The Raven (1963) Script

Once upon a midnight dreary... while I pondered, weak and weary... over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore... while I nodded, nearly napping... suddenly there came a tapping... as of someone gently rapping... rapping at my chamber door.

"'Tis some visitor," I muttered...

"Tapping at my chamber door...

"only this, and nothing more."

Distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December... and each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.

Eagerly I wished the morrow... vainly I had sought to borrow... from my books surcease of sorrow... sorrow for the lost Lenore... for the rare and radiant maiden... whom the angels name Lenore.

Nameless here forevermore.

And the silken sad uncertain rustling... of each purple curtain thrilled me... filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before.

So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating...

"'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door.

"Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door.

"This it is...

"and nothing more."


Come back to me, Lenore. Come back to me.

I brought you your goblet of warm milk, father.

Yes, thank you, my dear.

She's been dead for over two years now, father.

You're young, Estelle.

The young do not understand grief.

To you she was only a stepmother, but to me, she was...

My life.

I'm sorry.

Good night. Good night, my dear.

Come in.


Well, upon my soul.

Do you want to come in?

I believe it does.

Well then, come on.

Who sent you to me?

Are you some dark, winged messenger from beyond?

Answer me, monster. Tell me truly... shall I ever hold again that radiant maiden... whom the angels call Lenore?

How the hell should I know? What am I, a fortune-teller?

Oooo, I'm chilled to the bones.

Why don't you give me some wine?

Well, don't just stand there gaping at me.

That voice, I...

Will you give me some wine?

Yes. Yes!

Here's some nice hot milk.

Milk! How vomitable.

Surely this is a dream.

Hurry up, will you?

There you are.

What do you expect me to do... hold it?

With what?

Oh, never mind.

I like that.

Upon my soul.

Never mind your soul.

Start concentrating on getting me back to my rightful form.

Your rightful form?

Well what do you think? I was born this way?

Well I... I have it. You are under an enchantment.

Took you long enough to find that out.

Let's get to work.

Well go ahead. Do something.

But what?

Restore me to my rightful form.

I just don't know how.

Oh no... Well...

You got some dried blood of a bat in the house?

I beg your pardon.

Bat's blood.

Dried or evaporated bat's blood.


How about some chain links from a gallows bird?

Jellied spiders? Rabbits' lard?

Dead-man's hair?

No. We don't keep those things in this house.

We're vegetarians.

And that calls himself a magician.

Honestly, this is too much.

Just a moment. Yes?

Perhaps there are some of those staples... down in my father's old laboratory.

Well don't you know?

No. I haven't been down there... since he died, over twenty years ago.

Well, let's go and see.

I don't care to remain like this... for the rest of my life.

Oh, these feathers itch!

Do you mean to say that these things you requested... are going to turn you back into...

What were you? Never mind.

Come on. Let's go.

Strange to be down here again, after all these years.

How much further is it? Just a little way.

Now what is it you need?

Dried bat's blood.

Chain links from a gallows bird.

Rabbits' lard. Essence of...

Slowly, slowly. One thing at a time, please.

Now what is it?


What's that?

Entrails of troubled horse.

No, no, put it back.

What's that? I can't read it.

Well, look inside then.

What is it?

I'd rather not discuss it, if you don't mind.

You did say dead-man's hair?

Yes. That's one of the prime ingredients.

All right, let's get on with it.

All right, all right, that's enough stirring.

Now the tongue of a vulture.

Come on, come on.

You're the slowest magician I've ever seen.

It's a very difficult recipe.

Is that all there is of it?

You've got the jellied spiders in there?


The eye of a white weasel?


You didn't forget the dead-man's hair?


Well that should do it, then. Hand it over.

You're not going to drink it?

What did you think I was going to do?

Take a bath in it?

That's not so bad.

Dr. Craven?

Dr. Raven...

Dr. Bedlo.


Don't you remember me? We met... at a sorcerer's convention lunch several years ago.

Oh, yes, yes, of course.

Well, in any case, everything seems to have gone all right.


Look! Look what you did to me.

Look what you did to me...

What I did to you?

Who else?

You made the potion, didn't you?

Yes, but it was your recipe.

My recipe was right.

There just wasn't enough of it.

Then all I can do is to make some more of it.

Well then go make some more!

All right. All right.

Let me see, now.

Jellied spiders... yes.

Here we are.

Evaporated bat's blood.

Or do you prefer dehydrated?

I don't care. OK.

What a night. What a night!

Oh, dear. Oh, dear. What is it now?

Dead-man's hair. What about it?

We're out of it. Well go get some more then.

More? Where? Where?

In a graveyard. Where else?

Enter a graveyard at this time of night?

Despoil the dead?

No, you would rather see me go through life like this, would you?

No, of course not.

Oh, I am sorry.

Let's go to the graveyard.

That won't be necessary, you see... my father is in the family crypt... and I don't think papa would mind... if I took just a snip or two... in a good cause.

Why should he mind?

Yes, you're right.

Let's be on our way.

How did you... come to find yourself in this awkward state?

It's a little embarrassing, but...

You've heard of Dr. Scarabus, of course?

Scarabus? Heaven help us.

Was he the one who did this to you?

Who else?

How did it come about?

I invited myself to his castle for dinner.

Of course, as a member of the brotherhood... of magicians and sorcerers... and Scarabus is the grand master.

You have heard of the brotherhood?

Oh yes.


My father was its grand master for twenty-seven years... with Scarabus a rival for his power... every moment of the time.

I didn't know that.

Yes. It's precisely because... of the painful memories of those years that... well, that I never saw fit to join the brotherhood.

Tell me, if your father was grand master... then by direct line of ascension... you could claim the mastership for yourself.

Oh, no. Heaven forbid, no.

No, I prefer to practice my magic quietly at home.

But you were telling me how it happened.

Oh, it was the result of too much wine.

I became abusive and... then I became critical of his abilities.


And then I challenged him to a duel.

Of magic?

Well, the whole thing was completely unfair.

I was just getting my magical equipment ready, and then... all he did was a few gestures in the air with his hands.

You mean, he... only used his hands?

Yes. What of it?

Then his skill is far greater than I ever had dreamed of.

Far greater? He was cheating.

Oh no. No, Dr. Bedlo.

Magic by gesture of the hands is the most advanced sorcery.

I don't agree with you at all. I can't agree.

If I would have been sober... which I admit doesn't happen very often, but... it would have been an entirely different story... entirely different.

And I'll get my revenge on him yet. You'll see.

With all my heart, sir, I tell you... do not go back there.

Hard place to keep clean, huh?

Yes. I very seldom get down here.

Thank you.


Oh, I'm sorry.

Forgive me, papa.


What did he say?

He... He told me to... to beware.

Of what? I don't know.

I suggest we'd better leave here.


Don't forget my hair.

Come on, hurry up!

Come on.


A little unexpected, what happened down there.

Yes, it was most unexpected.

I just don't understand.

Why should my father return from the dead... and then tell me to beware? Of what?

I wish I knew.

I-I-I wish I knew.


That milk.

Oh, I am sorry.

In any case, I have to return... to the castle of Dr. Scarabus tonight.

No. Sir, please, I beg you. I implore you.

Do not go back there.

But he has confiscated all my magical equipment.

And I want revenge. But he is too powerful.

Then come with me.

No. No, I want nothing to do with him... nothing at all.


What's the picture of that woman doing here?

That woman?

That woman, sir, was my wife.

Left you, huh? Certainly not.

Then what was she doing with Dr. Scarabus?


But that's impossible, sir.

She's been dead for over two years.

I saw her there. When?

This evening. No.

Oh, no.

I keep her here.

Where else? May I?

Thank you.

But I'd...

I'd swear I saw her there this evening.


No, you saw someone else.

It was her.

No. That's not possible.


Unless what?

Unless Scarabus has gained control of her spirit.

But why?

To take his revenge on the house of Craven.

No. This profanation must be ended.

Then you're coming with me?

Yes, I must go with you... for the sake of Lenore's tormented soul.

And don't forget my magical equipment.


You rang, sir? Yes, Grimes.

Prepare the coach for immediate departure.

Yes, sir.

And you're going to need something... to protect you from the cold. No, I meant clothes!


In here.

I think this one will...

No, I despise black lately.

Oh, yes. Sorry.

What about this red one here?

Well it's a little gaudy, but...

I like that.

That's beautiful. Thank you.

It's a little long, isn't it?

Yes. I'm sorry.

Here, let's try this.

Yes, that's nice. Thank you.

The sleeves are a little long, but...

Yes, but I can hold them.

It'll keep you warm.

That's nice. I like that. There you are.

You really should wear a hat.

Thank you. That's very considerate of you.

But I can't see through that.

That's meant to be a scarf, doctor, you see? There.

But I don't want to be...

I don't want to be choked to death by a head...

I'm sorry. Here, try this one.

I don't like the material.

Well, then this?

That's nice. That matches this green, doesn't it?

A little too large, isn't it?

Yes. Here, try this one.

Really, anything will do. That's fine.


Yes, my dear.

You're going out at this hour?

Yes, I am, my dear. Doctor.

Dr. Bedlo, this is my daughter, Estelle.

Dr. Bedlo.

Enchante, m'selle.

Where are you going, father? Well, I can't tell you, Estelle.

It's something dangerous, isn't it?

Oh, no. No, no, no. Shall we go, doctor?

I'm going with you. No, you most certainly are not.

But, father... Don't worry, my dear.

Nothing too bad is going to happen.

Just trust me.





Father, wake up!

Don't leave us!

It's every man for himself!

Erasmus, wake up.

Why aren't you doing something? Why don't you do something?

Without my equipment...

Are you all right, my dear? Father.

Tell me, how did you do that?

That? Oh, it was nothing worthy of note.

What do you mean, nothing worthy?

It was the most spectacular thing I've ever seen.

Thank you.

No, Dr. Bedlo.

What happened?

What do you mean, what happened, you... you maniac! You idiot!

What did happen, Grimes?

I was on my way to the stable. How did I get in here?

You don't remember coming in here?

Last thing I remember was something burning at my head.

Burning? Burning.

Never mind, Grimes. It's not important.

You go and prepare the carriage.

What do you mean, it's not important?

He almost killed us.

That will be all, Grimes. Yes, sir.

You're letting him go?

But can't you see? He has no idea of what happened.

Clearly, he was the victim of some diabolic mind control.

That's nonsense.

Scarabus? Scarabus?

Yes, my dear.

Yes, it is to his castle that I must go.

I am going with you, then.

But she can't help us.

But what other choice do I have?

What if Scarabus should attack again?

Well I... I better get something, too... because I don't want to catch a cold.

Hold this for me.

This is my son Rexford. This is Dr. Craven... and that's his daughter... What's her name?

Estelle. Mademoiselle Estelle.

Enchante, ma chere.

Doesn't he speak beautiful French?

Yes. Now get out of here.

But, father, I've been looking for you.

That's all right, but leave now because we are in a hurry.

What about mother? What about her?

She wants you home. Why?

I don't know, but she gave me strict instructions... that once I found you, not to let you out of my sight.

Don't do that, Rexford.

Dr. Bedlo, we must be on our way now.

Yes, we are in a hurry.

If you do that once more...

I'll smash you one right in the face!

Dr. Bedlo, please. He's my son!

Yes, I know, but we must go.

Then I must go with you. Yes, certainly. Certainly.

Maybe you want to bring your friends with you?

Maybe you want to have a family outing, huh?

Bring your own mother. I'm sure Dr. Scarabus... would be delighted to have your mother.

Dr. Scarabus? Yes, that's where we're going.

You are not going to let him drive.

I don't like to, but if he doesn't, who will?

I'd be glad to drive, sir.

That's very nice of you, young man.

Grimes, you can stay here. Yes, sir.


Father, mayn't I ride up there?

You know how ill it makes me to sit inside.

Yes, yes, of course.

Good-bye, sir.

That's a fine boy you have.

Does he favor his mother?

She favors him.

Thank you.

"I'd be glad to drive, sir."


What was that about your coachman before?

Oh, when he went out to the stable to prepare the coach... something happened to him.

Father said that he was obviously the victim... of some diabolical mind control.

Whatever it was, the look on his face was hideous... his eyes glittering like those of a maniac... his lips drawn back, and his teeth clenched tight... his breath harsh and rapid.

Don't you think we'd better go a little slower?


Now what is this idiot doing?

What's the matter with you?

I'm talking to you, Rexford!


He looks as crazy as your coachman did.


Why don't you do something?

Some magic or something?

And leave the coach without a driver?


Whoa! Whoa!


Whoa! Whoa!


Are you all right?

There it is.


Shouldn't we better go in there alone?

To what avail, sir?

Obviously Scarabus' powers of magic... are not confined within the walls of his castle.

That's right.

Why don't you go in?

R-R-Rexford, you go ahead.

There's no one here.


You do something! Let's get out of here.


No, we haven't come this far to... retreat at the first obstacle.

Dr. Scarabus?

Dr. Scarabus?

A cozy little place, huh?

I'm afraid. Father, I...

Afraid, my dear?

There's nothing to be afraid of.

I bid you welcome, one and all.

You are Dr. Craven, are you not?

How happy I am to meet you after all these years.

The son of Roderick Craven in my home at last.

Your father and I were great friends, you know.


But who is this delightful creature?

Well, she...

No, no, no. Tell me nothing.

Of course, I can see the lineage is clear.

She is your daughter Estelle, is she not?


Thrice welcome to the home of Dr. Scarabus, my child.

How enchanting you are.

And this fine young fellow... surely not your son, dear doctor?

I am Dr. Bedlo's son.

I am sorry.

Yes, the resemblance is quite uncanny.

But what happy circumstance brings you to my home... dear doctor?

The spirit of my late wife.

The spirit, sir? Late wife?

I'm afraid I do not understand you.

Dr. Bedlo has informed me that...

Very discreetly.

That he saw my wife Lenore within these walls.

Is it true, sir? Have you her soul in bondage?

Dr. Craven, I am shocked... truly shocked that you should harbor... such an appalling thought about me.

You've wounded me to the heart.

But if it is not true... then why did you try to prevent our arrival?

I did not try to prevent your arrival.

But, sir, we thought...

What are you doing?

Summoning forth the truth.



You rang, sir?

That's not my...

There is your spirit, sir.

You may go.

My apologies, Dr. Scarabus, for having wronged you.

How can I express my sorrow at this gross misunderstanding?

But please, sir, join me at the table.

A little food and wine and conversation.

Let us not part on such a somber note.

You will make this kindly gesture... for an old man's sake?

Yes, yes. Of course.

My gratitude knows no bounds.

Dr. Bedlo, young sir.

On my right, Dr. Craven, if you will.

Your lovely daughter next to you.

Dr. Bedlo, on my left, if you please.

All right.

But don't think I have forgotten... what happened earlier this evening.

But, sir, I hoped you had forgotten.

That you turned me into a raven?

A raven?

But, sir, you tried to kill me.

So what?

Well, under the circumstances...

I feel I behaved with great leniency.

I knew that presently... you would find some way to restore yourself... and, lo, you have, and all is well again.

And you didn't try to stop us from coming here?

Have I not yet convinced you of my sincerity?

Come. Eat, drink.

Let me enjoy one full hour of fine conviviality... with the son of my old friend.

I'm sorry, sir... but my father never gave me the impression... that you and he were anything but mortal enemies.

Oh, doctor. Competitors, yes.

Contestants if you like, but enemies? No.

I admired him more than any other man.

Oh I... I see.

And yet, it... It always appeared that...

Appeared, dear doctor.

You and I of the occult dedication... know only too well the deceptiveness... of what appears to be.

Yes, that is true.

That is quite true.

But tell me now, tell me something... of your miraculous hand manipulations... of which I've heard such wondrous accounts... and yet have never witnessed.

But I have already seen that you, too... possess the gift of magic by gesture.

I have my humble means.


Humble he calls it... turning people into birds.

Are you still talking about that?

The incident is closed.

It is not!

Where is my bag of magical equipment?

In a safe place. Give it back to me.

Gladly, doctor... if you will but give me your promise not to...

I promise nothing! I challenge you!


Dr. Bedlo.

Shut your mouth!

I know you.

You're afraid to face me when I'm sober, huh?

Are you sober?

Sober enough to make a fool of you, you cheap faker, you.


Dr. Bedlo.

That I did not hear.

We will proceed with our present conversation.

Yes, you are afraid, you miserable coward.

Father, in the name of... Shut your mouth!

Yes, afraid.

Afraid of an honest duel in magic... you pitiful old goat.

Enough, sir. You shriveled-up old...

Enough, sir. What am I to do?

Can't you decide for yourself?



Now we shall see who is the master of all magicians.

Can you not stop him?

I will do what I can, sir, but... as you see, he seems bent upon revenge.


Father, you mustn't do this.

Who are you to talk to me like that?

Father, you are in no condition...

Get back to the table!

Father, suppose he turns you into a raven.

That's none of your business!


Veni... Vedi...



You're defending yourself, you coward, huh?

All right, take this.

Oh you... You dirty old man.

All right...

I'll give you my Promethean magic.

In that, I am unexcelled.

Be easy on him.

I'll do my very best.

Caveat canem!

Caveat canem.

Oh, dear.

He really shouldn't have tried... for that particular experiment.

It requires such enormous concentration.

Oh, dear.

Raspberry jam.

If I might suggest, I think perhaps your daughter... should lie down and rest awhile, dear doctor.

The shock of all this. We must leave now, father.

Leave? Oh, no. The storm is much too violent.

Wait till morning, dear child.

Then leave... refreshed.

Good night, Estelle.

Keep your door locked.

I will. Good night, father.

Good night.

I was afraid you'd scream.

Is anything wrong?

Don't be alarmed... but I'm afraid Dr. Scarabus killed my father.

Killed him?

Yes, during the dueling...

I observed Dr. Scarabus making furtive gestures... with his fingers.

Now we must speak to your father.

But I already have. He trusts Dr. Scarabus.

We'll have to try it.

It's locked.

What will we do?

What are you doing?

This ledge leads to your father's room.

But you might be killed.

I hope not.




Did you have to make the weather so cold?

Did you have to see him?

Well I was curious.

I wanted to have a look at him as long as he was here.

As long as you couldn't kill him on the way.

How was I to know that you wanted Erasmus here?

You never tell me anything.

Besides, I thought he might find out about me... and make an unpleasant scene.

Would you undo me, please?

Your hands are so cold.

I'm always fascinated by your utter lack of scruples.

You knew what you were getting.

Did I ever pretend that I came here... because of your charm?

I came here because of your wealth and your power... and in return I gave you my company.

And if you insist on anything more... you will only succeed in boring me... whereupon I shall leave you as I left Erasmus.

How, my darling treasure?

By making me think that you have died?


Tell me, my... precious viper... how did you know that he was coming here... since, as you pointed out so petulantly...

I never tell you anything?

I didn't, at first.

I only guessed... after you turned that dismal little fat man into a blackbird.

A raven, my love.


I knew he wouldn't go for help... to a magician who was in the brotherhood.

Of course!

And that left only Dr. Craven.

How deftly nimble is your mind.

Why were you so sure that Bedlo would see... a portrait of me in Erasmus' house?

If you wanted Erasmus here... wasn't it a rather farfetched way of bringing him here?

After more than two years with me, dear Lenore... do you still think I make my plans in a farfetched way... leave anything to chance?

What do you mean?

Come with me and see.

Let go!

And don't sit on my chest, you...

I'm not an armchair, you idiot!

Come on, help me up.

Help me.

Don't look at me like that.

What am I, a ghost? But I saw you killed!

Can't you speak quietly, you idiot?

I just wanted Scarabus to think that I was dead... so I could help if he moved against any of you.

He already has. Has what?

Just now, I almost killed myself coming from Miss Craven's room.

She's locked in.

What are you doing in a lady's room?

Father, that's beside the point.

I decide what's beside the point!

All right, I went there to warn her... if you must know.

Dr. Scarabus has imprisoned her.

Imprisoned her? Then we must get her out.

But what about her father?

Never mind! I'll take care of her father!

Let's hide there.

Now, you wait here... and as soon as Scarabus passes, get the girl out of her room... and get her out of here.

But what about you?

Never mind me. Do as I tell you... for once in your life.


I think it's very rude to keep your guests waiting.

Thank heaven you're all right.

Quickly, Estelle. Where are we going?

Out of here. Without my father?

Estelle, we have to leave. Not without my father.

You sly old thing, you.

And what was his price?

Mine? A double value... superior magical knowledge... and through my death by lightning... freedom from overbearing women.

Well worth the cost of being turned into an insignificant bird.

To say nothing of luring Dr. Craven to me.

Don't forget that, my love.

I can't imagine why you want him here.

It's not Craven I want.

It's his magic.

Father? Father, we must leave.


Yes. I've been locked in my room. Rexford had to let me out.

What is it, father? I saw Lenore.

Please, my father said we had to go as soon as possible.

Your father? Yes. He's still alive.

His death was a trick. Now, please, we must go.

Very well.

Come along, Bedlo. You're wasting time.

One moment. One moment.

I don't think you quite appreciate what I went through.

You should have warned me... that feathers are a very inadequate protection... for a poor raven on a cold December night.

I don't even want to mention the pin feathers.

They itch!

But you should have warned me about the hawks!

Hawks? Yes, the hawks!

On my way over to Dr. Craven, I was attacked three times.

And then when I got there I had to discover he didn't even know how to turn me back into a man.

A man?

If I wouldn't have known the formula myself...

I would still be a raven.

I liked you better that way.

Oh, I must find Dr. Bedlo.

But, sir, he told me not to...

And to top it off...

I'm nearly chopped to pieces by that insane coachman... and nearly killed by my own son!

Have you quite finished? You have.

It's time to separate Dr. Craven from his secrets.

Are we going to have some torture?

That won't be necessary. I have his daughter.


That's a... That's a very good idea.

You really think so, do you?

What are you going to do?


Hurry, father!

Congratulations, Dr. Scarabus!

What are you doing now?

Hey, what are you doing with your cheap tricks?

Is that how you reward my services to you?

You ungrateful hellhound!

Fear not.

You will receive your just reward.

Not quite ready.

Can't you get your hands free, father?

I'm afraid not, my dear... what with Dr. Scarabus having turned me into a statue... and then binding me like this.

I know I...

I know I'm a disgrace.

I had a somewhat stronger word in mind.

But, son, you know that... that everything I've tried in life...

I was a failure.


Only the day I joined the brotherhood of magicians.

Oh I... I was the happiest man on earth.

I still remember how happy I was.

And then when Dr. Scarabus offered to teach me... superior magical knowledge for luring Dr. Craven here...

I just couldn't resist that magnificent award.

But, Erasmus, believe me... with all my heart, I regret what I did to you.

You are not alone in guilt, sir.

I, too, have failed at the task of living.

Oh, no. Oh, yes. Yes.

Instead of facing life, I turned my back on it.

I know now why my father resisted Scarabus... because he knew that one cannot fight evil by hiding from it.

Men like Scarabus thrive on the apathy of others.

He's thrived on mine, and that offends me.

By avoiding contact with the brotherhood...

I've given him freedom... to commit his atrocities unopposed.

You sure have.

I'm sorry.

Bravo, Erasmus. A splendid dissertation.


Well... You still look the same.

So does the girl.

You're alive!

Very much alive.

Yes, so I see.

That was someone else's body in the casket.

I left you for Scarabus.


What has Scarabus done to you?

Are you under a spell?


It's nothing but greed.

Speak to me, Lenore. Speak to me, my beloved.

Erasmus, you're still just as much a bore as ever.

Well now, gentlemen, I think we are ready to begin.

I'm not ready.

No? You disagree?

Dr. Scarabus...

I'll do anything you want. Just don't hurt me.


Come on, let me go.

But what about the others?

What others? I don't care what you do with them.

Dr. Bedlo...

I don't care if you turn me into a raven.

I don't care if you send me out into the cold night.

I don't care about the hawks and pin feathers.


Anything is better than death!

Might be more amusing.

You really don't care what happens to your friends?

No. Why should I?

Such perfection of treachery fills me with admiration.

Since Dr. Craven will never have the opportunity of helping you again.

Thank you.

Thank you.

So farewell to Dr. Bedlo... as he flaps away to his well-deserved oblivion.


Now, dear doctor... we'll take your charming daughter outside.

No! Father!

What are you going to do? What are you going to do?

I wonder.

Let me go! Let me go! Estelle!


Scarabus, you maniac!

Father! Father!

Somebody help me!


Dr. Craven...

Oh, for my hands. My hands!

Now, dear doctor, I offer you a choice.

The secret of your hand manipulations... or this against this.

Don't tell him, father!

I'd rather die than have you tell him!

Is that your wish, too, dear doctor?

You didn't run... I mean, fly away?

Is that what you thought?

What else was I supposed to think?

All right, all right. Never mind.

You always did think like your mother.

We're wasting time, doctor.

Perhaps the sight of your daughter's flesh being seared... will clarify your thinking.

Now do something right for a change.

Your final...

Enough. This is no answer.

Is there an answer, then, Dr. Scarabus?


A duel to the death.

Reconcile yourself to it, doctor.

One of us must perish.

Very well, then.

A duel to the death.


Erasmus, darling!

The moment you defeated him...

I felt as if a great cloud had been lifted from my mind.

I'm free from his control. Take me home.

Well I... Father.

Personally, I think...

And that's enough out of you. Yes, you're right, Estelle.

We can go home now. Come along, young man.

Erasmus, what is it?

No, Erasmus, you don't understand!

Scarabus had me under his control!

I didn't know what I was doing!

No! Erasmus!

You can't do this to me! Lenore.

So the grand master's been defeated.

Look at my dress!

Can't you do anything right?

All right, darling, hold still. I'll attend to that for you.

Now, hold still.

Now look what you've done! You've destroyed it!

I'm afraid I just don't have it anymore.

Thank you, my dear. Good night, children.


Now that Scarabus is out of the way... we've got to make immediate plans... for your assumption of the grand mastership.

I'll be glad to act as your liaison... so you won't be bothered having to present your case... personally to the brotherhood.

Later on, I'll be happy to assume the post... of supernumerary, secretary and dispenser...

Dr. Bedlo. Yes?

Do you really think that such treachery... can be so easily forgiven and forgotten?


I saved all your lives.

After having put them in jeopardy in the first place.

That's beside the point.

Very well.

If that's the way you feel about it... kindly return me to my rightful form, and I'll leave.

Well, I'll...

I'll take it under advisement.

Take it under advisement?

Well, really.

Who do you think you're talking to, anyway?

Up. What's that?

Up. Now wait a minute, Erasmus.

Up! Really!

I never heard of such ingratitude in my entire life.

It's getting so you can't trust anybody anymore.

I'm just too sweet and gentle. That's my trouble.

Dr. Bedlo. What is it?

Shut your beak.