The Search (2014) Script

In 1996, after 18 months of war and tens of thousands of dead, the Russian army withdrew from Chetchenie. Peace only lasted three years.

On August 9, 1999, the dying Russian President Yeltsine appoints a then unknown man to the post of Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin.

Three weeks later, unclaimed attacks shake Moscow.

Russia attributes them to Chechen separatists.

A few days later, the Russian army goes into action.

Officially called: "Operation anti-terrorist"

The second Chechen war begins.


What is this shit?!

I don't understand. Damn, why doesn't it work?

Why doesn't it work.

What the shit, a lid.



Welcome to a big country of shit fuck...


Well, there's not much happening because...

We arrived a little after the battle.

But I'll try to find people.

What a crappy country.

Hi, guys!

Ah, there. There's something. We'll get closer.

And so as I said.

Welcome to the crappiest place...

In the world!

Where you don't want to be and you don't want to be seen.

Hi, guys!


You'll never see what's happening here, because our beloved President will say...

To all... That we found peace here.

But we don't care for peace... so we make war.

Long live Great Russia and its brave army!

Hurray, hurray, hurray, damn!

So here you will see a live interview.

As if you were there.

Comrades arrested Cobra terrorists.

Obviously terrorists.

This is a dangerous mission.

Hi, guys!


What do you want?

What I want? Yes!

I want to go home. Shit!

Live. Kiss. Drink. Shit!

What are you filming?

Nothing. The war.

The war? So come here.

Come here. Everything here is real.

We will show him war.

You'll see. I'm watching!

There. They just arrested terrorists.

Elite Chechen separatists.

The elite, shit!

What do you think? He has a good head, shit.

Don't touch me! We're good people!

You are cowards. You're shouting at women.


Oh. Horrible!

I had to aim for the balls.

Right, you're snipers? Or not?

You're welcome... I said don't touch!

I'm begging you! Shut up, bitch!

My son. Don't you have a family?

Hey guys, look. He's praying!

Look. Shit. He's praying!

Are you kidding me? You are terrorists!

Shut up!

Are you kidding me? Rebel motherfuckers!

Is he mad or what?

Calm the fuck!

What the hell are you doing?

He makes his prayer, that's what he did!

No, what are you doing!

You're praying?

You're praying to your God, shit?

Go ahead, go ahead!

There damn, it's me you're going to pray to!

One! Shut up!

I said shut up! Come on, come on. Shoot!

Stop! Shoot!


You are murderers!

You are murderers!

Shut up!



There then. You just saw...

A successful anti-terrorist operation!

It's very simple.

Query the kid. We'll interrogate him. yes!

Look at her.


You're welcome!

Go see.

No, please! I am begging you! Please!

Shut up, bitch!

And, that's the end of the fucking!

You are murderers!

Go see.


No, please! I'm begging you, no!

All is well. There's nobody.

There is a Chechen proverb:

"When a bear decides to eat her baby, before killing it, she dips it into the mud."

That's what they did.

They said we were spies, terrorists.

They took everything we had on us.

Papers, money, gold, jewelry...

Then they ordered us to follow them.

I understood that it was the end for us.

Noura headed towards them and she begged:

"Boys, what are you doing?

Don't you have a mother?

What do you want?"

"This is what we want!" shouted one of them.

And they started shooting.

I saw Larissa's head break.

Then I felt a bullet enter my body...

And I lost consciousness.

When I woke up...

I had a terrible pain in my feet.

I smelled smoke and gas.

We were under burning mattresses.

I crawled into a cellar.

Old Russian women who lived there, took me with them.

They took care of me.

They saved my life.

There were still people in our neighborhood...

I don't know what happened to them.

But I fear the worst...

Because of "SOBR", the unit of the Russian army...

Which controls the entire area around the "54" school.

It's them...

It's them who have killed us.




Nazran, Republic of Ingushetia, Russian federation.

22 miles from the Chechen border.

I'm fine. How are you?

Yes, I was told but I was not in the office this morning Yes, I'm fine, don't worry.

No, I forgot to call her back, I've a lot of work.

Yes, I know. Listen Mom, it's just the New Year's eve.

Okay, I'll call her.

Yes, kisses.

You told him what?

That if she wanted to date me...

City of Perm 14 miles inside the Russian border she had to kiss his girlfriend.

That's rock'n'roll.

And she said what?


But you really said that?

Of course not, are you stupid or what?

I'll have a Coke. Want one?

No thanks.

Here. I'll be quick.

Go ahead.

Hello, I want a Coke.

Hello. Do you have papers?

Just a second...


Is it yours?

No. It's not mine.

Don't lie to me! I swear.

Lift up your arms!

Empty your pockets.

The second!

That's not yours either?

That's mine.

Well, perfect.

You're coming with us.

And chocolate.

Gvozdiov Nicolai!

You know what you're risking?


How old are you?


You're too young to go to prison.

You have nothing against the army?


You know what? Wait in the hallway.

I'll see what I can do for you.

Thank you.




Allah is great and powerful.

Lord have mercy on my father and my mother.

Grant them Paradise.

Let my brothers be alive.

Give me the strength to find them.

Hey, little guy! Where're you going?

What's your name?

You're from what village?

Where are your parents?

Well, are you done bargaining?

What are you playing at? Let the kid get in so we can go!

Come quick, kid.

We're leaving.


What's your name?

Do you remember what happened?

Do you understand what I'm saying?

Did you lose your tongue?

Don't bother, can't you see he understands nothing.

Poor kid... His parents must be dead.

He'll never make it out of here.

Okay, leave him alone.

Poor kid.

Come on!

Sir! Can we stay here?

I am with my family, we don't know where to go.

No, there's no more room here.

But outside the city is a camp which is open.

But where? We saw nothing on the road.

Don't worry, we'll tell you where it is.

But why are there people who can stay?

Madam, there's no more room.

They only take the sick, or the children...

Who have no parents.

This one isn't mine.

We found him on the road.

He's all alone. He's an orphan.

Take him.

Are you alone?

He doesn't speak.

Where are your parents?

Mom, papa. Where are they?

He doesn't speak. I told you.

Okay. Come with me.

Hey, what are you doing?

Who are you?

What are you doing?

Give me the bread!

Give me the bread!



Mozdok 33 miles from the Chechen border

Damn, the pants, shit!

What's so funny?

Shut up!

Where do you come from?

I'm from Novosibirsk, you?



You couldn't escape?

What are we talking about?

What did you say?


What you doing here, band of assholes?

Shut up!

Clear! Join the others!

Move your asses!

You want some?

You want to split it?

Here, for you.

Don't worry, I won't bite you.

Where are your parents? Nobody's looking after you?

Take it.

You want it all?

You can have it all.

Don't worry, I'll buy more.


I'll put it here, okay?

Do what you want.

You wanna come?


We'll find you something, okay?

My name is Carole.


And you?

What's your name?

I'm Carole, and you?

If you don't tell me your name, I'll call you... Francois.

Your name is not Francois.

I assure you, you won't like it.

Never mind.

Don't look sad, you're my guest.

You're not a prisoner.

Look. You can leave if you want.

It's open.



You can do what what you want. If you want to leave, leave.

Okay, we'll have some fun.

Go, go. Move your ass!

Move! Move!


Quick! Band of fags!

You, big!

And you come with me!

This asshole was shot.

We must put him with the others and note down that he died in combat.

What happened?

I give a fuck what happened.


He didn't die in battle.

Listen. Don't piss me off.

You do what you're told.

Move your ass.

Yes, chief.



The stretcher on the table.

First you put him in the bag.

Undress him!

And then into the box.

In short, this is how it's done.

We will pretend he came here with his friends.

You make a form.

Here, as for others.

You just put "Died in battle?"


Is that a problem?

No, no...

It seems you got a problem?

No, sir.

So it's no problem asking you to write that homo died in combat...

And make him a hero?

No, sir. Good.

Because here that's the procedure. It's better for everyone.

We frankly don't care, but it's for his parents.

It would do them no good to know, that their son was shot for being homosexual.

This is important. You understand?

Yes, sir.

You sure you understand?


That's good.

Well, that's it.

You got a new job.

We must leave here, Raïssa.

We can't stay.

You know what'll happen...

Is the girl here?


Raïssa... They say they found a baby in Assinovskaya.

This could be your brother.

Get ready. Muhammad will take you.

Thank you.

Live happy. May Allah make you happy.

Safe journey.

Be free.

May Allah show you the way.

Do you like music?

Come on. Let's go.

Don't worry, you'll be fine. You'll make friends.

At your age it's easy. Shall we go?

Yeah, I know, I don't have another solution.

You're from what village?

You're Chechen?

What's your name?

Poor thing...

Hey boy! Come back here!

What are you doing?


Thank you.

He has been good.

It went well with him.

Muhammad told us what happened to you.

What are you going to do?

You can't stay here, the soldiers will return.

I have another brother and I have to find him.

His name is Hadji.

Have you seen this boy?


Apparently he went with a family.

Everyone is leaving now.

Someone must have taken him with them.

I don't know...

There was no one in the village.

Maybe he's on the road.

I can't leave you here, alone with the baby.

Come with us.

I can't leave.

If he's here, somewhere...

God knows where he is.

How old is he?


Listen, you're making a mistake.

If you change your mind, we're leaving at dawn tomorrow.

You're lucky your family leaves you alone.

Sorry, I said something stupid.

I apologize.

There's nothing much to eat, we'll shop tomorrow.


Hey, shit!

The colonel wants to see you.

Yes, chef.

Come on, hurry!

Who do you think you are?

Take your hands out!

What do you got?

When you are a real soldier, you can put your hands in your pockets, little fag.


Kolya... Gvozdiov Nicola. At your service, sir!

I heard that you wanted out of here.

You made a request to leave.

You got a problem?

No, sir.

You've complained to the hierarchy...

Because of the other bastard who committed suicide.

Why? Was he a friend of yours?

No, sir.

So you're completely stupid.

In the army it doesn't work like that.

Here it's a family...

We are together!

And together we help each other!

That's why, I meant that--

So you want to fight?

I don't know, sir.

If you want to leave it's because you want to fight.

Yes, I want to.

Who do you think you are?

A hero, right?

You think that we're stupid here?


Well, right?

You think you have the right to ask for anything...

You think you're entitled...

You're a personal friend of the President perhaps?

No, but I--

Shut your fucking mouth!

You're chatty too!

Shut your head up!

You're full of shit!

I get it!


You little prick! Fuck your mother!



So? You're full of shit, asshole?

You see you're full of shit?

You stink of shit!

So where's our hero, huh?

Where is he?

I get it! I get it!

So you wanted to fight!

Get out of here, homosexual!

Go suck cock!

Get out!

So it went well?

You stay with us or not?


We know... Asshole!

It's known that you're a Libra.


Have you see a little boy of nine years old?

This is his photo.

Thank you.

Where are they? Where are they? Did they move back?

Go into the cellar!

They advanced! They're there!

Where, there?

They're on two sides. There!

This is not good.

I hope they won't break my windows.

No, they're hard to replace. That's true.

It's okay. You can use plastic.

No, but these Russians don't know how to aim, since they are here!

You sure it's your biggest problem?

What's happening?

They're moving! They're all over the place!

Where you going?

We're leaving, leaving the village! Take the minimum of things!

Tell everyone! Quick!

Get up, we're leaving! Take the covers!

They're coming! We're leaving in three minutes!

Zukhra, you got something to take with you?

Yes, my papers.

Where are they? I'll go get them.

In the cabinet with the mirror at the entrance.

I'm on it.

Quick, quick, quick!

What are you doing?

Come on, hurry up! What happened to you?

Come on, hurry up. Let's go!


I'll go get your papers.

Go ahead! I'll join you!

Take them all!

Take all my papers!


Did someone see Rouslan? Where is he?


Did you see Rouslan? No, we didn't see him.

Come on, get out of here!

That truck is leaving!

Climb up there!

Up there!

Come on, get up!

And what will you do?

We'll wait for Magomed. Get up.

Give me the little one.

Don't worry about us, go!

Give me the baby!

Come on, get up. Come on!

Come and eat. It's ready.


Come eat, it's ready.

You have to come eat when I call you.

Okay, enjoy.

I know you'll eat when I'm gone. Let's just eat together.

Come on, please.

That's for me?

Is it a present?

Did you steal them or did you find them?

Anyway, it's very pretty.

You give me jewelry and I don't even know your name.

Thank you.

Little rascal.

You're okay, you're comfortable.

You're right

You know what?

In fact, screw her!

We can manage together.

She's looking down on us like we're shit.

We'll show her, just look.

First, I'll get you a present.

We'll buy stuff and have some fun.

Shall we go?


A house, with a door.

And then, a little boy like you.

A boy. Now you want to draw a bit?

Go ahead.

Why do you scribble like this? The house will disappear.

You should go on with the drawing, like this.

You make a woman...

And then a man...


Because if you scribble, there's nothing left.


But damn, what are you doing there?


Get your hands off the table!

It's not nice.

As this too is beautiful!

You have to taste it.

Eat, eat!

Eat, eat, eat!


Eat the carrot!

Your whole family are carrots, huh?!

Hand me a napkin!

What are you looking at? Hand me a napkin!

You hear me?

Pass it to me!

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You're not taking any shit, eh?


That way it's clear.

Well, that's it!

We'll play a game!

That's good, we'll have fun.

Come on, we'll show you something.

I'm sure you'll like it.


Come on!

Take it, here we go.


That's it, that's it. You're done!

Get up, bitch!

You too.

Come on... Fuck!

Come on! Move your ass, asshole!

Advance! Advance! Come on!

Go forward!




So, girls...

As the weather is nice. It's hot, there's the sun.

Enjoy the moment.

Come on, fagots! Strip!

You'll dance a little naked there.

You're going to caress a bit. Let's see if you're queer or not.

What are we waiting for? Undress, guys.

They don't understand.



No, but look at him!

He doesn't understand!

Really, he doesn't!

Well? Come on.

Show us your ass. We know that you're a queer.

I'm not your maid!

Look at your girlfriend, she undresses and you don't.

What, you didn't understand?

I ask you if you didn't understand?

We won't spend all day!

Go! Go! Go!


We don't want you to fuck!

Let's go, little whore!

Am I not clear? I order you to get fucking naked!



I count to three. One...


Three. It's the end for you!

Hurry up!

Bravo guy, nice!

You're a freak!

Bravo, guys!


There's work!

And well, here, you're happy.

You're gonna go home.

Your parents will be happy, too.

You haven't seen them since when?

Six months?

One year?

I hope you wrote them at least.

You could smile.

At least, you're free.

Because the other there... When they bury one leg...

It'll make them funny.

Funny at last...

It's not funny. There's nothing funny, actually.


Are you alone?

You talk to yourself.

I don't know.

Well yes and no.

And well, damn...

Aren't you a shit.

Want some?

You want?



And a beer?



Quick! Come on!

Come on quickly, whores!

Quick! Quick!

Quick, damn!

Come. I'll show you something!


Come on, follow me. Quick quick!

Thank you!

You're welcome.

Want one?



Thank you.


We'll do it again.

Yes? Yes.

If the foreign minister doesn't read the file, it'll just be a file.

It has no interest.


It'll stay news for a week, and will be raplaced by something else.

Listen, mom, I'll call you back.

Yes, I'll call you back, okay?

This is a mare and her foal.

It's a mother horse and her baby.

And this is a bear with her cub.

Did you ever see a bear?

If you saw one you say yes, if not you say no.

Yes... No...

Yes... No...


Did you just talk? You talk!


Unbelievable! We can have a chat. We can be friends.

Yes, we can do a lot of things.

My name is Carole, Carole. Carole.

Carole. Perfect.

And what's your name?

My name's Carole, and you?

Hadji. Hadji?

It's fantastic. You'll have a lot to tell.

And what about your family name? Hadji?


Yes, no. But... Okay. Hadji? Carole.

Well, okay.

Don't worry, no rush.

I am looking for my brother.

He's nine.

He's a little boy.

Ah, a child. Go there.

Hey, guys!

What the fuck?

Was that you who killed the dog?

But damn, why did you kill it? It was our dog!

You idiots or what?

It was a nice dog!

Band of nerds, you want to eat the dog?

A real band of nerds.

Come with me!

By the way...

You can put your hands in your pockets.


Nicolai Gvozdiov, at your service, Colonel.

You're going.

How are you, sir?

You're going.

You're going to the front.


Go get your pack.

Thank you, sir!

I came back...

And saw a man running down the street.

His face covered in blood, torn shirt, a distraught look.

He tore out his gray hair. and repeated:

"Oh Allah, Allah, have pity, have pity..."

Suddenly I understood it was Mussa, my uncle.

I barely recognized him. He was a mild and pleasant man.

His wife died a year after their wedding, 15 years ago.

And he never remarried.

He stayed alone with Maliqa, his daughter, whom he adored.

He was running slowly, like a puppet, and murmured:

"Maliqa, Maliqa, my little girl, my God, have pity..."

His house was in ruins.

My two brothers went after him.

Me too.

Repeating the name of his daughter, my uncle threw himself on the ruins.

My mother took him in her arms and tried to calm him.

My brothers and other men...

Started searching the ruins.

The women were taken away from the place..

Maliqa's body was found half an hour later.

She was crushed by a wall.

She was dead.

We took her to the mosque, with other corpses.

In the courtyard, we heard the first helicopter returning.

We all fled.

We left.

We left without taking anything. Nothing at all.

My uncle wanted to stay to bury his daughter.

When the Russians arrived, they caught him and tortured him.

But nothing could make it worse than having lost his daughter.

They gouged out his eyes.

Now he's insane.

Because the last thing he saw were the Russian soldiers laughing.

My mother says that's the reason why he went crazy.

That the last image...

He got before plunging into the dark.

You tidied everything, that's great!

You know what I'll do?

We'll have our own party. Do you want to?

First we'll change the music.

What shall I put on?

Do you know the BeeGees?

No? It's not from your age.

Are you coming?

Come on, dance with me.

You don't want to dance?

I'm sure you can dance.

You're not funny.

You know...

We shouldn't go to bed angry.

Sleeping with an angry mind is very bad.

It messes you up.

Sorry, Hadji.

Come on, motherfuckers!

Move your asses! We cross the square.

And we take position. Got it?

Go for it, if it was me who stumbles you!

Get moving!

Forward, go!

Go, get your fingers in some ass!

Forward, go, go!

Sales fags!

Come on!




What you did you do to my son?


Oh my God...

What did I do?!

Fucking asshole, what are you doing!

I killed someone... I'm sick of assholes!

Poor baby!

Who sent me morons like you?

Listen to me!

You reposition, and cover the right!

Got it?

Yes! Dark!

Forward, forward, forward!


I'll tell you something, pal.

Why do you think they were there?


Forgot their homes?

It's the Chechens who put them there!


Sometimes they send little girls packed with explosives.

What did you think? No Chechen is innocent, stupid.

Understand that, quickly.

No mercy with these black asses, believe me.

In any case, an old man and a kid, it's very impressive...

What a hunter!

Next time I'll do better.

For me, it was like...

A deflowering.

A virgin!

A virgin!

This is the first time you've kill someone?

Don't you want to come?

Everyone's playing except you.

Don't worry...

If you want, you can come.

My name is Hadji.

Hadji Saaïev.

I'm nine and a half.

My father, my mother and my sister died.

They were killed by Russian soldiers.

I also have a little brother, Vakha.

I should have taken care of him, but I couldn't manage.

I'm too small.

Maybe if he is still alive...

He will forgive me.



I remember one day my parents invited people.

They sang and danced, they were laughing...

Everyone was looking at them...

They danced very well.

Especially my father.

My sister and me were proud of them.

I'm sure they were very proud of you too.

I don't know.

It was my father who heard the soldiers arrive.

He told us to hide, but my sister wanted to stay with him and my mother.

I did as my father said. I hid with my brother.

And I heard the soldiers screaming at my parents.

And then they killed them.

Once they were gone, I fled with my brother.

But I didn't know how to feed him.

So I had to leave him in front of a house.

But I know there were no Russians in the house...

Because first I listened for their voices.

Later, on the road, people took me in their truck.

They said I was lost...

And that I couldn't live normally.

But in truth, they know nothing, even if they are big.

For example, they couldn't know that I would meet you.

They couldn't know.

It's true that I abandoned my brother...

And also that I stole jewelry, but that doesn't mean I'm bad.

I stole jewelry so we're even.

Because it's always you who gives me everything, and I nothing.

I thought it was a good thing to do.

That's why I stole them.


Anyway, she was a stupid woman, because eventually the Russians will get her jewelry.

So it's better that you have them.


Come with us!

Hi, my brother!

Okay? You've changed, whore! What are you talking about?

Guys, say hello to Kolya. This is my friend, my brother!

That's Vacia, Igor, Cerega!

Kolya. Nice to meet you.


Are you okay?

And you? How are you?

And well there, there... It's Paradise!



Wait for me, I'll be back soon.

Don't worry. I won't bring you a present, you don't have to steal anything.

Okay? Yes.

The important thing is that you wait for me.

And don't listen to sad music, okay?

Okay? Yes.

This you understood.

I have to go now, I can't miss it.

You think I'll manage?

Okay? Yes.


Then I'll manage.

It's me!

I forgot my money. So I came back for the money.

I wasn't behind the door, I didn't see you dancing... Okay?

Okay, I'll be back soon.

Come with me.

You want to go play?

I'll be back in a minute. Go!





Go! Go!



Damn, why doesn't it work?

What is this shit?!

What the shit, a lid.



Welcome to a big country of shit, fuck...


Well, there's not much happening because...

We arrived a little after the battle.

But I'll try to find people.

Well, finally now you'll see a little...

What a crappy country.

Ah, there. There's something. We'll get closer.

Totally de-fucked translation by the food group.