The Set (1970) Script


♪Who understands? Who knows what love is all about?♫

♫The way it feels is something you can't reason out.♪

♪Love comes from the heart♫

♫Start growing up now♪

♫Don't be afraid♪

♪It's never easy at the start♫

♫Making mistakes♪

♪And time will take care of your heart♫

♫Ooooh making some love♪

♫Start growing up now♪

♫Life doesn't last long♪

♫Don't be afraid♪

♪It's never easy at the start♫

♫Making mistakes♪

♪And time will take care of your heart♫

♫Ooooh making some love♪

♪Start growing up now♫


♫Life doesn't last long♪

♫Who understands♪

♫Who knows what love is all about♪

♪The way it feels♫

♫Is something you can't reason out♪

♫What comes any how♪

♪Start growing up now♫

♫Growing up now♪

♪Growing up now♫

Is this what you wanted?

Alright, break it up!

She's pretty, is she your girl?

My cousin.

How are you getting her home?

The house is just up there.

His name was Tony, Mom... and he was so big... brown and beautiful... oh and he smelt so good... salty and masculine... wasn't he something Paul?

How would I know... if he wasn't kissing and carrying on with me... asking you all those questions...

What's your name?

How old are you?

Where do you live?

Well he did save my life...

You know I believe you're jealous.

Pffft! You're joking!

Well I'm Jealous, tell me more Kimmy...

These days being married to your father is like going steady with a Franciscan monk...

A big, brown and beautiful guy is just what I need right now.

Kim-Don't look so shocked Paul... she's only joking.

I was never more serious darling, I'm so bored with life.

Kim-Hey dad!

What's with you Robert?

Robert-Wasn't me, I just want to get going, that's all Peg...

I asked at least half an hour ago... you know I don't like driving at night.


Robert-It's a long drive ahead.

Peg-Yep. No more tea thanks.

See you later Ben. Ben-See you again Robert.


Don't be so upset Paul... you're only young... maybe later.

Later nothing, Paul I've had my final say... art school is out, there is a job in the shipyards for you.

My God...

Dad I'm not a mechani.. [INTERUPTED]

In the ship yard... a good job... a few callouses and a bit of sweating is what you need...

Why aren't you eating?

I'm not hungry.

One thing Paul...

I'm sorry I let you get your hopes up... about college...

That's a fact... but the main fact is we don't have the money!

Well that's that...

I'll take the job... but I'll save every cent.

I'll go to college later.


Don't Paul! You know Dad doesn't like it.

So you'll save every cent will you?

Then I'll wait and see... and where you get your big ideas from I don't know.

Well everything is settled then...

I'm going to see Cara.

And why don't you get yourself a proper girlfriend... instead of knocking around with that Italian pest?


We go so well together.

I love you.


Wear it... always.

But it's yours.

That is why... now wear it always... promise?

Okay... but why the dramatics?



My father is sending me away... to Italy... to live with my grandmother.

[GROANS] He is so angry, so...

What do you mean?

Just he found the letters... my love letters.

But you never even posted them!

They where written to me.

Then you do lie?


You told me no other boy had kissed you... or made love to you.

The letters... where written to me...

by a... girl.


It happens Paul... girls... mature girls... hearded together year after year in boarding school...

Please understand.

Shut up!

I'll never understand...

I agree with your father.


I'm getting out of here... tonight.

I'll make my own way.


Paul-By God I will!

Cara-No Paul wait!

Please wait.




Theo, that boy out there... hasn't he got a sensitive face?

He looks half stoned.

Yeah so he does.

Tell me Marie when will you deliver it?


Good, then I'm off.

Thanks again.

Is it alright? I mean, you know just to look around?

I know what you mean... certainly it's alright, look all you want too.

Thank you, I think the window display is marvelous.

Here's a fine piece.

Yes, that's French porcelain isn't it?

Yes... are you in the trade?


Oh, I'd like to be... as a matter of fact I sell shirts in a department store.

I do study design... but with very little success.

Why don't you sit down?

Thank you.

Oh yes Marie Rosefield, yes of course she's the one who-

I'm Marie Rosefield.

I've read all of your books!

Did they help?

Sure! Well I mean of course they did...

I thought you where living in London?

I was there for years... either I'm getting old... or the London climate is getting colder... anyway things are beginning to happen here now, so I'm here to stay.

Ummm Miss Rosefield...

I wonder do you ever teach?

Oh no! I'm through with hard work!

Who wants to learn? You?


Well then...

it might be interesting to have a protege.

You don't mean it.

Yes, I do.

Well thank you but... but I'm afraid I really couldn't afford lessons just at the moment... you see, I've only been here three months.

Oh who said anything about money?

You want to study and I'd like to help, it's as simple as that!


I was miles away.

Why so glum?


I feel...


I hate that damn job at the store...

I hate taking from you all the time... the truth is I hate myself...

Pity you have no friends... we all need people...

The truth is darling... you've been working too hard... trying to cram four years work into one...

Look from now on we'll stop working on sundays.

Why not take off right now... drive up the coast, have a break...

I know a marvelous place, Port Morson, cave beach-


Not that...

Now what I need is a good cup of coffee!

Make that coffee good and strong darling!

It's the mechanics that make a set... the manoeuverability-

And a million and one other things... including a good engineer.


I won't be coming here on Wednesday...

I'm going to a party.


I'll work on my own.


You think I'll make a botch of it?

Not that, as a matter of fact I think you'd manage splendidly.

Then why?

Because your'e coming to the party, with me.

I'm about to launch you on our set as... my protege from London, you're going to play along with the act.

Well I couldn't do that... it starts me off as a failure... anyway what's the point?

Because this group... can't tolerate beginners, they think they were born standing up!

I've got plans for you... and if we play our cards right... he may have a design for you to work on... professionally.

He? Who's this he?

He is a guy called...


Mark Bronoski.

All come let's have a drink.

-Scotch. -Scotch.

Bron your'e hopeless you never remember a damn thing!...

I've told you how good Paul is!

So you did! So you did.

You say he laboured for work? Ooh excuse me loves I'll be with you in a minute!

Marie I feel awful. He knows we're conning him!

But he's not sure and thats good. He's coming.

Well now let's get straight down to buisiness, while... our feet are more or less still on the ground, aye?

Is Peter here tied up to anyone?

It's Paul, Paul Lawrence.

Sure, Paul.

Well are you Paul?

Well no actually I'm- -He's free at the moment, why?

Well I thought I might try him working for me.

He might accept. If the money's right!

Come, you know me, I'm no Shylock!

Let's say you come see me monday?

Yes of course Sir, what time? Where?

My studio, ten o clock on the dot!


Excuse me again.

How bout that!

It was easy, nothing to it!

How right you are!

Marie what's the matter?


Oh you are angry...

It's my first party ever, I just want to enjoy myself.

Well enjoy it the, but don't drink anymore, you'll fall flat on your face!

Paul play it cool... stay in the background... do as I say... not as I do-

-Oh darling!



♪Take mine♫





Why are you being such a spoil sport, I'm enjoying it!

I'm not! We're leaving!

Okay, so long again, I can manage with out you!

Can you?

You've got a short memory haven't you...

I've pumped you. I've given you years of my time and my talent... tonight Paul you're going to pay up!

Pay up?

-Make love to me. -you're drunk!

-Let's go! -Tonight?

Leave thot! You are my mother... one of your eyelashes has come unstuck, looks a bit revolting, better fix it aye!



Have you seen Marie?

[SINGS] Maria. Maria, Maria, Maria!

She got herself sloshed! She left a few minutes ago.

Hello. I've just come from work, what's the notice about? Is Maria in?

Didn't you read the morning papers?

No why?

We got quite a write up.

Write up?

Quite a nasty write up... she was killed!

Poor bitch! She was in no state for driving...

I think you need a drink Paul. come, my place is very close by.


Come on baby one more time!

I couldn't...

Maria's dead...

I can't believe it.

So Maria's dead! That's life!

Here, to her memory...

It's ouzo. It's a magic drink, helps us to forget.

-May I join your toast? -Certainly!

Marie, a woman who lived in the moment and would want us to do the same.

Come on darling let's dance.

No I'm afraid I don't dance.

Oh don't be silly! I'll teach you!

And now my friends, the one and only, Candy.


♪Take me for a fool but take me♫

♪If I play it cool then make me♫

♪Should you find me sleeping drowzy♫

♪Don't be subtle, wake me, rouse me♫

♪Take me, get my motor running hot♫

♪and take me for everything I've got ♫

♪Stir the coals of my desire♫

♪Taste the brinstone or touch the fire♫

♪Burn your fingers, feel me running hot♫

♪Take me for a ride, but take me♫

♪Stir me up inside and wake me♫

♪Get me tense and then unwind me♫

♪Be my Satan close behind me♫

♪Start my fire, Hell should be so hot♫

♪I want you and everything you've got♫


On the piano you're well cursed darling, but... as a madame you're burying them out of your depths.

[CHUCKLES] Perhaps I should have a bigger dress or more hair.

Or none at all!

Oh god... You're a man!

We all are!

Oh honey, you aren't going to make that country yokel in a million years.

You wanna bet?

-I'll put a hundred dollars on it! -Make it two hundred!...

That's how determined I am!

You're that serious.

Watch out Red Riding Hood, the wolf is after your basket!




Hello Bubba boy!

Aren't you even staying for breakfast?

And this and all of these here, all Bronoski work.

How about a drink?

-How many have you got? -Oh hundreds of them!

Are they all comissions?

Every stinking one of them!

Not now of course but they will be very shortly.

To life!

To life!

Beautiful! Well I must be back to work...

Very nice of you to have called round, you must come again sometime.

Mr. Bronoski... had you forgotten about that job you promised me?


Oh the set... of course, you know I knew I palmed the damn thing off on someone...

It's for a musical company. Let's come and talk about it. Come on.

I'll bloody well finish it if it's the last thing I do!

I need help.

Hello Kimmy, it's Paul I tried to raise you earlier but the phone was out of order.

Hey, hey, hold on! Yes of course it's me...

Yes, yes I'm fine...

Yeah I'm working, no I'll tell you about that later...

Kim, did you ever get that jacket back to that bloke on the beach?

Oh you're going out with him...

Yes now he is at university doing architecture isn't he?


Oh fine...

Why don't you come round and see me at the flat sometime, and bring Tony with you.

Would you like to see my plans?

No thanks.

Oh Tony!


This is the stuff I'm going to use for the mock up, polyurethane because it carves, like that... and that's the frontal elevation of the set.

-Hey now, hang on Paul now just at a glance this is wrong...

Well here the cross number here, well that's not going to hold...

Central point of stress there, central point of gravity here... with your weight on the outside here, it's not going to hold... no chance.

Well would you consider coming in on this with me?

No thanks.

I wish you would you know, you'd be a great help!

See I've got a deadline on this, it's a rushed... job, I'd go halves on the money with you.

I don't need money...

I'm a rich boy already!

Kim-Oh don't be so vulgar darling!

Hey it's time we left, I'm treating Tony and Kim to dinner, make us a foursome Paul?

No thank you.


Who's that?

Hey Paulie baby... say what goes on here?

I'm Paulie's mistress.

Yes well this is my aunt Peg Sylvester -I'm not really insane!

Yes and this is my cousin Kim, Leigh Radford.

Judge Radford's daughter?

I'm afraid so but don't hold that against me, I hate the old dear!

You can't be serious, he is so famous for all his good works.

Oh I know his famous and I also know all his infamous habits.

I only see him when I want money... and that's often!


What are you doing?

It wouldn't interest you He thinks I'm a fool.

You flatter yourself!

Let's go! Paul-Don't disturb him, I need his help.


No I'm staying I'll see you tomorrow...

Paul come here this is what you're going to want, now...

Oh well I'm off.

You leave when I leave baby!

Leigh arrives... and leaves... when she pleases...


You know Tony there is nothing I wouldn't do for you if you came in on this with me.

What the hell could you do for me?

If and if I come onto this... it's purely for kicks and because I think I can see what you're trying to do...

Now when's this thing got to be completed? two weeks from now. -It's impossible!

Oh hell!

-Unless. -Unless?

-Unless I move in here with you. -Great wonderful.

And Leigh moves in too!


Well I suppose it could be fun, the three of us in this mucky pad.

Okay Fellows, I'm on!

We can have an orgy... every hour... on the hour!

All three of us!

Oh yeah!

No likey?

No likey!

Just you... and me.

-Oh poor Pauly baby! -Don't mind me!

Yeah well poor Pauly baby can take himself downtown with one of his boyfriends!

Don't look so shocked, I've seen you... love.


You ignorant, know nothing slob!

Did you know that during world war two... the Japanese soldiers were issued with inflatable... life size rubber women... and when they got the urge, they just blew them up!

What the hell are you talking about?

I am talking about you, you selfish boar! I am feeling just so damn let down... and so frustrated... that I could kill you!

And guess what baby?

One of those inflatable rubber gals... would just suit you right down to the ground!

Thanks Tony, for everything.


What's it all about Paul?

When you do it...


Like normal...

it's all a lousy bike?

You mean sex?




You'd better get some sleep.



Did you want something?

I'm sorry Tony, I thought you were Paul...

I came because of Kim... she misses you.

Yes, I must call her.

Oh God you are beautiful!

Big, brown and beautiful!

That was great!

Great... you must be joking!

I've heard about being left in mid-air but this is ridiculous!



Oh I just can't win!

My husband... who's lost all interest... and a boy who wouldn't know how!


-Don't touch me! -Kim baby, what in the world! how could you? Tony and you!

My God!

I was there mother...

I was there! I saw you and I heard you!

Oh Kim baby.

Why mother? Why?

Even if I told you, you wouldn't understand... perhaps when you're my age... perhaps then you'll understand and forgive me... perhaps then, you'll realize why.

Oh well you can lie to daddy about why I'm leaving home... because I hate you, and I despise you!

-You dirty filthy little -Tony...

don't you understand...

I love you.

I'm sorry.

Oh God I'm sorry.


just go and clean yourself up!


-Lee? -Mmm.


I want to see you right now!

Oh I'm sorry baby, but I'm busy.

-Yeah I know that but- -I came here...

-Yeah but- -with my father!



No Tony don't!

Not like this!




Tony look your breakfast is on the table, I'm... off to work now, will you be home for dinner?

What do you want to know for?

Expecting a bunch of your boyfriends over?

Oh don't talk like that Tony!

I'll talk anyway I want!

And stop nagging!



Can I keep it?


It's yours... honest.

What's the celebration?

For you. Bronoski's paid up at last for the first set...

$500, 25 percent for you.

I don't want or need your lousy money... money is one thing my family has plenty of... everything you're killing yourself to get...

I've already got!

Funny isn't it?

-Good morning Lawrence. -You wanted to see me sir?

Yes, take a seat will you.

I had no idea that we had such hidden talent in our shirt department...

I've been talking to Bronoski, Mark Bronoski... and he tells me that you studied in London under Marie Rosefield?

-Oh no that was- -Now look... we have a problem here...

Our intererior design department has been going down hill steadily... now what we propose to do about it is this... we're going to use you in press and television plugs... and of course we will mention the Bronoski set aswell... now how does that strike you?

Sounds marvellous.

Shall we drink to it?

-Ah well....Yes! -Good.


That radio program of yours... it's ludicrous... farcical...

You must have been insane to attempt it in the first place...

Well it wasn't quite so bad when you used those scripts of Marie Rosefield's.

Paul-Yeah, well...

Marie's writes were fine, but I've run out of them... anyway I think my stuff is better!

Oh yeah... well that's not the general consensus of opinion... people are laughing their heads off!

Little people who don't count!

Little people who don't count by you, you no count ill little homosexual!

Well look who's talking!

What can't you understand... with me it's just for kicks!

You... You wouldn't even know what to do with a woman. [LAUGHS]

Paul over the radio- And the first suggestion that floats into my mind... is glass, with glass we will have no blending problems...

Imagine it, no blending problems darlings, and imagine too... how when the sun is sinking into the west, how the shard... trills of the tiles will reflect most gorgeously with-

Cancel the program.


What's up with you?

Didn't old man Bronoski like your set?

He didn't even look at it... he just told me to leave it and scram.

He was working on a painting with about half a dozen naked women of all... shapes and sizes, crawling over a monster clay figure of himself.

It made me sick...

I think he resented the fact that I had intruded on his privacy...

Anyway I don't think I'll hear from him again, it's been bad news all day.

-Well I've got more news for you- -Once more I've been sacked from the radio show.

I don't think I'll get that job back at the store either...

Hell! I wish I'd hadn't have spent all that money now for the first set.

-Yeah well I've got more news for you! -Oh what?

You won't be seeing me for some time!

I've met up with a girl, she's great.

Get on will ya! Time is money!

Good grief she's a prostitute!

She's only kidding, we are shacking up together.

Tony! Tony!

I'm... begging you not to go.

♪Don't be afraid. It's never easy at the start.♫

♪Making mistakes and time will take care of your heart♫

♪Oooh making some love♫

♪Start growing up now♫

♪Life doesn't last long♫

♪Don't be afraid. It's never easy at the start♫

♪Making mistakes and time will take care of your heart♫

♪Oooh making some love. Start growing up now♫




Oh God!








[MIMICKING VOICE] Help! Help please! There is a drunk man in my room!

The woman's way... right to the end.

You poor silly bastard.

I might be doing you a favour if I walked out of here.

Or is it just a gesture?

A big flamboyant gesture that's misfired.




Isn't this Paul Lawrence's flat?

Yes, who are you?

You don't know Bronoski?

Where is that fool boy?

I've been trying to get him all day...

Phoning and phoning and phoning, no answer, never any answer.

Where is he? I've got news for him, big news!

I've been talking to London about him... about that set he made for me.


Well what's so funny?

He thought you didn't like it.

Didn't like it... it's unique... it's new...

True the... the work is lousy but... it needs a lot more time spent on it... but the idea.. It's the idea...

It'll be used for John L's big west end production starring the fabulous-

What's been going on?

Where is he?


[HESITANT] He's... he's in there.


Well now let me explain now. Wait a minute! Wait!

He took sleeping tablets.

Is he going to die?

You bastard... wasting all this time... where's the phone?

For God's sake man! Where's the phone?


So they're letting you up out of bed tomorrow...

Paul, I'm glad now I didn't tell mom and dad.

Yeah mom would have died of shock!

You nearly died yourself... how could you have?

It was an accident.

-Oooh a letter from Kim -Ooooh Uh, people aren't supposed to read other people's letters!

Well does she mention me at all?

What's in ti for me not to read?

Hmmm?..Oh yes, yes, yes she does, what's she say?

She says...

I'm having a wonderful time in another state...

Please drop in to see mommy and daddy as soon as you can, tell them I'm feeling very homesick.

There that's all she says...

She says ummm...

She talks about her wonderful new job and wonderful new boyfriend.

Kim's a very... beautiful girl.

Oh well, all you kids want to try it on your own... you did Paul.


Isn't it wonderful though Bronoski's so pleased with my work, he said... that he has had marvellous reactions in London from John L. Fredericks...

John L who?

The producer, auntie Peg you really are hopeless, this could be very big for me.


Yeah... like on radio?


Hello dear boy! How nice to see you sitting up... here I braught you some fruit, this should nourish you, have you up in no time.

Now how did you get that bowl of fruit in here? You know... you're not allowed to bring anything in to the patients.


I thought that hospital regulations were two guests at a time?

I'll see you later Paul.


I suppose you'll be going down to have a look at Kim's new boyfriend?

I hope he suites you!

And I don't believe we've met?

Oh I'm sorry, this is my aunt Peg Sylvester, Mark Bronoski.

-How do you do? -How do you do?

Well I'd better be off, musn't tire our boy!

Oh I'm not tired I'm just bored please sit down-

Nonsence you are very tired!

You look very tired...

Nevermind my car is outside if I could give you a lift?

Why thank you, I'd love it.


This is quite a place you've got here!

It's private.


What do you think of this?

You'd have to tell me what it is first.

A woman.

Is it?

Well naked of course, I only work with nudes.

Do you ever run out of models?

Are you volunteering?

Well I've never done that sort of work before.

Haven't you?

What superb bone structure...

You know I'd like too... paint you.

I bet you say that to all the girls?

Not girls sweetheart... women.

Well at least I'm that, a woman.

Are you?

Prove it!




Right now!

[WHISPERS] Oh I don't think so!

[LAUGHS] worn out, me? You must be joking?

All right, give me half an hour.


What is it?

Paul he just called, poor kid is feeling a bit blue... he wants me to go to the hospital for a couple of hours... you don't mind do you Robert?

No I'm feeling a bit tired, I think I'll turn in.


Drive carefully now... you know I don't like you driving at night.


Hey! That's no way to treat a lady!

Lady? You're a woman this afternoon darling.

Yes but I don't want to be treated like a whore!

Whores, women, ladies... you all finish up doing the same thing!

There is a little thing I used to call the warm up!

Warm up? Baby I'm red hot!

12 o' clock...


Mustn't panic...

I suppose she's still with young Paul.

Poor fellow!

This time I'm gonna come and eat you right up darling!


No don't pull me under, Oh my hair!

Had enough darling?

Of water, yes.

I'm cold, I need warming up again!

Come and warm me up, lover boy!


Lady what time is it?

Oh good God! You'd better be going darling!

-Going? -Sophia will be here shortly... she finishes her show at 2 o' clock.

She finds you here... there'll be hell to pay darling!

Another girl... coming here?

Of course... you don't think you're the only one do you?

She''l be the third... no fourth!


-Peg? -Hmmm?

-It's you? -Hmmm.

So late.

You alright?

I'm alright now.

Oh Robert, you're so warm.

So safe.

Oh well I must say that the news of John L. coming out here from London... to see and discuss buisiness and contracts on the set... you're taking with grotesque calm.

Ahhh that's the new me...

I'm getting ready to be rich and famous!

Ta Da!

Seriously though Bron... inside I'm terrified.

I don't think I can pull this off.

Oh of course you can! Of course you can!

And that's another reason why I want you to help me... coax Tony Brown to come in on this project with me.

I don't like him.

It's not a question of liking him, I need him.

He's an expert with mechanics.

Men like him are a dime a dozen.

Oh of course... your sex life...

I'm totally sorry I forgot.

I'm taking off up the coast.

I've just had one of those knock down rows with my father.


Why Tony?

Because of your bastard set I've failed every subject!

So university is out!

I'll bloody well kill myself.

I'm sorry about the university Tony...

Bronoski was talking about both of us working on the set together.

If I had the money I'd... buy a car... a surfboard...

take off up the beach and be the... and be the best beach bum ever.

Certainly not the old man.

There'd be plenty of money... it'd only be for a month.

I'll get you another beer.

Good and cold?


Well I suppose beggers can't be choosers.

Then you will work with me?


Bronoski wants us to build a much bigger far more... lavish, no expenses spared model of the set... lights and all...

So that when John L. Fredericks arrives next month...

Bron is going to have a sort of, you know big spectacular showing.

All I want is the money.

What about us Paul?



Since you've come out of hospital you've been behaving like a temple virgin!

Look..Tony, I've had sex... really.

You want me to work with you?

Then what about us?

Why don't you get yourself a girlfriend Tony?

Alright Tony you call the tune.

-Oh look if you just leave us alone! -You clumsy bastard!

Shut up both of you!

Sickening, raving queens carrying on as if you're God's gift to the whole world!

I told you you were too slow...

I told you to get a move on...

I told you you'd never get the stinking thing done in time...

-I told you, I told you! -Yeah, yeah you told us!

Well look I'll tell you something, the way this set is going... we'll get it finished at least two days before John L arrives.

John L is arriving tomorrow!

Is it a strain keeping up this masculinity Bronoski?

Well um-

And where is Lawrence? why isn't he here to meet me?

I think it's quite insulting.

Oh you'll see Lawrence in time, I'm keeping him on ice for you!

-Oh! -Him.

Charming young lady.

-Oh she's my secretary -Really?

She's a cold hard fish, forget her!

-She doesn't like me! -Oh she hasn't met Bronoski yet!

How did you enjoy your flight Mr.Fredericks?

Beautiful as usual, thank you.

-Everything is organised Mr. Fredericks. -Thank you.

-Thank you gentlemen we must get going. -Goodbye, goodbye, thank you, goodbye.

[REPORTER] Would you tell us how long you're here for? -Come in the car with me.




Quite lovely...


Oh boy!

-Bron. -What a day. By Gee am I tired...

-You cause so much excitement that the- -Bron... twin beds...

I trust you'll do something about twin beds?

I've taken care of everything John L, you'll have a... double bed here by tonight I promise you that.

-You look so relaxed anyway. -Thank you.

And Bron, when is this young genius of yours appearing on the scene might I ask?

Yes I've told you before I'm keeping him on ice for you!

Keeping him on ice are you?

He must be frozen stiff by now!

Why isn't he here?

And when do I see this masterpiece of his?

He's on his way John L...

You know... you're going to be mad for him... and he for you...

I swear it.

But when do I see the set?

Now you know I'm leaving for Tokyo on monday-

Well I realize that...

You see.. we arranged a simple but a special showing of the set... incendently I thought your secretary was going to be here?

She's staff, she'll be along later with some-

Paul Lawrence.

Paul... my dear.

You're mistaken dear boy, not Lawrence.



Well John L aren't you going to introduce me to this beautiful creature?

Paul at last!

Paul meet the meistro.

How do you do?

What the hell gives on?

I don't understand!

Paul was my first... love.

I say splendid and all that sort of thing, what what...

Oh my God!

I'll raving queen you, you bastard...


Even the best laid clients of mine!

Oh no dear boy I can do better than that for you!

And this one hasn't got a girlfriend!

You sure you'll go through with the deal?

About the set I mean.

Yes, yes of course... but now that the big fish Paul has gotten away... what is on the menu?


I just... can't believe that you... haven't made love with anyone else since that last nnnn!


I'm sorry... what I really mean is... it's the loveliest... nicest piece of news I've ever heard.

No... don't put it out...

Let's make love in the light.

Always before it was in the dark.

What about those other girls?


Come on.


I have a lot of things to tell you... some good things, some bad things... not now...

one thing I will tell you though...

I haven't made love...

with any other girl in the entire world.


Righto I need everybody inside thank you very much! Come on now!





Paul, John L is delighted, we must have a party to celebrate tonight.


Now... that looks promising.

Wrong make darling!

So I assume!


Mother, hello darling!



Well what about it?

Everyone in town's had him... me, I've had him too.

Darling your boyfriend is nothing but a-




Oh how dreadful. [INCOHERENT BABBLING]


Bronoski-Mother! Mother!


♪Life doesn't last long♫

♪Who understands♫

♪Who knows what love is all about♫

♪The way you feel♫

♪Is something you can't reason out♫

♪Love comes anyhow♫

♪Start growing up now♫