The Scarehouse (2014) Script

I think this thing is broken! Did you take off the lens cap?

Proof that I.Q. and breast size clearly aren't related.


Welcome to this year's Sigma Cappa Delta Slut Cam Games.

Did you check the focus on the camera outside?

Yep. Yesterday. You shuffled the hay around in the barn scene?

I sure did, Pa. Want to go for a roll in it?

Kaitlin, whose camera is that? It is Katrina's dad's camera.

You don't even want to know the sick shit we found on here.

Kat, your mom's going to have to fire the babysitter!

Everybody was invited? Triple checked, captain!

All right, I think we're in good shape.

You built us a beautiful house.

Tonight Corey Peters and Elaina Forrester undergo their final challenge and we'll see who gets to be crowned our next sorority sister!

I cannot wait to see the looks on their faces.

We should make them play truth or dare. Oh, my God. What are you, 12?

You think they'll show up? Really?

I know it's Saturday and it's Devil's Night.

What else are they supposed to do. They'll come. They'll flock like lemmings.

There hasn't been a haunted house this close to campus before.

Lookie what I found!

It takes a lot more dick than this to satisfy me!

That's disgusting. Now I want to bleach my imagination.

Are you getting the jitters? I'm fine. It's just...

Mental checklist leads to over-thinking. Well, stop it.

You're making me nervous and I don't want to be nervous.

Now you have me thinking. Don't.

No one could have planned this better than you.

Here's hoping...

Congratulations finding the only outfit on the planet to make you look any skinnier.


Little higher.

Perfect. Use the knot I taught you.

I'm glad having you as my foreman is over tonight.

Shut up. You'll miss me. I was a model for a bit.

No, sweetheart, you were in a PSA about Hep C.


Do you want me to get the blood bucket?

The lighting and shock effect should be enough on their own.

I'm going to the monitors. Time to power up.

As president, I'd just like to say it's been... fun getting to know you both these past couple weeks.

Welcome to The Scarehouse!

That's impressive! Wait for it.

Enter if you dare. You evil genius!

It's set to open every three or four minutes to let a few more in.

That way we don't get overwhelmed.

This year's challenge will require... balls.

I'd love to say more but I have to get ready!

Get out! It's my turn! It's my fucking house!

Jesus Christ, Jackie! Don't say that!

Sorry. Not on Devil's night.

Oh, my God! Now I have Katrina's cooch on my lips!

The rooms are ready? Check.

All right, let's shit some pants!

Dear sisters, you are cordially invited to this year's Sigma Cappa Delta Halloween V.I.P. Bash.

In order to reach this private event, you will have to face your deepest and darkest fears inside the Scarehouse.

1635 Ellis Drive.

See you there, bitches.

I don't know if my Grandma would approve of the way I invested the money she set me up with. Invite her down, let her watch.

Hi, Grandma, what are you doing?

Knitting me another labia pink scarf I will never wear. How wonderful!

Hey, I know you've already had bridge and aqua fit this week, but how would you like to come down to an old textile plant and watch Elaina and I...

Oh, for... Don't wet yourself.


This isn't funny!

Hot damn, this is going to be good.

It's so weird seeing her.

She looks almost the same.

Emily Lewis, are you here for the party?


Did you come alone as per your instructions?

I did.

Are you ready to face your fears?

And possibly regrets.

Let's get this party started!


Enter if you dare.

They've already got enough skeletons in there, you skinny bitch!

You'll never make it out alive!

You're going to let me through, right?


Fine. Eat me then!

Who planned this?

Why would you hit me!


This isn't the party, is it?


Please don't rape me.

I think you'll find we lack an essential tool to fulfill that fantasy.

You guys are girls?



Corey, please! What are you... Relax!

We're here to make things a little bit... tighter.

If anything.

You're still doing the big sweater thing, aren't you.

All bun, no meat.

Do you think we could help her with that, Elaina?

I might have just the thing.

How many letters did I write you?

Can you believe that, Elaina?

63 letters I write Miss Ripe Peach and not a single response.

How rude.

What are you going to do?

What is the point in not eating... if you're not going to flaunt your figure?

I was afraid that we would be reunited tonight and you'd be a fat train wreck.

What is it you always told me?

A girl should always want to be thinner?

Do you like party games, Emily?

I don't want to play.

If I recall, you love this game.


You answer all our questions honestly.


Well... we dare you to do something and you will comply.

What kind of dares?

Truth... or dare? Dare.

What should it be? I know. It's perfect for you.

I dare you... to be skinnier!

It's too tight! Said no guy ever.

Next round, Em! Truth... or dare?


Where were you on October 30th, two years ago?

Oh, come on. You guys already know where I was.

A half truth. More like a dodged truth, really.

What should we give her for that?

I'd say free dinner somewhere nice but she wouldn't eat it.

You know what, you get this round. Truth or dare?

Look, I know what you two are up to and I will not be a part of it.

I'm afraid you already are and you made that choice a long time ago.

Emily... truth or dare? Dare.

I can still see some fat.

Corey, would you help her with that?

No, no.

You're not wimping out on me, are you?

You almost look as bad as she does.

Emily, you heard her... truth or dare? Truth.

Unnecessary boob shot.

Look at that cleavage. That bitch is an emotional terrorist.

She better not be going to this thing tonight, I can't stand her.

How's that $30 spray tan working out for you?

I don't know, you tell me!

Fuck off!

If I had tits like that, it would not have taken me till I was 18 to get some dick.

Shelby, did you bring my black shoes?

I don't have them. Yes, you do.

No, I don't.

You borrowed them from me two days ago, liar!


Is she taking a bath?

It doesn't count if you try to baptize yourself.

Stupid cunt!

How much longer?

Shelby Hickman, are you here to attended the party?

Yes, sir.

Did you come alone as per your instructions?

Just me.

Are you ready to face your fears?

Yeah, I'm ready.

Enter if you dare.

Hey, does the carpet match the drapes?

You'll never make it out alive!


You guys don't look very scary.

You forgot your corset, but I'm sure you can liven up the room a little.

Are we scary now, cunt?

Already? Stack 'em up!

Is that dress sprayed on?

I can't tell. We should bring her in so we can judge her better.

Katrina Larson, welcome to the party.

Thanks. How do I open this?

Did you come alone as per your instructions?

Do you see anyone else with me?

Are you ready to face your fears?

Okay, sure, whatever, Jackie. It's cold out here.

Try more clothes!

Enter if you dare!

What, do sluts get in for free? Slut discount!

You'll never make it out alive!

I'll eat your soul!

See the freak show. One night only!

What kind of cunt jumps someone in a haunted house?

This kind!

Who knew a whore like you could take a good choking?



Let's get wonder whore out of here.

We want to see your holy hole! Get out of here, you perverts!

Close the door!

Don't worry, she's not always this controlling.

One, yes, she is. Two, the only reason why I put with her is so I know I'm not the biggest cunt out there.

Stop saying that word! I don't say it that much.

Bullshit! She's a cuntasaurus.

She's such a cunt! Cunt! Fucking cunt!

Cunt hear you! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!

It's the final cuntdown!

Daddy, they made me have it here, I told them that it wasn't allowed.

Who picked out your outfits?


Geoff just sent me a dick pic. That's nasty.

Emily, if and when you do start fucking, I bet you fuck like an accountant.

Corey and Elaina.

One row for each of you.

Thrown 'em back before we go!

Whorey-Corey in the lead!

Trust me, you're going to want to be socially lubricated.

We all had to do it. One more!

Good girl!

Elaina, how do you feel?

I'm fine.

Well engineered, winner.

I think somebody needs a costume change.

I think the limo's here!

Waking up naked in a strange room isn't much of a new thing for you?

Nice one!

How'd you get out? Good behaviour.

You know what I missed the most on the inside?

A nail file.

Good quality shampoo.

My vibrator. Yes.

Yes. Exactly.

Elaina, do you think Katrina here has been missing any of that?

Short of a good waxing, I don't see what else she's missing.

You know what? She looks even more fake than the last time we saw her.

Fake? How can that be?

She's all natural.

She prides herself on it.

Don't you, Kat?

Is this party your idea then?

This is what? You're trying to embarrass me for doing what was right for the sorority?


Told ya!

It's just as fake as her story.

I'm sorry... what was right? You don't know how hard it was to...

...and I think that somewhere along the way you lost touch with one of the founding ideals of our little sisterhood: finding strength in your inner beauty.

I wanted to visit. I did, I wanted to talk.

You've spent so much time Frankenstein-ing yourself that I think it's time for the good doctor and I to kill the monster.

Elaina, since we're all sharing here... what did you miss most on the inside?

Getting my nails done.

There's just no good way to sneak in an Asian lady, no matter how small they are.

Prison changes you.


Nobody asked you, slut, so save your breath for the next time that your mouth is full.

Corey, why don't you tell us what you missed inside?

When you have nothing to do but think...

I thought a lot about you, Katrina.

All sorts of things, as you can imagine.

But what I really wanted to know was... what it would feel like to have these long... natural... eyelashes.

Take a big, deep breath.

Are those real? They are real.


Let's see if you are a grand prize winner.

So, like, what is this? Some sort of sex party? Need a dude?

Well... we just might. Seriously?

If you can handle it.

Let me show you something special.

What was that?

That's what a female orgasm sounds like. Unfamiliar?

Okay, we are just going to finish up our girl fun, so you just try not to blow your load, okay?



Be right back, big boy.

What the fuck? We have to get rid of him.

No, we don't. We have a plan and we stick to it.

How far are we going to get if he wanders out of there?

He's piss drunk, he probably won't even remember!

Oh, probably?

This is your fault. You were supposed to make this place idiot proof!

This is applied engineering. It's a fourth year class.

You know I only had textbook theory for half a semester.

It's the same thing. No, it's not!

I built this place on a lot of theory and this is a test run.

So give me a fricken break on a few minor flaws.

Minor flaws?

Forgetting to put out chips and dip is a minor flaw. A witness is major!

Everyone's going to know we did this, Corey! Why do you even care?

He's not leaving here alive.

You're going to lock him in that closet and someone's going to find him when we're done.

Do you understand?

Fine, but I'm knocking him out.



Grab his phone. Go!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, you guys, please help me! Please!

Please help me!


Shut up, bitch!

Your acting sucks balls.

She's really hot, though. Yeah, in a mousey way.

No! No! Oh, my God, you guys! Stop! Please!

Please, no more.

We'll go to the police together.

You don't get to enter a plea deal.

It didn't work for Elaina and I in court.

Please stop.

You're lucky you only had one night of torment.

The cards fell exactly as they should've. Two people in jail instead of all of us.

So we didn't matter?

Swept under the rug. Brandon's family hating us.

People throwing rocks through my mom's window.

No chance at a normal life, and all for what?

So you could keep whoring your way through the student body trying to not feel alone?

Katrina, look at me!

I lost everything!

My family says they know it was a mistake, but I can see it in their faces.

In all their faces! I'm a fucking disgrace!

Go on, Katrina, bargain with that.

You want money? 'Cause if you let me call my dad, he'll give you anything you want.

Oh, that's rich.

That way you can see us go back to jail while you cover your scars with more money?

You think this is funny?

Elaina, you know how Matt kept visiting you in jail those first few months?

Yeah, I fucked him every night when he got back.

Told him everything was going to be okay.

He confided in me.

Why do you think he stopped visiting?

I helped him get over you, like the rest of us did.

People move on. I think you should too.

But now, instead, you're going back to jail where you belong!

No, I won't be. See you in hell, you arrogant, diseased twat.

Well, that was unscripted.

I... I told you, I...

I only have the theory down.

Why does everyone think I'm a lesbian?

I spent two years in a women's correctional facility, I think I would know if I was gay or not.

Same reason my shrink and my mom both think I need anger management therapy.

I think there's some truth in it.

What the fuck are you looking at, Emily?


Make me a drink, cunt!

You might want to stick to water.

You don't want to do anything you regret.

So we're still a few hours away from finding out who our new sister will be... but first we have to find our victim.

You'll see.

Kaitlin, put the fucking camera down and join us! Get drunk!


Can... can I get some water or something?


Oh, my God!

Is that Katrina?

You know, without her boobs she's almost impossible to recognize.

Elaina, I know you're upset.

I know this is revenge for Brandon's death, but come on!

You are already wrong about two of the three things you just said. Sit tight.

Here, catch!

And to clarify those two inaccuracies:

I'm not upset and Brandon's death is your fault.

Fuck me.

It's a hard scale to rate by tonight's events, but you're hitting a new level I don't even think there's a word for yet.

Everybody gets the same advice when they turn 13: if it burns too much, you're screwing the wrong people.

How many years do you think they'd throw at us for all this?

I don't care. It's worth it.

Think Lisa will like this?

I call it... prison sex.

Let's just hope this dries in time.

I don't think I can watch this one.

Are you ready to face your fears?

You betcha.

It's really too bad about this one.

I thought she was cool. You'll never make it out alive!

This is what you look like behind that camera not having any fun!

You have it the wrong way... cunt!

Hey, you know what? You think you're so good, Jenner.

You're not... you're not so good. I know you.

I could have you down on your knees if I wanted to, you little slut.

Why don't you suck my dick?

Oh, let me guess. Leatherface is next?

I am going to punch her in the box for insulting our hard work.

This is a good goddamned haunted house, not some Orlando theme park.

Let me get her. I hate her more.

Nice costume.

What the fuck?

I think we're in trouble. I'm going to eat that bitch for breakfast!


Oh, Lisa!

Shelby? Shelby! Lisa, you've got to get me out of here!

They're dead! You got to help me! They're going to kill us!

Shelby can you hear me? Lisa, run!

Behind you!

Call 9-1-1!

Shelby, don't worry! Please help me!


Thought you had the upper hand?

Run! Get help!

She'd heading for the basement! There's no way out of there, just... bolt the door!

Damned technology, makes it almost impossible to get away with murder.

Sluts and liars they are, but tardy they are not.

Let's go.

Come on, we'll deal with Lisa later.

Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee!

What do we have here?

This is so going on the internet!

I slept with that guy freshman week. Was it good?

No, ma'am.

Who's that, your boyfriend? You can't go one night without him?

How long's Emily been... you know...

Around the time that the rest of us all lost our virginity, she lost a bunch of weight to compensate.

And Jacqueline, really and truly, she believes in that fire and brimstone shit?

100% on the Jesus train.

What about Shelby? She seems nice.

I don't know. She hasn't told the truth long enough for me to know what to make of her.

I feel like that time that I took too much molly and tried to make love to my cousin.

Kaitlin Bowden?

Have you come for tonight's party?

Do you even know what Halloween is, you dumb slut?

Where is she?

Guys, you know I don't like the dark!

And being alone.

Oh, my God, oh, my God, I think I heard a spider!

Sounds like she's near the entrance. Oh, God.

Should we go get her? I don't like funhouses!

I have to hit the washroom. Can you grab her?

Again? Does no one care about me?

If you must know, this is not a number one trip.

And you have to go right now?

Yes, who plans these things? Oh, disgusting.

Hey, just be glad you weren't my cell mate.

I feel like something is watching me and I don't think that I can handle any of this!

Hi, Kaitlin. I know I'm a complete pussy but I can't even watch scary movies. That freaking clown thing from IT did it to me when I was 6 and my brother was watching the DVD.

Please, take me to the party and I'll take whatever humiliation her highness has cooked up. I don't think you'll like tonight's punishment.

I will chug the hot sauce, I will show the guys my taut-tauts, I will eat the worm and/or wear a dunce cap. I just...

I cannot and will not walk through this thing alone.

Okay then.

Right this way.

Thank you.

Pleasure is all mine, I'm afraid.

Once you check in, you may never check out!

Ready to join us, big boy?


Yes... again.

Round two, bitches!

So charming.

This way, this way, this way.

Here? Okay.

Drop 'em.


Typically, blowjobs work better without them.


First penis I see in two years and this is what I get?

Honey, there's not much in there.

Come on, baby, you know you're wet for me.

Wrap your lips around me.

Hey, you know, if you broke your neck you could probably suck your own dick.


Hey, Lisa!

Don't think I forgot about you!

You're due for your annual physical!

...and I just... I pray for his family.

Now, these girls were pledges...

Is it just vodka tonight or did we splurge on champagne?

I did vodka last night a little too hard and...

I don't think we're going to be friends for a while.

We've got you covered for life. This way, we're almost there.

Four vodka crans!

Hey! Why don't we go back to your place and we open a bottle of wine, we light a fire, unwrap a condom.

Brandon, you're drunk, you want to fuck, we get it!

But it's my birthday and I... want to celebrate... with her... yeah!

Well, birthday boy, she'll never love you as much as she hates herself, so beat it!

I like most of myself! Move!

All right, wait, wait, wait... no condom?

Birthday douchebag, Brandon Philips, practically volunteered himself!

As sisters we need to stick together.

Brandon needs to be... shamed.

You and Elaina are going to take a little photo of Brandon... wearing... this!

Whichever one of you ladies posts the photo that gets the most likes has a place amongst us at noon tomorrow.

We like you... so this is a little bonus in case he has problems finding his inner drag queen.

Pop a few of these in his drink and... voilĂ . Party time!

You have to bring the camera though. We want to see everything.

Now that, as they say ladies and gentlemen, is taking a load off.

I feel so much better.

They invited you?

That was you?

My mom saw you guys on TV when they let you out.

You look really good.

This isn't... isn't a party, is it?

Well, fatty, it is, but it's our party.

By the way, don't they have treadmills on the outside anymore?

Corey, party's a strong word.


Are they dead?

They're going to kill us too!

We're not going to kill anyone. We just want answers.

These girls jerked us around, so, really, it would be to your advantage to... just tell us all kinds of truth tonight.

What are you doing to do? Scrape me? Put poor Emily's rib down.

Whose idea was it?

Will you let us go?

We deserve to ask you these questions, don't you think?

They wanted us to do interviews about you and we said no, we didn't take any of them.

How noble.

Was it your idea then?

Are you lying to us, Shelby? No!

Bullshit, if it wasn't your idea, then you would tell us.

The plan was already in motion.

None of us wanted you to go to jail.

What happened to Brandon was unfortunate but it was an accident.

I know it was an accident. I was there.

But it's still an accident that I lost my scholarship over and two years of my life.

It was your idea to roofie Brandon!

Elaina, think this through, this is fucked up. Come on, Corey!

No, have you ever been roofied? This is like rape! Okay?

Come on, you think Brandon's going to run to the police with a story that a girl tried to rape him? I don't know!

Really? Brandon! Of all guys?


This is such a bad idea.

Elaina, listen... No, you listen to me.

If you don't want to do this, that's fine, I don't care.

You can go out there and tell them who their new sister is.

I'll miss you.

What's done is done.

I'm afraid we're all in this together.

We went along with it. Seemed too good to be true.

You were the only ones that took the pictures, maybe it was easy to plead that you acted alone.

Corey, be a darling and get me the gun, please.

I'm tired of this drivel. No no, wait! It was...

If you touch me again, I swear to God I will kick the shit out of you!

Do not take what she says as my word.

I want to know whose idea this was... and if you guys tell us, we're going to get a lot friendlier.

Absolutely! It was Katrina!

So you two are telling me that you had no choice in this whatsoever?

It was the wrong place at the wrong time for all of us.

Do you think she made mine or Kaitlin's life easy?

But Katrina's dead now. You have had your revenge.

Just let us go.

We were never here. We're good at keeping secrets.

Lisa almost had a nervous breakdown!

I would gladly take Lisa's breakdown over a single day in prison.

Under the table, there's a garbage bag.

Open it.

Take one and give it to Kaitlin.

Take the other one for yourself.

Kaitlin, hit Shelby with it.

There may or may not be a form of powered acid in those pillows.

Elaina cooked up some Walter White shit especially for you.

Now give us an old-fashioned gladiator showdown sorority-sleepover style.

Last one alive wins.

No! No, wait!

Shit. What's the plan?

I don't have a plan.

Well engineered. Take this! Okay?

You take care of those... and I'll take care of him.

Happy birthday! Happy birthday!


Come here. Is that your room?

Elaina, make us drinks or something! She should come too! Yeah.

We need a dirtier song for this! Let's see...


Elaina! I'm coming, I'm coming.

Help, get us out of here! They think we're part of the attraction!

You. This is all your fault!

You and your string of lies!

You fat...


How long do you think it's going to take them to die?

Let's just go.

We're not done. But we are, Corey!

Don't you feel this satisfaction? It's practically pumping through my veins.

We're not done.

But the girls are victims too. Well, they didn't have to stay silent.

Scared or not. They wronged us.

But it was Katrina. I don't care about Katrina!

Why can't we just call it what it is and end it?

You can do whatever you want, but I'm finishing this.

They deserve it. All of them.

What if their families don't deserve it?

My mother died because of them.

Your mother died of a heart attack last June!

Did she?

My mom took pills.

Corey, I didn't...

You want to guess why?

'Cause of... what we...


You can end this now... but don't take this away from me. I need this.

Fuck these girls.

No, fuck this!

No, Elaina, no!

I need this too.

I'm glad you won't miss the surprise I have for you.

I just hope you like it.

Elaina Forrester and Corey Peters have been found guilty of manslaughter.

Last fall, the two girls staged a practical joke aimed at shaming fellow student, Brandon Philips.

Lewd photos were taken of the unconscious 19-year-old after the slipped Rohypnol into his drink.

Later that night Philips asphyxiated on his own vomit, resulting in his untimely death.

Both Forrester and Peters maintain that there were others involved in this prank turned nightmare. I can't say for certain... but from what I've been hearing around campus one of the girls did have a... a torrid affair with Brandon. And this was supposed to be... some sort of way to get back at him.

I believe in... in God's great mercy and I believe in the law enforcement of our community.

I know that justice will be found.

And I trust in the Lord... Holy shit!

How long has she been here?

Five days. Fuck off!

Isn't anyone looking for her?

Thank God nobody calls anyone anymore?

I've been texting loser guys all week... which is kind of fun actually.

By the way, Jackie, I told Brian that you were seeing Professor Anston, who apparently loves anal.

You naughty girl!

I would advise you not to talk to either of them, ever again.

And... I've already had sex with Jessie.

It really wasn't very good so I'll save you the disappointment.

I told him that you had herpes and that you're shy about it. What are friends for?

Elaina... she's been texting Richard.

My brother?

Wait till the trial starts.

Good evening, ghouls and goblins.

I regret to inform you but that will be all for tonight's Scarehouse.

Please hurry towards the nearest exit before we let the real monsters out.

That's that.

Now, Jacqueline, how did you feel personally about these two girls when you met them?

I try to approach... every person that I meet with the fullness of God's love in my heart.

I can speak with absolute accuracy that not one of our members participates in any sort of... sort of hazing or... initiation rituals that involve illegal activity of any kind.

I haven't even seen any of this.

My dad DVR'd everything.

I was looking for a slip-up, something the lawyers could use.


No mother should have to lose a little boy.

This is sick. Wait until you see the one where... she talks about how she believes you were on drugs when you attacked Brandon.

Or the one where she's crying while she's singing Jesus songs at Brandon's candle vigil.

And she actually believes herself. I thought she'd be easier to break if we gave her a little taste of solitary confinement.

How you holding up?

Want some?

Taking Emily's advice to heart?

I've never seen her with nothing to say.

You can't break my spirit.

On the contrary, I'd count on it.

You know what we want, right?

He gives strength to the weary... and increases the power of the weak.

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength and will soar on wings like eagles... and not be faint.

Someone brushed up on their Christianity.

Oh, right.

Jackie, the uber-moraled Pastor's daughter.

It's an act. It was always an act.

I don't know.

Go get the weight.

You might want to keep your hands up.

Jacqueline Gill, you are here today to answer for your crimes against Elaina Forrester and Corey Peters.

I saved five people.

Objection. You didn't save anyone. You endangered them.

And now... they're dead.

That's a lie.

They've all answered for their crimes and now it's your turn.

My judgment won't come from you.

You are wicked. You've brought harm unto your fellow man.

You're not right with God. You mustn't this.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out!

Slow down, Red State! ...dominion of darkness Jesus! Jackie!

They told us everything.

They all had a choice to take the money.

Jackie, what money?

I've made my peace. Well, we haven't made ours.

Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God.

See all your enemies lie there, confused and humiliated!

I don't think solitary confinement had the effect you were looking for.

I feel that... that these ladies have been tainted.

Are you listening to me, you cunt?

Who did they get money from?

I helped them!

Let her go! Oh, Jesus Christ!

Lisa, don't say anything! Look who decides to speak up?

Jackie just told us that you chose to take the money.

That's what this is about? You want our money?

If I tell you, will you unplug the blow dryer?

Scout's honor.

Jacqueline's family gave us each

$40,000 to go with the story.

And you took it?

We voted.

We sat and we voted.

The money was insurance to make sure that our vote stuck.

Lisa, no!

Jacqueline concocted this whole story.

Her father was there, checkbook in hand.

Shelby was lying.

Some bible thumper you are, you manipulative piece of shit!

My family prayed on it.

We were just trying to make a bad situation a little bit better.

You can't die soon enough.

I'm absolved of my sins.

I'm ready to meet my maker.

Shut up! Shut up!

I hate her just as much as you do but she does not deserve to die!

I couldn't go to jail!

Corey, unplug the blow dryer right now!

Look at those big titties.

I'm Brandon. I'm a douchebag!

That's nice.

Vibrant red because you're worth it.

Slut! I know you like sluts, Brandon, but how does it feel to be one?


You think you're going to make the news again, Jackie?

Which one of you has my cell phone? We smashed it!

Corey has mine.

Call the police.


If I call the police, I'm going to have to tell them about your daddy, Jackie.

My father's a good man.

I'm not so sure your Christian convincing will be seen the same by the public.

They'll see it more as a guilty girl's dad who bought the silence of five other girls; framing us in order to save his precious little daughter.

How holy! Praise the Lord!

The church will stand true.

Or they'll turn on him when they learn how dishonest he is.

"What else is he hiding?" they'll whisper.

Are there little boys in the church basement after dark?

Where did all this payoff money come from on a pastor's salary?

Has the collection plate been a little bit light?

Think about it, Jackie. Stop talking and call the police!

Maybe we shouldn't call. What else are we going to do?

But my father!


Please don't! I'll give you anything you want!

I'm having trouble remembering. It's nine, one... then what? This is my final warning.


Jackie! I just want to let you know that I forgive you.




Doesn't feel so good, does it?

Don't worry, the sting starts to wear off after two years.

What the fuck? She broke my foot!

Monitor room, red button now!

It seals the entrance, it's the only way out!

Red button. Red button.


Come on!

Red button, where the fuck is it?

Goddamn it, Elaina! Fuck!


Help me! Help me!

She's trying to kill me!

Stay away from me!

Stay away!


I'm sorry. I'm sorr...

Red button.


All right.

We're not getting sentimental. We agreed.

Screw it!

Thank you so much for being my friend.

I couldn't have pulled this off without you.

I'm ready.

May the best slut win. Loser first.

I never lose, bitch.

Bye-bye, Brandon. See you on the internet.

I'll miss you.