The Rambler (2013) Script

( fire crackling )

( wind howling )

( footsteps running )

( door slams ) ( men shouting )

( banging )

Men : Come on! Yeah, get him!

( cheering continues )

( banging )

( door slams )

Guard : She know what day it is?

She knows.

Listen, uh...

I gotta get back.

( lighter clicks )

Good luck.

( gate rattles )

( beeping )

♪ Ho down, down ♪

♪ Ho down, dee ♪

♪ Red bird dance a penitentiary ♪

♪ A jailer stoned and he barred the door ♪

♪ Red bird gone, yeah, to fly no more ♪

♪ Black crow see, black crow knew ♪

♪ New Orleans is where the red bird flew ♪

♪ I been born and I'm gonna die ♪

♪ Blood red wing, you gonna make me cry ♪

♪ Rusty wing, a dead dark thing ♪

♪ Crows too loud now when the red bird sing. ♪

( indistinct radio playing )

A letter come from your brother.

At least I think it's him.

Oregon address.

lt's in that glove box.

Roberta said you could get your old job back at that pawn shop.

I guess that's a start.

Yeah, well, I think you're lucky.

( radio playing ) ♪ Goin' down New Orleans ♪

♪ Red bird dancin' and a red bird... ♪

( static plays, stops )

( dog barking )

Woman : Surprise.

All : Surprise! Ahh!

You son of a bitch! We missed you!

Yeah. Welcome home, dickhead.

How was the man pussy in the slammer?

( laughing ) Give me one of those.

Yeah, he's back.

How many years you do anyways?

Four. ( man laughing )

You fuckin' queer! ( cackling )

Welcome back, brother.

( cackling continues )

Thank you.

( cackling continues )

( music playing within )

Man, it's so good to have you back.

I thought about you damn near every day.

Hello, gang. Shut up!

She's a good woman. She's a rock.

Y'all heard the one about the gardener?

Douche box!

Actually, I believe douche comes in a can.

( men laughing )

( men chanting ) Do it, do it, do it!

Take it in your mouth, hippie! Do it, do it!

Do it, do it! Argh-hh!

( cackling ) ( men hooting )

( men laughing ) Do it, do it, do it.

Do it! ( men hooting )

Come on!

( static crackles )

( TV static crackles )

( police radio plays softly )

( fizzles, pops )

( strumming softly )

Hold on, Luke. What the fuck you doin'?

Eating lunch.

Well, eat it out front, then! I ain't paying you to be no Bob-ass-Dylan!

Sorry, ma'am.

Oh, sorry about that.

( Roberta's voice fades )

( police radio chatter continues )

Can I help you, ma'am?

I got these rings, this necklace.

Emeralds-- they're my birthstone.

How much you want?

I want a gun.

Roberta: He can't touch no gun, Shirley.

Just got out of prison.

Gonna have to wait for me.

Roberta: Oh, fuck it. I gotta go. Bye.

Go. Sweep.

What can I do for you, honey?

PistoI? Shotgun.

I'm going on a trip.

( beeping )

( women laughing ) ( gunshots firing )

Ha! Get him! Ha ha!

( women hooting )

( gunfire continues )

( sizzling, radio playing softly )

( spatula clatters )

( yells ) God damn it!


What's your fuckin' prob, huh?

What? Can't get hard for me no more?

I guess I'm still adjusting, Cheryl.

Adjusted to what?

Huh? A female?

Hey, maybe Kenny was right. The joint queered you.

I ain't queer. Just don't feel right yet.

Well, maybe I ain't willing to wait for you to feel right!

A lot of men want to fuck me, you know?

Gerald, Kenny, Steven, and countless other scum-fucks whose names I don't even recall.

You must be proud.

You know, I was gonna lie to you out of courtesy, but fuck you, here it comes--

I'm pregnant!



Cheryl and Daryl.

I like that. May be something in there.

Fuck you! Get the fuck out!

Sorry motherfucker.

( screams )

Fuckin' go! Get out!

( gunfire blasts ) ( screaming )

( continues shouting )

( bullet zinging )

Don't you ever fuckin' come back here!

( screaming continues )

( doorbells jangling )

( motor whirring )

( truck rumbling )

( spits )


( gagging )


( door beeps )

So what's your excuse now, dipshit?

Cheryl kicked me out again.

So where the hell did you sleep?

Under a-- under a thing.

Well, that sounds nice, but I pay you to open!

Oh, shit.

I don't fucking have time to deal with this right now.

I have got to meet a client.

You stay here until I get back.

And then we will discuss your employment.

( door beeps )

You know you're an asshole, right?

A grown asshole.

( cans rattle )


( tires squeal )

Daryl : Welcome back, brother.

Kenny: You fuckin' queer!

Cheryl : Fuck you, here it comes.

Roberta: A grown asshole!

Freeze. Cheryl : Pregnant!

Man : We missed you!

This you?

Yes, sir.

Man's voice: "Dearest brother, been a long time since we last spoke. lt seems you're not the easiest fellow to track these days, so if you're even reading this, I'll consider it a bit of a miracle.

Anyway, I've been running a little pony ranch just outside of Sun River.

Got a lot of colts this year and Susan just had another boy-- a human.

Anyway, I know you hate that cowboy stuff and all, but we could sure use a good hand out here.

Plus you have some new family to meet.

So if you can make it out to Oregon, you got a job and a soft place to land."

Rambler's voice: "Dearest brother, I have decided to join you and your family on the Oregon ranch. Just like old times, I guess.

I have found myself far from home, so I apologize in advance for my delayed arrival.

But unless I die or something worse, I will deliver myself to the ranch ready to work just as fast as I can.

Well, I seem to have run out of words.

Take care. Sincerely..."

( truck brake hissing ) ( honking )

( faint beeping )

( rapid beeping ) ( horse snorts )

Hey there.

Highway lose you or something?


Good job. You're officially nowhere.

How far to somewhere?

About three miles.


That where you're going?

I guess so.

Got any room on that guy?

Probably not.

There is that bicycle.

( doorbells jangle )

( radio playing softly )

Bottle of red, cheapest smokes.



Thanks, sir.

( distant dog barking )

( radio static crackling )

( coughing )

They're mummies.

You-- you like mummies?


( metal rattling )

Uh, it records dreams to VHS. lt works?

Has before.

Rambler: How far are you taking me, friend?

Driver: That's up to you, I guess.

See, I stop in almost every town.

Put a little road show on, bring the public my technologies. ln fact, I have a stop planned for this evening.

Hording, about 80 miles from here.

Okay, man.

( static popping )

( piano music playing )

( tubes humming )

That's it-- twist and turn, twist and turn, twist and turn. Good.

Excellent. Excellent.

Ah, a customer.


What are the mummies for?

Oh, my dear madam, they-- they are real authentic mummies for your enjoyment.

What's he doing?

Oh, he is preparing the most important scientific advancement of our time.

What the fuck does it do?

Oh, this machine, my dear madam, is capable of capturing the very essence of your mind.

Would you like to volunteer?

I don't get it. Oh, well, it's simple.

See, if you allow me to sit you in this chair here and then strap you into this mechanism here, I will be able to display your dreams on this monitor and record them on VHS tape for your own personal enjoyment.

You mean like sleep dreams?

Yes, yes.

I can't just go to sleep now. I'm not even tired.


I have sleeping gas.

I don't get the connection between that--

Ah, I had to diversiry, you see?

I had these mummies lying about, and if, uh-- well, people enjoy that sort of thing.

You belong in jail.

( car engine starts )

( can crumples ) ( man belches )

Hey, I'll try. ( bottles crashing )

Ah! ( laughing )

( laughing )

Step right up.

Sit yourself into this chair here.

Nice coat.

Oh, thank you! ColorfuI shirt.

Thank you. All right.

Let me strap you in here.

What is your name, my friend?

Kevin. Ah, Kevin.

Now let me put this on your head.

There you go. ls that comfortable? Yeah.

Good. All right.


All right. ( machine rumbling )

I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

( chuckles ) ( machine whirring )

Sweet dreams, my friend.

( machine squealing ) ( gas hissing )

That's it.

( machine whirring ) Easy now.


That's it, relax.


( ticking, crackling )

( bell clangs )

( whirring rises )

( whirring stops ) ( music continues )

So what are you going to do with him?


Mummiry him, probably.

But I'm gonna need a drink.

( country music playing )

Uh, tequila from the well.

Uh, excuse me, miss?

Do you know that woman?


The shape of her head is-- is near perfect. lt's-- it's like a... fleshy brunette planet.

You better tell her how you feel.

What's the buy-in?




( taps cards )

Oh, come on, give me that.

Give me the cards, give me the cards.

Are you looking at my cards?

( music stops )

Are you in, Fat Man?

You see that man over there?

Rambler: I see him.

That man is dangerous.


He does butt-type stuff to me.

Maybe you should do something. lt's guy stuff.

Are you two fucking done, man? ( feedback whines )

( music resumes ) All in.

All in.

Me too.

( chips rattle )


Oh, fuck, man!

Read 'em and weep, fellas!

( both laughing )

Oh, shit!


Hey, guys, anybody thirsty?

Yeah, sure-- Are you seriously talking to the mother of my goddamn child?

I ain't the mother of shit. Fat Man : Hey!

( snarls ) Rambler: Argh! Damn it!

( screaming )

( hissing, grunting )

( both grunting )

( grunts )

Ah, excuse me.

( door slams )

Let's see that hand.


( sprayer hissing )

( sighs )

Your winnings.


Better hold on to your cash around here, brother.

Let me look at that hand.

That hurt?

Yeah. Ah, you'll do fine.

I'm Dale, by the way.

Hey, Dale. Fine at what?

Son, how would you like to fight a train-hopper for some money?

I can get you two-to-one odds based purely on that spectacle you provided in there.

Now I've seen how fast you are.

This fella shouldn't give you much trouble.

Just make sure you hit him in the head.

A lot.

( faint cheering )

( crowd cheering )

Yeah, watch his left hook.


( spits )

I better take these off--

No, no, no. Nah, nah, leave 'em.

They look cool.

Oh, and by the way, it has occurred to me that this whole thing is a little ill-conceived.

I'll take the blame for that.

I must have forgot about that damn hook.

( banging )

Try not to die, kid.

( all cheering )

Man : Get in there!

Come on! Show me something, princess.

♪ Ho down, down ♪

♪ Ho down, dee ♪

♪ Red bird dance... ♪ Fuck, man! ( all shouting )


♪ Goin' down New Orleans ♪

♪ Red bird dancin' and a red bird sing ♪

♪ Red bird sing, red bird do ♪

♪ New Orleans and a red bird blue... ♪

( all jeering )

♪ I been born and I'm gonna die... ♪

( static crackles )


I didn't like where that was going.

I didn't like where that went.

I guess I could have handled it differently, but I had to get you out of there, man.

That hook, man, what a bummer.

Listen, I can get us three-to-one in the next town over.

Mean son of a bitch named Ernie.

But like I said, man, you got speed.

Just hit him in the head a bunch, you'll do fine.

( groans )

( static crackles, indistinct talking )

Something I should tell you, son.

What's that?

You can't win this one.

Not possible.

He's fuckin' fast. Strong too, and big.

You're gonna get your ass kicked. Mmm.

Fuckin' bad.

I padded the odds.

Bet on the other guy. I'll cut you in, I promise.

Round one! ( bangs )

( crowd cheering )

Referee: Three, two, one...

Get up, man.

( all shouting )

( can banging )

Round two! ( bangs )

( distorted yelling )

Stay down, man.

( silent )

( shouting resumes )

Ah! Hey, man?

( grunting )

You gotta get the fuck out of here.

These assholes will probably cut your head off, they find out they got hustled.

I got a really bad reputation around here, so it's probably for the best.

Perhaps I should have told you that I am completely untrustworthy.

But I guess on some level, I thought you might have sensed that about me.

( bills rustling )

Had a nice time with you, though.

( coin clatters )

( ringing )


Rambler: Hey, Susan?

Um, is that really you?

How'd you guess?

You sound just like your brother on the phone.

I guess so.

So how's it going?

Oh, relatively well.

Got your letter.

Your brother's dying for a decent hand. lt's hard to come by these days.

Oh, yeah?

I bet.

Hey, is he around?

He's out back breaking a horse.

This gelding's so mad.

I'm actually interested to see who's going to win this one.

Well, if he's still alive when you next see him, let him know I'm on my way.

I'll see you soon.

'Kay. Bye, Susan.

( crackling within )

( tubes whining )

( pops )

( static crackles )

( buzzing )

( music playing softly )

What you havin', stranger?

Uh, egg.

You got it.

Not bad, cowboy.

Ain't a cowboy.

You smell like one.

Yeah, you might have a point there.

How's that road treating you?

She's rough.

This was easy.

Don't push your luck. ( laughs )


( camera snaps )

( whistling, popping )

( fizzing, whistling )

( thumps )

Rambler: I'm... out of money.

Fuckin' news flash.

I'll pay you back.


I'll pay you back, babe, or something. I will.

Cashier: Sale on merlot.

Been here for a while.


You have yourself a nice day.

( door beeps )

( licking )

( beeping )

( all applauding )

( distorted )

( faint buzzing )

( static crackling )

Rambler: You know what I don't get? It's how fish gets here.

Girl : I don't know, they fly.

Brave fish. I'm braver than that.

Now you're going to have to prove it.

I'll do anything you dare me to do.

I swear.

Okay, then.

Jump in that water.

That's a command, not a dare.

Do I look like a dog to you?

Okay, fine-- I dare you to jump in that water.

All right. I will.


Good job.

( laughs )

Now I kinda feel stupid.

Oh, I've felt stupider.

Get in or I'll shoot.

( laughs )

( water squirting ) Oh! Ah!

Oh, you got me. Ah!



Whoo! See, it isn't so bad!

So how long you think you'll survive like this?

What do you mean?

You know, all this traipsing around, whatnot.


I don't know.

I'm still breathing.

Think you'll ever quit?

Not really.


You look like you got something to say.

Kinda hoping you'd stay around for a while.

Oh, Christ, I--

I don't know.

You don't even hardly know me.

That's a little harsh.



I'm sorry.

So where you headed now?


Up to Oregon.


That's a-- that's a uniquely specific answer coming from you.



You tryin' to hurt me?

What the hell you talkin' about?

I'm talking about you.

Are you so cold that you can't see that a girI's trying here, or are you just that stupid?

Man, you don't say shit, do you?

You just staring off into the distance half the time. lt's like-- it's like what the fuck's going on inside there anyway?

Uh, I don't know what you want me to do here.

You want me to promise you something?

I didn't plan to thumb across the country to settle in some hill country back-- shit.

Now it sounds like I've worn out my welcome.

Sounds like you're ready for me to go already.


Sorry things worked out that way.

( girl groans )

Girl : I don't like being treated Iike a piece of trash or a crazy person. lf you ain't sticking around, I want to come with you.

( echoing ) Come with you, come with you... come with you, come with you, come with you, come with you.

( distorted ) Come with you, come with you...

( echoing continues ) ( wind whistling )

( echoing stops )

( echoing softly ) Come with you, come with you...

( birds squawking, clucking )

GirI's voice: Come with you, come with you...

Come with you, come with you... come with you, come with you...

( rustling )

( high distorted voice ) I'm here.

( echoing ) Here... here... here.

( indistinct echoing )

( engine revving )

( indistinct high voice ) ( revving )

( voice squealing )

( soft music playing )

What you having? Just a beer.

You look a little peaked, stranger.

I got lost in them hills.

Lucky you got out.

( feedback squealing ) ( tapping on microphone )

Sorry about that.

Thank you so much for coming out tonight.

This is my-- my first number and I hope you enjoy it.

( strumming guitar )

♪ lt ain't the best place to be ♪

♪ But the highway has accepted me ♪

♪ Twisting 'round them mountain ways ♪

♪ Or driving on for endless days ♪

♪ Freely we can ride the wind ♪

♪ Or wonder on what could have been ♪

♪ But I would rather run ♪

♪ Catch the tail end of the sun... ♪

( static crackles )

( all screaming )

( screams )

( girl's voice echoing ) Come with you, come with you...

( man's voice echoing ) Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere, nowhere...

( Fat Man's voice, distorted ) That man is dangerous.

That man, that man...

You see that man over there?

Dangerous, dangerous...

( echoing fades )

( music plays on radio )

( beeping )

( beeping continues )

( thunder rumbles )

( voices singing softly on recording )

Good night, Mother.

Man on recording : Whoopee!

( rain pattering )

Woman's voice: I'll put you outside in the rain.

( baby crying )

I'm gonna put you outside in the rain.

( guitar strumming )

( voices, music continue )

I'll put you outside...

( thumps )

I'm gonna put you outside in the rain...

( beeping )

( music resumes )

( silence )

( screeching )

( silence )

( wind whistling ) ( footsteps approaching )

You could die out here.

I don't care.

Need a lift?

I don't care.

( groans ) Oh-hh...


( grunting )



( engine humming )

( groans )

Where to now, friend?

Uh, west-- a day's drive.

Then my place for the night.

Gotta pick up supplies.

Whatever, man.

My daughter should be there.

I didn't know you were a father.

She's, uh, she's very sick and newly deformed.

I wish I hadn't left her so long.

( music playing softly on radio )

I get nervous driving at night.

Eyes aren't what they used to be.

I guess that's what happens.

You got a driver's license?


You should get one.

They're very useful.

( loud sputtering )

( sputtering continues )

( light buzzing )

Make yourself at home, stranger.

( woman grunting, panting )

( chains rattling ) ( woman grunting )


( panting )

Ah, there! I said I was sorry.

( grunting, panting )

Man : You happy now? Huh? You happy?!

( grunting, panting )

( panting continues )

( chicken clucking )

( buzzing )

( clucking )

You never play that guitar.

I don't have a song.

Still keeping it all in.

All that mystery does make a girl wonder.

( laughs )

( laughter echoing )

( beeping )

( laughter echoing )

You take me for granted, but I do love you.

Something wrong, sugar?

I didn't expect to see you.

Guess I should have.

( voice echoing ) Sorry if I startled you.

Just couldn't stay away from you.

( echoing ) We belong together.

We belong together.

Come with you, come with you, come with you, come with you...

I might go back outside, I guess.

( echoing ) No.

I told you I was gonna come with you.

Wait here.

( fizzes ) Hmm.

( crackles ) Ah.

( panting ) ( crackles )


( feedback whistling )

( whirring )

( hissing )

( whirring, buzzing )

( faint buzzing )

( banging, squealing )

( gasping )

( woman squealing ) ( Rambler screams )

( squealing ) Ah!

( retching )

( gagging )

( groans )

( woman growling ) Aggh!

( static buzzing )

( Rambler shouting, gagging )

( woman squealing, snarling )

( screeching )

( shouting )

( buzzing continues )

( silence )

( door creaks open )

( low buzzing )

( indistinct police radio chatter )

( gasps, moans )

( metal banging, squealing )

( squealing continues )

( chains rattling ) ( squealing )

( grunting )

( squealing )

( squealing fades )

( faint whining, crackling )

You ever seen "Frankenstein"?


I love that fuckin' movie.

You should see it.

Okay. lt's about this scientist, creates a monster.

Names it after himself, I think.

Then the monster gets loose and really out of control.

Ends up fucking shit up pretty bad.

Like, really bad.

( chuckles ) lt seems like-- it's like an accident.

Little bit of a gray area, I suppose.

He ends up killing this little girl.

Then a bunch of people burn him up in a castle or something. lt's really good.

I think I still feel bad for that monster... in a way, you know?

I just didn't like what they did to him.

Still working out my feelings on it, I guess.

( doorbell rings )

( laughing )

You look like hell, you old son of a gun.

( horse whinnying )

How'd the road treat you?

She's cursed.

Still remember how to use one of these things?

I think it'll come back to me.

I guess we'll see, brother.

Girl : Lord bless this food and the hands that prepared it.

We thank You for this food and ask You to please bless it so it can give us the strength we need. Amen.

Susan, Brother: Amen.

Susan : Good, Jesse. Boy: Why did you both say it?

( low humming )

( TV playing faintly )

( cavalry bugle playing )

( baby cooing )

I think somebody wants to see their uncle.

( cooing )

( gunfire, bugling continue on TV )

( crickets chirping )

See you in the morning, brother.


( low humming )

( sizzling )

( whirring )

( static crackling )

Rambler's voice: "Dearest brother, I am sorry to say that I will be leaving you and will be long gone by the time you read this.

I do appreciate your taking me in and it was damn nice to see you.

But in my travels, I have found my only true home is the highway.

I wish you the best and take care of that family of yours.

Sincerely..." ( horn honking )

Where to, old friend?

( engine revving )

( static crackles )

So, uh, I watched "Frankenstein" again following our conversation.

lt's like I see something new every time. lt keeps getting better.

I would have made it in color, though, so's everyone could see what the Monster really looked like.

I bet he's, like, blue or something.

( static continues ) So, uh... how does a fellow like you get by out here?

I gamble.

Well, every man needs a trade.

This your trade? Driving around and shit?

Well, it's a lot more than that.

You know?

Bet it is.

I used to be a paramedic, you know.

Had to quit.

Why's that?

I guess you could say I'm prone to an unusual addiction.

What's that?

I like injured women.

A lot.

The worse, the better.

The bigger mess, the more the blood, the closer to death, I just fuckin' love it.

Doesn't even matter what they look like either.

I'm more attracted to the most fucked-up ones.

You sure open up quick.

Obsession got to be a problem on the job, so I had to change careers.

Oh, yeah? Someone find out?

( laughs ) Everyone.

( faint crackling )

( distorted feedback )

( distorted radio playing )

( girl screaming )

( screaming continues )

I can save her.

( screaming )

( radio static plays ) ( screaming continues )

( girl wailing )

( screaming )

( wailing continues )

( door opens ) What the hell, man?

Ain't she perfect?

( girl whimpering )

She's an angel.

Heads up.

( girl whimpering )

( belt buckle jingles )

( crying continues )

( distorted radio continues )

( girl wailing )

She's gonna make it. She's gonna make it.

She's gonna make it. She's gonna make it...

( wailing )

( screaming ) Yep.

( wailing fades )

( wailing continues )

( screaming )

You're gonna be okay, sweetie.

( screaming, wailing )

( screaming )

( thunder rumbles )

Rambler: Where are we?

My brother's joint.

He's in Norway or something.

( groans )

Shit. Cabbie: Be careful with that.

( groaning )

( grunting )

( girl groaning )

( girl grunting )

( girI screaming ) ( cabbie grunting )

Will you please bury that?

( clatters )

Couldn't save it?

Nope, it's ruined. She's lost a lot of blood.

( wailing continues ) No kidding.

Don't know whether she'll live.

You can handle that, right?

( girl panting )

( girl wailing, panting )

( wailing continues )

( thunder rumbles )

( screaming continues )

( thunder rumbles )

( rain pattering )

( girl panting )

( wailing continues ) ( cabbie grunting )

( wailing continues )

( screaming continues )

Here's to you, brother.

( screaming continues )

( twanging )

( screaming continues )

( door creaks open )

( sobbing )

She fuckin' croaked, man. lt's happened before.

Fuck you, man!

( rumbling )

( screaming, wailing )

Holy shit. She's back!

A real live Frankenstein!

( roaring ) In color!

( shrieking )

I'm dead.

( playing softly )

( flames crackling )

( roaring )

♪ The wind blows that is riding free ♪

♪ The swallow's wing I've been following ♪

♪ I've seen sunsets ♪

♪ Stars above ♪

♪ Lovely moon and a turtledove... ♪

( roaring )

Rambler: ♪ I've passed through the mountain air ♪

♪ But the mountain's much too proud to care ♪

♪ EternaI, I just watch the show ♪

♪ Seen us come and they'll see us go ♪

♪ Workers work, the wheels do turn ♪

♪ Let the lovers love, the fires burn ♪

♪ But the traveler, he goes alone ♪

♪ The endless blues all day long ♪

♪ Blue gas and wine, we get to heaven primed ♪

♪ On a sundown's dying spree ♪

♪ Painted on the cathedral sky ♪

♪ By the hands of mystery ♪

♪ Slow are the days ♪

♪ Long are the ways ♪

♪ Take your time, keep the faith ♪

♪ They all go to the same place... ♪

( beeping ) ♪ Spend my time here on the run ♪

♪ Still wedded by that setting sun ♪

♪ The laws hold, planets spin ♪

♪ They do not know where I have been ♪

♪ The wind has always known my name ♪

♪ lt was long forgotten by the rain ♪

♪ Aimless ♪

♪ My direction gone ♪

♪ The wind will blow where I belong ♪

♪ The wind does stop and the feather drops ♪

♪ To the ground and in the eaves ♪

♪ I'll drop my sail if it kicks a gale ♪

♪ For the drifters and the thieves ♪

♪ Long are the days ♪

♪ Slow are the waves ♪

♪ Took its time, told my fate ♪

♪ Brother wind is at the gate ♪

♪ Brother wind is at the gate. ♪