The Secret of Moonacre (2008) Script

Lord, we commit the body of Your son, Colonel George Herbert Merryweather, to the ground.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, in the sure and certain hope of a resurrection to eternal life.

What the Lord giveth, He also taketh away.

Support us, oh, Lord, all day long through this troublesome life until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes.

The busy world is hushed.

The fever of life is over.

I sent the contract over three days ago.

Would you be good enough to send over one of your junior colleagues?

Yes. First thing this afternoon, sir.

Thank you.

Miss Merryweather.

This being the last will and testament of Colonel George Herbert Merryweather of London.

He... he... he... he lost it all?

Including the house?


No. Papa can't have been in London.

Why, he wrote to me and said that he was coming home.

He wouldn't arrive and not...

Well, your father did leave you this book... as your inheritance.

"The Ancient Chronicles of Moonacre Valley."

I know this is hard.

But, you know, I-I'm sure that your father did... did love you.

He... he just...

And... and, you know, everybody does have to go out on their own at some point in their lives, and... and...

Miss Heliotrope, I'm fine!



"Once upon a perfect time," many hundreds of years ago, when the old magic clung to Moonacre Valley, there was a young woman whose skin gleamed as pale as a star and whose heart was as pure as moonlight.

Such was her bravery and goodness, she was beloved by nature as if she were its own daughter.

One fateful night, the moon blessed her with an extraordinary gift that would change the magic of the valley... forever... the moon pearls.

From that day forth, she was known as the Moon Princess.

Two ancient families lived in harmony at the edge of the valley, sharing nature's bounty.

Daughter of the De Noir clan, the Moon Princess fell deeply in love

"and was to be married to Sir Wrolf Merryweather."

Her father, Sir William De Noir, blessed the union

"by presenting the couple with a rare black lion."

For my daughter's bridegroom.

Thank you, Father.

"In time, Sir Wrolf gave his bride a unicorn lured from the wild white horses of the sea."

Only an animal of such beauty and purity could be the companion of the Moon Princess.

"Her heart overflowing with happiness, the Moon Princess revealed the magical pearls to both families."

Nurtured fathoms deep in the heart of the ocean, these pearls were given to us by mother nature herself, promising untold riches to us all.

Look. They have a unique power.

They can reveal the truth in men's hearts.

"Legend told of their unique power," so strong the pearls would grant every wish, "both good and evil. "

Get a move on with all those things.

Please watch that banister.

Good-bye, Miss Merryweather. Good-bye.

Good-bye. Good-bye, Miss.

You'll be Miss Maria Merryweather, then.

My man?




Get on with you!

Good-bye. Ma'am.

Yes, yes, yes. Miss Heliotrope.


When your dear mother died, I promised her faithfully that I would take care of you.

So, I'm not going to abandon you now.

If you're going to live with your uncle amongst the rigors of the countryside, then I shall be there with you.

Where are my charcoal tablets?

Oh, this is doing nothing for my indigestion.

I'm an absolute martyr to my stomach.

How can I possibly go to live in the country?

It's full of... the countryside!

Maria, there is only one thing that can save us now...

Classical French needlepoint.

What's happening? Have we arrived?

Is he deaf or something?

The man's obviously a half-wit.

Check her! Check the old one!

Found it!

Where are they?!

Check her pockets!


Who were they? What did they want?!

Don't worry, my dear.

Sir Benjamin will protect us. I'm sure of it.


Welcome to Moonacre.

Unfortunate circumstances.

There we are. Nothing to be done.

I'm pleased to meet you, Uncle.

Miss Heliotrope.

Oh! Sir Benjamin, what a journey we've had!

Oh! Not one hour from this very door, we were accosted by a bunch of ruffians who...

Madam, please.

I'll hear your fascinating story some other time, if I may.

His name is Wrolf.

There are those who find him alarming.

He can kill in an instant.

But you're a Merryweather.

He very probably won't harm you.

Miss Heliotrope, your room is over there on the right.

Oh. Thank you, Sir Benjamin.


Well, come along, Maria.

I'm sure that your room will be next to mine?

No. Maria's room is up in the tower.

But, Uncle, I...

Perhaps you'd like to inspect your room first before you turn your nose up at it.

Good night, Uncle.

Charmed, I'm sure.

What on earth is this?

Oh, no.

No, I think not.

Young lady, we're taking breakfast through here.

Where did you get this from?

Papa left it to me.

Well, he had no right to.

This belongs here.

But that's mine!

Miss Heliotrope?

Tell him!

Tell him he can't take my father's book from me!

Maria! Good gracious! Where's your self-restraint?

But he can't just go around thinking...


Don't worry. I'm sure he's just keeping it safe somewhere for you.

Sit down. Have your porridge.


That be your breakfast, Miss.

Maria, you really must try this delicious kedgeree.

A dish best enjoyed in silence, I'm told.

Interesting. Yeah.

Uncle, you ought to return my father's book to me.

Well, you certainly have a very, very good cook, Sir Benjamin.

Have you... have you had her long?

Madam, no woman has set foot in this house for years.

And, believe me, the silence has been blissful.

Well, I-I must say... this country food is doing wonders for my trapped wind.

Gad's teeth!

Can't a man enjoy a meal in his own home in silence?!

Well, do tell us, Uncle.

Why did you invite such irritating, noisy females into your nice, quiet house?

I'd love to know.

My useless brother dies in debt, and it falls on me to take you in.

The man was a cowardly good-for-nothing.

Sir Benjamin!

How dare you say that!

My father was a colonel!

Yes! And he died in debt, owing money to half the regiment!

He fought for his country.

And got himself killed in a back-street gambling den.

Borrowed money once too many times from the wrong sort of money lenders!

He wouldn't take money from me, would he?

Oh, no. Damned fool and his pride.

You are a Merryweather, Maria.

And this is where you belong... here at Moonacre.

There we are.

There's nothing else to be done.

Library, private, and my study, prohibited.

And in here... the east wing, closed, the west wing, out of bounds.

Here we are. And in here...

Uncle, about that attack yesterday, can't something be done?

Yes, keep your little nose out.

I beg your pardon?

Just keep out of the forest.

But why? Who are they?

There is a band of ruffians in the woods... the De Noir clan.

You mean like the De Noirs in the storybook.

Oh, no, no. These are real enough.

Poachers, bandits, plunderers... the lot of them.

Ladies... this should suit your needs.

And this will be your classroom, ladies.

"Que jamais leurs coeurs ne s'accorderent mieux.

La soif de..."

"Leurs coeurs...

La soif de se baigner..."


Bring me my whip!

You weren't expecting me to...

She can't ride, can she?

Oh, Sir Benjamin, it is a medical fact that a lady should never be allowed to sit upon a horse!

I mean, they... they... they are unstable, and they are vicious c-creatures...

Oh, dear.

That will be the horse nuggets, then, Miss.

I-I think that, Sir Benjamin, it might be an appropriate moment for me to retire. I-I-I...

Whoa, girl. Whoa. Excuse me.

Take care, Maria, my dear!

Come. Maria.

Every Merryweather can ride. It's in the blood.

This is Periwinkle.

She's a little feisty, but she's a loyal steed.

Just hold out your hand.

I give you my word.

It'll stay attached to your wrist, Miss.

See, Miss? She knows.

You're getting on well with Periwinkle.

Yes, Uncle. She's a bit feisty.

We should be heading back. It's getting late.

Better get it covered. Looks like rain.

Uncle, I'm really enjoying this.

Could I stay out a little longer?

As long as you promise to stay within Moonacre boundaries.

Remember, I can only vouch for your safety if you stay out of the forest.

I shall be home before long.

And Periwinkle will take good care of me.

Very well.

Come, Atlas.

Good-bye, Uncle!

What's so special about the forest anyway?

You stay here.

You poor little thing.

Who did this to you?

Here. How do you open this?

One trap. Two catches.

What do you want?

That's girls.

Catch an animal, they can't resist coming to help.

I know who you are. You're bandits and plunderers!



You're coming with us now.

My father is just dying to make your acquaintance.

The demon dog!

Robin, let's get out of here!


Thank you!

You old demon dog, you.

Come on, little one. Let me take you home.

Robin, it's your father!

What did I do to deserve such a prize dolt for a son?


I hope Periwinkle gave you an educational tour of the estate.


I have a wounded hare.

That, young lady, is a rare Moonacre rabbit.

By far the more beautiful, brave, and serene a creature.

And as you have brought her in from the wild, she is now your responsibility.

And with your knowledge of animals, I very much doubt that she'll live to see the morning.

Keep out of the forest, child.


Oh. Goodness gracious!

Look at your dress!

Oh... oh, really.

Maria, there's something alive in your bonnet!

Miss Heliotrope, please, calm down.

This is a Moonacre rabbit.

A beautiful, brave, and serene creature.

I intend to look after it.

And I'm going to call her Serena.


I really think you and I have some matters to discuss.

There are some very strange things going on in this house.

First out, who is it who leaves the dresses a-and the biscuits in my room?

The stars on my ceiling move!

There's a mysterious white horse outside.

This place is falling apart!

Things appear, things move, the piano plays music on its own!

I mean, I've never even seen a kitchen.

So where on earth does all this food come from?

Do you ever stop asking questions?!

Uncle, I...

Sit down, my dear.


Where are we going?




Marmaduke Scarlet... chef of all chefs.

At your service, little princess.

How did you do that?

Cut me some chervil, will you?

Chop chop.

Neither dilly nor dally.

I'm not actually really sure what a chervil is.

Never to mind.

I'll get it.

Are you the one who leaves the milk and biscuits for me?

Fluffy oats and fruit so sweet always makes a healthy treat.

These past few days, it's... it's all come back to me!

Moondust souffle.

Astral meringue!

I've got my gusto back!

Mr. Scarlet, please, will you stand still for just one moment?

Surely somebody in this household must be able to answer my questions.

Little princess, a little bit of magic has come back to the valley.

You obviously haven't finished reading the book.

The book? Papa's book?

But my uncle took it away from me.

In the library, far side, you'll find a slim volume, "Secret Doors and Private Lockers."

Perhaps a piece of stargazer pie while you study.

"The Moon Princess truly believed in the goodness of all.

But the men soon revealed the greed that was in their hearts, "each desperate to claim the power of the pearls for himself."

We are the chosen ones.

These pearls will stay with the De Noir clan forever.

Father... Come. Be with me.

Let Moonacre be your home and me your family.

Speak truth!

With the power in these pearls, I could claim the whole valley for myself!

No. Together.

I mean, together, we could rule the valley.

These pearls belong to no man! They belong to nature!

Give them to me!

No! Give them to me!

No, no, no! I beg of you, please!

Do not let your hearts be ruled by greed!

"Betrayed by those she loved the most, the Moon Princess unleashed the power bestowed upon her

"and cast a terrifying curse over them all."

Hear me!

You have spurned the gifts of nature, and you shall suffer for it!

Nature will wreak her revenge and put a curse upon this valley!

One day, a pure heart will walk among you, and if she is not heard, when the 5,0ooth moon rises from the sea, this valley shall be plunged into eternal darkness!

"The moon pearls vanished that day, and where to find them remained a secret."

Marmaduke, the house! The valley!

It's all...


Oh, yes.

Take a look around you.

Everything is falling apart.

Ever since that terrible day, the two families have been totally consumed with pride and blind hatred.

And the only person who can break this curse is a true Moon Princess.

The Moon Princess.

But... she lived hundreds of years ago.

And legend tells of a little white horse, a mystical companion and protector, a magical creature.

Invisible, so they say, to anyone except a true Moon Princess.

You mean...

I'm supposed to be this...

I'm supposed to undo this curse?

Everyone knows the legend.

Peace will never be restored until the pearls are returned to the sea and the families reunited.

This is all madness.

Time is slipping away.

5,000 moons to set it right.


Stop! I don't want to hear another word!

You're all insane!

384 years...

times 13 for the moons per annum.


7 moons for this year.


That makes...


Oh, Serena, the very next moon that rises will be the 5,0ooth moon.

Everyone knows the legend.

These pearls belong to no man!

They belong to nature!

5,000 moons to set it right.

You are a Merryweather, Maria.

Moonacre can rot in hell!

We are the chosen ones!

Keep out of the forest, child.

Peace will never be restored.


I have to get out of this unearthly place, Serena.

I don't want anything more to do with this.

Miss Heliotrope will take good care of you.



Who are you?

You look... just like the lady in the painting.

Come along.

Oh, do come in!

You naughty hedgehog. In my favorite chair again.

You cheeky monkey.

Be nice and still.

Don't make any sudden movements.

Then she won't be so scared.

I'll try.

Oh, I was talking to the snake.

I rescue as many injured creatures as I can.

And are you the "L" embroidered on all those strange dresses in my room?

Yes, I am.

My name is Loveday.

Geraniums wither and die.

Rosemary cures the shivers.

Our time is nearing its end, my dear.

The moon shall not love us forever.

You saw something, didn't you? Didn't you?

Tell me what you saw!

I have to leave.

No, no, no, no. No.

Forgive me.

I frightened you, haven't I?

You see, I'm not used to visitors.

And I do so want us to be friends.

It's no use, you know.

Y-your father... he tried to run away, too.

But there's nowhere to hide.

He sent you here because he loved you, because Moonacre is where you belong.

You and I are the same.



Where I failed, you may succeed.

What about my uncle, Sir Benjamin? Can't he help?

Never, ever mention that man to me again. Do you understand?

Your past is behind you.

Your future awaits you if you want it.

You decide.

I want to help.

I just don't know what I'm supposed to do to begin.

Find the pearls. Nobody knows where they are.

Each family blames the other for taking them.

Well, they're both to blame.

The De Noirs took the casket, and we must have the key.

The key.

Now for the casket. You have to take me there.


To the De Noirs.

You have to take me to where they live.

You can't. Please.

There it is.

Loveday. Are you all right?

I'm sorry, I can never go back there!


Loveday! Loveday!

Come along, you!

Look at the state of them!

You'll be in trouble.

Father, I've prepared a plan to snatch the girl from under the Merryweather roof.

Don't go near Moonacre. That house is damned!

Now, word is... she's about to meet her downfall.

Let go of me!

How kind of you to join us, Moon Princess.

Oh. Oh, now, what is this?

She has brought us the lost key, gentlemen.

Because the terrible De Noirs have had the moon pearls hidden up here all the time, haven't we?

Well, it's true, isn't it?

Your ancestor stole them!

My ancestor.

Well, perhaps, Princess...


I should introduce you.

Maria Merryweather, the last Moon Princess.

Sir William... the very first Coeur De Noir.

The pearl casket.

And you so very kindly brought us the key.

You've hidden them!

They were never there, girl.

Your filthy Merryweather family took them.

Before he picked up the box, they stole the pearls.

But soon, the final moon will rise, and the thieving Merryweathers will be punished!

And now that we have you here, there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.

At last, the entire valley will be ours.

And the De Noirs will finally feast upon revenge!

Leave me alone, you oaf!

You know, for someone in your current predicament, I have to admire your spirit.

I told you she was feisty, Robin!


I wouldn't take that from her, Robin.

What are you gonna do? Toss her out?

Hey! Lock her in! Right, sir.

Welcome to your new home!

You can always make friends with the cockroaches!

Sweet dreams!

Come on. Let's go.

Guard, watch her. She's slippery.

Where is that girl?


Absolutely irresponsible. Irresponsible.

Downright foolhardy!

Foolhardy. Foolhardy.

Well, I've been waiting a week for it. Come on.

Oh, this dress!

Come back, you little witch! Come back!

She's escaping!

Come back, you little minx! Come back! You won't get away!

Get her!

Stop her!

Stop her! Don't let her get away!


What are you gonna do now?


Quick! After her!

She will never find her way out of the forest.

She can't have come this far.

No. Let's try north!

Go and find her!

I want her killed.

I won't let her stop the curse.

Their death is our victory.

Stupid girl. Should have stayed where you were.

Come on!


Come on!

This way.

Oh, Wrolf!



Can you find the way home?

That demon dog can't protect you forever!


Maria! Oh!

That'll be Mss Maria home, then, sir.

Uncle Benjamin, Miss Heliotrope, I have such a story to tell.

Maria, where...?

Where are...? Oh.


Where are your...? Where are...?

Oh. Miss Heliotrope!

Are you all right, Ma'am? Miss Heliotrope!

I'm perfectly all right. Yes.

But where are your clothes, my dear one?

How dare you come home in this manner and at this hour.

I'm sorry, but you don't know what happened.

I was... I was in the forest, and I...

In the forest? But uncle, I...

Did I not expressly forbid you to enter the forest?

Yes. But...

Listen. I have so much to tell you...

Go upstairs this instant to tidy yourself up!

But... Just do as you're told!

You are not my father.

Maria, my dear, I-I...

Maria. Maria, open this door.


It may be possible that I was... a little bit on the firm side earlier.

The point is, you were gone for such a long time... and without even telling us.

I... we...

Miss Heliotrope was beside herself with worry.


I know that...

Well, given that women and I don't always see eye-to-eye...

it wouldn't be untrue to say that...

I'm glad that you're back.

Who put this back on the wall?

Digweed? Digweed! Come and take this away!

Soon there won't be any stars left, Serena.

The moon is getting closer and closer.

What are we going to do?

How could you leave me like that?!

In the forest!

This belonged to the first ever Moon Princess.

Forgive me?

Fits you like a glove!

Oh, Loveday, this is all hopeless.


I'm as far away from actually finding the pearls as ever.

They have to be here somewhere.


Come on. Come with me.



Oh, no, no, no. I'm not going downstairs.

Isn't it bad luck for the groom to see the dress?

I wanted you to see me just as I am before the wedding.

And what does that mean?


I have to tell you something... something I should have told you a long, long time ago.

My darling.

Whatever is it?

I'm not who you think I am.

I'm a De Noir.

A De Noir?

I was brought up to despise the Merryweathers, but you see, then I met you, and that changed everything.

You've tricked me.


You pretended to love me. No.

And all this time, you were plotting behind my back, trying to find those ridiculous pearls!


It was your father that sent you, wasn't it?

No. By marrying you, I've lost his love forever.

But, Benjamin, don't you see?!

Our love could bring our families back together!

Could put an end to this dreadful curse!

"Curse." Oh, don't give me that nonsense!

And you fill this house with your De Noir flowers!

No, no, please! You don't understand.

Doesn't love change everything?

No, my dear.

But hate does.

So, you missed your chance to bring the families together.

He broke my heart.

I think he broke his heart, too.

But he let me be lost forever.

It must have been quite a shock for him.

I mean...

Maybe if you'd waited for him to calm down.

Perhaps apologize.

Oh, me apologize?

You don't understand, do you?

I'm starting to understand one thing... the real curse of this valley... is pride.

Digweed, stop!

Well, that will be the master's wishes.

Don't move a muscle. I'll be back.

A girl like this is known as a Moon Princess, is she?


Maria, tell me more about this curse!


There she is.

Each time a new Moon Princess arrives, so does this picture.

But look at it!

Look at it!

Digweed, y-you can move now.

Oh. Thank goodness.

Can't you see?

There! Look! She's showing us.

She took the pearls.

Maria, are you telling us that the Moon Princess herself took the moon pearls?


Yes, and she's showing me where she hid them.

Well, where? Where did she put them?

They're in a tree somewhere.

Out in the forest. Well, that's a help.

No, I saw what was nearby.

I think I'd know it again if I saw it.

"Hmm" what?


There's only one person who has walked the woods his whole life.

Someone who has it in his blood.



He's an arrogant so and so.

I never, ever want to see him again.

It's a point of honor.

It's a matter of...


Good luck, little princess! Bye.

Wait! Wait!

No, Miss Heliotrope.

You won't stop me.

This is my home, and I'm going to fight for it.

Oh, no, no. No, no. I know you have to do this.


I am beginning to understand a little.

I believe in you.

Bye. Bye, Miss.

But be careful, my dear!

I will.

That will be the post, Sir.



Giving yourself up. How good of you.

The great tracker... trapped.

Let me down, you little witch!


No, don't you dare!


My foot!

Thank you, darling Serena.

Off you go.




Oh, this is really hurting! I can feel my head swelling!

Oh, no.

It was like that before.

I will let you down if you do one thing for me.

What?! Just promise you will listen.

Say, "I promise."

Just say it!

I promise.

All right? You beat me. Let me down.

Very well.

What about him?

You're a De Noir.

He very probably will hurt you.

I'm listening.

Miss De Noir.

Sir Benjamin.

Well... Well...


I'm here.

I believe apologies are in order.

Yes, they are.

After all, one's behavior has not been... as it might.

That's right.

I'm sorry. Yes. So you should be.

Beg your pardon?

It shan't be easy to forgive you, but...

Forgive me? What on earth are you talking about?

Don't play games with me, Benjamin Merryweather.

You asked me here.

It was you who asked to see me.


It's Maria.


Where the devil is that girl?

Bye. Robin, please!

I promised I would listen to you.

And I have.

Robin, you have to help me! You have to!

You are a Merryweather.

Right now, I ought to kill you.

Kill me, and the whole valley dies with me!

You and I can stop it, and we only have until moonrise.


I'm still listening.

She's back in the forest.

And this time... she won't be leaving.

There are armed men out there whose express aim it is to do her harm!

I-I-I would never have agreed...

I didn't know. You see, I...

I must go to her.

Oh, don't be a fool. I'll go. I know the forest.


If you'll forgive me, I believe I know exactly where Maria will be.

You do? How do you know?

I'm a superb chef, Madam.

It follows that I possess a truly superb nose.

In my youth, when I would roam those woods, I could track anything that moved.

Plus, she told me where she was going.

What was that? False trail.

What were you doing with one of my ribbons in your pocket?

They're in a tree, but it's very distinctive.

It has massive roots twisting around a big, dark hollow.

And... I know where that is.

Suppose for a moment I do decide to help you.

And suppose we actually manage to find the pearls.

What then?

Well, we'd return the pearls to the sea, and then we'd go...

You know my father's coming after you.

It's just a matter of finding them before he finds me.

Miss De Noir, it is highly dangerous out there.

This is no mission for a woman.

Perhaps you should have told that to Maria.

As a matter of fact, I did... frequently.

Wait! Wait!

Oh, Gad's teeth, tongue, and tonsils.

That will be another female for the party.

Madam, you are not required on this expedition.

Not requi...


That's better.

That will be your wind... Enough, Dogweed.


I have been caring for Maria since she was a baby.

And I intend to protect her now.

I know which way to go!


Come on!

Where's he gone?


Marmaduke, you blithering egg scrambler, what are you doing?!

Fruits and nuts.

Sorry, sir. Rather overzealous exuberance.

It appears my powers out here are not what they are in the kitchen.

Just show us where to go, would you?


I noticed the house is falling down.

Sad to see the place in such a state of disrepair.

If you were so fond of it, why did you run away from it?

Well, you took everything I held dear, and you ripped it away from me.

How could I stay?

Run far, did you?

No. Not very far.

But then you never came to look for me, did you?

He spent months on horseback.

Scoured the entire county searching for you.

Marmaduke? Are you leading this expedition or not?

Oh, yes, Sir. Yes.


This way.

I think we might have a greater chance of finding her if we divide and spread the arc a little wider.

It's through the clearing and over the next hill.

Wrolf! We're not far now.








All right.

Let's go, boy. Take this.

Come on!

Come on, then.

Come on!


You got the dog.


Oh, this is pretty.

Father, let me explain.

Is it not enough for one member of my family to betray me?

Now I find that her brother is a traitor, too.

I will take care of this princess myself... once and for all!


Yah! Yah! Yah!


This is the place.

Where are the pearls?! No! Listen!

The moon will kill us all!


Oh, no!

Get back!

Wrolf, we have to find Maria!


You! How could you betray me like that?!

Robin. Maria, wait.

I will not let you take her, Father.

Put the knife down, boy. Father, please.

You have to listen to what Maria has to say!


You are nothing to me now!


I'll know where to find you again!

Back where it all began.

Keep up, brother! There they are, Dulac!

They're right behind us!

Come on!

In here.

Where have they gone?!

I swear they were here.

Robin, look at this.

Where are they?

It's hers. It must be.

Where? Where did you put them?

The pearls!

Open the door!

Robin, let's go!


I don't believe this!

It's so dark in here.

Moon pearls, we need your power now.

Show us the way.

Robin, shh!

Certainly seems very quiet.

That will be the absence of the ladies, then, Sir.

Sir Benjamin!

We're lost.


Robin, come on.

Don't you see?

She's showing us the way.

Coeur De Noir!


Good evening.

Your niece has failed!

If you have harmed that girl in any way, I'll...

Sir! No!


No, Uncle, no! Father, we got them!

Maria! Thank heavens!

Give me the pearls! Those damned pearls!

They've brought us nothing but heartache and grief!

No, Uncle. It is not the pearls but the greed in our hearts which brings us this misery.


Why is there so much hatred in your heart?

My daughter.

Don't you want to be free of this darkness imprisoning you?

It is he! It is he!




The 5,0ooth moon. The curse is coming true.

If you can sacrifice your pride, we can save our families.

We can save the valley.

You first.

No, no, after you.

I must do this myself.

At the 5,0ooth moon, I, Maria Merryweather, Moon Princess of Moonacre, do remove the curse that darkens this valley!

Take back what is yours!

No. No!





Oh, my sweet child. You're alive.


Were you worried, Robin?

No. Anyone could have done that.

You're the true Moon Princess.

Gad's teeth.

That will be a black lion, then, Sir.

It's all right, Uncle.

It's just Wrolf.

Please forgive my stubborn pride.


Stop right there! I will finish her now.

No! Stop, Dulac!

Ouch! Stop it!


And a...

That will be the search party, Sir.

Maria! I'm here!

My dear! I've come to save you!

Thank you, but all is well.


Is there... to be a wedding?

Oh, my.

Mr. Dogwood.

Well, there we are, then.

Nothing to be done.

♪ It's funny when you find ♪

♪ What you want was by your side ♪

♪ The whole time ♪

♪ I couldn't quite believe you ♪

♪ Suddenly I see you ♪

♪ And you saw me ♪

♪ I saw stars, I saw sky ♪

♪ I saw everything inside ♪

♪ And you saw me ♪

♪ I am not afraid ♪

♪ You won't make me hide away ♪

♪ This time ♪

♪ I couldn't quite believe it ♪

♪ Suddenly I see you ♪

♪ And you saw me ♪

♪ I saw stars, I saw sky ♪

♪ I saw everything inside ♪

♪ And you saw me ♪

♪ And I saw you ♪

♪ Light the sky ♪

♪ Shine on down ♪

♪ Solar systems all survive ♪

♪ And you saw me ♪

♪ And you're opening my eyes ♪

♪ You're leading me on ♪

♪ I'm following the lights ♪

♪ That you shine on me ♪

♪ I saw stars, I saw sky ♪

♪ I saw everything inside ♪

♪ And you saw me ♪

♪ And you saw me ♪

♪ Light the sky ♪

♪ Shine a light ♪

♪ Solar systems all survive ♪

♪ And you saw me ♪

That will be the end,