The Reckless Hour (1931) Script

It's time now, Miss.

Thank you, Celeste.

My, but it's hot.

Yes, awfully.

Do I look alright for the ordeal?

Yes, Miss. Thanks.

Get me a cigarette, will you. Yes, Miss.

Now I will go and join the ladies.

How do you like this one, Mrs Crane? Charming.

Isn't it very warm modelling with the clothes on a day like this?

Oh no. You see, I'm used to it.

All in?

Oh, it's so terribly hot.

Be an angel and get me a glass of water, will you.


Gee, you're nice.


Oh, I beg your pardon.

Looking for someone?


Yes, I was looking for my mother.

Mrs Crane. She's in there.

I wonder if you could sneak her out for me.

Mrs Crane? Uhuh.

Oh, I know her.

You know her?

Oh, she's been holding out on me.

I mean ..

If you know her.

Why haven't you been to the house?

Why, I don't know her that way.

I've waited on her, you see. Sold her things.

Sold her things? But ..

These aren't mine.

I'm just modelling in the fashion show.


Nellie. The beautiful coat model.

But the name doesn't happen to be Nellie.

Never mind, I know my cue.

If you are a model .. I invite you out to dinner with dishonorable intentions.

And I say 'No'.

The first time.

Perhaps the second time.

But the third time you say 'Yes'.

Nearly always .. says yes.

Oh yeah? Yeah.

Now come on, if your name isn't Nellie, what is it?

Let me go. Not until you tell me.

Let me go. No. Come on.


Were you looking for me, Allen?

Looking for you, mother? I should think I was.

You said 5 o'clock.

And the car has been around the block at least 19 times.

Stay just where you are. I'll be back in a moment.

Can you tell me ..

That is, my mother would like to know the name ..

Of the blond model I was just talking to just now.

It's Margaret Nichols.


Do you .. happen to know her address?

She lives over her father's bookshop in Jersey City.

The Nichols Bookstore.

I don't think your mother will have any trouble in finding it.

Thanks .. you're a peach.

Hello, Dad.

Why, Margaret. Is it so late?

Six o'clock. I had no idea.

Something new?

Robert Burns.

American edition.


All of that?

I bet you swapped your other suit for it?

Oh, not quite. Well, you would.

If mother had let you.

How has business been? Oh, about as usual.

As bad as that?

Never mind. It will pick up. Come on, or we'll be late for dinner.

Just let me stay here a little while. No, right now.

How you get up enough courage to sell one of them is beyond me.

My dear, you see ..

Want some help, Ma?

That swell sister of yours can help. What?

She soil her lilywhite hands in the kitchen?

Ha, don't be silly.

I wonder what station has the American Iron Works beauty hints?

Hello, Ma. Hello, Margaret.

How is the Duchess?

Oh, I'm dead.

You're late again.

No wonder Margaret is late.

The subway is so crowded in the rush hour.

And hot.

Oh, quit beefing will you.

What do you expect them to run on subways, yachts?

I don't think they're so bad.

I suppose you enjoy it. Sure.

After eight hours behind a glove counter in Macy's basement ..

A nice cool ride on the tube to Jersey is a pleasure.

Well, you can have it. I got it.

Walter. Huh?

Where is the milk?


The milk I told you to get for supper.

Oh I'm sorry. I forgot it.

I'll go and get it, Dad. No.

You help me get the supper. It's your turn tonight.

Let Myrtle go.

Margaret's been on her feet all day.

Where have I been, on my back?


Now all Margaret has got to do is turn around in beautiful clothes.

I guess it won't hurt her to help her mother when she gets home.

The way I slave cooking in this heat.

Oh, Margaret.

Yes, mother?

You'll find some ham and potato salad from the delicatessen in the icebox.


Don't strain yourself.

And don't start reading again or I'll never get you to the table.

Just a nice, big happy family.

Say, Suzie Jennison came into the store today all dressed up like a broken arm.

That husband of hers will make a lot of dough with that proposition of his.

That's nice.

Money means a lot to people like the Jennisons.

But not to us. We use cigar coupons.

Oh, but we can't complain.

We have a good home. Enough to eat.

A good home?

Look at this place.

I don't mind for myself.

But the girls ought to be living in a place where they can have friends.

Well, they have friends.

Yes, like that Harry Gleason.

Oh, Harry is alright. He's not bad.

Well, I agree with mother.

Harry is no prince charming. Still ..

He's better than nothing. I have a date with him tonight.

Well Duchess, that's real democratic of you to go out with him.

I suppose he'll do until the Prince of Wales comes along.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

Hello folks.

Here is nature's gift to the women of the world.

Good evening, Harry.

It couldn't be better if I made it myself.

That's cute. Very.

Will you have a bite? I just had one but I scratched it.

But the next time you have roast duck or even goose, tip me off.

And I'll shove the well-known knees under the well-known table.

What are you young people planning to do?

Take a walk? It's awfully hot to walk.

Oh, I wouldn't mind it. I'm getting too broad around the narrows anyway and ..

A good drill through the park will drop me from welter to featherweight class.

What would you like to do, Margie?

Would you mind if I broke our date?

I'm awfully tired.

Oh gee, Margie.

But I'm not tired and it's cool at the beach. The buses run every 20 minutes.

Oh be yourself. I don't go for buses.

It's too hot to ride inside.

And when you ride on top your hat blows off.

Not me.

I guess I'll roll my hooves over to Al's and shoot some pool.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel more festive. We can go to the movies or something.

Make it something. Well ..

I'll see you round the water trough. I'll go to the door with you, Harry.

Don't bother, I can find it. Wait a minute, Harry.

If you change your mind about the beach, I'll be home all evening.

Just sitting with my knitting. Well.

Say, listen.

If I shoot some good pool and win some jack ..

I may take you in tow.

So long. Goodbye.

We're very comfortable.

We have a nice home.

That's the kind of man your daughters get a chance to meet.

But my dear, I can't help that.

Of course you can't, darling.

Harry means well.

A girl has to have some company. I know.

Say, you treated Harry like a poor relation.

He's sore at you and I don't blame him a bit.

Well what do you want me to do, tend my hair?

You're too darned Ritzy to appreciate a regular guy like Harry.

If he can be had, little Myrtle will be there to catch him on the first bounce.

I'm not stopping you. You bet you're not.

[ Telephone ]

Well, come in. It's your nickel.

Oh yes.

Yes, just a minute. It's for you, Margaret.

And look your best when you answer this. He sounds like royalty.


No, I don't recognise the voice.

Mr Crane?

Not really?

Why, how did you know?


Yes, it is pretty hot.

Oh no, I couldn't.

No, really I couldn't. I could. What is it he wants?

Well, if you promise to get me back early.

Alright .. goodbye.

Who is it? The suspense is breaking me down.

Just a chap I met at the shop today.

He wants to take me for a ride. Oh, a gangster?

Oh, don't be funny.

Does he own a car? Why, of course.

Then you'd be a sucker not to go.

But Margaret darling, didn't you tell me that you met him only today?

Dad .. I'm grown up.

Don't you think I can take care of myself?

Yes my dear, of course you can, but you see ..

Now don't worry about me.

Well, I'll have to be going. I've got to hurry up and change.

And while you're dressing, I'll oil your roller skates.

What's yours, lemon? Uhuh.

I love lemon.

Want a taste? Uhuh.


Try mine.

Hmm. Good, huh?


You know, this is all wrong somehow.

I should be filing you up on champagne somewhere.

In a gilded palace of sin.


Well, isn't that what the rich young villain always does ..

When he takes the poor little model out to dinner?

And are you?

Am I what, young? Uhuh.


My dear, we bathe in platinum.

And we order our butlers by the gross.

Send me up a dozen butlers, will you.

Sorry .. we're just out of butlers.

How about some nice, plump footmen?

Oh, we never use footmen.

They're so ostentatious.

The same to you, and many of them.

Oh .. lend me a hankie will you. Here.

Thank you.

You know.

It must be nice to have everything you want.

The trouble is .. on the day you don't want it.

Want what?

What it is you wanted, before you got it.

If you get what I mean.

I'm bright that way.

The things I want are always the things I can't have.

What do you seem to be wanting now?

I want to see a lot of you.


No really, I mean it.

Dad and Mum are scooting off to Europe next week.

They are closing the house and I'll be taking an apartment in town.

I'll be all at loose ends.

All frayed out, I suppose?

Practically unravelled.

The dancing girls. Each and every one a star.

Now boys, have you ever seen such girls?

I wonder if buses really run or do they just put up bus-stop signs for a decoy.

Ah, quit crabbing will you.

We had a swell time at the beach.

And I found out you can't mix ice-cream cones with the rollercoaster.

You shouldn't have ate them last three.

You're telling me?

What's a matter, the old dogs growling? Hmm, plenty.

That comes from shoving a bushel of feet into a peck of shoes.

Say, that was Margaret wasn't it?

It wasn't Joan of Arc.

She's too tired to go out with me, huh?

It's too hot. She is going to stay home.

So I ain't good enough for her anymore.

She has to have a guy with a swell car.

Oh, forget her.

I'd go out with you in a wheelbarrow.

Well ..

I can't say that I blame you.



Look dear, will you fix this collar for me?

Oh, alright.

With clothes like this you ought to have a French maid.

Hey, you want to look out for your father, Margie.

He's got one of his 'worrying' spells on again.

About me?

Well it ain't about me.

Hello, Harry.

Hello, everybody.

Come in and put it on the chair.

Put what on the chair? Your hat.

Oh, don't be funny.

Is Margaret home?

Yes, but she's going out with Mr Crane.

Oh, that's it, eh?

Well, what if it is?

Oh, it's alright by me if she wants to run around with a heel like that ..

Just because he's got some money.

Wait a moment, Harry. Wait a moment.

Margaret doesn't pick her friends for their money.

Well, what does she pick them for then?

For the last four months every time I come over she's been going out with him.

And from what everybody is saying .. Well?

What is everybody saying? Don't pay attention to him, Margie.

I asked you what they are saying.

What's the difference? They don't pay the rent.

Well they see this bird taking you out in that swell car.

Why, I've seen you myself.

So what?

I suppose you think he wants to marry you?


Shop girl marries railroad Prince.

That's a laugh. You'd better be going.

Alright, if that's the way you feel about it.

Well, I do.

That's okay with me.

You needn't come back. Ever!

You bet I won't.

And I'll have to go after you.

Oh Margaret dear, Margaret. You shouldn't ..

He was asking for it.

Talking like that about Allen and me.

Oh mother, will you help me with this dress please?

Yes, dear.

You are the nicest piece of embalming I ever saw.

Margaret, do you really think people are saying things about you?

Harry only said that because he's sore.

You didn't expect him to cheer did you, after the way you treated him?

You know, they are bound to talk if you keep coming home so late.

Dad, I simply can't get back early.

Living over here, away from everything.

I know my dear, but ..

But that one night when you didn't come home at all.

Well, she told you that she was at Allen's cousin's.

Don't you trust me, Dad? Why yes dear, of course, but ..

Well, after all. You see there are some times we have to ..

Oh, stop badgering the girl.

She's young, Dad. She wants to have a good time.

It's the first real fun I've ever had in my life.

Oh dear, I want you to enjoy life, but I ..

Well I do feel that I ought to know more of Mr Crane.

And by this time you should have met his family.

Well, they've been in Europe.

No, no, no. They got back here last week. I saw that in the paper.

Why .. Allen is taking me over to the house to meet them tonight.

Oh that's splendid. That's as it should be.

Now, let's see how you look.

You look lovely.

What's that? What?

That .. that bracelet.

I never saw that before.

Well you see it's just ..

Why it's just something she got at the store, at a discount.

You mean, it's an imitation?

Now don't be such an old stick-in-the-mud, darling.

Everyone is wearing imitation now.

And besides, nobody can tell that it isn't real.

That's just the trouble. People might think that it was.

They know I couldn't afford to buy it.

What do you care what a lot of nosy neighbours say anyway?

Well anyway darling, we don't want people gossiping about you.

Now Dad, please.

Don't worry about these things.

You'll spoil everything.

First the neighbours. Then Harry.

Now this old bracelet.


If you don't like it.


Now you're not going to worry anymore, are you?

No, darling. No.

[ Door knocks ]

Well, hello.

Lord and Lady Jennison of the Royal Jennisons.

Well, well how are you, Walt?

We just thought we'd drop by.

I'm awfully glad you did. Harriett, you're looking blooming.

Oh now.

And Margie.

All dressed up and no place to go.

She is going out with Mr Crane.

Son of the great Howard Crane.

Oh, high society stuff, eh?

You will excuse me, won't you.

Well now, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Don't get too high for your old friends, Margie.

I just dropped in to tell you that you're going riding tomorrow.

In our new car. A new car?


You'll take me along? You bet.

So you got a new car, did you?

Yes, indeed. All bought and paid for. Well ..

At least, the first payment.

Oh, isn't that wonderful.

That's fine.

Will you have a cigar? No thank you.

Try one of mine.

Fifty cents apiece, that's what.

Fifty cents apiece. No?

And what do you think I got?

I got new red sports suit. With shoes to match.


Susie Jennison, I bet you look like a big danger signal.


I don't care. I've always wanted one.

There was I.

Just an ordinary salesman. Well ..

I wouldn't say exactly 'ordinary'.

Then along came this chance of a lifetime.

You should be in on it, Walt.

I have never speculated, Seymour. I don't believe in it.

Speculation? It's no more speculation than buying government bonds.

Now see here, Walt.

You know J.C. Bickman, big financier?

A personal friend of mine.

He got acquainted, buying jewellery from Seymour.

You can see what he's done for us already.

Not that it means anything to me.

But I'm a friend of yours.

And I want to see you get along.

I can get you in on the ground floor.

That's the best, too. You don't have so far to fall.

[ Door knocks ]

Oh, that must be Mr Crane.

For Margie.

Oh .. Mr Crane of the overhead Cranes.

No, you're mistaken.

Of the Sand Hill Cranes.

Good evening, Mr Crane. How do you do.

I want you to meet my friend, Mrs Jennison.

How do you do, Mrs Jennison. How do you do.

Hi Mr Nichols. How are you? How do you do, Mr Crane.

I beg your pardon. This is Mr Jennison - Mr Crane.


I am a customer of your father's.

Oh really? Yes, indeedy.

Ridden on his lines many times.

I'm sorry if I've kept you waiting.

That's alright dear. We'll have to hurry though.

Dad .. don't wait up for me.

I'll be home early. Alright.

Goodnight. Goodnight, darling.

Goodnight, everybody. Goodnight.

Take good care of her, Mr Crane. You be I will.

Send us a postcard.

Goodnight, Mr Crane.

A nice young fellow.

And so friendly.


Oh, Allen.

You mustn't. Who said I mustn't?

Do you love me?

I hate you.

Well that makes it unanimous.

Now .. make it snappy.

Who is that?

That is Hal and Rita.

But Allen ..

You said we were going to your house tonight.

I was to meet your family.

Yes, I know I did, but ..

They couldn't make it tonight.

That's what you said last time.

Don't you trust me?

Why of course.

But I wanted to be alone with you.

There was something I wanted to tell you.

But it will keep.

Well, you know.

I'd rather be alone with you.

But .. I've got tied up and ..

Hal wanted us to come on this party.

Of course, if you'd rather not go.

Oh no, no.

I don't want to be a killjoy.

Perhaps tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow. We'll have the whole day together.

Will that be alright? You know it will.

Shall I send up the elevator?

Oh that's alright. We're coming.

Of all the showboats ..

Hello, Hal. Hello, Marge.

Hello, Rita.

Where are we going?

Starting with a show, then a dance.

Then let nature take its course.

That sounds good to me.

A pretty smart girl, that Margie of yours.

Stepping out with young Crane.


What's this? Just something of Margaret's.

Boy that is a nifty.

Darned good stones, too.

You .. you mean that ..? That setting is no slouch.

I bet that set you back plenty.

I'm afraid you overestimate its value.

What are you giving me?

You're talking to an old jewellery salesman.

Come in to the kitchen boys, and have some hot coffee.

Surest thing you know. Well, me for the Java.

Oh Seymour. Yeah?

Seymour, do you ..

Do you mind not saying anything to Harriet about this?

I get it.

You don't want her to know how much you paid for it, eh?


Yes, that's it.

Don't worry. I'll stick by you old boy.

Well, me for the Java.

Walter, come on.

Yes, dear.


Oh, this place isn't what it once was.

Nothing ever is. Say, I know a slick speakeasy up near Harlem.

I'm awfully tired and it's getting terribly late.

Don't be a killjoy. Let's go places.

It's Saturday night and we can sleep all day tomorrow.

No, Margie is right. It's getting late. The party is over.

Will you get the hats and coats also? I must telephone. Be back in a moment.


Long distance, please.

I'll be over in about ten minutes.

Alright. Bye-bye.

Give me Morristown 8225.

Yes, Morristown.

Allen, old boy.

Ed Adams, of all people.

What are you doing in this country? I thought you were in Paris.

I came back to do a series of covers for The Post.

Good work.

Is the wife with you?

No, she's in China.

By herself?

Not exactly.

Evelyn Grant's husband is with her.


I wouldn't call it honestly. But he's with her.

Oh, I'm sorry, Ed. Really I am.

What on earth can she see in that half-portion?

A full-portion bank account, I guess.

Will you get a divorce?

That's up to her.

I'll do alright either way.

You might want to get married again.

Not while I'm conscious.

I'm through. With women?

With marriage.

Just a minute old man. Hello?

Alright. Just a second.


Hello, is that you Jackson?

Is father at home?

Alright, well ..

Tell him I'm staying at the apartment in town tonight.


Alright. Goodbye.

Some other plans, eh?

Something like that.

By the way, I want you to meet the very charming young lady with me tonight.

Delighted. A charming person.

Eddie Adams. Rita.

Hello, Hal. Why this is fine.

The reason why girls leave home.

Here, here. Now that's the kind of advertising that hurts my business.

Say, did you have a good trip? Oh great, Hal. Great.

You've lost a lot of weight, Ed.

Yes, she's in China.

Oh, pardon me, Margie.

May I introduce one of our best known little illustrators.

Mr Eddie Adams. Miss Margaret Nichols.


I am delighted. How do you do.

Yes, and if he's seen you first ..

All I would have to remember you by would be a magazine cover.

And what a magazine cover she'd make.

Uhuh, too late old boy. I saw her first.

What do you say, Hall? Shall we go? Sure.

Look me up Ed, will you.

I'll be round early tomorrow morning.

Well, not too early.

Goodnight. Goodnight.


Yes .. yes, Dad.

Where is mother?

She and Myrtle have gone motoring with the Jennisons.

I hope you didn't worry about me.

You see I spent the night with Allen's cousin.

You are not telling the truth, Margaret.

I telephoned Allen's father last night.

Oh you didn't?

I was afraid there had been an accident.

They haven't any cousins living in New York.

This bracelet.

It is not an imitation.

You are not going to lie to me anymore, are you?


I won't lie.

I was with Allen.

And .. the last time you were away?


That time too.

But we love each other.

And he gave me that bracelet as a sort of engagement present.

He wants to marry you?

Why, of course.

Oh, you didn't think I ..?

Certainly not. But you should have told me.

I was waiting until Allen spoke to his father.

And he did.



He said they had a terrible scene.

His father wouldn't hear ..

Of his marrying me.

Well, if he ..

If he really loves you.

You need not worry.



From what your son ..

Told her about your attitude, I knew you must have the wrong idea of my daughter.

What sort of a girl is she?

Why, you ought to know what she's like Mr Crane. Your son has told you.

My son has never mentioned her name.


I'm sorry, but that's the truth.

But you ..

You must have heard about her?

Why ..

Your son introduced her to all his friends.

A young man mixes with a good many crowds, nowadays, Nichols.

I have no doubt that Allen did introduce her to some of his friends.

But they are not the kind my wife and I know.

My son has virtues and vices like other young men of his class.

They've been brought up with a good deal of money.

Without the tradition to know how it should be spent.

That's my fault I suppose.

Perhaps that's why I've been patient with him when he got into these scrapes.

Then this isn't the first time?


But it is going to be the last.

Please ask ..

Mr Allen to come to me here at once.

If he is asleep, waken him.

I put up with a good deal from the boy.

But I can't have any more of this sort of thing.

If he promised to marry your daughter .. He did!

You've only her word for it, Nichols.

You must pardon me if I ask my son. What if he lies?

I always know when he is lying.

Then he's lied to you before?

Did your daughter never lie to you, Nichols?

What are you going to do?

That depends upon what Allen tells me.

What is it, Dad? Jackson told me you wanted me.

Mr Nichols.

You two know each other, I believe.

Yes, I ..

That is, we ..


Are you in love with Mr Nichols' daughter?

Well, you see, Dad.

It's this way.

Did he come here to tell you that?

Margaret told me this morning! Please, Mr Nichols.

Mr Nichols tells me that you want to marry his daughter.

Is that true?

Well, Dad.

I'm awfully fond of Margie. That's not what I asked you.

I like her a lot. I think she's a peach of a girl.

I tell you if I was going to marry anyone ..

It would be Margie.

But I'm too young to get married.

I don't want to settle down.

Not yet anyhow.

We've just played around together. Answer me.

Did you ever say you'd marry her?


No, I swear it.

You are lying.

No. Honestly, Dad.

You promised to marry this girl and you are going to do it.

No, he isn't.

I wouldn't marry you now, if you begged me.

After everything.

You can lie like that?

Listen, Margie. Don't!

Listen, Margaret. Just a moment, dear. I know what I'm doing.

I never want to see you again. Never!


Sit down, dear.

I remember one time.

When I first met him.

Allen said.

He didn't want things.

After he's got them.

Oh don't, dear. Don't.

One mistake.

Shouldn't affect your whole life.

In time.

You see.

I didn't tell you.


Does ..

Does he know?


And I won't have him told.

I guess I've still got that much self-respect.

I won't marry a man who doesn't want me. I won't.

No matter what happens, I won't.

I understand.

I knew you would.

I knew you would.

I've got to get away. I can't stay here.

I've got to get away. I've got to, I've got to.

Oh, Daddy.


I can't stand them now.

Oh, I can't.

Mother, that was some ride, huh?

I don't know when I've had a better time.

We've got to be going again soon.

Just my luck. When I ride in a swell car I don't meet a soul I know.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'll have you out from every Sunday from now on.

Hello, Dad.

Hello, father.

Did you have a nice ride? I'll say we did.

I'll never ride with the subway again.

It was a beautiful car, Walter. It runs like a dream.

Please, just a minute will you.

Seymour. Yeah, Walt?

I've been thinking over that proposition of yours.

I've decided to go in on it if ..

If I can raise the money. Great.

Yeah, then we can get a car.

Have a cigar.

What have you got around here we can raise some money on?

This house.

Everything I have.

Congratulations, Walt.

Now you're showing some real common-sense.

You know, I've been abroad four times in the last ten months.

If I go again I'm going to apply for a job as Fleet Commander.

It was nice of you to come down to the dock .. have a drink?

No thanks, I can only stay a minute.

Thank you.

I just wanted to hear all about Paris.

First hand.

Well, you've got nothing on me.

I want to hear all about New York.

Oh, it's the same old racket.

They padlock a speakeasy one day.

And the next day the same people are round the corner ..

And ready for business.

And how about the women?

Same old faces. Same old chassis.

They're reared differently of course. How about yourself?

Nobody has drawn me yet. I'm still in the deck.

You weren't the last time I saw you.

She was a beauty, too.

Sorry. But that description doesn't identify her with me.

Oh don't be so blasé. You know the one I mean.

No, I don't.

Blond. Glorious figure. Perfect head.

I met you one night at the casino with her.


You were going to take her home.

Oh yes.

Marge. Marge Nichols.

Oh ..

She was a great kid.



I don't see her any more.

She lives over in Jersey City.

Her father keeps a bookshop over there.

It's too far.

Your clothes are all laid out, sir.

What did you say?

You are dining at 8:30.

Oh that's right. So I am.

I'd better beat it.

I'll call you up tomorrow. Do, will you old boy.

So long. So long.

Your mail, sir.

Thank you, Stevens.

Stevens. Sir?

Do you want to do me a big favor?

The ambition of my life, sir.

Well then, loosen up a bit.

Don't be so formal.

I hate seeing you so rigid.

If you get tired, sit down.

Fall down, anything.

It would be a great relief to both of us.

After all, you live here too, you know.


Yes, sir.

And another thing, don't keep calling me 'Sir'. Especially with nobody around.

It is so unnecessary.


Perfectly, sir.


Did you ask the operator if there were any calls while I was away?

I did, sir. There were several of them, sir.

Will you please stop calling me 'Sir'?

Very good, sir.

Read them to me.

Miss Annabel Caruthers called every day for the past three months.


Mrs Vincent called at three yesterday morning.

She was always an early riser.

Miss Godleigh phoned to invite you to a party at her apartment.

Oh .. that was two weeks ago.

That's alright.

The party is probably still going on.

And there is a message from Mrs Kelser.

Thank you, Stevens. Very good, sir.


Did you find anything? I think so.

Oh the Satyricon.

A nice edition, isn't it.

And Whitman.

That's the 1856, you know.

Very rare.

Yes. I've been looking for one.

A collector?

Well ..

In a small way.

Mister Nichols.

I've met your daughter.

You mean Margaret?

Yes. Is she here? No.

Not at the moment. She is .. in the country.

Oh .. I am sorry to have missed her.

I don't want to appear presumptuous, but I happen to be an illustrator.

'Adams' is my name. Edward Adams.

Oh, yes, yes. I have ..

I've seen some of your work.

And very good, too.

You see, I'm constantly in need of new models.

I thought that possibly your daughter might be interested in ..

Posing for me.

Well, I don't know.

When she returns, I wish you'd tell her that I called.

I'd like to have her pose.

I don't know that she'd want to.


Just in case she should be interested.

Uh ..

Your daughter is a very beautiful girl.

And she is a very fine girl, Mr Adams.

I'll .. I'll wrap these up for you.

You know darling, I ..

I had hoped you'd remain here until the end of the month.

Until you felt perfectly well.

That's sweet of you.

But you can't afford the expense.

No .. you leave that to me.

Don't you worry.

Dad. I've got to get away from this place.

I want to work.


Perhaps it would be better if your mind were occupied.

Oh, wait.

A man came into my shop the other day.

He said he knew you.

Who was he?

A man called .. Adams.

He's an illustrator.

Oh, yes.

I remember.

He said he wanted you to pose for him.

Well, he seemed a gentleman.

A gentleman.

After all .. why shouldn't I?

I guess I can take care of myself.


Beautiful, isn't she.


Hello mister Adams. How do you do, Miss Nichols.

You were looking at the .. Yes.

That's my wife.

Is she here now?

Neither now nor ever.

So you're looking for a new model?

No, I've found her.

As a matter of fact, I've been thinking about you for several months.

You are just what I need.

The work isn't hard.

Very easy.

The hours are short.

And when you're not working ..

When I'm not working?

You can do as you please.

No questions asked.

I mean, as many parties as you like at night.

So long as they don't show in your face the next day.


I understand.

All the girls I know are getting engaged or are married.

Well, what do you think of that?

I guess I'll have to be an old maid and just live on and on.

Oh, I don't know.

What with all this heavy traffic and accidents.


Well, I'll be a dirty ..

You're practically one now.

Thank you. Goodnight.

Hello Myrtle. Hello.

How did you like my car?

You never got that by saying 'No'.

Mr Adams, the man I'm working for, treated me to a ride home.

Not a bad idea. I think I'll try to sell it to Macy's.

Say, these painter guys are all alike.

A bunch of hand kissers.

If he was a real man ..

He'd be out doing some good honest work.

Not cutting out no paper dolls for no magazine.

Here is an idea.

Tomorrow, you put on a nice little dress and a grey wig ..

And come along as a chaperone.

No fooling.

I ain't crazy about her posing for no painter.

It don't seem respectable.

You're sure getting pure in your old age.

Posing for a painter.

No daughter of mine would ever do a thing like that.

Not if she looked like you. Say, listen.

Just a minute now.

You mean, you'll be through?

All finished.

The six weeks have gone quickly, haven't they.


Oh, I'm sorry. It's alright.

No bother.

All ..




Want to see it? Dying to.


Oh, my foot is asleep.


Close your eyes now.


Like it?

It's lovely.

Of course it is .. idealized.

Not at all.

If anything, you're even lovelier than that.

Beg your pardon, sir.

Tea, sir.

Alright Stevens, over there with it.

I'm afraid I've got to be going. Oh nonsense. It's pouring rain.

Wait until it clears up. I'll send you home in the car.

No really. I must run along. You won't be setting a precedent.

It's our last day you know.

Alright. Good.

Shall I pour? Will you?

I think we can manage, Stevens.

Very good, sir.

Well this time tomorrow, I'll be on board a liner.

I'm sailing at midnight.

I hope you'll have a good time.

Strong enough?


You know, you're an odd sort of girl.

One lump? Two, please.

You've come here practically every day for 6 weeks.

And I don't know any more about you now than when you first came.

Cream or lemon? Lemon.

I've been trying to figure you out.

But you are still an unknown quantity.

There is your tea.

Thank you.

Would you like a sandwich?

Will you stop being so cagey.

The brown bread ones look good.

I think they are olives.

Are you going to hold me off like this forever?

Remember our agreement.

No questions asked.


But I'm not asking questions.

I'm merely speculating.

You see, I know just enough about you to find you tantalizing.


Yes, I've seen your father and ..

I'm seeing him.

You can't imagine him having a daughter like me.

Oh no. I didn't say that.

It's what you're thinking.


No thanks. You see ..

Really, I ..

I've been trying to make it out myself.

He is the only absolutely decent man left in the world.

You hate men, don't you.

About as much as you hate women.

Why do you say that?

It's written all over you.

Every time you see one.

Your lips smile.

But your eyes of full of contempt.

Perhaps I have my reasons.

I have a reason or so myself.

Tell me.

More tea?


You know, they say confession is good for the soul.

Strong enough?

Just right. I take two lumps.

A slice of lemon. I'll have no more sandwiches and no more cake.

Now does that settle the tea question? Absolutely.

Will you have some almonds?

You know, you are really very difficult.

How do you do, Mr Crane. Hello, Stevens.

I'm afraid Mr Adams is working.

Oh, that's alright.

I know how he loves to be interrupted.


Allen, old boy.

Well, I've heard you were back.

How are you anyway? Couldn't be better.

Palm Beach may be the place for sunshine.

But give me New York for beautiful women.

And speaking about beautiful women ..

You two are old friends, aren't you?

Oh yes.

Old friends.

Yes .. that is, we ..

Have some tea?

No thanks, I can't stay a moment.

It won't take long.

No thanks, really. Do you good, old boy.

One lump or two?


Cream or lemon?


I mean neither.


Try the brown ones. They're olives.

The cake is chocolate.

No thanks.

If you sat down it might help.

Oh yes. Yes, thank you.


Lovely weather we're having, isn't it.

Yes. Lovely.

Miss Nichols is waiting for it to clear up before going home.

You see, Mr Adams has been painting me.

Painting you?

Oh, so that's what you're doing here.

What did you think I was doing?

I .. I couldn't imagine.

Thank you.

That's very nice of you.

Oh but I .. You two will excuse me.

I have a little telephoning to do.

Do you mind ordering the car for me?

Oh, I'll be glad to drive you anywhere.

It looks as if the storm is going to last.

And I've got to be getting home.

Certainly. I'll call the car.

Have some more tea?

No thanks.

Did you enjoy the summer?


Well, not so much.

You see, I couldn't get you out of my mind.

No, honestly. I mean it.

I was thinking about you every minute.

I've been trying to see you ever since I got back.

You've been back a week.

And we only met today by chance.

You never thought of me while you were away.

I had to think of you.

When you got back.

If you thought of me at all ..

It was only to hope that we'd never meet each other again anywhere.


You needn't be so bitter.


Do you know what I was doing ..

While you were having a good time?

I was at a rest home.


Can you imagine?

What I was doing there?



Well, why didn't you tell me? Tell you?

It .. died.

Oh Margie ..

I'm sorry.

I'm horribly sorry.

Isn't there ..?

Won't you let me ..

Do something to ..

To repay you?

To make it up to you.

Make it up to me?

Get out! Listen, Margie.

Get out!!



You and Crane are ..

Are all washed up, aren't you?


How would you like a trip to the south of France?

You mean ..? With me.

I can change my sailing and take you along.

Why just think, dear.

Over there, there's no rain, no sleet.

The sky is as soft as silk.

And the Mediterranean.

You've never seen blue until you've seen the Mediterranean, dear.

We won't choose any particular route. Just wander about over France and Italy.

Like a pair of gypsies.

What if we should happen to ..

Gypsy into your wife?

We won't.

She's in this country.

Besides, would it bother you any if we did?

So that's what you've been wondering about me all these weeks.

Margaret, I didn't mean to say .. Oh, I'm not angry.

You had a perfect right to think it.

To think anything you like.

But I didn't mean to say that .. Please let me speak.

I want you to know.

That ever since I came here to pose for you.

I've been remembering that night we first met.

Bit by bit.

It has all come back.

In your funny way ..

You're trying to be kind.

I'm glad you believe that.

I guess you've had sort of a bad break, too.

From a woman.

That's why you feel the way you do.

I'm sorry.

The car is served, Miss Nichols.

Coming right away.

Let me go with you, Margaret. Please.

I'd rather go alone.

Dear, I am sailing tonight.

I know.

I hope you have a very pleasant time.

It won't be any fun .. alone.

You will meet someone over there.

I'll put my coat on over my dress and I'll change at home.

I wish I had that Seymour Jennison here now.

I'd tell him what I think of him.

Too late, Harriet. It's too late.

Hello, Mum. Hello.

Hello dear.

For heaven's sakes, what's the matter?

Come on in here, Marge. I want to talk to you.

Well of all the mysteries, this is the most ..

Shut up will you, and get a good grip on that bed.

You've got a jolt coming.

The panic is on.


The Nichols family is busted flatter than a last year's pancake.

We're broke.

And when I say broke, I don't mean perhaps.

How do you like that?

But why? How?

Oh, Pop tries to be a Napoleon of finance.

He put a mortgage our homestead to go in that screwy scheme with the Jennisons.

Well, the whole thing blows up and ..

We've lost every penny.

But why was Dad so interested in making a lot of money?

Not to buy me a bushel of ermine coats.

Then the whole thing is my fault?

You can hardly blame it on the salt in the turkey.

How much money does Dad need to .. pull out?

Oh, a mere trifle.

Five thousand dollars.

It might as well be fifty million.




We're not sailing tonight.

Very good, sir. I'll start unpacking.

And Stevie, you haven't heard the worst.

I'm going to be married.

Married, sir?

But I thought .. Yes, I know.

I've just received a telegram from Reno.

My wife secured a divorce today. You see, that leaves me free.

To try again.

May I congratulate you, sir.

And ..

And give notice? Yes, sir.

You see.

I wasn't cut out for married life.

Not even at second-hand.

No. But you'll be a good scout won't you, Steve?

And stick around until after the ceremony?

May I ask sir, when it will take place?

Well we'll have to ask the lady if it will take place at all first.

You see, I'm hoping that ..

Beg your pardon, sir.

A note, sir. Special messenger.

Any further orders, sir?

Oh yes.

You might call the United States Line and change my single cabin to a double.

Very good, sir. And ..

Shall I make any arrangements for the ceremony?


The wedding, sir.

There isn't going to be any wedding, Stevens.

What about your family?

Do they know what you're doing?

I left a note for my father.

I told him I was going abroad with you.

Just like that, huh?

Just like that.

Are you going to paint over there?

I may.

Considering that I'll have my ..

Model with me.

You know you're a very pretty girl, Margaret.

But you're a bad businesswoman.

You set your price much too low.

I would gladly have paid twice five thousand.

Five thousand ..

Was all I happened to need.

Yes, you know that's what puzzles me.


You're setting so modest a value on your ..

Unquestioned charms.

Why I ..

Our understanding, still ..

Is 'no questions asked'.

Is Miss Nichols here?

I'm her father.

No, sir. She left quite a time ago.

If you'll just wait a minute, sir. Margaret!

Margaret, dear. Why, father.

You are soaking wet. Come over here by the fire.

Take your coat off. Listen, Margaret.

Get it off. You'll catch a death of cold if you don't.

It's no use. You can't stop me from talking.

We've got to have this out. I really don't want to talk.

It's all settled.

Do you suppose for one moment that I would let you go?

You can't stop me. That I'd take money from you?

I took money from you when I needed it.

I got myself into that mess with Allen and you stood by me.

You've been decent all your life.

And you've lost everything because of me.

I won't stand for it, father. I tell you I won't.

Oh Dad, you've got to.

Of course, Mr Nichols. Of course.

If you don't want to accept it as a gift, why not let me be a sort of a ..

A well, silent partner in the business.

I don't know why you should object to accepting money from your son-in-law ..

I don't think I understand. No?

I'm afraid you didn't make a very good job with your letter, dear.

You see, the money was intended as a sort of a ..

Well, an apology to you for not being present ..

At the wedding.

You mean .. you're married?

Why no. No. Not yet.

You see, we thought it better to be married on the boat tonight, quietly.

My divorce was only granted today.

We wanted to avoid the reporters. You understand.

Yes, yes. I ..

Father. I ..

Would you mind if I talked with Edward a moment?

No, dear. No.

Of course not.

Sir, would you mind waiting in there just a moment?

Yes, yes. Of course. Of course.

That was awfully good of you.

But it doesn't help. No?

I don't intend to trap you into marriage.

But what if I want to be trapped?

Even then it wouldn't be fair.


I were in love with you.

Gee, I hope we'll not be too late.

I always told you them painters was no good.

I'm glad your Ma showed me that letter.

I'll knock that guy for a row of tomato cans.

Which is Adams' apartment? 902.

Come on.

Just a minute. You can't go up there without being announced.

I'd like to see somebody stop me.

902. Yes, sir.

You think you don't love me?

Do you recall what happened in the room moments ago, before your father came in?


Then I'll remind you.

Now, say you don't love me. Why I ..

If you do, you're a liar.

I beg your pardon, sir. You've only just got time to catch the boat.

Righto, Stevie. Come along, darling. But Edward ..

Now don't argue with me. You come along down to the boat.

I'll tell you all about it as we go. Now you get into your coat.

Hurry up. Boats don't wait for anybody you know.

The luggage is all ready, sir. Thank you, Steve.

Come along, kid.

Where is this guy, Adams?

Mr Adams is just leaving.

He'll leave on a stretcher when I get through with him.


Just in time.

Why Harry and Myrtle, what does this mean?

Ma sent us. She's afraid you'd lose your temper and wreck the joint or something.

So you was going to run off with Margie, huh?

Smart guy, ain't you?

Shooting is too good for you. For two cents I'd ..

What are you, an escaped lunatic?

I'll tell you what I am.

I'm a guy who won't let a respectable girl run off with no ..

Harry, be quiet and be sensible. What?

Mr Adams and Margaret are going to be married.


They are going to be married and they are going to Europe for the honeymoon.

Oh gee, I'm sorry.

Gee, I guess I kinda had the whole business all wrong.


Let's me and you put our heads together and be a couple of billiard balls.

Don't be mad at me, Mr Adams.

I meant well. Forget it, forget it.

Well hi-ho. The Nichols' sisters always get their man.

Harry and me signed a suicide pact too.

Why, what do you mean? We're going to get married.


Don't congratulate me, congratulate him.

Well, when did all this happen? Just tonight.

I decided he was too simple to be running around by himself.

So we're going to be brother-in-laws?

I've heard a lot about you, Mr Adams.

I always said you was a great guy.

You're a painter, ain't you? Yes.

I got a cousin who was a painter.

But he fell off a scaffold.

Hey, look at it shine.

Of course, it's nothing to let your hair down for but still ..

It ain't the smallest diamond either. No?

No, they come smaller than this.

With every one sold they give you a microscope.

It's getting very late, sir.

Yes, we mustn't miss the boat. Come along everybody.

Goodbye, goodbye. Goodbye.




That's what I plan for my honeymoon.

What's that?

A long trip on a big steamship.

Yeah and I bet you get seasick and want to come back from Albany on a train.

Say, you ..

How I envy you kids. I wish l were going with you.

Come along. I'll lend you some pyjamas.

So will I.

No good. I wear the long old-fashioned nightgown.

‘. .s.d. . ’