The Road Within (2014) Script

Praise be to the God, and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comforts, who comforts us through all our afflictions so that we can comfort those in any afflictions...

We come together today to say farewell...

Shut up, fucking pedophile.

She did her best to be there for all those in her life.

Her son, her family. Her friends.

Sometimes this meant forgetting about her own...

Cunt-licking fucking faggot!

You dye your hairy pubes ginger.

Fuck, fuck!

Fuck-ing... Fucking cunt fucking faggot!


Are you packed? Hey, Dad? This picture?

Where were you guys? California.

Where in California? Why does it matter?

Mom wanted you to take her there again.

She was laughin'.


Will you... move back in?

Fuck... fucking cunt.

With Monica?

We're going to sell the house.

Why is this packed?

Because I was going to take her. Where?

The ocean. You can't be serious.

Well, you weren't here.

Cunt. Yes, so the two of us were going to go.

The two of you, the dynamic duo. I took care of her!

You held her hand while she drank herself to death.

You... go fuck...

Fuck, fucking cu...

I'm not as... helpless as you think.

You want to go to the ocean?

You can't even get to 7-11.

Fuck you.

Be packed and ready to go in 20 minutes. I am not going into a hospital.

It's not a hospital. It's an experimental treatment center.

Your campaign balloons! Get that one.

Let it go. Free advertisement. There.

We'll see you at Christmas, okay?

Call you later.


Tourette's isn't something you can cure.

But with behavioral exercises, you can learn to manage it.

It's great, it's great. Ain't that great, Vincent?

Mr. Rhodes, do you mind if I have a little chat with Vincent?

No, not at all.


All right.

Mind if I... sit?

Would you like to ask me anything?


Okay, I got some questions.

Your mother was your primary... Look, you said you can help me.

So what can you do?

What kind of drugs have you tried?

Amy Winehouse sucks my cock.

Everything. Everything. Nothing has worked.

Cunt. Cunt.

What would you do if you could better control your tics?

It's never really mattered. Matters now.

I don't know. A lot.

Anything more concrete?

Graduate from... high school.

Maybe go to college.

Then let's try this.




I think it's best for you to have a roommate. Not to be alone.

At first, anyway.

Oh, I forgot. Do you have a cell phone?

No. Yes, I do! No, I don't.

Okay, don't get one. It's against the rules.

Anyway. Your roommate's name is Alex.

He's a wonderful young man. He's come to us from very far away.

Because, like you, he just wants to get better.

Alex? No.

I didn't say you could come in.

Take your shoes off! Take them off.

I have to start all over again now.

These are my inside shoes. I promise you there's no germs on them.

What about his? His shoes are befouled.

Well, a perfect opportunity for a behavioral exercise.

I don't want to do a behavioral exercise!

I want him and his filthy feet out of here.

In one of these exercises, I operate as if there's nothing wrong so that Alex can see that there isn't anything wrong.

Alex? This is Vincent. He's gonna be your roommate for awhile.

Hi. Absolutely not.

If you need me for anything, you just come find me, okay?

I don't want a roommate.

Just get settled in, and if nothing else comes up for today, I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning at group.

You too.

It's... classical?

It's Bach.

It's nice.

It's Bach. It's Bach.

It's Bach, it's Bach.

Hey, there is... No, no. Don't touch those.

In fact, don't come over to this side of the room.

This is my bed, my desk, and my wardrobe.

Everything on that side can be yours but you do not cross this line, understood?

All right.

What's wrong with you?

Why are you here?

Me? I...

Raghead fuck. Raghead!

She can't be serious. She simply cannot be serious.

Dr. Rose!

Fuck. Dr. Rose.

Raghead. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Clean freak. Clean freak.


And I'm British, you imbecile.

They'll kick you out for that.

What, pot?

No. No.


I'm Marie. I'm supposed to show you around the clinic.

So, let's get it over with.


What, no mask today?

Have you gained weight? Your ass looks fat.

Come on.

There's one main rule here at the clinic.

We have to want it.

What are you doing? Just... sneezing. I had to sneeze.

So if they catch you with any alcohol or drugs, they take it to mean you're not serious about your therapy, and you're out.

So just be careful with whatever it is you have hidden.

Over there is Building B, mostly depressives and suicidees.

So, stay clear of that.

Hey, hey, hey! Fuck you. Excuse me?

Suck my dick. I don't mean it. I'm...

It's Tourette's. Cunt.

We had one like you before.

He had a little loop in his pants to keep his hands in.

At one point he had two of them. Looked like a goddamn penguin.

Computer room but the Internet blows.

TV room, no cable.

Game room but they're all stupid.

And finally, the sweet smell of gourmet shit.

That's pretty much it.

Any questions?

Fuck you, fatty. I'm... I'm sorry.

Thank you for the... tour. It was a punishment.

Behavioral exercise.

I'm sorry.

You have no idea what you're talking about. Alex, you have got to stop.

I think... I think you might need glasses.

Seriously, Alex, you are trying my patience today. Enough.

You're wrong. I was taking the bottle out.

I saw you putting it in.

I barely touched you, Alex. I don't know where your hands have been.

You must be Vincent.

Yeah. He said he found that in your bag?

I don't...

That's what I thought. I'll get someone to clean it up.

And nice try, Alex. But you are getting a roommate whether you like it or not.

Thanks a lot. What did I do?

I don't want you here. I want you gone, you addle-brained freak.


Cunt. Cunt.



I need to get in there. I still have soap on my hands.

Tough! You better not be going to the bathroom.

You have to go to the one down the hall for that.

Leave me alone. I'm serious, do not use that toilet.


Oh, my God!

You wanking?

I told you not to mess with these.

Can you... can you turn on the music?


Mind if I...

I'm not... interested in men in case that's what Dr. Rose told you.

She didn't.


That's disgusting.

I'm sorry. Alex?

That was in your mouth.

What's going on?

He spat his food on me. Okay, that is disgusting.

He's contaminated me. I'm going to get sick now.

Who does that? Who spits their food out?

Now I'm going to have to go and change now.


I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.

Done. Really?

Well, then you can go.



Holy moly, boobs.

Can't they... can't they see you from in there?

No. It helps.

Helps with what?


So do you know when you're going to spasm?


What's it feel like?

It builds... like when you have to sneeze.

Can you make it stop?

Can you stop yourself from sneezing?

Good point.

Fuck, gross. Kiss.

Turn that off.

Little shits. Fuck off.

Turn that off.

Come on.

Turn it off. Get back here.

Give it to me. Give it to me. Are you kidding? This shit's going viral.

Why don't you come and get it?

Vincent, come on. Get off.

Tony, he's spazzing.


Get off him. He's a fucking kid.

You're hurting him!

As if we don't have enough problems with this community.

He didn't do anything. I didn't ask you.

Well, you weren't there. Okay? We were.


It's okay. Just leave it, please. Sorry. Thank you.

Can I have one?


Thank you.

Vincent, would you please leave us alone for a minute?

I need to talk to Marie about her little stunt in the lunch room.


So... if you could go anywhere in the world... where would you go?

The ocean.

Here. You drive. I don't really like to.

Why not?

Good point.

Stop! Hey, watch out.


Give me back my Bach.

Your what? What is he talking about? My CD, you idiot.

If you scratched it, I'll have you arrested.

Can you give it back to him, please? So Dumbo here can fly away.

Is that Dr. Rose's car?

Yeah, she...

We were supposed to get her something. She lent it to us.

She lent it to us so we can go get her something.

Lying pig.


And I'm sure it won't be a problem if I just go ask her about it then?


You're definitely out of my room now.

No, let me go. Shut up, Alex. Shut up.

Don't touch me, you spastic. What should we do?

Shut up.

Alex, would you shut up?

No, no, no.

I don't want to go. Turn the car around. This car reeks of cigarettes!

We can probably take the back roads in case they come looking for us.

Only the main streets are shown on this map.

Oh, I guess, I don't know, we should just go south?

You guys don't even have a plan.

Don't you know a kidnapping must be carefully planned?

What... Since... Nobody wants you here. It's a little extreme... fuckity fuck-ass... to call it a kidnapping.

He's got a point.

I don't like it, I don't like it. You like it?

It's too loud right now. It's too loud. You want me to turn it up?

Turn it up.

Is this loud enough? This is noise pollution.

I'm trying to turn it up, but this is as loud as it goes.


Holy shit, we're out of that fucking place.

He's still there.

Good morning, sunshine.

So where are you and the incredibly shrinking woman headed?


What for?

So Vincent can go to the beach.

Swim in the ocean.

I've been to the ocean.

It's filled with... excrement. Then go back to the fucking clinic, Alex.

Doctors eat shit sandwiches on Tuesdays.

The backseat is full crumbs. I want shotgun.

Could you pull your seat forward?

Alex. You have to pull the lever.

Just fucking touch it. Jesus Christ! Roll the thing on the side of the seat.

Bob Rhodes. Hi, this is Dr. Rose.

We have a situation. What's the matter?

I need you to come to the clinic right away.

Now? I'm a little busy.

Well, it's important because your son's gone.

What do you mean, gone? Gone. He left.

Give me a minute.

When? Some time during the night.

He and two other patients are missing.

Listen, I'm about to give a campaign... He stole my car.

Okay, and the gas is...



I got a gun.

That's not funny, asshole. I'm sorry.

And this shit ain't no good, man.

It has to work. Could you... could you try it again...

Poligrip denture cream.

I'll... I'll be right back.

How you doin'?

Marie? Yeah?


My card isn't working. Shit.

Yeah, and I have, like, a few dollars in cash. Do you have anything?

No, nothing. You came on this trip with no money?

You can thank Dr. Rose for that. She thinks no money equals no accidents.

Fuck. Great.

Alex? You got any money?

In my pajama pockets? Spear-chucker cunt.

Are you incognizant? I'm British, not Pakistani, not Native American, British. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

What the fuck are we going to do now?

What the fuck?


Open the door.

I'm going home and filing charges. You left the keys in the ignition?

How was I supposed to know Mr. Clean was going to try and ditch us?

You touched the gas nozzle! Car! Cunt.

Guys? Could you open the door? The fucking guy's coming.

What the hell are you guys doing? Alex, drive.

Give me a moment. I haven't driven in a long time.

You owe me for that gas. I'm going to fucking kill you. Just go.

I can't. It's not right yet. It's not about being right, just go.

Get out of the car, now!

Put your foot... Hands off!

Get out of this damn car. Gas would be good right about now.

Get out of the car! Gas!

Where are you going? You ain't going to rob me, you little asshole! You stupid punks!

I'll break your ass if I catch you.

Alex, you are such an asshole. Don't touch me whilst I'm driving.

Just stop... stop the car now! The windshield wipers are on!

Fuck! This is my space, okay?

You stay over there with your nozzle hands, and you stay back there with all those disgusting crumbs.

You don't get to tell us what to do. I'm in charge here.

Not you, you cunt. Are you calling me a cunt?

That was his Tourette's, you idiot. No, I said that on purpose.

What's so... What's so funny?

Nothing. Sorry.

It's just... it's hard to tell where you stop and your Tourette's begins.

It's not funny. Assholes.

You guys are fucking idiots.

Left. Right! I mean left! Stop yelling.

I know you're experimental, but the prices you charge, I expected you to at least keep tabs on my son.

Your son is an adult. He can leave any time he wants.

He doesn't have to ask permission from me or you to do so.

What about your car? Shouldn't he have asked for permission for that?

Here are Vincent's things.

I think what's happening is that your son is in shock.

The only person who he had any real relationship with has just died.

He's not in shock. He's just doing this to piss me off.

I'm not playing this little game with him. I put a hold on his bank account.

What? They need money to buy food.

And when they can't buy it, they'll come back here.

Hello? Hi, this is Officer... calling.

What can I do for you, officer? Dark green Saab 9-3?

Yes, that's my car.

This gets out, I'm ruined. Your compassion is outstanding.

You should be just as worried about this as I am.

I'll call you in a bit to let you know what's going on.

Excuse me, those are my patients. You're not... You're not leaving without me.

Does your car have LoJack? It's a 1999 Saab.

Are you sure you're a real doctor?

Would you prefer your money go into my bank account rather into your son's care?

What care? He's gone.

So let's think.

Where could they be?

They have to eat.

What are you doing? Looking to see if there's a Subway restaurant near that gas station. Subway?

That's the only place Alex will eat because they wear gloves.

You realize this is pointless? They can be anywhere by now.

No, they can't. Why not?

Because it's raining.

That's the highest setting.

But I can make it slower, if you like.

Put that out. Make me.

Hey, how much money do we have left? Like, six dollars.

Marie can live off that for a week. Will you leave her alone?

Would you like a...

A bite of my sandwich?

No thanks.

Maybe my... fatty.


Maybe my chips? No.

Pickle? Jesus fucking Christ, leave me alone.

All right, all right.

You have got to be kidding. What?

Clean that up! Fuck.

Wipe your hands before you touch everything with those greasy fingers.

And all the yelling and smoking... Hey!

...shall henceforth take place outside of the car.

Alex. Fuck. Oi, fuck. I said out!

Fuck. Fuck.

Come on!


Oh, fuck.

Don't mind him. He really does have a fucking stick up his ass.

Hey, what's in the can?

My mother.

She's the one that needs to go to the ocean?


Where's Marie?

Peeing. Puking. I don't know.

Holy Tin Man wants a heart.

This is ridiculous.

That guy said they asked about a lake, right?

And this being the only lake in this shit town, I suppose they gotta be somewhere around here, right?

It stopped raining 30 minutes ago. They're gone.

Five missed calls, shit.

Oh, my God.

What? It's them.

Okay, okay. Now let's just approach them calmly and quietly.

Vincent! Or not.


Vincent. Alex?

Dr. Rose? Dad?

Get over here, now! What now?

Vincent, get over here.

Kiss my ass.

Now he's just fucking with me. Calm down.

Where's Marie?

What are you doing?

Marie. Shit.

Marie. Marie.

Marie? Where are you?

We have to go. What?

We have to go. Okay. What's going on?

My fucking dad.

Alex, get in the car.

Alex, get in the fucking car.


Get out.

Now. Don't touch me.

Where are your things?

Fuck... in the... cunt.


Let's go. Get out there.

I try to be the nice guy, and this is the thanks I get.

Are you okay?

I think.

Have you had anything to drink?

That's a great thing about you. I can always count on you to fail.


Yes? That's... That's not...

Fuck... Not...

See, you can't even finish that sentence.

Get in.


Hey, stop! What?

Where do you think you're going? You're just going to leave us standing here?

You have a car. But I don't have my phone.

Your phone.

Your phone.


Here's your goddamn phone.


Next time... don't give me a roommate.


Wait! Wait. Alex, come on.

Come on. Piss hands, piss hands.

Okay, okay. Just get in the fucking car.

We did it. The car is so clean.

And no cigarette smell. I like your father.

Well, you can... Have him. I like him, I like him.

We're gonna crash. Vincent.

We're gonna crash. What are you doing?

Vincent, stop ticcing. Stop ticcing. We're heading off the road.

Shit. Stop, Vincent.

You guys thought I was a bad driver.

I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Sweet Fanny Adams.

I'll let you drive.

Vincent's running away now makes complete sense.

Mind your own damn business. I am.

That young woman is sick and needs to eat.

Yeah, well, I was supposed to give a speech three hours ago, and instead I'm in the middle of a lake looking for froggy keys with a shitty doctor who's less capable than my son.

Now you're projecting.

What? Projecting.

Calling me a shitty doctor to make up for the fact that you're a shitty father.

Oh, yeah, you got me figured out? Too bad I was paying you to figure out Vincent.

This is ridiculous.

I'm calling Triple A.

MBrace. What?

My car has MBrace. Good for you.

No, you peasant. It means I can track it with my phone.

My phone. My phone. No, no, no, no, no, no.

Now what? I left my phone in the car.

The car's right there. My car.

Please say your destination.

The ocean. Location not found.

You can't just say ocean. You have to tell it the name by the name of the beach.

I don't know the name. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Okay, what's a city near a beach? Los Angeles.

Destination Los Angeles. No. No, we're not going to Los Angeles.

That place is a cesspool of communicable diseases.

Colon cancer rots your ass hole. There are closer beaches, anyway.

What about San Francisco?

You would say that. Shut up.

Shut up? Really? Why don't you make me shut up, Alex?

Oh, wait, that means you have to touch me.

Touch those repulsive bird arms, no thank you.

Oh, I'm a bird? I'm a little baby bird?

Get away from me, I'm driving. Somebody tell it where the fuck we're going.

I don't know, fuck it, I've been to Santa Cruz. Let's just go there.

What the hell? Hell is for horses.

What the fuck?

Alex, what is happening right now? The car. I felt it run over something.

It was a person. Sweet Fanny Adams, I don't want to go to prison.

Wow, you are way more fucked up than I thought you were.

Alex. Stop. You didn't run over anyone.

It was... It was a pothole. No, I'm sure I did, and I...

Probably a pregnant woman, and I killed the baby, too.

No. No, no, no. You didn't kill anyone.

No pregnant lady. No baby. Just shut up and look around for a body.

Come on.

I don't see a dead body.

No. Not over here either.

Oh, my God.

There it is.


Where? Over there.

In the middle of the road.

Wait. At... At like 12 o'clock?

More like... More like 1 o'clock.

I don't see it. I don't see the body.


Because you hit a fucking pothole.


You all right?

I'm sorry, guys.

I really thought I hit someone.

Yeah, well, I think I'm fat. So, I guess we all have issues.

Where the fuck is that coming from?

Hello? You all pleased with yourselves?

Mr. Rhodes. Fuck.

Hey, how's it goin'? Fucking peachy.

I'm sorry to hear that. What can I... what can I do you for, man?

Let me talk to my son. One second.

I can't... I can't talk to him.

He doesn't want to fucking talk to you. Put him on the phone!

I don't think he's going to change his mind just because you're saying it louder.

I'm going to report the car stolen, and the cops will track you and have you arrested.

He says he's gonna report the car stolen.

And the cops can track us. We'll probably be arrested.

I'm going to get deported.

Nah. He won't do it.

How do you know? Because he won't risk the bad press.

Trust me. You sure?

I'm... absolutely. Absolutely.

Fuck. What's his first name?

Robert. Robert.

Robbie? Hey, can I... Do you mind if I call you Robbie?

Great, thanks. So we really appreciate the head's up, but I think we're just going to take our chances.

Yeah, if I see a cop, I'll just fuckin' floor it.

And I don't think there's ever been a car chase that wasn't televised.

Yeah, we'll probably get caught. The perps always do, but you know what?

I'm really looking forward to being on the news.

You know the camera does add ten pounds, but I think it will be worth it, don't you?

Hello? You still... you still there?

And two... Oh! Two things.

You're wrong. You don't know anything about me. And you'll never see me again.

What did she say?

She threatened me. What did he say?

That I'm wrong. Well, I could've told you that.


We can't track them. We need to put ourselves in their shoes.

Where would we go?

What do you mean?

You just told off your father. Where would you go?

I'd never tell off my father. I had too much respect for him.

Okay. Then imagine your father just told you that you were worthless, good for nothing, that you couldn't even finish a sentence.

Where would you go?

I think I know where they're going.


You're right. They probably don't make parts for this car anymore.

How in God's name do you know how to do this, anyway?

Let's just say I wasn't always a politician.


Maybe the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Dan, we're going to have to cancel the next few days.

Cancel the next few days. I don't care. Make something up.

Whatever you want as long as it doesn't cost me votes.

I know, Monica. I know.

I know!

Alex, it was just a pothole, all right? You don't have to stop.

What the fuck? Dead babies on the road.

Fuck. We hit a pothole.

Wake up!

Are you all right? No. You?


Might I suggest that we stop at a hotel for a few hours?

Excellent idea.

I'm starving.

We need gas. I need food.

What you need is a lobotomy. Shut up, Skeletor.

Just... both of you shut up. We need a plan.

One of us pumps, one of us steals, one of us distracts. I'll steal.

I want to steal.

So you can get stuck opening and closing the door four times before you run out?

You're pumping. Absolutely not.

Get away from me. Going to get you.

You're pumping. Anal bleach.

And I guess that means you're distracting.

Well, sounds like I was born for this job.


That it? Yeah. Thank you.

It's 5.95, then.

Can I help you? No, thanks.

Dude, 5.95. Oh, yeah. Sorry.

Anything else?


What the fuck was that? I don't know.

I can't remember the last time that happened.

Where's my food? He didn't tic.

You mean the only thing we got out of that was a copy of Family Circle?

This fucking sucks.

Can't I get one suck ass advantage out of this cock-sucking illness?

They only come when I don't want them to, and always at the worst motherfucking moments.

You just said like four sentences without ticcing once.

But he swore, like, ten times, what's the difference?

Shut the fu... up, Alex.

There they are. Welcome back to the freak show.

Now? Cock fuck. Now?

Okay, you know what? Let's get out of here before they realize we have no money for gas, okay? Absolutely not.

I'm going in there and I'm getting something to eat.

You two stay here and be ready to go when I run out.


Good evening, sir.

Latex gloves are where?


Vincent, relax.

There's a clown in my head, and he shits in between my thoughts.

And he forces me to do the most inappropriate... fuck!

The most inappropriate thing at the most inappropriate moment.

So relaxing is pretty much the one thing I cannot do.

Why don't you eat?


My brain is broken, but all you have to do is eat something.


It's not that easy.

Why not?

Go! Drive! Go! Go, now! How did you do that?

I said go! Holy shit.

Fucking Christ.

Come on.

Hold it in until it makes you...


Why am I doing this again?

Maybe it will help with the ticcing.

So, what are you going to do after we get to the ocean?

I don't know.

I haven't thought that far ahead yet.

I want to get a dog.

Hello, random. Someone's stoned.

No, I'm serious, but I always wanted a dog growing up, and my dad wouldn't let me.

And then...

And... after the divorce, taking care of my mom, it was a lot of work.


Well, now you're free.

You don't have to take care of anyone.

I don't know what's worse, the fact that I just... defecated in the woods, or that my buttocks now smell like Handiwipes.

The mental image is worse.

Are you guys smoking weed?


You're repugnant.

Come on, come back.

Love you.

I love pressing his buttons.

What are you knitting, a noose?

One more day in that clinic, and, yeah, maybe.

What ended up happening with Dr. Rose?

Do you like to dance?


Well, this is a waltz. I know.

I know means you don't.

You could show me.


Okay. Okay.

We're dancing? We're dancing.

I want to take this hat off so I look cooler.


This hand, here. Okay.

This hand, here.

Look over the shoulder. Posture, darling. Posture.

Start with your right foot and go forward.

Right. Foot forward. Foot, go forward.

All right, I'm ready. Ready? And...

We're good. We're good, though.

Okay, spin me. Spin you?

See, that was nice.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Hey guys, this car even has movie listings.

Then kiss me right.

I can't sleep.

Probably because you got enough sleep in the car.

That girl...

Marie? Why doesn't she eat?

Anorexia is a disease of the mind, so, even though we see skin and bones, all she sees is fat.

But she won't drop dead from that, right, I mean... you can live for weeks without food.

Her heart already gave out once a few months ago...

which is why I threatened to force feed her through a tube yesterday.

And she jumped ship.

It's not your fault.

You were just doing your job.


You're wearing my windbreaker.

Behavioral exercise.

Hey, do you think it's far to the top?

Do I look like a tour guide?

Come on, let's go. Let's not and say we did.

I've never been on a mountain before. What if it sucks?

What if it's amazing? What if it's dangerous?

What if it's... What if it's exciting?

What if we die? Well, what if we fucking live?

Stop yelling. He has Tourette's.

We're going to the top.


Damn it. We're going to find them.

Okay, you win.

We'll go to the police.

Thank you.

Not far?

It's probably not that far now.

You okay?

Fuck you.

Be careful about Marie.

Excuse me?

Don't be fooled. She doesn't love you.

Well, thanks... Fuck. For the advice.

It's not you, it's her. She's not capable.

And you're the expert on relationships? You can't even shake hands with someone.

It's just a plant.

Shit! Snake.


Get off the log. Let's get off the log! Hey, wait.

Go. Go, go, go.

I think it's, like, another... couple of hundred yards, and we're there.


Look at that.

I'm Alex in wonderland!

I love these.

Hey, what the fuck are you doing? What is on my face? What is on my face?

Vincent's mother.

It serves you right... freak fuck. You don't touch other people's stuff.

Funny, that's how this whole escapade started.


I didn't steal this food.

Or the gas. I paid for it.

With what money?

Where did you get all that?

It's mine.

From my disability allowance. Wait a minute, you've had that with you the whole fucking time?

You think I'd leave my money lying around?

Why didn't you say something? Yeah, we could have used it.

I may have issues, but I wasn't about to fund my own kidnapping.

Yeah, but... at the last gas station...

Now, wait a minute, the attendant chased you.

I paid him to do that. I paid him!


Because I wanted you to think I was cool.

You don't know what it's like.

I think I have a lot to offer, but these stupid rituals just take over everything.

This thing has... made my world smaller and smaller.

I'm stuck in a fucking clinic.

I'd give anything to be free from this, but it doesn't stop, and it's not my fault.

It was pretty cool the way you ran out of there.

Yeah, you did look pretty bad ass.

I love you.



We should...

We should probably go.

Alex is waiting.


Let's go.


Marie? I'm coming.

Alex is gone.

What? Alex is gone. The car is gone.


I got his account turned back on. Thank you.

Okay, so what do you want me to tell Dan about tonight?

I don't know. But, Robert, I just picked up my dress!

He's my son, Monica.

I'm going to go take a piss. All right.

Where are you?



What, you get eaten by a bear or something?

We should probably keep going.


Car cunt.

Fuck. Where the fuck is he?

Cunt licker. Fuck.

What are you staring at?

What are you staring at? Fuck. Vincent, come on.

Anything? Nope.


This is stupid. We should just camp out by the car until he comes back.

Wait a minute.

Do you hear that? What?



I didn't say you could come in.

Are you out of your mind? Crazy cunt.

We've been searching everywhere for you.

I didn't ask you to. Well, you took the car, asshole.

What was I supposed to do?

Sit there and wait while you two screwed yourselves silly?

Please. Come on, Vincent. Let's go.

He's not worth it. Come on, let's go.

That's right, go on. Follow the skinny bitch own the rabbit hole.

Shut up, Alex!

She's just using you. You could be anyone. Anyone!

Do you really think she came with you because she thinks you're just the most amazing guy she ever met?

Shut up. Shut your fucking face.

Because when she sees you twitch, she just can't help herself?

She just wants an audience when she finally starves herself to death.

Come on, Vincent. Come on!

But she needs someone to clean up the mess after it's over, and you're the perfect guy for the job. Stop it, Alex. Just stop!

Running away from daddy to fulfill mommy's dying wish. What a fucking hero.

Though she probably imagined her last trip to the coast in something other than a ten-cent can of tin...


Vincent! Stop it!

You think you're better than us? Vincent, get off of him.

You're nothing!

Get off him, Vincent!

Vincent, stop!

I'll go get a towel. Alex, it's okay. I'm going to get a towel.


Just calm down. It's just blood. It's your blood.

It's going to be okay.

Just leave me alone. You got the car, so just go.

Calm down. Just go.

We're not going anywhere without you.

You terrorist asshole.

Holy fuck.

Oh, come on. What?

You got a spare?

God damn fucking piece of shit!

The apple really didn't fall far from the tree.

Maybe you're right.

You know, I was...

I was the first one of my friends to become a father.

And Vincent was amazing.

He was a little devil, but he was amazing.

When did he start to show signs? In second or third grade.

His teacher came to us and... said that he was... extremely outspoken.

Bet you liked that. Of course.

And we just thought it was a phase and that he'd grow out of it.

But it just got worse?

No, something died inside... of me when we got the diagnosis.

All my hopes and dreams for him just disappeared.

And every time I looked at him and he was... twitching and... cursing and what not...

It felt like I was looking at someone else's kid.

Someone else's problem.

And I felt awful, not only for him, but for his parents.

And then... he called me dad. Dad!

Fuck, dad!

It's awful to say, but...

I was embarrassed by him.

And the pitiful looks we'd get from people.

Have to leave restaurants and movies.

We got kicked off a plane once.

And I just wanted...

a different boy...

and he knew it.

He could see it on my face.

I don't think he'll ever be able to forgive me for that.

Seems like he's capable of a whole lot more than you think.



Nothing at the clinic either.

You know, he's right.

I don't know anything about him. Why'd you think he'd come here?

He took this right over there.

It's a beautiful photo of her.

See how happy she was?

I think you can see something else.


Just how happy the photographer was too.

Alex... Alex, relax.

It's just a pothole, please. No, please.

Race you to the water?

Hey, wait.


Come on! Marie?



Oh, my God.

Marie! Marie?

Ge... Get... Get help! Get an ambulance!




Can you hear me? Marie, can you hear my voice?


Marie. Marie, I'm here.

Marie... Back.

Look, we're taking her to Santa Cruz Hospital. You can meet us there.

Take care of her.



How are you?

Marie... Marie, it's okay. Just relax.

Listen... Listen, just... just relax.

Just relax. Please? Take it out. Take it out, please.

I can't. Please!

You know, your parents are coming.


Get me out of here.

Get you out of here? Marie, you were dead.

They brought you back.

Please, just undo the straps, okay? Just undo the straps for me!

Marie, please, just listen to me for a second. Just listen to me.

Listen to me. We can keep on going.

Without Alex. Just me and you.

We can keep on going.

Anywhere you wanna go. I... I can't take care of you.

I'm okay. I'm okay. I can't...

I can't make you better. I'm sorry.



Just find me. Find me, okay?

Where are you going?

I'll be waiting.

Where are you going?

Please... Please come back.

Vincent, you love me!

Please! Please!

Vincent, come back!

You all right?

What do you care? Vincent, stop.

Vincent. Vincent! What do you want?

What the fuck do you want from me?

Nothing. Can we please just... Good! Good!

'Cause I don't want anything from you either!

Vincent, stop.

I'm trying to have a conversation with you, but you're making it impossible.

I'm making a conversation impossible?

Maybe it's because I have fucking Tourette's.

Vincent, don't.

Vincent, stop! Don't be this person.

Oh, what... what... what person am I being?


You got my temper, that's for sure, but the rest of this... this isn't you.

You're more like your mom.

And thank God for that, because I will have completely failed you as a father if you end up anything like me.

And I can't live with that. I just can't.

She wasn't... perfect either.

No, she wasn't.

But I wish I had half the strength that she did.

She was one tough lady.

Obviously not tough enough.


If it's okay, I wanna hang around here for a bit.

Maybe see if I can get to 7-Eleven.

You look awful.

I'm fine.


Never better.


I'll see you soon.

Hopefully before Christmas.

Vincent, wait.

Can I have her?

I know where she wants to go.

Thanks for the suit.

Wait! Wait!

What are you doing here?

Behavioral exercise.

So, when are we gonna visit Marie?

First thing tomorrow. We need to find a hotel.

Fine. But I'm starving. Let's go to Subway.

Eat fresh latex, cunt. You really love that word, don't you?

Have you ever counted how many times you say that word a day?


Four million and a half.

No And I don't wanna let it go I'm a little bit angry when everyone's around But I get a little lonely when no one's out I feel my demons Misleading me I'm just a believer that things will get better Some can take it or leave it But I don't wanna let it go I'm just a believer that things will get better

Oh, only dreaming about tomorrows Got us feeling so alive And we're livin' it up Only thinking about tomorrow With the rain falling light And the mountains are on our eyes

Oh, only dreaming about tomorrow And the possibilities of life Is not a way to host Or let go of the sorrow Just the sun setting right And the ocean before our eyes Singing


Oh, only dreaming about tomorrows Got us smiling eye to eye And there's not a Worry to hold or a fear left to borrow Just the rain falling light And the mountains are on our eyes Singing


Drive on, drive on, drive on, drive on Drive us home Drive on, drive on, drive on, drive on Drive us home Drive on, drive on, drive on, drive on Drive us home Drive on, drive on, drive on, and drive us home




Drive on, drive on, drive on, drive on Drive us home