The Rise of the Krays (2015) Script

Hackney 1951 Please!

you tell them that If they come near us again we kill them.

I said the twins was cursed from birth.

Ron! Enough!

When they were babies, they infected diphtheria.

Reggie recovered but the doctors talk to their mother there is no hope for Ronnie But She know all they needed both each other They brought Ronnie home to be with his twin The doctor said they nearly survived by others per aspect of violent crime made a pact with the Devil.

Two Agents of Evil in exchange one young life.

Have a nice day

‫**** The rise of the Krays ****

We grew up in a world where you on both sides of the law was Measured by a single store value And violence was a currency assurance If the old man get you when you are growing up The chances world bloody will laughing with Fortunately the twins could fight They were a school boys boxing champions Both of them could able to win But wasn't right it is for triumph was draw for them But the violence.

And it was outside the rings keep them more than enough

Call I both? yet If I got smok?

Ramone fight you?

Who from you fought yeah yeah, My land he is.

What is the school?

Harmons Bethnal Green. clever guy ,huh?

That's how they look it.

I could spawn of pushing in fun in kiddin case It seems that you won that yeah, I did like the teacher out and stand on his head.

Run along move along.


Have we doing anything.

I said ; move along

And I said we don't do anything.

You need to learn some respect.

He could lose his brain We gotta get off the street. I know a place where they will not find us.

Follow me.

The Regal Billiards Room!

No One can find us here, Boys Parak !

-where he is

-You were Kray?

Who is asking? -You Are there, son Oh yeah?

Come on then.

Had he Enough?

He is yours Release him, Mr.( Read.)

You carry, son?

Press on

How are you guys?

Ah Com on give this guy here

Who wins here?

Drink is on you right.


Look at those ears. Is quite some guy!

He looks like a man,ha ha

You sure you wanna take this on?

It is being full now lately So I We can handle it.

If you say so That will be ten per week Fair elsewhere.

Let us doing business with you.

Reggie, you do not forget anything?


But you're the security.

No anymore.

Let manage this; We can be seen to begin involved in any rough stuff ; can we reach On the prices of the troubles wages with this stop the cost of security yet Five per week.


Fair elsewhere

Nice place is Too little girls here.

Too expensive for a girl alone. is more a replace for couples.

Look at that space girle there Costs a fixed weekly wage to talk to her.

If have the last wages for week on you?

Too long ago.

Luckily there is anything else to keep her happy, you know?

Do me a favor and talk normally.

Look who she is waiting What a waste.

Who is that fellow?

That's Jackspot ,He is the chooser in London.

He is the chooser in London, my ass.

What fucking a joke.

Is this tent of him?


He runs it and some tents nearby.

You sit cross what, Ron?

I've seen him once.

Years ago.

He came down in a manner wear a cowboy hat and boots. and had two gorilla with him.

I can't understand why a hard man in manner borrow a scrap and run in a fancy dress

You do not sound impressed, Ron.


I wanted to shoot the bastard.

What earns spot in this tent, Teddy? back to school in a week.

To school a week? Go return attention to that.

I saw enough of there, they might have a nice drink ;the name appear of the nice dry These parasites drinking delicious for free.

Speaking of free wine I think my ticket will come up.

I'll see you later.


Hello darling What to drink? -No Thanks, I'm with someone.

Other than sometime.

You do not look forward to if you can afford it.

Do you like expensive taste?

No, your eyes are bigger than your pocket.

You look clearly in the wrong pocket.

Hey, Lisa. The boss wants to table.

I am borred; is he ignore me at night So what? You know the rules.

Don't go talking with Tom Dokirari -Dick.

What did you call me?

I will call you anything like if it can fits Richard Baker. At your service.

My friends call me Dickie.

Alright I get it. You should seem tough on the girl.

You had your moment. Get out.

Do me a favor both of you. Right Sam? You've done your Job I'll be there in a minute. -Half a Minute.

Well, it has been fun.

Come to see me later hah,to you see more I do not think so. I am your leage You're cute, I admit that

May be we have some time again You never know.

What are you reading? Ron Extracts of Churchill speeches.

Are you kidding ?; Ron special service in it A great man, Churchill, Teddy.

Listen. to this

"The price of greatness", is responsibility.

We do that, Teddy.

Taking responsibility.

Hello there.

What I can get for you? -As usual how you got me there on the freight you are as you say Tell the manager that Vittor was here. you look at him

I am sure he lend you total about the weekly arrangement

And what arrangement that be?

Ten pounds per week you pay me Did he say that? What do you do for that?

We make sure that you are a nice establishment here...

And there is no troubles There are crazy people around here.

ِAlright. Ten per week, you said?

I understand.

Would you excuse me?

Just for a moment.

As Churchill would say Never turn your back to...

When any frequent danger.

Or run away from it.

If you make it promptly And in falange;You reduce the size of danger by half

Run away Never remain here !!! ...Never

Come on! Start!

Come on!

He is right in one thing, guys.

There are crazy fucking people there.

..You Must be wrong...

... Ron is a little fighter...

... He is messing Reggie, that's all.

I take him.

He needs to be with his brother.

We will do thing Why?

We almost does nothing don't so blame ;It's a freaks.

We give them a lesson before I get a raid Let us to see him try Let us do , no harm will happens to the little child

-it is over; -What about sunday lunch?

I sould work about soon

Now , going!

Just do ; you could try any kind manly Boy. drag one .

Quite seize the polite



Pay attention to the case.

Do you want..... no company?

No, thanks. We just go for a walks now.

I lost my ass night

Good afternoon, guys. glad you may came.

You are a lot essential if you invite us for drink Let me buy you buff one

(Madge) ; Two lemonade Shandy for our guests.

That what little boys drink isn't?

(Madge), take a little break , and let us quiet Go on (Madge), not too long.

That's enough.

Clear message, (Reg). you get the message, alright

Two pints Malt, (Madge).

One for yourself.

It is so lovely place you got here.

Would do us three.

Come on, Frankie. It is colder than watch is

Well? What do you want?

Is Frank in?

Frank! There is a some guy for you You are Frank's sister?

Rummy. are you flow as new other ?

Do not get excited, it was not a compliment.

Who are you then?

I am (Reg). (Reg Kray).

So. you going to the town then?

Yes. We go to the port.

Wait! - Do not cross my way , we are in a hurry. - Not Beware. Hi Reg, sorry about her. wasting wine for be as right Bye Bye (Reg)

Nice to meet you.

Come on Reg,let us going we'll miss the first race

The twins move from strong to strong

(Regal) became the center of their operations And the rock (Ron) and (REG) look it as their fortress.

A place to retry entertainment and the two faces outside But for it was Regal's answer to the score run.

There was a stock exchange faces trade information They obtains and schmooze well with their investors

There's a Bank of England how will give in cash still downstairs

And there was the twins, taking act return as free now in stock brokers

In meantime Jackspot was retired.

The Italians wanted to takeing over, threatening everyone finish that made difficult.

The twins did was they always did. strike first

Waching men To Colonel, I want to get the round first You stay here waiting for my signal.

Nobody choose my owe long go to unfinished business with me and my brother Reg

Well, we are here. So let's go.

What is the man?

Are you begged and up to understand English?

Oh, yeah.

Now your stuff is fucking smart ass...

What the fuck was that?

What is rong. What did you do there?

I have getting shot someone.

Where is your glasses, Ron?

-Dickie, Go inside. And see if anyone was there

He shot Michelangelo.

Excuse me.And have good night for you

I just take your time, sir.

So we meet again.

How long would it be this time?

It could be a few years. I would say

I'm not here for a friendly chat.

Say what you have to say, on what be happening

You know...

Shoot in a night club full of people , It seem to be bad step for you,( Kray).

So a fraud, cab robberies, is like you win every But shooting?

But I told you.

I do not know what you're talking about.

We have get a positive id From one of the club steward

look You shoot up in this time the ID is stay out

Not include my brother Reg Why you shoot him?

One hear you to say: "A little bird tells me, you love to thank me for unfinished business with me and my brother Reg"

ِAnything will you add?

Mooney. I hear you One second It's your wife.



Well done.

Buy some nice for the little girl

That bastards Now everyone carry a gun and think they can do anything.

I don't think Rone knew how much you rewrite the rules that Italian incident Until then only showing their guns, even the Irish group.

What is wrong he did or not, remains of matter of debate He will stop to be into a type of bigger boys And there is anybody will cross it off Hi Dickie. What can I do for you?

I want to Talk to Reg.

Excuse me darling for minute

What is it? Dikki Jakki Taylor is a street gang threatened one of our club owners this afternoon Wich one? -Bobby Ramsay.

He smash up their club, and threat to move slashing If they did not pays his waiting pension to them instead of us Most of Taylor personnes has going down this night soon now Who's talking with them?

Me, Teddy and Ramsay.

Ramsay is Australian. -That is matter of Ron.

He is still be on it and said he comes back when he see Taylor Jackie's blood on it. shit Go back to the Regal. I meet you there.

Where is he?

Which one of you Taylor!

He was here just yet, eh?

Tell him...

Tell him I'll come back.


He is Taylor's little brother.

Well, well, well, look we have get here?

How are you, Ronnie?

What do you fucking looking at?

Fuck off and close the door.




Modify it, Bobby. Do your worth

Over the head

stick in him.

Good guys you send his brother a message will not forget.

Good Boys.

Let's going to the other bastards.

You can say go bring me all day?

God will save you, Ronnie Kray.

What have I done this time?

Robbed The Bank of England ?

Set the fire to Buckingham Palace?

You know when I first meet you I show sorry for you

Now go ...

look to see what you got to say or fuck for you?

I will going before you finish your paper work.

Not this time, Kray.

The victim is very determined To testify against you.

And there were a number of witnesses tell us so.

Is that was not enough. the banging host on the attack was found in the back of the car you were in And you were found to be in possession of a lamby gun

In a word, Kray. You fact

The fact kill you.

Put him downstairs and lock him up.

we found the offended guilty my lord

Nice type of scotch It seems the bad begin

Look at that.

Here I can get used to real class.

She is lovely.

Do you see what we can achieve without hassles.

Excuse me, Dickie.

It went from bad to worse. For Ron.

The trouble started when he was transferred for good behavior.

After a while he start to behave strangely.

Said that everyone had to have him.


Would you come to the game room.

It's not good to sit here alone.

He burst into games room I went berserk

He was transferred to a mental asylum and they said he is not find in sane.

I know how things stand, Reggie.

I spoke to one of his doctors.

Without medication, he's a time bomb.

He is a danger to himself and everyone around him And you will never move him into the inevitable explosion anyone else get out now while we still can

Good. Have your way?

Hello dear.

Sying I and you pass good evening

I love your hair Hello, nice face , Lady are you well?

Hi, Reg. You wanted to see me?

We need to arrange a meeting. With the Italians and Maltese.

Ingress of gambling we can make a fortune Standing in a distance over we should sit down and talk They feel solid nothing.

The Italians are more easier

What about the street gangs?

No chance. After what I've heard, to me spit in our face.

Not after what we have done with their club.

I tell around. I heard Ronnie quickly becomes free.

Yes, we get it next week.

How is he?

If he takes his pills and drink keep himselve ..

He will be fine

Thank you for coming gentlemen.

I know you're busy So I get straight to the point The new gambling law brings new opportunities for all of us There is more after around Why would we fight ever?

It is wise now to Find out what belongs to whom.

Each from them runs at term off Free from outside interference War is costly, gentlemen.

And no one likes to waste money No one of you.


Let's go to the business.


What a lovely surprise.

I did you expect tomorrow.

You know Ronnie.

How is the club? you should come and pay your visit soon.


Nice to see you again, my friend.

Nice to injure here, Vittor.

What the fucks is going on here, Reg?

Why do we talk to these wankers?

We are not dealing with scum.

We take what we want.

Go on! Fuck up the lowers

Ron -Don't .. fucking touch me.

He took his damn pills

Excuse me, gentlemen. Dickie, you close the meeting please.

Thanks for coming.

What did they say?

They said...

They understand Ron illness And they stay in your plan.

But... -But what?

So long Ron go in the shops they call not from the lines

It is funny just I am It started already.

What can I do?

He's my brother for fuck suck in sick Reg... -What?

Ther is more bad news. just you call for Jackie Taylor He wants to have delivered Ron at the tavern. Tonight.

He wants Ronnie delivered?

That's what he said.

He said, " Be there or else..."

We fucking will be there.

And he is lucky if he see a day again after we leave

They saw peuple operate and Ronny was mad and dragging Reggie with him

Tell that to Jackie Taylor and the others who were beaten that night

Ron got something else that night.

He got the whole Reg and the family under his wing For a while, at least.

The Twins emerge from the flight with the Walton Street is the undisputed bosses of East London Then they Thought east land to the west Land In addition, they had a lot of luck, when businessman Leslie Payne was joint the firm As I've already told you Mr Payne I have no interest in selling my shares in the club Quite. I do understand.

But you listen to my terms before you dismiss my clients inquiry out of hand What are your clients terms Mr. Payne?

One thousand pounds. In cash, of course.

A thousand pounds.

My shares are five times of that.

Calm down you have some exaggeration No Mr. bloody well not Else to introduce me to sell my share in a very successful gambling club frequented by extremely wealthy clients for only one thousand pounds.

if you be kind enough to sign on the final page Where your initials show in pencil I'm a witness the agreement And all will be done

Congratulations, gentlemen.

Now ,I suggest you out of the club order a bottle of champagne And introduce the new owners to the management staff.

That was straightforward enough -Indeed.


May I have another 500? -No.

What? but I've never refuse this. Now it is.

I always pay my debts. -I do not care>

I'm David Litvinoff.

That give fuck to you.

This play is rediclouse

What was that about?

The customer exceeded his limit.

He doesn't understand he cannot have any more credit

-I want this kind stay under control How much does he want?

Another five hundred.

Give it to him. I always like to make a customer smile With all respect Mr. Kray,the success in this industry is all about keeping the bad debt to minimum Don't let me worry about that debt. Gave him his five hundred.

More you ready to double the club credit.

With all due respect .. -Do it.

The more mony they lose, the more mony we make.

Yes, Mr. Kray.

And enough now trouble to turn in bad debt

Else the good one.

Ronnie! please.

Please Ronnie, no!

Now where did you say you get your watch and jewelry bitch?

So you sign the report that we received earlier, That three men were suspend you by your legs from a flat window ?

That must be mistaken All five of them?

I have nothing more to say now, please may I leave?

I'm sorry, Reggie.

Just What I feel Frances, you know I love him And you say you love me too So I want you marry me?

I'm only 19. I'm not ready for marriage and children.

And then my mom and dad What about your mom and dad?

They want rid of the relationship. -Why?

I do not know. Your own business ..

What's wrong with you?

It is cookie for staff , and you rub frequently people beat them up and steal their money ..

They said you felon.

It is better for women waiting for knock on the door than tell your husband arrant or worse I have to marry someone with proper job.

And regim prospects Regim prospects?

Half the millionaires in London were once been.. as fun free and wanna gen.

That Ronnie and I planing to do.

Give me a year, Frances.

Give me a year to show you I could be a kind man that you and your parents proud I do not know, Reg. -You can try, Frances.

Let me prove it.

And you can decide about that?



I won't be up in case you want off in Until we finish a year It is over between us.

I understand.

I make it happen I promise.

So, How we doing?

Well Reg. Very well indeed.

A license for long-term money.

We show clear on the ground this year There is a born Every minute Leslie.

In mean time, the protection payment for the gamling Westend club was doubled here.

That's good, Leslie.

Maybe it's time to get staff about gain it. ben shops and restaurants that we could makes Then the money running in.

And draws less attention from the police.

I express perfect sense Reg

What is this shit about Leslie?

If that was all gentelmen. I have a train to catch .

Reggie good evening. -Thanks, See you tomorrow.

Well !

What is wrong with you?

You. you go in soft That's what's wrong with me.

Is tha go This plan will fuck your head mind You supposed to be a man.

Instead you looks a sick poodle Running around after her with your tongue on her heel Looking for bad on head

you should try hanging the cat instead Then you might show more interest.

Don't fucking talk about Frances likt that Or what?

You let me or love her make you sad and strike your fucking tummy

This is over; sit down sit down Reg!

You are may be sick Call yourself for man.

Take him outside.

The closer Reggie was with Frances, the more Ronnie fell And if the Ronnie fell frightened No one will safe

Hi Dickie, do you want tea?

No thank you, I'm on my way home.

I'm gone for piss.

Still angry? -Yes. he became black by the day If he does not take his fucking pills, I am not want continuous.

Ron Hey, long time no see. How are you?

I am alright Joe. How about you?

Cafe pay back at the moment.

You know the slut show via I'm glad you say it.

How much you need? -lot much just enough turn Turn here in the end of the week. -Five do you?

Like you want value.

Time is not Look at you.

Talk to me nicely few extra pounds as I want

Explain yourself Right.

Leave us.

Is this will stop, Ron.

You go stop drinking You go take your medicine every day. you hear?

If you don't , it's only a matter of time before you do something really serious And look you for good.

We belong together, Ron.

This stay old

Remember the Christmas card mom sent when we were kids?

She wrote:

You two so I love you love enviable Do you remember that, Ron?

How I could forget !

I have it framed and hung in the hallway.

Every time I walked there I said Staring me in the face

slack the fucking curse I cross myself every time I see it.

Don't point on this. If we can not act togother You end up in the gutter.

-Do Not you ever ever shut up?

You are so lucky Day in day out

Your voice in my head like a fucking parrot.

I do something. Does not matter.

Go bake cakes for all fucking care. shut a fuck up before I blow up huge.

Hi Reg.

You still can not talk?

Halo Boss The work is sad If you don't see what going on It's okay So new friends we need Friends in high places.

You work someting on it?

Good evening and welcome. -Ah, Reg.

Let me introduce you to Tom Driberg district of Barking.

Tom, this is Reggie Kray.

Nice thing you have, Mr. Kray. -Fijn Like it.

Come this way

Now Teddy tells me you have a little problem I may be able to help you That depends, Mr. Driberg.

Depends on what?

Have your MPs have a real much power?

Some do. Some do not.

But wouldn't reveal to come to the empire such But It is the Influence of one has the whole power Like you!

I imagine it the same of your business Now then which lose about it ?

My brother and I do much charity work.

Charity work?

When people love why Excuse me?

You know ; People do in time Their families are often our times in Which want help Sure It is not bad Idea But you have something specific in mind.

Yes. I want a sick prisoner to London transfer.

So his old mother him to visit.

Now lot for us to vist him

Write his name on a piece of paper.

I'll see what I can do.

I have a friend on the head office that can help fix.

I'll be back.

Handsome boy, huh?

Yes Hi is He is very nice indeed I'm having a little party in my place tonight When would you come?

Either he will be there With some other friends.

It is spanded idea. But I am meeting a friend of mine Bring him alone If you think It is interest to him

Oh, I think it might Cedar Court in Upper Clapton.

Why l don't tell Teddy Smith to go and collect your friend and bring them back to the party

Here's the name, and the prison.

I'll see what I can do.

Thank you Mr. Kray. -Mr. Driberg.

Tonight, Mr. Kray.

Tonight. I make sure that Teddy brings your friend and find the way right.

Thank you, Mr. Kray.

Shall we go?

After you.

Don't you joint morning?

Later, Teddy. that is appair bad, Ron.

It seems to be obviously a worse Not so late, Teddy.

Look at all these important men.

With their dirty little secrets.

and their silly bargains I wonder what would happen, as their secrets came out.

Imagine the scandal.

What price with the desperate man on this ilande, Teddy?

But there's more and more spider.

And there's more and more web.

Good morning, gentlemen.

I have good news.

Today we start a major offensive against the Krays!

We are ready for it.

Prime Minister, the Commissioner was arrive -Ah show him in

Good morning, Premier. Mr. Secretary.

I take the read this morning edition of the Sunday mirror

"Peer and a gangster in yard probe"

Claims police investigating alleged homosexual relationship between a pair of the realm And the east against them With the suggestion of a blackmail Before you answer why would you find out if it is allegations is true It could bring down the government And undermined the political establishment for the years to come

Joe, we need the right anser from you on this one. what I can say this, that Scotland Yard is categorically not undertake an investigation into organized crime in the capital In fact if you ask I can go in a the records to see if the organized crime in London is into the climb

Excellent. Thank you, Commissioner. That will be all Prime Minister, and Secretary.

Prime Minister I'm sorry, I have the opposition leader on the phone.

Thank you.

Good morning, Harold.

Good morning, Premier minister have you the liberty to discuss the sunday paper allegations?

Of course, Harold. - I say You know, that we have no intention of making a political capital after the story too close of the general election.

That is very decent of you boy. well in pieces you can believe me under matter of the rest.

Arnold Goodman offers its services at Lord Boothby.

Better he than senior Tory lawyers.

Yes, I agree. I am very much obliged for the call.

-You spoken to be with me? -You suicide look We come to trial we both be fault the rules

Is it not strange, the leading Labour lawyers saves the famous scandal story pair?

It is not lose this political scandal body about Tom It is yours After the perfume affair,we hold the morale high ground.

I have not the intention of losing that so close to the election

( Read )

You mean, close down the Kray investigation?

We're working on for three years. with all due respect sir you can't destruct that Hello?


Come in

I sometime wonder who the criminals are

I am sorry Harry.

The Krays are a no-go area Black state are then I know it is not Fuck them I am not giving up

Krays taking cookies And Fucking Ronnie's things can wait to happen we can sleep up And when they do we will be there We will be there you and me for a very long time

Are you absolutely certain about that Mr.McCowan ? yes I keep coming into the club for point out the interest for the fraction worth So if I don't come to an agreement soon there is something unpleasant will happen to me on my club or both Well, the Krays are nasty and a pieces of work Mr. McGowan. you will arrest them to be surely about they do this things

cuffs them

Can we nab the judge?

No, Reg. That will be illegal.

I mean, is it possible to nab the judge?

No, absolutely not.

Right could you tell Mr. Smith to prepare a paper for Teddy visit and tell him runs go some very compromising them before us And we all on the way of the sunday mirror and let he see what is that.


-Nego sounds down last time That prosecutor was a fucking warrior On my side said this time of aid Find some one for Ron.

His witnesses he said to go go and show it On every site on the gallery be taken of our peuple on the first day of the trial .

And I want every member of the jury find out that now We need to turn one of them Anything else?

Yes. Hire the best private detective in which you can find.

McCowen process require a two pound note

I should just about do a reckon

The trial was fast The case of the twins fell apart as witnesses has changed sides and certain members of the jury couldn't agree on the verdict. the twins emerge for reputation sky height and become celebrities We are extremely happy.

And all those charges against us ,unjuste to jury us and all false.

Our special thanks go to our good friend , Super intendent 'Nipper Red '

Hello, Nipper.

Reggie What are you going draw fuck up?

The poor man almost drowning.

You want to know who is inside.

Why don't you coming in? There will not be any trouble

It's alright, Harry. I won't be long

Come on

stady, Ron. I said there will be no trouble.

What the fuck do you want?

I just want you know That today there is change nothings I'm still here.

And sooner or later...

I can put you into detention

Give this loser a glass of bubbles, so he is remember that evening by

Am I need when I kick him said sorry before I put him in the street

Who is that, Ronnie?

This is... Detective - Inspector

Leonard 'Nipper' Read.

From Scotland Yard.

Make sure you spelled the name right

Keep sing, Kray.

I love that when I put you away

I suggest you go from here when you are still care

And if you are serious to bring us down, Remember that we fight according Queens bury rules.

We are...

Damn untouchable!

How you go?

I'm still one piece The club will give up, Harry.

Those narrow bastards are the last thing we do

Come on.

Excuse you -Hello Stranger.

No Jack spot ! -I Grew up, and he need to have money.

Has time been kind to you?

Yes. For you too? What are you doing here?

I suppose to attain an Arab sheikh can offer shop company But that silly old sort quite just into the bed Any gay men ah? -No, do you mind Overseas customers want a little glamor for appearances. when the business is done everyone goes home I wait, you still want mony alright ? looks you have a pretty face and great body So you're worth for that

It's my lucky night. I offer you to Dance?

Why not?

I'll be back, in a minute; Right? Don't be long.

Teddy want got hella bands Tyson in a bit more lively Sure thing, Ron.

You are already last loses, are you David?

Come on, Ronnie. I'll pay you back, I promise.



No I know that you know me for money Now that you've been saying bad things about me behind my back.

That's not very nice now is it?

Ronnie please. I had no idea of what you're talking about!

I think you did -look I am sorry, I had no idea!

You are taking your liberties.

You have a big mouth.

I'm sorry if I offended you . I am really Iam not..- Sss.

When I was little, David I loved comic books.

First of all , I like Batman.

Have you ever read that batman comics, David?

Yes, I have read them Yes , I always loved the bad guys myself.

You know, and I miss your laugh , David You always remind me of that villain How is his name ?

Oh yeah....

The Joker.

Don't you think he looks a bit the Joker yet I can assume see a resemblance , Ron.

Please the problem is his map.

His map... is not quite right.

It is the wrong shape. Ronnie, please

-The mention right. -Ron.

-I can see what you mean. -yes.


He needs to be a bit bigger Please. Do not you think?

What is it, Dickie?

A few words, Reg. Urgent.

Excuse me.

Non, Please. Let's just say, If we can make that mouth of yours a little bigger!

O Jesus!

Fuck you, Ron.

What the fuck have you done?

Do you were said or no

That we are untouchable?

And I do what the fuck I want!

This is what happens...

This what happens if you fuck with the Krays!

Damn , you don't! fuck with me Because with me a long strange too will fuck me hook twety foots in the fucking air And in your fucking ass!

Show you me!

the dog eat dog world and power goes to the best for the sharpest teeth

The posh accent not change the joe's saying Power corrupts.

The greater is power ; the bigger they abuse.

base of all things you need to be careful what you wish for Because nothing bite hard as the life We are nest stone We have every fucking inch on this land WILSON WINS ELECTIONS

The end of the rise