The Samaritan (2012) Script

==Sync and corrected by YGA==

I'm sorry.

If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on being what you've always been,

I used lo share a cell with a guy who had those words tattooed across his chest in Japanese characters.

After ten years, the guy gets out.

A week later, he gels himself killed for being what he'd always been.

Those words are still on his skin, buried in a box somewhere.

Nothing changes unless you make it change.


In case you need me, call this number.

They'll know where I am.

Take care.



Don't leave town.

Don't associate with anyone with a record.

You so much as jaywalk, you're back in.

All right, we're done here.

You just let me know when you find a job, and I'll file the papers.


Your parole officer can be your pal or a son of a bitch.

It's your decision. You got me?


J' tell you, I thought I had it made j'

Rodney around?

No, man.

Rodney's dead.

How about selma?

No. She, uh-she split out west.

I bought the place...

Shit, six years ago now.

You wouldn't happen to keep a bottle of bowman's under the bar for luck, would you'?

So you did know Rodney'

guess old habits die hard' how you take it'?


' Yeah, before I knew it, I was a teenager.

Yeah, when, uh...

When I took over, guys would come in from time to time, saying Rodney owed 'em money for this and that, pulling some shit.

Hasn't happened in a couple centuries, though.

It's supposed to catch thieves, not ghosts.

If you've come for the money, you're...

It's all gone now.

I had to pay off a lot of cops to stay out of prison.

That's a thousand years ago.

Yeah, I figured.

You still in touch with any of the old crowd?


He's dead. Died in prison' hmm. Matt'?

Dead too- How about sal?

Don'! Tell me he's dead.

He's not dead. Good.

He's in a coma, up at grace.

Pretty high mortality rate in the old business.


What happened to your hand?

Past caught up with me.

Nobody gets to make a fresh start.

You know that.

My kids will be coming home soon.

They don't know anything about the old days, I'm glad to see you, but I don't want you coming around here, foley.


Who the hell are you?

I'm disappointed.

You don't see it'?

The chin?


I know I've got his eyes.

Yeah, I see it.

You're Eddie's kid, right'?

That's right Ethan, that's a good memory.

Been a long time. More than 20 years.


My mistake.

A man does that kind of hard time, you don't want to get the numbers wrong.

I can't blame you for being suspicious.

I mean, here I am, sitting in the dark, waiting for you, what do you want from me, Ethan?

I just...

I just want to buy you a drink.

I got a 35% stake in this place.

Easy money.

Kind of owe it to you and my dad.

My mom told me your big plan was to cash out and open a club.

We wanted to open a bar, not whatever this is!

Here, let me show you.

Grab a drink.

Talk about the, uh, old days, maybe talk about the new days.


Xaviers here, and he wants to see you and me in the back, okay.

Come here. Listen.

Take him to my seat. Everything is on the house.

I'll be right back.

You're alone.

Doesn't seem right.

I'm waiting for someone.

I've been waiting for someone too.

I just found him.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Ethan told me to stop by' said he had someone who'd like to meet me.

Hey! I see you two have met.

You get rid of her'?

Ease up.

Wound that tight, you'll give yourself a stroke.

I'm not interested in whatever it is you're selling.


Well, you can go fuck yourself, because I'm definitely not gonna.

You still owe me that gram.

That was something.

I'm leaving.

Look, foley, I'll take you home, but could you just give me one minute?

Just hang back a second.

This is what we like to see, empty bottles means business is good.

A veuve, dom, cristal..

Very nice, but, uh...

Oh! What have we here?

The '96 billecart-salmon.

It's a shame to open this'

Really, it needs another 10 or 15 years.

But if you're some hedge fund shithead trying to pry into the pants of some poor, unfortunate girl, well, you need to do what you need to do.

I had the '59 a few weeks ago.

It was absolutely spectacular.

The minerality weaves the elements together like silk.

I love champagne, I drink a lot of it because I have a lot to celebrate.

Life is good when my people do their jobs.

This happened on your watch, Ethan.

It won't happen again.

Xavier, I'm the one that caught the stupid motherfucker.

And that's why, one day, if you're a good boy, I'll let you try the-the '59.

Our colleague here won't have that opportunity, so you thought, what, that I wouldn't notice?


And I wouldn't notice?

Gonna be kind of tough to get the money back now.

You'll find a way.

Have a safe flight.

Deal with it.

Foley. Foley.

Just... Give me a minute, please.

I got out of prison yesterday. Yesterday!

I know.

I know, and I'm sorry for that, but just listen to me.

I thought that we would go out, you know'?

Have a drink.

I guess I was just trying to show you that I'm like my dad.

But the truth is, I never really knew the guy, you know, my mom, she was...

What do you want from me, Ethan?

I want to know why you killed my father.

Still a lot of money to be made down there.

Just how much do you know about me and your dad?

Only what my mom told me, that you were best friends, partners.

She tell you what we did? Our work'?

. No.

But I figured it out.

It's everything I could find.

Every article, every picture.

Why would you keep all this?

How else could I get to know him?

You were grifters, best in the city, according to a lot of the old-timers.

Ethan, you need to let this go.

Your dad's been dead a long time.

No, I need to know.

Foley, put yourself in my shoes.

We were on the grift...

A long con with a volatile mark but with a high yield if it played.

And it played.

Till your dad got greedy and tried to squeeze the mark loo hard, I never figured out why.

He was in debt.

He was way over his head, cards, horses.

Took my mom years to get out from under it.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Mark was a heavy hitter.

Didn't take well to being ripped off.

Kill your dad, or I could die with him.

I'm sorry.

I spent a long time in a very small room thinking about the choices I made that night.

I was young, younger than you are now, but I made a choice.

I never broke frame, and I was punished for it.

What was his name?

The mark' what's it matter?

He was the mark.

Your dad put us both in a corner, and there was only one way out.

Well, if somebody did that to me, I'd kill him too.

I'm just saying...

I understand.

You understand?

Yeah, I do, and I think we can help each other.

Look at me, Ethan.

25 years of my life are gone.

Now, if you're as smart as you think you are, you should go in this room, rip that shit down off that wall, and throw it away!

This isn't the kind of thing where we got to make small talk, is it'?

Can I just watch my game?

Pitcher of your cheapest.

Sit anywhere you like.

You think'?

Oh, shit.

Watch it.

I said no. Get off me.

Got to go to the bathroom- shit.

Oh. Damn.

Always choke in the clutch.

' No!

Leave it be.

He's bad business'

No, no.

Please stop.

Shut up.

Please stop.

She said stop.

Get the fuck out of here!

After you.

Hey. Hey. He can't hurt you now.

Put it down. Put it down.

God damn.

It's-it's all right.

It's okay. Hey.

How you know this guy?

I just met him tonight.

He was supposed to go get me some...

Hey, you're that freak from the other night.


For your trouble.

What about your cut'?

I wasn't even here.

What about the girl? She's waiting inside.

Tell her I said good night,

Good to go.

Oh, the pipes!


What the hell happened?

I could have been fucking killed!

Ll don't know. It was all secure.

I don't give a shit!

You come to work looking like hell!

You almost killed my guy!

Now, get off my site! Now!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Brother man, hey, look.

I need this job.

Look, I will make it worth your while.

I will kick back double what you asked' this shit could never be worth my while.

Hey, at least new you have time for coffee.

Ethan, did you have anything to do with what happened back there?

Of course not.

'Cause I need this job for my parole.

I have to make money.

Oh, you have needs? Tell me.

What do you need?

I thought I made myself clear.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

You're going straight.

The same thing every con says at first.

But you're not every con.

You've got skills, skills I can use.

What are you talking about'?

I'm putting together a grift and not just any grift.

I've got the perfect mark for the samaritan.

That's what I'm talking about.

That's why I need you on board.

That's your grift, you and my dad.

I'm not your dad, Ethan, and I don'! Want to be.

You know, my mom was alone for a long time.

But when I'm 17, she brings home this new guy, and he takes us out to dinner, orders me a steak, so I know that he sees me as a man, not a boy, and they tell me they're getting married.

What am I supposed to say to that'?

Well, sure, I'd love a dad who owns a shitty body shop and smells of urinal cakes.

So I eat my steak, and I go to work.

Late night calls to the same number on his cell bill.

Motel room charges on his credit card.

Of course, I don'! Say a word.

Let mom figure it out.

And when she does, I'm on his side.

"Give him another shot," which she does.

Until I pay a pro to show up saying he owes her 200 bucks for the abortion he made her have.

The poor bastard.

He had no idea what hit him.

But I knew”.

I was my father's son.

Sc, yeah, you're right.

You're not my father.

But I don't need a father.

I need a partner.

Your mom ever find anybody else?

What'? No.

Sorry to hear that.

You have no idea what I can do for you.

Ethan, stay away from me.

Any fallout from the other night?

No static on this end, no cops, no Jake, but she's been by every night this week.

I was just leaving.

You're not going anywhere.

I owe you an apology.

Called you a freak.


Apology accepted.

Well, anyway, thanks for the other night.

I've been raped before. It's no fucking picnic.

Ah, Jesus.


You really put it out there, don'! You?

I don't know whether to be charmed or terrified.

Come on.

Be charmed'

So that's it'?

I buy you a bottle of your liquor of choice, and you're not even gonna try and get into my pants?

All right, Ask me how my day was.

How was your day?

Ah, shitty.

How was yours?

Shitty, There you go.


Sorry. I'm a little out of practice.

Well, I like a little chatter or at least a good sob story.

"My wife doesn't understand me."

"You remind me of my first girlfriend."

1 don'! Have a wife.

Girlfriend, then' don't have a girlfriend.

I don't have a family. I don't have a house.

I don'! Have a dog, I don'! Have any friends.

I don't have anything' not one goddamn thing'


Me too, pretty much.

Both of my parents died when I was too little to remember them.

I was raised by my alcoholic douche bag grandma till I could get out from under her thumb.

Basically, anyone who ever cared about me is dead.

Only reason my grandma is still alive is probably 'cause I hate her guts.

Oh, you think that's funny?

Just a bit.

Well, you got something better'?

I just got out of prison last week, after 25 years for killing my best friend.

Everybody I ever cared about is either dead, damn near dead, or wishes I was dead.

Yeah, you're definitely more pathetic than I am.

I'm seriously considering giving you a pity fuck.

Well, what if I don'! Want one?

In case you've been hit in the head too many times, I'll be real clear.

This is your big chance'

I'll tell you when it's time for you to do something.

All right, you can kiss me now.

Got a matching set on this one.

Tried to kill myself.

Couple of times.

That upset you?


Just glad you didn't pull it off.

I'm a drug addict.

That upset you?

I'm a murderer.

Does that upset you?

I can't remember the last time I did something I was proud of.

I know what you mean.

You do, actually.

You understand.

Nothing changes unless you make it change.

Yeah, I know how that sounds.

Every morning, when I woke up in prison, I thought about what it really meant.


I got to go to the bathroom.

Take some stuff.

Else I'll be climbing the walls.

You can leave if you want, I'll understand, he?

You don't have to close the door.


How many of these places have you ever been to?

Oh, you know none.


I buy them at used bookstores.

I read about places that I could never afford to go, plan out trips I could never afford to take.

So if you could go to any of these places, which...



I'd fly to Rio, then head 1,000 miles up the coast to maceio, so I could see...

This, Why Rio?

Guess it seems like the kind of place you could just lose yourself.

You're doing okay.

I had concerns.

Yeah, me too'

I want you to move in,

welcome home.

Smells good in here,

what's the matter? Hmm?

I feel like this is- this is real, like we're making a life here.

We are.


Then there's some shit we need to clear up.


That night at the Apollo lounge

"with that guy."

It wasn't just a coincidence you showed up, was it?

What are you talking about'?

Well, Ethan sent you right?

You've known this whole time?

Sort of figured, yeah.

I owe him money.

More than I can pay.

He said if I slept with you, we'd be square.

Had to do it before.

Not a lot.

Two times.

I don't care about that.

I do.

I told him I'd check you out and decide.

Guess I was pretending like I had a choice.

Jake decided I was just some whore and he can get a freebie.

I remember laying on that bathroom floor, thinking, "this could be it for me."

On my knees, in front of some son of a bitch.

Then you walked in.

After you took off, I told Ethan I'd find a way to pay him back, but I wasn't doing what he wanted.

I went to that bar because of him, but everything since has been because of you,


I just wanted the truth.

I'm sorry.

Promise me you'll never lie to me again.

I promise you the same.

I promise, and I'm sorry.

Don't be.


Hey, come on in.

Listen, you want a drink? I got some...

I'm here to talk business.


So you're finally ready to be partners.

That's good news.

No, no, no, no. See, you misunderstand.

You and me, we're never gonna work together.

Never say never.

I'm here about iris.

I know what's been going on.

You do, eh?


I don't know, foley.

You know, I've been watching you real close, and I don't think you know shit.

In fact, I think you're totally fucking clueless.

You remember Jake, right?

Yeah, he sure remembers you,

Sorry about that, but Jake was kind of pissed at you.

So... Right about now, Jake is sitting in a car outside of iris' apartment, and if I don't call him in ten minutes, he's gonna go upstairs, fuck her, and cave her head in with a bat.

Or maybe he'll cave her head in and then fuck her.

You think I'm gonna-what?

Forgive you for killing my dad?

You owe me, foley, and I know exactly how you're gonna pay your debt.

You're gonna make me $8 million.

$8 million is the price of the bullet you put in your best friend's head to save your sorry ass.

Ethan, listen to me...

No, you listen to me!

I have got a mark primed and ready to go, but he does things old-school, so I need someone old-school to help me take his money.

You don't want my help.

You want to get me back for what I did.

No, this is about what you're going to do, which is exactly what I say, or I make sure that iris finds out something about you that she really, really doesn't want to know.

Look, me and iris already told each other every fucked-up thing we've ever done in our lives.

You can't get me like that. We have no secrets.

Got to know a secret to tell a secret.

Your old girlfriend, Tess Armstrong, told you that she had her little problem taken care of, she kept it.

I have a kid?

You got too used to thinking small, stuck inside that shitty little prison cell all those years.

And now, inside that shitty little apartment where the two of you have been playing house.

Except you're the one who's been played.

She's your daughter.

Iris... "Is."

Your... No, no.


No, no.

Your precious, little baby girl.

I should shoot you right now for even saying some shit like that to me.

She's your daughter.

That's a lie!

The night you met iris, face-to-face with your own flesh and blood you had no clue.

No clue.

It was priceless.

You gonna kill me, foley?

Huh? Then what'?

How long do you think it'll take the cops to figure it out'?

No, you're gonna do whatever I say.

You know all iris' secrets, huh?

So you know that she's had some close calls with a razor blade.

You know, I wonder how it'll make her feel, knowing all this time she's been fucking her...


That is the last time you do that.

You know, I almost feel sorry for you.

After all these years of putting the frame on your marks, now who's the mark'?

You got about six minutes to make up your mind.

Call him.

Excellent decision.

Shit. What?

Nothing. He just...

He's not answering his phone.

Give me your car keys.

If he's touched her, kill yourself.

Hey, bitch-cakes.

You miss me?

. No!

See that'!

That's from foley. Eye for an eye'

You all right'?

It's all right. It's all right.

Okay orgy.

All right, all right, all right, look, I have to get him out of here, then I'm probably gonna have to lay low in case there's heat, okay?

You mean we're gonna have to lay low...

You and me, together.

No, no, it's smarter if we slay apart.

What happened with Ethan?

I took care of it. What does that mean?

It means I took care of it!

You don't have to deal with him anymore!

What's going on? Nothing!

Look, iris, I cannot go back to prison.

I have to get him out of here before the police come.

Don't say anything to anyone'

I don'! Have anybody to tell.

You're the person I tell everything.

Come on, piece of...

Xavier's gonna fucking end you.


These are for the guy in 3602.

His car's in the usual spot.


You're out.

You look the same.

Older, but the same.

Celia, do I have a daughter'?

How did you find out'?

You were in prison a long time.

Tess wanted to be rid of you.

When she passed, I respected her decision.

So what did Tess tell the kid about who her father was?

Said he died in a car crash.

By that time, Tess was sick.

Kids don't question things when their whole world is falling apart.

Look, foley, you're better dead to her.

Yeah, I know that's hard to hear, but she's got a life now.

She doesn't need to know the kind of people she came from,

could you tell me her name?

I'm not gonna go look for her or anything.

I just want to know.


Her name is iris.

Thanks, Celia.

What are you doing? Get out of my house!

What did you tell Ethan about me?


Who do you think did that to me?

Jesus, foley, what did he do to you?

I'm sorry.


You disappear for a week.

Not a fucking word to let me know you're even alive, but you're sorry?

I spent half my life in prison.

In there, the decisions are made for you.

All this out here?

It's new to me.

I got things to sort out.

And in order to do that, I need time.

Time... Time away from all this.

Time... Away from you'

you're lying.

We said no lies.

Iris I know when you're lying' so you might as well just tell me the truth.

That is the truth. You have to trust me.

Look, we can't see each other right now.

It'd be best if you left I can'! Tell you why.

Look, if I didn't have to, I wouldn't ask.

You want me to trust you, but you won't even trust me with the truth?

If I told you it was for your own protection, you would just tell me you could protect yourself.

I can. I know.

And I know you can see through any story I tell you.

You're supposed to be the one person I can always tell the truth'

but I can't.

And I'm asking you again...

Please, trust me.

Let's just get out of here' we'll go somewhere hot, with beaches and fat tourists to rip off.

I'll plan every detail.

All you have to do is say yes, I have money I can give you, just take it and go as far away as you can.

Don'! Tell me where.

How long'?

A few weeks. A month, maybe.

Or longer?

Or never'?

No, no, baby, not never.



look, I need your help.

Got myself in a bit of trouble'

I mean, nothing of my doing but something I can'! Shake.

What are we talking about here?

Local guy, moves a lot of product.

Could be a big catch.

You want to go informer'?

You're my parole officer, right?

Isn't this what I'm supposed to do'?

It's Deacon.

You got him?

Yeah, he's right here'


You don'! Have to be a criminal mastermind to pay some guy off.

You made your one mistake, foley.

You make any more, and you're dons.

I want my answer by tonight.

Going lip'...








9... Congratulations.

The good news?

You have a very good circulatory system,

the bad news is, I learned some pretty nasty things in prison.

Did you know a small knife can cause just as much damage as a big knife?

Take this one, for instance.

I use it to cut fruit.

But if I press it here and make a cut about an inch long, you'll bleed to death in almost two minutes.

Listen, foley... No, you listen.

If we're gonna pull this grift together, you're gonna have to promise me two things.

Fuck you, foley. You're not in control.

Don'! You get it'!

These are my conditions.

First, iris will never hear a whisper of what you told me.

If you so much as hint at it, I will kill you.

You understand? Yes.

Secondly, if we pull this con, you will follow my instructions to the smallest detail, no exceptions.

You got it? Yes.

You know, you don't sound too convincing.

Yes! I-yes, I understand.

Absolutely! Fuck!


Come on. Fuck!

We need to worry about being disturbed?

No, no, we're fine.

The clinic closed at 7:00, and I'm here through the night to make sure the junkies don't- don't break in.

Are you even a fucking doctor'?

Am I getting stitched up by a fucking janitor'?

In Serbia, I was a surgeon.

Here, I'm a night watchman' miro knows what he's doing.

Fixed me up plenty of times in prison.

Look, you saved my ass a hundred limes.

This is nothing. I owe you.

Enough with fucking memory Lane!

Just... Just fucking finish.

I've made preparations, foley.

I get taken out, two things happen' cops find Jake with your DNA all over him, and iris finds out about her long-lost daddy.

And wherever you've got her stashed, she can be found.

Here's what I need:

A high-end hotel room so I can get in shape and work out the details of the grift.

I need a woman to play the catch.

Preferably older, experienced.

I need an I.T. Guy who can open international accounts and walk me through the tech.

And I need a place to stage the actual grift, preferably a house...

Big, expensive, isolated.

Yes. You see?

This is exactly what I'm talking about, partner' we're not partners, Ethan.

I had a partner once'

I killed him.

Looking good, foley.

Let me introduce you to your wife, Helena.

Helena, this is your husband.

Latest husband, anyway.

So you know how this grift works?

Yeah, first half, anyway.

Ethan's the inside man.

You're the outside man.

I'm the catch...

Coked-up wife of some rich guy, real estate developer' right.

So long work's already done' six months ago, someone stole some money from the mark.

250 grand.

And that someone is no longer with us'


So I tell the mark, "hey, you remember" that dumb motherfucker who ripped you off'...

Let her tell it.

Ethan takes me to the mark, I say, "it's not my fault, wasn't my idea."

250 got stolen in a drug deal.

Mark wants his money now, but I've only go! One way to pay it:

My rich husband.


. See?

I told you she's a pro.

She knows her part.

I know my part, but who's the mark'?

Are you out of your mind?

You never said we were pulling this on Xavier.

Yeah, what are you gonna do about it, bitch?

Are you suddenly in a position where you can just walk away?

Hey. Don't disrespect her.

When we're on the grift, our lives are in each other's hands.

Or do I need to remind you about the promise you made?


Are you absolutely positive- I mean, 100% sure...

This money can't be traced?

Twice a year, Xavier flies in to make sure that his money is laundered and dispersed to clean accounts.

He always does it in person.

But he's such a greedy prick that if he finds out that he can make an extra percentage by fucking someone over, I guarantee you, he will do it.

The grift is not about taking someone's money.

It's about gaining their confidence.

The key is to set up a situation where even though the mark knows he's fucking me over, he gets to act like he's doing me a favor, like he's running the grift.

That's why it's called the samaritan.


It's Helena.

Um, I just wanted to thank you for, um...

Well, I guess for not being a son of a bitch.

It's nothing.

Got anything to drink in here?

Ethan send you?

Fuck you. I'm not a whore'

I'm sorry.

I'm here because I like the look of you.

And like you said, if this thing falls apart, we end up dead.

This is not part of the grift.

What do you want, Helena?

I know who Ethan is, but I don'! Know who you are or why you're here.

I was gonna do it the old-fashioned way and ball it out of you, but you got all...

Professional, so now I just got to come out and ask.

It's unbecoming.

So Ethan's got you loo?

Hook's in deep.

You really think if we pull this off, he'll just pay us off and cut us loose?

I don't know.

I think he'll just keep coming back and...

Taking and taking and taking,

we'll get through this.

Ain't no "we," foley.

Thinking any different will just get you dead.

Does this look like the kind of place that a slick-ass real estate developer would build for himself'?

How far is this from the club?

17 minutes.

Exactly 17 minutes?

Trust me, I timed it.

And before you say anything, I fucking drove at the right time of night, we got 12 hours left for any final details.

You absolutely sure Xavier is gonna drive all the way out here himself'!

I know him.

He's got a hard-on for showing me how to do things right.

If I knock Helena around too hard, he'll step in and take control of the situation'

Hey, come on in.

We're gonna be late picking up Helena.

What's up, you got one of your club bitches up in here?

Boy, that's why I wanted to see you first.

Get you motivated for the big show.

Come on down and say hi.


Thought you got rid of me, huh?

Couldn't figure out why you were lying.

Just had to find out why.

But I never thought you'd blow me off for money.

I don't know what you think you're doing...

You don'! Get to tell me what to do anymore, I cleaned up.

I started to kick.

I did everything right.

But you just wanted me out of the way so you'd get right back to the grift.

You're the real addict here, foley.

Not me.

I need to talk to you alone.

Anything you need to say to me, you can say in front of him.

Good luck tonight.

Come home rich.

You ready to go to work?

You know, I got no choice here.

She's my leverage in case you're thinking of making some last-minute changes to the plan.

You're running the angles, eh?

Trying to figure out how to get her away from me.

But then what?

Then what do you do?

You slay with her?

Maybe you guys should just be friends.

Ethan. Stop talking.


Helena, you better be ready.

Messy bitch.

Fucking bitch!

You know, she probably fucking planned this all along, just waiting for the right moment to fuck me!


A woman is dead, Ethan, yeah, and I'm gonna have a fucking big, long cry over it once you tell me how to fix this!

Well, we're not going to fix it.

This is a three-person grift.

Husband, wife, dealer.

Everything pivots on the catch.

No catch, no grift.

The mark arrives in about three hours.

We're out of time.

You got to know someone from back in the day.

I could call Gretchen, but that finger you chopped off her hand might give away the fact that she's not the coked-up trophy wife of a real estate developer.

Fuck you!

You've done a pretty good job of that already' fucking yourself too.


We need the catch.

No goddamn way.

What? She's not smart enough'?

Pretty enough? Quick enough?

What's missing that Helena had'?

Not gonna happen.

Not your call, do I have a choice here?

Or am I just supposed to go whichever way the wind blows?

Yes, of course you have a choice.

Split's 60/20/20.

That's $1.6 million for you. What do you say?

Yeah. It'll never work.

You know I can do it.

Or is it that I'd be playing your wife?

Fair enough.

The mark would have to be pretty stupid to buy me as your wife, but I could be your daughter,

the grift calls for a cokehead wife getting dirty behind her husband's back, right?

But it could just as easily be a wayward daughter stuffing daddy's money up her nose, she's right.

Look, it's not that you're not pretty enough, quick enough, or smart enough' it's just that you're not ready, and we don't have time to get you ready.

You don't know the turns. You don'! Know the backups.

You don't know the gear' make a mistake, you can get all of us killed.

You know, there are things worse than getting killed, foley.

I think you know that.

How much do you owe?


I want to know how deep you're in this that you're so willing to commit suicide to get out.

Like your dad.

We can pull this off.

Ifs over.

I need this.

I can take my cut, getaway from here-far away.

Don't you think I deserve that?

Come with me.

You know what, foley? You want out?

Fine. Get the fuck out.

She stays.

Leave with me, right now.

Don'! Listen to him.

No, don't listen to me.

I'm only trying to make us all fucking rich!

I'm staying.

Everything I touch turns to shit.

Why do you think that is?


I found him.



Help me.

What did you do, huh?

Did you tell her'?

What did you tell her?

It's the grift.

What are you talking about'?

We started without you, Xavier thinks that I've gone to pick up iris' millionaire daddy to settle her big fat drug debt.

Hey, neither of us were just gonna let you walk away, foley.

This could be your masterpiece.

Wipe all those other clippings off my wall.

The chances of this working are slim to none' oh.

Well, then those are the chances of iris surviving the night.

If we don't do this, he'll put a bullet in her, I've seen him do it before for a lot less.

Why are you doing this to me?

You know why.

I didn't want to kill your father, Ethan.

I had no choice.

So then you're familiar with this kind of predicament, we're talking about iris' life here, now is your chance to finally play daddy.“ daddy,

suit up.

Thought you were gonna shave.

Nobody shaves at night.

A grift is all about the details.

Here's daddy'

I'm sorry to say your little angel has got herself into a bit of a bind.

Well, unfortunately this isn't the first time.

How much does she owe you?


Bet you're loving this, huh?

More proof you were right to send me away.

I sent you away for your own good.

But you just wanted me out of the way.

You were never there for me.

When mom died, I had nothing, nobody wanted me.


This-what's happening here, right now, this is your doing!

And in your usual fashion, you expect me to pay for your mistakes!


This is not family fucking therapy.

I want my money now,


Help me.

Daddy, I need help.

My cell phone.

I didn't tell you to do anything.

I'm sorry.

Had you planned on cashing a check'?

I'm going to make an electronic transfer.

So I'm supposed to give you, what, my account information?

I don't want your account information'

I don't want to know your name.

I don't want to know a goddamn thing about you.


I've just moved all the funds out of one of my offshore accounts, except for $250,000.

I've deleted my pass code.

All you need to do is enter yours.

You'll have full access to the funds, and you can transfer them anywhere you want.

Yes, I need you to check on immediate activity in the Belize account.

Oh, yes, that's because I don't care what time it is there.


Are we done?

How much do you keep in these offshore accounts?

Um, that particular one, I had a little under $3 million.

Any with more than 8?


I'd like you to consider a new deal.

I have $8 million that needs cleaning, and it seems to me you run an excellent maid service, now, before you decide-Vernon?

Would you get us a little taste?

This is going to be very nice.

Are you building a wine cellar'?

Uh, yes.

Ll once bought a divorce house because of the wine cellar.

The wife, who was selling, took me down because her soon-to-be ex-husband's unbelievable collection was still there.

'59 lafite.

'61 haut-brion.

'45 brunello.

Absolutely stupendous.

And then my eye catches the thermostat, and I say to her, "I don't know how to tell you this", "but this cellar should be at 55 degrees.

This one's turned up to 76."

And she looks at me with a kind of squint in her eye and, just ice-cold she says, "I know."

Yes, I have a '61 lafite I'm saving for a special occasion, it's on its final turn and the top of the bottle is going to be tired.

The rest is in the car, what's going on here?

Watch and learn.

The usual channels cost me a minimum of 30%, that's $2.5 million.

This is 8, clean.

What if he tries to...

He won't try anything.

If he does, we'll change his mind.

It occurs to me that if you want my help with your little problem, it should be worth more to me than just a return of my $250,000.

And your daughter. 15%.

And so we agree on 10.

I don't know.

My God!

What the fuck did you do that for'?

Thought you wanted to change his mind.

Help me!

No, no, no, no.

The only way you can help your daughter is to do the deal.

I have to get her to a hospital!

And so you shall when the business is done.

Sit up. Sit up.

Put pressure on it. Hold it.

What do you want me to do?

The same as before.

You put some funds into an account for me.

You lake your cash. We never see each other again.

Do we have a deal?

Do we have a deal?


No deal.

He can't make the deal because he's not a real estate developer.

He's a grifter, and this is a con.

Which makes you the mark.

Why would you tell me this?

Because nothing changes unless you make it change.

What the fuck are you talking about'!

I'm telling you because I don't care about your money.

I just want that piece of shit to know how close he came to getting everything he ever wanted right before you shoot him dead.

No, not him!


She's lying!

You little shit!

She is his daughter!

I know, Ethan.

He is your father!

I know, Ethan.

You can'! Hurt me anymore.

You know'?

1 went to see Celia.

I have been in this place before, and there's only one way for this to end'

I will tell you what you want to know, and if you don't believe what I say, then just put a bullet in me.

Just let her go.

Nobody is going anywhere ever again.


You okay? You stay here.

Stay here. Stay here.

I am not going out over $8 million.

It's just money!

Take it.

Take the money.

We can do a deal.

Do you know who I am?

I know exactly who you are, that's why I have to do this.

Let's go! Come on.

We have to get out of here. Let's go.



Oh, God.

No, God!

Miro, help us, please.

She needs a blood transfusion immediately, but the clinic has no blood in storage.

Use me. No, no.

We don't have time to test for blood type.

If I give her the wrong blood, she will die.

Can we find a relative?

If-if they're related, we got a better shot.

Miro! Miro!

It'll work.

Miro... I have some money.

This is where to find it.

Take what you need.

And the rest to her.

Foley, you will not survive this.

Let me stop the transfusion.

She needs a second chance.

Now, I just need you to sign here and here, please.

How long will the transfer take, exactly?

Just a moment.

Exactly that long.

How long did you plan to visit?

I'm not sure.

How long does it take to get lost?

If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on being what you've always been.

Nothing changes unless you make it change.

I know what it sounds like, but every morning when I wake up, I think about what that really means.

Nothing changes unless you make it change.

Summer keeps falling I keep remembering.

When you were lost in the all.

Time wasn't fading, I keep forgetting.

You were the one that I love.

Soon we'll be riding away in the night.

Falling till the oceans are crying.

' Soon you will arrive in the only all.

Only I'm waiting till someday I'll be on your right.

To the only one in your life.

And the only one that I will love.

That's you and I.