

I thought you gentlemen might like a little tea.

Please, sit down.

Thank you, Martha. That would be lovely.

Thank you, Martha.

Is there anything else I can get you?

No, thank you, Martha. This is lovely.

Well, then, I'll leave you two gentlemen alone.

A clever and well-bred woman, your wife.

You did well for yourself, Captain.

Word has it... that you had Charlie Burns.

And you let him go.

Word has it... that you offered him some kind of deal.

Tell me this isn't so, Captain.

Word has it that you promised those animals who raped Eliza Hopkins a pardon if Charlie Burns brought back his brother.

A pardon for the annihilation of the Hopkins family.

Are you completely out of your mind?

Listen to me. Mike Burns is a simpleton.

He spends all day in his cell, crying like a child.

It is my belief that he is not responsible for his actions.

I'm not interested in your beliefs, Captain Stanley.

Who do you think you are? The judge and jury?

Arthur Burns must be stopped.

It is he who is responsible for this outrage.

And I know that Charlie Burns will stop at nothing to protect his younger brother Mike.

So all we need do now is wait.


My God, man. They raped a woman.

Tomorrow morning, I want Mike Burns flogged.

As I said, 100 lashes.

This will kill him. So be it.

But what if I'm right?

What if Charlie Burns does as I ask? What if he comes back?

Then we will hang the lot of them.

Good day.


Martha. Stay here.

Do not let anyone in. I shall return tomorrow.

Martha! Do you hear me?

Please. Stay here.

What's going on in here?

I believe Officer Davenport and Officer Matthews were entertaining the prisoner, sir.

Is that right, Sergeant? Yes, sir.

Well, I've got a job for you. Yes, sir.

You have unfinished business in the Arooka Ranges.

Sir. Rebel blacks, Sergeant.

Within two hours, you must find Jacko... and recruit some more troopers and depart.

You fucking snake.

Why are you still standing there?

You've been dismissed.

Where's Charlie, Mr Stanley?

I don't know, son.

I don't know.



Bring him out, Stanley! Bring him out, Captain!

Michael Burns.

Let's see him, Stanley!

Give him to us, Stanley!

Bring him out, Stanley.

Stand aside, Stanley.

We want justice.

I'll shoot... the first person who lays hands on Mike Burns.

Give him to us.

He'll sort it.

You heard me.

You move, I'll shoot you dead.

Are you going to shoot your wife as well, Captain?


She was with child, for God's sake.

Martha, if this flogging goes ahead...

it will be our death sentence.

What if it had been me?

Come on, you fuckin' nasty...

Captain Stanley?

Help me! Get up, Mikey!

Get it over and bloody done with!

Go on! Go on. Get up. Stop it!

Get off me!

Now stay still.

My good people... Stay still!

...before you stands one of the vilest, most bloodthirsty villains this country has ever seen.


Looter. Murderer.

His crimes are of the most heinous kind.

Before the year is out, this man will hang.

Today, he will be flogged.

A message to all who would dare transgress the laws of this land.

100 lashes. Please.


One! Please!




Oh, Peggy Gordon You are my darling Come sit you down Upon my knee And tell to me The very reason Why I am slighted so By thee I wish I was in Some lonesome valley

Where womankind Could not be found And little birds Sing up on the branches...

And every moment A different sound Oh, Peggy Gordon You are my darling...

Come sit you down Upon my knee And tell to me The very reason Why I am slighted so By thee.

He could shame a nightingale.



Go on.

Your days are over, Captain Stanley.

La, la, la.


Come on.

La, la, la.

Martha, you must eat.

Tobey's made you some soup.

Here you go.

This is good.

You must eat something, Martha, please.



I'm so sorry.

Forgive me, please.

I just wanted to protect you.

I had an idea about justice and... for the town, for the country... for you.

For you.

And now...

I don't know.

Hey, quit pissing down my leg.

Well, find your own fuckin' tree.

What do you need a fuckin' tree for?

Just piss out there, not on me.

Fuck off. You pissed on me, you idiot.

Strange mob... you whities.

Good news.

Sergeant Laurie... over there.



See it?

Hard to see it.

At foot of the ranges.

What? I can't see a bloody thing.





Love is the key.

Love and family.

For what are night and day - the sun, the moon, the stars - without love... and those you love around you?

What could be more hollow... than to die alone... unloved?

What the fuck was that?

Fuckin' trooper's rifle... 450s.

Shooting blacks. Be calm, Samuel.

The shots are miles away.

Thou shalt flourish Great and free The dread and envy Of them all Rule Britannia Britannia rules the waves Britain never, never, never Will be slaves.

Burn it.

Burn the fuckin' lot.

Don't stand there moping.

What are you doing?

Burn everything!

Molly O'Boyle, my arse.

Who the fuck left Danny Boy out in the sun?

Hey, Jacko, you lazy bugger.

I told you to bury that bastard last night.

He stinks worse than you.


You got the wrong fuckin' black man.

Slowly now, Sergeant.

Put your privates back in your pants and turn around.

Come to steal my brother a horse and we find ourselves a copper.

You fire that gun, you'll have eight more all over you.

Fair enough.

Step into the shade, Sergeant.

To the back.

Has... has Charlie found you, then?

Stanley's little mate.

Over there.

By the straw.

Good boy.

That's right. Stay. Lay down, Sergeant.

Hey, hey. Come here. Lie down.

I know something you don't know.

Hush now, Sergeant.

Hey, hey, hey. Hush.

Your brother's come to kill you.

I can help. You can help me?

Help... your... fuckin'... self.

Steady. Come on.

Help... your... fuckin'... self.

Help... your... fuckin'... self... copper.

Here's your knife back, you dog.

There's something I want to tell you.

I've been having a dream... most nights.

I've kept it from you.

But I don't suppose it matters now.

I'm in a room.

It's our bedroom, I think.


I'm searching for something.

And then suddenly... I feel a presence in the room and...

I stand up and I turn around... and there in the doorway is Eliza Hopkins.

And she looks frightful.

Her... her dress is all... creased and torn... and covered in blood, and her face, too.

All battered and bruised and splashed with blood.

Martha... But listen to this.

In her arms... she's holding something.

I... I... I can't see what it is... because it's covered by her hair.

And then she walks towards me.

Very slowly.

And... she hands me a tiny bundle.

And I look down...

and I see that it's a baby.

A newborn.

And this baby... Oh, it's a beautiful baby, Morris.

And it... it opens its eyes.

And then... I feel a pressure on my hand and I look down and I see that the baby has taken hold of my finger and it's squeezing it tight in its tiny fist.

Then I wake up.

But after I wake, it's... it's the strangest thing.

I can still feel... I can still feel the pressure of that dream baby's hand on my finger.

What do you think of that?

That's the boy. Good boy.

Nice and tight, eh? Right.

Up we get.

Oh, no. I wouldn't try that if I were you.

Ligatures and knots are one of my many talents.

And it appears that you are singularly bereft in any talents whatsoever, Mr Burns.

To be speared by a savage.

How extraordinarily quaint.

Easy, Mr Burns.

I was drunk.

You only got me because I was drunk.

Well, I'm not drunk now. I'm on the job now.

Not a bad day's work either.

What is an Irishman... but a nigger turned inside out?


We're going to sit down... Charlie!

On this log.

Nice and easy, Mr Burns.


I really should stop saving your life, brother Charlie.

Come on! Come on!

All things considered.

"There's night and day, brother."

"Both sweet things."

"Sun and moon and stars, all sweet things."

"Likewise... there's a wind on the heath."

"Life is very..."

"sweet, brother..."

"Life is very sweet... brother."

"Who would wish to die?"

George Borrow, I believe.

A worthy writer.

And a beautiful sentiment, sir.

But you're not my brother.

Finish him.

Oh, dear.

This may hurt.

Why can't you ever just... stop me?

They're hanging Mikey come Christmas Day.

When's Christmas, Charlie?

I have some riding to do.


Where did you get it?

I'm a very resourceful woman.

I never doubted it for a moment.

Look real good, missus.

Thank you, Tobey.


And look.


Ho, ho, ho.

Ho, ho, ho.

Who is it? Dr Bantrey.

Are you alone? Yes.

Then you may come in.

It doesn't look good, Morris. The boy is dying.

Nothing I can... do.

Sure is pretty.

You can never get your fill of nature, Samuel.

To be surrounded by it is to be stilled. It... it salves the heart.

The mountains, the trees, the endless plains.

The moon, the myriad of stars.

Every man can be made quiet and complete.

Even the lowliest misanthrope or the most wretched of sinners.

What's a misanthrope, Arthur?

Some bugger who fuckin' hates every other bugger.

Hey, I didn't ask you, you black bastard.

He's right, Samuel.

A misanthrope is one who hates humanity.

Is that what we are - misanthropes?

Good Lord, no. We're a family.

"Adieu," said the bird in the branch of a tree

"Farewell," said the snake to the dying light

"Adieu," said the fish in the river of sleep

"Goodbye," said the rider, "Goodbye and goodnight"

"No," said the stars to the moon in the sky

"No," said the trees that started to moan

"No," said the dust that blinded his eyes

"Yes," said the rider and pointed his gun.

Best you go now, Tobey.


Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Captain.

Prisoner coming through!

Prisoner coming through!

Stand back, ladies and gentlemen, this black fella bites!

Keep moving, you murdering bloody bastard!

'Tis the jailhouse for you!

You led us a merry bloody dance for many days, but alas for you, you dirty mongrel, we've got you!

How am I doing?

You're doing just fine, Sergeant Stoat.

Keep moving, you dusky devil. Don't lag.

And keep your lustful eyes to the ground, you lecherous dog, or I'll whip the filthy black hide right off you!

Good morning, miss.

What's happening? I don't know.

It must be some of Lawrence's lot.

Oh, shit.

Mikey. Mikey.

This one's pissed himself. Help!

Where are the keys, you bastards?

The fuckin' keys.

Please. Oh, God. Oh, please.



Mikey. Mikey.

Will you shut him up, Charlie?

Mikey! Mikey!

Mikey! It's Charlie.

Two Bob.

I think the job's fucking done.

Two Bob, you fuckin' yellow dog.

Come on, sons of bitches, get down.

Arthur! Arthur!

I'll see you at the good Captain's. We'll save the best till last.


Stand back.


You look grand, Samuel.

Well... we're going visiting.

That's right.

It's all your fault, Charlie. You should never have left us.

Would you like me to carve?

No. No, no, no. I'll carve.

Finest bird I ever 'ad, ma'am.

Made with my own fair 'ands.

Thank you.

For what we are about to receive... may the Lord make us truly thankful.

Amen. Amen.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Guard the woman, Samuel.


Move out of your seat again, ma'am, and I'll stick this fork through your fucking eye.

Shut up.

I said shut up.

It's Christmas.

What does that say?

"To my darling wife..."

"whom I love so much."

"I'm sorry."

Sorry for what?

Oh... ma'am... they're beautiful.

I've never seen anything so beautiful.

Samuel! That's us.

Come on.

You won't want to miss this, Captain.

Samuel, sing us Peggy Gordon.

Oh, Peggy Gordon...

You are my darling...

Come sit you down...

Upon my knee... Charlie.

Just in time. - And tell... to me...

Mikey's dead.

The very reason...

Listen to that. He sings like a bird.

Why I...

Not the gut, Charlie.


No more.

I'm going to be with my brother.

You got me, Charlie.

What are you gonna do now?

"When?" said the moon to the stars in the sky

"Soon," said the wind that followed him home

"Who?" said the cloud that started to cry

"Me," said the rider, as dry as a bone

"Who?" said the sun that melted the ground

"Why?" said the river that refused to run

"Where?" said the thunder without a sound

"Here," said the rider, and took up his gun

"No," said the stars to the moon in the sky

"No," said the trees that started to moan

"No," said the dust that blinded his eyes

"Yes," said the rider, as white as a bone

"No," said the moon that rose from his sleep

"No," said the cry of the dying sun

"No," said the planets that started to weep

"Yes," said the rider, and laid down his gun.