The Secret of NIMH (1982) Script

Ripped, corrected and synched by Fingersmaster. Enjoy!

Jonathan Brisby was killed today while helping with the Plan.

It is four years since our departure from NIMH and our world is changing.

We cannot stay here much longer.

Jonathan was a dear friend.

I am lost in knowing how to help his widow.

She knows nothing of us, or the Plan.

Perhaps best that I do nothing at present.

I shall miss him.


Wherever you are.

Your thoughts must comfort her tonight.

She'll be waiting, and you will not return.

Farewell... my friend.

Mr. Ages?

Mr. Ages, is anybody home?

Go away!

Mr. Ages!

What is it?

Mr. Ages, may I please speak to you?


I said, may I please speak... with you.

Oh, thank goodness I'm so glad you're home.

Confounded machine!

You never know when it's going to up and blow!


I don't suppose you would remember me..

Yes, you're Mrs. Brisby.

And I am sorry about your husband's death.

Now if you'll excuse me...

Mr. Ages!

Great Jupiter woman, what do you want?

Mr. Ages, I know you don't like visitors but this is an emergency!


Madam, that is an emergency.

Oh Mr. Ages, my son Timothy is so sick!

Timmy? The one with the spider bite?

Oh, just give him some pepsissiwa root and...


No, he's sick with a fever!

Well... I suppose I could fix up something...

Oh thank you! Follow me, but don't touch anything!


I do appreciate it...

Just how high is his fever?

He's burning hot to the touch. Yes.

He's soaking wet with perspiration... Yes?

And there's a raspy sound when he breathes.

A raspy sound, you say? Well..

Does he have a chill?

Yes, he does.

Have you wrapped him in a blanket? Yes.

Now step inside, but keep your hands to yourself!

I'm right in the middle of... something very important.

I understand. Oh, do you?

Look at this mess...

Oh, shoo, shoo, go on!

Your son has pneumonia. Pneumonia?

It's not uncommon, but you can die from it.

Oh please dear God, no.

Your son must stay in bed. Bundle him up.


Not to go outside... But how long must...

Three weeks.

He cannot be moved for at least three weeks.

But Moving Day is nearly here!

You asked my advice, and I gave it to you!

I'm sorry. He must stay in bed.

Now, mix this... this powder in a broth and make him drink it.

It'll bring down the fever. Oh, bless you sir!

And bless yourself, you'll need it.

Now, you must excuse me...

You know the way out.

Oh, of course.

Thank you once again...

Shoo shoo shoo. Go on now. Go on.

Thank you so... much. Goodbye.

Is everything all right here?

What the... Oh! Lady, don't sneak up on me like that!

I didn't mean to frighten you...

Oh, you didn't frighten me, I was just sort of... working out.

You just broke my concentration, that's...

You look more like you're all tangled up.

Er, yeah I guess that's enough exercise for one day.

Besides, I'm really after this terrific string!

I'm working on a love nest for two.

You know what I mean?

Oh I see... you have a girl.

Well, not really, I mean...

I haven't found Miss Right yet.

But when I do the whole world will hear us singing...

Excuse me, pardon me.

Well, you keep making all that noise and Dragon will hear you.

If he hasn't already.

Wouldn't you sing too? I mean if you felt... if you felt the call of the wild, but...

I would... I would not if I knew there was a cat nearby.


But she's out there... somewhere... and when I find her I'll feel it way down in my wishbone!

I... What cat?

Dragon! He belongs to Farmer Fitzgibbons.

Look towards the house. See if you can see him.

Come back down here!

He'll see you for sure up there!

Hey, there's a cat out there!

Quiet! Does he see you?


Yes! Stand perfectly still.

Everything's fine... he's headed right for us.

Don't panic! Fast or slow?

Medium. Make that fast. Very f...

I have to go now! Excuse me, I really...


Oh my goodness.

It's a rabbit!

Well of all the silly nincompoops!

You got yourself all worked up over a rabbit!

You should have seen yourself!

Will you keep quiet?

You were scared stiff!

A rabbit! I knew it all along!

Will you hush up?

Admit it! You were scared!

Oh... fiddlesticks. Hold still.

If I had actually been near a cat, I'd be sneezing my brains out.

See, I'm allergic to ca...

I'm allergic to caaaaa...

I'm allergic to caaaaa...

I'm allerg...

Excuse me, pardon me.

The string, quick! Grab the string!

Hey, Miss Mouse, don't worry, I'm ok.

See? I'm alright.

That's not the reason I'm crying.

I lost Timmy's medicine.

Aw, don't cry. I hate to see a woman cry...

Hey! Was I great, or was I great? Did you see that cat out there?

All dripping, and... and wet... with water...

I'll... go back to Mr. Ages tommorow, and...

You weren't so bad yourself.

Hey, we make a pretty good team!

Oh, here, you dropped this back there.

Nobody messes with ol' Jeremy, boy. Nobody!

That's it! Timmy's medicine!

Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!

Huh? It i... what? It is? I mean, it is.

Well, I saw it lying there, and I said uh...

My name is Jeremy.

I'm Mrs. Brisby.

Thanks again!

I have to go home now.

Uh, where's home?

In the garden patch, by the stone.


Do you like me?

Of course I like you!

Bye now.

No! I mean... I mean... I mean you don't think I'm clumsy or anything?

Oh... sorry. Excuse me, pardon me.

Oh. Well, if you're going to feather a nest you've got a lot to learn about how to treat a lady!

Right. When you're right, you're right.

And you're right.

None of the girls I meet want to get serious!

I doubt they'd survive.

Huh? Maybe it's my approach.

Say! You were a girl once!

You could teach me how to... you know, how to... Behave yourself?

I'm not that bad!

I just need a few pointers to polish my style.

Jeremy, I have got to go home!

Well let me... Let me fly you home!

We can talk on the way!

Oh, no thank you. I'm afraid of heights.

OK, then we'll walk.

Bye now.

I think I got real potential I mean, girls go for the athletic type, don't they?

Jeremy, you're stepping on my tail.

Excuse me, pardon me...

Maybe I should go look for Mom.

I don't think so, Martin.

Brisby! Briiiiiisby!

Oh! Auntie Shrew!

Oh Auntie!

Oh no...

She'll wake up Timothy!

She's not here.

Why is she always coming around here, poking her nose in where she's not wanted?


Thank you child. I must speak with your mother.

Your Auntie is exhausted!

Why me?

That I alone should be responsible for the welfare of the entire field is monstrous!


Mother isn't here.

Auntie Shrew, Timmy's sick!

Cynthia dearest, don't pull me.

She's not here?

She left you children alone then?

I'm old enough.

Rats in the field up to heaven knows what sort of mischief...

Cynthia dear, don't fidgit!

You're so like your mother!

I ain't scared of nuthin!

She went to see Mr. Ages.

To Ages? That old flim-flam!

Whatever for?

Auntie Shrew, Timmy's sick!

Patience, my pet.

Why to Ages?

Timmy's sick! Timothy is very ill.

Timmy ill? How dreadful!

I'm not afraid of the dark!

I'm not afraid of the farmer!

I can't hear!

I'm not even scared of Dragon.

I'm not even afraid of... of... of the Great Owl!

Will you hush up? Aw, you hush up!

Martin! Precocious monster!

Bossing bullfrog!

Spoiled brat!


That will be quite enough, thank you!

Cast not pearls before swine, I always say... and that includes impudent piglets! Good day!

Oh! You impertinent little...

Martin! Auntie Shrew, what's going on!?


Please... come back inside...

Not for a king's ransom!

I have just one thing to say.

That child is a brat!

Yes, I will speak to him.

I came here to inform you... that the frost is off the ground... and Moving Day is at hand.

Prepare to move your very very odd family.

Good day.

You never know what might be lurking about out here what with rats and...

Well, children. Now you've done it.

It was Martin.

The Shrew means well.

She only wants to help.

Gosh, I'm sorry, Mom.

Is Timmy gonna die?

No, sweetheart. He's just very sick.

What's the matter with him, Mother?

Mr. Ages called it... pneumonia.


When will he get better?

Soon... I hope.

Off to bed with you now.

Dear, a man came by today, from NIMH.

NIMH? Yes, you know!

The National Institute of Mental Health.

He was asking if we had noticed... anything strange... about the rats on the farm.

Well, I said "No, nothing unusual".

Beth, I have to get up early.

Oh, it gave me goosebumps to hear him carry on that way!

Like the rats might have some horrible disease!

Night, Beth...

I told him you'd call him back.

What did I tell you? Moving!

It can't be! It certainly can!

I don't suppose you've packed!

What about Timmy?

The chill in the air could kill him!

Well child, that tractor surely will.

For the last time, get your children out of here before it's too late!

Run! The plow is here, run!

It's Moving Day!

Run! The plow is here!


Run! Get out!


Go get... Timothy!

Please! Take the children out of here!

Mommy, we can't leave Timmy!

Go with Auntie Shrew.

I've got to try to stop that thing!

Wait! You're out of your mind!

Brisby, come back!

Brisby! Hang on!

Hang on!


Come on! Come on!

Well of all the rotten luck... fuel line's cut.

He'll come back tomorrow...

I wish Jonathan were here.

Well, he's not.

Stop it!

What am I going to do?

We'll think of something.

Come on, let's get out of here.

The Great Owl would know what to do about this.

You must go see him.

Oh I... I couldn't do that.

Owls eat mice!

Well my child, show a little courage!

We're fighting for Timmy's life!

Jonathan, your wife, I fear Is in desperate trouble.

A visit to the Great Owl may indeed be profitable.

Go to the Owl then, Mrs. Brisby.

Go there!

Nice evening huh?

I told you you'd love flying.

I don't know how I let you talk me into this!

Aw, don't thank me, Mrs. Briz.

When we get to the Great Owl he'll know just what to do about everything!

Owls eat mice!

Ummmm... only after dark...

That must be the Owl's tree over there.



Anybody home?

Well, the place looks deserted.

I guess we'd better get outta here.

Step inside my house...

Come inside, or go away.

Timothy... remember Timothy.

Why have you come?

Please forgive me for disturbing you... but my son's life is in great danger.

The plow has come early this year and...

Move your family.

Yes... I would move, but Timothy has pneumonia.

He can't even get out of bed.

You must move it to a place where it will be safe from the plow.

Please... there must be another way.

There is no other way.

I must bid you good evening, Mrs...?

Mrs. Brisby.

Brisby? Mrs. Jonathan Brisby?

Why yes! He was my husband!

But... how do you know about him?

That is not important.

I will say this... his name is not unknown in these woods.

Please sir...

I'll do anything to save Timmy.


There is a way.

Go to the rats.

But I don't know any rats!

In the rosebush.

Oh yes... near the farmhouse.

Go there.

Ask for Nicodemus.


But how can they help?

They must move your house to the lee of the stone.

No rat could move my house! It's...

They have ways!

I don't understand... but I will do as you say.

It is night. I must go.

Remember... the lee of the stone.

What... what did he say?

He said to go to the rats.

Rats. What rats?

The lee of the stone...

Mrs. Briz! Briz!

Oh, excuse me, pardon me.

Jeremy? What on earth?

I'm in disguise!

Jeremy, please, not now!

I'm trying to find the entrance, and these thorns are very dense.

Here, let me help you...

Will you be quiet?

They'll hear you!

I've got to find this Nicodemus before the farmer gets that tractor fixed!

I'll keep a lookout!

Will you...! You're going to get us both killed!

I don't see anybody coming.

If you really wanted to help me, you'd go away.

Why that's very brave of you, Mrs. Briz but I can't... I can't leave you here alone.

Why, if anything were to happen, think... think of the children!

That's it!

That's what?

Jeremy someone strong should be protecting my children.

In case that tractor starts up again.

Oh, in case the tra...

Hey! How 'bout me?

Oh, would you?

Yeah, sure! That'd be terrific practice!

Girls can't resist a guy who's good with kids, you know, domestic type.

Play games, help out, domestic!

Yes. Yes, domestic.

Now whatever you do, don't tell them where I am.

My lips are sealed, Mrs. Briz.


Good luck with the rats!

Where do you live?

By that big stone in the garden.

Just stay out of trouble?

Not to worry, Mrs. Briz.

I love kids and kids love me.

Kids love me and I love kids.

Dragon! You lazy kitty!

Go catch some of those rats out in the barn!

I've never seen a cat sleep so much.

Er... hello.

I'm... I'm Mrs. Brisby.

I was told to see Nicodemus.

Are you Nicodemus?

Please, I need help!

Who goes there? Me!

Mrs... Brisby?

What are you doing here?

Oh! Oh thank goodness it's you!

How in thunder did you get in here?

The plow has come early to the field... you had better march straight back out the way you came!

I can't bring Timothy out. The chill in the air will kill him!

That's another matter. That doesn't explain what you're doing here.

And that big rat chased me away.

But I must see Nicodemus!

The Owl told me to see Nicodemus!

Well, yes, perhaps you should...

The owl said?

Here now, what owl?

What are you talking about?

I went to see the Great Owl.

The Owl?

You say you saw... the Owl?

Yes, and he said I should ask for Nicodemus.

Er, yes, I know Nicodemus.

He lives with the rats.

More specifically, he is the leader of the rats.

You know him? No one has ever seen the Owl... and lived to tell about it!

Please... could you take me to see Nicodemus?


ye-e-ess, yes.

But for your sake, I hope you're telling the truth!

Come on.

What about the large rat at the entrance?

I can't go back there. I can't.

Oh, that's just Brutus. Follow me.

Well? Come on!

Jonathan, your wife has come at last.

Perhaps now I can repay you for your kindness to me.

Yet Mrs. Brisby, who served the rats of NIMH far more than we her.

Jenner I fear may do her harm...

He is consumed by a lust for power.

Thus far, the amulet has remained safely hidden.

But if he finds it... heaven help us.

Forgive me, I just noticed you're limping.

That's none of your affair.

Now, to what you are about to see and hear you must swear absolute secrecy.

Yes, I unders... Swear it!

I promise.

If any of this ever got out we'd have humankind bulldozing their way down here to blow the place apart.

Is it always so dark?

We're down three feet.

It's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen!

Reveal thy name!

Justin, you featherhead!

Get your hands off me!

Ok, ok, just a joke! I didn't mean any harm.

The meeting's already in progress.

What's this all about?

Who, may I ask?

Yes, yes, she can be trusted.

This is no stranger.

My dear, may I present Justin, the Captain of the Guard.

Justin, Mrs. Brisby.

Not... Mrs. Jonathan Brisby!

Yes, the same.

It is an honor and a privilege, milady.

If we could dispense with the formalities...?

How beautiful... Ma'am?

Oh! Er... the lights! They're quite lovely.

Yes, they are.

We've had electricity... for four years now. Five.

Jonathan often spoke of electricity.

But you see, our shame is that we're stealing it from Farmer Fitzgibbons. Stealing?

All of that is going to change.

He means we're working on a Plan.

I mean, that we have a Plan.

And this stealing will stop.


Oh yes. Why did you send for me?

It's Jenner. He's at it again.

There blows an ill wind.

He's before the Council now.

This time he's attacking Nicodemus openly.

And the Plan, no doubt.

Nothing will come of it. It'll pass.

Beware, boy, he's dangerous.

Jenner will be the undoing of the Rats of NIMH.

I'm sorry to come here at such a bad time.

I suppose... No, sweet lady, you are welcome here.

We tend to take ourselves a bit too seriously.

The Plan is nothing but folly!

A doddering old fool's fantasy!

Nicodemus would have us destroy this colony only to lead us to starvation in some wilderness!

Ahem. Good ol' Jenner.

Wait. Listen.

Moving to Thorn Valley is a good plan!

Fie! We have everything we need right here!

You mean we steal everything we need.

Well come on, you suspicious old goat!

If we stay here, humans are bound to discover us.

They'd destroy us on the spot! I agree!

He's right. We'll be killed.

Not if we got them first!

He means war!

We'd be outnumbered.

There are too many of them!

Hear me!

The Thorn Valley Plan is the aspiration of idiots and dreamers!


We were just talking about you.

That's refreshing, Jenner.

Usually you're screaming about us.

Who is that?

You know the rules there are no visitors allowed here.

May I present Mrs. Jonathan Brisby.

Jonathan Brisby is dead!

She's not one of us.

What's the meaning of this?

Send her away.

Let's get back to business! Wait, wait!

She has been to see the Great Owl!

He has told her that we could move the Brisby home to safety.

Her home was Jonathan's home.

We have urgent problems of our own.

Let the lower creatures fend for themselves!

Order, order! Wait, my friend.

I smell an opportunity. What?

Manoeuvers of this nature are dangerous.

Accidents could happen... Accidents?

Jenner? I'll explain later.

Mrs. Brisby! A thousand pardons, my dear!

Forgive the ill temper of my colleague.

It would be an honor to assist Jonathan's widow in any way.

We are but your humble servants. Th... thank-you.

I second the motion. Hear hear!

Motion has been moved and seconded.

Those in favor make a show of hands.

He's up to something...

Take Mrs. Brisby to the library.

We'll approach Nicodemus when the meeting's over.

Motion carried.

Ok now, wait a minute this isn't what you think.

You don't understand what I'm doing here!

Think you can come snooping about looting and pilfering, just when everyone's away?

Well uh... Let me explain about...

Oh! What a lovely hat you're wearing!

Don't you sweettalk me!

I know you're in league with those awful rats!


What rats?

Hoodlums, the lot of you!

Why did you say rats?

You think the world owes you a living, right?

Right. Wrong!


Look, nice lady, you're making a mistake!

The sooner you delinquents learn that you must earn your own way...

Wait! Wait, can't we uh...

Can't we talk this over?

The sooner, the better.

You can't leave me like this! There's a ca... ca...

There's a ca... He's a very big... and he might... and he might...

Good! Good riddance!

Teresa! Martin!

That's the least you deserve.

Auntie? There you are!

Keep an eye on this hooligan.

Make sure he doesn't get away until I can fetch help.

And as for you, you black buzzard.

I wouldn't try anything!

I shall return!

Well, I guess we'd better untie him.

But Martin...

Hey, Mom helped a crow in the field the day before yesterday...

He's trying to talk!

He looks like a loony.

He even took her to see the... the Great Owl! So?

This could be the same crow!

That's me all...

I am the crow.

Untie me quick, I can't stand it!

What are you doing here?

Oh, it's a good question, but don't ask.

The legs... the legs... the legs!

Aw, the poor turkey fell down.

I'm not a turkey! Your mother...

Where's our mother!

You big buzzard, where's our mother?

What have you done with her? You'd better tell me or I'll tie you back up again!

The... the rosebush! To... to see the rats!

Did you take our mother to the rats?

Well I'm going to go look for her.

No, no, listen, hold it, wait a minute.

The rats, they're friendly!

Good! Tonight... Stay!

They're coming here to move your house where it's safe!

Understand? Sta-a-ay...

The Owl said they're good and smart.

Get it?

You're right. He's a loony.

Oh no... no, don't... You must...

No, don't do this!...

Now don't tire him out.


Be brief. Yes.

Say what you want... and leave.

I won't be a bother.

Justin bothers him enough with all his silly nonsense.

Here we are. Thank you, Mr. Ages.

I don't know what Nicodemus sees in that boy...

I'll come back for you.

Brief! Brief.

Come closer, my child.

Don't be frightened.

Sir... the Great Owl sent me to you.

Oh, did he?

He is a dear comrade...


Mrs. Jonathan Brisby.

What an honor this is. How... how is it that everyone knows Jonathan?

He was a great friend to the Rats of NIMH.

He himself came from NIMH.

Your majesty, my family is...

I know of your needs.

There is a book there. Read the words.

I can read, a little.

Jonathan taught me.

The children are better...

than I am...


Jonathan... Brisby... made... possible... the rats escape... from the t... terrible cruelty of NIMH.


He was ki..

Killed today... while drugging the farmer's cat, Dragon.

Oh, I... I never knew... just what happened.

Why did he never tell me about any of you?


To answer that, I must tell you about NIMH and our Plan.


Look there!

In the beginning, we were ordinary street rats.

Stealing our daily bread and living off the efforts of man's work.

We were captured, put in cages and sent to a place called NIMH.

There were many animals there... in cages.

They were put through the most unspeakable tortures to satisfy some scientific curiosity.

Often at night I would hear them crying out in anguish.

Twenty rats and eleven mice were given injections.

Our world began changing...

Then one night.

I looked upon the words under the cage door... and understood them.

We had become intelligent.

We could read.

The miracle was kept secret from the scientists.

And in the quiet of the night we escaped through the ventilation system.

The mice were blown away

sucked down dark air-shafts to their deaths.

All except two...

Jonathan and Mr. Ages.

We were trapped by a locked door on the roof.

It was Jonathan who made possible the unlocking of the door.

I have a gift. Come.

Jonathan meant it for you.

It's so beautiful!

It sleeps.



When worn by one with a courageous heart the Stone glows red.

It becomes a blinding radiance.

Courage of the heart is very rare.

The Stone has a power when it's there.

Look! An inscription.

You can... unlock any door... if you only have the key.

Oh, thank you.

I will treasure it always.

Jonathan couldn't tell you about NIMH because the injections slowed the aging process.

You see, you would have grown old while he remained young.


The boats are ready and waiting.

We can leave any time.


My child, shall we journey to your home?


Tonight we must move your house to the protected side of the stone.

The lee of the stone!


I don't get it, Jenner.

With Nicodemus out of the way what's to stop us from taking over?

Jenner, you can't kill Nicodemus!

No taste for blood, eh?

They've taken the animal out of you.

What if we're discovered?

Ach, listen.

The Brisby house is a large cement block.

In the moving, what if it should fall?

An accident? Of course!

Cut the lines, and the weight of it will crush his bones!

It's risky..

Once rid of Nicodemus, the Plan will die.

We can stay here as long as we like!

What... what about Justin?

Leave him to me...

Sometimes, when we have a large project that takes us into the open.

Mr. Ages makes up a sleeping powder to give to Dragon.

How do you get him to take it?

Someone must go into the farmhouse kitchen and put it in his dish.

The only way into the kitchen is through a tiny hole in the floor.

Ages tried it yesterday.

That's how he broke... Broke his leg.


That was close.

What's up there? The mill. It's falling apart.

Hope it stays up there at least until we've done with the Plan.

Plan... what is the Plan?

To live without stealing, of course.

It's wrong to take electricity from the farmer.

My child, we can no longer live as rats.

We know too much.

We're almost there.

Um... your Majesty I should go prepare the children, for tonight.

We shall wait here until dark...

Um... About Dragon, maybe...

Oh nothing. Goodbye!

I volunteer! For Dragon.

Oh no, Mrs. Brisby!

Nicodemus, this is no job for her!


As you wish.

All right.

I'll meet you at the west side of the farmhouse at dusk.

Thank you. Oh I must be crazy.

Goodbye! I must be crazy...

Excuse me... pardon me.


I'm being followed.


There's a crazy lady with a hat!

She's got big teeth!

She tied me up! And then I...

A sparkly! What?

You're wearing a sparkly!

Can I hold? Oh, please, can I?

Jeremy, listen...

I need lots and lots of string.

Stuh... ring...

To move the block!

Move... the block...

Hey! I got string!

I've been saving 'em! You do?

Oh sure, red ones, blue ones green, yellow. Pay attention!

Go get all the string you can.


But that'll take all day!

Good! Get going!

I just thought I'd mention in passing...

I've always wanted a sparkly of my very own.

Will you get going? Sure!

Excuse me. Pardon me. Bye!

It won't be long now.

She's washing the dishes.

Here's the powder.

Nervous? Very.

Don't be. You'll be ok.

I hope I haven't upset your plans.


What makes you say that?

I thought I might have caused an argument.

Oh you mean Jenner.

No problem.


I sincerly hope you make it to Thorn Valley.

We will.


Mrs. Fitzgibbons is filling Dragon's bowl.

Get ready.

Oh my...

Better leave that cape.

Could get caught on something.

Here's the powder.

I don't think I can do this!

Yes you can!

Now take a deep breath.

Concentrate on the bowl.

Don't look at the door!


Ok Dragon, I'm coming.


There we go.

Now! Now!

Coming, coming!

Get back!

Mom! Don't let the cat in yet I've caught a mouse!

A mouse?

Can I keep it? Can I?

No, Billy. Put it outside.


Aw Mom, please?

I can keep it in Porgy's old cage.

Oh... all right.

Come on, Dragon.

I'll have to come back for you later.

Rats, rats?

They'll be here any minute... to move our house over there by the stone!


Actually move it!

Not while I'm keeping watch!

Auntie Shrew? I'm not afraid.

Afraid, child?

I have no fear of those great hulking beasts.

And should one of those hairy barbarians come through that door...

Oh! The rats!

I'm coming, I'm coming, hold your horses.




Oh! Oh yeah, NIMH!

Yes, yes, I know, you called about the rats...

Well, I don't know nothing about any special behavior but the traps sure don't work...

In the morning?

Suits me fine...

Oh no, no, you can bulldoze that rosebush right outta there I want those rats exterminated!

Uh, well, there's no... charge...?

Good. Ok, well, I'll see you tomorrow then...


NIMH... They're coming here?

I must warn Justin!



Auntie's afraid!

Pull on the end-haul.

Careful. Careful!

Easy does it...

Nicodemus is cooperating beautifully...

Jenner... he's standing in just the right spot!

Jenner, I... I can't do it!

When that block reaches midway, you cut the line.


Don't get any ideas, my friend.

You're in this up to your neck!

Come on mates!

Put your backs into it!

Ready with the knife...


Cut now!

I... I... Now! Cut it!


Ok, help. We've got to hurry!

That's it.

Come on, come on!

We're coming!

Ok, I see him!

Nicodemus... oh no!


Friends... we cannot move the Brisby home.

But we... we just can't leave it here in the mud.

The equipment is a shambles.


One day we shall journey to Thorn Valley just as Nicodemus wanted... but not now.


Mrs... Brisby?

Come. Let us return to the rosebush.

Where we belong.

Oh, Mr. Ages!

What happened? The children!

They... they're fine.

Nicodemus is... dead.

Oh... oh, no.

You're in great danger.

NIMH is coming!

Come come, let's return to the rosebush... NIMH is coming!

NIMH? In the morning!

NIMH! Yes.

You will all die unless you leave the farm tonight.

Lies! Please!

You must believe me!

What if it's true?

We'll all be killed! Don't panic!

Don't listen! She's hysterical!

Get out now...

You get out! I've had enough!


Justin! Justin!

Jenner, stop this!

The Stone...

Jenner... Get out of my way!

I want that Stone!


Justin, Justin!

My sword!

It was you...

You did it!

You killed Nicodemus.

That was no accident!

Yes. I killed him!

He wanted to destroy everything!

I've learned this much.

Take what you can, when you can!

Then you've learned nothing!

Friends... tonight we journey to Thorn Valley.

We will leave no tracks.

No evidence that the Rats of NIMH ever existed...


Hello, is anybody up there?

Martin? Momma!

Mother, are we almost moved?

Soon now...

It's sinking... it's sinking...

Justin, the block! It's sinking!


Come on!

Oh no, it's sinking!

There must be a... There must be a cave in below!

Here, tie these lines together.

I'll get a line around the stone.


Brutus, quick, get some rope. Tie off those blocklines.

Hurry it up, come on!

Move it!

Mother! Mother!

What's all that black stuff?

Come on, Teresa, get up on the table!


What about Timmy?

Get us out of here!


Another line! Get some rope!



Hang on! Don't let go!

Grab onto my foot!

I can't breathe!

Oh no! Come on!

It's sinking farther! We're losing it!

Courage of the heart is very rare... the Stone has a power when it's there.

The stone...

Momma, I'm tired of bed. I want to get up!

Well, you're not getting up.

Miss Briz! Oh Briz!

Where are ya?

Over here!

Here it is!

I brought the whole mess!

There's plenty more where this came from too.

I got connections!

Hey! Your house is moved!

Oh no! What am I gonna do with all this string?

You'll think of something.

Ah, what's the use?

What's a guy like me going to do with a love nest anyway?

Excuse me, pardon me. Excuse me, pardon me.

Look Mommy! Another turkey!

Stay right there.

Miss Briz! Miss Briz!

Lemme have the sparkly! I gotta have the sparkly!

Miss B, I gotta have it!

Girls can't resist a sparkly, oh please! Pleease!

I gave it to Justin.

Justin? Who the heck is Justin?

The leader of the rats.

The leader of the rats!? How could you do this to me?

What'll I say? Mrs. B, what'll I do?

Well... just be...

Be athletic!

Ah! That's right! Athletic!

I'll just be a little...

Mother, did the rats really go to Thorn Valley?

Yes, they did. Will we ever see them?

Perhaps. Today?

No... when you're older.


Oh! Auntie Shrew!

Oh Auntie!

Oh no!