The Sand Pebbles (1966) Script

The Sand Pebbles

# [Orchestral] #

# [Ends] #

You got orders? Yeah.

[Man Chattering Chinese]

Check in on the double. Stay off the streets. There's no liberty.


[Car Horn Honks, Chinese People Chattering]

[Bicycle Bell Ringing]

Where's Mitch? He died a couple months ago.

What happened? Just didn't wake up one morning.

I was a shipmate of his. The name's Baxter.

Ex-chief signalman. I took over.

[Sailor] Everything? [Baxter] Yeah, everything.

Give me a U.B. Of whiskey.

He was all right though.

They start liberty again?

Nah, transferring to a new ship, the San Pablo.

You can have my part of that. Them gunboats are nothing.

They got engines, ain't they? Sure.

Then they ain't nothing. [Whistles Softly]

You likee me? Oh, much like. Oh, the sailor man.

[Giggling] The uniform gets them every time.

[Horn Blasts]

[Continues Blasting]

We can't threaten these people into being our friends.

Exactly. Then what's the point?

You can hate the gunboats and what they represent as much as you like, Jameson... but you missionaries are only tolerated here because we have the gunboats.

I question that. The Chinese would run you out otherwise.

They hate you and despise you. Dare you know that?

I dare love them in return, and I dare trust God rather than guns.

Yes, but when there are anti-foreign riots and mobs... how often have you fled to the gunboat for protection?

To my shame, twice, but never again.

My name is Hamilton. Holman.

How do you do? This is Miss Eckert and Mr. Jameson.

As you may have gathered, Mr. Jameson is a missionary. Miss Eckert too.

This is Mr. Outscout. How do you do?


Where are you headed?

The San Pablo. Gunboat.

If I were you, I'd jump overboard while I still had time.

Do you know anything about her? Uh-uh.

American gunboats in central China are a painful local joke.

And the most painful is the San Pablo.

Oh, yeah?

I think she's something that you chaps inherited from Spain... after the Spanish-American war. [Chuckles]

Well, I missed that one.

They don't let her on the Yangtze proper.

They keep her up in some small river.

You must know it, Jameson. She operates near Changsha. Yes, we know her.

Mr. Jameson dislikes gunboats.

Whatever flag they fly- English, French, American.

They're symbols of what the great powers have done to this nation.

"Nation"? Don't be ridiculous.

It's a patchwork quilt of bandits, warlords, mobs, rape, loot and chaos.

China will be unable to put her own house in order... until she is free of your enslaving and unequal treaties.

Foreigners collecting her taxes... placed in charge of her customs, postal system.

Foreigners enjoying immunity from her laws.

Would we tolerate a Frenchman... who had committed a crime in America... not to be tried in our courts?

You know Chinese justice: confessions by torture, corruption.

Have you seen the executioner of the warlords walk through the streets?

"Oh... you. Ah, you." [Mimicking Sword Cutting]

You think that's funny? Well, you do it kind of funny.

Yes, I know those things happen, but they're trying.

Responsible Chinese leaders are trying to put their house in order.

From the south, the Nationalist Party- Mobs.

That's all I see- mobs that threaten us.

Confusing, isn't it? And painful.

I bequeath China and her agonies to you youngsters... with pity and with the hope that perhaps... you can understand what's going on, can comprehend... what so many people are going to have to die for: the good, the bad... the innocent.

[Outscout] Excuse me, sir, but you're talking rot.

[Hamilton] Conceivably.

A firm hand- that's what's needed. That's what you're doing here.

Hey, listen... I run the engine.

All this other is just look-see pidgin.

I beg your pardon? To make a show- something for the officers.

I don't fool with it.

Oh, don't stop.

I can't do no more. Just butterflies and rabbits.

Is this your first trip upriver?


Did you understand what they were talking about last night?

Politics. I'd like to know more.

I'm not a missionary. I'm a teacher.

If I'm gonna teach, I ought to know more.

You gonna try to teach the slopeheads?


I taught back home in high school. Vermont.

Where's your home?

Well, I was born in Grover, Utah... but, uh... my home's whatever ship I'm on.

You're an engineer, huh?

I would have thought that the engine on a large ship... would have been more interesting than the engine on a gunboat.

Too many guys trying to tell you how to run it.

Ah. You see, on a small ship... you haven't got any of that military cra-

They- they leave you alone.

I had a brother in the navy during the war.

He was a lieutenant in the reserve.


How long have you been in the navy? Nine years.

And out here? Seven.

You see... most China sailors don't go back.

They pull their 20, 30 years, shack up with a Chinese girl, open up a bar.

I see.

I keep asking myself the same question about what I'm doing here.

I'm kind of frightened.

It may be romantic, but I wanted to be swept up by something.

Then one night, Mr. Jameson came and showed colored slides in the basement of the church... slides of his mission, China Light.

How long you sign up for?

[Laughs] Seven years.

Well... those slopeheads could use some teaching.

I hope you're good at it.

As long as you're good at something, they can't bust you down.

Like me, you know, with the engine.

The reverend will probably tell you nice American girls don't talk to China sailors.

It's not your brother's navy.

I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you.



[Vendor Tapping, Speaking Chinese]

[Vendor Continues]

[Eckert] I can't help feeling a sort of sadness about his life.

It would be sad if he wanted something else.

They don't.

They reduce life to a very simple point... or no point at all.

As long as they obey orders, the navy talks care of them.

It's a way of life that appeals to a certain kind of man.


[Footsteps Approaching]

[Footsteps Continue]

[Footsteps Continue]

I takee. I takee. I got it.

I takee all gear, sailor man. Okay.

Takee. Takee. Okay.

Okay. Okay.

That guy sure likes to carry things. It's his rice bowl.

You must be Holman. Yeah.

We was wondering when you'd get here.

Shanghai slowed me up a little bit.

[Both Chuckling]

Had a hell of time trying to find you.

We only come down to civilization every couple of years for overhaul.

Welcome aboard the Sand Pebble. That's what we call her.

We're Sand Pebbles. Frenchy Burgoyne.

Yeah. Hey, you got an engineering officer?

No, just a skipper and the exec. You'll be the senior engineer.


Wong will show you your bunk.

I want to look at the engine first.

[Engine Whirring]

[Whirring Continues]

[Pistons Pumping, Engine Whirring]

[Scraping, Thumping]

All thing proper.

You makee look-see, master.

Any side proper. All okay.

Hello, engine.

I'm Jake Holman.

## ["Reveille"]

## [Continues]

Coffee, sailor man?

## [Continues]

Ah, good boy, Wong.

Through with the butter?

Welcome aboard. My name's Bronson.

Hiya. What's your name, buddy?

Holman. Stawski, machinist's mate.

It's Farren, boatswain's mate second class. Howdy.

Redhead over there is Shanahan, ship's writer.

Yeah, that's me. Red Dog.

Red Dog "Bite 'em In the Butt" Shanahan.

Cut it out! [Yelling]

Jennings, pharmacist's mate.

Hey, Holman, when you meet those pigs at the Red Cattle at Changsha... the doc over there is a man's best friend.

Right, Crosley? [All Chuckling]

Holman, what was your last ship?

Flagship, Asiatic Fleet.

Harris, electrician, foulest mouth in the navy.

[Chinese] Don't get me started.

What do you want for breakfast? Tell Wong anything you want.

Eggs. Sure. How many?

Half a dozen.

You got 'em. Over easy or what? Yeah, over easy.

Ham? Yeah.

Okay, Wong. Okay.

The old Sand Pebble ain't much to look at... but she's sure as hell a home and a feeder. [Men Agreeing]

She sure is, Frenchy.

Hey, Holman... Clip-Clip here does all the shaving.

I like to do my own shaving.

It's his rice bowl.

Don't want to break nobody's rice bowl.


That a boy, Clip-Clip. Great breakfast this morning, huh?

## [Call To Assembly]

## [Continues]

[Officer] Let's go! Come on!

Come on, come on, come on! Move it, move it!

Fall in at attention! Let's go!

Come on, come on, come on! On the double!

Let's go! Fall in at attention!

Dress right! Front! Answer to muster.

[Calling Roll] Holman! Here!

[Roll Call Continues]

Report! Deck and gunnery divisions all present or accounted for, sir.

[Officer #2] Engineering and navigation all present or accounted for, sir.

Ship's company all present or accounted for, sir. Posts! Very well.

The clock reads 8:00, Captain. Make it so.

[Yelling] [Yelling]

[Officer] Ten-hut!

## [Bugle]

## [Continues]

Dismiss the ship's company.

Aye, aye, sir.

All right, Chief dismiss the men.

Fall out and turn to. Holman.

Welcome aboard. I'm Wellbeck, the chief petty officer.

Take a look at the new man's records, Mr. Bordelles?

Yes, Captain. What did you think?

He seems to be a first-rate engineer, sir.

Did you take a good look at his service record?

Yes, sir. Nothing but 4-0 marks.

In everything except leadership.

He's had seven transfers in nine years.

Well, it's almost time for battle drill, sir.

What shall we run this morning? Repel boarders starboard.

[Bordelles] Yes, sir.

Repel boarders starboard! [Excited Chattering]

Repel boarders starboard! On the double, Holman.

You help man the hose in the waist party. I'm Chief Franks.

[Chattering, Chinese]

[Chattering Continues]

[Crowd Shouting]

Okay. Grab this.

[Crowd Continues Shouting]

Waist party manned and ready, sir!

Get back, you slopeheaded slobs! [Shouts, Chinese]

[Shouting] You slobs!

[Franks Shouting, Chinese]

Stand by on that hose.

All right, cut her in down there!

[Sailor Laughing]

[Crowd Clamoring]

Secure from drill! Secure from drill!

Secure from drill!

You do this a lot?

Every day except Sunday.

What do you do Sundays? Turn a machine gun on them?

Come on.



You, uh, uh- Po-han, master.

Yeah, Po-han, I want to look-see the bilge side.

Take up the floor plates. Savvy? Me savvy.

Bilge pidgin no can do.

Today must washee portside.

Who the hell are you?

Chien, boss coolie. No can do bilge pidgin.

Yeah? I do bilge pidgin.

Look-see pipes. Learn pidgin all pipes. Savvy?

This ain't the Chinese navy.

Take it up. [Whistles]

Master! Master! Hey, shut it off!

[Pounding On Floor] Shut it off!


Hey! Hey! What the hell is wrong?

That boss coolie is gonna get his head bent. [Stawski] What?

He blew the glass on me in the bilges. Ah, take it easy.

We always blow the glass when the watch changes.

You do, huh? Yeah.

He probably didn't even know you was there.

[Scoffs] He knew.

We don't never go in the bilges... and if you want Chien's respect, stay out of them.

I don't care whether that slopehead respects me.

You better. We couldn't get along without him.

By God, I can get along without him.

Who works for who around here? It's a system they got.

If you want something with a bilge coolie, you go through Chien.

With a deck coolie, you go through Pappy Tung.


The boss of all the coolies is Lop Eye Shing. He's captain of the coolies... like Collins is with the crew. [Holman] Yeah?

How the hell did they ever get this thing started? Ah, a long time ago... before I ever shipped on.

Sampans would gang around the slop-chutes... and the Chinese would fight each other for the garbage.

That was no way, so finally the cook gave one sampan the contract.

Hey, come on. Relax, huh?

Pretty soon they wasn't only collecting it, they was scraping dishes and washing them.

In a week, every sailor mess cook had a Chinese helper to do all the work.

The next thing you knew, they was sleeping in the galley passageways.

Then they was with the ship for good, in all the departments.

Of course, it ain't official.

Hey, how do they get paid?

The squeeze- a little here, a little there. Uncle Sam don't miss it.

Hey, you got a minute? Yeah.

Come on, I'll show you.

They live in the old crew's quarters.

We never come in here. Captain don't even inspect it.

Ah, come on.

He's lost enough face for one day.

If you want to hit one of them, kick him.

Don't ever touch him with your hand.

And don't get buddies with a coolie. That's another kind of trouble.

And they do all the work? Sure.

That leaves us free for standing topside watches and our primary duty.

Black gangs ain't supposed to stand topside watches.

On this ship, everybody.

What is our primary duty? Fighting.

Who do we fight? Nobody. Probably never will.

But, like the skipper said, we're always ready. [Chuckling]

Look, Jake, we got it good here, huh?

I didn't come all the way from the fleet to have it good. I'm an engineer.

Look, I told you, let Chien handle the engine.

He'll keep it in shape. He knows it inside out.

Relax, huh?

Today we begin cruising to show the flag... on Tungting Lake and the Hunan Rivers.

I want all honors rendered smartly.

At home in America, when today reaches them, it will be Flag Day.

For us who wear the uniform, every day is Flag Day.

It is said, there will be no more wars.

We must pretend to believe that.

But when war comes... it is we who will take the first shock and buy time with our lives.

It is we who keep the faith.

We serve the flag.

The trade we all follow is the give-and-take of death.

It is for that purpose that the people of America maintain us.

And any one of us who believes he has a job like any other for which he draws a money wage... is a thief of the food he eats... and a trespasser in the bunk in which he lies down to sleep.

Mr. Bordelles, make all preparations for getting under way.

When was the last time that was overhauled?

About a month ago.


Yes, Holman. Got a bad bearing, sir.

I think it's burnt. It could tear up the crankshaft.

I'd like permission to shut down and repair it.

Holman, as long as we move and smoke boils out of our stack... we'll make the impression I want to make to the Chinese.

Yes, sir. It's still gonna give us trouble, sir.

It never has.

Yes, sir.

[Blowing Horn]

Here's a message, sir.

Full speed ahead. Full speed ahead.

Full speed ahead.

[Bell Ringing]

Tell the captain she won't take no more turns.


[Chinese Continues]

Holman, why aren't we up to full speed?

She won't take no more turns, sir.

We're under orders to reach Changsha on the double.

She ain't gonna make it.

We've never had to stop before.


That's right.

Tell the captain we must stop and secure.

As soon as we get the L.P. up at the top, we'll lock in the jacking gear. That'll hold it.

A lot of slack in that damn thing, Jake. It sure as hell-

Okay, lock it in.

[Shouts, Chinese]

Jacking gear in. [Chien, Chinese]

[Chinese] [Chinese]

[Chinese] [Chinese]

Give me the wrench.

My takee wrench. My takee wrench.

Okay, Chien.


[Hammering Continues]

Watch it! [Stawski] The damn jacking gear gave way!

[Chien Screams]

Get Jennings down here! Aye, aye.


Floor plate down! If you pull him through there, you'll tear him to pieces.

[Chien Gasping]

[Chien Moans] Frenchy.

Drain valves open?

Frenchy... don't let no steam build up.

All right, come on. Up! Out! Come on.

Easy, easy.

Jennings, grab his hands.

Easy. Easy now.



Slow engine. Slow engine.

Stand by all lines!

Get cleaned up. The captain's waiting for you.

A man has been killed on this ship for the first time, Holman. I want to know why.

One of the keys in the jacking gear that holds the crank jarred out, sir.

Why? Vibration.

Why the vibration? Because of the bearing knock, sir.

I guess one of them keys has been missing for a long time... and the other was just being held in by rust.

Can you fix any personal responsibility for this?

For the jacking gear, sir? For the accident, Holman.

If there hadn't have been a knock in the L.P., there wouldn't have been vibrations.

Chien handled the overhaul. He should have fixed it, sir.

Are you saying that Chien killed himself?

I'll remind you that he worked under supervision.

Can't supervise an overhaul and stand deck watches at the same time, sir.

Black gangs should stand their watches in the engine room, sir.

Lop Eye Shing, the number one coolie, says that you killed Chien.

You threw the engine in some mysterious way.

Now, that may be superstition, but it's very real to them.

Your resentment of Chien was well known.

The system you got on this ship is what killed him, sir.

Holman, you will immediately train a new coolie to take Chien's place.

Give it your full time. That's all.

Sir, they ain't got the brains to learn about that engine.

They operate it efficiently enough. It's all monkey-see, monkey-do.

They don't know what's happening with that engine.

It's not necessary they should.

If you let me run that engine room the way I'm supposed to, sir...

I can give you up to 12 knots and no breakdowns- Holman...

I'm the one here who decides what jobs will be done by whom.

The crew of this ship is designed... just like the machinery that powers this ship.

Captains before me designed the San Pablo for a special job... that we have here on the backwaters of China.

But men will not hold together like brass and steel.

We have to refit ourselves into the design every day.

That's the purpose of all we do in San Pablo.

As part of that design, you cannot be excused... to do what you prefer to do, no matter how well you do it.

You will train a new coolie and then return to your military duties.

That's all, Holman.

## [Phonograph] [Men Shouting]

## [Continues] [Men Continue Shouting]

Come on.

Red Dog! Bring back- Bring our whiskey back!

[Crowd Chattering]

[Chattering Continues]

Hey, Jake. Jake!

How'd you make out with the captain? One piece whiskey.

[Flips Coin On Bar] We ain't waltzing.

What happened?

Collins says us Sand Pebbles is like machinery, only we're different. Huh?

We gotta keep changing 'cause we ain't made out of brass. Think that one over.

Did he say nothing about Chien?

Yeah. Gotta train a new coolie.

What? Yeah, one of them slopeheads.

I can't do it, Frenchy. They think that engine's got ghosts in it.

Sailor man. I'm broke.

Hey, Mama Chunk, where's the new stuff?

You all the time same Sand Pebble sailor.

What's the matter? No like all the same girls?

[Sailors Laughing]

Hey, Frenchy. [Laughing] Hi, Mama.

What's the matter? No takee girl topside?

Give me time. [Laughs]

I think you too old a man. [Laughing] "Too old"? "Too old"?

[Both Laughing]

Wait, you new sailor. What you name?

Holman. Holman. Holman?

Yeah, Holman.

Have got one piecee new girl topside.

Brand-new. She now makee pretty.

I supposee she come see you?

Well- Yeah, you send her over, Mama.

[Laughing] Oh, nice Frenchy. Hey, Ski!

Your eyes are bigger than your- [Blows Raspberry]

[Crowd Laughing]

[Crowd Quiets]

## [Continues]


Okay. Right over here, loveyduck.

Best table in the house. Right here, sit.

Clear out, you slobs! Back to your pigs!

My name is Ski. Ski. Savvy?

What name you?

My name is Maily.

Say that again. My name is Maily.

Did you hear that? A Vassar girl.

Hello, Maily. Ski, I am your buddy.

Shove off, Restorff! Hey, Ski, pal-

Come on. I'm sure you have your own joy junks to go to!

Why don't you vamoose? Come on, you guys! Beat it! Beat it!

Maily, what will you have to drink?

I should warn you. I get a commission on what I drink.

All I drink is cold tea, but you'll have to pay for whiskey.

Oh, I see.

Yeah, sure.

Boy, catch two piecee whiskey!

Relax. Relax, Maily.

I keep books for Mr. Shu... Oh. and act as hostess.

I'm very pleased to meet all of you.


Where'd you learn to talk English like that?

My secret.

Where do you come from? New Jersey.

Oh, yes. Trenton. Yeah, Trenton's in New Jersey.

That's where Washington crossed the Delaware.

That was a little before my time. [Sailor Laughing]

As hostess, I'm supposed to divide my time... among all the tables.

It's been very pleasant meeting all of you, but I must go now.

Oh, no, no. Not till we take a little trip across the Delaware.

I don't go upstairs. I'm only a hostess.

Ski, she don't love you.

Hey, Ski, go get some air.

[Sailors Chattering, Laughing]

Mr. Ski, please! Please don't!

Ski, let her alone! You go to hell!

[Maily Crying] [Bronson] Hold it, Frenchy.

This little girl's got duties, just like sailors.

[Maily Crying] Oh, please! Let her go!

Now, Frenchy, stand fast. That's an order.

You know better than to mess with another man's girl... till he's through with her.

[Mama] What's the matter? Wait.

What's the matter? You want to go topside her, pay money.

Money. Money. Money. Okay.

[Slaps Down Coin] Come on, topside. Wait.

This girl a first time. Must pay $200.

$200? [Whistles]

I'll give you $1 0 Mexican. Come on.


You think I'm an admiral? That be first-time price.

Who say so? Victor Shu.


Nobody's ever gonna have that much. $200.

I'll be damned.

I'm still drinking with her anyway. No.

She go other table now. Now wait a minute.

You can't change the house rules just like that, damn it.

As long as I pay for her drinks, I keep her.

What's a-matter you? You crazy?

[Mama Chunk Screaming, Crowd Clamoring]

Come on, Mama. Come on, Mama.

All right, break it up. All right, break it up. Go back to your pigs.

You likee talk to pretty girl?

Yeah, sure, Mama.

Why don't you grab a table?

Yeah. Come on. Sit down.

## [Resumes]

What's your name? Frenchy.

And yours? Jake Holman.

Mine is Maily. How do you do?

[Sailors Mimicking Frenchy]

Thank you very much for helping me. Oh, it was nothing.

Where are you from, Mr. Holman?

Utah. Oh, Salt Lake City.

Uh-huh. I-I'm from Philadelphia.

Yes, Liberty Bell. Uh-huh.

Is Utah nice?

For some people.

Well... I guess I better get back to ship.

Yeah, thanks, buddy.

So long. See you.

Now there's a guy who knows when to leave. [Laughing]

Where did you learn to speak English this good, Maily?

My secret.


Why $200?

Is there something special about $200?

Yeah, I know... your secret, huh?

Well... what happens when Shu gets his $200?

I go to Hankow, to Shanghai.

I'm free.

I wish I had 200.

[Stammering] I mean just to give you.

You would do that?

Yeah, sure.

Look, I- I'll get it. [Farren] Time's up.

Next table. You gotta work fast around here, boy.

My name's Farren. I don't come from nowhere... and I don't want to talk no geography.

Anybody want to shoot a little craps?

You ain't getting 200 bucks from me, lover boy.

Next trip, Frenchy. Next trip.

Hey... come here.

You- You likee be boss?

All same like Chien?

Like same who?

Chien, number one engine coolie.

Him all die.

Yeah, him all die, and that's too bad.

But I wantee new boss. Savvy? Teachee all pidgin.

Oh... engine's not proper?

No, the engine's okay.

Teach you how to run it right. Come here.

Now... the valve. See that?

Belong same.

Valve. "Wowel."

Valve. "Wowel."



Okay. "Wowel."

Now, main steam stop valve.

Main steam stop "wowel."


You find.

No, no.

No, not proper "wowel."

Main steam stop...


Main steam stop "wowel"?

Yeah. Main steam stop "wowel"?

Main steam stop valve.

But I don't know.

You, me... can do...Jake.


If you go that way, then we're going reverse.

Okay? Okay.


The generator... makes juice for the lights.



This is the boiler.

Inside belongs live steam. Savvy?

Strong steam.

"S-s-stim." Steam.


Live "stim" goes through this pipe.

Live "stim" goes into the feed pump. [Steam Hissing]

Live "stim" make pump go- [Chugging]

[Hissing Stops] Live "stim", huh?

Live "stim." Live "stim." Live "stim." [Tapping Pipes]

Exhaust "stim." [Taps Pipe]

Condenser. Makee steam all dead.

You know, sleepy steam. [Exhaling]

Live "stim." Dead "stim."

Before live "stim." Now water.

Water belong dead "stim."

All same dead "stim."

"Stim" dead.

Stim dead! That's right.

That's it. Now you got it.

That's right. That's the way it works.

That's the throttle.

I'll teach you about that throttle one day.

[Pouring Liquid] Go ahead, grab ahold of it.

Boo! [Gasps]

There ain't no ghosts in that engine.


Who's your new throttle man? Out.

Why don't you ask the new throttle man if you can have some coffee, Ski?

Maybe he'll let you use his cup.

Yeah. Why, you slant-eyed bastard-

[Cup Hits Floor]

[Grunting, Groaning]

[Ski Hits Floor, Continues Groaning]

[Groaning Continues] Holman, you better watch out.

[Continues Groaning]

Let that slopehead drink coffee down here, touch the throttle.

You watch out, Holman. [Continues Groaning]

Get you real good!

[Holman] Pick up your coffee cup.

Looks like you ain't runnin, this ship after all, Lop Eye.

Sir, do you think it's wise overruling Lop Eye about the coolie?

That's not what I've done. The crew wants Po-han off the ship.

They seem to believe Stawski about what happened in the engine room.

You believe Holman, sir? Not necessarily, but he makes more sense.

Yes, sir, but Lop Eye's the one who fired Po-han.

He'll lose face if Holman makes the crew change their mind.

Unlikely as that is, it might serve a purpose.

Lop Eye has a tendency to forget his place from time to time.

[All Chattering]

[Continue Chattering]

[Chattering Continues]

That's right. That's what happened, Holman.

The slopehead hit me, and you jumped me before I had a chance to kill him.

Right, Perna? Just like that.

You're lucky I busted it up when I did.

If he'd have hit you, he would have killed you.

The slopehead would have killed me? [Laughing]

You never- You ever see a slopehead fight?

You guys saw a slopehead fight. [Men Chattering] Yeah.

He would have put out your lights.

Who says so? I got 50 bucks that says so.

I'll take it. You got it.

You got any more? Yeah, I'll take some of that.

Now wait a minute. Hold it, hold it, hold it!

Just one minute! Hold it!

Who's gonna do the fighting here?

I don't go for it unless you bet me 100.

You holding 100? Yeah, I'm holding 100.

And I need 200 to buy myself a very special present.

[Men Laughing]

A hundred says he'll take you.

Oh, Maily, Maily, here I come! [Men Laughing]

Hey, hold it.

Beside the money, if Po-han wins, he stays aboard.

That's my deal.

Sure. It's a cinch.

He's not gonna win anyway.

Bets right here. You said 50, huh?

You got any more, "Holmang"? I got an extra 50.

I'll bet you 10 on the side the slopehead don't fight. He'll fight.

[Drops Coins] Put me down for 10.


[Men Chattering] [Sailor] Hey, Chief, when is it gonna start?

[Continue Chattering]

[Chattering Continues]

Frenchy, you mustn't worry. How the hell can you say that?

Excuse me. If Ski gets me, then-

Then he's supposed to. That big ape?

It will only mean that I'm being punished.

For what? My secret.

Look, you quit that "my secret" stuff.

Who'd want to punish you?


Who? God.

What'd you do to him? I-

I stole some money... from American missionaries.

They found me as a baby and brought me up.

Why did you steal it? To get away.

They wanted me to be a missionary too.


I meant to go to Shanghai and earn enough money to send it back to them.

But I couldn't get there, so I came to Changsha instead... and Mr. Shu advanced it... and now he must be paid.

And so must God.

You're bughouse, Maily. What kind of religion did they teach you?

[Men Chattering Loudly]

[Crowd Cheering, Whistling]


Don't you worry about it. That Chinaman can't fight.

[Ski Continues Talking] Yeah, he's big... but he's blubber.

How can you fight and drink beer?


Po-han, get him in the throat... in the kidneys, in the gut.

Hurt him. Too much cold this side.

Suppose cold this side, any man no can fight.

You plenty time fight Chinese man.

How you no fashion fight Stawski? Ski no same.

Come on, boy!

Listen to me. He's gonna try to hurt you.

Forget what color he is.

You want you come back ship, you fight.


Give me a bell.

Come on out here. All right, let's go.

[Franks] Come on, Po-han. Get out here.

Come on, come on, come on.

No kickee, no scratchee. None of that stuff. You savvy?

Me savvy. All right. Me no savvy.

[Men Laughing]

Wait you, wait you. Give me a bell.

Okay, let's go.

[Spectators Chattering]

[Continue Chattering]

[Snarls] [Spectators Laughing]

Come on, hit me. Come on. Come on. Hit me.

What's the matter? Your man don't seem to fight, huh? [Laughing]

[Harris] I'll give you even money Ski don't knock him out in the first round.

[Crosley] You're gonna blow your dough, Harris.

Drop anchor, will ya?

Hit him! [Spectators Chattering]

What do I do now, Ma?


[Man] This is gonna be like the Dempsey-Firpo fight.

Come on, fight! Fight!

[Spectators Chanting] Fight!

[Chanting Continues]

Hit him! [Sailors Chattering]

[Franks] Break! Break! [Chattering, Chinese]

Hi. How are ya? Hit him!

Hit him!

Get up, Ski! Get up there!

Get him, Ski! Get him!

[Sailors Chattering] Get him! Break his head!

Hit him! Get him!

[Sailors Laughing]

[Groans] [Franks] One, two-

[Man] Finish him off!

[Franks] One, two... three, four, five... He wants his mother, Ski! He wants his mommy!

[Stawski] Get back here, you- six, seven... eight-

[Gong Sounds]

[Sailors Cheering, Whistling]

[Whistling, Chattering Continue]

Thanks for the 50, Holman!

Now listen... he's getting tired.

You think he tired hit me?

I'm telling ya, he's running out of steam.

Now hit him, Po-han. Hit him in the guts.

[Softly] Hammer! Hammer!


Pack your bags for that trip across the Delaware, baby!

[Kissing] [Sailors Laughing]

[Laughing Continues]


[Gong Sounds] Hammer!

Hammer! Hammer!

[Grunts, Groans] Why you-

Get him, Ski! [Groans]

One, two- Get up! Get up!

[Punching Po-han] [Spectators Chattering]

[Continue Chattering] Hammer! Hammer!

[Chattering Continues]

Come on, Ski! Belt him!

[Chattering Continues]

Open his face! [Punching]

Tear his head off! [Punching]

[Indistinct] Hit him! Hit him!

[Spectators Chattering] [Stawski Grunts]

[Laughing] [Groaning]


Hammer more! [Spectators Chattering]

[Chattering Continues]

[Gong Sounds]

[Man] This is what happens when you train on beer!

Finish him this round.

You'll need your strength for the main event. [Laughing]

[Stawski Laughing] Oh, yeah!

Hammer! He's ready to go down. Hammer. Hammer!

Yeah, "hammer, hammer." [Snarls]

Hit him in the gut. In the gut. [Pats Po-han]

[Spitting Loudly]

[Sailors Chattering] [Sounds Gong]

[Spectators Grunting With Punches]

Kiss your money good-bye, Holman. One... two, three, four... Jake, me lose fight, you lose money? five, six, seven... Yeah, I lose money, but you lose ship. eight-

Come on, fight!

One, two... three, four-

One, two, three, four-


Put him down! Put him down!

Hammer! [Spectators Chattering]

Hit the bum! [Stawski Groaning]

Hammer! Hammer! [Stawski Groans]

One, two, three, four...

[Perna] Get up, Ski! five, six...

Get up, you slob! Get up, Ski! seven... eight, nine-

[Sailors Chattering]

One, two, three- Get up, Ski!

Four, five- [Whistle Blaring]

Emergency recall! Everybody, back to the ship on the double!

[Blaring Continues] Finish the count!

Six- Let him alone.

Eight, nine, ten! [Cheers]

[Blaring Continues] Maily! I told you! What'd I tell you?

[Blaring Continues]

Me go back to ship?

You're damn right you do.

[Blaring Continues] [Laughs]

[Blaring Continues] What's the matter, you sailors?

[Blaring Continues]


Come on! Let's go! What the hell's going on up there, Waldron?

Who's blowing that whistle?

On the double! On the double, there!

[Franks] Move it! Move it! What's going on?

[Franks] Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, Chief! Get 'em aboard! Look alive!

Come on! Come on!

Get steam up, Mr. Bordelles.

Stand by to cast off lines and drift if we don't get steam up fast enough.

We'll anchor in the channel. Sober the men up fast. We may have to repel boarders.

Aye, aye, sir. Chief make all preparations for getting underway!

Now hear this! Make all preparations for getting under way!

Holman, get steam up to the engine on the double.

Just a moment. Wait a minute.

Up on the bridge.

Steam coming up on number two. Right, I'll get the steam pump.

Where you going? You're boss now.



Look sharp on those lines!

All hands are on board, Captain! Very well!

[Crowd Approaching]

Cast off all lines! Cast off all lines!

Get 'em in! Get 'em in! [Sailor] On the double!

[Crowd Shouting]

[Shouting Continues]


[Shouting Continues]

[Shouting Continues]

Last night at Wahnsien, up the gorges of the Yangtze... two British warships fought it out with a local warlord.

200 Chinese were killed and 150 British.

The Bolsheviks are now saying 2,000 innocent Chinese were slaughtered.

We're up against a new strategy of lies, Mr. Bordelles. I see, sir.

The students of China are supporting a new leader...

Chiang Kai-Shek of the Nationalist Party.

He's leading an army north to wipe out the warlords.

What are we to do, sir? We have new orders, Mr. Bordelles:

Not to fire back. Sir?

Not to fire back.

I don't understand, sir.

Apparently, we're being blamed for everything.

"The foreign devils." It's an old trick, Mr. Bordelles.

To unify people by getting them to hate something or someone. Well, we're it.

They all want to get rid of us:

Chiang Kai-Shek, peacefully- the Communists in the movement, by force.

And we're supposed to grin and bear it... because if we fire back, we give them new propaganda to use against us... and, apparently, we play into the hands of the Communist element... who want us to start a real war so that Russia can come to China's rescue... and, in that way, take her over.

It is an accident of history that we and the San Pablo... are the first American armed unit to come face-to-face with this new thing.

How we face it can be our great honor or our dishonor.

I intend that it shall be our honor.

Our government has decided for the present... not to treat this fighting between Chiang Kai-Shek and the other warlords... as just another warlord squabble.

We will treat it as an authentic civil war... in which we must remain very carefully neutral.

The United States government has ordered the evacuation of central China.

We should be making one last trip to Paoshan... to rescue the missionaries at China Light.

Make all preparations for getting under way.

Stop engine. Stop engine.

Those are the China Light people, but I don't see Jameson.

Where's Jameson? He wouldn't come!

Take the motor pan to China Light and get him.

Aye, aye, sir. Shove off at once. Damn nonsense.

[Man, Chinese]

[Chinese Continues]

[Continues, Chinese]

[Chinese Continues]

[Continues, Chinese]

[Continues, Chinese]

Mr. Jameson is in my custody.

Yes? Mr. Jameson, please.

Come in. He's down the hall.


She's a schoolteacher.

I met her on a steamer coming up from Shanghai. Yeah?

She's a lady.

They'd do great on the San Pablo, huh?

Collins would have them standing like that all day. [Laughing]

Hello. Hi. Thanks.

Oh, thank you. I'm Shirley Eckert.

Oh, pleased to meet you. How do you do?

Those kids stand like that much longer, they're gonna melt.



[Holman] What's all the machinery you got over there?

A lot of things we don't understand.

I thought about you the minute I saw it.

How do you like your gunboat? It's okay.

You like it teaching here? Oh, yes, very much.

That's to make beet sugar, and this is for electric light.

You ought to be running them. Cho-jen.

How come you ain't running them? We don't know how.

Some wealthy man from Philadelphia sent them. [Jiggling Handle]


[Softly] That's Cho-jen.

He's a leader of the students in this district.

I want you to meet him. He's very bright.

Cho-jen, this is Mr. Holman. He's an engineer.

Hiya. Hello.

Where's your direction manuals? Machinery like this usually has them.

I think Mr. Jameson has them.

[Shouting, Chinese]

That Cho-jen- he a Bolshevik?

Oh, no. Chiang Kai-Shek is his god.

For all of them, he's the hope.

How come he tied a can to the reverend?

Mr. Jameson stood trial in a Chinese court here.

He's under sentence of death.

Opium was found growing on a remote piece of mission property.

He didn't know about it, but, technically, he's responsible.

Why'd he go to a Chinese court? He could have ducked that.

He didn't want to. He's in Cho-jen's custody now.

We're going to Changsha to appeal the sentence to a higher court.

We're sure it'll be changed, and then we can return to our work here.

Changsha? That's where we're going.

We heard you were talking the missionaries all the way down to Hankow.


[Jameson] Shirley!

The San Pablo is going to Changsha.

It'll be quicker than going overland.

Cho-jen has agreed. We'll be leaving as soon as you can get ready.

I'll go pack.

[Jameson] Now don't take too much. I'm sure we'll be returning.

[Cho-jen Shouting Commands, Chinese]

[Collins] Steam is up. We'll get underway as soon as the motor pan is secured.

Aye, aye, sir.

[Crowd Approaching]

[Crowd Shouting]

Repel boarders port side, on the double. Aye, aye, sir.

[Franks] Repel boarders port side!

[Bell Ringing] Repel boarders port side! Repel boarders port side!

[Mob Shouting]

[Shouting Continues]

[Bell Continues Ringing]

Don't shoot unless they attack! Await the word! Await the word!

[Bordelles] It's the bilge coolie, Captain!

Hold fire! Hold fire! Hold fire!

What was he doing ashore? I send.

[Mob Continues Shouting]

Cho-jen? They're not ours. [Chinese]


What is he saying?

He says, "Watch what we do to the running dog."

Who is it, sir?

It's Po-han.

Offer ransom. Speak. I pay money, $1 00.

No, sir. Speak!


[Continues] [Angry Shouting]


What? They dare ship to shoot.

Yes, they'd like another incident. They'd like a war.

Tell them 200.

[Continues Shouting]


[Po-han Spits, Screams]


You dirty bastards! Stand clear of that gun!

They're killing that coolie! Stand clear! Bronson, take over.

Hold station, Holman. [Continues Shouting]

500! [Chinese]

[Continues Shouting]

[Shouting Continues] [Chinese]

[Shouting Continues]

[Screaming, Coughing]

[Crowd Shouting] [Officer] Steady. Hold station, Holman.

[Shouting Continues]

[Shouting Continues]

[Continues Shouting]

[Shouting Continues]

Offer 1,000! [Chinese]

Holman, get back to your station. Do something!

Get below or I'll have you shot for a mutineer! Well, shoot something!

[Shouting Continues]

[Screaming, Indistinct]

Po-han say somebody shoot him.

[Shouting Continues]

[Collins] Holman!

[Louder] Holman!

[Crowd Shouting] Holman! [Fires Gun]

[Crowd Quiets]

[Rifle Splashes In Water]

[Crowd Shouting]

[Continues Shouting]

Jake- Get out!

That man this afternoon-

Who was he?

He was a bilge coolie I'd trained.

So you became a teacher too, hmm?


That's good.

If you had killed one of the other Chinese, there would have been a massacre.

We would have had to open fire, and it might have been the war the Bolsheviks want.

You realize that, don't you?

As it is, in killing the coolie... though I can understand your feelings, I can't condone what you did.

However, I choose to ignore it officially... on condition you request a transfer.

You're opposed to the whole spirit aboard the San Pablo, Holman.

You've disrupted the morale of the crew.

You've been directly or indirectly involved... in the only two deaths this ship has ever had... and the men consider you a Jonah.

If you won't request a transfer to keep your record clean, then I'll request it.

I'll request it, sir.

You want me to keep running the engine?


It will be sometime before a replacement can get here.

That'll be all.

[Crowd Shouting]

Engine ahead one-third. Engine ahead one-third.

Prepare to drop anchor out here. Aye, aye, sir. Stand by the anchor.

[Shouting Continues]

[Continues Shouting]

Stop engine. Stop engine.

Let go the anchor! [Anchor Splashes In Water]

[Woman Shouting, Chinese]

Did you ever find out what happened to them engine manuals?

Mr. Jameson says he has them.

[Chinese Protesters Continue Shouting]

[Continue Shouting]

Hit those boats with a hose if they get too close.

Aye, aye, sir. Get a fire hose up here.

[Sailor] Right. [Shouting]

The boatman's union has declared a strike on your ship!

When the missionaries go ashore, send an armed escort with them.

With what orders, sir? The same orders the ship has.

Fire only to save American lives... and then only when everything else fails.

We demand that you permit us to take off... the citizens of Republic of China who you are holding against their will!

You can go to hell!

Hit them with the hose! Aye, aye, sir.

Give us the water.

[Protestors Shouting]

[Shouting Continues]

[Continue Shouting]

[Chattering, Chinese] [Bordelles] Your left, right, left.

Your left, your left, your left, right, left.

[Bystanders Shouting]

[Bordelles] Left, left, left, right, left.

Left, left, left, right, left.

[Man Shouting, Chinese]

[Bordelles Continues Shouting Cadence]

Detail... halt!

[Man] Mr. Jameson.

Miss Eckert, how nice to see you again. How do you do?

Left... face!

Mr. Bordelles, this is Major Chin... of the Nationalist Chinese Army.

What is your mission here, Mr. Bordelles?

I ask you that, Major Chin.

This compound is American property.

It is Chinese soil. I have authority under Chinese law... to commandeer part of this place for battalion headquarters.

You have no right to be here under arms.

I will have you and your men escorted back to your ship.

Let me warn you, Major Chin.

Ifyour superior officers are not prepared to go to war against the United States... they will undoubtedly disavow your actions and make amends.

Do you understand my meaning? It has happened before.

All too often before, but we've had enough now.

I will quote your own history to you.

If you mean to have a war, let it begin here.

Gentlemen, please. Mr. Bordelles, we're perfectly safe here with Major Chin.




You may have your men sling arms... or you may have them lay down their arms.

You may go under escort or you may go under full arrest.

That is all the choice I will give you, and you must make it now!



Sling... arms!



[Officer Shouting, Chinese]

Right... face!

Right and left about... turn!

Detail... forward march!

[Crowd Shouting, Chinese]

[Crowd Continues Shouting]

[Continues Shouting]


Don't wash it. Burn it!

Burn it. [Wilsey] Throw that out.

Nobody could wash it clean enough for me to wear again.

What the hell happened? Shut up!

Wash this, will you?

Will there still be liberty, sir?

I have no instructions to the contrary.

They'll tear the town apart.

Restrict it to that place they usually go.

Aye, sir.

## [Phonograph]

Where you been? Nobody would rent me a room for Maily.

Did you get one? Yeah, finally. It cost me an arm and a leg.

What's going on? [Holman] She's been sitting with them since I got here.

I think they got her drinking.

Did you tell her? I ain't had a chance.

Give me the dough, Frenchy.

I'll talk to Shu, have him get her away from them. Yeah.

Shu... I got the 200 for Maily. Let's do it quiet.

Just pry her loose from those guys in a few minutes and bring her outside.

I got the 200.


I'll say 21 0.

[Men Laughing]

How about it, sailor?

21 0?

You said the price was 200, Shu.

I said 21 0. Butt out of this, mister.

Break it up, you guys. You got no authority over me, sailor!

He's right.

Match it.

I'll pay 21 0.

220. Auction! Auction!

How about it, Mr. Shu? Yeah, that's a good idea.

[Drunken Man Laughing] We haven't had an auction here yet. Let's do it.

Mr. Shu? Why not?

[Men Cheering] [Stawski] Keep clear!

Put her up on the block. Put her on the block! [Men Cheering]

Ladies and gentlemen, now just look at this merchandise.

What am I bid for this clean, delicious piece of girl flesh?

What am I bid? 230! And 40!

Boys, that won't even buy one leg.

[Men Laughing] Fresh new goods... untouched by human hands.

Let's bid it up here. 250!

275. 275.

More, more!

[Crowd Cheering] [Auctioneer] Boys!

What? Who'll say 300 and we see it all?

[Men Cheering] [Auctioneer] Come on.

All right. Let's take a look at her.

300. 300. I got-

300! Now let her go, damn you!

She ain't yours yet, buddy. [Men Laughing]

325. 325.

[Auctioneer] Do I hear 350? 350!

350. Hey, hey, strip her. Strip her!

[Crowd Cheering]

What about it? Strip her!

Go ahead and strip her! Strip her! Strip her!

Strip her! Strip her! I said 350! That's it!

Bid 400 and we strip her. Okay, 400!

Strip her! [Crowd Cheers]

Let's go. Hey, come on!

[Frenchy] Watch the steps. They're slippery.

It's down this way.

Anybody after us? Nah.

Let me go back. No.

After all that? Please?

Hell, no! [Chinese]

[Sighs] If I get my hands on those guys-

You got enough troubles. What happens now?

I guess I'll go back tomorrow, pay Shu the 200.

That's all she owes him.


I'll see you. No. Hey, hang on a minute. I'll go with you.

You all right?

Sorry as hell about-

You'll be okay here.

I'm gonna go tomorrow and pay Shu just what you owe him.

Then I'll get you on a train to Shanghai.

If I can't get you on a train right away... you can stay here.

Maybe I'll, uh... drop in.

I sure as hell apologize.

I don't know what to say about those guys. They-

You all right?

Let me go away. Just let me go away.

No, I want you to go to Shanghai like you want, but not just away.

I'll do what you want. You bought me.

No... I didn't buy you.

Sure, I-I'm gonna pay some money... but... I'm not buying you.

I don't want it to be-

Well, I don't want it to be... like that between us.

I want it to be something else.

It's gotta be something else.

You'll be all right.

Please- please don't leave me.

[Water Sloshing]

Jake. Yeah?

I want to marry her. Hey, wait a minute.

I don't know what I've been doing... years with them dumb pigs.

They got a law.

You can't marry no Chinese girl.

One of them missionaries might marry us.

They ain't gonna do it.

Why don't you just move in with her?

No. I don't want that.

Maybe we could get it done in Chinese.

I just know I want to marry her.


[Jake] Okay.


[Bird Chirping]

Sounds kind of nuts, but guys catch these birds... so you'll buy one and then set it free.

Just for the hell- for the fun of it.

Go ahead. It's a lovely idea.

It's supposed to make you feel like when you help an old lady across the street.

[Chirping] Go, fella.

[Continues Chirping]

It does. It's ridiculous, but it makes you feel marvelous.

[Stones Clattering]

What happens if you make it? You get a wish.


Jake, you made it! You got it! You get a wish!

What do you want?

[Laughing] I don't know.

There must be something.

I used to want an engine.

Isn't the engine still important?

Not like it used to be.

Why don't you take my wish?


Oh, Mr. Jameson said I could lend these to you.

These are the booklets for the machinery.

Okay, I'll look them over. All right.

Go ahead. Take your wish. Okay.

Jake? Huh?

Don't you want to know? Know what?

Don't you want to know what I wished for? Okay.

I wished that someday you'd feel like telling me more about yourself.


When you feel like it.


So then what happened?

You just keep pulling, don't you?

You can Why not?

Because it's about you. I'd like to know.


I graduated at the head of my class. Jake-


I got kicked out of school.



No, I mean it. What happened?

Me and this guy got in it at a class picnic.

He brought a couple bottles of booze, and he was charging double for drinks.

I never liked him anyhow, so I hung one on him.

The thing was, though, I was gonna get my diploma in a couple months.

So I went to see the principal.

He was one of them soft, smiley kind of guys.

He said, "If you that will be that."

So, like a bonehead, I signed it.

Then he looks at the paper.

He smiles and says, "I'll have to think about it."

So I guess I started swinging.

I forgot he was wearing glasses, and I put out his eye.

So anyhow, the judge says, "You've got three choices: army, navy, reform school."

Why did you pick the navy?

Well, ain't much water in Utah.

[Both Laughing] Jake.

Wasn't there anybody to stick up for you with the judge?

My mother.

She didn't count for very much around there though.

But a good dame.

We're mixing our lives together, Maily.

We'll never be able to unmix them again... and we'll never want to.

I take you for what you are and all that you are... and mix you with all of me.

And I don't hold back nothing.

When you're cold and hungry and afraid, so am I.

I'm gonna stay with you all I can... and take the best care of you I can.

And love you... till I die.

Now you say it.

I will always love you... and honor and serve you... and stay as near to you as I can... and do everything for you... and live for you.

I won't have any life... except our life together.

I will just love you, Frenchy.

All of me loving you forever.

Now we're married.

You want to put a hand on ours for luck?

I hope you have luck, and I hope it goes smooth and easy for you.

Thanks for coming.

They seem very much in love.

Frenchy is. Not Maily?

Yeah, but she knows she's not fooling herself. About what?

Well, for one thing, she's Chinese... and, for another, one day he's gonna get shipped out.

She could follow him. Where?

What they got right now ain't no good.

Frenchy says they got something called a block committee trying to kick them out of their rooms.

Where are they gonna go?

Just running from hole to hole.

Still, I envy them.


It ain't gonna work, Shirley. Why?

'Cause you're going back to China Light pretty soon... and I'm going back to the fleet.

Jake... come back to China Light with us now.

You know how hard they look for deserters, Shirley...

and what happens to them when they catch them?

Well, I just thought... knowing how you feel about the military... and that you taught Po-han-

That ain't what we're talking about.

Oh, it's good up there. It can be a good life.

The court's agreed to let Mr. Jameson go back.

You could come as a kind of engineering missionary.

I shouldn't have suggested it. I'm sorry.

I told you not to talk to sailors, didn't I?

[Siren Blaring]

[Blaring Continues]

[Crowd Shouting] [Blaring Continues]

[Blaring Continues]

[Crowd, Sailors Shouting]

[Shouting Continues]

[Harris Shouting Chinese] Go on!

[Blaring Continues]

Hey, look. I wonder what's the matter. They're jumping all over.

[Crosley] Hey, it's our coolies. They're jumping ship.

[Shouting, Chinese]

Bend off.

Hey, what the hell happened? Shing planted opium on board and said it was ours.

Collins told Ski to handle it. The bonehead dumped it in the furnace.

The captain told me to get rid of it.

We can't run this ship without coolies. We're gonna.

[Bordelles] Shall we try to mask the smoke with rubber, Captain?

It's too late, Mr. Bordelles.

It's too late.

The San Pablo is now in a state of siege here and will be all winter.

The water level in the channel is already too low for us to leave before spring.

There will be no liberty... no contact with the shore except a guard mail trip to the consulate once a week.

Each of you will get a chance to make this trip once.

They have singled out San Pablo for destruction... using their new weapons of boycott and propaganda.

They expect, in the end, to haul down the flag... in shame and disgrace.

We will not let them do that.

When the time comes, we will defend our flag with our life's blood.

They will watch us every minute.

They will gloat over every rust streak down our sides... every sign of military slackness.

They expect to destroy us... but it will only make us stronger.

[Chinese Cheering]

[Cheering Continues]

That's all. Carry on.

All right, Chief, carry on.

[Chief] Ten-hut! Dismissed.

The next incident, they could just as well turn on him and kill him.

Well, at least he's off our necks, sir.

Our primary mission is still to defend American lives... even if they are damned fools.

Pray for an early spring... or permission to open fire.


Frenchy, you mustn't come here anymore.

You must stay on the ship. No.

[Continues Shivering]

Sometimes when I come here...

I think maybe you've gone... they've chased you away someplace I can't find you.

Maybe it would be better. No, sweetie, don't say that.

I can't help it. I'm nothing.

I'm not Chinese. I'm not American.

And-And the child will be nothing.

[Both Crying]

He'll be ours... like you're mine.

That's all we need.

Hey, Harris, lay below and clean up your stinking mess. I'm not gonna do your work!

I'm not gonna stand any more of your watches.

Listen, Harris, lay below! I said, lay below, Harris! Oh, who are you, Perna?

Cut it out, you guys! Let 'em go!

[Harris] Get the deck aids to help you.

What the hell's the matter with you guys?

Ain't there enough trouble with those slopeheads?

[Perna] Take him down below where he belongs!

[Franks] You get down there yourself! Get down!

I'll give you one more try! Now get down!

The rest of you, what are you standing around here for?

I want you to start wearing sidearms. Franks too.

When the water in the channel rises... and we can get down to Shanghai, everything will be all right.

Till then, the men are not responsible.

They have to be protected.

So stay clear of them. Aye, aye, sir.

There's never been a mutiny aboard a United States ship of war.

I'm not gonna give them the slightest chance on this one.

I understand, sir.

[Sputtering Motor Approaching]

[Motor Slowing]

[Motor Idling]

[Ducks Quacking, Chickens Clucking]

[Pigs Snorting]

[Rooster Crows]



[Maily] I told him to go back to the ship... to see a doctor.

But he was afraid they would lock him up.

How long has he been dead?

Last night.

You can't stay here.

I'll be all right.

You go back to your ship.

I'm all through with that.

Come up to China Light with me.

I can't.

Listen. Listen.

Frenchy would want you to.

It's gonna be all different up there.

Nobody's gonna ask you whether you're Chinese... or American... or where's your father or anything.


You got your kid to think about.

Shirley says they grow vegetables... and they got a milk goat.

[Door Slams Open]


[Chinese] [Chinese]


[Woman Screams]



What the hell happened?

Don't say nothing about this on the ship, will you?

All right.

Captain! Mr. Bordelles!

[Knocking] Captain?

Repel boarders. Repel boarders!

All hands to stations! Repel boarders!

Repel boarders! [Ringing Bell]

[Bell Continues Ringing]

[Stawski] Hey, what the-

Get Holman up here on the double. Aye, aye, sir.

Captain wants to see you.

What the hell they mean? Now what's going on?

I don't know.

What's this all about? I don't know, sir.

You were ashore yesterday. What happened? Tell me. That's an order.

I don't know anything about no murder, sir.

He is a murderer! He killed a Chinese woman who was carrying his child!

What is it? What's he talking about?

Frenchy's wife, Maily- I think they killed her.

What happened?

Frenchy's dead.

He got sick... and he couldn't make it back.

While I was there, they busted in, and they-

I didn't think they'd do that.

They say you killed her. That's all that's important.

How do they know your name?

They must have found my hat.

Within two days, this will be an international incident.

American gunboat sailor kills Chinese woman.

Is the channel deep enough yet?

I think we could make it, sir.

We may have to fight our way out of here.

Not for you, personally, Holman.

You only matter now as a symbol of your country.

That's all.

Secure from repel boarders. Aye, aye, sir.

[Blowing Whistle]

We want to talk to you.

The word is, they ain't gonna let us out of here till they get you.

Even if we did get out, as long as you're aboard, they ain't gonna give up.

They got guns between here and Hankow, blow us out of the water.

You ought to turn yourself in.

Tell the captain you'll go ashore and stand trial, so we can get out of here.

I didn't kill Maily.

Then you got no problems. They'll let you go.

You give yourself up, Holman.

You've been a Jonah since the day you come aboard.

[Crowd Shouting]

[Franks Knocking] Captain.

[Shouting Continues]

[Franks] Looks like Nationalist soldiers this time, Captain.

Repel boarders. Get Holman up to the flying bridge. Aye, aye, sir.

[Franks Blowing Whistle]

[Crowd Continues Shouting]

[Ringing Bell]

[Bell Continues]

[Shouting] [Bell Continues]

[Bell Stops Ringing]

Under just and equal law of nations... we demand you give up murderer Holman for people Under the just law of nations, you people are pirates.

I will not parley with you.

We will! Come and get him!

Come and get him!

Silence from the main deck!

Holman, come down.

Holman! Come down!

Holman, come down. Holman, come down.

[Sailors Chanting] Holman, come down.

Holman, come down! Holman, come down!

Holman, come down! Holman, come down!

[Chanting Continues] If you make any effort to give yourself up-

[Chanting Continues] Holman, come down!

You in the sampan, shove off!

[Sailors Continue Chanting] [Collins] Shove off or I'll fire into you!

[Chanting Continues]

Crosley, fire a burst into the water.

[Chanting Continues]

Crosley, damn you, fire a burst!

The gun is jammed, sir.

[Chanting Continues]

[Collins] Bronson, fire a burst! Gun Holman, come down!

Holman, come down! Holman, come down! Holman, come down!

[Chanting Continues]

Holman, come down! Holman, come down.

[Chanting Continues, Weakly]

Holman- [Chanting Stops]

Mr. Bordelles, make all preparations for getting underway.

Take her out of rifle range and anchor her.

Aye, aye, sir.

Captain? Uh-

[Bolt Locks]

Make preparations for getting underway.

Aye, aye, sir.

Here, wear this. Come back up as soon as we secure.

[Blows Whistle]

Make all preparations for getting underway!

[Holman Shoveling Coal]

[Shoveling Continues]

[Shoveling Continues]

[Bordelles Knocking] Captain? Sir?

There's an urgent message.

Nationalist troops have taken Nanking. They're killing American treaty people.

British and American ships have been shelling the city.

The marines are landing in Shanghai. Sir?

Treaty people are being directed to flee to the coast for their lives.

Plan red will be put into effect upon confirmation from Washington.

[Door Unlocking]

Mr. Bordelles, get Franks-

Come into my cabin, all of you.

What happened this morning has not gone down on paper yet.

It is not history unless it goes down on paper.

What is going down on paper for the end of San Pablo is quite different.

Our radio communications are out of order.

They're out of order.

We are, therefore, on our own... not hampered by orders from above.

At dawn, we will get underway.

We will proceed into the lake, then instead of turning downriver to Shanghai... we will cross the lake and turn up the Chien River to China Light.

Our objective will be to rescue the missionaries at China Light.

After the slaughter at Nanking, they will be desperate for rescue.

We will make one last savage thrust deep into China... and if the San Pablo dies, she dies clean.

It is my responsibility to the ship...

and to the men.

They've been put through intolerable strain.

They rate this... last chance.

Intelligence reports indicate... the Chien River is blocked by a boom of junks linked with bamboo cable... and defended by militia.

We will break that boom, and we will move on to rescue the people at China Light.

[Collins] All right, there's the boom.

About a dozen junks, 50 to 60 feet apart... a cable from bow to bow.

Half speed. Half speed.

[Bell Ringing]

[Collins] Looks like sampans are bringing more men from shore.

Drop the armor flaps. Call general quarters.

All hands, general quarters. Man your battle stations. [Bell Ringing]

[Franks Blows Whistle]

Let's go, let's go.

Look alive, look alive.

Minimum crew in the engine spaces. All others topside.

Aye, aye, sir.

[Blows Whistle] Minimum crew in engine spaces. All others topside.

Coming up!

Stawski, take the throttle. Perna and MacDonald, handle the boilers.

The rest of you, on deck.


Holman, set up a B.A.R. Position forward.

You others lend a hand. Aye, aye, sir.

I'll get it.

From the bulkhead over.

Battle stations manned and ready, Captain.

Very well. Run up the battle flag.

Aye, aye, sir. Battle flag!

Full speed. Full speed.

Holman, you and your men lower the jackstaff.

Let's go.

Here you go.

Steer for the center of the channel.

Steering for the center of the channel, sir.

Prepare to concentrate fire on the center junk.

Prepare to concentrate fire on the center junk.

Have Wellbeck take the conn below.

Chief, take the wheel. [Wellbeck] I got it.

They're within range, sir.

They'll have to fire first.


[Gunfire Continues]

Half speed. [Bells Ringing]

Half speed, sir.

[Gunfire Continues]

Main battery, commence firing. Main battery, commence firing!


[Gunfire Continues] [Mortar Explodes]

[Gunfire Continues] [Bronson] Ready.


Ready. [Fires]

[Bronson] Ready.

[Fires] [Fires]


[Bullets Ricocheting]

[Bronson] Ready. [Bullet Ricochets]

[Gunfire Continues]

[Bullet Ricochets] Sir.

[Gunfire Continues]

Commence firing.

Commence firing. Commence firing!

Commence firing! Commence firing! Commence firing!


[Gunfire Continues]

Here you go. [Bronson] Ready!

[Exchanging Gunfire]

[Bullet Ricochets]

[Sailors Cheering, Laughing] How about that mast?

[Men Chuckling] [Bronson] Ready.

[Gunfire Continues]


[Bronson] Ready.

[Gunfire Continues, Bullet Ricochets]

Slow speed.

Slow speed, sir. Main battery, cease firing.

Main battery, cease fire! [Bronson] Cease firing!

Boarding party, take arms. Aye, aye, sir. Boarding party, take arms!

Boarding party, take arms! Boarding party, take arms!

[Gunfire Continues]

[Cocks Pistol]

[Gunfire Continues]

First wave... take boarding positions.

[Gunfire Continues, Bullets Ricocheting]

[Firing Machine Gun]

-Take her and lay her alongside. -Aye, aye, sir.

[Gunfire Continues]

[Gunfire Continues, Bullet Ricochets]

[Gunfire Continues]

[Gunfire Continues]

Fix bayonets!

[Gunfire Continues]

[Gunfire Continues]

Prepare to grapple!

[Gunfire Continues]

[Collins] Grapple!

[Machine Gun Firing] [Gasps]

[Gunfire Continues]

Boarding party, away!


[Shouting, Chinese] [Fires Pistol]

[Groans] [Fires]

You dirty-

[Gunfire Continues, Chinese Shouting]

Let's go. [Gunfire Continues]



[Gunfire Continues] Aboard, second wave!

Let's go! [Gasps] [Gunshot]

[Firing] [Chinese Gasping]

[Gunfire Continues]

[Shouting, Chinese] Down!


[Chinese Shouting]

[Fires Pistol]

Come on, Holman! Come on!

[Gunfire Continues]

[Gunfire Continues]

[Gunfire Continues]

[Chinese Screaming]

[Gunfire Continues]

[Gunfire, Chopping Continue]

Captain! [Chinese]

[Holman Continues Chopping]

[Falls In Water] [Chopping Continues]

[Gunfire Continues]

Return to the ship! Come on, Bronson. Lend a hand with the wounded!

Return to the ship!

[Gunfire Continues]

[Chopping Continues]

[Strikes Helmet, Gasps]

[Closes Door]

They'll try to repair the boom. We haven't the strength to break it a second time.

If I'm not back by daylight, you must consider our mission has failed and sail without me.

Captain, I can't do that. That's all.

That's an order.

Whom do I have for a landing party?

All of them are pretty badly cut up, sir, but it's the best we can do.

Farren will handle the boat, and Bronson and Crosley.

Holman will be the senior petty officer.

Remember your orders. Aye, aye, sir.

The men performed brilliantly, Mr. Bordelles.

Yes, sir. Uh, Captain?

Good luck, sir.

[Door Opens]

Lieutenant Collins... it would be much better for all of us if you go away at once.

We have no intention of leaving.

[Collins] Your lives are in danger.

You shouldn't have come here. You're to come back with me.

You have five minutes to pack whatever you need.

Our militia of students went to fight you at the boom.

I was hoping to see them come back victorious instead of you.

You've heard about Nanking? Yes, but those events have no bearing here.

You alone endanger us.

I must ask you to leave now.

My duty is to protect you. No longer.

Shirley, will you please get that paper from my desk?

We've declared ourselves stateless persons.

We've sent our names to Geneva. That's impossible.

Read this.

Jake- I tried to get back sooner. I couldn't make it.

Are you staying? Yes. What happened at the boom?

With that signed declaration, we have renounced nationality itself.

Your uniform now gives you no authority over us and no responsibility for us.

This is romantic nonsense. We've convinced most of the people here... there is no connection whatsoever between ourselves and the gunboats.

Your presence only endangers us. We're at war. They'll kill you.

They will not.

Perhaps once this might have protected you, but not now.

Now it is shooting and killing.

It's too late for such fine distinctions. It will protect us.

This afternoon my ship fought its way through down there at the boom.

People were killed on both sides.

You are not going to make that a futile and meaningless battle.

We will not serve to give meaning to your heroics.

Our lives have their own meaning. We have renounced nationality!

You have been sentenced to death by their court!

I am free under the protection of one of their students, who is a leader here-

They will not care who protects you now, not after Nanking!

It will not be a student militia who comes for you now, but regular troops.

Miss Eckert, they will strip you and rape you.

Then this whole valley will be destroyed when our country comes to avenge your death.

Do you want that?

You don't know them.

What have you ever cared for Chinese women raped and butchered... by the warlord troops you favor with your unequal treaties?

In heaven's name, leave us alone! That's enough!

Holman, help them get their things together.

No, sir.

That's an order.

You better get back to the ship, Captain...

'cause they're staying here and so am I.

Do you know what this is?

Desertion in the face of the enemy.

I ain't got no more enemies.

Shove off, Captain.

[Man, Chinese]


[Chinese, Gasping]


[Chinese, Coughing, Panting]

Shirley... he says Cho-jen is dead.

Oh, no.



You killed him at the boom.

And now they're coming for me... because of you and your blind pride.

Damn your flag.

[Crying] Damn all flags.

It's too late in the world for flags.

[Gunshot] [Crosley] Lights! Get the lights!

Wait. Wait.

Listen to me. [Coughing]

[Chinese] Wait-

[Gunfire Continues] [Shirley] No!

[Bullets Ricocheting]

[Softly] Is there another way out of here?

The hut by the back wall has a door that leads to the open fields.

Show us. [Gunshot]

[Gunfire Continues] [Screams]

[Softly] Cover us. Come on.

[Softly] Let's go!


Which way? The doorway over there.

[Man Yelling In Distance, Chinese]

[Chinese Continues]

[Chinese Continues]

Holman, take charge and get everybody back to the motor pan.

You're senior.

I'll stay and make them think we're all still here.

Give me the B.A.R.

When I think you've gotten clear, I'll follow.

You did well at the boom today.

All of you.

[Man Yelling]

Wait till I open fire, then get 'em out of here.

All right, you cover the screen!

You other men, take the walls.

[Gunfire Continues] What are we waiting for?

[Collins Firing] Fire at anything that moves!

[Gunfire] [Gasps]


[Man Yelling In Distance, Chinese]

[Chinese Continues]


[Man Yelling]

[Gunshot Ricochets]

He's dead. Get her out of here.

Let's all get going. Somebody's got to slow them up.

They'd nail us before we got halfway to the river.

If they get ahold of her, you know what they're gonna do to her.

[Softly] Jake, for God's sake! Get going.

No! Jake!

Now go ahead. I'll be along.

[Shirley Crying]

[Gunshot Shatters Window] [Man Shouting, Chinese]

[Shouting Continues] Hold your fire, Bronson.

Don't shoot till you see something.

How are we doing, Crosley?

Watch it, Crosley!

[Bullet Ricochets]

[Exchanging Gunfire]



We're gonna get out of here, Bronson!

Watch the walls!

[Footsteps Approaching]

[Firing] [Sniper Gasps]

[Rifle Hits Ground]

[Holman Changing Magazine]



[Continues Firing]

Okay, everybody out!

Time to go, Holman. Right?



[Shouting, Chinese]



I was home.

What happened?

[Shouts] What the hell happened?