The Seven-Ups (1973) Script

And you'll find it's quite unique.

I'll be with you in a moment, sir. That's quite all right.

Is it an original? Yes, it is indeed. It's hand painted.

Which is a technique of that period. It's beautiful.

Now, is there anything else you'd like to see?

Yes, I've been looking for an interesting cornerpiece in dark oak for an entry.

- Oh? - I'd like to take a closer look at that one over there.

- Fine, fine. - Will it be all right if I browse around a bit?

Oh, yes, of course. Uh, may I help you, sir?

Uh, what are you asking for this? Uh, 900.


May I take a look at that box over there? Oh, sure. Please.

What took you so long? You know that damn midtown traffic.


Of course, it's called a box even though it's got this odd shape.

Thank you. - It's English, I think you'll find. That's hand hammered.

Hey, man. Where's the cooler?

Oh, shit. What the hell was that?

Come on. Let's get out of here.

Listen, why don't you just step out- Look, there's glass all-

Sir, listen. I'm sorry. Did you see what happened?

Yes, I did. Will you just relax for a minute? This big lummox came in here-

Why don't you do one thing? Get on that phone and call your employer.

Call his phone-Why, you- Oh, no. Not again!

What is wrong with you idiots? What the hell's the matter with you guys?

Aw, this is terrible.

Terrible. You could've killed me doing that.

Jesus Christ. What the hell is going on here?

Wait a minute. Are you the proprietor here? That's it.

I came in here to buy an antique and this big baboon comes by with a water bottle... and spills water all over everybody. - That's not what happened.

I came in there with a water bottle, and he pushed me.

I didn't push you. He pushed me.

This is my store. Your store? I'll show you what I think of your store.

Want me to call a cop? No, I can take care of this myself.

Go ahead and call a cop. Because it's his fault. That fella right over there.

All right. Everybody hold it right where you are.

What's going on?

There's no real problem, fellas. We just had a little accident.

A little accident? Well, I can explain the whole thing.


Good catch.

Yes, sir. Good team. First rate.

Well, we're certainly gonna try.

Yes, sir. We'll keep in touch.

I couldn't tell this stuff from the real thing, could you?

What's the matter with you?

I don't like it. I don't like their way of doing business.

Are you gonna start that stuff again, Jerry?

They're not correct. That's not what a cop is supposed to do.

When you start out with that crap, where do you go?

You forget about warrants. You start flaking guys.

Is this or isn't it the first good collar we've made on that pair of mutts... in all the time we've been looking to drop them?

Yes or no?

Well, sure, it is. But that's not- But nothing. No buts.

Those two wiseguys are going away, and not for any 60 days- years, seven or up.

Buddy's guys, Buddy's methods, I don't want to know about them.

I don't even want to hear about 'em.

The P.C. 's happy, so am I. He wants more results, so do I.



And as far as Manucci goes, I want him to continue doing what he's doing... getting results.

And, Jerry, work with him. Go along, hmm?

Here's your coffee, boss. Relax.

Forget it. You heard what I said.

Let him pick the shit off the street.

I'll stay in the station house. I'll take the guys to court. Forget it.

Hanes has his job like you have yours.

What else is happening?

How about this nut- Hold off on that a minute.

What about the bail bondsman, Festa?

Why? What do you got?

His name came up in a wiretap.

We're still digging. All right. Good.

- He still made the touchdown. - Yeah, he made it, but he had a guy on him.


Gutless freehole Hanes.

He had no beef though.

No, we keep going.


Tomorrow, Buddy? Tomorrow we're off.

Hey, there you go. I was feeling like getting tight, fellas.

I'm gonna go uptown and get me a little taste. You'll get your ass locked up.

Who, me? No, him.

Funny man. What about 1:00?

Yeah, good. - No, wait. Can we make it 2:00?

I gotta take my oldest boy to the dentist. Jimmy?

Yeah, I gotta get him braces. Is it gonna make him better looking than you?

For that kind of money, he better look better than me.

Let's go uptown and get a little taste, man. Man, I gotta play basketball.


Yeah. Come on, man.

Let's go. Take care, Manucci. Take care, Buddy.

I'll see you guys.

You want me to hang?

No, go ahead. Thanks.

You believe we used to swim in that shit?

Eh, nobody cares anymore.

Remember the time we used to swim in there bare-assed... you, Rocky, Angie and me?

Benny the Nose wouldn't go in because he had some boils or some crap on his back.

Mm-hmm. We come out, our clothes was missing, huh?

Oh, that Cocker.

You kicked his ass every day for a week.

I thought you would've kicked it through his nose.

Gee, he never hung out with us after that.

Hey, freehole, right?

You see the game Sunday? That guy stepped out of bounds.

That ref must've been doing business.

Geez, I owed 'em for a shitpot of money that day. Still doin' your number, huh?

What's happening?

The shylock's expanding like the national bank.

Hey, Vito.

I told you that. You told me that?

I told you to find out what kind of muscle he was using... and how heavy and who.

No- I was just kidding.

It's- It's just that I gotta walk on eggshells... around that neighborhood with those wiseguys. What are you worried about?

Nobody's gonna find out about us.

Only way they're gonna find out is if you tell them, not me, right?

The shylock.


You know his nephew? Yeah.

He's the collector and the muscle.

Here. Hold this.

He's gonna go away with the rest of these humps.

Hey, Mom, slow up.

You're walking too fast. Can I have a Coke, Mom? I'm hungry.

Here's a souvenir for you. Wanna hear bells ring... take that into a bank and ask for some change.

Hey, how did that go?

Good. All right.

What do you mean, "all right"? No thanks, nothing?

What do you want, a medal? Who's talking about a medal?

All I'm saying is, you know, the next time you start adding up what I owe you... just put it in the book, huh?

Not in this book.

Hey, where you going?

Eh, I thought I'd give Rose and the kids a break. You know, take 'em out to dinner.

Oh, shit. I forgot to ask you. How is she?

I don't know. Now they think maybe it's T.B.

Look, Vito, tell Rose if there's anything I can do-

Sure. Thanks, Buddy.

Don't worry about it, huh?

Boy, is it cold out there.

There's some coffee for you, Bruno.

Uh, no. No, thanks. I'm trying to cut down.


- How'd it go? It went good, real good.

- Good. $11,050, Mr. Kalish.

And it's all accounted for.

And here's a checklist.

Nice, very nice.

Anybody complain? Oh, sure.

You know, O'Brien and Holland, as usual.

I told them to try doing business with the banks.

Not to mention Internal Revenue, huh? You know it.


Okay, Bobby. Take care of the money.

Hi, baby. Hi, honey.

You want the usual? Yeah, make it a big one tonight, huh?

Whew, cold. - Yeah, honey?


I'll get it, sweetie.

Mr. Kalish? Yeah, that's right.


Aw, come on, boys. Not again.

So important it couldn't wait till tomorrow?

Does he know where he's going?

You going the right way?

Hey, come on, fellas. What is this?

Where the hell are we going?

All I want to know is what the hell this is all about.

That's all. Just tell me what it's all about.

You want money, you got it. Just name your price. Anything you want, all right?

For Christ's sake, will you talk to me? We'll make a deal.

Tell me what you want. We'll talk, for God's sakes.

Go on, get out. Come on, fellas. Will you wait a minute now?

Hurry up. Will you just tell me what this is all about?

Will you listen to me? Jesus Christ, will you listen?

Will you listen to me, for Christ's sake? You're making a mistake.

We don't make any mistakes. You're making a mistake!

Now tell me again: Why we gotta get the car washed? I didn't really get that part.

Look, Bobby, what can I tell you?

All I know is what the guy said on the phone. He said 100 G's in the trunk.

And get the car washed at the place they told us.

That's it, man. Well, what do they want us to do with the ransom?

Don't worry about it. They'll tell us.

You want the wax? Yeah.

That'll be a dollar and a quarter.

Keep the change. Thank you.

Quick, Bobby! Bobby, get 'em! Bobby, they're in the trunk!

- Bobby, open the window! Get out! I can't! I can't get out!

- Bobby, get out, will ya? I can't get out! I'm stuck!

- Goddamn it! - Just get out!

Where did they go, Bobby?

Where do you want me to go? I'm stuck. I can't, goddamn it!

Yeah, yeah. Go ahead. Move, mother, and I'll burn you.

Go ahead. Go ahead and try it.

Bastards. Dirty bastards!

Buddy! Mrs. Pugliesi.

Buddy. How are you?

How are you, gorgeous? How's Papa?

Ah, he's all right, you know. Tell Grace I said hello.

All right? Yes. When are you going to come to see us?

Soon, soon.

Hey, yo, tiger.

Hey, Ralphie.

Hey, Buddy. How are you? Nice to see you.

Hey, listen, chief. I'm running a little late, so-

Get in the chair. Get in the chair.

Get in the chair.

Hey, something is going on. Like what?

I've seen more guns... and more jumpy guys around in the last couple of weeks... than I have seen in the last 10 years.

So watch your step.

Okay, thanks.

Hey, what's that? What are you-

Aw, I'll break your head. Ciao.

Now, they're all of varying sizes and shapes and all of different species... and you'll find that most of them grow in tropical climates.

The leaves are called fronds. Do you have any idea where some of them might grow, Maximilia?

Well, they probably grow in Florida. In Florida, yes.

Some of them do. Bermuda?


Do any of you have any idea why they're called palm trees?

They're as big as your palm. Do you see any that might be shaped like your palm?

How about that one over there? Mm-hmm.

That's pretty close to your palm, isn't it? Hey, yeah. It is.

Perhaps when they first saw that tree, they decided to call them palm trees.

And how about over there? You see the bamboo trees?

Yeah, over there.

They're very close to the type of grass that grows on your lawn.

See all the little leaves on top? Do they remind you of the grass on your lawn?

- Well, kind of. - No, they don't.

No? Oh, I see.


How did it go?

Easy, so easy.

Beauty, beauty.

You'd have to cut up a shitpot full of stiffs for that kind of dough, undertaker.

You're getting a lead on the next, aren't you?

Vito, Vito, Vito. We're rolling.

What did I tell you when we began, huh?

We gotta be careful. Don't push it, not get greedy.

Come on. You gotta be kidding me.

You gonna do it my way?


Come on. I'll tell you when and where.

I'll tell you when I think it's safe. All right.

I'll give you a call.

Okay? Okay.

Hey, Moon.

Go out that way, huh?

Sissy, I'll be back in five minutes.

Let's go.

Don't worry. I'm telling you, don't worry about a thing.

Jerry, I want you to meet Tony. Here's all the paperwork. Hi, Tony. How are you?

Now don't worry about it. You'll see. Thanks, Mr. Festa.

Come on, Tony.

Hold it, Mr. Festa. What are you talking about?

Police. How do you know my name?

We know who you are. Sure you got the right guy?

Get in the car. The D.A. Wants to see you. For what?

I said, "Let's go!" Damn it. Come on!

- I told you to keep going. Get in the car. Where you taking me?

All right! What's going on?

We're on the job. D.A.'s office. Come on. Get in there.

Wait a while! Get in there!

I don't have to go downtown like this!

You mind telling us what that was all about?

Yeah, a couple guys from the D.A.'s office nearly caused a riot.

Trying to take some dude downtown. I don't think he was too happy about it though.

Trying to take some dude downtown. I don't think he was too happy about it though.

Look at those two ugly things.

They weren't here when we went to school, I'll tell you that.

- Where were we, in the second floor? - No, no. Three, 303.

Right. Hey, remember Mrs. Hatchfield?

Man, did she give me such a hit. I can still feel it when I think about her.

You deserved it. - I deserved it?

You're the guy that was playing grab-ass with Fat Mary.

What have you heard about Festa?

Festa? The bondsman?

Festa, the President of the United States.

Nah. Nah, I mean, you know.

I thought we were talking about the guy in Bath Beach.


How come you're on him now?

I think he's disappeared.

No shit?

We checked the office. We checked the house.

I don't know. There's something going on. The guy is nowhere.


I'll see what I can do for you.

Give me a couple of days, you know.

Hey, how come you're not telling me... about the Coltello funeral?

Look at this guy. I was gonna tell you about it. Give me a chance, will ya?

It's Festa's partner, you know. I know it's Festa's partner.

I got a few things on my mind, you know?

I got my wife. I got you. I got those guys, you know-

Will ya, Buddy?

Hey, Vito.

Hey, undertaker.

What did the brother-in-law die of?

I understand it was the liver.

How are you?

Ah, a funeral really brings them out.

You know, respect for the dead is considered very important. You know that.

Should show as much for the living.

Ah, here's Coltello.

And that's the sister-in-law and Festa's son.

Now, where's the old man?

He's probably late. Bailing out some punk, as usual.

I just hope he shows up.

Here's your pal, Big Bill the Enforcer.

Son of a bitch is some tough piece of work.

It took four of us to get him in the car one night. No kidding.

Ansel's not close enough. Here, take this. See what Mingo's got. Right.


Hey, Mingo. Are you getting anything from Ansel? Because we're not getting nothing.

Not too clear, my man. He's not transmitting good.

Max, I say do nothing.

Let's keep out of trouble.

"Do nothing," he says. "Let's stay out of trouble."

They're shaking us down one by one. We already got trouble.

Who do we beef to, the D. A? We gotta go along.

Who's talking about complaining? I wanna break balls.

Like whose, Max? My father's?

It's easy for you to talk because you paid. You're safe. Why shouldn't we?

Benny, cool it. We'll take care of everything.

What's to keep them from knocking off my father before we get to them?

The kid's not wrong, Max. I mean, if I knew these are cops... you know, knocking 'em off is bad business... bad business for everybody.

Who are they? Where are they?

How much for your brother? 100,000, Max.

100,000. 100,000 for me.

Same amount for names I can't even mention. And now 150 for Festa.

Don't you see they're getting greedy? It's not gonna stop.

It's gonna go on and on and on. And if it's not one of us, it's gonna be one of our families.

Maybe they'll be satisfied now. Why should they be satisfied?

It's easy money. We would do the same thing.


Max, excuse me.

Carmine, the funeral is getting ready to go.

You see what I mean? We're going crazy.

We're acting like a bunch of kids on their first job.

Coming apart, boys. Oh, shit.

What did he say? "Park, part"?

Ow! Aah, son of a-


I don't believe you.

Hey, all you drivers. Can I see you for a minute in here? Yeah, all of you.

You want us in there? Everybody, yes.

All right.

You want us all in there? Yeah, you too.


Now we'll see, that dirty- Aah!

Huh? What did I tell ya? Was I right? They're all over the goddamn place.

Check him out. Check him out!

Now, hold him.

Just look at that. He's a goddamn walking radio station.

That's how they know more about me than my own wife does.

Dirty, no-good, son-of-a-bitch cop.

I'll make 'em a ransom. If they want a ransom, we got one-him!

What'd I tell ya? Your father could be home right now for nothin'... and we could all sleep nights.

Mingo, listen, they're pullin' out now. Stick with Ansel. Let him know he's not alone.


Believe me, this is the only way.

Look, the guys'll be right behind you all the way. You'll be covered.

This'll break their balls.

Let's go.


Buddy, Buddy.

Yeah, Buddy. Ansel's not here.

What the hell do you mean, he's not there? I checked every single car.

I'm telling you, he's not here.

Get your ass over here. We're goin' downstairs.

When you get to the car wash, keep your eyes open. Okay?

Let's go.

Uh-oh. We got company.

Hold on.

$1.25, sir. Wash and wax.

Okay, thank you. Pull it up slow.

Come on up. That's it.

Take it nice and easy, daddy. Move over and don't get out. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Don't shoot. Don't hurt me.

Get out, old man. What's the matter?

Get out, I said. You're making a mistake.

We never make mistakes. - I came to make a deal for Festa.

No deal! All right, wiseguy. Open up the trunk.

Open the trunk!

What is this?

You son of a-


Hey, you. Hey, freeze. Police.

Officer, take it easy. Okay, all right. What's wrong?

All right! Okay, I'll freeze! Listen! What happened?

Put your hands down!


Hey, don't-Take it easy!

Oh, for God's sake.




Ah, Jesus Christ!

Fuck off!

Son of a bitch.

Come on. Step on it.

What the hell is that?

Oh, Jesus Christ!

Car 86! He shot a cop! I'm on the job! He's going for the bridge! Close it off!

We got him. Ten-four.

Jesus H. Christ!

What kind of cases did he work? That I'm not at liberty-

What other mobsters have you- - How long has he been on the force?

We have a policeman found in a mobster's car. That mobster is wounded and is in this hospital.

- What's the connection? I don't know at this point.

What sort of work was Officer Ansel engaged in?

- I'm not at liberty to tell you. Was he alone or working with somebody else?

Dr. Largee. Dr. Largee.

Stay with him.

It's Janie Ansel.


I thought you'd better-

You know?

It only happened a short time ago. I have not investigated it myself.

- Chief, why are you here? Was this cop a person-Was he being paid off?

Oh, I couldn't answer that. - Was Officer Ansel ever involved in anything underhanded?

- A little bit unscrupulous? Of course not. He wouldn't have been in the Seven-Ups if he had.

What's he doing dead now for if he wasn't involved in anything he shouldn't be involved in?

You got a dead cop on your hands. Wait. What's the Seven-Ups?

The Seven-Ups are a very highly secretive investigative unit... within the police department.

Dr. Largee. Dr.-

Hello, Janie.

No, everything's all right.

No, you can't. He- He's still in the O.R. You can't get near the place.

You're telling something about the Seven-Ups being secret? Can't you give us any facts?

I can't give them to you, because I am not at liberty to. - What do you mean by "Seven-Ups"?

- What is the Seven-Ups? Tell us about the Seven-Ups. - Wait a minute, Chief.

- Who's this guy? Hey, who's that guy?

No, please, don't. I'll come over in about an hour. Promise. In an hour.

Now, look, don't come down. Yeah.

All right, all right. In an hour.

Okay. Bye-bye.

She's all alone. Get the monsignor over there.

What the hell happened?

I don't know.

I wish I knew.

There's something heavy that the boys downtown never told us about.

Have you heard rumors of mob kidnappings?


I heard about... that heavy artillery on the street.

That's all.

Why the hell didn't you tell us?

A squad from the chief detective's office... is investigating stories about undercover police- alleged police- going around kidnapping wiseguys for ransom.

And you think it's us?

Buddy, what would you think?

What was Ansel doing with Coltello?

A lot of people never wanted our outfit formed.

You know that. They didn't like the way we operated. What do you think?

I think we've got a whole bunch of unanswered questions here.

Yeah, well, just give us a little time, and we'll get the answers.

There is no time.


Ansel and I have been together for five years before this.

We're not to function for the time being.

What the hell does that mean? Does that mean house arrest?

Call it what you like.

We're all supposed to be grounded until the investigation starts next Monday.

One of our guys gets murdered, and we get investigated.

That leaves no time!

Thought you didn't want to come around here.

Thought you wanted to keep your amateur standing.

It's all over. Everything is all over.

The guy in the trunk was a cop.

What, are you crazy or something? No.

I'm telling you, you killed a cop.

Come on. Those guys don't holler copper.

Hey, do me a favor, huh? Don't tell me what I know.

Listen to what I'm saying. The guy you iced was a cop.

Okay, so he was a cop!

What about my guy in the garage?

They grabbed that guy. Why? How much does he know?

You don't have to worry about him.

We gotta cut Festa loose. You gotta get lost for a while. Get outta town.

Come on! Hey.

Hey, what? Look at me. It is over. Finito.

Believe me.

I thought you wanted to make more money.

Yeah, I wanna make more money, but there's no way it's gonna happen, see?

There isn't gonna be any more on account of my guy's not gonna give me any more information.

I mean, there's no way in the world.

He's gonna want info now, looking for whoever killed his partner, right?

Hey, all I'm doing is telling you.

When this guy starts looking, forget it.

Okay. So who's this guy who's looking?

That's out.

Forget it. That wasn't part of the deal.

Well, maybe we're gonna have to change that deal if he comes looking for me.

What'd he say? Nothing. Nothing much.

How long has he been in there?

A little while. Want me to get him out?

Oh, yeah.

Just sit down, Mr. "T." Sit down!

Now it's your turn to talk.

Now, look... we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

I told you, man. I only work at the garage. I don't know nothin'.


Look at my hands.

I've been here before. You do what you gotta do.

I didn't talk then, and I ain't talkin' now.

You son of a bitch!

Get up! Get up here!

What's happenin'? Hey, what's happenin', Ringy?

How you doin'? All right. How you doin'?

How you doin'? What do you say, baby?

Breathing's very labored.

Keep a close watch on him. All right.

I'll be in the hospital if you need me.

Thank you, Doctor.

Can I help you?


How's he doing? Very badly.

Coltello? Leave-

Carmine? Leave-

Who shot you? Leave me... alone.

Who shot the policeman in your car?

I'm hurt... bad.


Carmine... who shot you?

Who shot the policeman in your car?

I don't know. I-

What are you doing?

Who shot you, Carmine, huh?

Who shot the policeman? Y-You'll kill me.

There you are. There you are.

Now, you tell me. Who shot you?

Please, don't let me die. Who shot the policeman?

I don't know. I don't know. Please.

No! No! He- Help, nurse!

H-Help! Ple- Please!

Help! No! No! Y-You'll kill me.

No, please. Please.

Who, Carmine? Who did it?

Who shot the policeman?

M- M- M- M- Max.

His idea. M-Max.

Freeze! Do nothin'. Get out.

No! Shut up!

Oh, no! Oh! Okay, Max. Right here, right here.

Get up. Get up. Slow. Slow, Max.

Shh! Right here. Right here. Up, up, up, up. - Please don't.

Oh! Oh, no! Maxie! Maxie!

Answer this question. Okay.

Who were the guys who shot my partner in the back of that car?

I don't know. I swear, I don't know. Answer the question!

- I sw- Huh? Max, shh. Tell me, Max. You tell me.

Who were those guys that shot my partner in the backseat of the car?

I swear to God, I don't know!


Oh, no!

Take it easy with- No!

Please don't hurt her! No!

- No! All right.

Who, Max? Who? I don't know.

I tell ya, I don't know! All I know is about the kidnappings.

- The kidnappings. That's all I know. Kidnappings? What kidnappings?

All over town. A lot of guys. What guys?

Festa- Festa a-a-and Spinelli... Who?

And Rosetti and Rico and me.

And you, huh?

All right. We're gonna go. Shh.

Shh. Yeah. Yeah. - Oh, no.

No more. No more!

No more, no more, no more!

I hustled over as quick as I could.

Is everything all right? You don't usually call me at home.

Everything is lousy.

Why? Why?

On account of the cop getting killed, huh?

Yeah, I read about it.

That's too bad.

I guess you're on that now, huh?

He must've been a great guy, huh?

He was all right.

What do you know about a bandit named Toredano?

I never heard of him.

You read the story, didn't you?

Yeah, I read it. I didn't see anything about a-

Oh, that's the... garage guy, right?

Yeah. I want you to find out about this guy.

Now, I wanna know where he goes... who he sees, what he does.

Now, he did some time.

Maybe he's seeing the guys he was in with.

Hey, Buddy, I mean, how long is this gonna go on, huh?

You gonna help me?

Yeah, uh- I mean, I'll see what I can do.

Now, we had him locked up.

The D.A.'s springin' him in the morning.

Well, he didn't know much, then, right?

He knows it all, including what he doesn't have to tell the D.A.

But what he's gonna have to tell us-

That's a whole different story.


What is it?

Buddy, uh-

Call me in the morning. All right?

Take it easy, huh?

Ah, ah, ah.

Jesus Christ!


Hey, you're late.

I'm glad you got here.

I am working on something you are gonna love.

A biggie. I'm gonna need a little time though.

Time? Yeah.

It's too late.

Too late?

For what?

For you and me.

What are you talkin' about?

You know this guy Toredano?

You know, the garage guy.

What about him?

His pal. The guy with the blue eyes.

You know, the blue eyes and the blond hair?

Hey, Buddy, what are you sayin', huh?

I just wanna know one thing, Vito. Why?

I didn't do anything, Buddy! Why?

I didn't do anything to hurt you!

I didn't want your people to get hurt!

I did it for Rose, the kids, the bills!

You don't have to worry about me.

I'm not gonna bag ya.

But I think you better think about this:

You better worry about Kalish's pals...

Festa's pals... because word has a way of getting around.

What are you talkin' about?

You're gonna let them know?

You can't do this to me, Buddy.


You watch me!


Buddy, you gotta help me.