The Rest of Us (2019) Script

[upbeat music]

[GPS] The destination is on the right.

467 Lakeshore Drive, North Bay.

¶ I want you to touch me Tease me, fill me ¶

-[gulls cawing] -[door closing]


[light music]



¶ Touch me, tease me, fill me ¶

[liquid splashing]

¶ My body, my body, yeah ¶

¶ Make me feel Like I'm your one ¶

[waves lapping]

[light music]


[chattering on TV]

[crickets chirping]

I'm going to kill him.

[birds chirping]

[horn honking]


[light music]

This place is pretty legit.

My mom's dream home away from civilization.

Well, it's cool.

Not a lot of places like this around here.

I prefer the camper way more than this fishbowl on steroids.

Of course you do.

Come on.

Come on.

[water splashing]


You know it's not a crime to go swimming.

I know.

[cat meowing]

-What's that? -[Aster] Shit.


[dog barking]

Okay, so I should get back to work.

Yeah, I'll text you.


[bell ringing]

[Aster] Where were you?

[Cami] Work, traffic.

Oh, Boots.

He found that stupid hole next to your stupid house.

Oh, honey.

[man] We're ready for Boots.

Why'd you let me call him Boots?

He has stripes.

Makes no sense.

[footsteps approaching]

[man clearing throat]

[people chattering]

You should call your dad.

[Aster] Why?

He loved Boots.

Well, maybe he shouldn't have abandoned him because of his girlfriend's allergies.

[car alarm beeping]

[slamming door]

Call your dad.

[phone clicking]


-What? -Learn how to communicate like a human being.

This is a emoji intervention.

-[phone ringing] -Fine.

[Cami] Oh.

Boots is dead.

He plummeted to his death in a lonely, isolated subdivision, away from all of his friends.

Sorry, she's very emotional right now.


Oh, my God.



What the hell was that?

That was Rachel.

Does she not have a phone, or does Dad just like, give her everything?


Your father...


[car clicking]

[bells ringing]

...had a heart attack in the bathtub, and he drowned.

I didn't even know he took baths.

[crickets chirping]

[message beeping]

[upbeat music]

I've already seen this episode. [indistinct]

-[phone beeping] -Cami, hi, it's Susan.

Just checking in for an update. Um.

-Let me know when we can expect a personal-- -[beeping]

[birds cawing]

[Cami] Aster?

Time to eat.

[phone buzzing]


[Aster] Why are you shaving your sweater?


Dessert for breakfast?

You bought them.

What are you going to wear?

Pick a dress.

-A dress? -Yeah, it's a funeral.

Not everything has to be a political statement.

Pants haven't qualified as a political statement for like 100 years.

Stop being difficult.

Stop being so weird.

You hate him.

We don't have to play all Stepford Wives to impress his stupid friends.

Hate is a strong word.

You hate him, I hate him, it's kind of our thing.

At least we'll be dressed respectably while everyone's talking behind our backs.

It starts at three, so be ready by 12:30.

I know how time works.

[upbeat music]

[singing in French]

[GPS] Continue on the Ontario 11 South for 90 kilometers.

[woman on radio] But taxes on cap and trade

are effective if done well.

Scientists and economists agree that when the government--

[car revving]

[GPS] Your destination is on the right.

690 West Street, Toronto.

We have every right to be here.

I know.

Don't let anyone make you feel like you owe them an explanation.

Stand up straight, look them in the eye, or walk away.

Or kick them.

Don't kick anyone.

[Aster] Can I kick Jane?

Maybe Jane.

[classical music]

[people chattering]

Dad hated classical music.

[Cami] She ruined the place.

-[Gabby] Aster. -[Aster] Gabby.

[Cami] Gabby, I'm so glad you came.

How are you?

Your mom called my mom, this whole thing is so sad.

It's stupid.

You didn't have to come.

[Gabby] Of course I did.

Have you seen her yet?

I'm going to look around.

-Drink? -[Gabby] Yes.

-Okay. -[Gabby sighing]

[gentle classical music]

[toilet flushing]

I was just looking for the restroom.

Well, it hasn't moved since you lived here.

My condolences.

Thank you.

[Gabby chuckling]

She is going to get so many sympathy likes.

-Hashtag funeral, hashtag sad. -[laughing]

[Gabby] Hashtag little black dress.

-So how's it going with Nathan? -[scoffing]

I don't even know anymore.

You know how men are.


So selfish.

[Jane] Cami Hayes?

[Cami] It's Boden again.

Oh, my goodness.

Surprised to see you here.

Well, Craig is Aster's father.

Of course.

Poor baby.

So did a little bird tell me that you left the city?

I built a house in the country.

Aww, that's lovely.

It must be nice to be isolated from all the craziness, right?

So is there anyone special in your life?

No, I'm just focusing on work and raising my daughter to be an independent woman.

Oh, there's plenty of time for that, you're still a total fox.

-I'm going to get some air. -Mm-hmm, it's okay.

Call me if you need anything.

Yeah, thanks.

[Gabby] Okay.

[somber fiddle music]

¶ Oh, my little darling ¶

¶ You must've Come from the sea ¶

¶ With all the little fishes ¶

¶ Pretty as can be ¶

¶ Oh, my little darling ¶

¶ You must've Come from the ground ¶

¶ With all of Those little June bugs ¶

¶ Crawling all around ¶

-[gasping] -¶ Oh, my little darling ¶

[girl] Hi.


I'm Talulah.

What are you doing?

Collecting insects, frogs, sometimes you could find really tiny ones, but you aren't supposed to touch those ones, because if you do, their moms will eat them.


-Mom, are you ready? -Mm-hmm.

[Cami] Take care of yourself, okay?

What'd you think?

That Dad has boring friends with bad taste in music.

How are you feeling?


You know what fine really means.

Mom, can we not right now?

Feelings inside not expressed.

Sometimes fine actually just means fine.

I don't want to talk.

[upbeat rock music]

[floor creaking]

[door rattling]

[crickets chirping]


[Nathan] See you.

-[door closing] -[Cami sighing]

[door closing]

Is that for school?

Is that for school?



Hey, what do you think the deal is with Dad's will?

There's really no telling how much money there's going to be.

Mom, he's loaded.

I mean, look around at your alimony.

Hey, I earned this.

Do I need to remind you?

I'm reminded, thank you.

Anyways, I'm assuming Dad didn't forget that Rainbow wasn't his only daughter.


Anyway, there's no telling from the outside what's really going on with people.

Okay, well I'm really not in the mood for your spiritual inquiry, so whatever.

Well, what about a dinner inquiry?

-Lasagna? -[Aster] Yep.

Great talk.

-[phone beeping] -[light rock music]

[phone beeping]

¶ I'm not done crying ¶

[people chattering]

[light music]

[phone beeping]

[liquid pouring]

Hey Jenny, I just made dinner, and I-- I know it's last minute, but, I know, it's been forever.

Of course, 100%, more notice next time.

[Talulah] Mom, I can't find my microphone.

[door closing]

He hasn't paid the mortgage in six months.

[Cami] What does the bank say?

It'll all go up for auction.

The furniture, the house, everything.

We can keep a few clothes and things.

You have family nearby?

I have no family.


Not since I became a homewrecker.

Do you need a place to stay?

Until you get back on your feet?

With you?


[sighing] Well, I'm sure you-- you'll figure it out.

Anyway, Craig had insurance, so... we'll be fine.

It was nice of you to come, but we don't need your help.


-[door closing] -[dog barking]

[woman] Price check, price check, please.

[Rachel] Put the rest back.

Dad always buys shrimp.

Talulah, I said no.

Go, come on.

[scanner beeping]

[cashier] So, $84.28.


[sighing] You know what?

Can you take those off?

Too many calories anyway, huh.


Let's go. Next time, okay? I promise.

[door slamming]

What's eviction mean?

[groceries clattering]

[banging on door]


[dog barking]


[keys clattering]

[Rachel] Fuck.

[water running]


-[crickets chirping] -[people chattering]

[Cami breathing heavily]


[crickets chirping]

[Talulah] Who texted?

[Rachel] Never mind.

Go to sleep.

[Cami] Oh no, don't help, just-- just relax.

Well, I can't help you if you don't like what I do.

Your perfectionism is really bad for your mental health.

Don't you dare leave that for me to clean up.

I'm not your slave, just--

I wasn't going to.


-[car doors closing] -What the fuck?

What are they doing here?

This is your house in the country?

Craig had your address in his phone, so I, um...

If the offer still stands, that is?

Of course.

[Aster] What offer?

[light music]

This is not what I expected.

Cool pool!

Well, book sales were good, so I figured, what the hell?

[Talulah] Your play room is awesome.

[Cami] Such a mess.

I'm right in the midst of a crazy deadline on a book.

Oh, yeah, how's that going on, by the way?

I don't want us to be an imposition, so if it's too much...

[Aster] I'm roommates with my dad's mistress.

[birds chirping]

[Cami] That's the tour.

What's that?

Oh, that's, huh, the camper I lived in when we were building this place.

Aster was at school, so--

Great, we'll take it.

-I'm his wife. -What?

I'm married to your father, I'm not his mistress.

Yeah, well, not anymore.

[Aster] Go away.

[muffled rock music]

[Cami] Can we talk?



Be reasonable.

Like you?

Your need to be a saint, it's pathological.

This is the worst thing you could've actually done.


[crickets chirping]

Oh, no.

[birds chirping]

[water lapping]

[Cami] Well, hello.

Are you hungry?

[muffled chattering]

But I need to get into the house, we need our clothes.

[woman] Okay, we can arrange a time for that, Mrs. Hayes, but the foreclosure is final.

I have a kid, we had to sleep in our car the other night.

[woman] Right, the BMW?

Well, we'll have to repossess that as well--

[light music]

What are you drawing?

It's random sketches, mostly.

For your books?

You know about my books?

My dad lets me read them at the library.


-What'd he tell you about them? -He told me that she's my sister, but only I know that, because you changed her name.

Do I look like my dad?

Yeah, you do.

That's what everybody says.

What's your next book about?

Just between us?

I have no idea.

[bird cawing]

You can't just go over there.

-Why not? She has food. -We have food.

Disgusting shredded wheat.

Not even the frosted kind.

This is our space, and you need to stay here, okay?

So we're in jail?

Yeah, we're in jail, and you can thank your dad for that.


[upbeat rock music]

[Cami] It's a beautiful day.

I'm in the middle of something, Mom.

Get up, you're watching TV in the middle of the day and that's something depressed people do.

-We're going shopping. -Mindless consumption is everything that's wrong with the world right now.

Says the girl glued to YouTube.

Get dressed, we're leaving in a minute.

I can pick my own clothes, Mom!


[Cami] Talulah.

So your mom's cool with this?

Can I play a song?

[cheerful pop music]

¶ I love you so ¶

¶ Baby, don't you know ¶

¶ I love you so ¶

¶ It's you ¶

¶ I adore ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Now, baby dear ¶

¶ Now listen here ¶

¶ I want you to know ¶

¶ How much I really care for you ¶

¶ It's you ¶

¶ I adore ¶


[man] Back of the store, all kinds of seasonal--

Wow, five-year warranty, that's good.

Don't you think there's already enough toasters in the world?

[Talulah] I like my toast slightly brown.

Dad likes his burnt on one side with marmalade.

-Gross. -[Talulah] So gross, right?

-Alarm clock. Can you help us find an alarm clock? -Yep.

Okay, what the hell's going on with that?

With what?

She talks about him like he's still alive.

You know what that is?

Feelings inside not expressed.


[woman] Paint to customer service, please.

[Cami] Do you think Gabby's bringing a coffee maker?

Mom, I don't need a coffee maker.

[Cami] What about the toaster?

I don't need a toaster either.

Don't be silly, I mean, you can't rely on Gabby to bring everything.

I'm not going back.

But, [sighing]

I know the first year is hard, it's a transitional time.

This year is going to be better.

Mom, Mom, I'm being serious.

You can't drop out, you have no choice.

Actually, a lot of successful people are college dropouts.

Lady Gaga, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg.

-Is this about your father? -No!

I hope it's not about that guy.

-What guy? -The guy I saw sneaking out of your camper.

You're spying on me?

Do you know how much of a weirdo you are?

[Talulah] Look at how cool this is.

[Cami] What is it?

It's a terrarium maker.

I'm going to put it on my Christmas list.

Someone might as well get something nice while we're here.

There you go.

Lovely daughters.

I mean, you guys could be sisters, but.

[Aster] Ew, she's not her daughter.

No, my dad had two families, actually.

Me and my mom are more like the... starter family, so to speak.

But her, she's the real deal, though.

[car revving]

You know, if you're not going to go back to college, you're going to have to start paying rent.

Why, so I can be forced to live with you and the woman who ruined our lives in the middle of nowhere?

You know, believe it or not, everything is not always all about you.

But I still have to put up with them.

And for what, like, yeah, Dad was an asshole who screwed them over, but guess what, Mom.

He screwed us over too.

You don't need to remind me about that.

This isn't my ideal living situation either, but they were living in a car.

So does Rachel have to pay rent?

Rachel is not my daughter.

She's almost young enough to be though, isn't she?

You know Rachel dropped out of college too, just like Mike Zuckerberg, except she met your father and she married him and she had a kid and she didn't think about a career.

Do you think that's working out for her now?

[Rachel] Hi.

I was just, uh, doing some laundry.

-I didn't mean... -[Rachel] It's fine.

Nice one, Mom.

I'm not doing your laundry anymore, either.

[Rachel] Tuly, what is that?

[Talulah] It's a terrarium kit.

Cami got it for me for Christmas.

-[light music] -[waves lapping]

-[dissonant music] -[rumbling]

Let me guess, you're going hiking.

Nope, swimming, but I'm not supposed to go by myself.

-Where's your mom? -She's basically just staring at the wall of our camper.

I guess it's like, actually a door.

Well, you know, I'm really behind on delivering this next draft of my book.

How long does it take to drown?

I'm not sure.

A few minutes, I guess?

Does it hurt?

I don't know.


I'm not afraid of swimming.

-[Talulah laughing] -[splashing]

You're such a good swimmer!

[Talulah laughing]

You're good with kids.

Less so with teenagers.

Surprised you didn't have more.

I wanted to, but, Craig said one was enough.

Well, the insurance should be settled any day now, so.

We'll be out of your hair.

Talulah, come on.

[Cami] Give me five.

[knocking on door]

The point in knocking is to actually wait for an answer before you come in.

Why don't you at least register for your classes?

I-- I tried doing it, and I can't.

I think you're being impulsive.

I'm not being impulsive if I've thought about it.

Well, what are you going to do if you stay here?

I just don't want you to have regrets.

I thought you'd be happy.

You know, keeping me in your lair, spying on my every move.

Why don't you just register so you at least have that option?

Why don't you just stay out of my business?

I don't bug you with your life, like how you haven't finished a book in two years, or how you just decide to hide from society like the beast, or how you haven't dated anyone since Dad.

You think I'm a beast?

The beast, from like, Beauty and the Beast.

Well, as the only woman in this family that works, -I'm going to go back to my picture book. -Mom, no--

-[ripping] -Ow, Mom!

[gentle fiddle music]

¶ Oh my little darling ¶

¶ You must've Come from the sea ¶

¶ With all those little fishes ¶

¶ Pretty as can be ¶

¶ And oh, my little darling ¶

¶ You must've Come from the ground ¶

¶ With all of Those little June bugs ¶

¶ Crawling all around ¶

[Aster] You haven't dated anyone since Dad.

[horn honking]

[man] Mrs. Hayes, I'm calling about the claim

on Craig Hayes' life insurance policy.


[man] Um, it's been denied.

And I'm very sorry.

Your husband hasn't paid the premiums in six months, so the policy is void, and there's virtually no way

that we can--

[Rachel] Prick.

[door closing]

[upbeat rock music]

[man sighing]

[man] Hi.


Can I buy you another beer?

You can buy me a martini.

-Okay. [chuckling] -And I wear a size seven and a half.

[man] You're on. [laughing]

¶ Got something That I really want ¶

¶ You're going the Softball route, it's true ¶

[Rachel shouting]

[man] Oh, my God!

[woman laughing]

[man] What do you got? Pressure time.

Let's see what you're made of, let's see what you're made of!

[both] Whoa!

¶ Going to dance with you ¶


[footsteps approaching]

[Cami] Everything okay?

I had a dream that Dad was dead.

Did you tell your mom?

She's not here.

Well, she told me to take care of you while she was gone.

Would you like some warm milk?


¶ Then let him go ¶

[bowling balls clattering]

¶ Didn't think That I would make ¶ All right.

[Rachel] These are the best.

Do my teeth look crazy?

[man] You're fun.

I'm married.

I mean, I used to, oh, wait, I still am.

No, no.

I'm a widow.


[man] Hey, can I, can I get your number?

[Rachel whistling]

[dispatcher chattering]

[driver] $19.

Uh, here.

[driver] Here, lady, read.

It's $19.

Don't call me lady. [sighing]

I'm 32, in my fucking prime.

Women hit their sexual peaks in their 30s, so yeah.

Peak sexuality.

It's $19, ma'am.

Okay, okay, hold on, sir.

[Aster] Do you need anything?


[Aster] Here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[crickets chirping]

[dispatcher chattering on radio]

This is my friend.


[door closing]

[Rachel] Your mom was right.

I made all the mistakes.

All the wrong choices.

Soon I'll die an old broke widow.

Well, not soon, just, later.

-[Aster] There you are. -Oh, no, your bike.

[bird cawing]

[Cami] Morning.

God, you scared me.

Big night?


I'm sure you needed to blow off steam.

There isn't going to be any insurance money.

Did you double-check everything? Because insurance companies are scam artists.

Wouldn't even know where to start.

You should check the details, the loopholes, what you can keep you're not aware of, what's in your name, what's yours from before the marriage.

Do you have his financial records?

They're at the house.

-Want me to take a look? -[Talulah] Mom!

-Hi. -Are you sick?

-You look sick. -I am not sick.

But I am a surprisingly good bowler.

-[Talulah] I'm hungry. -[Rachel] There's cereal.

[Talulah] The milk is all chunky.

So am I.

[Cami] Here you go.


[Aster] Jesus, this is a--

[Cami] Nightmare?

[people chattering]

[woman] Mrs. Hayes?

[Rachel] That's me.

Can we just go over a few things quickly?

[man] Watch your back.

Did you pay for that?

Don't be a narc.

Hey, can we go? I really hate this place.

[Talulah] Me too.

[Rachel] Talulah.

This is the last time we'll ever be here.

Anyway, it doesn't matter.

It's a beautiful table.

It's a shame to let it go.

-[Talulah] Steer right, Mom! -I'm going right, -I can hear you. -[Cami] This is very heavy.

-Put it down? -Yeah, drop it.

[Cami sighing]

-[indistinct] -This is not going to work.

-Uh, it's-- -It looks amazing.

[Rachel] What is it?

Oh, it's nothing, it's just, another one of Craig's speeding tickets.

We should go through all your statements for the past few years, find out if there's any debts where you're a co-signer, and figure out what your assets were before the marriage.

I don't have any assets.

I need a job.

You and Aster both.

That girl needs to learn some self-direction.

Especially if she's going to abandon her education.

Well, as the, uh, poster child for that life decision, I'm happy to take her job hunting.

You're welcome to try.

-[gulls cawing] -[waves lapping]

My mom thinks that if I don't finish college, my only option will be to sell used underwear on the internet or something. [chuckling]

-Yours or hers? -[chuckling] Oh, my God.

The reaction on her face.

I mean, it would be worth it just for that.

-Oh-- -All right, well, okay.

-Well, good luck. -You too.

[light jazz music]


I-- I'm Rachel.

Nice to meet you.

I'm actually looking for a job.

I'm very wine literate.

Sorry, sir, do you know where your vegan bacon options are?

I'm sorry, ma'am, I only work with carcasses.


Interview time?


Just wanted to say hi.

I put in a good word for you.

I'll thank you later.

Um, you know, most of my experience is in reds, and whites, and roses, and sparkling.

I'm very wine literate.

-[clinking] -[crashing]


Oh, you know, you could actually work here.

Yeah, what else have I got to do?

I'm a broke widow without a single marketable skill.

I live with my husband's ex-wife, and oh, special hobbies, drinking with his teenage dropout daughter.

Very nice.

[bowling balls clattering]

-Oh, you are hired. -[chuckling]

Can I ask you something?

About my dad, and the affair.

Did you feel like the worst person in the world?

[sighing] I felt like shit, literally all the time.

You and your mom, you were so theoretical to me then, it-- it's easy for me to feel like I was the victim.

I sound terrible.

It is what it is.

¶ Happy birthday, Mr. President ¶ Where did you get that?

Where did you get it is the better question.


You look ridiculous, take it off.

Are you having an affair?


Oh, my God, you are.

-Who is he? -It's no one, it doesn't matter anyway.

I'm not giving it back until you tell me who it is.

-Give it back! -No, I'm not giving it back.

[Aster] Mom!

[Cami] Give it back!

Stop! Ow! Mom.

What is wrong with you?

Are you insane?

Jesus, learn how to take a joke.

What was you and Craig's child support arrangement?

Um, about $4000 a month, I think.

You think?

Uh, no, it was $4000.

I don't see any payments in his bank statements.

Well, he hasn't paid me in the past year or so.

So you knew he was broke.

Well, I thought you did too.

I guess I-- I didn't realize you guys were in touch.

Only when we had to be.

So he must've told you then, that Aster asked us for money?


She wants to go traveling in South America.

I don't know.

[Talulah] Right there and--

Has Talulah spoken to you at all about her birthday?

Only about 100 times.

[Rachel sighing]

She wants to have a dinner party, a real one, a grown up one.

It would just be us, but...

Sounds fun.


-[water lapping] -[birds cawing]

I don't want that thing anywhere near me, Talulah.

It's just a crab, you don't have to be scared about it.

I can't wait to show this to Dad.


Honey, your dad...

I know, Mom.

I know.

-Okay. -I made a mistake.

Stop telling me he's dead.

-[Cami] Should I go get her? -[Rachel] I got it, Cami. Thank you.

-[car engine rumbling] -[upbeat music]

[Cami] Who wants ice cream?

[Rachel] Let's do it. Great.

A scoop of bubblegum, a scoop of strawberry, and mint chocolate chip, please.

Those don't go together at all.

Yes, they do.

[woman] Hey, there you go.

[Rachel] Oh, my gosh, Tuli.

-[Cami chuckling] -Mm.

Thanks so much.

[Rachel] First paycheck.

[bell ringing]

[people chattering]

[horn honking]

Honey, is that Gabby?

Why is she with your boyfriend?

-[Aster] It's none of your business. -[Cami] You think you can have sex with your best friend's boyfriend on my property and somehow that's none of my business?

[Aster] Well, apparently not.

This caginess, hiding things, it's just like your father.

Here goes the father card.

I would think that you of all people would know the pain your selfishness is causing.

You know, you don't actually have to project all of your own bullshit onto every situation, right?

I don't even know the person I raised.

-[engine rumbling] -Is that why you don't want to go back to school, 'cause you want to hang out with some loser

-who cheats on his girlfriend? -You're driving me crazy.

-[Rachel] Cami, maybe we should all just calm down. -Stay out of this, okay?

She can't say anything because cheaters are losers?

All cheaters are terrible people.

Dad's a bad person, Rachel's a bad person, -I'm the worst person. -[Cami] You're twisting my words.

Oh, and here's a thought.

Maybe it is possible not to be so judgmental and condescending all the time.

Especially since you've been dressing up like a Victoria's Secret model in

-your spare time. -Mind your own business, Aster Hayes. I haven't done anything that

-I'm ashamed of. -[Aster] Fine, you're perfect.

[dispatcher chattering]

[turn signal clicking]

[birds cawing]

[bell ringing]

-[Rachel] What is it? -[Cami] Another one of Craig's

speeding tickets?

[horn blaring]

[waves lapping]

[Rachel] Talulah, come on.

You can stay as long as you want, really, it's no trouble. I'm sorry for losing my temper uh, um, in the car.

[door closing]

Mom, can we please stay?

[Rachel] Get in the car, Talulah.

What about my birthday party?

-Get in the car. -[Cami] Where are you going to go?

Oh, it's this place, you wouldn't know it, it's called the Glenwood Motel.

It's only five minutes from here.

[engine rumbling]

I hate this place.

[Talulah groaning]

[muffled pop music]

[Rachel crying]

[Rachel] I'm sorry.

[muffled fiddle music]

¶ Oh, my little darling ¶

[phone ringing]

Hey, you've reached Gabby .

Who even leaves voicemails anymore?

Okay, bye--

What you did was fucked up.

-Gabby, I'm sorry. -I know you're sorry.

But it's just a shame, because I didn't even really like him that much.

But I liked you a lot.

Are you going to forgive me?

I doubt it.

-[light music] -[people chattering]


It's after midnight.

It's my birthday.

[birds chirping]

[vacuum whirring]


[phone ringing]

-Hello? -[Rachel] Talulah's been through enough, and I'm too tired to argue with her about a birthday.

[woman] Morning, it is 11 a.m. and time now for a weather check.

It's going to be a gorgeous day out there.

Don't forget your hats and sunscreen...

[weather report fading out]

[light music]

[phone ringing]

Oh, shit. Hello.

Hi, it's Susan. What's the holdup?

You've blown the deadline three--

Yes, I'm acutely aware of that, I know.

And we need to see a draft of Fiona Takes Flight and that's it.

Look, I am not going to have it ever.

-What do you think of that? The contra--


[doorbell ringing]

¶ Well teach me, baby ¶

[Cami] Hey! You guys don't have to ring, just come right in.

[Talulah laughing]

¶ Little show and tell ¶

[Cami] Come on.

I'd rather not.

¶ How to keep ¶

¶ From loving you well ¶ Wow. Lovely presentation.

[Talulah] I'm so grown up.

This is the best birthday party ever.

It was all your mom's idea.

-Aperitif? -[Talulah] Mm-hmm.

-[Cami chuckling] -Happy birthday, loser.

¶ Just accepting How far you are away ¶

[Talulah] Awesome!

It's vintage.

Thank you so much.

Did you know my mom's going to get me an iguana?

After we move out of the motel.

[Cami] You look pretty, sweetie.

To Talulah!

-[all] Talulah! -Me!

[glasses clinking]

¶ Don't let it fly ¶

¶ Even though That's what a sweet love ¶

[light pop music]

¶ Baby, baby, What you do to me ¶ Almost perfect.

Aster, you're going to have to move faster than that if you want to get anywhere.

[Rachel] Mm.

That's perfect.

¶ Oh baby What you doing to me ¶ Here's your present, Talulah.

Thank you.

Whoa, these are legit.

[Cami] You can come over and swim anytime you want.

Sweetie, come here.

¶ Hey, yay, yay, yay ¶

¶ Hey, yay, yay, yay ¶ Cake?

You can have as much as you want.

I spent the whole day cooking, and you want to eat a gross grocery store cake? It's bad and it has chemicals.

-Well at least we know it's bad, right? -Mm-hmm.

No surprises.

¶ But I love you ¶

¶ Yes, I love you ¶ You know what?

-We should go. -Mom, we just got here.

I know, honey, but this was a mistake. Let's go back to the motel, we'll still have a really fun night.

[Cami] I've done a lot for you and Talulah.

Oh, for Craig, right?

I'm sure you were so comforting while you were sneaking around behind my back.

It's more complicated than that, as I'm sure you would know.


You know, as fucked up as this is, I never would've known about you and Craig if you'd just stayed out of my life.

[Aster] You slept with Dad?

That's who you've been seeing?

-He needed me and I loved him. -You're not the victim here, Mom.

-[Cami] What happened to us was an injustice. -It was ten years ago!

Wait, are you kidding?

You think I wanted to ruin your life?

-Is that why you did all this? -Oh, am I supposed to be fine with everything and not have any feelings?

Well, I am not a fucking saint!

¶ Keep in your hands You're never going to keep me ¶

¶ But I love you ¶

[timer beeping]


Fucking cake!

I can't deal with this.

Aster, do not leave in the middle of a conversation.

[Rachel] Honey, will you go watch some TV for a little bit?

-Let the adults talk. -Okay, so now I'm too young to be in a conversation.

¶ I really love you ¶

¶ Really, baby, you do ¶ You know the worst part about this?

¶ Hey, yay, yay, yay ¶ Being here.

¶ Hey, yay, yay, yay ¶ It started to feel like home.


[engine rumbling]

[door closing]

Aren't you too young to be sitting up front?

If you get killed by the airbag, it's not my fault.

[birds cawing]


[people chattering]

-What'd you want? -Um, I don't know.

Well, we didn't really have dinner.

[phone buzzing]

Oh, my God. Why are old people obsessed with phone calls?

[phone beeping]

I'm going to kill her.

Just give her some space, Cami.

At least it was memorable, as far as birthday parties go.

[Aster] Thanks.

Dad always used to bring me here whenever he'd come and visit.

He thought it was my favorite place.

It was always super awkward.

What's that?

It's Dad.

And you've been carrying this around?

And why?

You know that he's dead, right?

And you know being dead lasts forever?

I just wanted to... pretend for a while.


We should dump these.

[both slurping]

[car engine rumbling]

[Aster] Put your flashlight on.

Come on, be careful.

[Talulah] Okay.

[waves lapping]

[Aster] I don't know if this is legal.

[Rachel] I didn't want to have her.



I love her, but... God, it's a slog sometimes.

I almost killed Aster once.

Craig and I were going to this party, and I was wearing these ridiculous high heels and carrying her downstairs, and I fell.

She was so little. I don't know how I managed to hold onto her.

[Cami exhaling]

Still have a scar.

Yeah, but you didn't let her go.

You probably could now though, if you wanted to.

Letting go is not my strong suit.

You don't say.

Would it be crazy if we just... called it even?

[waves lapping]

[birds chirping]


Talulah, wake up.

[Talulah] Maybe we should do it somewhere else.

He drowned, so...


So what else did he like?

-[car revving] -[light music]


[light fiddle music]

¶ Oh, my little darling ¶

¶ You must've come From the trees ¶

¶ Falling out of them branches ¶

¶ Falling all over me ¶

¶ And oh, my little darling ¶

¶ You won't be mine forever ¶

¶ You weren't made for me ¶

¶ You were made to be free ¶

[Aster] Talulah, ew.


-You're filthy. -Mm-hmm.

-Want to have a bath? Yeah. -Yeah.

[birds chirping]

I'm glad you're here.


Been a little unhinged lately.

I mean, no offense.

I don't know.

Maybe I am unhinged.

I think I actually like you better that way.

[light jazz music]

[people chattering]

[Talulah] Mom?

[engine rumbling]


[soft music]

[dissonant music]

[water splashing]

[light music]

[light pop music]

¶ I love you so ¶

¶ Baby, don't you know ¶

¶ I love you so ¶

¶ It's you ¶

¶ I love so ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Now, baby dear ¶

¶ Now listen here ¶

¶ I want you to know ¶

¶ How much I really care for you ¶

¶ It's you ¶

¶ I adore ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Now, baby dear ¶

¶ Now listen here ¶

¶ I want you to know ¶

¶ How much I really care for you ¶

¶ It's you ¶

¶ I adore ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ I love you so ¶

¶ Baby, don't you know ¶

¶ I love you so ¶

¶ It's you ¶

¶ I adore ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Now, baby dear ¶

¶ Now listen here ¶

¶ I want you to know ¶

¶ How much I really care for you ¶

¶ It's you ¶

¶ I adore ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶

¶ Rain or no ¶