The Rebel Intruders (1980) Script

You I beg of you, please?

There's a war going on, and we have been forced to leave our homes to survive Go Thanks...

What are you looking at?


Move Go on, hurry Quick, move...

Move it...

Boss Deng is here

Young master Brother Fan

Boss Pan is here Boss Deng, prosperity to you Don't call me boss, I'm not like boss Pan who has gambling and prostitution business and the business is thriving too

Master Zhang

Have a seat, master will be out soon Over there please

Division Commander Mr. Huang has sent a guest over and my brother is with him. He'll be with us shortly

Please Thanks...

Please sit Thank you Have a seat please...

All are present This is Mr. Zeng, Mr. Huang's right hand man

From now on Mr. Zeng will be the Chief of militia Then you...

I will be the assistant Chief Let me make the introductions Meet Mr. Zhang Xiang Hu,

our man for the East City This is Pan Feng who is responsible for the north city Deng Yun Tong is in charge of the west city Fan Zhang Hua is in charge of the south city This is my brother Yao Zong You all have seen lately that Commander Lin is expanding his power in the north and it's difficult to maintain order as refugees rush in that's why chief Zeng is here to guide us We have a big responsibility and we must patrol day and night to prevent outlaws from committing crimes We must be prepared to keep Lin's forces from coming Mr. Huang said if we succeed there'll be good rewards We are divided into 4 regions Fan Zhang Hua is in charge of the south city the three of you must be careful in your region

What is chief Zeng's style of kung fu?

As a soldier he focuses on leading the army There will be a war here?

Lin has been expanding his forces This area is under the control of Mr. Huang You must follow his orders Right, I rather go on patrol than sit here Thank you

This is the Iron Fist team led by Zhang Xiang Hu

this is the Fast Sword unit led by Pan Feng

this is the Sword

Fan Zhang Hua and my brother will lead the Spear unit

Boss Deng, these are loiterers we should drive them away They wouldn't loiter if they had homes let them be if they don't cause any troubles Get up Let go

Go away...

Make way...

Get lost

A meal...

Here's our meal...

Line up

Women, children and the aged first Come on In line Line up... quick

"Militia Headquarters"


I beg of you

Please let my son go

Here's the money Where's the money? Speak

In my shoe


Enjoy to the utmost, this is our world

Damn What are you doing?

Stop crying Help We'll take care of you No, help...

Would be nice if she were sent to Yu Xiang brothel

Right What are you doing? Stealing buns?

Thief Kill him...


Rebellion... the refugees are rebelling

Captain's order, kill without mercy Let's go

Let's go

Did it out of hunger; isn't a crime that warrants death

Don't let him get away




"Yu Xiang Brothel"

This way, quick Hurry...

If you exit my room like that

you'll be caught at once Please take a seat

Everyday someone gets killed, you...

I don't know where I could run to

What are you afraid of?

That you'll fall for me You're a funny guy, what are you good at?

Everything Right, comb my hair then I don't know how to serve women, but only beat them up Could you do heavy manual labour?

This is...

A whore house

As a refugee from the north

so far I have only met one good person and that's you

Go away...

Did you hear that?


Why did you hit me?

I can hit you any time I want

Okay. Agreed, I'm not a human being;

God forbid if it's a war here, you'd also be like me

Great skill It's raining, come with me

"Xiang Hu martial arts school"

It's not easy to take me on over 20 moves, you may go

I am weak, haven't eaten for 3, 4 days otherwise you couldn't have beaten me

Wait He's really hungry I'm full I watched you practise just now did you hit all this stuff?

Right I watched you hit and hit

but in vain That's easy to say, these are iron plates

We're no good, but watch our teacher Right, I punched you just now That's because of hunger

Don't go, what's your name?

I need a trainer, you...

I am Jin Zheng Ping

"Yun Tong Tavern"

Somebody's stealing

What's the matter?

Look What do you want to do?

I want to cool the bun Attack...

Come on Wait

Boss, he stole 2 stacks of buns Come down Come down? Do you think I am a fool?

No, I won't hit you With your skills what a waste to be a thief!

What a pity!

I have no choice

With your skills you needn't worry of making a living Follow me Alright, no big deal if I don't die being beaten to death I'll die of hunger Here are some clothes

If you go on the streets like this everyone will take you for a refugee and you might be slaughtered

by some ill-tempered militia

I could get you a job at boss Pan's gambling house Gambling house

"Presence of a fierce beast"

Place your bets

Come on...

Place your bets Open

1,3,4. Eight Small number wins Big Place your bets...

Small Bet on small

Place your bets...

Big Big...

Big or small?


Big Big...

Place your bets

4,5,6. Big number wins Pay up...

You win

Yes How did you know it would be a big number?

Come have some tea Thanks Good See our guest out Come tomorrow

Come again Don't See you

Good bye Wait

Everything alright?

Yes, the guests wanna spend big in front of the girls They won't have such nice treatment at home That's it for today I want to go and have a walk

"Tai Lai Gambling House"

I guarantee it will be big Right Bet on big Open...

Place your bets It must be small this time Small Place your bets Small...

Open, 4, 4, 5 Big Wow, some more tips again!

You're great, this is for you Thanks


You tell him it'll be big, but to me you say 'small'

someone must win for listening to you And then you'll get your tips, right?

Well, just trying to make a buck If you gamble, you risk losing, so shut up

That's right

Who told you to listen to me, give it back You want to get away without paying?

You must be tired of living Damn





Stop fighting

Let's go...

Don't go...

Stop fighting...

Watch me Damn you

Are you from the Black Tiger school?

Is yours the Mantis style?

That's right By your accent you ain't from around here

Of course not, I'm a refugee So am I, we're from the same home town How is Su Zhong related to you?

He's my teacher How are you related to Zhong Nan Shan?

He's my teacher He always used to say, all that the Black Tigers know are a few tricks Master Su is a good man however What?

The Black Tigers know only tricks?

If it were not for your teacher's sake...

My teacher says, though master Zhong's kung fu is common he is a good person What? Common?

Come and try it Why are we fighting?

It stinks Listen, I'm also a refugee

why are we fighting?

From what you said

your teachers know each other Right

Stop fighting, I'll treat you to drinks Good

You will use my money?

Right You...

Damn you

"Guang Tai restaurant"

Boss Hurry...


What are you looking at? The money's here Bring out the good dishes and wine Yes...

What have you done wrong?

The boss seems to know you When I was escaping I was so hungry

I stole food from this place I am luckier than you I was stealing at the other tavern and the boss not only let me go but also gave me clothes He also introduced me to work in the gambling house That boss Deng is a kind man I was taken in by master Zhang I heard when the refugees robbed

the militia killed quite a few people Right, it's because of my kung fu that I was able to survive, fighting with a bench chair Forget it Our Mantis style fears no weapons even if unarmed That I have to try

Hey... Again?

It seems fate has put the three of us together since all of us have escaped as refugees from the north

Let us swear to become brothers just like the ancient three heroes Right Come

We should drink blood wine Bring it on I am a man and fear not You are the eldest in terms of age

but in terms of kung fu...

What? Is Black Tiger kung fu not as good as yours?

Right, let's try

We're brothers now

we shouldn't be fighting He's the eldest, you're second and I am third we respect each other, that's the way it should be There are three of us here today who have sworn to be blood brothers

Stand still Boss Pan I am the new staff at the gambling house recommended by Boss Deng Boss Pan, I am the watchman at Yu Xiang brothel Don't loiter at night, the militia is on patrol

Yes So you are the watchman at the whore house

It's a transient abode only Are the girls there pretty?

Damn you

When are we going to the whore house?

Look how he keeps watch A while back you said to respect big brother Right, go What are you doing?

Visiting a friend I'll go first Halt Excuse me, where is the Chen residence?

Zu Guang told me the Chen residence is well-known in these parts So you are a friend of Deputy Chief Chen

I'm his relative and have been away on business

My name is Yuen What's your line of business?

It�s just a small business There's good security here Walk through this alley eastwards and you're there Thanks...

Attention You're a merchant?

Yes There's only one kind of person

who'd stand up straight on hearing an order you're a soldier Don't move, come over Don't move

Stand still Where are you from?

Search him

"To Chen Zu Guang"

Boss, he is delivering a letter from commander Lin You must want to die to come into commander Huang's territory Stop shouting Come, escort him to assistant chief Chen Yes, move Master, no need to look at the letter secretly I've read it already You have?

Yes So you and commander Lin have already made contact

And Lin intends to lead his troops south Don't play tricks

That's right, he said commander Huang's troops will fall easily and once he takes over he'll make me an officer Now that you know, what do you intend to do?

You could report it to chief Zeng Let's go Young master, only you and I know about this now Right, it's good that boss Pan makes fast decisions as a real man should I am much beholden to you Please Young master, we need two more people to succeed in this matter They are boss Deng and master Zhang they lead the militia troops one of them is already on our side

The other might not follow

I'll get rid of him first

Who's on our side and who's against us?

I'll tell you when the time comes

There's one more person...

Yes, chief Zeng he has been sent by commander Huang I have made arrangements for this too

"Yu Xiang brothel"

Go over there Our guest is here Sir What is it?

Could you leave for a moment?

Of course not

he has to stand up when a customer arrives

I was right

Hey, this costs quite some money I have money Even so think of those who are starving do a charitable act Don't go

Don't go, have a seat Come Come in Boss Deng It's you I almost didn't recognise you, how are you?

Great. Boss Deng

This is my friend Jin Zheng Ping, also a refugee we made some money recently You wish to establish a small business?

No, we'd like you to help get some provisions for the refugees You have a kind heart, that's great It's all yours It's all here, some more here Count it Everything's been arranged with commander Lin What about the Zeng fellow?

Don't worry

Fan Zhang Hua has arranged for him to be

at Pan's place Make it a clean job I have discussed this with 2nd master Pan has arranged to disburse other people. And after we finish him off we'll throw his body in the alley and blame it on the refugees

It's almost time; proceed Yes

"Yu Xiang brothel"

There are many beautiful girls

2nd Master, so it's you Well? Want to hit me?

No, I thought it was somebody else

my other friend

Be careful Yes...


It's best not to bump into other people

As a chief, I am a bit embarrassed If the girls knew you are the chief they'll treat you even nicer We're honoured by your patronage, this way please

2nd Master...


Let's go Girls, please retire to your rooms we'll call you in due course Sorry... please...

Please Thanks...

We have agreed with Pan to disburse everyone no one will know what has happened here It's good no one will disturb us

The girls are in the rooms just tell us which one you like Commander Huang has asked me to maintain order here I would be promoted from a chief to an official

At that time...

What if commander Lin

drives away commander Huang?

Chief Zeng, this way please...

Look The watchman is a refugee Let him take the blame Let's go round the alley leave the body and notify the militia and blame the refugees for robbery and murder Let's go We did a good deed

It's like having swallowed a rotten egg I got punched and it still hurts Who did this?

Forget it, we can't cross master Chen

He can't go around hitting people That's right It's my fault that I mistook him for Yu Han Sheng That's great Way to go That's great

2nd master, you killed chief Zeng Bullshit, you are the culprits and killed chief Zeng

They want us to take the blame Let's go What's the matter?

Chase them They killed second master and chief Zeng This way

This way... quick...

See them?

No Search again Anyone this time?

We've looked over everywhere already

Search again What's wrong with this girl?

Still keen on entertaining the guests!

Damn you

I saw everything They murdered and want us to take the blame But you killed second master We could only run

Run But where to?

Go to boss Deng, he is a good person We're here and to find him we must go south and pass the troops led by Zhang Xiang Hu The Iron Fist troops Also the Fast Sword unit of boss Pan The Spear unit of Chen Zu Guang

must be looking for us this very moment Thanks for saving me twice I don't know if we can find boss Deng If we couldn't escape we should return to this alley before dawn You could find us there It's not convenient for us to carry this stick please keep it with you If you return it it means there's danger



Well? Have you failed to get rid of chief Zeng?

I've got it, we proceeded as planned and put the blame on the refugees They have seen through our plot So what?

They're just refugees, what could they do?

They fought with us and killed second master Where's the murderer?

They have gone

Gather everyone and search the whole city Yes Second master is dead Let's go and catch the killer


Let's leave it for the time being though

The refugees couldn't be kung fu masters

There'll be more important things happening here

and I don't want to expose our true strength Don't make a move unless we need you to

Yes Three of them killed chief Zeng and my brother I have already ordered a citywide search with a huge reward Kill...

Hurry Chase Go...


Go Halt Great timing, are you coming quietly or need we tie you up?

We're innocent You can tell that to assistant chief Master Zhang, you can take all the glory, just arrest me and let them go What? Let's fight together


Master Zhang, I am indebted to you and don't want to fight with you but we have not killed chief Zeng Chen Yao Zong and Fan Zhang Hua killed him What?

They committed murder and wanted to dispose of the body we bumped into them and they wanted to kill and silence us

we were forced to kill Chen Yao Zong

It's useless talking to him, attack I'll deal with him, you two escape Looks like you have a strong bond and you're serious Master Zhang, why don't you understand?

Chief Zeng works for chief Huang Chen Zu Guang intends to side with Lin Master Zhang, the three of them...

They escaped through there

Chase them

Boss Pan didn't those three kill chief Zeng?

Master once asked if I intend to join commander Lin...

It's good you understand. Well, anyway we put the blame on those three men Right, boss Pan If you get them, you'll get the glory Don't leave anyone alive Of course, master Zhang...

All the students come back We dare not to fight with you for glory

Master Zhang, it's good that you understand Right, I won't involve you, farewell What's your plan...

Boss Deng is a good person We'll go to his place and then decide what to do That would still involve boss Deng

Besides, Chen has ordered the militia to search for you

it's not that easy to go to boss Deng's Then we must fight our way Get me two sets of clothing Yes Master Zhang Maybe I should escort you to

boss Deng's and discuss matters

If he is willing to help we virtually own half of the troops

and Chen Zu Guang wouldn't dare mess with us What are you looking at? Don't you recognise me?

Master Zhang, why are you here?

Have you seen boss Pan?

We just found their trail Didn't boss Pan catch up with them?

No The whole city is looking for them, they can't escape Okay, we're in boss Deng's territory

Is boss Deng at the tavern?


"Yun Tong Tavern"

Master Zhang, in this matter I'm with you all the way Yes, commander Lin is cruel

If his troops are here it would be terrible!

Right Don't worry, stay at my place Yes...

Wouldn't Chen Zu Guang suspect you?

No Go quickly It's too late

Zhang Xiang Hu has led them to the tavern Boss Deng said...

Bring the troops to the tavern

A wolf in sheep's clothing, we have been hoodwinked Let's get out of here Where to?

The whole matter arose because chief Zeng got killed Let's swear allegiance to commander Huang They are all the same If we could escape to the other side of the river it's the area of the southern revolutionary troops Over here

We're late They can't escape, you two come here Listen

Boss Pan, you...

Have they gone to boss Deng's?

I don't know...

They think boss Deng would help them not realising he has been on our side You say that Huang fellow is your relative

and you have let him to be a watchman How is he related to you?

They have escaped from the tavern and Zhang Xiang Hu is dead Where do you think they would go?

I think they will come here

Yes, he did say that If he doesn't come, you'll need to look for them

When you do, take them to the gambling house and say master Zhang's pupils will gather there

If they don't, then you...

Don't kill me, I'll go Well?

It's dawn, what should we do?

There's curfew everywhere, we could

mix in with the crowd Someone's coming Come with me, quick Where to?

Doesn't matter, she won't harm us Master Zhang's pupils want to meet with you to discuss the matter

"Tai Lai Gambling House"

You've led us here Where are master Zhang's pupils?

Inside It's not my will, open it and you'll see Jin Zheng Ping, come back Well?

Got one And the other two?

I've arranged with Pan Feng to grab the other two and bring them here and hang all three as an example

Right, I'll go along and watch out to prevent someone from sneaking away

Hang this one first and meet at the gambling house

Yes What do you want to do?

Sir, please help I'm also a refugee like him Give him some water, and show our kindness He's going to die, couldn't he be allowed to drink?

A criminal to be beheaded is also allowed wine What's the big deal with water?

That's right...

Alright, hurry Drink up Drink up Get lost Get up Stop...

How could we save Jin Zheng Ping?

Where could we find him?

We'll join the revolution army across the south river as arranged If Jin Zheng Ping could escape we could find him there We have no choice All set?

He got away


But he is also injured They would have gone to seek help from commander Huang You are not their match Take these men and go west Take the shortcut to chase them Right, go Come back They might defect to the revolutionary troops I'll personally wait there for them If you can't get them, meet up at the southern river Yes Go

"Si Tong Pier"

Stand still Don't think you could get away You know me?

I saw you once, can't say I know you but I know you are one of the escaped murderers

Firstly, you don't look like a local;

Locals would know better than to come to the pier tonight

Secondly, you have wounds on you

and the one caught by Fan Zhang Hua escaped with wounds You are the chief of the Chen Zu Guang militia?

Right, do you think I would let you go?

I've heard your kung fu is good, I fear you not though We are here