The Quake (2018) Script

It is one year since the mountain Åkerneset broke out in the Geirangerfjord...

...and created an 80 meter high tsunami.

248 lives were lost in this brutal encounter with natural forces.

We have heard incredible stories of courage, care and goodwill.

But also questions about what we as a society could do... prevent such a disaster. And what to do if something similar happens again.

This week, the Geiranger Commission forwarded their report.

Head and senior researcher in Norsar, Johannes Løberg, welcome.

What do you do as a researcher? when you try to find meaning, Where do you search for answers after such an event?

When the forces of nature hit us unexpectedly they leave us blind.

Unfortunately, it is true that no one can say - exactly when or where an earthquake will occur.

Especially such a little shake as the one that triggered the event in Geiranger.

On the basis of that knowledge, should it be allowed for people to live there?

That's a very difficult question.

But it's useless to live in constant fear.

Because we can not control nature. We live in the middle of it anyway.

Løberg, we are not going to sit here alone. We invited a man - which has rightly been honored after that tragedy.

Are you ready? But before he comes, look at the following pictures.


Many of the people in Geiranger. May the 6th of last year - can thank one man that they are still alive today.

Geologist Kristian Eikjord.



Sorry, I'm late, but...

Did you forget me? Forgot about you? Are you crazy? No, I...

It's good to see you.

Should I take this? Yes.

You're probably hungry. Yes. A little.

I haven't gone to the market, but ...

Omelette? Yes.

Omelette and crackers? It will be fine.

How are things at home?

Have you found a boyfriend?


Do you? I? No - no.

Do you miss mom?

Yes, sometimes.

Are thing going better now?

Maybe. I...

Now I'm fine here.

Come... please.

Julia, please. Come.

What is this?

This is just something which I'm dealing with.


It's getting late. Come on. Let's go down.

I do not understand all this. It's impossible for you to understand.

Just, too many people died in that accident.

As many as we knew. As many as...

You save my mother and Sondre. You save me.

Come. Let's go down.

Good morning. I fixed breakfast.

It's cracking bread with yellow cheese and peppers.

And then I warm up coffee from yesterday.

I also cleaned up.

I think it's best that you leave.

Does it? Why? You are a big girl now.

You understand that I can't have visits right now.

I thought I was going back on Thursday?

I think it's best for you to go home now.

I purchased a ticket. Come on. Let's go pack. Come on.