The Proud Ones (1956) Script

Hiya, Cass. Hi.

Run 'em 600 miles. How do they look?

A lot better than you do. - Had 'em on the trail for two months... and I only lost 10 cows- What do you think of that?

Pretty good, Jed. Even better than that.

Skinned down eight of 'em.

If the rest of ‘em look anything like this, you've got a deal.

Well, come on out this afternoon, and I'll show 'em to you.

I'm holdin' 'em a few miles outside of town. The feed's better there.

Hello, George. See you this afternoon, Mr. McGuire.

Well, Cass Silver. It's been a long time.

Yeah. You marshal of this town too?

Got a nice herd here, George.

Well, thanks, Cass. Come on over and meet some of the boys.

Hey, George, how about payin' us off?

Take it easy now. You'll get it. You'll get your money.

Now, you got two days in town to buy a drink and see the ladies.

Then we're headin' back to Texas.

Oh, boys, this is Cass Silver. He's the marshal here.

- Dan, hand me down that strongbox. Just a minute, boys.

I know you're anxious to get into town and cut loose.

Well, the people in town are waitin' for ya.

You're the first trail crew to come in here.

And I don't want any trouble... so let's keep everything nice and peaceful.

As soon as anybody draws a gun, I've got to go to work.

I don't like hard work. My ambition is... to be the oldest living marshal west of Kansas City.

If it was me, I'd leave half my pay with George here.

No sense in blowing it all and getting mad.

Another thing I'd do:

I'd leave my guns in my bedroll.

See you in town, boys. So long, Marshal.

How about our money?

There's a pretty gal waitin’ for me.

This is a big day, eh, Cass?

What's all the lumber for? Boxes.

I'm goin' back to my old profession.

What was that? Undertakin'.

A lot of excitement.

There wasn't this much when the soldiers come back.

They're here! Thousands of ‘em!

Just outside of town! They're just outside of town!

I told you we'll need more room.

Get some more chairs around here. Yes, Sally.

Every chair means more money. Yes, Sally.

Come on. Let's get goin'. The faster you feed 'em, the faster they're out.

Yes, Sally. Right this way, gentlemen.

How do you do? Howdy.

How do you do?

What do ya got? Well, we have steak and roast.

Aw, you got more than that.

Yeah. Potatoes.

Where have you been? I told you I wanted you in early today.

Don't be angry with me, Sally. Look... what I found.

How about that? All right.

Now, get in there and see if you can find a dishrag.

Used to be a nice, quiet place.

That's the sound of money you hear, Cass.

I like it noisy.

Marie, bring some food in.

I waited up for you last night, Cass. What happened?

I wound up in a poker game.

Well, I hope you lost. As a matter of fact, I won.

Last hand of the game.

Two sugars, please.

You know, you remind me of a cat I had one time.

He only came to me when he wanted to be petted or fed.

Pretty smart cat. Well, I got so I hated that cat.

Maybe this'll remind you of a different kind of cat.



Cost me everything I won and a month's salary besides.

Oh, Cass, it's beautiful!

Is this a proposal? Could be.

Got a vacation due next month. Winter's coming.

Oh, Cass!


Oh, Cass, it's too small!

What? It's too small for my finger.

Oh, there's plenty more where that came from.

We'll just get you a bigger size.

Sally, the-

Oh, that's all right, Marie. Just set it down.

Looks like the new owner's moving into the Palace.

Who'd Ed Bailey sell it to? I don't know.

Recognize any of them? No.

No, they smell money, and they'll go right across the earth to get it.

And some of them'll wind up in the earth.

Well, the town's growing up. More people means more money.

As far as I'm concerned, more people means more trouble.

But this'll be like all booms- makin' big noise for a while, then it'll quiet.

Howdy, Sally. Hi, Cass.

How's Peggy, Jim?

Oh, any day now. Mmm.

Dr. Barlow says she's big enough to have twins.

Oh? Well, sit down.

Have some coffee. I just had some. Thanks.

Have some more. You'll need some practice keeping awake for those twins.

This town's gonna be loud enough to keep us all awake for a while.

I was up at the Palace. That's a big outfit, Cass, from Kansas City.

They brought their own liquor, gambling tables, everything.

Who's the boss? A fellow by the name of, uh, Barrett.

Calls himself "Honest John."

Well, what's the difference?

If it wasn't Barrett, it would've been some other tinhorn.

Cass- What?

Don't forget my ring.

One size larger, huh?

What's botherin' Cass?

Does he know this fellow Barrett?

I wish he didn't.

Hey, Mike, over here!

Thought I asked you fellas to leave those guns in your bedrolls.

Sorry, Marshal. Just a habit, I guess.

Yeah, we'll try to remember next time. Come on, boys.

Are you the Cass Silver was marshal at Keystone?

Yeah, I was marshal of Keystone.

I didn't expect to run into you this soon.

My name's Thad Anderson.

Is that supposed to mean something?

Don't it?

I believe you knew my father back in Keystone-

John Anderson.


Well, you should.

You killed him.

Yeah, I remember.

It was either him or me.

But it was him.

They say you shot him when he was unarmed.

I don't know what you heard, but you heard wrong.

I never shot an unarmed man in my life.

That's why I'm wearin' these.

Put it down right over there.

Okay, set it right here.

Welcome, boys! Welcome! First drink is on the house!

Got a blackjack game workin' over here.

We'll have a roulette and card game goin' on tonight.

Take a look at that sign. What are we supposed to do on Sunday?

Pray you got enough money left to have whiskey on Monday.

Give me a whiskey.

It'll be all right there.

Howdy, Marshal. Can I buy you a drink?

No, thanks.

Pretty nice layout. A lot of confusion today... but it'll straighten itself out as we go along.

Could be a lot of money in a setup like this.

Plenty of customers, and new trail crews coming in all the time.

Everything all right, Marshal?

Yeah, it's all right.

You're Cass Silver. That's right.

Barrett told me you'd be around.

What else did he tell you?

He told me not to talk too much.

Mind if I sit in?

It's an open game.

What are the stakes?

You name it.

Your ring against my ring.

If you move another muscle... you might never move one again, my friend.

Picture. Picture.




Picture. Pay 'em all back.

How do ya like that? Back home we'd string you up for this.

What are we waitin' for? I'll take care of this.

What happened over there, boys?


Where is Barrett? Now, Marshal... you're makin' a lot outta nothin'.

You're not makin' enough of it. That's why I wanna see Barrett.

Why bother the boss with every little thing that comes up?

Come on. I'll buy you a drink. I'll talk to the dealer.

Tell him he's fired. Fired?

Dealers are kind of hard to come by.

He just got in from Kansas City. Send him back.

If he ain't outta here in 24 hours, I'll slap him in jail.

That you'd better tell Barrett yourself.

He's back there.

What's the matter, Marshal? You nervous about something?

Oh, yeah. I heard some talk about you two.

What kind of talk? They say he ran you outta town.

Stand back, all of you!

Take him over to Sally's place.

Get Doc Barlow.

Well, Cass, can we put our hands down?

I'd like to buy the house a drink.

All right, Barrett.

I suppose you never saw him before?

Never. What was it about this time, Cass?

Your blackjack dealer. I want him outta town. Now.

What happened? I don't like his jewelry.


Did you put that dealer on? Yes.

You know he was a crook? No.

A cheap crook!

I don't need that kind around me, Dillon.

I built my reputation on square dealing... and I'm not gonna have it tarnished by any fly-by-night blackjack dealer!

Do you understand?

I trust you. You're my right arm. But if you can't pick better men... to do the work around here, I'm gonna have to pick a better man to do your job.

Now, pay him off.

Sounds all right to me. Me too.

Good show. You didn't like it?

I saw it before. It was better in Keystone.

All right, Cass. I took care of the dealer.

Now, why don't you take care of yourself? I will.

It's no good, Cass, the chip on your shoulder.

It's the same thing all over again.

Why did you leave Keystone?

An old weakness of mine- money.

Keystone was gettin' smaller, and I was gettin' bigger.

That's why I left.

But I won't embarrass you by askin' you the same question.

Here, let me get you somethin' for that cut on your head.

Never mind.

I'll live.

I hope so.

I'll bet you a couple.

Hold the game, Billy. No cheatin' now.

Leave my cards face down like they was.

What happened to you? Nothin', Jake.

Just upholding law and order.

It looks like you done a bang-up job.

What's Billy doin' here? He told me you locked him up last night.

I didn't lock him up. I told him to sleep it off.

Get him outta here. All right, Billy. Outside with ya.

Come on. Get! Get!

Cass, can you let me have four bits?

Thanks, Cass. Sit down. Let me take a look at your head.

Eh, still bleedin' a little.

Eh, that's a lump that is a lump.

A wet rag will take her down.

Take it easy. That's my head.

Yeah, well, if it was mine, I wouldn't be stickin' it where it don't belong.

I hear the Palace opened up.

Well, there's nothing wrong with your hearing.

Nothin' wrong with my seein' either.

I seen John Barrett this mornin'.

What is that stuff?


That's whiskey.

It is?

It is.

There you are.

Does it feel any better today?

Yeah, but it's still a little numb.

It'll be that way a couple of days more.

As long as you've gotta stop a bullet, that's as good a place as any to stop one.

You're young. It'll heal fast.

How long do you think it'll take? A week or so.

I generally mind my own business, but... how'd you get that?

Not mindin' my own business.

Well, how's he today, Doc? He's gettin' along fine.

Why shouldn't he, with you nursin' him? I'll take good care of him.

I'll be in tomorrow to change that bandage. Bye, Sally.

Is there anything I can do for you?

Would you mind handing me my jacket?


Hey, how do I rate all this attention anyways?

Fine food, fine room. I never had it so good.

It was the marshal's idea, not mine.

I'll have to remember to thank him.

I'll get you some beef broth. Doc thinks you oughta take some.

Anything you say. I'll be the best patient you ever had.

Is there anything else you'd like? Uh-

Yeah. Would you mind fixing my pillows?


Let go! Let go!

That's a heck of a way to take care of me.

Lookee here, cowboy. You get one thing straight.

The only reason you're here is because of Cass.

If he saw you trying to maul me, you might wind up with a bullet in your other leg.

That's the way it is, huh? Yes, that's the way it is.

How is he, Sally?

Well, you got a bronc on your hands.

When you're hungry for food, just yell.

Okay, I will!

She takin' good care of you? Oh, yeah.

Here's your money. I picked it up from your boss.

Said your trail crew's heading back for Texas.

Thought you oughta know.

Anything else I oughta know?


I want you to know the truth about what happened to your father.

You've heard a lot of stories about me. I don't know what.

But I'm not trigger-happy, and I never shot an unarmed man.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It was either you or him, so let's just skip it.

My leg hurts. Do you mind?

Thanks for what you did anyway.

Yeah. It's not much money.

I can give you enough to get back when you're ready to go.

I'm not goin' back.

I figured I'd stick around a while, maybe get me a job.

Take care of a little unfinished business.

What kind of a job were you after?

Somethin' that pays money.

You wanna work? I could use an extra man... if you want a job as a relief jailer.

Look, Marshal, I can take care of myself.

I don't doubt it.

Sally can take care of herself too.


What is it, Cass? Headache, I guess.

What do ya expect?

You're lucky to have a head left to have a headache with.

I need a drink.

You got any of that liniment left?


But you wait here, and I'll go get this prescription refilled.


What's the matter, Cass? Don't you feel well?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I feel fine.

Good night, Cass. See you in the morning.

Good night, Jim.

Why, Sally, what's the matter? Did you run out of rooms too?

What room is Mr. Barrett in?

Mr. Barrett's in 15.

Do you want me to tell him you're here?

Don't bother. He's expecting me.

Hello, Sally.

Come on in.

It's been a long time. That's right.

You look fine, Sally. You haven't changed a bit.

May I offer you a drink? No, thanks.

It's too early for me.

I passed by your place the other day. Looked very nice.

I might even say respectable.

It is respectable.

Even so, you oughta do all right in this town... now that things are looking up around here.

I was doin' all right before.

Why don't you sit down and take that chip off your shoulder?

I wanna talk to you about Cass.


Don't shove him, Barrett. He isn't in the mood.

Well, I didn't come here looking for trouble, Sally.

He hasn't forgotten what happened in Keystone.

He's been burning like a fuse ever since.

I can understand that. A man runs out on a fight... he can't just forget it altogether.

You didn't run him out of Keystone, Barrett, I did.

You? I made him get out.

I knew you'd get him if he stayed, and I couldn't stand that.

I was the one who was scared.

I just wanna be sure that you get things straight. That's all.

I don't want you makin' any mistakes thinkin' that he's a-scared of you.

So just take my advice. Don't shove.

Thanks for telling me, Sally. I'll try to be extra careful.

If he leaves me and my boys alone, I'll do the same thing for him.

Keystone sure missed ya, Sally.

The boys say the town's never been the same.

Well, you tell the boys that I'm flattered speechless.

Cass, I thought you was gonna hire that Anderson boy.

I offered him a job.

I expect he'll be in to see me as soon as he cools off.

It looks like he's cooled off enough, but he ain't headin' this way.


Glad to see ya up and around.

I'd like to talk to you. There's nothin' to say.

Maybe, but I'd still like to say it.

How about hearing it now... if your leg doesn't hurt you too much?

Sit down. Just say your piece.

What you gotta say shouldn't take too long.

Then sit down and listen.

And don't interrupt.

You've heard all the lies.

Now you can hear the truth.

I shot your old man. I admit it.

But I want you to know how it happened.

One night, him and another jasper came after me... and I killed 'em.

Before I knew it, the whole town was after my scalp... callin' me trigger-happy and everything else they could think of.

Barrett told everybody they were unarmed- that I planted the guns on 'em after I shot them.

Is that what they told you too? Yeah.

Well, here's one thing I bet they never told ya.

Look, I don't get any pleasure out of calling a dead man names... but that saddle tramp and your old man... were the lowest scum on the face of the earth- paid gunslingers for Barrett.

That's the truth.

You can do what you like about it.

Are you finished?

Yeah, I'm finished.

When did you two get in? This morning... on the train from Kansas City.

Gracias, señor. Muchas gracias.

Welcome. Pike. Afternoon, John.

How are you, Chico? Ah, señor Juan.

Nice, John. Even bigger than the one in Keystone.

You know, the chicken without wine is no good.

It sticks in the throat. I brought your favorite wine with me, Chico.

The amontillado. Ohh!

You have a Spanish soul, señor Juan.

What's up? Nothing yet.

The reason I sent for ya- I met an old friend of ours here.

Old friends are the best. I drink to him.

Cass Silver.


You know me, boys. I wanna mind my own business like I always do.

I don't wanna start anything.

But if he's looking for trouble, I haven't got time to fool around.

This town's good for only one season.

Do I have to say any more?

You won't have any trouble.

Go see Dillon. He'll fix you up with a room.

I will take the wine. You know, in my country there's an old saying.

Oh? What's that?

It means when the wine is drawn, you have to finish it.

What do you want? I wanna see Barrett.

He's not in, cowboy.


Listen, cowpoke, just who do you think you are?

It's all right, Jack. He's in now. Go on.

Well? Mr. Barrett, you wanna hire a couple of guns?

I don't know what you're talkin' about. I run a saloon.

You know what I'm talkin' about.

I figured anybody who'd run a place like this... they could always use an extra pair of guns.

Well, you figured wrong.

I don't hire gunslingers. I don't have any need for 'em.

Oh, no?

Well, what were those two?

Friends. Just dropped in for a minute.

All right, Barrett. Let's cut it short, huh?

My name is Anderson.

My father was one of your friends.

Oh, so you're Johnny Anderson's boy.

He was a good man. It's too bad-

You don't have to dress it up for me! I know what he was!

He was one of your gunslingers!

Well, wasn't he?

I see you've got your father's quick temper too.

You don't come with the best recommendations.

A temper, and the son of a dead gunslinger.

No, you'd better stick to punchin' cows like your father should've done.

He might've been alive now.

And next time, don't be so quick to stick your nose in where it don't belong.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm busy.

Would you pass the potatoes, please?

Pass the potatoes, please.

Hey, you, wake up! Pass the potatoes, please.


Hello, Thad. I wanna talk to ya.

That job you mentioned- How much does it pay?

See Jake. He'll tell ya all about it.

Things are sure crowdin' up.

Tried to get a room in the hotel, but they're all full up.

Did you try Sally's place? Same thing there.

I guess I'll have to pitch a tent. You've come to a busy town.

There you are, Marshal.

You know, I had my first funeral the other day, thanks to you.

I wasn't used to it, but things turned out pretty well considerin'.

If my undertakin' business picks up, I'm gonna need to hire me an assistant here.

Oh, sorry, Cass.

You wanna double your money? Well, sure.

Open a barbershop.

Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!

Welcome, boys! Step right inside!

Drinks, excitement!

Poker, blackjack-

Hi, Cass. Hi.

I come into town yesterday with a herd of 2,000.

They're out in the pens right now.

I'll take 35 dollars a head for 'em.

Let's go out and look 'em over.

I can sell all the beef I can ship these days.

Try it again.

Everything all right, Marshal?

Yeah, it's all right.

Hey, you got pretty lucky in there tonight. - First time I ever won.

Five hundred dollars.

How about that? Yeah, pretty lucky.

Better go home and sleep it off.

You're luckier than you think.

We weren't doing anything. Then why were you running?

You're gonna have a hard time to get this thing to stick.

It's worth a try.

Who are they? A couple of Barrett's boys.

Somebody won too much money tonight.

Cass, what do you figure on doing with those two fellas?

Turn 'em over to the circuit judge.

He's due in a couple weeks.

Maybe you oughta take it easy with 'em, Cass?

It's just askin' for trouble.

You oughta go home and get some sleep.

How are those twins doing?

Doc says anytime now.

Something on your mind?

It'll keep.

Good night, Cass. Good night, Jim.

Good night, Thad. Good night, Jim.

See you in the morning, Thad. Yeah.

Oh, uh, if I were you, I'd sit facing the cell.

Why? Might be safer.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Thanks.

And, uh, Cass, thanks for the job too.

I figured it was about time.

I'm a sensitive man, señor.

I do not like to keep people waiting.

If you're smart, Cass, you'll let those two men go.

They were just drunk.

You got things a little mixed up.

The man they were rolling was drunk.

They're just a couple of cheap crooks.

You gave us a lot of trouble once before.

Now you're making the same mistake all over again.

You got it wrong. My mistake was leaving Keystone.

You had no choice, amigo.

You could have stayed, but it would have been no good for you.

You know, pride can kill a man faster than a bullet.

So can overconfidence, Chico.

Still a pair of fours.

Possible straight.

I'll make it 10 more.

I'll see it. What do you got?

I got a... straight. You were cheatin'!

I wasn't cheatin'! I wasn't cheatin'! I seen ya!

- You did too cheat! - No, you didn't see me!

Take it easy. I saw him cheatin'!

Take it easy! Nobody was cheating.

He was! He was cheatin', I tell ya! Keep your voice down.

Well, for you, I'll sell it for just what it cost me- $289.

It's the finest thing-

Wrap it up. I'll be back for it.

Stay here, Jim. I'll be on your left, Cass.

All right, folks. Let me through here. Come on. Let me through.

He's dead.

Take him out.

- Through here. Make way. All right.

What happened? See for yourself what happened.

Fella wanted to shoot up the place.

Is that right? No, that ain't right.

Les was shot at the table. He never even had a chance to draw.

Who shot him? He did.

He killed him, 'cause Les caught his dealer cheatin'.

Let's go, Dillon. What for?

Murder. Just a minute, Marshal. That's a pretty strong charge.

You know as well as I do, everybody who loses money says we're cheatin'.

I tell you, Cass. That fellow wanted to shoot up the place.

Dillon had to shoot him in self-defense.

We'll let the judge decide that.

Let's go, Dillon. Now, listen, Marshal.

I'm not gonna say it again! Now let's go.

You fellas come over. I want you to sign some statements.

What for? For the judge.

If he's guilty, he'll hang. If not, he'll go free.

He'll hang.

Jim, get their names and addresses for now.

Right, Cass.

Catch yourself a big one, did ya, Cass?

A lot bigger than he thinks. All right.

Inside with the rest of the fish.

You don't think you're gonna get away with this, do ya?

Think you can keep me in here? No.

I think you'll hang, Dillon.

What do you got to grin at, mister? I think you'll hang too.

Wanna bet?

Anytime you want us, Marshal, your deputy knows where to get us.

Thanks, boys.

Cass, I don't wanna tell you your business... but do you think you're doing the right thing?

What do you mean, Jim?

Well, there's always two sides to these stories.

They say Dillon shot him in cold blood, but they were the man's friends.

Dillon says something else. Maybe it was self-defense.

How do we know? We don't. We did what we had to do.

The rest is up to the judge.

Well, I guess so.

But this ain't gonna sit easy with Barrett.

No, I don't suppose it will.

Cass, I, uh-

I told Peggy I'd drop by the house this afternoon.

Do you mind? Go ahead. I'll-

I'll hold the fort.

See, the- the closer it gets... the more nervous she gets.

I- I guess that's the way it is with the first, eh?

She'd better have that baby pretty soon, or you'll be a nervous wreck yourself.

Go on.

So long, Jake. So long, Jim.

Cass, I'll bet when you have your first baby... you'll be just as nervous as he is.

All right, Billy. Get up. Get up. You're disturbing the peace.

Cass, there's somebody in the alley across the street layin' for ya... and there's another one on this side.

Get on home or I'll run ya in.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Here's your hat.

What's goin’ on down there?

What's all the shootin' about?

Let me know when this gets out of sight.

Now. All right, the other side.

Now. Mm-hmm.

All right. Look up.

When you get one of these spells, how long does it last?

Three or four minutes maybe.

Why didn't you come see me right away?

I didn't think it was serious.

You were gonna wait till somebody takes a shot at you?

Looks like pressure on the optic nerve.

Might be a small hemorrhage.

These things are tricky. Sometimes they get worse.

Sometimes they just vanish altogether.

You can fix me up, can't you?

Next time you get one of these attacks, I want you to use cold packs.

Stay in bed for a couple of days.

What happens from here in?

Oh, we'll have to wait and see.

One thing for sure, any strain or excitement won't do it any good.

You know, Cass, if I were you, I'd start thinking about a different line of work.

You're not holding anything back, are you?

Of course not. I'm just trying to be sensible.

There are some jobs where temporary loss of vision isn't important.

But yours?

Suppose somebody found out about this situation you're in?

Your life wouldn't be worth a nickel.

You know, if I were you, I'd go to the best hospital in Kansas City.

Thanks for the advice, Doc.

Let's suppose nobody finds out about it.

Not even Sally, you understand?

You're not gonna take my advice, is that it?

Taking advice isn't like taking pills, Doc.

I guess they forgot to teach us that in medical school.

But they did teach us not to talk about our patients.

Thanks, Doc.


I've been waitin' for ya.

You want one? No, thanks.

Maybe I better to tell you what I have to.

Cass, I'm quittin'.

I had a long talk with Peggy, and she insists... that with a baby comin', I got no right to be taking chances.

It was different before the railroad came. But now-

Sure. I understand.

How is Peggy?

The doc says tonight, or tomorrow for sure.

I hate to walk out on you right now, Cass-

A man's got to look out for himself, Jim.

Don't say it like that, Cass. If it was for me-

You got a right to come and go as you please.

Nobody forced that star on you.

I hate to do this, Cass.

Go home, Jim.

Give Peggy my best.

Don't look at me like that, Cass.

It's my first kid. It's all I can think of.

I wanna live to see it, to feel it... just to have a kid.

You understand, don't ya?

Sure, I understand.

Good-bye, Jake. So long, Jim.

What's the matter? Your head hurt? Why?

Go easy on that stuff, Cass. Take it from an old horse.

Too much of that liniment will make you go blind.

Well, looks like the score is still the same, doesn't it?

Just about. Thad, I wanna talk to you.

I need a new deputy.

What happened to Jim? Here.

He got scared. This job is rough.

And it's gettin' rougher.

It's a thankless job too. Are you interested?

- I don't know. How much does it pay? Hundred a month.

If I were you, I wouldn't take it.

Well, you're not the jailer.

When do I start? Get one thing straight.

I'm not doin' you a favor. This is no handout.

- I can take care of myself. Takin' care of yourself is one thing.

Takin' care of a town is another.

If you wanna think it over, now's the time.


What makes this gun legal? It goes with the job.

Well, if you don't mind, I'll use my own. I'm used to it.

All right. We'll go out tomorrow and shoot some targets and... get used to each other.

The main thing is, keep your eyes and ears open.

There's lots to learn.

We'll make the rounds together tonight.

Come on. There's something I wanna show you now.

Just keepin' you sharp.

Thanks again.

What for? For takin' the job.

You can always hire fools or drunkards to do something... but when trouble comes... men are hard to find.

Real men, I mean.

Well, maybe I'm the fool. Maybe.

Your first lesson comes right now.

At night, always walk in the shadows.

You can see better.

In the daytime, walk away from the sun.

You'll live longer.

You know why I need a deputy?

So's I got somebody to watch my back.

If they ever get me, it'll never be face-to-face.

They'll have to ambush me.

Wait a minute. What is it?

That's Chico.

You wait here.

Ah, señor. A light?

I am without matches.

Without guns too, Chico. Mmm.

That's Honest Juan’s idea.

You know he has a strong opposition to violence.

Yes, I know. But not me.

Someday I will get you. This I promise you.

Someday I will kill you. Or some night maybe.

Ah, night or day.

That doesn't matter.

What matters is the killing, no?

Oh. You drink with me? No, thanks.

Ah, I drink the wine myself. Good night.

What did you do that for? He wasn't even armed!

Thad, I wanna show you something. I've seen all I wanna see.

You're the trigger-happy killer everybody says you are.

Or you're not tough, you're just scared.


Thad, wait a minute.

Thad, this is what I wanted you to see- this gun in his own hand.

He wasn't drunk. The whole thing was a cheap trick.

Empty holsters and a bottle of wine.

If I hadn't shot when I heard the click of his hammer...

I wouldn't be here now.

What does he mean, Chico wasn't drunk?

Everybody here knows he was so drunk, I took his guns away from him... and put 'em behind the bar.

Isn't that right, Tim? Here they are. See for yourself.

I don't have to see anything. I saw what happened.

He's trigger-happy, all right... but what are you gonna do about it?

He's got legal guns.

I got legal guns too.

Why don't you light someplace and get off that leg?

My leg's all right.

If it's Cass you're lookin' for, he's comin' down the other side of the street.

Morning, Jake. Good morning, Cass.

What are you doing here?

About last night, Cass. Uh-

I was wrong, and I wanted to tell you about it.

Yeah? Well, when you shot Chico... the only thing I could think of was that... this is the way my old man got it.

I- I didn't know Chico was armed. He really had me fooled.

How do you feel about it now?

I- I made a fool of myself, and I'm sorry.

Here. Do you want your badge back? Keep it.

We got a date to do some practice shooting, don't we?


Come on. Let's go.

Your way ain't workin'.

He's not scarin'. Give him time.

Now, wait a minute. I'm not gonna end up like Chico.

You better let me get him my way.

Take it easy, Pike.

I think we're gonna have a new marshal very soon.

When this rock hits the ground, we both draw.

You ready?

Try it again. When you go for your gun... draw and shoot over your holster.

Don't stick your hand out. You'll lose time.


You throw the rock this time.

Let her go.

That was better.

Put up your gun. Let's go.

You ready?

That's the way!

Let's try it again.

Now let's see how fast you can draw.

You better count your shots after this.

That gun's empty.

When you draw on a man, don't let him talk to you, shoot him.

Still not sure I was telling the truth about your father, are ya?

No. You never will be.

It's my word against everybody else's.

But I wish you'd believe me.

I don't know what to believe.

Come on back to town and have a drink.

You look like you could use one.

Tim? Yeah?

Go tell Markham I'd like to talk to the council.


Cass, I know you're not gonna like what I got to say, but I think it needs sayin'.

Now, it's no secret that you and Mr. Barrett here don't get along together.

You and him had some personal trouble.

Is that right? Yeah, that's right.

Well, that might explain why you're ridin' him so hard.

Pickin' gunfights with his men, runnin' 'em in jail.

And why you got him so whittled down, he can't hardly operate.

That's what I had in mind.

Cass, you've been lookin' for trouble.

Do you realize that we've had more killin' and bloodshed in the past month... than this town ever saw before?

This town never saw Barrett before.

I told ya I was gonna crack down if he didn't operate on the level.

Well, that's what I've been doing, and I intend to keep on doing it.

Well, there you are, gentlemen. Nothing a bit plainer than that.

We ain't blamin' ya, Cass. It's human nature.

You're tryin' to get even with this man.

But you've got a license to kill, and you've been abusin' it.

And this man Chico that you killed last night... we can't have that, Cass.

We just can't have it. That's all.

Are you trying to fire me?

We don't wanna do that, Cass.

We-We got too much respect for ya.

But under the circumstances, we're asking for your resignation.

Sorry, gentlemen. I'm not going to sign it.

Not today.

Just got a telegram from Judge Creedy. He'll be in town tomorrow.

I've got one man up for murder and two for assault with a deadly weapon.

I'm gonna deliver my prisoners for trial.

- Then I'll resign. Well, that's fair enough.

Anybody got any objections? No.

I don't know if you want a good man for this job or not... but if you do, I'd like to suggest my deputy.

He's young, and you won't find a better man.

Well, we'll vote on that tomorrow.

Now, anybody else got anything to say?

Well, there's one thing I'd like to say, Cass.

I, uh, hope you don't take this as a personal reflection on you.

No, Sam, I don't.

I take it as a personal reflection on you.

All of you.

The minute you people smelled money... this town got an attack of larceny.

I don't blame that on Barrett. I blame it on you!

You're supposed to be respectable. You talk about law and order.

You'd sell out for a copper penny. Any one of you!

You're robbin' and stealin' just the same as he is... with your $50 boots and your $12 hotel rooms.

If I was on this council, I couldn't look in the mirror without vomiting!

Cass, here's your ring.

Thanks for what you said in there.

I meant every word of it.

Mr. Barrett. Mr. Barrett.

Your way, Pike.

You crazy fool! What's the matter with you?

Have you gone out of your mind?

Doc Barlow told you. Yes, he told me.

Why didn't you? The chips are down now, Cass.

It was bad enough before, but now- Oh, Cass, there's gonna be trouble... and you're in no condition to do anything about it.

I'm all right, Sally. All right?

You call going blind all right?

Do you think I'm gonna sit back and watch you dig your own grave?

We're getting out of here tonight. Sally, listen to me.

No! You listen to me.

You're trying to be noble, is that it?

Do you think that Barrett is gonna let you turn his men over to a judge?

I've gotta stay, Sally. Stay?

Stay for what?

For whom? Nobody wants you.

Doc Barlow told me that the council asked you to quit... so what have you got to stay for?

You don't owe them anything, Cass.

There's a train leaving for Kansas City tonight.

We're taking it. Tomorrow. Not tonight.

Cass, we've got to get out of this town right away.


We're gonna do what Doc Barlow says- go to Kansas City and find a good doctor.

We'll talk about it in the morning. I wanna talk about it now.

But, Sally, I'm not a coward. Coward?

This is suicide!

What are you gonna do, stay here and let your crazy pride kill you?

This time I'm staying.

Oh, Cass, I'm only thinking of you.

I want you alive. Sally... a man can't live a lifetime being ashamed.

Some things you never forget.

You make a decision in five minutes, and you spend the rest of your life... wishing you could do those five minutes again.

Oh, Cass, that's all past.

Everybody does things they'd like to do over.

Maybe I'm lucky. Everybody doesn't get a second chance.

Please, Cass. Please!

Whatever it is, don't go!

Don't go, Cass!

What is it, Thad? Jailbreak!

Tim the bartender.


Who did this, Cass?

I don't know.

Only that Barrett will need a new bartender.

He's lying dead out there.

Cass! You'd better clear the streets...

'cause there'll be more killing, and you won't like that.

Cass, Dillon and three men were headed for Simpson's barn.

Keep your eyes open while I cross.

When I get to the other side, I'll watch you.

There's someone in that loft.

We have to run for it.

Head for that stagecoach.

They're headed this way. All right. Get ready.

Here they come.

Hold it, Pike. Wait till they get in the barn.

Those open doors are a trap.

We'll go around to the far side.

It's old man Simpson's barn.

There's stalls to the right and left of those doors.

You go in the left. I'll go in the right.

When we kick in those doors, blast away.

It's me, Cass.

What is it, Cass? What's the matter?

I can't see. I can't see anything.

Go out that window, go down below and get by the slit.

We'll get 'em in a cross fire. Right.

All right. Get your gun up here.

You keep firing till I get across. Get outta here while you can.

I like it here.

Besides, I got no place to go.

Get him over to Doc Barlow's, Sally, right away.

Where are you going, Thad?

To finish the job.

Go after him, Sally.

I'm here if you need me, Thad. Thanks, Jim.

Well, can I buy ya a drink, Marshal?

I'm arresting you, Barrett. Is this official?

All right. Let's go, Barrett.

Well, do you mind telling me why you're arresting me?

For murder.

I think we both need a drink.

After we see Doc Barlow, we're headin' for Kansas City.

All right, honey, but take it easy.

We're not running away from anything.