The Scorpion King (2002) Script

We have killed Babylonians!

We have killed Mesopotamians!

We have killed Assyrians!




...we have never had the pleasure...

...of killing... Akkadian.

Which limb do I take first?

May the gods have pity on you.

Because my brother will not.


You missed.

You're lucky we have the same mother.

Before the time of the pyramids, a fearsome horde came from the east...

...and swept across the barren lands of the ancient world.

By the law of the horde, their greatest warrior was proclaimed their king.

His name was Memnon.

He was the greatest swordsman the world had ever seen.

With the predictions of a sorcerer, who could foretell the outcome of every battle...

...Memnon slaughtered all who resisted him...

...until only a brave few remained.


My father has called for silence!

Hold your tongues!

We are gathered in this place to put our differences aside.

There is still time for us...

...the last of the free tribes... stand together against this tyrant.

With his sorcerer at his side... mortal can defeat Memnon.

And, if the sorcerer were to die...

...what then?

It's too late for your schemes, Pheron.

I have raided Memnon's caravans, broken the supply lines to his troops...

...but he still swept across the land like a plague.

I will not send my people to their deaths in a battle that can't be won.

And what people would that be, Balthazar?

You are the ruler of nothing...

...but a pile of rocks...

...and sand.

If I am no king...

...why are you on your knees before me?

Balthazar! Guards!

Akkadians. I thought they were wiped out long ago.

They are the last of their kind.

By their hand, the sorcerer will die.

You put your faith in a clan of cutthroats who kill for money?

They are more than that. They are skilled assassins...

...trained for generations in the deadly arts.

What price do these mercenaries ask from us, Father?

Twenty blood rubies.

That's the last of our treasury.

Be quiet!

If these men kill the sorcerer, will you fight?

So be it.

As long as one of us still breathes...

...the sorcerer will die.



...we'll kill for free.

We can reach Memnon's encampment by nightfall.

Why do you keep that filthy beast?

He doesn't mean anything by it.

Horses are faster.

But camels are smarter.

That one's mine.

Live free.

Die well.

Stop! Listen to me!

I am a high priest of Set.

Spare me, and I shall bless thee in five different languages.

You will scream in five different languages, horse thief!


I'm not that heavy.

Look out for the fat one! He's behind you!

Help me!

Help me, whoever you are!

Thank you, good sir.


There's an enormous reward for my safe return.

The sorcerer's tent.


That way!

Find the other one!

You've been betrayed, Mathayus.

You know my name?

And why you're here.

He's in the tent!

A living, breathing Akkadian.

This is a rare pleasure.

I hear you train yourselves to bear great pain.

You must teach me this, if you live long enough.

Not looking so full of yourself, are you now, assassin?


Betrayed your own father! Yes.

He was very shocked.

You could tell by the look on his face.

By my father's head...

...I pledge my allegiance.

You have proven your loyalty, Takmet.

This one still lives.


Bring him to me.


Live free.

Die well, my brother.

So... shall this one die?

He shall not die tonight.


We shall see.

Nor shall he die by your hand...

...or any hand you command.

You have seen this in a vision?

To ignore this would bring great misfortune.

The gods show him favor on this night.

Just the gods?

A puzzle, then:

How to kill you without using my hand or any hand I command.

Fascinating, isn't it?

This smoke, it causes the fire ants to abandon their homes, you see?

All the sooner to feast on our naked heads.

-You think that's funny? -It's a little bit funny.

You see, I am about to escape. You, on the other hand, will die horribly...

...for leaving me to die last night!

So, what are you waiting for?

You see that one up there?

He's been drinking that yak piss for an hour. And sometime very soon...

You see?

Where's the horse thief?

All right, come on, get me out of here.

Do you...

...promise not to kill me?

Yes, I promise.

Remember, you are an Akkadian. You make an oath, you always have to keep it.

That's right.

Promise to take me with you and share in the spoils of your adventures.


All right, fine. Yes, I promise.

All right. Now, hold still.

Here's one.

That's a big one!

My, here comes the mother!

So, where are we going?

To Memnon's kingdom to avenge my brother's death.

Never touch the bow.

Not a problem.

-Who are you calling? -My ride.

It's a nice camel.

Not much room back here. Scoot up, please.

We had a deal!

That's right. And I haven't killed you. Yet.

What news from my sorceress today?

What news?

Your armies will conquer in the west.

Queen Isis' forces will scatter to the four winds.

Give the generals the news. Have them make their armies ready.

Yes, my lord.

You think I'm cruel, don't you?

Perhaps you've forgotten what it's like outside these walls.

Heartless, ignorant...

...and savage.

But I can change that.

I will bring order after centuries of chaos.

An order which will last for 1,000 years!

Rivers of blood can never bring peace.

But they can bring obedience!

That will suffice for now.

And when I become the king of legend...

...then you shall take your place beside me, on a throne...

...and in my bed.

But, my lord... your bed, I would lose my gift of sight.

And you would lose your advantage in battle.

The day I speak of is the day I no longer need your vision.


After a hard day of looting and pillaging, there is no greater city than Gomorrah.

Except maybe Sodom.

I wish I could join you.

You're not going?

Believe me, I'd like to even the score with a few of those red guards myself.

But with the price they have on my head, I'd never make it through the gates.

I have faith in you, my friend.

You'll get us in.

You see? They've got the city sealed up tighter than a crab's buttocks.

I wish there was something I could do to help, but I...

But there is.

What business do you have here?

I've come to collect a bounty.

Horse thief.

I know this dog. They'll behead him for sure this time.

He'll be all the prettier without it.

-What happened? -You got us in. I knew you could do it.

A jug of your finest wine for my road-weary friend here.

Wait a minute. The last thing that I remember was...

...this huge Akkadian fist coming straight into my...

Here's your wine, sir.

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like.

It's good to be back in the big city.

Watch my camel for me.


Been working here long time?

How's the kabob?

Merchandise, the highest quality. Steel forged by the monks of Pompeii.

The world's finest swords. You can't get respect in Gomorrah without a quality blade...

Birds of paradise! Birds of prey! The most beautiful birds in the world.

Hey, soldier, those big muscles look cramped.

-Perhaps one of us can help you relax. -Maybe all of us.

Mister! Guide, mister!

You need a guide to find your way in Gomorrah.

A good guide could show me a way into Memnon's palace.

But a smart guide wouldn't, or he'd be shown into Memnon's dungeon.

I don't have it!

Do you want to earn this one?

Get ready. I'll kill half, you kill half.

All right. I'll kill them all.

How about we go around them and not kill anybody?

Good Lord! Are you going to kill me?

Maybe later.

Memnon's always threatened to have my head.

Don't touch that. What is it?

That's my special magic powder.

Magic powder?

Yeah, magic powder. It's from a Chinese formula that I procured at great expense.

If I get the recipe right, it'll move mountains.

Clear roadways in an instant.

Do great things, wonderful things.

Or terrible things.

Like all my inventions, Memnon will use it for war.

Where is Memnon?

You mean to kill him, do you?


In that case, I'd say he was in the training courtyard.

No! Let me go!

I didn't do anything!

You know the penalty for thievery.




Follow me!

You again.

How do I get out of here?

Through that door.

What's that?

That's one of my latest inventions.

It was meant to be a quick means of transportation, but landing was a problem.



Don't touch that, you'll set it off.


A man.

What is this place?

Memnon's harem. But he visits so rarely.

And it gets so lonely.

Can't you leave me alone, Thorak?

Watch your tongue, Philos.

Careful with those! They're delicate instruments.

You're lucky Lord Memnon has a taste for your science... old fool!

If I find out that you had anything to do with this intruder, I will send the executioner.

We know how to please.

I'm sure you do, but... Stay.

Stay with us. Now's not a good time.

We will make your every fantasy come true.

Kill him!

After him!

Go get him!

Are you going to try to kill me or just stare at me?


Take a breath.

Gods be praised!

How dare you touch me?

Sorceress, I am an Akkadian, hired to kill you.

I find myself in the position where you are more use to me alive.

Don't make me change my mind.

And he said, "It's not the size of the hump, it is the motion of the camel. "

Alas, I must leave you now.

There's the traitor!

Great gods.

He's dead! Just admit it, you smelly camel.

I am your master now! You belong to me!

He is dead! Dead!


You are alive! I knew it!


I was just saying to the camel:

"Camel, no one could kill our good friend Mathayus. "

Get on.

Why should I make it easy for you? You're sworn to kill me.

Others will die first.

That's comforting.

Who's your friend?

Memnon's sorcerer.

Memnon's sorcerer? Are you insane?

She's going to get us all killed!

Memnon must leave the safety of his palace to get her.

So you're going to use me first, and then kill me. I feel so much better.

I could do it the other way around and kill you first.

Where are we going?

The Valley of the Dead.

The Valley of the Dead?

Nobody goes to the Valley of the Dead! That's why they call it the Valley of the Dead!

Wait for me, please!

Take a dozen of your best men, track him down, kill him...

...and bring her back to me.

Send me news when he's dead.

Yes, my lord.

My lord...

...there are rumors spreading to the armies that she is gone.

Is this true?

-It is, my lord. -Then silence them.

They must believe she is here, if only for a short time.

And when you find the Akkadian...

...give him this from me.

Are we where I think we are?



Where are you going, sorceress?

In a hurry to get back to Memnon?

No, to get away from you! I'll never go back to Memnon!

He's kept me prisoner since I was a child.

Why did you help me that night in the tent?

I knew you were the one man who could help me escape.

Run, if you like. But there are worse dangers out there than me.

What? You can't find it?

It's around here somewhere.

What are you looking for?

Just a place to get out of the storm.

What storm?

You'll see.


Memnon didn't come, did he?

He sent his maggots to do his work.

He's smarter than you think.

Or more cowardly.

Can I go home now?

Stay here.

Cover up.

You'll be safe.

He's attacking. Alone?

The sun has fried his brain.

1,000 duranas to the one who brings me his head!

Akkadian bastard!

Where is he?

This way!

You two first!

Stay on the stones!

Come with me.

Don't touch that.


Show your face!

The Akkadian.


You are alive! You swatted them like flies! You are invincible!

Tell me, do you think you can save him?

His fever's high.

The poison was made with scorpion venom. If he does live...

...the blood of the scorpion will always flow through his veins.


It is a miracle.

She cured you. I knew it! I felt her magic!

It almost killed her. But, the gods, they were on our side.

Why? Why would you risk your life to save mine?

Because I believe you can save the people.

The people are not my problem.

Memnon is.

You and the people have the same problem.

Pardon, my lord. A message from Thorak.

Finally, the Akkadian is dead.

Something wrong, my lord?

Not at all.

Everything is in order.

In fact, things are going so well...

...that I'm moving up our plans.

Tomorrow night, we feast to celebrate our impending victory.

And then we'll drive the last of the rebels into the sea.

Now go.

My lord.

It is customary for the sorceress to be present at these meetings.

Why is she not here today?

She is indisposed.

It is nothing serious, I hope.

If it were serious...

...then you would know about it.

Now go!

She is alive.

She is with him and he is coming here.

Get ready.

It works!

My lady, how lovely to see you out here in this desolate place.

Let me show you. It works!

Come, come, come.

My lady sorceress.

You see?

I worked it out.

My Chinese formula. My magic powder works!

All I needed was salt, petered salt.

It was here all the time. This place is just full of it.

By the way, do any of you happen to have any water?

What do you think, it is safe to drink?

Not anymore.

Delicious. You see, the sandstone must act as a natural filter.


I'm alive! I'm alive!

For the moment.




The gods are good to me.

When we last met, you offered to kill me. Now I have a chance to return the favor.

You are trespassers here.

Our survival depends on this place being kept a secret.

So we have a problem, as long as you're alive.

No problem. I can keep a secret like no other.

In fact, I cannot remember how we got here. We took a left turn...

It's too late for that. Balthazar!

This place is sanctuary for all of Memnon's enemies. You know that.

-This man is dangerous! -Your judgment is clouded.

My judgment keeps all of you alive!

This man cannot be trusted and I'll prove it.

Bring the woman to me!

The first man to touch her will have to come through me.

I had hoped for nothing less.

That's not fair!

Get him!



Do you yield?

-Never! -Then you're a fool.

We're brothers in the same cause. Brothers?

You brought death to my people. Memnon will follow you.

He will come for his sorceress.

Yes, I know who she is.

Memnon will stop at nothing to see her return.

He'll come swifter and deadlier once he has her. Memnon will stop at nothing.

Hide here as long as you can, but believe me when I say he'll find you.

And if he isn't stopped, he'll sweep across this land and kill all of you.

And who's going to stop him, Akkadian?


Will you stand alone before the fury of his armies?


A gentleman always lets a lady win. Best two out of three?


Thank you.


I've had a vision.

Memnon will follow me here and destroy these people.

You know this?

The things I see...

...are like shimmers in a pond.

Some are certain and some remain shadows.

But I do know this:

Memnon will release his armies and ride straight through this place.

Memnon will die by my hand.

It seems the gods favor me tonight, Akkadian.

If you face Memnon...'ll die.

That is your destiny.

I make my own destiny.

I need your help.

Where do you think you're going with my horse?

To Gomorrah.

Nothing we say will stop him.

Without your sorceress?

She returned to save the lives of your people. I won't let her face Memnon's wrath alone.

Step aside.

Akkadian, you are riding to your death.

If I let you ride alone...

...what glory will there be left for me?

This night we celebrate.


...and drink your fill...

...for tomorrow we ride into battle.

I would have captured him myself, but he ran like a coward.

He left his bow behind.

My lord...

...there is something troubling our soldiers.

How distressing.

Pray tell.

It's been said the sorceress is no longer by your side.

Soldiers will fall prey to...

...idle palace gossip.

You have my word, she is perfectly safe.

If the men are to fight, to die...

...they may need more than that.

You doubt my word?

It is not that, sire.

It's just she is a symbol from which the men derive courage.

Symbols are most effective when seen.

My lord.

I am here at your request.

Pardon my absence.

I was not well.

But our impending victory has lifted my spirit.

Is this sufficient to placate your men?

Tell them what you see, sorceress.

I see a great victory.

Your enemies will reveal themselves to you.


What is in the cart?

What is in the cart?

Actually, it is a bit of a surprise.

A gift for tonight's festivities.

Prince Takmet's request.

Very nice.

Well, now.

Let's see that pretty little face.

Now go to my chambers.

We have things to discuss.

My sincerest apologies, my lord.

I understand.

You are fearful, weak.

The feast is over.

To bed, men, for tomorrow we conquer!

Fortify the palace guard.

All right, that was the easy part.

-Everybody know what to do? -Cripple the guards.

Ignite the powder.

And try not to get killed.

What are you doing here? You could get hurt.

So could you.

Stay in the wagon.

You watch yourself, Akkadian.

No need for concern, miss.

He's gonna pay for that.

Seal the gates. Seal all the gates.

Though I'm relieved to see you unharmed...

...I am surprised the Akkadian didn't kill you.

He was after you. I was merely a pawn.

But you escaped his grasp.

I'm not without my wiles.

Yes, I'm well aware of that.

Bring them.

Tomorrow my victory is complete.

That is your vision? As I said, I have seen it.

Have you?

I sense a change in you.

You seem somehow...


I assure you...

...I am myself.


A small demonstration shouldn't trouble you, then.

A simple test.

Now go.

Everyone leave!

Where am I going? Stop.

It's over there. It should be just there.

Good man.

Well, well.

What have we here?

One at a time!

Six urns. Four cobras.


...let's see what you can see.


One empty pot left now.

Who dies first?

We're almost there.

You know what I see?


You have lost your power.

Thrown it all away.

What magic is this? Mine.

I see your fate, hollow king.

And its time has come.

Do you wish to test magic against steel?

I've come for the woman and your head.

The assassin and the sorceress.

How romantic.

I'll bury you both together!

And here it is.

The foundation stone.

Hurry, we're running out of time.

I'm hurrying! I'm hurrying!

Fire in front.

Palace guard at your back.

Looks like I'll be keeping my head after all.

Kill the witch!


For your father.

Die well, assassin.

It seems the gods favor me tonight, Akkadian.


Hurry up and light it. You hurry up. This is your invention.

Follow me.

Ready! Weapons!


So much for not getting killed.

Catch this.

Hail to the king!

I knew it from the start.



Stay here with us, Balthazar. There's much work to be done.

I have to look after my own people.

You're a king now.

And a good one, I think.

Don't forget how you got here, or the people you came from.

My people will live on through me.

Remember, there will always be a place for you here.

Live free.

Rule well.

Remember, Nubian eyes will be watching you, Scorpion King.

I see a time of great peace and prosperity ahead.

How is it you see this?

Don't the legends say you'll lose your powers if you...

Can you think of a better way to keep a king from taking advantage?

Neither could my ancestors.

How long will this time of peace last?

Nothing lasts forever, my king.

And that is the destiny of all kingdoms.

Then we'll make our own destiny.