The Revenant (2015) Script

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It's okay, son...

I know you want this to be over.

I'm right here.

I will be right here...

But, you don't give up.

You hear me?

As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight.

You breathe... keep breathing.



Oh shit!

God damn sons of bitches.

God shit me more.

Hey you seen Coulter? No.

Listen up! When them pelts is clean...

I want you to wrap 'em up real tight.

Remember, We're not doin' no 15 pelt bales...

We're doin' 30 pelt bales. Fitzgerald.

Captain. Where are we with the haul?

What are you thinking?


I'm thinkin' whatever it is that they're hunting out there...

I'm hoping they don't need another shot.

Let's make sure we're at ahead by dawn.

We've been done by this morning.

I don't like to be not here myself by now, but you know we're not.

We men are too tired.

I figure we're only few days out from the Fort, we're trapped out.

All we have to worry about... is getting some fresh meat for the boys. Yeah.

Yeah, you seen Coulter?

Hey, we took down an elk.

A big one.

We're gonna need some help to haul the meat back.

You let me know when it's on the spit.

I'll help with it then.

Hey no, come on fellas... I need your help.

We needed help when we were bustin' are asses loadin' them bales.

I've been out here so long eating this damn beaver meat...

I'm actually starting to miss my wife's cooking.

Shit, I'm actually startin' to miss your wife.

Why don't you shut the hell?...


Is that Coulter?

Stay together. Jim, you go get the Captain.

Jesus Christ!

Shut up! Help him!

Anybody seeing them? Stay quiet dammit...

God damn.

What was that?


Let's go.

They got Thomas.

I can't see 'em.

Get down. Oh shit.

They are everywhere.

We are surrounded.

They're everywhere. Soho...

Stay here.

No, no. Oh no!

Stay down. - Help me!

They want us out in the open...

Someone get up the hill!

Nobody move, just stay where you are.

Well they want the pelts.

We go and get on them 'bout right now... or we gonna lose it all.

Get to the boat. To the boat, son.

Move, move, move.

Leave the forest, leave the forest...

To the boat.


Hawk, Hawk!

Grab some pelts!

Come on, grab the pelt!

Grab the pelt.

Come on.

Come on.

Get this to my little girl. You're coming with us I'm gettin' help...

Lean on me, just get...


Get to the boat!

You fuckin' son of a...

Get on the fuckin' boat.


Move, come on.

Come on.

Cut the rope.

Cut the rope. Wait for Amos, wait for Amos...

We go now.

Go to the cannon.

Don't leave, please.

My daughter, Powaqa, is not here.

Collect all the pelts we can carry.

We'll trade pelts with French for horses and we will keep searching for her.

And the dust becomes flower...


When the morning was clear...



Hold still.

Where did you learn that?

My father was a doctor.

Bridger. Captain we got a small tree niggers out here...

Waiting to finish the job.

Hold there. Yes.

Tell me you got some kind of plan.


Missouri is no good.

Not while the Rees runnin' it.

We got to get off this boat...

Oh you want to get off the boat?

Then what we're gonna do, hah?

We're gonna take our furs...

And sit out there amongst the Ree, like a bunch of god damn ducks.

Only safe thing to do is track a new course back upon land.

We'll add weeks to the trip.

Better then floating back down there where they can get their eyes on us.

They got eyes on you right now, son.

What I'm saying is we stay on the boat.

Try the course toward the Fort...

We take the chances on the water.

Glass knows this territory better than the rest of us put together.

It's his job to get us home safe.

Get us home safe? Yeah.

Need I remind you we already lost 32 men?

33 now.

They were my men Fitzgerald, I know how many I lost.

We do like Glass says, that's the end of it.

We have to set the boat loose.

If Ree are tracking us, they will find it down the river.

The best course is hike in on the ground and follow it down... to Fort Kahowa.

What, on foot? Are you sure?

It'd be a week before we get there.

Unless we come across a poach straying prison horses.

Ain't no poach that far over.

Right, Captain.

Losing this boat is god damn stinking.

Besides the Rees ain't that stupid...

If we keep it, we can lay it up around hours peak.

Quit acting like you know what you're talking about Fitzgerald.

Ain't nobody talking to you.

Who'd listen to you anyway.

God damn, can't even ...find fuckin... potato shit...

All I'm sayin' is... camp Roollin is just up away...

And we can hold up there.

We walk.

Yeah, I'm sure we will.

God damn, wish my daddy was a doctor then he could have bought me a captains job.

So what do we do now?

Praying that poach ain't rockin' if we ever get back here... to pick them up. Make sure to mark this place.

We're leaving a fortune under these rocks.

No more room here, you gotta move up the hill.

Glass. Chart a course...

Try as you can figure to get us around the reef.

Yes sir.

This ain't right, this ain't right.

We all know that this furs ain't won't be here by the time we come back.

There is no way we can hold them all the way back... to the Fort.

Not the way we're going, besides Arikara is spread all through their territory, we want to go with our hands free.

I'm tryin' to tell you're gonna lose this pelts.

Would you rather hold on to the pelts or your life?


What life you talking about? I ain't got no life.

I just got livin' the only way I get to do that is through this pelts.


Calm there Fitz.

Make a way, I'm going home...

After six months working my ass of like a mule, risking my neck...

Men dying and for what?

Damn nearly lost everything.

This job's been fucked from the start.

There is the one being fuckin' us.

Any of you boys wonder how Ree managed to get their drop on us for Mr. Glass here, was supposed to be looking out for that fucking thing.

All them Pawnee buddies of his. - Pawnees as much against Rees as the rest of us.


What about his little... half-breed son?

And what kind of savage you think his momma was.

Lay of the boy Fitz.

All I'm saying here.

Savage is savage...

Hey Glass.

Is it true what they say? That you shootin' a lieutenant...

While you was living with them savages?


21 dead soldiers, more than 40 dead feather necks...

But you and your boy are the only ones to get walk out alive.

It was kind of a miracle, don't you think?

You need to shut up Fitzgerald.

Is that what you did?

Shot one of your own to save this little dog right here?

Shut up. You want to fight son?

You were playing with this little boy's momma?

Fitzgerald! Need to kill her?

Hey you can quit polishing that rifle, while I'm talking to you.

I'm working on it.

You can work on it later when I'm done talking to you.

Look at me scalp. That's enough!

You're forgettin' your place boy.

As far as I can tell my place is right here, on the smart end of this rifle.

You move along Fitzgerald.

That's an order.

Listen to me.

We only have a couple hours of light left.

We gotta stash these pelts...

And get rid of the boat, let's go.

Yes, Captain.

I told you to be invisible, son.

At least... If you want to survive keep your... mouth shut.

At least he heard me... They don't hear your voice!

They just see the color of your face.

You understand?

Do you understand? Yes.

You have to listen to me, son.

You have to listen.



Why are they not jumping?

It looks like they changed their minds.

Smart sons of bitches.


I ought to be on that boat.

You did the right thing.

It's time to move.

Get up.

We're headed out.

I'm coming.

It's better you lay down.

When the rest of the men are ready you send them to me.

I'm going West.

You are my son.

You are my son.

There are only two here.

Powaqa is not here.

The others probably took her.

They went north.

We'll pick up their tracks on the mountain.

Was it the right decision...

Leaving the boat?

Ree own that river.

Would have flanked us.

If we stay east to the ground to those mountains...

We cut a week of our trip.

Land is all dry up there, nothing for the Ree to hunt.

Except us? Except us.

Is it true what Fitzgerald said?

Is that why you came out here to the edge of the world?

Glass? I didn't like the quiet.

Your boy, he's seen a lot...

He got a mother you need to get him back to?

Glass!? Hey there are cubs here.


We got cubs here.

Christ almighty.

Hey you.


He's down here.

Help me out... Keep your eyes open, the bear's alive.

Come on, I need your help now.


Oh my god!

Oh Christ! Captain.

Give me rags now!

Push where he bleeds out.

Prepare the kit.

Bridger, you hold that.

Easy. Oh God!

Gotta give him credit for taking that Grizz down with him.

He shouldn't have fire the shot, the whole place is crawling with fucking tree niggers...

Hey that's enough, that's enough!

We're still on Ree territory here...

This is one of our own men, god dammit.

The boy leave him, just got a circle around us.

North and west, take those two with you.

Bill, Fryman you take South and East.

Watch for anyone that might have heard that shot.

Yes sir. We have to stitch him up.

What about me?

It's alright.

You have to... - You stay here.

Hold it down. I'm sorry Mr. Glass. I am so sorry.

Bridger, hold him. Press down here.

He is bleeding down here too.

Torturing the bastard.

The proper thing to do would be though... Finish him off quick.

Unless he has a chance of pulling through.

Pullin' thru? You saw what that Grizz did to him.

He'll be dead inside an hour.

Yeah, we all will be if we don't quit waving like that.

Towards you and toward that place. I'll hold him. Go.

Hold him, you go.

Go! Now!

He past out. Very good.

I'm gonna take advantage and stitch up, let me see.

Oh God!


Bridger, go tell the others we'll camp here tonight.

I'm right here. Yes, sir.

I'll be right here...

Toussaint, he's here.

I thought he wouldn't make it.

I'm glad you made it here.

We need horses and rifles.

We bring you many pelts.

No horses... just what we agreed.

Take all the pelts you want.

We need horses and rifles.

I need a woman with big tits...

Who can cook.

We can't give you any horses.

What's he saying?

I don't know, something about horses.

Bring us something to drink... some whisky.

Tell him to stop asking about the horses.

Always good doing business with you.


No horses.

All we can trade are guns and ammunition.

Tell him if he asks about horses again, there is no deal.

Where did you get these? The Americans?


They're already branded I'll only be able to get half price for them.

Get him away from there.

I said no horses.

We'll take these three horses.

I'm not going to say it again.

They aren't part of the deal.

Now tell your man to step away.

We had an agreement, you have to honor it.

In French You stand there and talk to me about honor?

I told you he speaks French.

Those pelts are stolen.

You all have stolen everything from us.


The land.

The animals.

Two white men snuck into our village, and took my daughter, Powaqa.

We leave you these pelts because honor demands it I take your horses to find my daughter.

You are free to try and stop me.

Business is business.

Prepare five horses for them.

I want everybody up at the crack of dawn.

Yes sir. Understood Cap.

Carrying Glass would be hard.

We need to get ahead as far as possible.

We'll divide into two groups.

Fitzgerald, Jones, Fryman. You take the east side of the river.

Anderson you scout up front.

That claw don't mourn him. Everybody else takes turn carrying Glass.

Yes, Captain.

They're ain't for me.

Do not let him into the water...

Get up.

Fuck off. That's an order!

God dammit, don't let him down!

Don't let him down.

Watch it.

How are we gonna make it up there?

Slow down a bit.

It's killing us Captain.

Lift him Bridger.

Keep it steady...


And here...

I'm gonna go up and pull...


Hold it.

Enough of this shit. We'll never make it across land this way.

He is burning out Captain.

Captain you ain't doing us nor him... no favor... going on suffering like this.


Captain, it's all the same up here. We have to go back.

Find another way.

Hold on.

Glass... Hugh...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Plant that rag over his eyes Mr. Bridger.

What? Sir, I can't.

Plant that rag over his eyes.

What, wait. Sorry Hugh.

Wait. - Sir, I can't do that. How do we get back without him?

He's the only one who knows the way. He can't go any further.

Wave that rag over his eyes. Wait.

Sir, I can't.

Wait, you can't...

Put a rag over his eyes.

Lay it over his eyes.

Step back.

Stop, Mr. Henry...

Henry, please.

Captain, Captain...

Hey, Hawk!

Calm down kid.

Calm down.

Henry, please...

There's a $70 bonus in the Rocky Mountains Fur Company... for two men, who stays... back with Glass, to see this through.

I'll stay. Me too.

Money or not, I'll stay.

I need a third.

Sorry Captain, I have family...

I am not crazy.

Captain, three men can't hold off a party of Ree.

Much less boys.

Besides, $70 ain't going by nobody lose their ears.

100 then.

This man is the only reason we're still alive.

Oh Captain, we were 45 men when we started, now we're 10, almost 9.

He's my father, you can have my share.

Mine too.

Have our share also.


Alright, if Mr. Bridger feels the same way, then I'll lead behind of them.

You? Yeah.

You already lost my share of the pelts...

So I don't got much choice but to try make it up some other means.

Besides, sticking around for another day or two don't make no difference.

$300, is to get to go home with something.

Glass is to be cared for until...


Yeah. You have my word, understand.

You boys get him down of this slope there somewhere safe before the dark.

You heard the boys.

Fitzgerald. Captain.

Glass is to be cared for as long as necessary.

And a proper burial when it's time. He's earned it.


Can you hear the wind, Father?

Remember what mother used to say about wind?

The wind cannot defeat a tree with strong roots.

You are still breathing...

I miss her so much.

I will be right here...

I'm right here.

As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight.

You breathe. Keep breathing.

When there is a storm...

And you stand in front of a tree...

If you look at its branches, you swear it will fall.

But if you watch the trunk, you will see its stability.

$300 goes alongway toward retiring...

Way down to Texas, buy me a decent piece of land...

And start pissing in the wind.

Getting the hell out of this godforsaken places.

Did Ree done that to you?

I was just asking.

They done it.

They took their sweet (?) with it too.

At the start I didn't feel nothing, I just heard the sound of... knife scraping against my skull, you know...

They were all laughin' and whoopin' and hollerin' what not...

Then the blood came...

The cold started streaming down my face and my eyes...

The breathing it in... choking on it.

That's when I felt it.

I felt all of it.

They got my head turned inside out.


Yeah, them Indians down Texas way... they may rob you, ain't gonna take your topknot.

When was it?

God damn, will you just, would you quit that noise now, will ya?

Or just... Leave it.

I'm following further back from heading against the boys on account of tending to you.

We got to get up that damn mountain but the wind keeps chasing us down.

If you're ready...

Take the sacrament.

I can do that for you.

What you holding to Glass?

You know?

Would be better...

If you would've take that last breath of yours now.

For all of us.

You hung tough.

That's something.

I'm begging you Glass.

Them Ree, they are so close now I can smell them... and I know you can smell them to, when you got to think.

You gotta think of your boy.

Alright? Cause you're gonna kill him.

You'll kill all of us.

I can muzzle you if you like.

Take away the suffering, really quick and easy...

No one has to know that you give up. I do that.

All you gotta to do is blink...

If you want me to do that.

Save your boy and blink.

You just have to blink.


Oh yes!

You best hope that the good Lord get his ass here quick, huh.

Maybe he'll forgive your sins, you know maybe he won't...

You just sudden commend it to the Lord.

Through Jesus Christ, the Lord of all reality and mercy...

Get away. Get away.

You ok? Jim. Jim... Help.

Help. Calm down. Alright, you don't understand.

Don't shout, you'll get us all fuckin' killed. Keep away.

I'll tell Jim and the Captain what you did and they'll hang you.

You have to understand this... They'll hang you...

Jim help. Jim get over here.

Keep quiet!!


Got one beaver half.

His breathing changed?

I ain't noticed.

Damn, he's cold as ice.

Here Mr. Glass... This will help...

It will keep you warm.

It's alright.

Where is Hawk?

He ain't with you?

No. No?

I understand Mr. Glass.


I think I'm gonna get a fire going.

Yeah, sounds like a good idea.


You killed my son.


Bridge, there's about 20 of them down by the creek.

They're headed this way.

Now grab your shit and let's go.

Shit. Wait. What do we do?

Run right now.

What about Hawk? He ain't our problem no more.

We can't just leave him here.

He's going to be scalped.

If that Ree can find us, can't he?

Wait. What about Glass?

He ain't our problem no more, he is like us, he's on his own.

No, no, we made a promise to Captain...

I'll give him a proper burial when the time is needed.

Well he needs that rifle.

He can't do nothing with it if you tarred it to his hands.

Now come on get your shit. Let's go.

No, no, we can't do this.

We got no fucking choice. We can't. Look at him.

Alright, shitting brain... What you doin?

Can you take him? Come on.

No, no wait...

Easy, slowly Fitz...


I can't... Damn...

Shit, get this shit.

Wait, hold...

Hold on!

Shut up.

Hold on.


What are you doing? What it looks like I'm doing?

A proper burial.

Like he wanted.

No, not like this. Why not?

He is alive Fitz. He's alive.

So shoot him.

I have to go, I have to...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Captain, this way...

There's a path down here.

There's no way through down here.

There ain't shit down there, we go climb over.

Cross can go to hell.

What does the map say? Keep climbing.

We climb Captain.

We keep climbing.

Until we reach our gate.


You got away from Murph? Yeah.

You wait for it.


Sir. Murphy says there's a way down there.

Who we following?

You follow who you want.

I'm going up.

We all need to be going up. Blair, come here!

I'm not leaving you, son.

I'm right here.

Fire's done.

I can't still feel my feet...

Besides, didn't we put enough distance between us and them Ree anyhow?

Well... a dozen Ree could still made twice the good time as we can.

20. What?

I thought you said that you saw 20 Ree before.

Yeah, what you talking about?

You woke me up?

You said you saw 20 Ree down by the creek.

Well yeah, 20 or dozen, it don't matter...

I wasn't gonna exactly hang around the creek counting fuckin' feathers, now would I?

Matter a fact.

What was you doing down by the creek all by yourself?

I thought I already brought up plenty of water.


Answer me Fitzgerald, I asked you a question.

Don't go questioning me now on the account of fact that we all feel... guilty about leaving this Glass behind. Answer me or I'm gonna blow your head off.

You got a short memory boy.

Your ass is still be floatin around Missouri right now...

If it wasn't for me.

Now wanna ask questions...

What you want ask if you won't know asking.

You want to know why you left Mr.Glass back there for dead, hah?

Maybe... while you left your little boy friend wandering around, you don't know if he's still alive yet. That what you want to know?

I'll tell you lies 'cause you ain't a man yet.

Alright? Because you were scared shitless and you're scared now. Now put your rifle down.

The Ree. What off it?

Tell me right now and be honest. Did you see 'em?

Put your rifle down. Did you see the Ree?


Not a single one.

You fucking lie to me?

You lie to me!

I had to scare some sense into you boy.

Now Glass was dead, Hawk we don't know about...

There is no point either of us dying here... Do you understand?

The way I see it, I saved your life twice now son.

I ought to be God to you...

And God giveth, God taketh away.



Next time, if you want to shoot somebody... you might wanna use, you might wanna use powder.

Prime your rifle.

Come on... let's get up. Grab your shit.

Fresh blood. This could be Powaqa.

A dead guy.

A Pawnee boy.

Let's go.

Captain wait...

Who did this? I don't know.

Could be Captain Leavenworth boys.

Hmm, yeah.

You put some eyes on the back of your head.

These Indians ain't never as dead as you'll think they are.

Look at them, they're always stinking of shit.

We got horses over here.

Alright, Bridger.

We got horses.

What you wanna do about this pigs?

Lord is on our side kid.

You alright there kid?

You're head in the right place?

I guess.

Can't help thinking about whether we did the right... No.

Ain't our place to wonder.

Good Lord's got us on the road, whether we chose or not.

My Pa being one ...wasn't a religious man you, you know?

If you couldn't grow it, or kill it or eat it... then he just plain all didn't believe in it and that was it.

And this one time he hit on up the old Saber hills.

San Saber Hills...

Joined up with a couple of Texan range buddies of his to hunt, you know.

Pretty routine, you know, they done it like hundred times before.

Should have been three days of kill, but on Saturday, well it all went fucked.

Somehow that night he has to lose buddies...

And on top of it all...

The Comanche's they went and took the horses, so...

He was starving, delirious...

And crawls up into this mud...

Like the group of trees out there in the middle of nowhere... just sticking up in this ocean of scrub...

And he found religion.

At that moment... he told me...

He found God.

It turns out...

The God...

He is a squirrel.

Yeah. Then go meet him one...

I found God, he used to say.

Who has sitting and basking... in glory in subliminal mercy...

I shot knee that son of a bitch...

Yeah, you might wanna close your eyes kid.

I'm injured.

What happened to you?

A bear.

A Grizzly.

My men... left me for dead.

Killed my son.

I lost my family too.

Sioux killed my people.

I'm going south to find more Pawnee.

My heart bleeds...

But revenge is in the creator's hands.

You will ride with me...

Your body is rotten.

Need to heal.

You could die.


There she is.

We did it.

You ought to be proud of yourself boy.


Well we followed orders... We just kept the funeral apart.

Don't go down there starting going no kind no conscience, alright?

Cause sure is neither come will have us both swinging from couple grants.

Now, we did what we had to do.

We had the extra day, so we managed to dig a little deeper... leave some rocks on top, so that the scavengers couldn't get out to him... we was done right and all.

He was buried right.

Sir... The truth is that, ah...

When Hawk disappeared, I was worried about the savages.

I was ready to get... moving on out you know, but...

Bridger here, he argued to stay.

He argued to stay so that...

He could at least build the cross, or something...

To put on top of Glass's grave, and that's what he did...

That's what we did. Glad to hear you pulled your weight Mr. Bridger.

I know you would.

Yeah, well, more than he pulled his weight Captain is, this man here, he was my partner.


Am I to assume that there was agreed arrangement did not changed?

Fortunately for me it did not, no.

Thank you.

For your courage, honor...

And service. Yeah.

Deal or no deal Mr. Bridger, you deserve something for what you did.

Thank you.

Kid's been beating himself up of the bag hole trip.

We all saw the shape Glass was in, it was no more to be done, right?


We all saw it.

When there is a storm...

And you stand in front of a tree...

If you look at its branches, you swear it will fall...

But if you watch the trunk, you will see its stability.


There are traces of a camp...

There are traces of a camp...


Entering the moon forest.

Maybe two days ago. They are moving east.

Tell the others.

Let's move quickly, Powaqa could be with them!

Bring me the girl...

Those five horses weren't for free.

Don't make a sound.

Be quiet.

I will get a horse.

I'll cut off your balls.

Where is Toussaint?

Come here...

May I join you? Yes.

Yeah? Yes.

Damn I was wondering when we might be getting paid for that haul?

Cause them pelts we collect, they are still out there...

They're covered with dirt and some snow, but they are there, and that ain't my fault.

I'm waiting for Captain Leavenworth to arrive with his army...

And then we'll have enough men...

To get back out there and shoot some civilization... into those fucking Arikara, get back our pelts.

Alright, alright.

And now when is that supposed to happen?

I don't know but...

Until then nobody gets paid.

Listen here, alright?

I was hired to trap them... I wasn't hired to guard them.

The way I see it... you got a safe.

Probably full of money. You signed a contract.

To protect your boss and your boss's property.

And that safe isn't full anymore, it's short about $300.

Short? Short? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

It means according to my cash records...

You purchased more goods on the expedition than what you are owed by the company.

Happy New Year, Fitzgerald.


White man at the gate.

What's up? Who you are?

I have no weapon, I have no weapons.

Dobb, get the Captain. I have no weapon.

Where are your men?

Dead, all dead. Who was he?

I don't know, something to eat please.

Food comes at price.

I have no money. Then you don't eat this, see how that works.

Maybe you can give back some of them stolen pelts you buy from the Indians.

Not now Jones. Silver.

This is silver.

Oh yeah?

This all you got?

We was 9... But my friend he died in the snow...

And the others were...

By wolves... by wolves...

Wait where did you get this?

The canteen.

He... he drop it in the snow.

Who, who? I do not know, I don't see. I don't see.

It could be Hawk.

Yeah, it could be.

Maybe it was the Weston. How far from here?

How far from here? 13 miles...

Northwest... Near the Yellowstone.

Get the horses saddled.

Torches and supplies, $10 a men.

Anderson, you stay here. Yes sir.

Feed him and watch him...

I'll get you a drink.

Open the gate.

Keep your guard up.

Eyes in front.

Nice and easy.


Who you are?

Beckett? Is that you?



That's Glass... Glass...

It's okay.

Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, what happened?

Where is he?

Johns take him, go.

Go, I'm riding ahead.

Phil. Take Bridger.

Take Bridger.

You got it Glass. Go.

Open the gate.

Have you seen Fitzgerald? No sir.

Get up.

Get up.

Have you seen Fitzgerald? No sir.


Oh easy. Where did he go?

Who? Fitzgerald.

Where did he go?

I have no idea. Tell me or I'll take your head off.

Captain, I swear to God. Tell me!

Tell me! Texas.

Texas? He said he was going to Texas.

I swear to God, he said he was going to re-enlist.

And he start talking of a property, a decent piece of land...

He's heading to Texas. I swear to god.

Stay here.



God dammit.

God dammit.

Open the gate.

Open her up.

Search Captain.

Get him to the doctor, now.

You said he was dead.

You said he was dead. I thought he was dead, I swear.

You're a liar. He lied to me.

Liar, you left. You left him out there.

I thought he was... Say the Lord's prayer.

What? Say the Lord's prayer.

Our father...

Who art in heaven... I can't...

Shut up.

Shut up! From here on you are a prisoner charged with treason.

Take him to the cage. Take him to the cage!

You handle or I'll shoot him!

I thought he was gonna die.

Get up. Doc.

I could help, please.

Please Captain... God!

Alright. Come on.

1, 2, 3.

Slide, slide. Slide.

How is he? He'll be fine, but there is swelling... needs to rest.

I'll be back to check up on him.

He ran off, didn't he?

Bridger is telling the truth...

How is that? Fitzgerald lied to him...

He was just following orders.

He wasn't there when Fitzgerald stabbed my boy to death.

Is that what happened? He killed Hawk?

I need a horse and a gun.

No, you need to rest and something to eat.

I'm going after him. No.

You'll never find him without me. If we wait till morning he'll have a day head start and he get away.

No he won't.

He's afraid.

He knows how far I came for him.

Same as that elk, when they get afraid they run deep in to the woods...

I got him trapped, he just...

He doesn't know it yet. How can you be so sure?

Cause he got everything to lose.

All I had was that boy...

And he took him from me.

I can't let you go back out there.

Not again. No.

I ain't afraid to die anymore.

I've done that already.

I'm going with you.

It's his horse, alright. Yeah.

No way he could have ridden through the night.

How far ahead?

Half a day at the most. Could be Ree.

If they aren't his, we lose him.

He must get re-enlisted so he can justify killing again.

This tracks right here are his.

Come on.

I can't remember my wife's face.

Last week she was still with me.

Now she's gone.

I worry I won't recognize her when I get back home.

Is it true you killed an officer?

I just killed a man who was trying to kill my son.

Smoke. How close?

No more than a mile up that way.

I'm gonna head up to the west you go down to the east...

See if we can find some tracks. What if it's the Ree?

If it's the Ree, you turn right back around and meet me back here.


I wouldn't expect to find a man of your stature... so far away from his stove when... the morning is so cold as this. Captain, are you lost?

I'm here to take you back to Fort Kahowa.

Where you will be trialed for murder.

Yes sir?

I ain't crazy about your plan.

Besides, I got one of my own.

We had a deal Glass.

I tried to tell your boy, alright?

I tried to tell him what was happening, but he won't listen...

And he kept on screaming. And he was gonna get everybody killed.

You and me... we had a deal.

We all know what happened out there.

And on my soul to Lord.

Lord he knows what happened out there.

There was no deal.

You killed my boy.

Maybe you should have raised a man...

Instead of a some girlie little bitch.

God dammit!

You came all this way just for your revenge?

Well you enjoy it Glass.

Cause there ain't nothing gonna bring your boy back.

Revenge is in God's hands... not mine.

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