The Protector (2005) Script

The Jaturuungkabart Were sworn to protect the mighty royal elephants.


Elephants are so big. Who could hurt them?

The king sits on top of them.

So they must beware of things from below.

Beware of what, Dad?

If they lost their swords, they would use their bodies as weapons.

Throw, crush, grab, and break.

What do they need to be careful of?

I cannot tell you yet.

But I'm going to be a Jatuuruungkabart. I have to know.

Not yet, Kham.

One day you will know.


Hello. Hello.

Splash him, son. Splash him.

Come on, splash him. Splash him all over, son.

Splash him, son. Splash him.

How do you feel, Por Yai?

Por Yai, you’re so naughty!. Dad, look at him.

How was it? Was Por Yai up to his old tricks again?

Why did Por Yai do that to you?

Oh! Splash him, come on.

Dad. I'm here.

Father. Father. Father. Where's Por Yai going?

Let him go, son.

Pull... Pull... Pull it tight... Lasso it.

Come on, pull. Pull it.

If I ever had the chance to present Por Yai to the King... would be biggest honor of my life.

At the very least, it would mean that I upheld the name of the Jatuuruungkabart.


I have something to show you.

Nice, nah?

I reckon this Songkran Water Festival is going to be fun.

Mr. Suthep is taking care of everything.

He's throwing a huge party.

Well, his son's now a member of government.

Hopefully, he can give us back some of our profits.

Koi, I heard they are going to check the elephants for royal status.

Aren't you going to take your elephants, to see if they're in with a chance?

Say goodbye to Por Yai, Kham.

After Por Yai has been checked...

...We might not have the chance to see him again.

This could be a great opportunity for you.

There's no reason to worry.

Annual Songkran Water Festival

Mr. Koi, ...this way, please.



Dad. They're here.

Hello, Mr. Koi.

Please, come inside. Yes, sir.

Everything's ready.

Come in.

Go on, Kohrn.

Wait outside for awhile.

Your father should go in alone.

This is Supoj, a friend of mine.

Hello, sir.

He takes care of this place.

He will take care of everything for you.

Young man, would you like a bell for your elephant?

Do you want a bell?

Do you want one?

It's for good luck.

Do you want one for your elephant?

How much is this one?

That one is 40 Baht.

It's not expensive.

Buy a bell for your elephant and get good luck.

Thank you, sir.

Let me take a look.

That's lovely.

Let's go.


Thank you.

Come on.

Bring it here.

Wait! Wait!

Are you taking him away today?

Yes, today.

You can go back home and wait there.

I will let you know what happens later.


Come on. Quickly.

Move it.

Come on.


Come on... Come on...

You can't take him. Not yet.

I won't let you.

You can't.

You can't. You can't take him.

I said you can't take him.

Force it to go.

I said you can't take him.

You old fart. I told you.

Move it. Quickly.

Look! Elephants.

Didn't you see the truck?



What happened, Father?

Father... Kham.

Check on Por Yai.

Move it.

I said move!

Oracle Ceremony - To Find Por Yai

Baby. We belong together enjoying the forest with a joyful heart.

The waterfall pours down as if heaven was before our eyes.

Birds coo like my loving words for you.

Who the hell are you?

Do you want my foot in your mouth?

Go on. Get him.

Go get him.

My teeth!

Wait for me.

Where are Por Yai and Kohrn?

Where are they? I don't know.

I don't know.

You don't know? You don't know?


Johnny took them.

They're in Sydney.

Where is he?


Shoot! Shoot him!


You’re hurting me.

Come on. Quickly.

Move it.

Sydney 2 Weeks Later While the NGO were gathering to protest the transfer of Thai elephant to Sydney. there’s a report that the elephant was stolen. and Mr. Wittaya Thammarrat. the owner of the well-known Thai restaurant Tom Yuum Goong Atop has been killed.

The motive of murder was believed that Wittaya was involved with the Chinese mafia gang and many illegal activities that can leads to business conflicts with them.

For the missing elephant. there is no report or confirmation from the authorities at the moment if this connects to the murder case.

...belongs in Thailand.

The best way to enrich this elephant’s environment is to put it with other elephants. so that he can live with his family. in its home.

We don't want the elephant in Australia. The elephant belongs in Thailand.

Yeah! Send him home!

Reporters have asked the Thai consulate for more information about the incident.

We are very sorry for the incident that happened today.

We also would like to inform you that Thailand do have a very strict law for the protection and conservation of elephants.

At first. We thought that the... giving of elephants to the zoo is done by donation for public use.

We later found out that there’s criminal activities behind the scene.

And this is the main Asian market in downtown Sydney.

Most of the people here are Asian, you know?

Chinese, Thai, Vietnam.

Oh, oh, oh, oh! And Laos.

So officer here need to understand Asians way.

Like me, for instance.

This how I do my job.

It's important to stay in touch with the people.

What beautiful mangoes.

Hello. How are you?

They look lovely.

How much?

Do you want some? Take some.

Take them. It's no problem.

How much? Forget it.

Are you sure? Just take them.

Well, okay, then. Can I take two more?

Take them. Go on.

Thank you very much. Not at all.

This just the way we do things here.

Asian in the foreign place needs to stick together.

Like firemen.

...I'll be there to chase.

Why? Do you miss me?

Whoa, Wwwwhoa, Wwwwhoa, Wwwwhoa, Wwwwhoa, Wwwwhoa, Wwwwhoa.

Take it easy, baby.

I kiss you. I kiss you first. Okay?

I love you.


Hey! Just in time.

This is my new partner Rick.

He's a young aristocratic kind of bloke.

A little less hard-working than I am.

Hey! Lighten up, mate!

Let's not work right now.

Using public services is part of our job as police officer.

You know? To serve and protect.

You look like you're constipated or something.

Sergeant Mark. there's a robbery at mini-mart on Thurwood Street.

Why you call police?

What am I supposed to do?

Apparently, the robber is a teenager.

Only the shop owner and his wife are in the shop.

All right, listen up!

I want you to drop your weapon...

Nick, Nick, Nick. No, no, no, no.

Leave him to me.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Take it easy.

Take it easy, mister. Okay? Okay?

Hey, Tuui.

You stupid prick.

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

How did you know, Sarge?

You idiot. With a face like that, who wouldn't be able to spot you?

Put the damn gun down. Put it down!

Stay away.

If you come any closer, I'll shoot.

Shoot me if you want, but don't forget your mother.

When she gets here, you're in deep shit.

Don't lie to me.

My mom isn't here.

She is. Look behind you!

Come on. Imbecile.

Look. They caught the guy.

He's so brave.

It's been just another day.

Anyway, enough fun for now, okay?


Excuse me, Mark. Mark, can I have another question, please?

Go on, run.

Don't be such a wimp.

You idiot.

How could you do that, Sarge?

It's against procedure.

It's no use arresting young junkie mind.

Yeah, but we should go by the rules.

Put a sock in it!

Don't you know?

Just forget it. You idiot! Go! Go! Go!

Let's go!

Shit! When did that happen?

Why didn't anyone tell me?

Why aren't you working?!

Why in the hell do you think your boyfriend's dead, huh?

Remember him?

Or do you wanna die like him?

I know I can pay.

You know you can pay?!

How in hell are you gonna pay?! Huh?!

Thai student only allowed two jobs here.

One, you can be a waitress, or you can be a call girl.

What can you do?! Huh?!

You got two weeks. That's it!

News from Thailand.

Thai have expressed a concern about the boycott from NGOs.

If the NGOs truly understood the elephant situation here, then they wouldn't be against us.

From all the exits to the meeting room, guards have been placed at every 10 meters.

Uncle, I have arranged everything for you.

I've hired Sydney's top chef to make abalone soup.

I made it for all of you.

I hope everyone will enjoy it. Especially you, Uncle.

You should have more of it. This is good for your health.

It will keep you strong. With good health, you’ll be able to look after the family business forever.

Are you sure this is abalone?

It's bland, there's no aroma and no sweetness.

It tastes like earthworms.

You know earthworms, right?

Slithering insects which have 2 genders... without being either.

So what about it, Rose?

If you can't even provide proper food for me, how do you expect to protect me?

For security, it's better to let Cheng handle it.

I think this is better.

When your father was alive, Cheng Was in charge.

What you do shows no respect to our clients.

We are negotiating with representatives of the government.

If we unite with them, our business will grow rapidly.

Concentrate on the restaurant I gave you.

That's enough responsibility for you, Rose.

That stupid old man made me lose face in front of everyone.

You don't need to be angry or impatient.

You already have this, don't you?

I think this new fate of mine will finally rid me of that old man.

Sorry. Sorry.

Hey, g'day, mate.

Where's a pretty boy like you from?

Next question. Where We go...

Oh, here, is it? Okay, right ahead.

Tom Yuum Goong. Yeah, I know this place.

Great food. Beautiful girls, too.

You like girls?

Tell me something, did you get in this country legally or illegally?

You know the big gates... Have you got a passport?

Change of plan.

Hang on!

Come on!

Look at them! They're good for nothing! Nothing!

Mark. We found Jimmy heading to Thai town.

Requesting back-up immediately.

I'm on it.

A tricycle is faster than this.

Stop here!

Is that the best you can do? I'm trying!

God, you drive like a pensioner.

Shit! Come on. Come on, boy!

Come on! Get out of the car!

Get out of the car now! Come on.

Keep away from me!

You come any closer, he's dead. You hear me?

Keep away from me!

Hey! Jimmy! Calm down. Calm down, calm down.

Let's talk, okay?

I don't wanna talk! Just get away!

You! Hey! Hey!

Can't you hear me? Piss off!

You want me to shoot him? I'll shoot the little bastard!

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm gonna count to three. Stop!

One! One... piss off!

Do you want me to shoot him, you wanker?

Hey! I'll shoot him! Piss off! Eh!

Okay, okay! Uncle! I give up!

What the hell you doing?

He was a hostage.

No. He wasn't.

Now go get him.

I said go get him.

I didn't do anything wrong.

I will handle this.

Vincent didn't have to shoot him.

Don't you think he went a bit too far?

Jimmy was no ordinary thief. I know him well.

And this guy was not with him.

How do you know? I don't.

I just have a hunch.

What are you doing here?

Oh! Are you Thai?

I'm speaking Thai. Do you think I'm Burmese?

Did you come to Sydney to break the law?

No, sir.

I've come here to find Por Yai and my little brother.

You’re looking for your relatives? Yes, sir.

What do they look like? Like elephants.



Who's like an elephant in Thai town?

Come on. Let's talk about this back at my office.



How's it going, Goong?

Are your clients keeping you busy? Not really.

It's your fault. You never visit my restaurant.

I'm really busy.

There's a new promotion on. Yeah?

Special price at lunchtime.

I'll go if I have time. Okay.

It's a Thai restaurant.

Tom Yuum Goong is Thai food.

So why did they hire a Vietnamese guy like Johnny to be the general manager?

It's Johnny! Johnny! Shut up!

Okay. See you later.

See you.

Work hard. You, too.

Follow them quickly. Hurry up!

I said shut up! Be quiet!

Don't start any trouble. Follow that car quickly!

Quiet down! Quiet down!

Those are the people that took Por Yai and Kohrn.

Don't say that.

You can't accuse someone without any evidence.

I have a photo, but it's in the taxi.

Don't waste my time. We'll talk at the station.


Let him go.

Hey! Hey!


Or I'll shoot!

I've come to see the secretary.

Sure you wanna... Johnny!

Where are my elephants?

Where are my elephants?

He asking for his elephant.


Johnny! Give me back my elephants.

We are both Thais. So I'll warn you.

Don't get involved with them.

This is top quality.

Kill him.


You think this is a game?

What are you doing?



Make sure he's dead.

The Thai government says it is trying to resolve the issue of elephants wandering around on Bangkok Streets. ordering recreation of the pachyderms out of the capital.

What should I do with the two of you?

You lost a suspect and managed to cause all that ruckus on the road.

I'm taking you both off the case.

It's being assigned to someone else.

As of now, the two of you can help Inspector Vincent With security for the Secretary-General's meeting With Mr. Sim.

Aren't you being slightly...

I'm not arguing with you.

I paired you up with Mark hoping you'd be able to keep him in line.

I didn't expect you to start acting like him.

We've had a report from area 3.

About drugs in an Asian shoot-out.

Everyone's fled the scene.

There's evidence that needs to be collected.

I don't understand Why that area's so buggered up.

The area that you, Mark, are so proud to protect.

Where is Jimmy's body?


And the evidence?

Look. Don't take anything.

I know.

You’re an ugly son of a bitch.

Okay, thanks.

A Thai man with a red scarf.

What did we lose? A lot.

We’ve also lost our dealer..

Who will want to do business with us after this mess?

Get the hell out of here.

Do you want me to... Just get out.

All right.

I got it.

I know.

I will leave now!

Kings sit upon the elephants.

Vital areas are underneath.

Enemies aim for those areas.

Soldiers protect the 4 most vital areas of the elephants.

One day you will know, Kham.

At the scene of the crime police have found a passport belonging to the suspect, who the authorities believe he was involved in the drug deal at warehouse inn King Cross area.

The suspect was seen wearing a red scarf.

If anyone has seen this man. Please contact the police immediately.

Yes, yes.

All right, okay. Let me get back to you on that.

Right. Thank you.

To our success!

All right!

My... my medicine.

Go! Go!

What are you doing?


What the hell are you doing?

He forced me to do it, Sarge. I...

What? What the hell...


What's up, senior constable?

You’re not familiar with your new gun?

Take him.

He and this Thai boy killed the Secretary-General.

Bring him back!

Over there.

You, go with him. Come on.

Go right here.

Boss, he's gone.

We searched around. One girl is missing.

Find her.

It disgusting. People who buy pirated DVDs!

Don't do it again.

The assassination of the Secretary-General of the police bureau has shocked the city.

Police are now tracking down Senior Sergeant Mark, who is well-known in China town.

The coroner's reports indicate that the fingerprints on the gun belong to Senior Sergeant Mark.

Police assume that the motive behind the killing was a trade dispute.

Meanwhile, the Asia Channel has recently broadcast a secret tape that Senior Sergeant Mark illegally released the Thai convict.

Hello. Mark.

This is Goong.

Where are you?

I just watched the news, and I'm worried about you.

Don't say anything.

Someone might be listening.

Can we meet?

Plas just called me.

She has evidence which can prove that you’re innocent.

She won't see me unless I see you first.

No problem. Where?


I'm sorry.


Where's the camera?

No! Let me go! Let me go!

I don't know, I don't know! I don't know anything!

Please! Let me go!

Ever since Johnny came here... it has been hell for everyone.

Everyone from the waitresses to the manager.

I don't know what to do.

They built a secret entrance at the back of the restaurant... for their VIP clients.

Everyone wants to know... what goes on up there.

Hey! No! Please! I'm sorry! No!

Maybe the relative you are looking for is up there.

Where's Johnny?


Hey, you!

Where are my elephants?

Where are my elephants?

What's he saying?

Where are my elephants?

What you looking for? Huuh?

Looking for this?


Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Don't touch me! Let me go! Johnny!

Hey, Johnny! Let me go!

Let her go, Johnny!

Let her go, Johnny!


Have you found your brother?




Shit! An elephant!

A real elephant!

How did you get here? Kohrn!

Come, come.

Rose, the heir to the business should be Sim's son.

But Chao is only thirteen. He's still a child.

He doesn't yet have the ability to run the family business.

Then the most suitable person should be Kang.

He is the son of Third Aunt, who is the younger sister of both Sim and your father.

Um, that should be good.

Kang has just graduated in Management from England.

He should be able to take good care of the business.

Why don't any of you think about how I feel?

I am also my father's child.

I have devoted everything to this family.

I would always help Uncle when he was still alive.

Take a good look at yourself. You’re neither a man nor a woman.

How do you expect us to let you run the family business?

We wouldn't be able to show our faces in public.

Kang! What's wrong with you?

Please don't scare me. Help! Help!

You! Why did you do this?

The most suitable person is dead...

What's wrong? Tell me, Chao!

...and the second is dying. Is there anyone suitable left?

In that case, I accept the responsibility.

I promise you all...

I will make the family business better than ever.

I won’t let you down. I won’t let my father down.

And I hope for the utmost cooperation from you all.

Authority says that this restaurant has been the front of an illegal activity.

The owner has been accused for selling and cooking endangered animals.

And the most shocking of all, that there are young girls from Thailand who have been sold as a prostitute.

I can't say much right now, but our sources say that a number of Thai police are involved in this.

A Thai man with a red scarf pops up often in these reports.

At least we still have the girl.

As bait.

Johnny, you've been with me ten years now.

Do you still not understand me?

What we are about to do is of immense proportions.

But you can't even take care a little operation like the restaurant.

How does make me look?

You let those high losers, get on my nerves.

And you still have the guts to face me?

Get out of here.

Leave it to me. I'll take care of everything.

You always seem to know what I want.

How can I ever pay you back?

Well, how about this?

To return your kind favor, Let me get rid of those who stuck their noses into our business.

My sweetheart.

It's no big deal.

Let my men handle it.

But what fun is merely watching the prey, when we can hunt it ourselves?

Be patient, Kohrn.

We'll find Por Yai together..

Hey, you know Where Kham and Mark are?

We're looking for Kham and Mark.

Kham and Mark. You know who they are?

No. No.

Come on, you must know. Where's Kham and Mark?

Where is Mark?

You better tell me now!

...share with you that...

Hey, Kham.

We can't stay here anymore.

I think we've disturbed you enough, Father.

Thank you very much for your gracious assistance.

Once you have stepped on fire, no matter how far you run, your feet Will still burn.

At least we won’t cause you any problems.

I must go now, Father. Come on, Kham.

What are you doing to do now? I must find Por Yai.

I think that transsexual knows something.

I think we should go back to the temple first.


Someone, help!

Get out quickly. Go on.


You should take the elephant back to Bangkok.

I have connections at the port.

It would be easy for you to go back.

What about you, Sarge?

Don't worry about me.

And I promise to bring our business empire to new levels of greatness.

Especially now.

We have the full collaboration of the government and police.

Since this is new beginning for us, may I be the first one to announce a slight change of name of our business empire.

Where's my elephant?

Where is he?


Who am I gonna shoot first, huh?

The elephant?

Or the monkey?

You... asshole.

You piece of shit!


You’re scum!

Get on your feet!

Your mother's a dirty whore.

Get up. Get up!

Johnny. Put the gun down.

Put the gun down!

Johnny, put down the gun!

I came to settle the score!

You wanna catch me? You know where to find me.

This majestic elephant...

...Will enhance your dominion.

All will bow to you...

...and the power which you hold.

Kohrn! Kohrn!

Kohrn! Kohrn!


Watch out! What you done!

Be careful my elephant!

Bring him down. Get down! Move!

An elephant is most vulnerable at its tendons.

If its tendons are severed, it will fall.


Lower down, lower down, lower down.

Up, up!

Are you okay, Goong?

A good man is always a good man, no matter where he is.

I have good news.

Your new partner.


Somsaka, sir.

God, are you Thai? Aren't I speaking clear enough?

You sarcastic piece of shit!

Excuse me.

What about the reports of a Thai man with a red scarf and a baby elephant?

Elephants have represented Thailand for many years.

We respect them as if they were our own brothers, our family.

Thai people don't appreciate it if anyone tries to hurt an elephant.

Actually, Thai people like peace. Peace! Peace, you know?

But we don't like it, when people take liberties.