The Prowler (1981) Script

δδ [ Newsreel Theme: March ]

[ Newsreel Narrator ] The Queen Mary, thegreatest passenger Iiner in the world... brings home the greatest human cargo New York Harbor has ever seen.

Almost 1 5,000 troops get an eager glimpse ofthe U.S. ofA.

Past the towers of Manhattan steams the 83,000-ton British liner. [ Ship Horn Blowing ]

These victorious G.I.s have done their duty.

They answered their country's caIl, left theirjobs, their families, their sweethearts... and beat the Nazi tyranny on a thousand battlefields.

For some- the psychological victims ofwar- it wiIl be a long road back.

These men wilI need time to rebuild the lives they set aside when Uncle Sam caIled.

[ Crowd Cheering ] For others- the G.I.s ofthe "DearJohn" letters- it means starting over, replacing what they have lost.

They faced one challenge and won. They can win this one too.

Welcome home.

Let dancing replace marching.

δδ [ Ends ]

[ Woman's Voice ] I don't know how to tell you this.

I really don't want to hurt you, but I just can't wait foryou any longer.

I know I promised to wait.

I really did try, but it's been so much longer than either of us expected.

So much has happened, and you're so far away.

I hope you understand how I feel.

I know I said I loved you, but I'm young... and I have to Iive my Iife now.

And who knows how long it wiIl be before you return.

I hope you don't hate me for leaving you this way.

But perhaps, when the war is over, we can be friends again.

PIease take care ofyourself.

I continue to worry about you.

Sincerely, Rosemary.

δδ [ Big Band, Up-tempo ]

δδ [ Continues ]

[ People Chattering, Laughing, Muffled ]

There's Tom Caldwell's Cadillac.

Well, I'll be dogged.

Say, who's he going out with now anyway?

Linda Booth. Do you believe it?

With Linda Booth? [ Chuckling ]

I thought she was going out with Georgie Wise. Didn't you hear?

Well, I heard Georgiejoined the air corps, all right, but-

Wait a minute. Georgie didn't get-

They broke up. [ Laughing ]

[ Horn Honks ] [ Man Shouts ]

Will you look at that?

Aw, that'sjust a big old boat.

Sweetheart, that car doesn't do you justice.

You are precious.

δδ [ Band Continues ]

δδ [ Song Ends ] Now let's have a big hand for the band.

Swell job, fellas.

We were all saddened by the great Glenn Miller's tragic death... somewhere in the skies over France.

But he left us a wonderful legacy in his music.

And now for all those fine young men here tonight... just back from overseas, I'd like to ask the band to play one of his best tunes.

Oh, look. There's Pat Kingsley. [ Bandleader Continues, Indistinct ]

Well, Pat Kingsleyjust- just came home from the Pacific. So?

Come on. Let's go up to the point.

Oh, not now. It's too early.

Come on. This place is dead. We'll come back later.

[ Bandleader] FoIks, I bet you never saw a more sober group ofguys.

Hey! Keep your mitts off my girl!

The drummer told me his wife wouldn't let him in the house... if he ever showed up again... with that little brown jug. δδ [ Rim Shots ]

So let's cheer him up, and everybody swing!

δδ [ "Little Brown Jug" ] Who is that creep?

Oh, that'sjustJimmy Turner. He takes care ofthis place.

What does he do, sweep it with his eye?

No, but I hear he sleeps on an old mattress in the basement.

[ Scoffing Laugh ] Sounds like a swell guy.

[ Chattering ]

Oh, isn't it beautiful? Ifyou really like it, I'll buy it foryou.

Oh, Roy.

What's the matter- afraid somebody will tell your dad?


What do you mean?

My dad's got even more money than he does.

δδ [ Continues ]

[ Girl Giggles ]

δδ [ Continues In Distance ]

[ Engine Stops ]

[ Object Clatters ] Want a slug?

[ Sighs ] You sure know how to put a girl in the mood.

Just call me Mr. Romance.

δδ [ Continues ]

Piece ofcake, please.

Did you see where Pat went? Sorry.

[ Geese Honking ]

That water looks great.

We oughta go for a swim.

We wouldn't even need suits. Roy?

I'm only ribbing you. I don't want to swim.

You're all I want. Come on.

Come here, baby.

Roy, I shouldn't.

[ Footsteps In Mud ]

[ Crowd Applauding ] Okay. And while the boys go powder their noses, why don't all you chowhounds hustle your gals over to the refreshment table... and dig in. [ Laughs ]


[ Electricity Crackles ] Roy?

Come on.

Come on, don't play hard to get.

What about New Year's Eve?

Well, that was different. I couldn't help myself.

What ifsomebody sees us? You don't even have to take your dress off.

[ Kissing ] You're so amazing.

Ifone ofyour damn soldier friends shows his face around here, well, he's gonna wish he was back overseas.

[ Screaming ] [ Groaning ]

No! No!

No! [ Gasps ]

[ Gasping ] δδ [ Drumroll ]

Hey, you alive out there? [ Crowd Shouts, Cheers ]

Well, let's hear it!

[ Laughing ] Yay! Whoa-oh! [ Shouting ]

[ Hammering ]

Looks a little crooked to me.

Oh, yeah? How's that?

Maybe a little bit higher.

Like that? Is that better?

Yeah. It looks great.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Mark. How about this side?

WelI, if it isn't Deputy London keeping an eye on things.

Hi, guys. Hi.

Hi, Pam. Hi, Mark.

Well, I guess you don't need me anymore.

Where you goin'? Uh, to drop these off.

The graduation edition? Yeah. Wejust finished this morning.

You have a spare? Yeah, but we had to print these very small, and I wouldn't want you to strain your eyes twice in one day.

Well, maybe you can read it to me over lunch.

Okay. All right. I gotta stop by the office first though.

If I don't, the sheriffwill kill me.

They haven't had a graduation dance since 1 945... because Major Chatham wouldn't allow it.

Well, he'd stop it now if he could.

But he can't. Since the stroke, no one's even seen him.

You know, I feel sorry for him.

He's all alone in that house, so close to where he found his daughter and that boy.

State police called about an hour ago.

Somebody robbed a market up near Columbus.

Cut some kid up and took his car.

They think he may be headed this way.

Are you still gonna leave?

I can't start the summer without fishing. You know that. I never could.

Besides, you've been here for two years now.

You can handle anything that might come along.

Here you go. You were so anxious to read it before.

"Pam MacDonald."

I'm impressed.


Check, please.

I guess with the, uh, sheriff leaving, you'll be on duty tonight, huh?

Yeah. Oh.

I was hoping maybe you could come by the graduation dance a little later.

Well, maybe I can come by for a while.



You don't think the guy who robbed that store might come here, do you?

I don't think so.

State police will get him soon.

Yeah, well, until they do,

be careful.


Hey, Pam. Over here.

Hi, Carl. Hey. I read your article.

Oh. Wanna go make out on the point?

[ Laughs ] I don't know.

Is it worth the risk? Are you kidding?

Did you taste the punch?

It's kind of, uh, bland. It is now.

But as soon as "el chaperono" isn't looking, we'll- Shh!

Is the punch ready? Yes, Miss Allison.

You're gonna get us all in trouble.

Well, Captain, ifyour men are after him, I don't think there's anything to worry about.

Yeah, my deputy will let you know if he sees anything.


Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm. [ Chuckles ]

He's a good boy.

You're damn right it's my fishing trip.

And ifyou bother me about anything, Bill, I'll kickyour ass right across the state line, okay?

[ Laughing ]

Okay. Good-bye.

Now, ifyou need anything, you got my number.

The worst you'll probably have will be some ofthose kids from the dance running wild.

Now,just remember, there's still some people around here who, uh, won't put up with that kind ofthing.

Yes, sir.

[ Laughs ] You'll do fine.

Come on down to Kingsley's with me.

I've got some things I gotta pick up.

Oh, no. Major's orders, Ray.

Otto, get out here!

I'm- I'm right at the good part.

Now, goddamn it, the major doesn't wanna be kept waiting.

All he does is wait... and watch some girls.

Hey. Have you been sneaking around again?

Now, I told you- [ Door Opens, BellJingles ]

Now get movin'. We got customers.

Well, afternoon, George. Hi, Pat.

Hey, you leavin' today, huh? Mm-hmm.

[ Objects Clatter]

[ Door Opens, BellJingles ] Anything else foryou today?

Uh, yeah.Just some deodorant.

No sweat. [ Laughing ]

Get it?

[ Laughing, Chattering ]

[ Bicycle BeIl Rings ]

Hi, girls. Hi. Hey, you.

Finished already? Yeah, we finally got that banner stretched out.

What you doin', Deputy, guarding the store? Yeah.

Gonna be at the dance, won't you? I'll try.

Try real hard. Hey, how you doin', girls?

Now, what the hell you doin' still out here?

[ Pat ] I don't know, George.

Sometimes I wonder why I've taken care of him so long.

Well, I- I gotta go tend to the customers.

This time, uh, why don't you use those minnows for bait, huh? [ Snaps Fingers ]

Bye, Pat.

Are they graduating this year? Yeah.

They're friends of Pam MacDonald.

They don't seem like her type.

Now, remember, ifyou have any problems, call me.

Have a good time. I will.

Hi. Hi.

What do you think? This one? I like it.

Or how about this one?

[ Laughing ] I don't know what the difference is.

I mean, with Carl around, it's not gonna stay on too long anyway, right?

Yeah. [ Chuckles ] He is a real animal.

Any ofyou Pritcher girls got any rolling papers?

Uh, I think I do.

Thankyou very much. I'll roll you a couple for later.

Carl gave 'em to me.

[ Chuckles ]

Hey, you're not gonna mope around tonight, are you?

This is everybody's last night together.

And some of us will never see each other again.


I'm worried about Mark.

He'll come to the dance. I know. It's not that.

It's- It's that guy who stabbed that man in Columbus.

I thought you said they're about to catch him.

Yeah, that's what Mark says.

[ Clicks Tongue ]

I wish the sheriffwas here.

Hey, Lisa.

I just spilled nail polish all overyour dress.

Yeah, you do and I'll kill you. [ Laughs ]

Lisa, you'd better cIose those shades. You're gonna give old man Chatham another stroke.

Are you kiddin'? That old guy's harmless.

He can't even get out of his wheelchair.

Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with his eyes.

He's been staring at us all semester.

[ Laughs ] Oh, yeah?

[ Shrieks ]

[ Laughing ] Lisa!

[ Laughing ]

Well, he oughta be able to stand up now.

You're awful.

[ Laughing, Chattering ]

[ Indistinct ]

[ Exhales ]

[ Shower Running ]

Sherry. You want me to wait?

I will ifyou hurry. No. That's okay.

Carl gets real horny if I make him wait.

[ Laughs ] Now who's the animal, huh?

See you later. Bye.

[ Shouts ] [ Screams ]

[ Laughs ] Do you always walk backwards? I thought I heard someone.

I think you need this a whole lot more than I do.

That's okay. Maybe it's that dangerous criminal you were tellin' us about.

Maybe he was trying to knock over Kingsley's.

[ Imitates Gunshot ] [ Laughs ]

Lisa. Come on, you guys. Let's go. [ Laughing ]

[ Laughing, Chattering ]

[ Footsteps ]

[ Doorknob Turns ]

[ Gasps ] Jesus, Carl! You scared the shit outta me.

Door was open. [ GiggIes ]

You know how I get when I have to wait around.

Maybe I was expecting somebody else.

Fat chance.

Don'tjust stand there. Shut the door.

Aren't you gonna ask me in?

How fast can you take offyour clothes?

Start your stopwatch, coach. [ Shoe Drops ]

[ Giggles ]

[ Shower Continues ]

[ Muffled Shouting ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Muffled Gasping ]

[ Groans ]

Hurry up, Carl. I'm turning into a goddamn prune.

[ Kisses, Laughs ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Groaning, Screaming ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming Continues, Stops ] δδ [ Band: Rock ]

[ Man ] δ I know we'Il be together δ [ Boy ] The cake's over here.

I hope it's big enough foryou. There.

That should do. Come on, hot stuff.

Let's go dance. [ Mumbling ]

δδ [ Continues, Indistinct ]

There you go. You got a piece ofthat for me?

Miss Al. You havin' a good time?

Hi. Hi.

[ Mouthing Words ]

Oh. Okay. δ Ifyou don't hurt yourself then you'lI hurt someone eIse δ Sure.

δ Sometimes you learn things the hard way δ

δ Take the path of least resistance δ

δ Make it easy on yourselfδ How you doin', honey cup?

Hi, Paul. δ I know I can do the distance δ

δ It doesn't matter what they say δ

δδ [ Continues ]

δ Oh δ

δ You know where you're going but you don't know what's there δ

δ Sometimes you learn things the hard way δ

δ So you take the high road δ

δ When the low road is fasterδ Hi.

δ Sometimes you do things the hard way δ

δ Try not to hurry δ Well, Mr. Turner, what do you think?

Oh, it's exciting. Just like the good old days.

Except I had more hair then. [ Laughs ]

δJust take the path of least resistance δ

δ Make it easy on yourselfδ Guess you've been around here longer than anyone.

Yeah. Fortyyears.

Good having the girls back. Makes me feel young again.

Thanks for the dance.

Aw, come on. I'm sorry.

It's all right.

Deputy, that was fun. [ Punch Splashes ]

Oh. [ Laughs ]

Uh- Where you goin'? I'm going back to the dorm to change.

I'm sorry.

Don't be. Okay? Don't be sorry.

[ Laughs ] δ But when they find out what you've got δ

δδ [ Continues, Muffled ]

[ Girl ] Hi, Lizzy.

[ Shower Running ]

[ Sighs ]

Sherry? It's only me, and I'm closing the door.

[ Creaking ]

Shit. [ Snaps Fingers ]

[ Door Closes ] [ Floor Creaks ]

[ Footsteps On Stairs ]

Anne! Anne!

Betty! Betty!

Help! Help!

[ Gasping ] No!

Let go!

[ Whimpers ] Please!

Stop it! No! No!

Please let go!

[ Gasps ] Mark! What's wrong?

Oh, God. What happened? What happened?

It's all right. What's the matter? Mark. Somebody was chasing me.

Somebody was chasing me, and Major Chatham grabbed me.

Major Chatham? Uh-huh.

Mark, he hurt my arm.

What the hell was Major Chatham doing down here? I don't know.

And he- And he chased you? No. I don't know who chased me.

All I saw was, um, boots and some kind of uniform.

Are you okay? All right, I'm gonna take a look around.

Myjeep's right there. Stay there. I'll be right back.

Be right back.

[ Exhales ]

[ Gasps, Exhales ]

Did you find anything?

I found wheelchair marks and boot tracks too.

Did you look in the dorm? No.

Here. Mark, Sherry's in there.

Carl's with her. Okay.

Let's go. Where?

Major Chatham's.

[ Pounding ]

Major Chatham?

Major Chatham!

Let's try around back.

[ Pam ] Major Chatham!

[ CIock Ticking ]

Major Chatham?

Major Chatham!

[ Floor Creaking ]

[ Mark ] Major Chatham!


This is Francis Chatham.

I'm gonna take a look upstairs.

[ Stairs Creaking ]

Major Chatham?

[ Floor Creaks ]

[ Gasps ] Oh, Mark, you scared me.

Everything's covered upstairs. Chatham probably hasn't even been up there since his last stroke.

You find anything? Look at this.

So what? It's the major's daughter.

Francis Rosemary Chatham. They must have called her Rose.

And look. See? I found a pressed rose in the yearbook.

And the killer left behind a rose in her hands.

Didn't you read my article? They never found out who did it.

But it had to be someone in town, someone who knew that she was called Rose, and, Mark, that guy still might be around here.

Oh, man. I don't believe this. You're talking about something that happened over 30 years ago.

Pam. The guy who chased you may be the one the state police are looking for right now.

I say let's get the hell out of here and go to the dance and see that everyone stays inside.

Maybe you should call the sheriff.

Thanks. I'm sorry.

Okay. I didn't mean that.

It's all right.

Let's go.

δδ [ Rock, Muffled ] [ Retches ]

Paul, are you okay? Oh- [ Coughs ] God.

I think I'm gonna throw up again. [ Retches ]

δ Can't take this no more But I wanna see blood on the floorδ

δ Standing in the spotlight I hope I can see her bleed δ

δ I want to see her bleed δ

δ Don't turn offthe spotlight I still want to see her bleed δ Is Paul still in here? Yeah. He's sick as a dog.

[ Coughs, Retches ]

I'm gonna go cool off, Paul.

When you get tired of hugging the toilet, you can find me up at Garner's pool.

δ I'm lonely and I wanna go home alone δ There she is.

δ I'm lonely Don't leave me alone δ You mean there was someone actually in the dorm? Are you sure you're all right?

I'm fine. God. It must have been terrible.

I want you to tell everyone to stay put.

Right. I-I'll make an announcement right away.

δδ [ Continues ]

[ Indistinct ] δδ [ Stops ]

Very important announcement to make.

Uh, is this thing on still? Do you think-

Hello? Testing- [ Blows ] [ Feedback ]

Hello? Uh, attention. Could I have your attention, please, ladies and gentlemen?

Uh, Deputy London hasjust informed me... that a prowler has been seen around the campus, and, uh-

Well, he could be dangerous.

Now, I know this won't be very popular, but I'm gonna have to ask... that everybody please stay in the building until we know more about this.

[ Groaning ] Which shouldn't be too long, okay?

So everybodyjust relax and enjoy the dance and the music.

[ Feedback ] Shit.

[ All Laughing ]

Oh. Thankyou.

Oh. [ Toilet Flushes ]

I'll probably puke in the damn pool.


Hi. I'm back. Who turned offthe band?

Miss Allison just made an announcement. There's some kind of prowler outside or something.

Maybe we should tell her Lisa left.

Nah. Paul will be with her. She'll be okay.

[ Drumsticks Tapping ] [ Man ] One, two, three!

δδ [ Rock ] Hey, baby.

Let's struggle. Come on.

Wait a minute, Paul. You're gonna have to wait a while before you go outside. For what?

Paul, hold on. Just listen to me for a minute, okay? What the fuck's goin' on here?

δ Don't go δ I don't give a shit about any goddamn prowler. All right. Nowjust settle down!

Calm down, buddy. Leave me alone! Okay, okay.

I want this boy arrested! We don't have to stand for this kind ofthing here.

I want him out of here! Or am I gonna have to call the sheriff?

Oh, God. This is stupid, man.

All right, look. I'm gettin' him out of here. Okay?

Look. Can you handle everything here? Come on! Come on.

[ Panting ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Screaming ]

δδ [ Continues ] She's where?

Okay, I think that she went out to the pool, just to cool off.

See, it was before the announcement.

No, somebody's gonna have to go get her.

Ifyou see Mr. Turner, just tell him where I've gone.

Think I just got Lisa in trouble.

[ Laughing ] [ Muttering ]


Gonna slap the cuffs on me, chief?

Book 'em, Pam-o. [ Chuckles ]


δδ [ Continues, Loud ] I am not going outside until they catch the prowler. That's it.

We don't have to go-

We don't have to go outside.

There's a perfect place down in the basement. I know it.

I mean, people here, they use it all the time for parties and stuff.

Ha! Right! What kind of people?

Come on, Sally. It's great. I'll show you. Come on. Come on.

Am I okay? Yeah.


I thought you knew where this place was.

Ah, that's the beauty of it. It's difficult to find.

That way, there's no chance of being interrupted.

[ Sally ] Hang on.

[ Lights Clatter ] Hey.

It's around here somewhere. [ Clattering ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Gasping, Choking ]

[ Muffled Scream ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Choking ]


Hey! Warden! We're bustin' out of here at midnight!

You can't keep me in here!

What are you charging him with? Disturbing the peace.

Hey, you can't keep me in here. My boys will spring me as soon as they hear about this.

Hey! Keep it down in there!

Ooh! Look out, boys! The marshal's comin' with his rubber hose!

Paul, shut up!

[ Soft Footsteps ]

[ Floorboard Creaks ]

I heard something. [ Sniffles ]

It was probablyjust the wind.

In the basement? Hmm?

[ Chuckling ] Basement!

Why don't we check out the dorm again?

You don't think he'd still be there, do you? It's all we have to go on.

Oh, but Mark, what about Major Chatham?

I'm not gonna break into the man's house twice in one night.

Well. Lookee here.

Now, George left you in charge here.

Can't you keep them kids under control?

What are you doing here, Kingsley?

It's that damn graduation thing.

We haven't had any trouble out ofthat college for more than 30 years, and... now they have to start that damn thing over again.

What do you mean? There's a bunch of kids over there in the cemetery.

I know what they're doin' in there.

Now, what are they doing in there, Kingsley?

Hell, it was dark. I couldn't see anything.

Well, ifyou couldn't see anything, why don't you just go home?


But that gate was wide open.

[ Footsteps Sloshing ]

The gate's supposed to be locked at night.

I wonderwhat he was doing wandering around down there.

[ Crickets Chirping ]

[ Engine Stops ] [ Exhales ] Watch the road.

I'm gonna see what I can find out there, okay?


[ Footsteps ]

[ Screaming ] Mark!

Mark! Mark! Mark.

I saw somebody. I think it was Otto Hahn!

I- H-He was looking at me through the window.

I found an open grave out there.

It's been opened.

[ Grunts ]

[ Whimpering ] Oh, Lisa.

[ Sobbing ] No!


[ Pam Sobs ]

[ Crying ]

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Ringing Continues ]

Ocoee Lodge. Hello, yeah. Uh, could I please speak to Sheriff George Fraser?

He should have checked in today.

Well, I just come on an hour ago.

Let me check and see what cabin he's in.

δδ [ Humming ]

Look, buddy. This is an emergency. I need to get in touch with him right away. He's in, uh...

Lake Cabin Number 7.

Most everybody's asleep now.


Well, why don't I just run out and get him?

[ Clatters ] [ Dog Barking In Distance ]

[ Exhales ]

[ Spits ]

[ Clatters ]

He ain't in his cabin. Well, do you know where he went?

I told you. I just come on an hour ago. I ain't seen him.

I know a bunch of'em were goin' night fishing for crappie up in, uh-

Oh, shoot. Where were they going? Uh-

Look, could you take a message?

Yeah. I could take a message.

Wait till I get a pencil.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ] All right. Shoot.

Yeah. Tell him to call Mark London. Tell him to get in touch with me right away.

All right. I'll tell him.


[ Handset Settles In Cradle ]

[ Sighs ] Mark? Mark, who are you calling?

State police.

[ Dialing ]

Yeah. This is Deputy Mark London from Avalon Bay. Could I please speak to Captain Jenkins?

Yeah, I'll hold.

[ Snoring ]

[ Cartridges Clattering ]

When will they be here?

Less than halfan hour.

They caught the man who robbed the store three hours ago.

He couldn't have killed Lisa.

That was Rose Chatham's grave we found, wasn't it? I don't know.

Mark, the same man who killed her killed Lisa.

δδ [ Band: Rock ]

[ Engine Stops ] Why are we stopping here?

I want you to go inside and see ifeverything's under control.

All right? All right. I'll be right back.


I want you to stay at the dance.

What? I'm going up to Chatham's alone.

Mark, that doesn't make any sense.

I don't wanna drag you around anymore, okay?

Drag me around? What are you talking about? [ Engine Starts ]

I'm sorry. All right. That's fine, Mark! You just go play sheriff, all right?

[ Exhales ]

Let's go.

[ Engine Stops ]

I'm going upstairs.



What happened? I don't know!

[ Switch Clicking ]

[ Floorboards Creaking ]

Must be the fuse. I'll go down and check it.

[ Screams ] No! No!

[ Gasps ]

I'm here for our date, Rose.

[ Gasping ] No! No! No!

No! No!

No! Mark! Mark! Mark!

No! No!

[ Objects Smashing ]

[ Glass Shattering ]

[ Objects Clattering ]


No! No!

[ Screams ]


[ Screams ]

No! [ Grunts ]

[ Gasping ] [ Grunting ]

[ Gasping, Coughing ]

Sheriff. Sheriff!

[ Softly ] Why? Why?

[ Grunts ] Why?


[ Exhales ]

Go on upstairs. I better talk to this guy.

[ Kisses ]

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Shower Running ]

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming Continues ]