The Santa Suit (2010) Script


Norm, I know you're everything under control.

You have to trust me on this.

Come on, Norm, before?steered you wrong

No, no listen to me, you didn't over-order--

I promise you, of moving merchandise.

Who's the greatest of the world?in the history Santa Clause.

That's why Hunter Toys is sending you completely free for your store.nta Clause To listen to the kids, for Christmas,ntide what which of course, is Hunter Toys.


Norm, don't worry. with Dobson's Toys.nship And mark my words, left on your Toys

BUZZ-BUZZ Absolutely no charge. Monday morning. there Yeah yeah yeah-- a chair ready for him, and get your publicity rolling.

Oh, and Norm, needs more Hunter product, and you will, we'll be ready.

Yeah great, great, great--

What's that? Merry Christmas--

Have you seen from R&D?ty control report Well, uh--

Toys break, I mean--

People don't expect them to last forever.

And what about on Christmas morning?

Disappointment builds character.

When you get tired of the wreath maybe I can find for target practise.

Keeps me calm.

I have never seen you calm.

Did you come in here for a reason?

Yes. I've been elected to Christmas.u about Why you?

Because everybody else here is afraid of you.

(laughing) Christmas?out Well, bonuses, what's the plan?

Same as last year.

We didn't get anything last year.

Well then the plan should be familiar.

Christmas is on a Sunday this year.

So you're planning on not a single day off?

Can't afford the time, re-tooling to do.

A re-tooling?

I'm gonna mass produce after the holidays.

Are you crazy?

The Princess Doll of this company. piece The Princess Doll made this company.

What you think I don't know that?

I was there when it happened, remember?

Then why are going to throw it all away?

I'm not throwing it all away, I'm just opening it to a wider market.

You're going to make it, like every other one of our products, as cheaply as you can!

A year from now, have figured outrs that it's turned into a piece of crap, you'll dump it, some other piece of crap.

The numbers show that consumer demand for premium toys is declining.

Your father designed that doll from scratch he put his heart and soul into it.

It's what made him a millionaire.

Doesn't that mean anything to you?

If my father had and starvationetween him he would give the crusts to the birds.

You know maybe things were different back then but nobody can afford to be that generous anymore.

Pardon the cliche, but times are tough, and it takes tough people to get through them.

Your father built this company--

He FOUNDED I built it.y.

We went from 300 because of my ideas.

Don't forget that.

You're making a big mistake.


With The Princess Doll and with your staff.

Your father his employees were people.


What's this?

I gave one to Merry Christmas!division,

(laughing) happy in these things, it's a little bit over the top, don't you think?

Drake, Christmas over the top.g You sing songs of the year,e rest you hang parasitic moss on the ceiling so you can kiss someone you love underneath it.

You fight crowds, you stand in long lines to get that special gift for someone that you love.

So why would you all that?elf through Drake! and it feels pretty damn good.

(laughing) Okay.

As one of your father's I gotta tell you this, you can't mistreat people get away with it. expect to Now, you have a nice day.



As you can see, from the even 9 year oldsurve, who are 2.8 years past the point of discovery, the mythological status of Santa Clause still retain residual manifestations of belief.

This means, this means the

I'll take questions later.

I've got a lot to get through this afternoon.

I said later! Now sit down!

But how can you say Santa Clause is a myth?

(Drake laughing) Are you kidding?

Gentlemen, of Hunter Toys.resident Are you talking about the old "yes Virginia, he's real as long as routine?s in our hearts"

Because kids don't they're pretty dumb.t, That's terrible! Santa Clause?ithout They're getting We're supplying them.

(Darren) It's a marketing tool.

It's wrong!

(laughing) of Santa Clause?nd soul I don't remember What's your name?


Your name's not here.

Look again, of the list.bottom

(sleigh bells jingling)

So it is... in a heart beat.t off Now are you gonna do I have to call security?


Can I continue, Mr. Hunter?

Please do.

Juvenile patrons displaying a 63% disposition toward revealing their desired gift rising to 87% with repeated questioning.

Suggestions from override the image formed by accumulative viewings of television commercials.

And finally the take home receives,hich each juvenile helps reinforce the subliminal impressions that you have made, during the lap interaction.

No no no no no--

Gentlemen, the concept, understand

here's what we want you to do--

Every time a kid climbs onto your lap, you steer him to a Hunter toy.

Every time sells a Hunter toy, you get a 5% commission.

That's big money, gentlemen. Big money in your pocket.

And from the looks of you, you could all use it.

(laughing) a Merry

(Darren) the fourth floor, (Darren) your assignments.

(Drake) for coming out.


You need to go to it's fourth floor.

I'd like to talk to you about what you're doing.

Uh, we just kinda went over that, didn't we?

Alright look, I'm gonna be sending Santa Clauses to toy stores convincing childreny, that what they really want, It's genius!oys.

It's dishonest.

No. It's competition.

It's using a universally move product.l to Santa Clause is more than a symbol.

He's been overused and mis-represented.

But underneath it all, he represents the best of human kind. Selflessness.

Generosity. Charity. Kindness.

Yes, I watched too,cle On 34th Street, and it still adds up to a great sales tool.

Is that all Santa Clause means to you?

(sighing) image in history.otional You think that an image? A look?ust You got it! Now, either get yourself up to the fourth floor or go home.hers, I have a christmas wish for you.

I wish that you would lies beneath the image.t Okay, I'll work on that.

(sleigh bells jingling)

Wow. He's a spry old bugger.

This Santa Clause brilliant!idea is I'm glad you like it on the fourth floor.

Yeah I know where the the classroom is, Marge, I just have to before the meeting.s Wait, you can't go in there!

What are you talking about?

This is private property.

Oh, okay, this is a joke? now excuse me--ny, I told you the classroom is I'll call security..

Security? Are you crazy?ith you?

No no no, Sir! the fourth floor.

I'm going to call security!

Hey, Marge.

What are you doing here?

You're supposed to be on the fourth floor.

What is it with you two and the fourth floor?!

'Cause that's where now move!u to go, Don't give me that what's going on here?

Get moving or you're fired.

Fired? I'm your boss!

Yeah, that's right, you're the--

Yeah OK, Marge.ecurity, Yeah why don't you Hey! Security!

(fighting and arguing)

(Marge) up here right away!

(fighting and arguing)

(Marge) an old man! just Come on, Santa, let's go, come on--

(Drake) What is going on?

He assaulted me-- and trespassing!

Trespassing? of this company!

Ha yeah, Rudolph is in your sleigh. out front

(Drake) assaulting...ow you Let's go!

(Drake) help me out! people,

He's nuts! for Santa? that guy

Guys, this is ridiculous. Tell you what, I'm not gonna buy the policeman's ball.

(Officer) heard it all before.

Get inside-- There you

Hey maybe I'll make a copy a Christmas card.

Let's go.

Hey. off me.ur hands I play squash with the police commissioner and I will have you thrown off the force.

You know it's hard to believe you play squash.

You eat squash, maybe--

You're making the of your career.

Hey! an understanding.

If you co-operate pretty painlessly.

If you resist, in bigger trouble than you are You got it?

Got it.

Let's go.

So tell me, get myself out of here?

Well, you got no ID... post no money to And the only thing was a candy cane.

Now if you're not gonna tell us who you really are, you're gonna spend the night in jail, Santa.

Don't call me that. I'm Drake Hunter.


(phones ringing)

How you doing?



This is a nightmare.

(Officer) Hey, Santa!

Come here.

I told you not to call me that.

You seem like a pretty harmless old guy.

Okay, your fingerprints no record, at's I'm gonna give you a bit of Christmas advice.

Tell the judge what The charge is trespassing.

Tell her you made you'll never do it again.

Otherwise, she can very long time.r a very, But you don't understand--

No, I understand the system!

You don't want to go to jail.

And guess what?

We don't want you here.

Give the judge get rid of you,o she'll take it.

But until then, in jail.pending the night And Santa--

If I told you for Christmas, would you bring it to me?

You wouldn't like what I'd leave your stocking.

And it's not coal!

Mr Doe, say to this courting to about what you did yesterday?

Your Honour, for my behaviour yesterday.

I got... confused... that's what happened.

I take full responsibility.

(Judge) good to hear.

And you know my name isn't John Doe. Alright?

It's... Krandall.

Well, Mr Krandall, a lot? get confused Not until recently, no.

Mr Krandall, in jail. spend the holidays I have a 5 year old, wouldn't talk to me again.

So I am going to provided you seeence, a social worker a 1000 feet awayless than from Mr Drake Hunter his workplaceudes his home, and all things Hunter Toys. Do I make myself clear?

Crystal clear, your Honour.

I'm gonna give you of a social worker.

Go see her. Let her help you.

And Mr. Krandall, understand this; if I see you in front this charge of trespassing will be reinstated increased accordingly.

I understand. Thank you, your Honour.

You will...not see me here again.

(Judge) Next case!






Mr Krandall! Please have a seat.


Sorry about the Christmas carols, I'm just a sucker for the holidays.

If it's all the same the holiday mood.n Something funny?

No, no, I understand.

The holidays can be for some people.

Tell me about it.

I'm Nancy. This is Mouse.

He's a rescue, that's the name he came with.

So the court emailed me your file.

It says here that you get confused at times.

(laughing) Yes.

Are you on any medications?

I don't need them. twice a week, I jog twice a week, I do resistance training.


I can bench-press five times! weight Actually I was thinking for emotional issues.

(laughing) am I crazy!, Well you did report being confused.

Well you know what? You'd be confused too if everybody suddenly looked at you--

Look I um, I had a run in with somebody and I got very upset.

Let's just call it holiday stress.

I'm, I'm fine. happen again.n't

Do you have any money?


I left everything in my office.

Do you have a place to stay?

Not anymore.

So you don't have a home?


No problem. at the shelter.ere You can stay on your feet. yourself back


So this is it.

The dormitory.

We have some space over here.

It's not much but it's clean and quiet.

This is you, here.


It's pretty flimsy, actually, support your weight. gonna...

Hey. is index Okay, okay--

I was in a triathlon last summer!

You don't have to snap my head off.

You're not as jolly as are you?y thinks, Don' me ... jolly.

Okay, sorry.

So take a little time, and see me,then come and let me know how you're doing.


Do you have anything to unpack?

What do you think?

Well they serve dinner at 6 o'clock.n Not hungry.

Oh, well, if you the canteen is down the hall.


You know you're lucky.

Now how am I lucky?

Well, I mean, it's Christmas.

You could get a job at any department store.

What's that supposed to mean?

Look in the mirror.


Still there. Yep.


This is so weird.

Ho ho ho.

(Norm) Mr Krandall.

Please. It makes me people don't sit.n

My wife says it's strange.

Strange is not using know what I'm saying?

Not really.

That's strange.

You got good timing you know--

Matter of fact, with this companye blower they promised to nobody showed!nta, Alright? Hey, my bad.

I should have never executive.hat They're telling me but if I could find one, they'd cover the cost, problem with that!

Hunter Toys is with strong executives and cutting edge marketing techniques.

How'd you know it was Hunter Toys?

Oh you know, word on the street.

When we Santa Clauses get together, we talk.

I didn't know got together.

Oh, sure you know, for drinks and chit chat.

I don't even wanna That's--out that.

(phone ringing)

Smart phone! to myself.stmas present Really been wanting one of these babies.

SMOOCH Okay, hey, you


As you can see, operation here. little Looks, uh, looks good.

Oh yeah, nobody can I'm the best.

(phone ringing)

What is this doing now? Please!

So how are sales?

Could be better. the Christmas spirit!

That's where you come in my man.

(groaning) What's the pay?

Minimum wage.

Hey, don't look at me. Look at Hunter Toys.

Oh yeah, I wanna It just makes it a little easier on the books.

You can't do any better than that?

What are you the Santa Clause union?

What time do I start?

10:00AM sharp. Got your throne here.

I've got a guy he's gonna be your elf.

Oh remember. for dinner tonight. cabbage We had some complaints last year.

And that's it. We're gonna rev this up!

You're awesome. Okay, pal? Good deal.

Yeah it's a... good deal.

(phone ringing)

Drake Hunter's office.

Yeah, uh, may I speak to him please?

I'm afraid that of town on a retreat.

He went on a retreat? Isn't that odd?ristmas?

I'm sorry, who is this?

Um, I'm a friend From college.

He left a note, he'll be back?en No, I have no May I take a message?

No, no--

I'll figure something else out.

Merry Christmas.

(laughing) Yeah, Merry Christmas.



Didn't think you'd Can I talk to you?

Sure, what's up?

I'm just finishing up some paperwork.

Let me ask you something. Just, hypothetically--

Let's say the owner pretty big company suddenly vanishes I mean,middle of the day, he's suddenly gone. But there's a note saying that he's gonna be gone for a while but he's never anyone before.o And he's got meetings he never canceled his secretary never made any travel plans for him--


Don't you think that if something might be wrong?

Are the people afraid of him?

Yes, yes I guess.

Well then it's my guess say anything orafraid to take any chances in hot lands them But I think it's would raise the alarm.ho He doesn't have any family.

Well then his girlfriend.

No girlfriend.

Then, his friends.

This is just right?etical,

Yeah, yeah-- You know it's just--

It's just something I dreamed up.

Sort of a sad thought that and nobody would notice.


Ugh... (laughing)

(dance music playing)

It's showtime!

(Sebastian) Hey.

Congratulations on by the way, you're awesome.

I hope you enjoy it while it lasts, okay?

'Cause you're the man right now, Santa Clause, Kriss Krindall, Pere Noelle, Kanakaloka just remember one mis-steps

'til you're sliding down fast.

On a one way ticket to Palucaville County, USA.

What... looking at?u You looking at me?

You, uh, at me?oking

You looking at me, huh?

You must be the Elf.

Yeah. on ya.ll Taxi Drivere?

Little Bobby D, little Bobby D, huh?


I was up for your role, you know that?

My role?

They probably thought I got it-- Clause, "How about with a white beard?

"That'll be something seen before".

Mark my words.

I'm gonna wipe little Santa face.r There is no stage.

So you think Elf, "hmm, little people-- you know, "it's a shoe maker" types.

Well yeah, those are called light elves.

But then there are the others.

The ones with And suddenly--

And suddenly get...interesting.

It is so on.

I'm going out there now.


I just...look, how did you do it?

Do what?

Get the role. Was it Adler?

Mysner? Stanislofsky? Was it Stanislofsky?

What are you talking about?

Wait-- What? So you have--

You have no like, at all?ng,

Oh! Awesome!

Just got my MFA. City College.

You know acting is kind of my life.

You know, it's sort of what I do.

Once I spent play an astronaut.

As an extra. get the role.

Just come out there when you feel like it.

(children chattering excitedly)

Oh man...

Santa! Santa! Santa! Santa!

Uh, helper Elf, please?na get in here, WHO'S FIRST?

(children screaming)

Yeah, that was great, Good job.brilliant.

What happened?

You scared them out That's what happened.

And here comes Norm--

Oh, dude, you gotta help me.

You put yourself in this situation, Dark Elf!

I got an agent today--to watch me You have an agent coming?

It's important that I don't blow this, okay?

My last role was in the background, wearing a freaking willow costume.

Go hide your face, go.

Hey little girl, come here. sit on Santa's lap, there's nobody in line, come on.


Come here, all right, come on.

(Norm) Elf?a?

Ho ho ho, for Christmas? Hmm?

What on earth is going on here?

Why did all the kids run out screaming?

I really don't know but I'm kind of busy right now.

So, what would you like? Come on, what would make you really, really happy on Christmas?

Oh yeah, there's a candy cane--

They're a little shy very endearing, there she goes-- right there.sfied client, Hey, sweetie.

What did you say to her?

What kind of Santa are you?

You know, I'm, I'm just Okay?ng into it slowly.

You guys are killing me. what are you doing?, I'm just, doing some inventory.

Inventory-- The toys are fine--

Why did you move the toys from the--

Are you crazy?

Is he crazy? about this?w Well I saw the make up starting to go on.

Uh huh. Look at me.lves, okay?

Santa has elves! Not trolls! Okay?

Smarten up, Sebastian! Come on!

They're... they're... it's, it's a dark elf.

Dark elf? Okay?elves are bad!

He knows that, they're bad!ows You look like a zombie elf!

You're zombie! you're banished from Santa's village, You just go!

Like I'm, I'm like--

You're fired! come back!t and you don't I don't want to Go on! Move.of here.

Right now. of here, you!

You just get out, you don't come back!

I'm disappointed in you.

I'll get that.

Great... That's just great.

(sighing) Norm! Hey, Norm!

Hey hey hey, Norm! Hey, Norm!

Don't you think a little harsh?

No, that is not good!

He was just trying something new.

Something new? I want kids in my store!

Alright look, look-- He really needs a job.

Let me talk to him, he doesn't screw up.

He needs a job?

I need a job. Okay? Have you seen my wife?!

Yes! Look, he won't I promise.nymore, I have your word You're responsible?

You have my word. I'm responsible.

Hey, so hire him back.

I'll hire him back.

And that's that.

Good. he cleans himself up.

Uh, yes, yes.


No it's fine, dude. It was a minor set back.

Whatever doesn't kill me You know? make me stronger.

Argh! I know how when he was replaced by Viggo Mortensen you know?of The Rings", Or Michael Gambon stole from Richard Harris--e Richard Harris died, didn't he?

I'll survive. I will survive.

Okay? It's a good thing.

It shows how strong I am. I'm glad it happened.

Look you still got I talked him into it.


Thank you!

You're welcome. Just Twilight Zone. Alright?

Okay-- Sit

There's no hugging.

Just take this off your face.

(Norm on PA) Santa! Elf?

I'll see you back out there, okay?




There we go Hunter Toys! Toys.

Okay, Mom, just take this to the front counter and he'll print out as you want, okay?

You again.

Sorry, Santa's lap is closed for the day.

You got a minute?

Sure, what's up?

Well first, I got a last, Congratulations! As a Santa?

Yeah, yeah. jobs were taken.personator I'm at Dobson's Toy Store.

So that's at least 3 weeks I'll have coming.

But I was wondering. suit I have,only... and I got a little damp this afternoon.

From a kid, sitting on my lap.

It needs to be cleaned.

I see what you mean.

You couldn't just in the sink?nts out This is Armani silk.


What part of Armani don't you understand?

Stupid idea.

I was wondering I could borrow from? of fund Just to get new clothes? I'll pay you back Friday.


I can lend you some.

No, I didn't mean from you personally.

You're working. You'll pay it back.

Besides, if you can't who can you trust?

Thank you.

This Friday, I promise.

Hey, there's a thrift store on Elm.e blocks from here Two blocks to the right, one block over.

You should be able to for twenty bucks.ere A thrift store?


That's where they sell threw away, right? people Okay, well thanks for the tip.

I'm going to a thrift store...


I want XBox with a bunch of games.

Yeah, you know what I'm gonna put you down for

100 toys Y carton, they're much more fun.

They're crap.

No, they're not.

They are so.

(Sebastian) Picture time.

Kid's got a point.

Really? your candy cane,r XBox, now go have a Merry Christmas the word crap!


What's wrong with Hunter Toys?

I know you're and I get it.heir toysk Everyone's gotta make a buck, right?

But seriously, Kids hate--?

Hey, Buddy--

Kids hate Hunter Toys.


They're cheap and and they break.

Take a look at sometime.ns counter Okay, maybe one or two toys are a little delicate.

No, dude, they're all like that.

I was a kid believe me, I know.o This--

This was they ever made. toy

She's gorgeous.

How do you know about the Princess Doll?

I'm a collector. Yeah, I'm a collector.

I have various toys dolls sometimes--

But I have, like, a G.I JOE too!

There's nothing wrong a good toy.iating It's not like there's meaning.p psychological Okay fine, fine. I'm sorry I asked.

All I'm saying is that for a lots been responsible of disappointed children on Christmas morning.

If they're so bad in business? they still Marketing mainly. They run ads everywhere.

Had me fooled until I got my first Hunter toy.

You know the ironic thing? expensive that GOOD toys.

Well you have to pay for the advertising.

Mmm...or they can build better toys.

It's that little girl again.

Yeah I've been talking to the staff about her.

They all know her, she's here like, every day.

(from store speaker) Santa Land!to I'm gonna meet you at your throne, okay?



I want a horsey, and a duck, and lights.

A horsey, and a duck, and lights.


Santa? Smile!

Thank you! what we can do about a horsey and a duck And here's your Hunter Toys catalogue, your parents, all right?to And find a nice toy in there.

Bye bye!


Uh, you know Santa's shop is closed for the day.

But in your case I will make an exception, so come up here for Christmas, okay?you want Come on. what you want for Christmas.


Tell you what. This is the way it works.

You come up here, sit on my lap and you tell me what you want for Christmas.

There you go.

There we go. Look at that, see?

It's not so bad.

What would you like for Christmas?



I'm here all day tomorrow. So if you feel like it you can come here, and you tell Santa what you want How about that?

All right.

Oh wait!

Don't forget your candy cane.

That is one seriously weird little monkey.

I don't think she's weird.

She seems sad.

Yeah, well, do about

(Drake) she's in the store, or hanging around outside closing. from opening to She's probably a latch key kid.

Stores are the only safe place for her.

That doesn't seem right.

Well it's not but that's the way things are.

But she's there for hours.

Well school's on Christmas break.

Just bugs me that Santa's villageg to but she doesn't want to talk to Santa.

She's troubled. you can't do more for her.

It bugs you because you're a kind man.

No, I'm not.

That's not what other people think.

What are you talking about?

I followed up on no problems.ere wereo You talked to Norm.

He said you're they've ever had.

Okay, the first few days you've really open up.

I got into a routine. the way I look.acting to No, it's more than that. and they all love you.

Norm said they've of you and the children.

You're kidding.

Ask him yourself.

Okay, guys. kind of Christmas stuff.

So it would be great if you could, um--

Go away.

We'll be back tomorrow tomorrow then.n come back But for now go. Away. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.


How long have you been here?

Let me ask you something.

You care about Santa, don't you?

I'm important to you, right?



(Norm) pay day!ta, (Drake) Yeah, thanks!

(Norm) You're welcome!




What's up, sport?

How can Santa get down the chimney?

It's too small.

Oh, well--

You know, uh, a problem for But you know, Drake, sometimes Santa runs a little late in bringing the presents.

He's not gonna on Christmas?cle Well, he's got a lot to do.

On that one night.

Sometimes, it takes him a little while to deliver all the toys.

So if your bike isn't there, Christmas morning, that's why.

Do you understand?

He's gonna come through for ya.

One way or the other.

I promise.



I was worried about her walking home alone.

So, I followed her.

Turns out she lives I grew up in.ouse Really? Small world.

Second I saw that place, I was reminded of the last Christmas we spent there.

My mom had passed the previous year, my dad had yet come up with the prints--

The thing that finally got his business going.

Looking back now ...flat broke.ere absolutely But that last Christmas, I wanted a new bike so badly.

I bugged my dad about it every day.

I remember that Christmas morning, running into and there is was.

(young Drake squealing)

It was amazing.

I was over the moon.

Took me a couple weeks, you know, to notice, uh--

The sterling silver frame,

that held the picture of my mom and dad's wedding--

It was missing.

You know what?

I asked him about it, you know--

He said that for safe keeping.away But I, oh man, I knew.

I knew that he had sold it to buy my bike.


You know what, hey--

I owe you some money!

Here you go, thank you.

My pleasure.

So if you want to uh, give me that address, I can enter it into the database.

If they ever it should show up.e, That'd be great.

Before I do that though, I wanna know, why are you in this girl?

I honestly don't know.

She wants something from me, it's not like, money or even presents.

I don't know what it is, she knows what it is.

But I can see it, in her eyes.

You know, she needs me.

I was right.

You are a kind man.

(phone ringing)

(Drake) Hello, Marge.

You're not supposed to call the police!ng to No just, just, just... give me one minute.

Just, just OK? minute.

I... I came to apologize for the scene I made.

You see I, um... I forgot my medication.

And I, uh... and all worked up.

And I, uh, made and I uh-- of myself,

I wanna tell you that I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.


I have work to do, so--

Marge! It's me Drake! as Santa Clause.e Everybody does. of weird magic spell that the real Santa Clause put over me!

No, don't do that-- give me one minute--

Don't don't-- Hear me out!

Come on! No no! hear me out!

I am Drake. eat lunch is Casa Loma.

But it has to be table number 12.

You lied to Tom Mitchell and told him that my car broke down when in fact, our meeting I bumped him to from Houston.ant buyer I started using on my sideburns last year but I make you buy it do it myself!ed to How would I know all that if it wasn't me?

Oh, come on! Really?

What, nothing?

Hey, Bill.


No, no OK fine. What's the use.

You don't have to call the police, alright?

I'm, I'm gonna go.

Wait a minute--

Did Drake put you up to of loyalty test?d No!

You know what? I don't care if he did.

I'm 3 months and after that, I'm never gonna see this place again.

So I'm going to tell you what I think.

Number 1, you need to get back on your meds.

And Number 2. pretend to be somebody, you should pick somebody better than Drake Hunter.

What does that mean?

I have been thirty years.ny for For the first 25 Drake's father.

He ran this company with integrity and with pride, and it showed.

Ever since he died, is the bottom line.

That's business, it's--

No, my friend. And sooner or later it will come back and bite you in the bum.

I do not want to that happens.

When this company the man who's going to have his hand on is Drake Hunter!

And if you're you can tell him I said so.

You can also tell him with mes he's playingd because I don't care about him.

Nobody here cares about Drake Hunter!

(random employee) That's a fact!

I don't think the whole worldin who cares about Drake Hunter!

And there's the door, work to do, go!e

Excuse me, Lisa--



Oh, yeah! I'm Santa Clause, that's right, Merry Christmas.

You know what? uh, the Dobson toy store and tell me there for Christmas, OK?

Won't that be good huh? No?

Alright, what do you all want for Christmas?

Go ahead tell me what you want.

What do you want? Yeah?

I want a TV! I want a laptop!

I want a racing car! I want a unicorn!

You know what? just aboutstmas isn't getting presents, you what I mean, you can have a lot of fun around Christmas, putting up decorations you can uh,home, put up the Christmas tree, right, huh?

The Christmas tree, put the lights on.

You can play games with the family.

But we still want presents.

Yeah, yeah I guess wouldn't you?t those,

They want presents.

No surprise.

A lot of them aren't gonna be morning.uch Christmas I'm sure you're right, than ever this year.

So, what do we do?

Well we've got here at the

But the response hasn't been very good.

I've been trying to but it's just difficult.

Give me the rest of those.

I'll make sure people know.

Where are the toys coming from?

Donations. and refurbish.ean toys Got it. of these flyers?

Well I can print more up.

Do it.

Oh, I have to tell you, her name is Gemma,nd, she lives with her mother, the father's gone.

They were on assistance, but it ran out.

So, what are they living on now?

The mother must have a job.

I tell you what, and talk to her,ight tell her we're up on her,ing making sure everything is alright.

Thanks Nancy, I owe you.

Spread the word that's thanks enough.e, Ho ho ho!



(cardinal chirping)

All right. I've got a deal for you.

You can have what's on your list.

But, you have to bring whatever old toys you don't want anymore, to this address.

All right, There you go.

And, don't forget There you

(little girl) Thanks, Santa!


Little guy right here-- Santa time.ooh.



Mr Smith, Good to see you!


Mr. Krandall--

Yes, Ma'am.

I wanted to ask you a question.

I'm on my way to see Gemma's mother.

Do you wanna tag along?


Yeah, I'd love that.

Isn't she gonna think a social workerdd when and a Santa Clause show up at her doorstep?

I told her that a lot of time at the mall and that the Santa Clause keeps noticing her.

That there's no problem, that everything's I made the appointment already be in bed.l Well, this is it.


Thank you.

(Alicia) You're welcome.

I'm sorry. I know how this looks, I just, couldn't get over the holidays.

My mom was helping out, but she slipped a disc, so I enrolled Gemma at the church.rogram But that's only 3 days a week.

She was supposed to come straight home.

But I guess she couldn't resist Santa.

I'm sorry I hope any trouble.aused Oh no. No trouble.

We just... make sure--ted to We wanted to make sure she has a happy Christmas.

Is there something special she'd like?

You qualify for a toy that we have.program No! Please. of Gemma myself.

There was a time but not anymore.

I make a home I buy her Christmas presents.

Are you working full time?

Nearly. Pays our food and rent.

But sometimes, there are penalties.


If we don't we're fined.tas Well, that's not fair.

Miss Baxter. when Gemma was born.

Some things aren't fair.

Um... Do you mind my asking--

What kind of work do you do?

It's an assembly line.

Huh. of the company?

Hunter Toys.

Wow-- I'm sorry.

Oh... no, it's fine.

Are you OK?

Yeah I was just-- for Hunter Toys.she works Well you must have heard of them.

Oh yeah.

They run ads all the time.

They're the ones who do The Princess Doll.

Oh! Please! talking abouts you The Princess Doll asking for one.l night It's what she wants in the world.thing Her eyes light up when the ads come on.

There's no way you can get her one?

Surely Hunter Toys of employee discount.


I mean, I think more and more companies are trying to get away sort of thing.t

I was saving for one.

That jar was almost full.

But Gemma needed and that's more important.

I just never thought to what she needs,r I'd have to deny her what she wants.



Oh, Dragon, for the Dragon,ork I think it will be the right choice.

OK, buddy, here you go.

We'll see you later. Have a Merry Christmas.

Need your help.

Look Santa has to go feed his reindeer and Little Elf is going to show you some new toys.


Who wants to see toy collection? Lebanese Really?

I'll just show them some race car stuff... OK.

Yeah that'd be a good idea, right.

OK, guys, follow me, Isle 7, 7!

Don't make them cry or scream. OK?

(Sebastian) Isle 7.his...

I need to talk to you.

Actually what I need is for you to talk to me.

Now you've been coming here every day and watching Santa but you won't say anything.

What would make you happy this Christmas?

Oh come on, Gemma, talk to me.

You know my name?

Santa Clause knows every boy and girl's name.

It's a trick. You're a fake, there's no such thing as Santa Clause!

How can you say that?

Because it's true!

My mom works hard making toys for other kids!

I asked Santa last year couldn't afford it!er Parents are the ones not you!g presents, Well maybe you can another chance?

No, you're a phoney, I don't believe in you!

If you don't believe in me, why do you come here every day?

Why do you climb up on Santa's lap?


(Nancy) believe.she wants tok But every kid thinks I'm Santa Clause except for the one convince.want to Kriss. better this way.

She knows other kids are gonna get toys that she can only dream about owning.

She realizes that life isn't fair.

Isn't that better than but that he plays favorites?


That might be get a doggie to That's a great idea. give you a candy cane.

OK see you later, Jordan, have a good Christmas.

(Jordan) Thank you, Santa!


You seen that little girl today?

(Sebastian) No. It's weird.

I hope she's OK.

It's Christmas time, Christmas stuff.ust got Yeah.


Have a Merry Christmas. Take care.

(PA) the store will be closing...

And that is a wrap on Christmas!

You're so weird.

(Norm) Who wants to get paid?

Oh, buddy! (laughing)

(Sebastian) get paid!ant to Santa, what's your deal? Let's go. Pay time!

Yeah, I'm coming.

(Sebastian) What happened?zed.

(Norm) on the other one.ent dead So, just recharge it.

Uh, I just never intend to It's gone.

A ha! Thank you.

Your Hunter bonus is It's not very big.

Yeah, it's OK.

I think the word about among the kids, huh?

Too bad. chunk of change for ya.

Anyway. Great work, you guys.

If either of you guys call me.ob next Christmas, You call me!

All right.

(Norm) a great team.

Thanks. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

We do though.

We do, we make a--

We make a great team.

Can I tell you something?


Confession time. time.truth or dare...

I just--

I just never worked with somebody who's so like completely immerses the way you did.e

I just really learned That's

You did?

Yeah, I mean just, didn't notice but, like, I was watching you the whole time.

OK, well thanks.



You know you probably about working with me?

Confession time, like, truth or dare...

You did a great job playing an elf.

You convinced everybody a normal human being.


Thank you.

You're welcome. And, uh, you took some great pictures too, by the way.

You really should a career in photography.

Thanks, Kriss.

Hey, Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you too, Sebastien.

You take care of yourself, all right?

I'm just gonna--

Whoa whoa! OK, yeah, um--

It's OK. not a big deal.

It's a little uncomfortable.

It's not a big deal.

It is. Merry Christmas.

OK... alright.


(Drake) Hey.

Hey, just in time.

My father was a maniac icicles on the He insisted they go in the exact right place.

It's torture when you're a little kid.

Did you make these?

Yeah. I figured the more sincere they are.

You must really like Christmas.

I love everything about it.

The only thing that more specialhis moment is if there were children Christmas carols.

So did Gemma the exchange? come to No.

I'm sorry.


Kriss, you did everything you could.

Yeah, I guess.

I know what you need.

I make egg nog because I love it.

But I never drink it, calories a glass.ten thousand But, I think tonight calls for it.

To Kriss Krandall.

The department store Santa the real Santa I ever met.


It's good.

So, how did the exchange go?

It was a smash. showing up all afternoon.

All of them holding one you passed out.

There's gonna be thanks to you. kids tomorrow You did all the work, I just did the marketing.

Yeah, but you're good at it.

Oh! Wait a minute--





Why don't you have a boyfriend?

What? (laughing)

You're the most I've ever met loving person and I don't know why grabbed you.n't Well I spend most at the shelter.

It's not exactly a place find romance.

Of course.


It's bad luck not to kiss under mistletoe.




If I was just a couple of decades younger--


Look I, uh--

I have a friend, and uh,

well I know, crazy about you. be

You know like him too.ight But I've--

I've sorta lost touch with him.

But you know, meet him.'d like to, Yeah, if he's a friend of yours, sure.

That'd be great.

So here's to old friends, huh?

Oh let's not forget toast of all--tant Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas.

(carolers singing)

* God rest ye, let nothing you dismay. *

* Remember Christ on Christmas Day *rn

* To save us all when we were gone astray. *

* O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, *

* O tidings of comfort and joy... **

"You're fake. as Santa Clause"thing

"No, you're a phoney, I don't believe in you!"




Halt! Santa! Santa, don't move!

Santa just looted Requesting backup!


That's right, fat man!

What are you doing? What are you doing?

Oh you're mine now Oh!dy, ha ha.

Looks like Santa's in the slammer.istmas Come on--

You know what? Don't go anywhere.

Maybe your elves some bail.p with It's not funny, it's not funny!

(security guard) It kinda is!

Hey come on! You don't understand!


Need some help?


What's that you're holding in your hand?

It's a doll.

It's for a little girl I know and I didn't steal it.

I took it from my own company!

Congratulations, Mr Hunter.

You found your inner Santa.

That means you your outer one.

(sleigh bells jingling)

(security guard) whoa--t, big guy, Mr. Hunter, doing here?u

What did you call me?

Mr... Hunter.

So you, uh, you see me?

Huh? Drake Hunter?

Yes, Sir, Mr. Hunter.


Yeah, this clown broke the store front window!

Buddy, I got the cops waiting outside.

Let's go!

It's alright, I'll take care of it.

But Sir, he broke the store front window.

It's OK, it's OK, good work, you go tell the police that it was a false alarm.

It's OK.

Yes, Sir, Mr. Hunter...

You have an errand to Drake?night, don't you,

I've had some experience Let me help you.

(sleigh bells ringing)

(wind blowing)



Can I look like you again? Just for a minute?

(sleigh bells jingling)


Merry Christmas, Gemma!

Santa, you came!

Well of course I did.

Did you think I'd forget you?

But I stopped believing in you.

I don't think you did. Not really.

I saw you at the store every day.

Was that really you?

What do you think? Santa Clause?ike And if I was a fake, how would I know that this is what you really wanted for Christmas.

It's the most I've ever seen!

Oh, thank you!

You're welcome.

Do you want some cookies?

You know I, uh, I wish I could, but Santa has presents other boys and girls.

But I want you to promise me,

that even if you don't see me for a long time,

that you'll never stop believing.


I promise.

Good girl. sleep, OK?ck to It's a very big day tomorrow.

There you go.

Goodnight, Santa.

Goodnight, Gemma.


Thank you.

Ready to go home?



(sleigh bells jingling)

(wind blowing)




You did call me Drake, right?

Yes, shouldn't I?

Yes. Call me Drake right?u recognize me, I'm beginning to wonder--

Merry Christmas!

Now I'm really Where have you been?

Come on let's go I'll buy you dinner!Eve, And then we can talk about your Christmas bonus!

I've already had dinner bonuses--on't give I do now!

A complete overhaul-- the quality of our product.

I want to give all employees,ek to I mean, they can work overtime if they want.

A better health plan, a better dental plan.

Let's see a little bit better.

What has gotten into you?

I don't know, the Christmas spirit.l it Now that brings me to the reason why I'm taking you away from your home on Christmas Eve.

My cats won't mind.

Look, I uh, I know that retiring in 3 months--

but I'm asking you to stay.

I need you, Marge.

You remember when my father was alive.

I got away from that--

I was wrong.

I need your help to on the right path.

Even if it means you're of the head occationally when I'm doing something stupid.

Come on, will you do it?

I'd love to slap you!


Through an error may be defective.ntrol, Now we don't want to so if one of our toys breaks then bring it back for a full refund.

And please... give us a second chance.

Everybody deserves that.

I give it my personal promise that Hunter Toys is going to be the finest toy company, in the world.

So what do you think?

It's going to cost you a fortune!

It's great, isn't it?

(bell ringing)

Morning shift has arrived!

They're not gonna believe belated bonuses!





Do you have a minute?

My name is Drake Hunter.

Oh, you're the guy--

Yeah, the guy who made his company is, how bad yes, apparently have seen that.

Actually I saw it It's gone viral.


Wow, my marketing trying to go viral for years.

And all it took was a little humility.

What can I do for you, Mr. Hunter?

Oh, please, um, Drake.

We have a mutual friend.

Kriss Krandall.

Kriss! Well where did he go?

I came in and he was gone!ristmas He told me that move on with his life.o

I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

Yeah. He's really sorry couldn't be helped.just Oh and he, uh, wanted you to have this.

He knows it's a little late, but these are the carolers to help make your Christmas perfect.

I can't believe he remembered that.


You're a friend of Kriss's--


I'm sorry I don't mean to be rude, it just seems, like you two would travel in very different circles.

It's a long, long story

but yes, I'm...very close to him.

And he told me all about you.

He said that person he'd ever met.

Well he was just being nice.

I don't think so.

I think he's right.

And um, well mentioned me to you. had You're the friend he was talking about!

I thought he was talking about somebody normal.

No, I'm sorry, like you're not normal--

It's OK. I think it's debatable.

When you laugh, that laugh before.eard

A little bit like deja vu, huh?

It's weird, isn't it?

Look, do you have plans for dinner?

Ah. Yeah--

You know, why don't you just put that in the fridge, and let me take you out nothing fancy, we'll just go to Mel's at the corner.

You know Mel's?

Chris told me about it. Best burgers in the world.

Well, as long as you're a friend of Kriss's--

I'm actually a very good friend of Kriss's...

After you.

Thank you.


(sleigh bells jingling)

Do you hear that?

(sleigh bells jingling)



It's beautiful.

(sleigh bells jingling)

That's Santa Clause.

He's heading back home.

You seem so sure of that.

Well he happens to of mine.y good friend You don't say.

And if you're lucky one day, I'll tell you the story of how Santa Clause and I met.