The Sand (2015) Script

Ladies, nice! Welcome to the party!

That's it. Own it! That's right!


Oh, crap! We've got Steve and Steve.

We've got the Steves, guys! Oh, yeah. Oh-oh!

Hey, Kaylee! What's up?

Hey, what's up? I didn't think you'd show up... cos of the whole, you know.


Last midterm's at 4:30. Where else am I gonna go?

Aw! Eh, you drinking? Nah, I'm good, thanks.


Konnichiwa, bitches!

Actually, I changed my mind.

Oh, shit!

Hey, hey, hey!

So, I need everybody to put your phones in the bag.

Okay? Okay? Put your phones in the bag.

Everyone put your phones in the bag. No way, Mitch. I need my phone.

Oh, you saw the invite! You saw the invite!

You wanna... you wanna spend the rest of your spring break taking naked selfies of your vagina?

Right! But tonight Vegas rules, baby!

What about him? No, rowdy, rowdy, bro. Give it up!

No, no, no, no! Give it up! Get him!

Come on, Marsha. Give me a little something. Nobody's around.

It's just us! For the camera.

Did you see that?

Come on! All right, babe. You ready?

Ready for this. All right. Let's go.

Gilbert, Gilbert!

Come on, baby!

All up! Ah! That was for my mom!

She's had... Uh-oh, incoming!

Ooh! Okay.

How you getting on there, Gilbert? Oh, I'm good.

What the hell is that?

Ew! Ew! We found it up the beach.

It's gooey. Dude, yo! Holmes. That's not gonna burn.

Yo, we need firewood! We need firewood, guys!

You're an idiot, Gilbert.

What did you say?

I said you're an idiot.

What the fuck you say? Man, it's about fire, bro.

Hey, hey!

Yo, come on, dude. Hand it over. No, man.

Listen to me. I know it was nice for you...

Yo! Oh, dude, trying to have a moment here, bro.

Oh, don't touch me, you troll!

Oh, that is awesome!

That is so awesome!

Hand it over!

Come on. Come on, bro!

Vegas rules, bitch! All right, no Tweet-Tweets, no Facebooks, My Spaces. Let's go.

Nothing leaves this beach! Aw, man!





Look, Mitch... Dude, I get it. Okay, I get it.

Vegas rules.

Do you want to get wet?

Surfing. Do you want to surf or...?

I just...

I just wanna go home.

Hey, where are you going?

Nowhere. Mm!

Good morning. Morning.

Mm, we should probably... Later?


Okay, people, let's get up and out of here. No, five more minutes.

Seriously? I thought I was horny.






Marsha, I can see your nipples. I can see them.

Don't look at her nipples! Where's your top?


Have you seen Heather? Oh, my God.

I'm gonna kill that bitch. Oh, shit!

Hold on.

God! Oh!

That was amazing!

There were like chunks. Did you see that? She's probably puking in your shoes.

Nice! Mm.

Are you stuck?

Oh, my God!

Guys, I'm sick.

Yeah, no shit, Marsha. Come here and let's go.

Marsha, don't touch the sand!

What the fuck?

Yeah, don't touch the sand!

What is it? I don't know.

I'm stuck.

Did she say she's stuck?

My feet, I can't...

Marsha, just get up!

Is she okay?

She probably just stepped on something.

Yo! Something's wrong.

No, Vance, don't!

No. Yeah, we have to help her.

No, Vance, you can't! Oh, my God.

Get back in the...

Vance! There's something wrong with the sand.

We have to help him! Do something!

Vance! You guys, why isn't he getting up?

Ronnie! Help! Help me!

I'm going. No!

No. Just let me go!

Aah, it hurts! Goddamn it, do something!

Start the car, Jonah. Start the car! Come on!

It's going to be okay! Come on!

It's gonna be okay. Vance, baby, look at me. Look at me, baby.

Ronnie! Help!

Get a rope. Get something. Just see what there is.

I'm coming, Vance. I've got some rope!


Look at me, baby. Look at me! Shit.

Let me know if you can hear me. I got it!

He's sinking! You will, too.


Oh, honey!

Baby, no!

No, God!


Oh, my God, baby!


Please, please, get up!

Did he...?

This isn't real.




Okay! Okay!


What the hell? Somebody want to tell me what the fuck just happened?

You saw!

It was quicksand, man. We need to get out there and dig.

No! You saw the sand.

The sand ate him. It devoured him.

It was chemicals. What?

Chemicals. There was a spill or something, like oil or something.

That's bullshit! Oil does not do that, or the fucking Quicky Lube guy would earn more than fucking minimum wage!

It was the government.

So, it was the government, oil, chemicals that killed Vance! Mystery solved.

Okay, what do we do? I'm gonna call my congressman.

KCAL9, 60 Minutes!

Just get me my phone. Call someone and let's get the fuck out of here!

Shit! The phones are in the trunk.

Oh, that's just great! How are we supposed to get 'em?

Vegas rules, you dick!

What kind of stupid-ass plan was that?

Take our phones away so we don't end up on the fucking internet!

You see how played out that is?

God! Guys...

Hey, hey! It's okay. You know we're okay.

The fuck we are! Did you see what just happened?

No, he's right.

Look around. We're okay.

Vance is in the fucking sand!

Vance is gone, but we're okay.

And we're gonna stay okay, right? Right.


Okay, it can't get us in the car. We've got to stay in the car.

Okay, drive the car over here and get us and we'll get out of here, and tell somebody about this and they can come deal with this shit.

The car won't start.

It's the battery. Jonah, stop! Lights.

Turn the lights off.

Oh! Dead battery.

That's okay. All right then, we wait here. We're just gonna wait here.

Someone's gonna come. Someone's bound to come and save us, right?

Kaylee, what are you doing? Kaylee! Kaylee!

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

No, just look. Listen to me, you guys. The sand, you can't!

Okay. Just please shut up for a second and pay attention to this.

Kaylee. Just watch.

Assholes! Get me out of here!

Gil's stuck. Come on, you assholes, help me!

Gilbert, you have to listen to me. Screw you!

Gilbert, stop! Is this you, Mitch?

Gilbert, look at me.

You better start running. Consider this a head start.

Gilbert, don't move! This is not a joke, man!

Please stop! It's gonna hurt you.

Seriously! I'm jammed in a fucking trash can, asshole!

Help me out of here. Gilbert, you have to listen to me.

What is it?

There's something in the sand.


I don't know. We don't know. Vance is dead!

Dead? Marsha, too.


You know her, the girl with the... the feet like, er...

That's not funny!

What we know is you can't touch the sand. Yeah, man, there's something in it.

Like... little hairs or... Little hairs?

Yeah. What am I supposed to do?

You're supposed to sit tight. Sit tight?

I'm jammed in a fucking trash can, Mitch. It hurts, dude. It really hurts!

Listen, you have to, okay?

If you guys are fucking with me...

Dude, Gilbert, please.

Gilbert, listen to me. I'm listening!

Okay, the tide's coming in.

Yeah, in about two hours, dude, that tide's gonna be right up next to you, okay?

Can you wait that long? It hurts, Mitch.

Just hang in there, okay? Get some rest or something.

Just let her go.

It's nice she found someone.

Look, what do you want from me?

The same thing you wanted from me.

It doesn't sound so bad when I put it that way, does it?

No, it doesn't matter any more.

The tide is coming in? Why'd you say that?

Do you think it makes Gilbert feel any better being stuck in a goddamn trash can without any hope?

What happened last night? Nothing.

We had a few drinks. We talked.

Then nothing happened.

Yeah, we walked on the beach and talked.

Then what?

I don't know? I mean, you weren't handling the Jonah-and-Chanda show, so we talked about, like, friends, came back in here and crashed.

And that's about it.

If we'd fucked, I'd know. I'm talking about the sand.

What's different? Why could we walk on it last night?

What happened between then and now?

Hey! Found this.

Oh, great! We've only been out here for hours.

You've got a good base, Chanda. You'll be fine.

That's great. Right here.

What happened last night? The fucking sand killed my boyfriend is what.

Okay, how? When? What changed? What happened?

Who cares? Get me out of here!

Yeah, Gilbert's right. Does it matter?

Yeah, it does.

If we can figure out what happened, then maybe we can...

Maybe we can what? Do my back.

Maybe we can figure out how to get out.

We were all here last night, camped out. Everyone was fine.

Everyone crashed out. Oh, God!


Not everyone.

It got everyone.


Oh, my God!

No way!

Oh, shit! This is a prank!

I'm gonna fuck you guys up when I get out of here!

I'm gonna fuck you up! Get me out! Get me out!

Gil, Gil, just chill out for a second, man.

It's so fucking hot! I'm burning!

I know, I know. Calm down. Let me help you.

I've got to get out of here!

I've got to get out of here!

Careful. No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait!

We've got sunblock, man. Okay? It'll help.

Sunblock, fucking sunblock?

Look, sunblock's what I got. Okay, do you want it?

It's too far. You're not gonna make that.

Jonah, you can make it.

Let me try.


Oh, son-of-a...

Good job, Jonah.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Oh, it's so good!

What? Do you see? You guys!

What is that?

Me and Vance found it, up the beach.

What is it?

It wasn't cracked last night. Actually, I almost tripped over it. It's...

It's almost like it... Hatched.

It hatched?

It's an egg?

Like a monster?

Holy shit, I think she's right.

It's under the beach. It's under the sand.

I don't believe in monsters.

Yeah, I don't know about monsters, but... it is a fucking egg. What, so it's alive?


I mean, it has to be.


Guys, get me out of here! Get me out of here!

Listen, Gilbert. If...

Okay, if it just hatched last night, then how big can it be, right?


There's got to be a size to it. It can't be that big.

There's got to be a shape... I've got an idea. Just wait.

I'm starving. Okay!


What are you doing? Trying to see how big it is.

Who cares? It's all around us.

No, maybe, maybe not. That's good thinking.

Is it? How long are we gonna be stuck out here and you're throwing out our only food?

Here. Let me try.

God! Give me another one. Try the other way. Try the other way.

You got hotdogs, Mitch?

What the hell? You're gonna feed a freaking bird, but you ain't gonna feed Gilbert?

What the fuck? Throw me a hotdog, a drink or something, man!

I'm dying over here.

You're havin' a motherfucking fit thinking I'm dyin', so give me a fucking hotdog!

Oh, God!

You guys! Guys, you should see this shit?

This fucking sand is eating this fucking bird!

That's the shit that happened to Vance and fucking Duck Feet!

We're all gonna die, man!

This shit is crazy! We're all gonna fucking die!

Hold... just hold on!

My mama told me not to bring my black ass to this motherfucking beach!

Try the other way.

What the fuck?

Where'd it go?

What the fuck?

That's it. Oh!

Right? That's it!

That's how far it is. Yes!

Oh, my God!

Yes! You guys, that's it!


What does it matter? We can't get from here to there.

No, no, no. It's, er, it's not so far. We can figure something out.

No, no, no. No, it is too far. We'll find a way to...

It's too dangerous. We'll... we'll sit tight. We'll be okay. Someone will come.

No, they won't. It's spring break.

Where are you supposed to be? I'm supposed to be going to Cabo in, like, three hours.

No one's gonna come looking for me for, like, two weeks.

Okay, no, but it's a beach.

People come.

No one else is here. No one's come here for hours.

What if they can't? What if... what if every beach is like this?

What if it's all like this, every beach everywhere?

There was Matt's sleeping bag.

Nate. Sandy was...

No one's come looking for them.

Not a single person.

Ronnie's right.

There's not been a boat or a car.

We don't know if she's right. We don't know if she's wrong.

You know what? Screw this. Jonah. Jonah.

No, I'm not gonna let us just sit around.

Jonah, you're being stupid. What are you doing?

It's not as stupid as sitting round doing nothing. Take this.

Just be careful.

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit! Jonah! Jonah! Jonah!

Dude! No, don't, don't!


No! Hey!

It's okay. It's okay.

No, no! Wait, wait!

The fingers, fingers!

Nice job, babe!

Careful, Jonah!

Hey, Kaylee.

We need to talk.

Sure your mouth isn't too busy? Get over it.

That's what you're bitter about?

Well, it seems like you had a pretty good night yourself.

Come on, dude.

What? You wanna say something?

No. It's, er, it's for later.

No, man! There is no later.

Not today.

Why don't you ask Vance how later's going for him?

Or Duck Feet?


Whatever. Or all the other people that left the party early.

Dude, you're being a dick. Am I?

Well, I'm not alone, shithead!

Can you possibly cut the fucking bullshit? I'm dying here.

Yeah, walk away.

Jonah! Jonah!

No, no, it's okay. The board just shifted.

No big deal. Aah!



I'm okay. I'm okay!

Look! They're moving.

Jonah, the sand is moving the boards. Okay, you just have to come back.

Aah! Baby, please! Come back.

Just hold on!

Jonah! Aah!

Aah! Look out, Jonah!

Oh, my God!




I'm okay! I'm okay.

Jonah, talk to us.

Oh, er...

It doesn't...

Baby! Jonah!

Jonah! Jonah, look at me!

Oh, my God! Can you hear me?

Jonah? Jonah?


Oh, fuck! That really hurts.


Oh, fuck! It really, really hurts!

Aah! It's like a jellyfish times a thousand.

Do something to help him! I don't know what to do.

Somebody tell me what the fuck is going on!

It's poison. What?

It's poison. That's why it hurts so bad cos he barely touched it.

Look at me, Jonah.

You're okay. You're okay, babe.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

Oh, that'll wake you up in the morning.

Babe, what is it?

Good news, guys.



Jonah, what are you doing? Hey!

Hey. Hey. Jonah, what are you doing?


I knew it.

It's fire. It's fire.

Oh, my God! Jonah, your stomach!



You need to get on that table.

We all told you not to do it, but now you're over there and you're gonna make the most of it, okay?

So get on that table.

I've got to sit down. No.

I'm tired.

You've done a good job so far, but your job is not done.

You need to look through that bag, tell me what you've got.

There's a party in here, guys.

We've got mixers.

That's good!

This one's for my main man. Gilbert?

Oh, thank God, man! You couldn't have did this any sooner?

This look good?

You first, okay?

I'm not so thirsty.

Oh, God!


This is...

Look at me.

You need to get on that table.

Oh, shit! Look.

They're moving. They're still moving.

God, this is what it does!

It just sits and it waits for food to wander onto it.

Why would it leave anything for us to stand on?


That's the edge of it. All we have to do is get there and we're free.

What? What is it?

The tyres.

It's growing up the tyres.


We've got to do something. We can't just sit here and wait it out.

Jonah's dying, so is Gilbert.

We're next.

What are we gonna do?

You see? You see that? We might as well be miles away.

We can't just sit here waiting to die. There's got to be some...

Some what? The phones!

The phones. Where'd you put the phones? They're in the trunk.

They're all in the trunk.

Chanda. What?

There isn't a release. You have to use the keys.

What are you doing?

In my mom's car, you can pull the back seats down and get to the trunk.

Does the back seat come down?

I never did that with Jonah.

I think I can stand on the bumper. Ronnie, no! You'll fall.

No, I won't. I got this. Give me the key.

Ah! It's hot.

Good. This might work. Okay.

I've got you.



In my notebook, I wrote a letter.

It's for my mom. It's just some stuff that I needed to say.

If I don't make it, then I need... Stop it!

Ronnie, it's bad luck.

Please just give it to her.



You need to turn around.

Hold on, hold on.

Hold on. Okay, I've got you.

Guys, I think I can do this.

Give your mom your own damn letter.



How are you doing? Fuck you! I'm dying!




I'm all right. Yeah.


I got it! Be careful.

Oh, ah!


Sorry. Sorry.


Okay, come on.

Don't move.

I got it.

It's hitting my shin.

Whoa! Shit!

I don't know about that.


She can't do it. What?

She's not gonna be able to do it.

No, I don't understand. It was open.

It's because the trunk, it swings really wide when you open it.

She's not gonna have anywhere to put her feet.

Can't you lean back? Lean back?

There is nothing to hold on to. I'm gonna fucking fall.

Okay. No, no, no! Here. Here.

Here. Hold it.

Hold tight.

I promise.


Come on, Ronnie.

You got this one.

I have an idea, the rescue hook. Right.

Hold on, okay?

Here, here.

Take this.


Got it. Okay.



Got you.

Give me a little more. Okay.


Hey, just lean back. Bitch, I will.


Oh, my God! Are you okay?

I'm okay.

Got it? Okay.

Okay. I got you.

I have to let go to get the key.


Come on, Ron. Have you got it?

Oh, my God. I think you've got it.

I did it! I did it!

I can see them.



Help us! Help us!

Come on, man.

Help! Help!

Come on, man! Stop the car! Help us!

Hey! You've got to help us!

We're home!

Over here.

Don't step on... What are you doing? Come on, man!

You've got to help us! Roll your window down.

Help me!

What the hell you still doing here?

The beach is closed. Hey, you need to listen to me.

You need to call for help. There's something in the sand.

Something in the sand?

That's right. There's something that will tear you apart.

You need to stay in your car and you need to call for help.

You need to call the National fucking Guard, man!

Dude, you have to listen.

Why is Fat Albert in the trash can?

Stay in your car, man. Don't get out!

There is something alive in the sand and it kills!

She's right. Who's holding?

Look, I know what it sounds like, okay, but...

I wouldn't even believe it myself, but you... you have to.

Don't bullshit me! I know when people are on drugs. Somebody's tweaking.

Just stay in your car and get on your radio.

Call for backup. Call for lots of backup.

Is he on drugs?

No. Is he on Molly? Who has Molly?

Just stay in your car, stay in and call for help!

Oh, my God. Fuck it. Jesus Christ! No, no, no! Don't touch the sand!

If I find one goddamn marijuana cigarette, you're all going downtown.


Oh, my God. Look at that.

You've got to just listen to them, please.

My God.

Is that pus? There's nothing more disgusting than pus.

Why isn't anything happening?

Jesus Christ!

Man in a can.

What's on your face, pal?


You got a dick on your face.

Oh, my God. What, your friends drew a dick on your face?


Whoever did that's a pretty good artist.

This is some weird-ass shit!

This has got to be GHB. Are you on GHB?

Please, man, help me!

Let me see if I can get you out.

Jesus, God! I'm gonna call a forklift. Fuck you.

You're jammed in a... You look like a half body. You got legs?

Yeah, I got fucking legs, man!

You look like a fucking art exhibit.


This is embarrassing. I'm telling you, I've been on the Beach Patrol 23 years of my life.

This is fucking way worse than the lady with a horseshoe crab up her ass.

You okay? Someone's coming. Someone's coming.

You're okay. You're okay.

What's her problem? Well, her fingers got stuck.

Well, why aren't you helping? What... what is wrong with you?

Please help us. Oow!

Oh, my... I... Oow!

All right, all right, okay. They're jammed in there good.

This is the weirdest day on the beach in 20 years.

This guy's got a terrible case of syphilis on his stomach.

You've got can man over there and then I got two...

Are you guys lesbians? Are you kidding me?

Help us! I'll help you to some law.

That's fine. Do that, you fucking idiot!

Okay, call your supervisor, just whatever!

My supervisor?

I'm the supervisor.

I'm the one in charge.

Oh, my God. It's his shoes.

Look at his feet.

You got something to say? No, sir.

I wasn't talking to you, blondie. I was talking to your little boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend.

"He's not my boyfriend." What are you 12?

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm talking to the guy that you're shacking up with in a lifeguard stand.

What do you call it now, Tinder connections? What, did he poke you on Facebook?


I'm sorry to insult your sensitive female nature. What do you have to say for yourself?

Dude, listen. We just...

We think it's because of your shoes that the sand's not eating you, I think.

Really? Two of our friends died already.

Two of your friends died? Where are their bodies?

The sand ate them. The sand ate them?

And you know what I did earlier today? I rode in here on my unicorn.

You need to listen to us, okay? I don't want to hear from you, lady.

Enough. I can't even look at you with your shorts. It's like I'm committing a crime.

Please. I need you to come down here right now.

Fuck no.

Come down here, now.

Dude, we're not coming down there. You're not coming down?

You want to get sprayed? Please. We're hurt.

Some of us are sick, dying maybe, and we really need your help, but we cannot come anywhere near that sand.

The hell you can't.

I'm gonna come up.

Please, just call somebody!

Do not make me use force, ma'am.

Do not make me use force. You're coming down now.


I'll get the spray. Goddamn it!

No, don't touch the sand! Ow!

What the hell?

Use the spray!

Use the pepper spray!

Use the pepper spray!

It's working! It's working!

Oh, shit!

Oh, God, my arm!

My arm!

Don't look. Don't look.

Oh, God, no!


Help me!

It's pulling me down! Help me!

It's pulling... pull...

Help me! It's pulling me.

It's pulling... me...

What are we gonna do now, y'all?

This was our only chance.

We're fucked! We are fucked, man!

So what are we gonna do?

We're getting out here. Mitch, do you mind telling me how?

Yeah. His shoes.

What shoes?


Are you kidding? Those are not gonna protect you.

Still got those beach towels? What are you gonna do?

Wrap my feet up. I'm gonna run my ass off this thing.

Okay, towels, seriously?

This thing's eating through tyres.

And it's also eating through wood. All right, sooner or later, this thing's coming down.

We got to be gone.

Guys, I'm fast.

I'm fast as shit.

I just need the towels to work for a second and I've got this.

I'm gonna wrap my feet up, spray my feet down with the pepper spray and make my move.

Go to the cars, come back. We're getting the fuck out of here.

I think that's a fucking great idea, man!

Sounds awesome, Mitch! Throw me a towel.

This is too dangerous. Throw me a towel.


So, Kaylee. I've got this.

I'm gonna get us out of here.

Let's go!

Round two.

No! No!

Fuck! Oh, shit!

What happened to Mitch? No! Oh, no!

Oh, God! Oh, please! God!

Kaylee, I can't feel anything.

Help me, you guys!

Aagh! Help me up!

I can't feel my body, Kaylee!

Oh, shit.


Help! Aah!

Help, you guys!

It's okay.

Mitch, say something, man!

Say something!

I don't want to die with a dick on my face!

You're not going to. We're all gonna die!

No, we're not. Chanda?

Snap out of it, okay? I need you right now to get on the hood of the car.

Come on, let's go!

This railing is coming for you and it's coming fast. I need you to grab it, okay?

I'm gonna send this one to you, too, okay?


Here, put it on the hood.

The next one is coming your way. You have to grab it. Are you ready? Get it.

Go. Careful! Uh!


Let's go.

Come on.

We're getting the fuck out of here. How?

Even when you have that spray, what are you gonna do?

Not me, us. We are getting out of here together.

Move. What are you doing, Kaylee?


That's for screwing my boyfriend, bitch!

We good? For now.

Chanda, did you just get punched in your face?


Jonah, I need you to look at me.


Right here.

I'm sorry.

I... I didn't mean to hurt you. I just...

I love you.

I love you, too.

How you doing, Gilbert? Fuck you!

Listen, we're coming for you, but you're gonna need to be able to move fast. Okay?

Can you turn around in there and face us, so you can see what's up, all right?

I can't.

My legs and my back...

Just do it!

Good speech. Do you actually have a plan?

How the fuck are we gonna get all the way over there?

One step at a time, but first things first.


Are you okay?

One minute.

No minutes.

We should have been better friends.

Three, two...

Oh, fuck!

I can't do this! Shuck it up!

Let's get this done.


You're not going out like a little bitch.

Okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You can do this.

Ready? Yeah.

Pull it together. Pull it together.

On the count of...



Hey, hey, hey! You're okay. You're okay. Come here.

Look at me. Look at me. You're okay. You're okay. You're okay.

Just look... look at me. Look at me, look at me.


You guys were the perfect couple.

Beautiful, smart, totally in love.

See, we all figured you'd get married and start squirting out a bunch of perfect kids.


Me, too.

You get scared?

I have never stopped loving him.

Life's a long time.

Not always.


We're gonna get to the fire pit.

We're gonna get Jonah. We're gonna build a bridge from there to the truck, all right?


I rocked the balance beam in eighth grade. Uh!

Do you think it's long enough? Yeah.

Hey, Gilbert, how you doing?

Don't worry about me.

Smart thing would be to tell you that nothing happened last night... but I'm not even gonna tell you I'm sorry.

It's like you said, life's a long time.

I wanted the fairytale, even if it was just for a minute.

Besides, you guys would have made up and got back together in a couple of days, and I'm back to square one... man-stealing... bitch Chanda.

Guys, seriously, do we really need to talk about this now?

So, er...


Chanda, what's going on? Is Jonah okay?

Kaylee, you better come here fast. Okay.


You first, all right?

No, er, me dripping blood anywhere near this sand is a problem.



Oh, no! What happened?

I scraped my belly. I'm fucking bleeding!

Oh, it's cool.

Finally an upside to no feeling in my body.

Don't worry about me.

It's nothing a good dose of "get me the fuck out of here" won't cure!

Please don't leave me.

I'm not going anywhere.

Come on, Ronnie. You can do this.

There you go. Okay. Slow, slow and steady, Ronnie!

Come on!

Come on.

You're almost there!

Come on. Come on.

Yes! Give me your hand.


Ronnie, what's wrong? Don't stop.

Ronnie! Oh, shit!


Ronnie! I've got you, honey.


Chanda, is Ronnie... is Ronnie okay?

I'm okay. I'm okay!

I'm okay. Ronnie, come on!

We got you.





God, come on!


What are you doing?

Mitch was right. This'll work.

There is no way!

I can do this!

Okay. Well, hurry.

Come on.

You can do it, Chanda.

You got it, Chanda. You can make it. Go!

Go, go, go, go, go!


Yeah! I'm okay.

You made it! I'm okay!




Hey! Guys, guys!


Something's moving the can!





I think it's over.

Hold on, Gilbert.


It's got me! Help!


Okay, okay.


Oh, man!





Chanda, wake up!


Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Can you see me?

I'm okay.

We gotta do something!

Okay. Look in the car or something.

Holy shit, you guys! What is it?

I think it's a raft. Can we use it?

Hold on. Let me...

Let me just...

What's it say? I think I got this.


Okay. Okay.

She's getting us out, okay?

Can you hold on?


Check that shit! What?

Go ahead!

Uh! We've got to get him into the car.

Come on. Come on. Get up. Get up.


Come get his foot. Okay. Got it, got it.

I'm here. I'm here.

I'm here. Aah!

All right. Okay.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Okay. Okay, step.

I can't, I can't, I can't! You got it. You can do this. Here!

You got it!


I'm here. I'm here.

Nearly, nearly. Nearly, come on.

Ah! Okay, guys, I've got to open the car door.

Aah! All right, almost there.

One more big step.

I'm right here. I'm right here.

Come on, come on, come on! God!

Hey! Hey!

I love you.

Jonah, we got to move!


What is that?


You thirsty... son-of-a-bitch!

Shit! Matches.

Burn, you motherfucker!


Kaylee, get in. Come on.

Nobody came.

Maybe they didn't think...


Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow.

You guys okay in there?

Are you okay?


It's gone. How do you know?

Hey, come on.

Should I call somebody?

Hey, bud.