The Sentinel (2006) Script

Hilton security room, be advised. Rawhide moving to the cars.

Security room, copy. All posts, all posts, be advised.

Rawhide moving to the cars.

- Shots fired! Shots fired! Gun! Gun! Gun!

Secure the scene!

We need a car. We need a transport. We need to get transport over here quickly!

Welcome to Sports Center here on ESPN. As the pre-season draws to a close, Detroit beat New Orleans, a closer game, 28-20, as the start of the new season quickly approaches.

We saw Philadelphia absolutely crush Washington last night.

And in other pre-season action, we watched as New York handled Chicago, easily...

Good morning, Jack.

Command Post to Tomahawk 7. What's your status?

Tomahawk 7, copy. Sector is all clear.

Okay, 7. Break. Tomahawk 8, what's your status?

Command Post, from 8. 8 is clear, all clear.

Good morning, gentlemen. Good morning, Mr. President.

Your locator, sir. Thank you very much.

Today's brief, sir. Thank you.

Everybody sleep well? Thank you.

Yes, sir. Okay.

Command Post, from A-4. Be advised.

Classic has received his locator and brief and is up and about.

A- 4, from Command Post, roger that.

Everybody, Classic is up and about.

Hey, Jack. Hey, Charl.

Come on, come on. Cough it up.

Ah, goddamn spread. Cough up.

Yeah. Hey, listen...

I want to talk to you about something.

Give me a call after work, would you? He's a glutton for punishment.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Aziz, good morning.

We can talk now. No, no. It's just...

I got a theory I want to float by you.

Everything all right?

Yeah, everything's good. Everything's good. All right.

Pete! After work, right?

You know what I'm saying?

Well, if they can get anything for him, right? He's junk!

Aziz, don't give up soccer, huh?

Hey, Teddy. Welcome back. Hey, thanks.

Gar. Buddy.

How did the antiterrorist training go?

Six weeks running around Fort Benning in the rain. I wish I could do it all over again.

Well, that can be arranged.

Tom. Good morning, Pete.

Is she in the gym? No, phone to Europe.

By the way, you made 'Time'.

It's very fancy.

Ooh, I look good.

Can I get a cup of coffee before... What's happening at Camp David?

Well, Matt's getting closer with Ben-Itzak on the East Jerusalem proposal, but it's gonna take your visit to get him to agree.

All right. What about Abu Jallal?

If we can work out the water issues, yes, he'll support it.

But again, you know, we're not gonna get any firm commitments until they have face time on Friday. Well, I'll be there.

I'm just not gonna hang around, 'cause it just loses its effectiveness.

No, I understand, sir. I'm not gonna do it.

Yes. Thank you, Sue. Good morning.

A-4 to Command Post. Classic is in the Oval.

So, we will depart the House at 12:55 p.m., arrive at Chilton Street School at 1:10.

There is a diagram of the school with your paperwork.

Boss. Thank you.

Kiss ass. Speeches and signings...

...should take under 90 minutes, Where's my coffee? after which Classic will return for meetings in the Oval.

Cincinnati's next move is T.B.D. What's the "B" stand for?

Brass ones. Which you don't have.

Any other questions? Let's get to work.

Command Post to all units.

Pontiac and Raven are in the yard and ready to go.

Cincinnati's on the move.

Copy that. All posts, be advised.

Cincinnati moving to the cars. Break. Montrose, what's your status?

Jill, we are off to... We're off to school.

Right. Classic is moving.

Montrose, Command Post. Copy that. Break.

All posts, all posts, be advised. Classic moving to the cars.

Copy, Command. Cincinnati is in the car.

- Classic is in the car. One and two back.

Break. Command Post, signal departure, en route. Canvas his location.

We're set.

This is Chilton security. Countersnipers in place.

Ah, damn locator.

School security room from EOD 1, be advised, the sweeps are now complete.

All posts on limo, be advised, full security now in effect.

Thanks for doing this with me, hon. Mmm.

I think I'll go to the beach house this afternoon. All right.

Can I help you? Agent Breckinridge's office.


Anything else I can help you with? No, I'm fine. Thanks.

Agent Breckinridge. Jill Marin, sir.

Your secretary said I could come in.

Secretary? You're late.

It's a minute past.

Yeah, and that makes you late. Right. Sorry.

Hispanic woman. Four languages. Computer skills.

Second in your class at the Academy. Well, aren't you the recruiting poster.

Résumés don't mean a lot to me and they mean absolutely nothing on the street.

Any other supportive advice before we get to know each other?

As a matter of fact, there is. If you want a career here in PID, you might want to invest in some more appropriate clothing.

I was ordered to take you on. That's why I'm here.

You requested me as a TA. Why?

My field instructor at the Academy said you're the best investigator we have.

Who is that? Pete Garrison.


Command Post, Command Post from Apache. Follow up. We have an arrival.

Hi there. Careful now.

All posts, from Command Post.

Hold all radio for essential traffic only. We have an arrival.

Sorry, folks, no autographs.

At your 6, Jefferson. Tweed jacket, halfway up the church steps.

What's the matter, Pete? You see somebody on the watch list?

He just doesn't look right.

ID7 to Security room, check out the top view. Copy.

It'll be just another minute, sir. All right.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Hi, sir. Could we see your hands, please?

Just take your hands out of the jacket, please.

We're clear All right. Classic's coming out.

I think we should hold hands.


All posts, from Chilton security. We're coming out.

Mr. President, keep up the good work!

Hi, how are you?

All posts, all posts. Classic and Cinci moving to hold.

Cincinnati's going direct to the beach house. Got it.

# I've got peace like a river in my soul #

# I've got peace like a river #

# I've got peace like a river in my soul #

# I've got love like an ocean #

# I've got love like an ocean in my soul #

# I've got love like an ocean #

Now, I want to introduce you to someone

- Chilton security to all posts. of whom I am very proud, Classic wrapping up. My wife, Sarah.

Thank you.

DiPaola to command. Cincinnati leaving school for Serenity.

Break. DiPaola to Serenity security room. ETA 1800 hours.

How do you think it went in there?

Excuse me, ma'am, are you talking to me? Yes.

I thought it was an excellent speech.

1 to 10? 10, ma'am.

You're not a very good liar, Pete.

Seriously? Yes. I really want to know.


Excuse me.


Charlie! Charlie! Oh, my God! Charlie!

Somebody! Help! Charlie. Charlie. Somebody help!

I just wanted to say hi. I just want to let you know what's going on.

I hate you.

I saw you on the news. I got your message. I know you want me to kill you.

Excuse me. Yeah. Sorry.

So, all of these are from last week? That's about half of them.

And then... there are the verbal threats.

He's a dead man. I'm gonna kill him and his whole family.

He's ruining this country, and I'm gonna gut him like a fish.

They sound worse in English. Yeah.

We got this guy yesterday. Did you translate this?


But whoever did, is not a native speaker. How do you know that?

Well, he translated here...

And that literally means, "to put pressure on him, he bit the guy."

As if he was being tortured. But that's not what it means here.

It's slang. It means he bribed him.

He didn't bite him.


We need to talk.

I think you have a little spinach or something in your teeth.

I want you to route all calls through to my cell.

You picked a hell of a day to start your field work.

Button up your jacket. Why? What going on?

Dispatch, this is Charlie 9. Units on scene.

Here comes the Secret Service. I really don't need them breathing down my neck.

What the hell do they know about investigating murder?

She can breathe down my neck.

But not him.

Agents Breckinridge and Marin. Secret Service.

You guys bring lunch? Not today.

The way I see it, he hands over the wallet.

As the guy reaches for it, Merriweather goes for his gun.

Bad guy shoots him first.

You think this is a street crime? In my gut, yeah.

You know my problem with gut feelings?

Once you have them, the only evidence you see is the evidence that reinforces your gut feeling.

Human nature. There's no money left in his wallet, and there's been a series of robberies here the last two months.

You have some reason to think it wasn't a robbery?

Well, Agent Merriweather spent the last 25 years honing his ability to sense danger, to notice anything outside of the ordinary.

So for some average street criminal to get the drop on him, yeah, it raises some questions.

Not to mention that he's been shot here twice with a. 45.

I'm gonna take a guess here, but from your initial canvassing, I bet you no one heard anything.

Any homicide cop will tell you that sort of thing happens all the time.

Yeah, I bet they would, Detective.

Rosario. Hola, Mrs. Sarah.

Anyone want anything to eat or drink?

No, thanks, ma'am. I think we're fine. Well, I'm hungry.

Tom, why don't you sweep downstairs and go for dinner?

I'll sweep upstairs, sit post till the shift change.

You sure? You've been on as long as me. You gonna make me change my mind?

Detective, if you take a look at the bullet mark on the doorjamb, you'll see the slug didn't penetrate.

It's cedar, which is a soft wood. It gets brittle with age.

So what are you saying?

Bad guy used a silencer. That's why nobody heard it.

And that's what slowed down the velocity of the bullet, and stopped it from penetrating the wood, which it easily would have done, had it been traveling at its normal rate of speed.

The shooter was standing right here.

One other thing, Detective. Excuse me.

Agent Merriweather's firearm... The safety's still on.

We assumed he just didn't have time to flick it off.

Agent Marin, why don't you explain to the detectives why that is unlikely.

Well, if he was a police officer, it would make sense, because your academy trains you to draw your weapon and flip the safety in two separate actions to avoid accidental shootings.

Our academy trains us to draw and flip in a single motion.

If he managed to draw his weapon, his safety should have been off.

A protective agent maybe draws his weapon once an entire presidential term.

When we draw our weapon, we intend to use it.

Bottom line, Agent Merriweather was assassinated.

I want the murder weapon. I don't care, if you have to drag the Potomac.

If this man was one of yours, you would have treated him with a lot more respect.

Let's get a gurney up here!

It always amazes me how thorough you are.

Well, we try to do the best job we can.

Hopefully you sleep better at night.

And I definitely do. Garrison, DiPaola.

We're good on the perimeter.

I'm 10-60. Roger, 10-60.

I let DiPaola go early, so he can... get something to eat.

Hi. Hi.

You all right?

I missed you. I missed you so much.

Just a second. Okay.

This is outstanding. There you go. And enjoy.

I love you, Sarah.

Garrison, DiPaola. Where are you?

Garrison, DiPaola, where are you? Shit!

Yeah, I'm on my way.

Hi. So what the hell is going on, or...

Aziz, what are you doing here?

Charlie Merriweather was murdered.

He... He was murdered?

PID thinks it might be connected to work.

Director put us on alert.

I'm sorry. I know he was your friend.

Was there any kind of shift in his behavior?

Was he agitated or worried about anything?

He was a little distant at breakfast on Sunday.

Did he tell you why?

He just said he had a couple of tough days at work.

What'd he say at breakfast? Some gossip... It's kind of personal.

Nancy, I know how difficult this is for you, but I need a complete picture, if I'm gonna investigate this properly.

He told me that he thought Pete Garrison was having an affair with someone's wife at work.

Just gossip... It just... Yeah.

Probably not even true.

Look, that's all we need for now.

You got the lead on Charlie's murder? Screw you.

What? Screw you.

You still got a problem with me? Take your hands off of me.

Christ! It doesn't matter what I say to you.

I don't care if you got a problem with me, but you show respect when you come to this house.

Charlie was one of my best friends.

If you have any information that can help me with the case, that I want to hear.

Otherwise, stay out of my way. Okay, fine. You're a piece of work, you know that?

You know, Nancy did say one thing.

Charlie was upset about something at work. You have any idea what that might be?

No. Then if you figure it out, you know where to find me.

Yeah, good. I'll send you a memo. Do that.

Hey! Is everything okay? Hey, Jill. Yeah.

You working with him now? Yeah.

All right. Keep your eyes open. You may learn a lot.

But don't listen to everything he's got to say. Especially about me.



There some problem between you two?

I thought you were friends. We were.

So what happened? It's personal.

Let's go.

No. You know what? He can go to hell.

I don't want to talk to him. Just tell him it wasn't me.

Tell him again that it wasn't-- It wasn't anybody.

I'm not saying it was. I'm just saying-- I wasn't having an affair!

Cindy, I know you weren't. I would just--

What do you want me to tell him that I haven't already told him 30 times?

This is why I left him. He's the most pigheaded man I've ever met.

You still love him, don't you?

Hey, Pete. Pete! Hey, Tom.

You know a guy named Walter Xavier?

Yeah, sure. He's a snitch I used to use when I was working in counterfeiting.

Okay. Just fielded a call from this guy.

I told him you weren't running informants anymore, offered to transfer the call to WFO, PID...

He said you're the only person he'd talk to.


There he is! Publishers Clearing House, my man! You got something for me?

Did you fill yours out yet?

Every year my mom bugs me to fill that thing out. I never do.

Long time, no see, Walter. What's up? Let's walk.

You got some info on that Charlie Merriweather murder?

Was that that agent who was killed last night outside his house on Monday? - Yeah.

Maybe he stumbled into something he wasn't supposed to, like I did.

What was that something? A plot to kill the president.

Walter, you know, it's a little more difficult than it sounds.

Not if you got somebody inside.

What are you saying? There's a mole in the Secret Service?

That's right.

There's an agent who wants to help assassinate the president? - That's right.

Well, what's his name? I don't know. I just know he exists.

Well, how? I mean who's giving you the information?

I want one million dollars. What are you smoking, Walter?

Now be serious. I'm dead serious.

I tell you this stuff, you roll these guys up, they gonna know I'm the one.

They'll hunt me down for the rest of my life. We'll put you in protective custody.

Yeah, and I'll be dead in a day. Listen, you got a traitor in your organization.

You get me the money, and I will disappear. I gotta be honest with you.

I find it pretty far-fetched we got agents in on an assassination attempt.

Here. Maybe this will change your mind, okay?

Call signs, code words, today's encryption keys!

Yeah, whoever this traitor is, they're either on the president's detail or in a key liaison position.

Listen, I want a list of everyone who's got "Q" clearance.

And where's the president right now?

Press conference at his house, 20 minutes.

This morning's action demonstrates our continuing resolve to take on the infrastructure of terrorism, wherever we find it anywhere around the globe.

How reliable is this guy Xavier?

I've built three counterfeiting cases using his information.

Against who? Mid-level guys, Barranquilla Cartel.

Sir, that's everyone with "Q" clearance.

Polygraph everyone on that list, and stand up a red team to find the traitor.

Now, I'm going to assume that the hit on Merriweather is connected to this, so let's fold that investigation in as well.

And we put Breckinridge in charge of the whole thing.

You think he's the best we've got? Yeah.

Pete, he's kind of a protégé of yours. What do you think?

He'll follow the evidence wherever it leads him. Then he's the guy.

You can have anybody you want.

From ID, from the field. You get carte blanche.

Not right now. Oh, I'm sorry.

I can tell personnel you need to lose the rookie. No, I'm gonna keep her.

She hasn't been ruined by years in the field.

I will blow you up. I come to bomb this country.

Holy wars.

We have intel that representatives of Al-Qaeda have met on at least two occasions with the Barranquilla leadership.

You think it's timed to coincide with the Camp David talks?

Probably. And the threat alone interferes with the process.

We pulled 50 agents in from the field.

These are people who haven't worked at the White House in at least two cycles.

They'll integrate with both of your teams.

We're all gonna be looking over each other's shoulders till we find this guy, sir.

Well, do what you have to to protect me, but I want the threat, the investigation, I want everything kept classified.

As far as the public is concerned, I'm just carrying on my normal business.

Is that clear? Mr. President, we're going to need to get everyone involved here.

Bill, what do you think would happen to the power of the president, if people thought I wasn't even safe from my own Secret Service?

It took over 200 years to create the symbol of the presidency, and I'm not gonna undermine it with something like this.

Let's circle the wagons, okay?

You all right? Fine.

Good, let's do that. How do we proceed?

Bill, you're the guy.

You're the last line of defense.

You can protect him better than any of us can.

Is there anything else that you can think of that'll help you do that?



And I promise you, right here and now, we're gonna win this one.

You can bank on it. Thank you very much. Good night.

Good night. Thank you.

Heads it's 6th Street, tails it's 8th.

Bravo cars.

This way, Mr. President. Thank you, Bill.

Classic is moving to bravo cars.

Copy that. Command to alpha cars. You are off the hook.

Sir, could you put down that knife for a second?

It's not what they wanted to hear, but it's what they needed to hear.

Hello, young lady.

Where'd this guy come from?

He's an old CI of Garrison's. 9 or 10 years.

Garrison? Mm-hm.

What's wrong?

It's nothing.

Are you sure? Yes. It's okay.

How do I find Xavier? I don't know where he lives.

He's fanatic about not being followed. You ever tried?

What? Have you ever tried?

He wants a million bucks from us, Dave. I'm sure he'll contact us.

You better be right.

You get in touch with us as soon as you find him.

Could be any one of them. It makes you a little sick, doesn't it?

What percentage of your people have had a polygraph?

A little over half.

"Over half"? The president's life is at stake.

Heads up!

I want everybody in this room to have had a polygraph by 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, or don't show up for work tomorrow.

Were you born in Morocco? No.

Do you live in Bethesda? No.

Were you born in Alabama? No.

Have you ever had contact with child pornography?

Yes. I was involved with an investigation with the bureau--

Just yes or no answers, please. Okay, Stan. Yes.

Are you up? The witch hunt is on.

Get your polygraph today!

How did they get these?

Night-vision camera on a boat stabilized by a gyroscope.

Pretty sophisticated.

I'm so sorry, Sarah.

I'm sorry.

It's gotta be someone inside the Service.

Somebody could have picked it up. I mean, they're good. That's what they do.


The same agent plotting to kill John? Who?

141 years there's never been a traitor in the Secret Service.

Now, all of a sudden, there's two? I don't buy that.

Somehow they're connected.

Maybe this is the assassination?

This is a death sentence for John, a political death sentence.

That's not gonna happen.

Oh, Pete.

Sarah, I promise.

Let's get this goddamn witch hunt over with.

Just relax. I'm relaxed.

Were you divorced in 1998? No.

Have you received adequate training for your profession?

No. But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express.

Have you ever violated Secret Service protocol in the past 30 days?


Have you done anything in the past 30 days to violate Secret Service protocol? No.

Are you involved in a plot to kill the president of the United States?


I could use a few of those.

Thanks. You look exhausted, Bill.

You look worse.

I haven't slept since we went on alert.

Well, I'm back on. It's worse than going to confession.

Have you done your polygraph yet?

You know I can't even let you back on duty unless... Yeah, I'll go now.

Is your name Peter Garrison? Yes.

Are you involved in a plot to kill the president? No.

- Were you divorced in 1998? Yes.

Have you violated Secret Service protocols in the last 30 days?


Have you done anything to endanger the life of our president in the last six months?

Not that I know of.

Yes or no answers, please. No, no.

Welcome to Mayflower Hotel.

Mayflower Hotel, can I help you? Yes. Just a moment, sir.

Are you Mr. Garrison? Yes.

Sir, you have a phone call. You can take it right here.

Thank you.

Walk three blocks east on Massachusetts Avenue.

Take a left on 12th Street. Las Palmas Coffee Shop.

All right.

Now boarding on track 4, 12:13 Acela Express with stops in Philadelphia, New York, Boston.

Now boarding, track 4.

FBI! Drop it!

Federal agent! Federal agent! FBI! Freeze! Put it down!

The gun is going down! All right. Back up now. Back up.

Turn around!

What the hell were you doing at Las Palmas? Having a goddamn cup of coffee.

What the hell's going on here? Is that one of your agents I'm following?

Sorry for the crossover.

Pete! I called four times. Where the hell have you been?

We're not out of here till tomorrow.

The president decided they should arrive at the summit together. Where were you?!

Excuse me.

Oh, here we are.

Now, Kate, this is your weekend to catch the trout. You know that.

I don't like worms. No, no. This is fly-fishing.

Pete, can I talk to you a minute?

Yes, sir.

We're really, both of us, in uncharted territory here, aren't we?

An assassin inside the Secret Service?

Inside my detail?

Now, Bill's been briefing me, of course, but... this guy's your informant, right?

Yes, sir. I want to get some of this firsthand.

So, let's make time at Camp David to do that, all right?

Yes, sir.

Good afternoon, Mr. President.

Good afternoon. I'll see you at dinner.

So, Karen, how do things stand? It's time for you to weigh in.

Can I get you in there right now for a few hours? - Yes, absolutely.

Sarah, the wives are talking about having tea.

If you could stop by for a while, it would be great.

Sure. Tom, we're gonna walk it.

What's going on, Pete? Why don't they just tell us what they want?

It's okay. It's gonna be fine. Nothing about this feels okay or fine.

It will be.

Has that guy called you? What's his name? What's that guy's name?


Has he called you? Not yet. No.

Katie, hi. Good afternoon, ma'am.

Hi. Would you care for tea?

It's such a beautiful day. Why don't we have tea outside?

Oh, that's a great idea.

How was your flight? Short.

You guys all decent? Afraid so.

Your informant's on the phone.

- Do you got the money? I got $100,000 in cash, and a legal document guaranteeing you the rest, once the traitor's apprehended.

Yeah, right. Walter, we haven't screwed you in the past.

I'm not gonna start now. Otherwise, all our sources would dry up.

Allenwood Mall food court at 11:00 a.m.

And don't try to bring nobody. I'll walk if I spot 'em.

I cannot get there in 20 minutes.

Drive fast. Okay, you heard him. Let's go.

Breckinridge and Marin are already on the way.

All right. Get the money bag and a car ready, please.

Okay. Got it.

He knows we're following him.

He went to a place where he can mix up with the crowd.

There's no way we get surveillance in there.

Hold it, hold it, hold it. There's no way I'm gonna let you go without a backup. No.

Chaminski. Chaminski goes with you. Let's go.

At your 1:00.

Watch your 3:00. Watch your 3:00.

Check your 9:00.

Check your 9:00! Check your 9:00! Check your 9:00!

Get down! Secret Service! Get down!

Shots fired. Shots fired. Agent down.

Copy that. Breckinridge to Command.

We need backup at the Allenwood Mall. There is an agent down.

The shooter has blond hair, dark jacket. He's on the lower level.

Command, copy that. Available units en route. ETA 20 minutes.

They're shooting. They're right behind the doors. They're shooting.


Pete, we're at the north end of the mall. Lower level.

I'm a hundred yards south of you.

Unholster your weapon. Keep it down.

Work your way towards me. Copy that. Stagger off 10 feet.

Get out of here!

Take the point.

I don't have a visual!


Garrison, Washington Command.

Additional agents and medical assist are en route.

Break. All units, all units, be advised.

Shots fired, Allenwood Mall.

One agent is down. There are multiple civilian casualties.

Shooter is male, blond hair, dark jacket.

Pete. Pete!

You okay?

Do you have any idea why your informant wanted to have you killed?

No. I'm wondering the same thing.

You might want to figure that one out, Pete.


Presidential helicopter just went down.

This is a news center special report.

The presidential helicopter, Marine One, has crashed in a wooded area...

Marine One, the presidential helicopter has gone down...

Whether or not the president was on board has not...

Marine One, the presidential helicopter has crashed.

It happened just moments ago about a half mile south of Camp David.

The chopper went down in some densely wooded...

We're now hearing reports the president was not on board Marine One.

Actually, we can now confirm that neither the president or the first lady were on board at the time of the crash.

The president and first lady are safe.

If you're just joining us, these are live pictures just outside Camp David, where earlier today, Marine One went down shortly after take-off.

Two hikers who witnessed the crash reported seeing a contrail or fiery tail just before that helicopter went down.

That is leading to the possibility, unconfirmed by authorities, Our friend was insufficiently motivated. ...that the chopper was shot down...

...probably by a shoulder-fired missile.

Now, we want to make clear, again, that the president and first lady are safe. They were not on board at the time...

If you are just joining us, these are live pictures from the scene just outside of Camp David, where earlier today Marine One went down just after take-off.

Sources say marine and Secret Service personnel were on that aircraft, and they were killed in the crash.

This crash is being investigated by both the White House and the military.

You failed. I did exactly what I promised.

He wasn't on board.

That is the only thing that matters. That is the only thing I give a shit!

Do you understand?

Now, we're gonna meet and we're gonna discuss this.

Deadly against any low-altitude aircraft, including jets, prop planes and helicopters.

But that comes from witnesses.

It has not been confirmed by investigators.

Again, these pictures coming to us about a half mile...

Well, it sure doesn't look like you're here to bury the hatchet.

You're being investigated for treason.

What are you talk... Step back.

Excuse me? Step back.

Hey, Jill. Pete.

Matt. Pete.

Sorry for the intrusion, sir.

If I failed the polygraph, then why am I still on duty?

Director didn't want to arrest one of the guys responsible for saving Reagan's life without a little more evidence.

How long you been working for the Barranquilla Cartel?

What are you talking about?

Hugo, can you come in here, please?

Pete Garrison, Special Agent Ortega with the FBI.

What were you doing at the Las Palmas Coffee Shop?

I was having a cup of coffee. Takes you four hours to have a cup of coffee?

I was killing a few hours at a coffee shop. Is there a problem with that?

Tom DiPaola said he called you four times. You never returned any of his messages.

And that you almost missed the Marine One flight yesterday.

They moved the flight up two hours. I was in the coffee shop.

It was noisy. I couldn't hear my cell phone.

Now, what is this, all right? What the hell are you doing following me?

Las Palmas Coffee Shop is a dead drop for the Barranquilla Cartel.

You screwed up, Pete. You walked into a stakeout.

I wanna know your number one go-to guy at the cartel.

And I wanna know how you were gonna help them kill the president.

Why would I want to kill the president?

What motive do I have? I don't know, Pete.

To be honest with you, I don't care. I know what the evidence is telling me.

I have given my entire life to the Secret Service.

I've gotten up at 4:00 a.m. every goddamn morning.

So, is that what this is about?

You're bitter after all your years of service that they didn't make you director?

Oh, no, no, no. Don't confuse your own ambition with mine. Okay, Dave?

Come on, Pete. Think about it. People would understand that.

I mean, Jesus Christ, you took a bullet for the president of the United States.

And in the 25 years since, you haven't even made shift supervisor on a presidential detail, and that I know you wanted.

But they don't put guys that bend the rules, not even a little bit, in charge of PPD, do they?

Even if they did take a bullet for the old man.

Is that your professional or personal opinion?

Because I think this whole thing Come on, Pete. is getting a little personal, all right? We got you nailed to the wall.

I didn't have an affair with Cindy.

This has nothing to do with Cindy. I never did that thing, and you can't accept that. This isn't about...

We are not talking about that!

We're talking about it all the time, even when we're not talking about it!

You can't look at me without thinking about it!

Jesus Christ, Pete, you better get a grip. I got a grip.

You think I wrecked your marriage, and it has completely clouded your judgment.

I am following the evidence, and it is overwhelming.

The polygraph. Las Palmas Coffee Shop. You had unfettered access to Marine One.

It was hit by a missile for Christ's sake!

It was hit by a missile, because the flares and the four other countermeasures were disengaged!

There was a hundred other people who had access to it.

Explain to me about the bank account.

The what? Your signature's all over the paperwork.

I'm being framed.

Come on, Pete. Tell me that's not your signature. Think about it!

I'm the guy that initiated this investigation.

Why would I do that, if I wanted to kill the president?

You initiated this investigation for a traitor in our department, so that when the assassination actually took place, you'd be at the bottom of the list of suspects. Oh, Jesus Christ, I can't believe that.

I'm being framed! Goddamn it! Why don't you cut the bullshit, Pete?

Just think about it, all right? I wanna know where, You take me in, that's the end. how and when are they coming for us.

That guy is out there somewhere!

The director just rolled up outside.

You better start thinking about cooperating.

He's in the car.

What are you doing, Pete? Getting a glass of water.

Director's come all the way down here to see me, huh?

That's very impressive. It's embarrassing for us, sir.

You want a beer? Look, Pete, we're really...

Garrison back door.

Oh, shit!



Where is he?


This is Breckinridge. Garrison has escaped from the rear of the residence into the alley.

Cordon off the area and get back to me.

He got my radio. He got my gun too.

He got your gun?! And your radio?

What the hell are you looking at her for?

She's been here two days. How long have you been here?

Where to, mister?

Just get me out of here.

Now, I know it's very hard for you to believe that Pete Garrison could be involved with something like this.

For most of you he's a friend. To some, a legend.

But the fact is the evidence against him is overwhelming.

So, how do we find him? To begin with, know this.

He is smarter and more experienced than all of you.

You've never trained for this. You are chasing your worst nightmare.

He knows how you think. He knows what you know. And he knows how you operate.

And he will use that against you.

He also knows that it's gonna be very difficult for you to pull the trigger, if you have him in your sights.

So I want you to take a second and visualize that.

Because there is a very good chance that is exactly how this is going to end.

Can I have one of these here? Yeah, sure. Take it.

Fullback, Backstop. Do you have an arrival?

Backstop, Fullback. We have arrival.

- Backstop. Go.

DiPaola to Command. Cincinnati wrapping up. We're alpha for departure.

I miss the good old days. Do you know what I mean? I mean, I really literally...

When the smokes clears, he taps him on the back, and the bear says...

"You didn't come here to hunt, did ya?"

Get it? The bear.

That's not funny, man.

That joke ain't funny at all.

- Fullback. We're moving. Roger that. We're set up.

See you later, okay? Be right back.

Thank you.

Welke, DiPaola. Cincinnati's coming to you. Copy that.


What are you doing here? I heard you were arrested for the helicopter.

Whatever you hear about me in the next few days, I want you to know I was framed.

I had to tell you to your face. No, you don't. No, you don't.

We're gonna get out of this. How?

I haven't figured that out yet. This is out of control.

You've got to turn yourself in. No, no, no, no.

Yes, you do. I'll go to John.

I'll tell him everything. I can't let you do that. No!

Pete, they think you're an assassin. They will kill you.

You can cover my back. How?

The director has got a daily password for the agents. Find out what it is.

I'm checking through his stuff. Hey, guys. Garrison just used his cell phone.

He called 'Chez Doucette'.

You turned around when it rang, didn't you?

Yeah, I did.

Ballsy. Very ballsy.

DiPaola said she seemed completely unfazed.

She came upstairs, waited five minutes and told him what happened. - Okay.

I'm just trying to understand why he came here and why she reacted that way.

This is your post? Yeah, it is.

Naturally, the first lady doesn't want to believe the man protecting her for the last eight months is trying to assassinate her husband.

That's why Pete came here.

He's looking for an ally.

And the first lady is a very powerful ally to have.

Great. The idea is to secure the entire site.

I want you to get every stolen car report for the entire area.

Start looking for cars that were taken within walking distance of the restaurant or any of the nearby metro stations.

Then within those parameters, I want you to isolate Accords, Tauruses, Camrys and Explorers.

How do you know what kind of car he's gonna steal?

Those are the four most commonly registered vehicles in the DC area.

Pete knows that. He's gonna want to blend in.

And the first thing he's gonna want to do is find his informant.

If he tries to breach our computers, we can find out where he's connecting from.

He knows we would know that. He wouldn't do it.

He could connect to someone else. How?

Well, he'd need that person's password.

But as a supervisor, it wouldn't be hard to get access to others' passwords.

Why would he do that? Why would he even risk it?

Because he feels trapped.

We have his credit cards, his cell phone.

He has no other place to hide.

Can I help you? Oh, yes, ma'am.

My name is Lawson Smith. I'm looking for a Walter Xavier.

Oh, lovely boy, but he been gone a long time.

Well, this is the address we have on his sweepstakes form.

Sweepstakes? Yes, ma'am.

I'm with the Publishers Clearing House. He win?

Well, he's a finalist. Million dollars.

And you must be his mother. Uh-huh.

Mrs. Miller. I'm remarried.

Would you have another address or telephone number, ma'am, where I may be able to reach him?

I'd love to help you get in touch with Walter.

Bet he could use the money, but...

I don't know where he is.

Walter and me haven't spoke in three years.

Well, if you do talk to him, tell him we got in touch.

Thank you, ma'am.

Have a good day.

Leave a message.

Hey, Walter, it's Mom.

A guy just come by the house looking for you. He's a cop.

On a gut level, it doesn't make sense.

The only thing this guy cares about in life is his job.

And you know this, why?

Because he went out to the Academy a few times and ran your field exercises?

Listen to me. Pete Garrison was my best friend for 10 years... till he slept with my wife.

So trust me when I tell you, the only thing that Pete Garrison cares about is Pete Garrison.

Yeah? Somebody who's not Tom DiPaola just signed in to our databases using DiPaola's password.

Pulled up an address in Andrewsboro, Maryland.

I don't believe this.

Get the rest of the team ready. Let's go.


Notify Intel we've got a body.

Take the cars around to the other side!



Damn it.

This is Breckinridge. I'm in a salvage boat at the end of the dock.

- Set up a perimeter now. Do you copy? Copy that.

Whoa, whoa! Secret Service.

Get your men to the back of the boat.

Pete, don't move!


The traitor is still out there, Dave.

Fine. If that's true, come on in. We'll protect you.

The only reason that I'm alive is they don't know where I am. Don't make me do this.

No way! Don't make me do this.


You want to shoot me?

Forget about the Kevlar. Shoot me in my face!

Dave! My buddy!

Come on, shoot me!

Come on, shoot me.

What happened?

I took him down with a shot to the vest. I couldn't take the second shot.

What's the least contained environment the president's going to be in over the next few days? G8 Summit, Toronto.

It's a nightmare for us.

Canadians are allowing the protestors all the way up to the Three perimeter.

The border's not gonna stop him. It's 3,500 miles long and barely patrolled.

You really think it's him, don't you?

Pete, you scared the hell out of me! Nancy, I'm sorry. I can explain everything.

What is going on? What the hell's been happening?

I think Charlie got wind of an assassination plot by one of the other agents, so I want to check his computer files, see if there's any indication of evidence.

Is that why there's a car watching the house?

The maroon Cadillac.

Who are they? I think they're the guys that got Charlie.

Nancy, I'm gonna need the keys to your car, and I want you to call the police.

Not the Secret Service. The police. Tell them about the Cadillac.

Okay. Thanks.

I was waiting there maybe three hours. Nobody showed up.

I didn't want to stay there all day.

She didn't go nowhere. She didn't go nowhere, so I left.

What do you want me to do?

Come on. Yes, yes, by herself.

Okay. Yeah, yeah. No, no.

What do you want?

I'm not gonna stay there all night. She's not gonna be a problem.

No. No, no, no.

Yes, yes, by herself.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Shooting. Shooting.


Your name? Your name!

Who sent you? Who sent you!

Come on. Come on.

Hi, Jill. Pete?

Yeah. Look, I just got into a shoot-out.

1265 Leslie, Northwest.

He's a foreign operative. He's got a lot of passports and a lot of cash.

He's got full security access to the G8 Summit in Toronto tomorrow.

Okay, Pete. We're on it. But I really think you should come in.


Pete, we've been through the entire place, but you're gonna have to get straight with me.

What are you talking about? There's no body.

There's blood all over the goddamn place. Yeah, there's blood all over the place, but there's no body, no passports, no G8 credentials.

Listen to me. This is not enough to take back to Overbrook and clear you.

Dave, I don't know what to tell you.

They're gonna hit him in Toronto, G8 Summit.

Pete. Pete!


Listen, I'm leaving for Toronto tonight.

Montrose wants to move me up there early for security purposes.


California. My sister. I'll call her back.

Well, this is the speech I'm gonna give. I'm reasonably happy.

Maybe you could take a look at that if you get a chance.

Sure. Then I'll see you tomorrow. I'll be up after the meeting.

Okay. Thanks.

One new message.

Sarah, I want you to know if I don't make it, I was doing my job.

I've got to turn this off before they track me.

I love you.

I want you to get the crime scene unit out here immediately.

Rip this place apart. Find me something now! Yes, sir.

This is Agent Breckinridge. Agent Breckinridge?

Sarah Ballentine.

Come in.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Thanks, Tom.

Could I offer you a drink? No, thank you, ma'am.

You know, most women don't like whiskey, but my mama was from Tennessee.

Pete Garrison and I are having an affair.

Please have a seat. And... that's for you.

You know, I don't know all the evidence you have against him, but I do know why he failed the lie detector test.

And I know why he was in that coffee shop looking for someone.

Hello. US Secret Service up for the G8.

I got a priority item for the duty officer over at the lab.

That'll be that direction on the 8th floor. Thank you.

Sign the log, please.

I need any prints that you can find off this cup.

Okay. Thank you very much.

See you in about 12 minutes.

Hey, I'm gonna be pushing post in a few minutes, but if you want to grab a coffee, Jill... Marin.

Hey, Jill. This is Pete. Or not.

A lot of people are looking for you. I'm sure they are.

Did you find any prints at the apartment? No. Nothing.

Well, I did. Jill, you gotta help me out on this one.

If I e-mail the prints to you, how long is it gonna take to check them against the FBI and CIA databases?

Five minutes after I receive them.

I'll call you five minutes after I send them. Bye.

I've got a print in here. Could somebody run it for me, please?

Yeah, I got it. Thank you.

You know, in my experience a guilty man doesn't break into a police station and check fingerprints for a few hours. What do you think?

My phone was only on for five minutes.

I was in the neighborhood.

Dave, I can't explain about the bank account. The other things I can explain.

I know about the affair. It wasn't with Cindy.

Oh, I know. The First Lady.

She told me everything. I know you're being framed.

She showed me the blackmail photos.

So where does that leave us?

We need to find this guy.

Come here. Yeah.

You really are an idiot, you know that?

You honestly thought that this wouldn't be uncovered?

Dave, I love her.

Well, that's practical.

The prints belong to Gennady Ivanov, former KGB, now works for the personal security service for the president of Karjastan.

I'm also showing confirmed intel that this is the guy responsible for the Central Asian pipeline attacks.

Confirmed intel on what, Agent Marin?

Assume this is a classified conversation. We'll be out of here in two minutes.

Yeah. Whatever. Thank you.

These people have the financial and intelligence resources to pull this off.

All right, let's get going.

We've still got to find the mole.

We polygraphed every agent with access to the president.

Yours was the only one that showed deception.

We need to figure out how the real traitor passed the test, or if he even took it.

Montrose had the list.

You know I never guaranteed you success.

Security's tighter than it's ever been.

Routes, modes of transport, they're all random now.

Yeah, but not random to you, William.

I mean, if you wanted him on that helicopter at Camp David, you could have put him there.

Now, you've been playing us since the beginning.

All right. Fair enough.

That's not gonna work anymore.

You did make a deal. Yeah.

20 years ago with the KGB, which doesn't even exist anymore.

Do you want out, William?

Then give me the president.

Just like you agreed.


I don't care.

Expose me.

I don't care if I spend the rest of my life in prison for treason.

I don't care if you kill me.

Here you go. Have a pint.

Oh, thank you.


If you don't do this, we're not gonna kill you.

We are going to kill her.

And we're gonna kill her.

And then we're gonna kill her.

Yes, William, the KGB's gone.

But we're still here.

William, it's all right.

You do have a way out.

But only one.

When he finishes his speech, you take him on the primary route to the "B" motorcade under the plaza, and you take the radios out.

Then that's it. And we'll do the rest.

Hey, look.

You can keep those.

I got doubles.

Jill, it's David. I want you to get in touch with Downing and Medina.

Confirm for me which one did Montrose's polygraph and get back to me.

- We're on our way to city hall. Got it.

Command Post from Apache follow-up.

Arrive Martinez location 1740 hours. Copy.

Summon security, DiPaola. Cincinnati's moving to hold. Copy.

All posts, all posts, be advised. We have an arrival.

Only essential traffic at this time.

Everybody ready? Yes, sir.

Let's do this.

Yeah, tell me what you got.

Montrose didn't take the polygraph. You're sure? You're 100% sure?

Positive. Polygraphers have no record of Montrose even being tested.

Neither one of them. Montrose didn't take the polygraph.

Now let there be no mistake. In an uncertain and an unsafe world, America must be strong.

But previous administrations...

And I also hacked into Merriweather's staff mail.

He was streaming someone's offshore phone logs.

The logs are Montrose's. Give me the phone.

Hi, Jill. It's Pete.

Get a hold of the First Lady and tell her, only her, that it's Montrose.

Got it.

Jesus Christ, Pete. The First Lady? What were you thinking?

I never saw it coming, Dave.

Secret Service command post from Canadian CP, be advised.

They just allowed two armed credentialed American agents into the Three perimeter from checkpoint 386.

Command Post from Post 209, be advised.

Suspect Garrison has just been let through...

I've got a scope on subject Garrison. ...the south perimeter.

All posts be advised. Ah, Jesus!

Subject Garrison is on site in three. I got Garrison through the three.

This resolution... Copy!

...cannot function alone. Do not admit...

It is designed to function... ...Garrison and Breckinridge to enter.

It's Garrison and Breck.

Holster your weapons! Holster your weapons!

I'm Agent Breckinridge, lead investogator. I issued the warrant on Pete Garrison.

Subject in my sight. Do I take the shot?

We must ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

We must embrace the ideal... You need assistance? Over.

...of an African economic union.

He's a "Do-Not-Admit". We have orders.

I am countermanding your orders! You don't control this site.

Montrose controls the site. Don't call him!

Montrose is the mole! Montrose?

What's the procedure for that?

Command to all units. Lock down your location.

No unauthorized personnel beyond the two perimeter.


Something's wrong. My radio just went dead.

I've lost my radio. I don't have any radio.

I'm not hearing any chatter. I've got silence on all channels.

It's going down! Agent Garrison called on my line.

He wanted me to tell you that Montrose is the mole.

But I strongly believe that we can protect our vital interests without causing resentment.

Get your hands in the air! Freeze! Freeze!

Put that down! Put your hands in the air! Pete Garrison is not the mole!

You are a "Do-Not-Admit"! We have orders!

Mr. President, you've got to go. Listen to me!

Do not let him move the president!

This way, Mr. President.

Do not let Montrose move the president! Montrose, he's getting away!

"Crystal"! "Crystal" is the password.

We need your help. Tom, get the First Lady to the motorcade.

Freeze! Password is "Crystal".

Where'd Montrose take the president? Motorcade "B".

Stay with me, ma'am.

This way.

It's just this way, ma'am. Tom, where are we going?

We're going to motorcade "C", ma'am.

That's a hell of a way to leave the G8.

What is going on with these goddamn radios?

Go in twos.

What's next, boss? What's the next move?

What's next? Bill!

Hold the corridor. Push them back.


Pete, we're cut off from the "B" motorcade.

You okay?

I think so. Turn off your locator.


Your locator, turn it off. That's how they know where we are. They're tracking us.

How do you... How do you know?

Oh, no, Bill. Oh, God!

Montrose was...

Pete. Pete.

My family. My family. Pete!

Mr. President, you're gonna have to trust us.

We're gonna get you up top to an evac car.

Shooter's at 11 o'clock. I'll go high, you go low. You ready?

Yeah. Go.

Get the president upstairs. We'll cover you from here.

This way, ma'am. As quick as you can.

Yes. Garrison.

Need a hard car for the president at southwest Two.

Coming to you, Pete. Go, go, go, go!

Southwest stairs. Let's go get them!

All right, we're gonna get you out of here.

Give me a perimeter 10 meters, 360 degrees!

President's hard car. Let's get him in!

Pete, I got him. Mr. President, you're with me.

The president is away!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Secure the First Lady! We need a hard car, now!


Listen, Pete...

You take care of yourself.

I'll save you a Tee time.

Tom, you did a great job. I was proud to work with you.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I'll see you guys. Good careers.

Take care. Thanks.

Do well, guys. See you soon.

Hey, Pete. Yeah?

This could be trouble.

I'm gonna walk out of the White House carrying this?

Thanks, guys.

Bye-bye. All the best. Hey, Pete!

You gonna leave without saying good-bye?

Well, look who's no longer a rookie.


So, how about a little retirement dinner tonight?

I can't. I got a date.

Something you want to tell me? With my wife.

That's great.

Pete. See you around campus, Jill.

Thanks for everything. Pleasure.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss it.

It's gonna miss you too.

Take care.