The Redwood Massacre (2014) Script

No, don't worry.

Am I to be so lucky to see Bruce?

I'm just kidding.

Be careful with that, I've got expensive things in there.

Look, Kirsty, you do realize we're not staying in a 5-Star hotel this weekend?

Remember, this was your idea not mine.

Spending the weekend with your ditzy ex-girlfriend isn't exactly gonna be fun for me is it?

Trust me, this is gonna be a weekend you're never gonna forget.

I promise.

That's what I'm worried about.

Well I hope his sense of direction is better than his shitty map.

Well it's the only house around here for miles so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Don't you worry, if it gets you laid I'm sure we'll find it.


Thanks for coming on the trip, you know I... don't know if I would've had the guts to do it without you.

And I know it's gonna be weird with Mark there.

No, no, honestly, I'm glad I came.

And anyway I cannot wait to see the look on Kirsty's face, when she finds out we're camping at the actual Redwood House.

And for your information no one is going to be getting laid on this trip.

We'll see.

Come on! Coming.


Yeah, we're in the middle of nowhere so no one's gonna hear you.

Well what's your big plan? Keep walking until we eventually die?

I thought so.


Bet that idiot got lost following his own map.

Yeah, they should've been here by now.

Have you tried calling him? He's not answering.

What about loverboy? Will you stop it Jessica?

I don't even know if I like him anyway.

Yeah right.

I've seen the way that you look at his arse.

Painfully obvious to be honest.

Maybe I should just see if he's okay.

Do me a favor, try and keep the drooling to a minimum.

Hello? Hey where are you?

Tell your friend Mark his map's bollocks!

I just spent the past half hour headin' the wrong way.

Is he still coming?

He says he's lost.

Do you want us to come back and get you?

I'll just meet you guys at the campsite...

Probably quicker I just keep headin' the way I'm goin'.

Are you sure? I don't want you to get lost.

Don't wait for me, I'll be right behind you.

Okay, well um, we'll see you soon.

Well, it's officially, he's on his way.

So, I've just found the trail, it's just down past the stream.

Are we really gonna do this?

C'mon, you're not scared already? It's just one night.

It's not that, it's just the whole place is gonna be full of crazy people this weekend.

Why don't we just leave it for a couple of days?

And miss the biggest party of the year? Really?

You do know it's twenty years since the murders this weekend?

That's the whole point.

Come on are you not just a little bit curious?

Well, I suppose it would be nice to see what all of the fuss is about.


Where the hell is this place?

Hurry up!

About bloody time, do you know how long we've been waiting here for you guys?

You're lucky we're here, full stop.

Are you sure you brought enough stuff with you?

Ha ha very funny.

It's so good to see you, it's been way too long.

Are you sure this is a good idea? - Why aren't you helping me?

She'll be fine.

It's not her I'm worried about.

For fuck sake Mark! Will you help me please?!

It's gonna be a long week-end.

What the hell does he see in her?

You're so lucky that I brought your boots aren't ya?

I really do not know.

On my way for a piss.

Gonna go'en get the rest of the beers you be here.

You hurry the hell up.

That is good.

Don't hear no cans bein' opened bitch!

What you fuckin' doin'?


Wha'dya up to?



Stop fuckin' about Daisy.

I mean it, This is not funny.

I'm gonna fuckin' kick your arse for this.

Yeah guys, keep the alcohol consumption to a bare minimum tonight please?

We've got a big trek ahead of us tomorrow.

Whatever Mark. When did you lose your balls?

Maybe we should try calling Bruce again, It's gonna be getting dark soon.

Maybe he just got cold feet.

Yeah well he should've been here by now.

Well it's official, there is no signal out here, and what the fuck am I supposed to do with the next three days?

Well how are we supposed to get a hold of Bruce now?

Don't look at me, I didn't invite him to this party.

Do we really have to stay here? It's disgusting.

Looks like your girlfriend doesn't like the great outdoors Mark.

Maybe you like slumming it in the mud Jessica, but some of us have class.

Maybe you should tell your princess over there what camping really involves.

Look guys this really isn't helping, we need to get a hold of Bruce before it gets dark.

Are you trying to fucking kill me?




Does anyone else have signal?

I've already told you we can't get a signal out here.

Well okay, Maybe I'll try and find some higher ground then.

You seriously going to leave me to sit in this camp myself?

I'm sure you can manage.

Don't leave me with those two.

Uh, we can hear you!

Yeah, well maybe that was my point.

Look, I'll be right back.



Bruce is that you?

Guys, we seriously need to think about heading back.

What's wrong?

It's Bruce's phone, I found it in the woods So he lost his phone. Big deal.

At least we know he's out there, somewhere.

This is serious Mark, what if he's had an accident or something?

Look, nobody has had an accident, I'm sure he just dropped it when he was out looking for us.

Well I'm not gonna sit here and wait for it to get dark, we need to look for him or at least try and do something.

Don't look at me, I ain't movin'.


Must've just missed him.

He knows we're headin' to the house so...

He probably just went straight there. No something's not right.

We're probably gonna have to head back soon.

But we'll catch up with him in the morning, I promise.

I hope he's okay. He will be.

How far is the house from here?

It should just be an hours walk straight down that path.

You know, I'm surprised we haven't seen any more party-goers by now.

Maybe the evil farmer got them.

Back from the dead for one last kill!

Do you guys know the real story of what happened out here?

Or are you just as thick as the rest of the people in time?

I think we all know the Redwood story. Thanks.

Yeah, I don't think it something you can easily forget.

Especially when it involves little kids being killed.

I’m not talking about what Mummy and Daddy told you to keep you out of these parts of the woods.

I'm talking about the version no one wants you to know about. What really happened.

Please Daddy, kill Mummy.

Bury them, bury them all.

Take their eyes Daddy So what you're trying to tell me, is that he was driven mad by some evil voices.

How original.

But that's not the end of the story smart-arse.

At least not the way you idiots think it is anyway.

Okay so, he attacks he wife with an axe, that part of the story is true. Obviously.

But, what you don't know, is that he then proceeds to eat his wife alive.

Yeah right.

Not only did he eat her alive as she lay dying, but his daughter witnesses the whole attack.

I knew he killed his kids, but...

Eating his wife? That's messed up.

It get a lot worse.

The official report said they found the farmer's son, in a shallow grave, stabbed repeatedly.

The farmer himself was eventually found dead.

Sick fuck took his own life and hung himself.

Oddly enough it was around here, somewhere, that he did it.

I don't know...

But what the authorities didn't want anyone to find out... and what you don't know... is they never found the boy's body.

The grave was completely empty.

Legend has it that his tormented soul came back from the dead.

An evil entity hell-bent on killing anyone or anything that dare disturbs... the resting place of his butchered family.

Ah! You shoulda seen your face.

Very funny guys.

You're honestly pathetic, both of you.

So did you just make all that up?

It's what my Mum tells me every anniversary of the murders.

It's obviously just a story your Mum tells you so you don't go walking in the woods.

I propose a toast...

To the Redwood massacre... and to the evil little boy who still lives in these woods.

I'll drink to that.

Yeah why not? Come on Jess

"To the Redwood Massacre!"




If this is a joke it's not funny!



What's with all the shoutin'?

Oh, man am I glad to see you. Where the hell have you been?

Fresh water, no one else is gonna get it, so I thought I would.

Well, where's Marc and Jessica?

What do you mean "Where's Mark and Jessica"?

Well they're not in their tents. So where the fuck are they?

I thought they were with you.

No, I woke up, he was gone, I presumed he'd gone for a slash...

Oh my God.

How could I be so stupid?

Look, let's not jump to any conclusions okay? They're probably just out looking for you.

Oh yeah sure, a nice romantic walk with with his ex-girlfriend.

I'm gonna fuckin' kill him!


Empty, no map Shit what are we gonna do now?

Do you know the way back home?

Mark said the house was only an hour away. So?

The party remember?

If we can find the house maybe one of the other campers will know the way back home.

And what about Mark and the slut?

Well their gear is still here so they obviously haven't gone home.

Maybe they bumped into someone else and went to check out the house.

I'm sure it's all perfectly innocent.

You obviously trust your friend. But I don't.


Please... Please...


You know, I have left a lot, of expensive clothing back there.

Yeah, well feel free to go back and get them any time Kirsty.

Oh don't worry, I'll be sending Jessica the bill.

This is ridiculous!

Do you even know where we're going or are we just going around in circles here?

Do you know where the house is?

What do you want me to say?

Do you want me to magically say that I know where the house is?

Because I can't!

That's obvious.

I don't need anything pointed out to me thanks very much.

You know this is all Jessica's fault.

She had this planned out from the very beginning.

Does it even bother you that three of our friends have gone missing?

Because it sure as hell bothers me.

Please don't! Please!


At least it's pretty scenery.

So what's your big plan now? Huh?

We keep going.

We keep going.

We keep going!

You know you're just a dumb as the rest of them.

This can't be it.

Well it has to be, there isn't anything else out here.

This is the famous Redwood house?

Well what a disappointment.

And you guys seriously wanted to stay here for the weekend?

What a dump.

Will you shut up?

This is not like I imagined it at all.

That's if it's even the right house.

Which I seriously doubt it is.

Wouldn't you agree?



Where are you?



What's wrong?

What the fuck it that?



What the hell is that?

It's just a dead fox.

That is not normal.

Some other animal must've gotten to it, just... don't worry about it.

I can't, I can't do this... anymore.


Please don't!


They're not here are they?

Maybe it's not the right house.

Maybe we took a wrong turn or something.

You know, I know he still liked her.

It was obvious.

I'm sure he doesn't.

I'm not stupid.

I could see the way he was looking at her.

I just wish I never came on this stupid camping trip.

You and me both.

I swear to God I am never going, on another camping trip again.

We're gonna have to stay here tonight aren't we?

I don't see we have any other choice.

What're we going to do for food?

Hope you like fox?

Very funny.

I am gonna try find some signal.

Don't go too far.

Aw, I didn't know you cared.

I don't.

Just don't go too far.






Who's there?



Hello Jessica?




Don't make a fuckin' sound.

Don't look at me, don't fuckin' look at me.

Keep your eyes front, and keep your fucking mouth shut.

Now when I say "move" we move, do you understand?

You don't look behind you.

You hear me?

Don't look back.

Now move.

You people.

You think this is a fucking game.

Not have no idea what this thing can do.

There is no end.

This... this is just the beginning.

Right now.

It's out there... watching... waiting.

My daughter... she was just like you... young... and innocent.

She had heard the stories... the myths.

Amy never returned home that night.

She was 19 years old.

Ten years.

Ten long years.

I've been up here.

Searching... for something... just... anything.

You listen to me.

You get out of here now, while you still can.

You run, you keep running and you don't ever look back.

Don't ever look back.

Whatever this thing is... killed my daughter... and now... now it wants to kill you.

My friends might be here.

Your friends... are dead.

Oh yes.

The legend is most definitely true.

Wouldn't you agree?

The girl in the barn, you knew her didn't you?


We came here together.


I'm not leaving without them.


If your friends are still alive.

You might want to start by checking over here.

Over the years I've checked this place inside out.

Something's changed.

I do not know why but this thing's came back, and it's using this place like some kinda fuckin' mortuary.

Go! Go! Go!


Take it! Take the gun!

I can't.


Go! Now go!




You've got one round left.

One round. Make it count.

Makes no difference to me.

Whether I live, or whether I die.

Death comes to us all, it's just a matter of how... and when.

You killed my daughter.

I died, a long time ago.

Day after day I've waited for this very moment.

So why don't you look me in the fucking eye, you cowardly bastard.

Why don't you show me what you really got.

Do it...

Fuckin' do it!

C'mon... c'mon.

Do it... do it.

Fucking do it.

I'm sorry.


Please! Please!




Fuck you!


It's me.

I don't want to worry you... but I think I've taken a wrong turn.

What do you mean we've taken a wrong turn?

For all I know, we've been going around in circles.

Then where are we?

I don't know.

Wait, where you going?

We just passed a house back there, I'll go get some help.

You're safe.

What's wrong?

What did you mean "We've been driving in circles"?

Don't worry about that, the house is two minutes away, I'll be right back.

But there is no other house around here.

What is it?





Fucking farmers.