The Raid 2 (2014) Script

It's a question of ambition.


It's a matter of limitation.

And the importance of knowing yours.

Your boss, Tama. He had a reputation, yes.

But, he also knew where he stood. Understood how high he should climb.

That's why Bangun let him be the man he was.

Don't mind them.

I like to think I'm a reasonable man.

Like you, some would consider me ambitious.

But you see, in this world of ours... it's a "one step at a time”… kind of thing.

And by my reckoning, you really should have been some fucking steps away from a meeting… like this.

Bangun will... Bangun is an ol…!

He's on his way out.

I gave you a chance.

You chose him.


I guess this brings us back full circle, ambition... and limitation.

Bejo! Bejo!

Please don't do this. I already told you.

Don't mind him. No, Bejo, no!

Bejo, wait!

You called?


I know who you are.

My brother says... you're someone I can trust.

Yeah, he’s right.

They got you bad.

They did.

Take him. Get him treated.

Be careful.

No, wait! Stop! Stop! What the fuck?! No! No! No! No!

What was that?! It's okay, it is. Calm down, take a seat.

Sit. Sit.

Take his jacket, his gloves and any official threads he has.

Dump him out deep.

If we’re lucky he’ll float to shore by dawn.

Yes, sir.

Trust me.

He would've never survived til the morning.

This is the only way we can be sure he won't say a word about you.

About us.


You see I run a unit that weeds out crooked cops like him.

And I could do with someone like you to help me dig out some more.

We're a small division.

But we're small for a reason. Trust.

I have evidence.

We could've made a case. I could've testified.

No, all that you have are hearsay and a box of tapes.

I've been down that road before.

All it does is just cough up a few more names to take the heat.

No, no, if we're going to clean up this city... we have to aim higher. All of them.

Like it or not, you threw a wrench in their gears today, and they will come for you.

They'll do anything to remove you from the equation.

If we don't act fast… you'll be gone… in a week Your family too.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Let's say we keep this internal.

If you keep your mouth shut, I’ll make sure everything gets covered up, nice and clean.

I can protect you.

For you, today never happened. You were never there.

In their eyes you're still a rookie for fuck's sake.

They won't even blink an eye at one name missing from the report.

Is this all of them?

All eighteen.

No survivors.

What do you think?


I'll keep looking.

I'll take care of it personally.

No exceptions.

What do you want?

I want you on my team, to go under-cover.

You'll be re-trained. Given the skills to do what we need, when we need it.

It’s for the good of this city.

What do you say?

No. Not interested.

Come again?

Sir...with all due respect.

I brought him in to do time. To take account of his life!

And we put a bullet in him to protect yours!

There's no such thing as a clean war in this world. Open your eyes!

Believe me, my eyes are wide open, sir!

We may be after the same thing...

but I'm not going to follow the same path as you to get there.

Who killed him?

My brother.

His name is Bejo.

He's been on the up for some time now.

I know the name.

Rama... your brother had big enemies.

But trust me, they're absolutely nothing compared to what's coming for you.

I can provide safety for your wife and child.

We can keep them out of reach. But I need you.

Right now... this city is carved up... between our local kingpin, Bangun... and the Goto family from Japan.

Tama, he answered to Bangun.

And that building was the perfect way to pay whoever he needed to without us knowing.

If we get you close enough to Bangun... then we can weed out the rest of those crooked bastards.

Rama... for this to end, I need those names.

I need evidence that puts Reza’s hands in Bangun’s pockets.

What's the next step?

Uco, his only child… He's serving time in prison.

It's the perfect opportunity. Get in, get close.


I have to arrest you.

It will be a few months.

You can't know where I am.

I can't be seen anywhere near you… or Angga.

But, if I don't do this, I can't protect us this time.

Please understand.

This is the only choice.

He's out of the hospital now, right?

I heard he was discharged.

Shut your mouth!

You nod here!

Yes or no! Got it?

So, what did he do?

What did he do?


I need more than that.

He's the asshole son of an asshole politician.

Can't you just put me in, lock me up?

Why does this kid have to bleed?

His daddy is the reason Uco’s in prison.

If we're talking earning credibility... doing this puts you on his radar.

At the very least, it gives you two something to talk about.

If I’m going to do this…