The Rookie (1990) Script

At ease.

Your name?

David Ackerman.

-How long have you been on the force? -Two years, sir.

-Speak up, Ackerman. -Sir, two years.

You applied for detective in Burglary, Auto Theft division.

Most of the young hotshots were lining up for Robbery or Homicide.

Sir, I figured there would be more openings in Burglary, Auto Theft...

-...and I love chasing G-rides, sir. -G-rides, Ackerman?

I'm sorry, sir. Grand-theft auto.

Tell me something, Ackerman.

-Why do you want to be on the police force? -Because I want to help people, sir.

That's a lie, isn't it?

-Do you have any siblings, officer? -No.

That's another lie, isn't it?

Jump, Joey, jump!

-You had a brother, didn't you? -Jump, Joey, jump! l-- l was-- I was just a kid.

-Jump! -You murdered your own brother.

It wasn't my fault.

Come on, jump. Jump!

Come on, Joey. Jump it!


-You murdered your own brother. -You murdered your brother.

You murdered your own brother.

David, are you okay?

-What's the matter? -Nothing.

I'm a little tense about the exam tomorrow.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

All right. Welcome aboard.

Good job. Go on. Get out of here.


-Let's get rolling, man. -Why the hell not?

You got a light?

There must be 1 00 good reasons why you shouldn't smoke those things.

But right now, I can't think of one.


Feast your eyes on that.

Yeah, a real classic.

They don't make them like that anymore.

Man, you got tachometers for eyes. I was talking about the babe.

So was I.

-Morales is two minutes late. -We're out of here.

You shouldn't be getting your hands dirty, ángel blanco.

What, and miss out on all the fun?

-You're late, maricón. -Not by my watch.

-Get yourself a better one, Loco. -Go on. Get the hell out of here.

Come on. Let's go! Let's wrap this thing up.

After all these months of working on this deal...

-Let's get moving, man. -Take it easy.

Another couple of minutes ain't gonna to kill you.

Police officers! Get your hands up! Up!

A little early for Christmas shopping, ain't it?

-Who's up front in the cab? -Santa Claus.

And "m the tooth fairy. Try again.

No one, man. There's nobody here but us.

Nobody here, Nick!


Oh, no.

Oh, no, man.


Son of a bitch.


Jesus Christ! Who is this insane motherfucker?

Later, you fucker!

-ls he all right? -Anybody else in there?

Anybody else in the car?

-You need any help? -You got a light?

-Powell was a good man. Tough break. -Yeah.

Good to see you back on your feet.

Hey, Nick. Sorry to hear about Powell, man.

-Ray. -Nick, good to see you up and around.

I've looked at the files. Both those guys on the trailer are in it.

That one fella, Ken Blackwell, an ex-ClA pilot that's gone sour...

...has about 300 drug flights across the border.

And Loco Martinez has eight counts of grand-theft auto.

Shut up, Nick. You don't waste any time on polite conversation, do you, Nick?

That's what I like about you. Either way, it don't matter anymore.

-What don't matter? -The Strom case.

Because you're being taken off it. Homicide's taking over.


Ray, you know the only way to get to Strom is to pin him to chop-shop operations.

But Homicide's just gonna--

Look, kid. This is a private conversation here.

-Nick, this is David Ackerman. -Hello, David. Pleasure meeting you.

-Nick, that was your new partner. -You're kidding me.

Let him back in, Nick, now.

Don't mind Pulovski. He's an asshole, but you'll get used to him after a while.

-Flattery will get you nowhere. -Listen, Nick.

I went over Ackerman's test scores and records. The kid's perfect.

Then how come his badge is on upside down?

Kid, it looks like you forgot to dry off behind your ears this morning.

Nick, be gentle. Some of these virgins cry rivers.

You've met Cheech and Chong.

-What the hel"s going on? -You'll find out as we go.

You mind letting me in from the dark here?

The Jesse James look is out. Why don't you holster that thing.

In fact, why don't you get a shoulder holster. You don't want to go around halfcocked.

Another thing, kid. You gotta change the way you dress.

You look like an old fuck. After all, we're working undercover.

You gotta dress youthful and hip. Wear what you usually wear.

This is what I usually wear.

Do you have a reservation?

I see. Right this way, gentlemen.

-So that's what those things are for. -l never go to lunch without it.

-l wonder why you're not covering me. -My people are cool, man.

Don't I know you from somewhere?

I'm sure you're mistaking me for someone else.

Well, there's no mistaking this German beer. It leaves a little aftertaste.

-What the hell is that all about? -Just a man with a poor taste in beers.

Hey, garçon, you got a light?

I'm sorry, sir. No smoking here.

Mr. Ackerman? lt's been so long. I almost didn't recognize you.

-How are you, George? -Fine. This is a surprise.

I will get you an ashtray.

What's the deal here? You used to work here or something?

Not exactly.

You'll find out as we go.

Don't jerk me off, Strom. I don't like it.

You got problems? Fine, but my people want their money. l don't get it for them, then I got fucking problems, capisce?

I just lost a major payload, but my principal shops are still running.

By next Friday, you'll have your money.

Well, you're so popular around here, why don't you order for both of us.

-Do you want the best? -Why not?

Oysters Rockefeller and prime rib.

And we'll have a bottle of that fancy French champagne too.

No, forget it.

l don't know if you're who I think you are, but if you are...

...l want you to have this.

-Excuse me, sir. What about your meal? -They'll eat it.

-You ever worked East L.A. before, kid? -"ve never been to East L.A.

Jesus, I wondered who ate these damn things.

Listen. At the hotel this morning...

We obviously weren't there for lunch. Who was that guy?

Just a guy I ran into the other day.

-How'd you know he was going to be there? -Because that's my job.

Well, that's great, you know.

I'm supposed to be your partner here. What about my job?

What about it?

Want to know what a real criminal is, Ackerman? lt's the son of a bitch who painted this car, that's who.

Yeah, that's what a real criminal is.

-Pulovski. -Max.

What are you doing here?

Can you imagine defacing a work of art like this with a color like that?

Guy ought to have his ass removed. l only been working here three weeks. I don't need no trouble.

Did you hear what that puto said about my car?

Put it back in your pants, Loco.

With the taste you beaners have, he was being kind.

Son of a bitch!

I hear you been running with a pretty fast crowd, Max.

I just dropped by to remind you how short your legs really are.

Hey, I have not let you down.

I've been clean for over a year, so why don't you stop looking over my shoulder.

Pretty fancy machinery around here, Max. "m glad for you.

Anything less than kosher comes in, you'll call, right?

-You know it, man. -Good man.

David, where are you?

What are you talking about? "m right here.

No, you're not. You haven't been here in a long time.

I just got a lot of shit on my mind these days.

Here you are finishing law school...

...and "m a Burglary cop in scenic downtown Los Angeles.

You know that doesn't matter to me.

Yeah, but I pick you up after class...

...and I see you with all those fucking together guys...

...with together lives, and I just think sometimes...'re wasting your time with me.

Don't make me feel like this.

I've always stood behind every decision you've made.

I know that when there's something wrong, you tell me.

But there's something going on that you won't let me understand.

-l think something's gonna happen soon. -What's gonna happen?

I don't know.


You know, "ve been chasing around after you for days, sarge.

-What the hell are we doing here? -This is where the fun starts.

Well... Order yourself a drink, kid.

And watch your ass. If you don't, somebody else will.

Excuse me.

Beer, please.

-Get that animal! -Get him! Get him! Get him!

-What are you doing? You can't come here. -Listen, Little Felix.

With your secondhand information, I keep showing up late...

...and it's pissing me off, you understand?

Now, you're going to give me the name of that pigeon nesting up at Strom's...

...otherwise, you'll be in deep shit. So much, you won't be able to see over it.

-You got that? -l understand what you're saying, Pulovski...

...but if "m paid, I'll trade, you know?

Thank you, Pulovski.

Thank you very much, man. I appreciate that. You're all right in my book.

-You want some? I won't tell anybody. -Knock it off.

That'll be 2 bucks.


You tell your partner Loco was here. You got that, boy?

Hey, wait a minute! Hey!

This is a crackdown.

Get back. Get back.

Now, all you people driving without auto insurance are hereby under arrest.

I didn't know you were into group sex, kid.

You bastard! Pulovski, you fucking bastard!

This shit is talcum powder, man!

You fucking double-crossing gringo pig bastard!

Oh, man!

I'm crying.

What's wrong? Got a little gas, kid? Too many of those candied doughnuts.

-They took my badge. -Well, fill out a report and get another one.

All right, "m going in here. See if you can back me up.


Hey! What are you doing?

Hey, you son of a bitch! What the--?

You son of a bitch! What are you doing?

Put me down, man! "m talking to you!

Put me down!

What the fuck are you doing?

I'm the cop that's footing your bills, that's what.

So you and me are gonna make a little arrangement.

No way, man. I don't deal direct with pigs.


Put me down, man. Put me down!

Hey, no!


-Jesus! My fucking beautiful Beemer. -You listen real close, asshole.

I got enough to put you away for a long vacation.

So like it or not, as of now you're working for me, understand?

All right, all right. Anything you say. Just put me down, all right?

All right. Just put me down, right now!

Good. Good work, kid. Now read them their rights.

Christ. What a dump.

You don't have to give it raves. Here. Try that on for size.

-Cheers. -You got suckered tonight, kid. lt'll happen again, but eventually you'll learn to be prepared.

You still race?

Only on the freeway. You got a light?

-l don't smoke. -l told you, you gotta be prepared.

-Fucking gas company. -Looks like you won some races.

Mostly local stuff. Smalltime.

-Who's this, your wife? -Ex.

-Don't tell me. She hated racing. -She loved racing. She just hated me.

-You got someone, kid? -Yeah, I do.

That's good. Come on out back.

-Wow. '69 Norton? -Yep.


-'67 TR6 Triumph. -You know your bikes, kid.

Very sweet.

I don't believe it. You got a Deuce.

Yeah, my pride and joy. Pride and joy right here.

Let me show you my shop. This is where I do all my tinkering around.

Oh, wow. A '48 FL.

Have a problem with this one. Seems "m better at riding it...

...than I am at fixing it. This son of a bitch don't run.

-Well, you got the key? -Yeah.

-Thanks. -Matches. How about that?

I told you so.

How about that? Hey, you're pretty handy to have around, kid.

Hell, I got a whole yard full of stuff you can start in on next.

I'm standing in front of an East L.A. garage...

...which is the latest link in a chain of six chop shops busted by the L.A.P.D... the last three days.

This is Auto Theft Detective Nick Pulovski.

You seem to have gone out of your way to ensure we were here for these raids.

Well, that's right, ma'am.

I realize that homicides and splashy robberies get most of the headlines...

...but it's about time this crime gets the attention it deserves.

It's impossible to make a real dent.

But it is possible to hurt individual assholes who fuck it up for everyone.

Now, I happen to know of a prick that's responsible for the whole fucking operation...

...and that son of bitch is hurting out there, and I'm fucking liking it.

This is Connie Ling--

We're going to be moving on again, Liesl.

But first I have to tie up a few loose ends.

Come on. It won't be so bad.

Sarah, if I die and go to hell, it'll look just like my parents' house.

-Good evening, Lloyd. -How you doing?

-Well, home sweet home. -David.


-Mom. Nice to see you. -Hello. Nice to see you too.

Happy birthday.

-Thank you. -You're welcome.

-You look gorgeous. -So do you.

-Thank you. -Are you having fun?

-What happened to your face? -Just cop stuff, Mom.

-Just cop stuff? -Yeah.

Okay-- Excuse me. Hello.

Happy birthday, Mom.

Good seeing you, David.

-Hi. -Oh, hi.

-Getting a little? -Why?


Hey, kid.

I didn't know we were on a first-name basis, but how are you?

Not bad.

Are you here to arrest my mom for substance abuse?

Very funny. Very funny.

I want to know what the hell you're doing on the force.

You've got it made here.

Your uncle says you've almost got degrees in engineering and economics.

-So I gotta hear this shit from you also? -Hey, lighten up, kid. lt's just a party.

-Who invited you? -l did, David.

My son doesn't talk to us much, Mr. Pulovski.

If l hadn't seen you on the news, I wouldn't have known who his partner was.

Let's take a walk.

You look like a man who likes to get right to the point... I'll be very direct. -Why the hell not? Got a light?

Always given David everything he wanted, but lately he just won't take anything. lt's as though he's cut me off completely.

David's just not cut out for this, Mr. Pulovski. He's not cut out for it.

I thought we were gonna be direct.

Yeah, so did I.

I want to guarantee David's safety.

Mr. Ackerman...

...if you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

Hey, kid.

You tell your daddy next time he needs a babysitter...

...tell him to check the yellow pages. lt's a lot cheaper.

Does he know he's not supposed to smoke cigars in my house? David!

-Cigars are disgusting. -l know. I know.

I guess we should get a cab, huh?

I see you're as adept at breaking into houses as you are into cars, Morales.

You know me. I like to keep sharp.

-You want to talk about something? -lt's over, Morales. You're over.

What are you talking about?

I have no patience for any more shit.

That cop was learning too much too quickly.

You rely too much on a nonexistent racial solidarity, Morales.

Just a few ounces of the good stuff...

...and your friend Little Felix was singing to me like a canary with his eyes plucked out.

No way.

I'm going to have to leave the country if I ever want a breath of air.

Between the cops and those fucking ltalians.

You've caused me a lot of trouble.

Come on, Strom. How can you believe a guy like Felix?

Look, I gotta go.

Come on.

You took me for a ride.

Now it's your turn.


The body is unidentified, Nick.

From the description, it sounds like the bird you had nesting in the chop-shop operation.

That him, Nick?

Absolutely not. That ain't him.

Your plastic's not gonna help you now, you lousy little fuck.

We could get in a lot of hot water for this.

Relax, kid. Take your mind off my work.

Think about that little squeeze you had at your daddy's bash the other night.

Just shut up about her, all right?

Why don't we just get a court order.

They wouldn't give us one. This ain't our case, remember?

Then why the hell are we here?

We both recognized Morales' body at the junkyard.

-You fucking lied to Garcia. -l didn't lie to him.

-l just didn't tell him the truth. -Oh, Christ. Don't patronize me.

Think l like dragging around after you all day? I fucking hate it.

And I hate the way you drive, and l hate your stinking whiskey breath.

Well, I hate your uptight, regulation-spouting, Boy Scout horseshit.

And I hate the little fucking creases in your pants.

And I hate these fucking doughnuts. These little ones with the pinky shit on top.

Nobody eats that shit.

-Who the hell asked you anyways, huh? -Shut up! I got him.

-Why do you want this guy so badly? -He killed my partner.

I know about that, but "m not buying it.

There's gotta be something else.

Listen, kid.

All my life, "ve been in a race, whether it was on the circuit or the force.

I always seem to come up smalltime.

Except all of a sudden now, this guy Strom falls right in my lap out of sheer luck.

Me and Powell, we make him as king of the biggest chop-shop operation in the Southland.

I'm wearing him down. Do you hear me?

He's running on reserve. In fact, his engine's gonna blow...

...and I ain't gonna lose this one.

You can either stand out of my way or you can be my partner and back me up.

Goddamn this son of a bitch.

Fuck this shit.

That's got it.

Wake up, kid.

We just hit the jackpot.

Good to see you, Mr. Strom. We really missed you.

Good luck on the tables tonight.

I stopped believing in luck a long time ago.

Mr. Strom.

Now listen carefully, paesan.

I am broke, desperate and very pissed.

I know you stupid wops keep over $2 million in there.

You know the combination.

Everybody, come on out.

All right. Up against the wall, all of you. Come on.

How did you know?

That's what happens when you live with a bug up your ass.

You did good, Alphonse. Now get out of here.

Hold it right there. That's far enough.

Shoot her.

Shoot her now.



Get the money.

-Ciao, pig. -There's nothing in here.

What are we gonna do?


If you want him to die, shoot now.

There's already one dead cop downstairs. Don't make it two.

Hold your fire. Don't shoot.

We can't let you out of here. You know that.

Of course. In five seconds, "m pulling the trigger.




-Two. -Hold your fire.

Let them out of the building.

Now listen to me.

This pig has cheated me out of $2 million in cash.

That's exactly what you will have for me in 24 hours...

...if you ever want to see him alive again.

Two million bucks? Are you out of your fucking mind?

That's not pertinent, is it?

I'm taking this car out of here.

I'm going to be flipping through all your frequencies.

If I hear one static peep about following us, the pig dies.

Yeah, I hear you. How can we be sure you won't kill him anyway?

You can't, can you?

Nick, goddamn it all to hell.

-Freeze. -Hold it.

Hold it!

What do you mean, no money?

I mean the commissioner and the mayor...

...decided not to set a precedent inviting every maniac in this city to kidnap someone.

Whatever the hell we do, we're gonna have to do it without $2 million.

-They'll kill him, goddamn it. -Then they'll kill him.

He was gonna squeeze that trigger. I saw it in his eyes.

They found the squad car ditched in East L.A., captain. Bad guys are long gone.

You took it in the back, didn't you?

They're not putting up the money.

Take a vacation.

Whatever happens...

...l don't want to see your face for at least two weeks.

Jump, Joey, jump. Jump. Jump.

Help me!

David, please. Help.


David? David?

What happened to you?

What's going on? lt's time for me to stop being scared.

And for other people to start.

I don't like this.

Well, nobody asked you to.

Just make sure you're there.

Take her down to the shop, Cruz.

Well, cop... wanted me so badly, now you get to spend your last few hours of life with me.

Well, that makes me feel warm all over.

You know, "m curious about one thing.

Why would a dumb Polack like you think he could outsmart someone like me?

lt's just that the arrogant fucking Kraut like you is in the firing line. That's--


That's no way to treat $2 million worth of merchandise.

Okay, Mr. Strom. This place is completely rigged.

Now, this little device just works by sound.

Punch in the sequence anywhere from within 200 yards...

...enter it, and ba-boom, she's sky-high.

Well, it looks like I wasn't the one who needed the longer legs, huh, Pulovski?

I'm going to have to leave this place real soon, thanks to you.

But when I go...

...l go with a bang.

I'm looking for Loco Martinez.

Why don't you run on home, or you'll get hurt worse than before, faggot.


Come on!

Who's next, huh? You want a piece of me? Come on!

Come on, motherfuckers! Come on!

Come on, motherfuckers! Play fucking games?

-Come on! Come on! -No!

Come on!

You gonna fuck with me?

Let's have a drink! You fuckers thirsty, huh?

Have a drink!

Come on! Come on, motherfuckers! Come on!

Let's get hot.

You can't do this, man! You're a cop! You're a fucking cop!

That's right. Tell me where I can find Loco or I'll blow your brains out...

-...and leave you here to burn. -l don't know where Loco runs, man.

-Bullshit! -l swear on the Virgin, nobody knows!

-What about Little Felix? -Third and Howard, man!

-He runs a cleaners at Third and Howard! -Third and Howard, huh?

I never did pay you for that beer.

Come on! This way! This way!

I want the money in a single black suitcase.

I will call later to inform you of the drop-off spot.

There will be a man there to pick it up.

-And then after, you will follow him to-- -Wait a minute.

Pulovski has to be at the drop off.

So that your sharpshooters can pick off my man and take the pig?

Who do you think you're talking to?

No Pulovski, no drop off.

Damn it! This guy is serious.

You listen to me. We got no time, no money and no leverage.

You don't get it, do you, Ray? Pulovski's dead already.

He just doesn't know it yet.


I'm giving you one last chance. You do as I say or the pig dies.

Okay, we'll do it, but I want to hear Pulovski's voice, and l mean now. lt's for you.

Try and be smart.

-Nick! Nick, are you there? -Yeah, "m here.

You damn fool! I told you to get off this case!

But no, you had to be your stupid, stubborn, son of a bitch self. Look where it got you!

Now, you boys just take it easy and save your money.

I've got these people right where I want them.

You seem like a man with a fairly adequate lQ.

I hope you respect my capabilities more than your unreasonable friend here.

Further instructions will follow.

Sounds like Nick's got them outnumbered.

Candy-gram for Mr. Mongo.

Get the fuck back!

Get the fuck back!


Move! Move!

That's great. This is all I fucking need right now.

Police brutality complaints have been pouring in from the East L.A. division all morning.

Seems like a cop assaulted an entire bar down there and burnt it down!

From the descriptions, sounds like David Ackerman!

-Ackerman? -Yeah!

That damn yellow rookie.

I tried him at home. His girlfriend answered, worried as hell.

Said he'd run off last night, hasn't heard from him since.

Listen up! I need two volunteers that know David Ackerman's face.

Wang! Lance! Get in an unmarked and go out looking for him!

I want that fresh-faced punk picked up on sight!

-Lieutenant, give us a break. -lt's not just a job! lt's a fucking adventure!

Excuse me. You can't go back there.

-Our expectations are that-- -Okay, everybody out. The party's over.

What, do you want me to fax it to you? Let's go! Come on!

Go on.

What do you think you're doing?

You've been all over television. Where you been?

I need $2 million... four and a half hours.

That's it, then.

You continue making mistakes, and I have to spend my life paying for them.

A man is going to die.

I didn't come to you because you're my father.

I came to you because you're the richest person that l know.

Who do you think you're punishing, huh?

Putting yourself out where you could get killed. "ve already lost a son.

-You can't know how that feels. -He was my brother.

You're my only son! lt's your responsibility to be here for us!

My responsibility?

Where were you when I was in pain? Where were you when l was hurting?

I've always given you everything you wanted.

But you were never there for me, Dad. Were you angry with me?

Did you blame me for something?

Well, I don't know, and l really don't give a fuck anymore.

I'm through making mistakes.

You couldn't buy me, Dad, but you can sure as hell buy me some time.

I'll do it.

With a condition.

You forgive yourself.

You do what you gotta do, and when it's over, you quit, give yourself a decent life.

-Deal? -No.

This is my life. This is my job.

Help me.

Any chance of getting a glass of water?

You think you're a real man, don't you?

A real tough American guy.

Pigs are all alike.

Without their badges, they're only half-men.

Without their guns, they're nothing at all.

Are you any different?

I said, are you any different?

You better be.

Because I hate anything useless.

When something is no good to me...

...l just cut it off and throw it away.

It tastes like fear, pig.

Now I'll have something to remember you by...

...when you're dead.

Pure silver. Strom wears an identical one.

When one of us dies, the other takes his own life with it.

Romantic. lsn't it?

Bite it.

Bite it!

Don't lose it.

-Sarah. -David, where are you?

Never mind. Are you okay?

Am I okay? Everybody's worried sick about you.

Your parents have been calling all day long. Lt. Garcia's here.

He says half the force is out looking for you.

Okay. All right, look, everything's fine.

Stay with the lieutenant. Tell him I'll be there soon to explain, all right?

All right, I'll tell him. I love you, David.

Admiring the view, Ackerman?

Lieutenant, that was David. He'll be here in a minute.

That's great. Thank you, Sarah.

Is decaf okay? David hates caffeine.

Decaf's fine.

Don't worry. A couple more years, and David will be a speed freak like us old-timers.

Christ. I don't know what you've been up to, but Garcia is pissing fire.

-He wants you downtown, like, yesterday. -Garcia isn't at headquarters.

Sure as hell is. He called us from there five minutes ago.

-l gotta get home right now. -No way, you're coming downtown right now.

-What the hell are you doing? -Ackerman!

-What are you doing?! -So long, guys.



lt's a nice place you got here, Sarah.

You got a washer, dryer, everything.

Me, I gotta go to the cleaners.

I was just there, as a matter of fact.

Get out of the way! Move!

-Watch it! -Move! Get off the sidewalk!

Move your ass!


Coffee's ready.

--Officer Raymond Garcia. As you'll see, his comments were quite unorthodox.

All I can say is, we're gonna do our best.

Everything that can be done to ensure Pulovski's safety is being done.

Oh, shit!


Damn you!


Just for that, "m gonna make it hurt, puta!

No! No!

Come on, boy.

Goddamn it!

-l needed him alive! -Then I should've let him kill you!

If l wanted him dead, I would've shot him myself.

Maybe next time, you aim for the kneecaps, huh?

I was aiming for the kneecaps.

Come here. lt's okay. lt's okay.

You want to know what a real criminal is, Sarah?

What are you talking about, David?

Anyone who would deface a work of art with a color like that...

...ought to have his ass removed.

Third van's in place, Mr. Strom.

Good. Get up there, help Liesl with the pig...

...get your car and you're out of here. Get ready.

-What about Loco? -Loco? Loco hasn't called in.

You handle it yourself, and I save 50 grand.


We are moving, babe.

I think this little beauty here is gonna do me just fine.

I'll see you later.

Going on a little trip, are we?

Chill or die, asshole.

Now, you don't wanna go wasting $2 million worth of merchandise, do you?

Fuck you.

Fuck you!

Damn it, Liesl!

Hey, cop! Are you listening to me?

There's no time for any more of this.

I wanted to keep you for insurance, but now it's too late.

If you want to live, drop your gun.

All right. Have it your way.

Don't lose it.


What the hell are you doing here?

-l thought you were dead. -You should be so lucky.

That's twice you've let me down, kid. Where's your key?

I'm gonna cut you a little slack. Who's your backup?

You're my backup.

You're a real precocious kid. I could almost get to like you.

Wait a minute. I was starting to enjoy that.


Hey, Nick, what the hel"s going on?

Two hundred yards.

All right, you troublesome bastards.

Get in the car.

-What the fuck are you doing? -Get in the fucking car!

Say goodbye to your Polack.

-Fasten your seat belt. -Are you fucking crazy?

Fasten your seat belt.

Holy shit!

Engineered like no other car.

I told you to fasten your seat belt.

You all right, kid?

I don't know.

-Are we done yet? -No, we're not done...

...but you are.

What the hel"s that supposed to mean?

Means you did real great back there, and "m very appreciative.

But "m going after that son of a bitch, and I won't need you watching my ass.

Wait a minute. While you had what's-her-name sitting on your face...

She did not sit on my face.

Whatever. Look.

I've been kicking ass and taking names, trying to save your fucking hide.

I'll probably get busted by the first cop that sees me.

You got a right to remain silent. You got a right for an attorney.

-Fuck you, Nick. -Your daddy will be able to make bail.

My daddy was ready to bail one of us out.

Two million dollars for your ass.

-You tell him "m obliged. -Oh, he didn't do it for you, Nick.

I did it for you.

This is ridiculous.

We'll never see Pulovski alive.

There's a light-colored van coming around the corner!

Captain, look.

That's it. Let him in.

-Get the barricades open! -Opening up!

All right, get ready. This is it.

Get ready to grab the son of a gun.

What the hell?

Ray, what the hel"s going on?

We didn't think we would have it in time...

...but we do.

Give us a chance.

Look at it!

Hold everything.

We just bought 2 million bucks' worth of time.

He's on the move. Let's get this damn show on the road!


What the--?

I saw you die.

Welcome to hell, asshole.

What the hel"s going on?

Who the hell knows, but we're gonna back him up on it.

There's a turn up ahead. You say left or right.

One mistake, I'll give you a smile you keep the rest of your life.

Right. Right, man, right.

-Where you been rehearsing that stuff? -Oh, "m done rehearsing.

Good boy. Very good boy.

Strom would never send you out without an escape route planned... we're gonna lose the cops, understand?

They aren't moving.

-What's going on? -Who the hell knows.

Let's check it out.

I'll be damned.

Give him the keys.

Get in.

This thing isn't here for decoration. You've been calling in. Call now.

-Hey, man, they've been calling me. -That's bullshit, and you know it.

If you think about getting cute...

...I'll blow that shit you call brains all over my partner here.

You're behind schedule. What's going on?

There was a delay, but "m cool.

-I'll be there in 1 5. -Ten.

Shit all over your partner?

-Are you ready? -Two minutes.

Do you have it? lt's all here.

Good work.

-Strom! -Goodbye.


Here's the interest.

Split off!

Lousy bitch.

I better get Strom.

Out! Out! Out!

Police officer!

Get out of the way! "m a police officer!


Move! Move!


Get out of the way! Move!


Police officer. Get back.

Get out! Get out of the way, bitch!


Out! Out!

Move it!

Get down! Get down!


Hold it right--


He's got a gun!



I guess...'re gonna have to call the ambulance, cop.

I don't think so.

A man's gotta live up to his word.

There's gotta be a hundred reasons why I don't blow you away...

...but right now I can't think of one.

You know that security guard only had five bullets in his gun?

How about that?

Didn't I ever tell you you should always...

...aim for the heart?

I was aiming for the heart.

That's my brand. Where'd you get that?

Your house. l picked it up the same time I borrowed your bike.

lt's nothing I can't fix.

Well, you're so good at fixing things...

...maybe you'll fix me a light.

The story of my life.

Hey, Dave. Sorry to hear about Nick, man.

I always told Pulovski he'd get it someday, and he didn't believe it.

Tough break for Pulovski.

Keep trying, fellas.

How's it going, Ray?

Nick! Where's the lieutenant?

-You're looking at him. -What happened to Garcia?

He got kicked upstairs. You got a problem with that?

No, not at all. That's just fine.

You look pretty nice sitting behind that desk there.

That's Lt. Pulovski to you or else you'll be back on parking-meter duty.

-You got that? -l got that.

-"m never too far from your thoughts, am l? -My nightmares is more like it.

And keep that motorcycle out of my parking place or I'll have it impounded.

And get your ass off my desk. You don't park here either.

Listen, Nick--

Excuse me, lieutenant, sir--

I ran a make on that guy we've been seeing all over town. Turns out to be--

-Excuse me. This is a private conversation. -This is Heather Torres.

Heather Torres? Nice to meet you, Heather.

-Anyways, it's the same guy Homicide-- -That's your new partner.

Let her back in, David. Now.

I've been going through the files here.

Torres' test scores are outstanding.

Better than yours.

-She's perfect. -Oh, yeah?

Then why is her badge on upside down?

I'd get yourself a backup.

Keep it.


Are you two gonna stand here all day and bust my chops?

Get out there and arrest somebody. Or something.

Why the hell not?

Looks a little wet behind those ears. Thought you could use this.

You know what they say about those virgins?

Yeah, I know all about it.